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I am writing out of pure frustration with a company that seems to be able to infringe their billing errors upon a previous customer which then causes major damage to our credit and stress in general over what they require of us in order to remove that mark from our credit.
We are requested to follow through with having to take the time to go file police reports and fraud reports,stay on the phone and repeat our situation to several people that transfer you from person to person and never get anything resolved.All over something we had nothing to do with but was their error when billing and not closing an account properly.
The first incident I had with Verizon was when a woman opened up an account with my social security number that did not even match my name. She had a balance due and I was billed because my social security number was on an active and good standing account on a completely different address which is where I was living at the time so they billed me for a fraudulent account!!!!! :oops: :oops: :oops: When I called in I was told the name on the account and address which of course was evident it was not me and then was told I had to file a police report and take it up with them in order for them to remove the charge even though the name on account was not my own or anything close to it, even though it was at a different address than my billing and residence. I was told that they used my social security number to open that account!! I was enraged because they obviously let her open that account with a different name yet held me responsible since she used my SS#??

The current incident now is that they are now billing us for an account that was opened at a previous residence we owned in 2007. The account was never properly closed by Verizon ( which after looking into the account the representative informed me of this while searching the account status ) so when the people in that house connected to Verizon they assumed it was us since we did have Verizon as an account while we lived at that residence. We sold and closed escrow on that home and closed account in July of 2007 so for them to bill us for an account that was opened in 2013 is totally negligent on their behalf. They even found the reason behind it and I was told by a supervisor that it would be removed and it still never has been.

What can I do to file a complaint against them and the damage they have done to our credit and continual invasion with fraud of our personal information?

Please help.

Thank you

Teresa & Richard Fosmire


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Let's start by getting your credit fixed. Visit this link and follow the steps: http://www.verizonpathetic.com/faqblemish.html. When ANYONE puts a negative piece of info on your credit report, you have the right to challenge it. Personally it sounds like an open/shut case and you should not have much of an issue getting it taken care of.

Post back after you have heard from the credit bureaus and let me know what happens.


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