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Verizon Billing Issue



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Verizon Billing Issue

I recently contacted Verizon as I was looking to switch to T-Mobile as it would save us $70.00 a month on our bill. We were paying $230 for our 5 lines. I contacted Verizon and told them I was thinking about leaving them as they had a better rate. I was advised since I was a valued customer they had a plan that would lower my rate to $190.00. Not as good as T-Mobile, but I like Verizon coverage. I talked it over with my family and we decided to try the new plan. I called them back 2 days later, confirmed the price was $190.00 for our whole plan and asked about the details of billing. I was advised that since we were switching in the middle of a billing cycle that my previous plan would be pro-rated, but it would only be $190.00 when I receive my bill.

When I received my bill, it was $399.58! That is $170.00 more than my original plan. I called them again and was advised that since I switched in the middle of the month that they automatically bill you the current month you are responsible for as well as a month in advance and they have no way to fix this. As I continued to research this issue, I found out that the plan they enrolled me in is actually $255.00, not the $190.00 I agreed to. They have no way to bring me back down to the rate or adjust my bill. I told them it was ridiculous to be responsible for 2 months. When I found out that the plan was $255 I became unhinged. They will not do anything to fix this issue. I have had 2 reps straight out lie to me. They were completely dishonest and would not do their due diligence to fix the issue. Now I am stuck with a $399.58 bill that I am not sure how I am going to pay.

They switched me back to the original plan, however they can't guarantee that one of my lines that had unlimited will get it back. I would have NEVER switched to a plan that was more expensive than the plan I was already on. I don't know what to do. Why isn't this company responsible when they lie to their customers?


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Re: Verizon Billing Issue

Yup...that sounds like a Verizon move.

For most issues like that, the best way to start is by using their special escalation number found at the bottom of this link: http://www.verizonpathetic.com/faqinfo.html. It might only take one phone call.

If that doesn't work, then post back and we'll start to break out the big guns :D


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