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as my username suggests



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as my username suggests

As my username suggests I work in verizon fios tech support. For those that have tech support questions I offer my insight to this community in helping to resolve any Tech support issues with your Verizon Fios Internet TV and phone service. I do this because I want to help our customers to best utilize the services they pay their hard earned money to use. I will NOT help with any billing issues you have with our service as that is not my area of expertise. You can ask of course ask questions and if i know the answer I will provide it. I will not engage you if you wish to go on tirades about how much you hate the company I work for such rants will be ignored by me. I realize I am placing a large target on my back posting to a forum such as this but as I am a US military veteran nothing anyone says in here will be any worse then what I heard overseas by those who truely hate America and everything we hold dear.

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Re: as my username suggests

Thanks for the offer!

I'm sure no one is going to be negative with you on this site. People seem to understand that the Verizon tech support guys are innocent. It's the people who work for the franchises or the decision-makers at Verizon where the problem is.


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