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Bell Atlantic, interviewed in Wired Magazine, 2/95:

"I would say that by the year 2000, we'll have 50% of the cable business. No doubt about it. Which is why the cable companies are in a panic. Meanwhile, the cable companies won't have even 5% of the telephone revenues in their best markets."

US West, 1993 Annual Report 

"US West anticipates converting 100,000 access lines to this technology by the end of 1994, and 500,000 access lines annually beginning in 1995."


Ameritech Investor Fact Book, March 1994 

"We're building a video network that will extend to six million customers within six years."


NYNEX, 1993 Annual Report 

We're prepared to install between 1.5 and 2 million fiber-optic lines through 1996 to begin building our portion of the Information Superhighway.

Bell Atlantic's 1993 Annual Report:

"First, we announced our intention to lead the country in the deployment of the information highway... We will spend $11 billion over the next five years to rapidly build full-service networks capable of providing these services within the Bell Atlantic Region."


Unfortunately, almost nothing was ever built and promises were never kept.  Today there are no full-motion-video, fiber-optic homes, except for tests, and the telephone companies cannot even supply two telephone calls over the same wire. US West told the New York Times (9/26/1995),  it can't be built today:

 "US West said it had ended its experiment into interactive television shopping because it cost too much and the technology was out of reach... John O'Farrell, president of US West Interactive Services Group said the technology to create two-way television and sophisticated programming production was years away and more expensive than originally thought."