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Seeking Info



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Re: Seeking Info

Well it's been a while since my last comment - when I thought Verizon was actually correcting the outlandish bill my Mom got. Turns out it is a comedy of errors on there part, to their own admission. However, NO credit was issued or ever had been. The credit balance was just do to my moms huge $1810.00 payment - the Executive representative we talked to was obviously just trying to placate us, by saying a credit had been issued (lookie, lookie your web statement says your $1810.00 in the black - aren't we ( Verizon) great and on top of this. After another call to their executive team about getting $$ back on my Mom's credit card and off their books - this member of the Verizon pathetic team said she too understood and made out an official ticket and said it should clear in 10 days. 15 days went by and still no credit. So I call back earlier this week and another executive team member informs us all past conversation were a misunderstanding on their part about the credit. The ticket was denied, no credit, we have your money and that's that basically . They claim her crappy 2 mbps max service is capable of streaming 180 gig of data in a 48 period of time. I tell them the scientific facts of download and streaming speeds, and each and every one of them agree that it doesn't make sense..... but all they can do is go by what they see.

These people are the worst, obviously trained in the art of being deceptive. Like you say there in your sidebar link...Laughing All The Way.

Evil Corp. That's my new name for them.

We have filed a dispute ticket with our credit card company, so I am sure the next step for Verizon is to threaten no service again.

I am crafting a rather lengthy letter of all our dealings thus far with them and will file it with the Verizon complaint/dispute proper channel and then I am contacting our state's attorney general office, small claims, local tv stations, and whatever else I need to do. I see where some of your commenters have been steered toward the FCC. I willing to do whatever it takes to prove that this company is in the business of taking advantage of senior citizens and people without means. I have means; including family members well respected in the judicial community locally. I can prove without a doubt that there is no way she could have used the astronomical amount of data they claimed she used.

At this point I want more than the 1810.00 they have bilked my mother out of. She has truly been distraught over this matter and I am ready to fight hard to make them pay for that.


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Re: Seeking Info

I glad to hear that you're going to fight back. It's the best way to hold them accountable.

One avenue I have been suggesting to many people is to also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#crnt&panel1-5. This video will demonstrate why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LvMO5UMCl8&feature=youtu.be.

Let me know what happens!


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