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Articles that are followed by a red asterisk have been copied and moved to our server.  The other links unfortunately have expired, however we have left them as a testament to Verizon's sub-standard, performance history.


3/18/09           New Jersey Sues Verizon Over FIOS Marketing*

7/1/08             Verizon's Southeast VP Leaves Telecom*

4/8/08             Verizon Workers Caught Between Sales, Service*

4/8/08             Union Plans To Picket Verizon Over Customer Service*

3/26/08            Cable Operators Protest Verizon's Practices *

4/3/07             Verizon Under Legal Assault*

9/13/07            Labor Board Charges Verizon With Unfair Labor Practices*

5/13/06            Verizon Sued Over NSA Data Mining Practices*

5/4/05             Congressmen Blast Verizon Wireless Union Fight*

9/20/03            Verizon Under Legal Assault*

9/27/03            Verizon Wavering on Plans*

5/12/03            Consumers Bilked for Billions?*

2/19/03            Did Verizon Scam Pennsylvania?*

9/3/02              Trustee Schoenmann Betrays NorthPoint to Verizon*

6/7/02              Attorney General Assails Verizon Rate Hike Bid*

4/25/02             Verizon Using Probe to Discourage Competition Unfair*

4/11/02             Verizon Security Plan*

2/20/02              Verizon Costing Consumers via Mistakes*

2/4/02              Verizon Caught in Contradiction*

2/1/02              Cheating or Competing?

1/24/02             Audit: Millions in Costs Misreported by Verizon

1/11/02             Maryland Bills Take Aim at Verizon

1/11/02             Verizon Must Disclose Competition Audit Results

1/7/02                Verizon and others Cause DSL Demise*

1/3/02                 Verizon Hides Critical Information from Public*

12/19/01            Local Baby Bells Blamed for Broadband Blues*

12/14/01             Bell Monopolies Causing Harm

11/27/01           Small Telecom Firms Step Up Fight Against Bill*

11/11/01            Broken Promises Cost Consumers $58 Billion*

10/23/01             Verizon Exploitation after September 11th*

9/7/01                 Verizon Pay Phone Rate Hike

9/10/01               Verizon Facing Labor Relations Complaint

8/24/01              Verizon Accused of Giving Advantage to Affiliate

8/24/01               Bells (Verizon) Killing Competition Unfairly

8/24/01               Verizon, SBC Pays $5.3 Million in Fines

8/12/01               Are Telcos Harming Broadband Growth?

8/8/01                 Verizon to Pay $1.5 Million for Performance Faults

8/2/01                 Verizon Merger Violations*

8/2/01                 Bells (Verizon) Harm Clecs

8/2/01                 Bells (Verizon) Cause of Financial Recession*

7/26/01              Verizon Pays 3.5 Million Dollar Fine

7/26/01              Secure Information Lost From Verizon Wireless Users

7/26/01              Justice Department Warns of Billing Issue in Verizon Bid

7/9/01                Verizon Ad Blitz Question Remains

7/7/01                Verizon Faces PSC Scrutiny

6/15/01              Bells Overcharge Households

6/14/01              Phone Without the Phone Company

6/13/01               Tauzin-Dingell Bill Takes A Hit

6/6/01                 Verizon a Concern to Pennsylvanians

5/31/01               Consumers Demand Choices

5/24/01               Verizon Answers Critics on Competition (but can't!)

5/16/01               AT+T Backs Verizon Break-up*

5/13/01               Tauzin-Dingell is Evil

5/10/01               Pro-Bell Bill Limps Forward

5/8/01                 Broadband Users Still Sing the Blues

4/22/01               Verizon E-mail Snarl

3/21/01               Vaporware?

2/23/01               Verizon Net service users lose e-mail access

2/20/01               Verizon breakup plan spreading

2/07/01               Verizon Hasn't Fixed DSL Problems in InterLata Bid

2/03/01               Verizon Hangs Up Plan to Extend Peak Hours

2/01/01               Verizon Customers Turn Sour Over Lost Hour

1/29/01               DSL Rhymes With Hell

1/28/01               Consumer Class Action Against Verizon DSL

1/21/01               Verizon Closes Troublesome Call Center

12/13/00             Verizon On-line E-mail Problems Persist*

12/13/00             'Net Users Paid Twice In Verizon Bill Bungle   

12/9/00               E-mail Delays Plague Verizon Users

12/5/00               Verizon DSL Draws Criticism

11/24/00             Verizon Plagued with Outages*

11/15/00             Leaving You on Hold (You won't believe this one!)

10/1/00               Verizon DSL Draws Criticism*