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We have compiled a number or articles regarding suits that have occurred over the years. There are far many more in existance than are listed in this section, however ther are only so many hours in a day for us to keep track of it all!

Articles that are followed by a red asterisk have been copied and moved to our server.  The other links unfortunately have expired, however we have left them as a testament to Verizon's sub-standard, performance history.


1/28/08                Verizon Wireless faces class action over ETFs*

12/10/07               Verizon Deceived BlackBerry Buyers*

11/19/07               Lawsuit Against Verizon for Potential Cancer Victims *

1/14/05                Verizon Wireless Users Sue Over Disabled Bluetooth *

5/15/06                Verizon stock takes hit on $50 billion lawsuit*

1/30/01                SBC, Verizon Pay Again for Access Faults*

11/20/01              Verizon Refuses to Pay Despite Commission Order*

11/10/01              Verizon Bills For No Service*

11/1/01                Verizon Sued for $635 Million Over Line Access

10/21/01              Northpoint Auctions Off Litigation in Court*

9/25/01               Verizon Pays U.S. gov't $1.52 Million for Missing Goals*

8/10/01               DynCorp Files $100 Million Suit Against GTE (Verizon)*

7/20/01               Northpoint Lawsuit Against Verizon Gets Backing*

7/12/01               NorthPoint Supporters Complaint against Verizon*

5/17/01               Northpoint Share Holders Sue Verizon*

5/15/01               Massachusetts Attorney General Sues Verizon*

3/21/01               Landmark Decision Against Verizon*

3/8/01                 Northpoint to Sue Verizon for $1Billion* (View complaint)

3/2/01                 Lowey Dannenberg Files Class Action*

3/1/01                 Yet Another Suit*

1/23/01               Verizon Penalties Increase In New York*

1/18/01               Suit Filed by Couple in Washington D.C.*

11/11/00             Class Action Suit against Verizon*

10/19/00              Verizon Customers Sue Over Wireless Contract*

10/17/00              Firm Sues Verizon Over Lost Phone Service*

10/2/00               Verizon Sued for Renting of Rotary Phones*

8/7/00                 GTE/Verizon Pays 2.7  Million in Fines*