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Successful resolution



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Successful resolution

I would like to say thank you, to this website, since we were able to reach a successful resolution.

We had an issues with Verizon last December when I upgraded my phone. We were told that we were eligible for
purchasing an IPad with $250 discount.
We later learned that it came with a 2-year contract that no one mentioned even once. We learned that we had to pay
$10 per month for the next 24 months and $40 activation fee.

We immediately talked to the store staff and they acknowledged that they did not fully disclosed the promotion but failed to
offer acceptable resolutions. They only offered another $70 gift card.
We called Verizon cooperate office and talked to two associates, but could not reach any resolutions. They pretty much told us that
the $70 gift card was the best offer they could do. The last person we talked to was very rude.

We immediately file a complaint to Attorney General. Within a week, the Attorney General's office called us to let us know that they would
write a letter to verizon.
5 days later Verizon called us nicely and let us know that they would work on this matter and let us know about resolutions they could offer within two days.
And they did. They called us today and let us know that they honored the initial offer, and reimbursed all fees that were already charged, and terminate the contract without penalty.

We have never done this kind of things, but very happy with the result.

It was because of the information on your website that helped us guide to the appropriate route.
Thank you!


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Re: Successful resolution

That is great to hear!

Makes all the work on this website worth it :D



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Re: Successful resolution

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