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I took them to court and WON, but....



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I took them to court and WON, but....

So I took Verizon to court and I won because they didn't show up BUT they did have the nerve to call in the middle of the court case to say they had not received their paperwork in time. Hmmm, I asked the judge if they didn't receive their paperwork in time then how did they know to CALL on that day and that EXACT time. So I won by "non-appearance default" (this was in MI). Regardless, more than 21 days later I have not received a dime from them.
So now I am left having to figure out how to file a WRIT OF GARNISHMENT with the court. To do this I have to have an address that they use for their banking. Anyone out there able to help me with this address?
Verizon sold me a plan and a phone and when I received it they would not honor what I had purchased. Basically they said what I had purchased was no longer available at the price I had purchased it at. WHAT?? It's like saying "ya, it was on sale last week, and you bought it last week, but now we are going to charge you the non-sale price, even though you have it in your possession and have had it 2 weeks." Good thing I kept all my paperwork and correspondence to prove what liars they are. :roll:


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Re: I took them to court and WON, but....

Good for you!

For an address, I always direct people to their corporate information here: http://www.verizonpathetic.com/faqinfo.html.



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Re: I took them to court and WON, but....

they tried to do the same thing to me on my home account. They wanted to tell me that the service they arbitrarily "deactivated" could not be reactivated and I needed to apply for new service because the service I had, is no longer offered in my area. In other words, we make a decision in a boardroom to phase out those old accounts and transfer them into fios rather they like it or not. Thankfully, I only have my email account with them, so they do not have me by the short and curlies, however, without access to that account, my business is really suffering.


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Re: I took them to court and WON, but....

So what happened Lisa?
Did you ever get the money?

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