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At my whits end fighting with Verizon



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At my whits end fighting with Verizon

I called in to ask about purchasing an Ipad in September. The sales woman said my lines were due for an upgrade and I was eligible for the device payment contract also. I agreed to place the order for an Iphone, Ipad and some accessories. My bill would increase only $60-$100 a month and that I could afford. I received my 1st bill and called to report I did not agree to being billed for the Ipad and accessories on my 1st bill that I agreed to a device payment plan, could we correct this as I could not afford to pay that now as I just bought a new house and Christmas was right around the corner. A request was filed and I hung up thinking my situation would be resolved. I got another bill and to make a long story shorter, there was no record of any request to correct my bill, hundreds of calls back and forth with Verizon for hours, being transferred back and forth, disconnected calls, rude employees that demanded payment and ignored my pleas when I tried to explain the situation and what occurred. I have been told different things each time I’ve called. I’ve been placed on promises to pay the full past due amount. I have called each time to explain I did not agree to that and the reason I’m now past due was because of the device agreement I made back in September that I was trying to resolve. I receive two letters stating I was not eligible due to a past due balance on my account in which I explained several more times. My account was not initially past due or the iphone wouldn’t have been placed on the device payment in September. I sent a letter to Verizon around December explaining my situation once again after months of going rounds with customer care and your financial department. I was told the issue would be corrected and all the notes are on my account not to worry. Each time I call in I am told there are no notes and you owe the full past due amount and I start all over again explaining to several representatives as I lose hours on the phone repeating and growing more and more frustrated. January 12th my lines were disconnected without notice. I was told if I don’t pay the full amount (over $1,000) I would not get my services restored. I explained for the millionth time and we agreed that if I paid the past due amount (almost $850+) of charges for my services that the $700+ would be placed on the device agreement plan but again would take a couple of months to appear on my account and to continue to pay the charges for the service on my lines, I would not be disconnected again and the notes are all on the account. A week went by and I woke up again to issues with my account. I called several times again and spent my entire lunch and evening on the phone with Verizon. My services were restored and once again I was told not to worry that my account would be taken care of and I should not have any more service interruptions. The 25th I called in again because my services were about to be interrupted for a 3rd time in 2 weeks. I explained again several times. I requested a Customer Care Supervisor once again and Kodi from the Wilmington office spoke to me. We made yet another agreement that I would only be responsible for the $450.00 something and to pay that by 02/24/17, that he would place a hold on my account so no more service interruptions would happen. Yesterday (02/02/17) I received a message saying I owe $901 due immediately or my services would be interrupted. I called another time and was told by financial services there is no way to keep my services on if I don’t pay the full amount and she transferred me another time to customer care where after several more hours on hold and transferring I spoke to yet another gentleman. He sent me to retention team to see if we could hold my account. The woman said if I don’t pay $181.00 in 3 days my services would be interrupted and if I didn’t pay the rest of the past due by the 24th that my services would be another time interrupted. I was also told there are no arrangements on my account and customer care supervisor Kodi has no authority to offer these arrangements that is it my fault I did not follow thru with financial services and pay the past due amount that I owe. I am not arguing that I owe for the devices and accessories. I have only asked that we break it up into payments. I paid almost $900 on January 12 and now I’m asked to pay another almost $800. I cannot afford to pay Verizon Wireless $1,700+ in less than a months’ time. The last woman in retention laughed and said Verizon Wireless would not be sending an attorney to Butte Montana if I file a suit in small claims court when I told her I cannot pay that amount right at this moment and I would be forced to take further action if we could not reach a suitable agreement, that I’ve made several agreements that have been broken by Verizon Wireless. She again said it was my fault that I made the agreement with the wrong department. I called Verizon another time today and same thing. If I don’t pay $200 (new amount given to pay by Monday) my services will be interrupted. I have gone above and beyond to try to reasonably resolve this matter. Each time Verizon breaks their arrangement demanding payment at once or my services will be disconnected. I have filed this with Verizon Wireless on their voluntary mediation page of their site I was directed to today when I called and asked to speak to the legal department so I may get their information to send a summons to appear in Montana courts. I've had it!


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Re: At my whits end fighting with Verizon

Help is on the way!

The first step is to call the number at the bottom of this page: http://www.verizonpathetic.com/faqinfo.html.

It's unfortunate that you have to play "Musical Representative" with this company, but it's a common complaint. The number at the bottom has resolved many issues with VZ.

Please post back with what happens. If you don't get a satisfactory response, then we'll push it up a notch :)


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