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Can't believe It



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Can't believe It

I just spent over two hours trying to straighten out my Verizon mess. Spoke to four people, three put me on hold and I got a dial tone in my ear.

1. I received a package from Verizon that I did not order. I found out it contained an improved router. I did not open the package It took e several phone calls to find out what to do with it without paying the postage back to them. I got another answer every time.

2. I received my bill and it was different so I called Verizon to have it explained. In the midst of the conversation I was asked if I liked the package I had and if not what could be improved. I said I did not use all the channels and she asked what was necessary for me to have. I told her that the cheaper package did not have Fox news. She said yes it did so I switched.

The following day I turned my tv to Fox Business and I could not get it. I did get Fox News but not Fox business. So I called back today and said I wanted to go back to my original ""preferred" so that I could get Fox Business. Then I got an email with the bill that I would get and it did not contain the $99.99 but went to $109.00. My last month's bill was $125.00 and the new one was $143.00. No one could help me today even though I spoke to four different people. Every time I was put on hold I got a dial tone and I would have to start all over again. I was never told that changing the plan would mean I would lose the $99.99 special.

I cannot find an email for Verizon so I could explain my situation. I am at a loss how to get anyone to talk to me about it.
I don't know what this website does but I have to get it off my chest. I am 73 years old and do not need this situation. Please advise.


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Re: Can't believe It

So sorry to hear that, Bonnie! As with most, I'm going to suggest that you visit this link and call the number at the bottom: http://www.verizonpathetic.com/faqinfo.html It is used to get you directly to someone who may actually care in that company.

If you still are having issues, post back and we'll go to the next step. Above all, DO NOT pay them anything extra. What they're doing is unethical.


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