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- Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 13:06:08 (EDT)
Basically they are charging me for calls i have not made , credits that were to be applies to my acct were never credited , i made a detailed list of payments , and the actual money due, as well as the credits i was supposed to recieve,the end result i have over paid by 200.00 , because i requested detailed billing , and because they never changed my calling plan as requested, and because i dared to complain , after my plan finally changed , they send me a bill for 400.00!this is 4 times what i usually use as far as airtime. this company uses fraudulant deceptive billing practices. if anyone has any suggestions i would appreciate help , i live alone , on a fixed income , the times they have me using the cell fon is when i was actually at work! the reps are rude , and radio shack is involved in this scheme as well. nancy

- Thursday, November 29, 2001 at 20:54:58 (EST)
Well, I am here to tell the same On Nov 7 of 2001 I thought i would join the lucky ones the ones to have DSL I was told I would get service the 21st the 21st went with no info on my account after waiting a month I decided to call and see what was going on I was told I was in a hold status due to the server being full so I was lied to. I was so angry I decided to try to change phone companies but I found out they are the only local carrier for Northern In So, I am stuck with them. If anyone knows what can be done against this horrible company please contact me at

- Wednesday, November 28, 2001 at 01:49:59 (EST)
hello guys , i read all the info ,it was terrible what verizon did is their any chance you could help me. i live in ca signed up with net first national bank in clearwater florida they took electronically 99 dollars from my bank without my permission. i had my frien send them a email the next day they wrote me a letter they wont give me my money back, i am so upset, who do i call to complain to and how do i get their proper adress i only have a po box thank you annmarie at

- Monday, November 19, 2001 at 11:52:56 (EST)

- Thursday, November 15, 2001 at 11:30:10 (EST)
I moved to US 2 years ago from UK. I needed transatlantic service. This was 'arranged' and confirmed over the phone but Verizon (as they now are) never told me to confirm the arrangements with the contracted company (Bell Atlantic). Hence, my transatlantic calls were charged at maximum rate without anyone contacting me to inform me of the discrepancy. My first months bill was approx. $900 with no comeback as they state the conditions are detailed in the small print. This also happened to a number of colleagues who transferred to the US at the same time. This seemed to be a common scam by them to screw individuals who are not familiar with the US system of having separate local and long disctance providers. This is my last month of Verizon as I will be switching to cable. I am doing my utmost to convince everyone i know to do likewise, not just because of this incident but also be cause of the 2 years of terminal stupidity and incompetance I have had to endure since in all my dealings with them from top to bottom.

- Monday, November 12, 2001 at 15:55:01 (EST)
On September 28th, I called up Verizon to make a payment on my cell phone in the amount of $315.95. While they were processing my payment, their system froze up and failed to record my payment as a credit on my account, but succeeded in taking the money from my checking account. A week later, my phone was shut off, so I called to see what the problem was. They told me I owed the past due balance of $315.95. I got very upset about this - as anyone would - so I proceeded to fax a copy of my on-line statement showing the deduction from my account a week before. This did not provide sufficient proof for the customer service representative I spoke with, so I attempted to call back and requested to speak with a manager. The C.S.R. I spoke with then refused to pass me on to a manager, so I called back again and again until I spoke with someone who had a brain and understood my dilema and then turned my phone back on. This was pending further proof that I was to fax to Verizon that the payment was made. Today, over a month later, after faxing my bank statement, the charge capture form that my bank exchanges with visa to make the money exchange, a conference call between myself, my bank's manager, and another C.S.R. from Verizon, faxed proof and a letter from my bank's manager to Verizon stating the payment was received by Verizon - STILL they are saying that they don't have my payment. I am contacting the CA dept of consumer affairs and am going to file a legal complaint against them if necessary. - FED the F**K up, Santa Clara, CA

- Tuesday, November 06, 2001 at 21:49:07 (EST)
my DSL for Three years with service never get to the promise speed always many night and weekend through their helpdesk clue about computer only know reboot dsl and computer. I asked to check to see what is MAC address told me that I have Apple computer ( LOL )do not blame for tying ..idiot... DSL was disconnected on APRIL 24 2001 was not able to connected since.while waiting to get fix I am signing up with different ISP... Try AOL dsl told me Verizon still holding line try DSL.... Verizon still holding line Try with Chester County on line told me Verizon still holding line. On November 8 I called Verizon to order DSL on other Main Phone line had two lines. Gues what its working on October 2nd till a week later My DSL modem was disconnected again. call tech support ..Well.. the helpless desk tod me that wait for 48 hours.. Can you image How much I went trough with this Verizon Horror nightmare company.... many nights weekend and morning spend time on the here I am again in the water no connection on different number...Some told I am too far from CO.. only distance 5000 feet to CO can walk to the Central Office.

- Monday, November 05, 2001 at 17:04:27 (EST)
Last month my ISP bill from verizon had a 25% increase. I received no information explaining the reason for this surcharge. I have cancelled my account. I shudder to think of the hassle I would be facing if I had allowed them to bill my credit card.

- Friday, November 02, 2001 at 22:45:13 (EST)
Right from the get go.. Lured in by the thought of 'High Speed DSL Internet Service' that would allow me to use my phone while on the internet, I jumped at the chance when Verizon finally made DSL availible in my area. Within the first two days of getting my service running, I would loose my connection for anywhere from 15 minuites to 15 hours. This issue repeated through out the month, and you would think that a first impression like that would make me cancel within my free month so I wasn't bound to them for a year. Six Months! It took six months of complaining and reporting problems, and hours of being on hold to finally get SOMEONE who was willing to work with me. They did a line test and found that there was problems on my line, and had to send someone out to clear the line. That actually cleared up a good 80% of the issues.. but I still loose a connection atleast once a week for atleast 15 minuites. AND NOW.. I just got a notice in the mail that they are going to be expanding their services, so I may experience service interuptions! If I could actually get through a month with zero downtime, I think I would faint!

- Friday, November 02, 2001 at 13:22:36 (EST)
My building is "wired" for DSL. Verizon has been i the lobby touting it, doing demo's, and installing. I bit. First, they were back ordered. It took over 6 weeks to actually get the servcie. Then in hooking up my DSL service, verizon knocked out my phone service for 10 days. No dial tone - nothing. When they finally got that resovled, tech "a" said that my building did not have DSL - which is untrue. Then tech "b" said that my apartment was too far down the hall and that it would never work - also untrue. finally, after two weeks of attempts, tech "c" helped me get the darn thing installed. i should be happy right? well, i sigend up on one price plan - once it was installed i was informed that that price plan no longer existed and it would cost me an additional $10 a month. suddenly it's not such a great deal. so i think about it and decide that i don't want it - it's cheaper to get a second phone line and use it for my email and fax machine. unfortunately, apparantly when my price went up so did the terms of the contract - depsite my asking when i signed up and being assured that i was not locked into any term contracts (over the phone mind you), I found out that i was. To top it off - each month they have a $6 wrong charge on my bill. each month i have to call and they remove it and they promise to fix the billing. just got my october bill - of course it's there. I really hate this company. don't even get me started on my cell phone problems.

- Wednesday, October 31, 2001 at 12:25:32 (EST)
July 2000. 30 Day Risk Free promotion. I sign up for service and purchase a phone from a mall kiosk. I return the phone within the 30 days and receive a refund. The sales guy says ignore the bills, I've canceled your account in our computer. I receive a bill for a months service. Time passes. I receive another bill with late fees and a partial monthly charge. I contact Verizon. Yes, they say I was incorrectly charged. 3 people at the company all tell me this, however, none can tell me who to call or what to do to solve the problem. Calls start ringing on my phone from Verizon almost daily. No one can help me that calls, they listen to me and then ask, "so do you want to pay your bill?". I send a letter to the CEO of Verizon stating my complaint. Nothing happens. I finally get a letter from Verizon's in-house collection agency. I send them a letter and a copy of my letter to the CEO. Five months later, a third-party collection agency calls and is very rude. They don't even want to hear my story. They tell me "we don't have time for this either". Verizon is obviously not someone you would want to do business with. I have to admit I am shocked at how disorganized and incompetent the company as a whole presents itself. Here is what I am going to do, and I hope you all do the same. I am writing my State's Attourney General's office, consumer affairs division and making a formal compalint. I am also going to file a compalint with the BBB in the county where Verizon is located. Our state officials will suprise you at how well they can persuade these companies. Please let me know if you know about this specific instance with the 30-day promotion in the summer of 2000. Thanks.

- Friday, October 12, 2001 at 18:16:17 (EDT)
On December 26, 2000 I purchased a Motorola cell phone from Grand Wireless in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. I was comparing different plans and they offered the plan best suited for my needs. The person I bought the phone from assured me that the phone plan would suit my needs as a college student and that it would definitely work where my school was located in Durham, New Hampshire. I was on winter break so I used the phone in Massachusetts and everything worked fine. When I got back to Durham, New Hampshire my phone was always on roam. I called customer service and they told me everything was all right. When I got my first bill though I knew this was not true. The bill was over $400. I called customer service explained my situation and they said they waived my roaming charges and put me on a different plan. They roaming charges weren’t completely waived but I was on a different plan so I paid the bill and I thought things would be better. The next month the same thing happened I had a horrendous bill and I still had roaming charges. I called customer service again and they fixed my bill and put me on another plan. I went through this same ordeal every single month. Sometimes I wouldn’t receive a phone bill in the mail and I was charged a late fee on top of their ridiculous charges. I was being overcharged and it was a hassle to call customer service every month to have my bill changed. I finally couldn’t take this cycle anymore and canceled my phone plan. I am now with At&T and a very satisfied customer but Verizon is charging me with deactivation fee’s and Grand Wireless is charging me with a $200 service charge for breaking there two year contract.

- Thursday, September 27, 2001 at 13:22:41 (EDT)
Verizon Ripoffs I first had Alltel then they turn our contracts over to verizon.We had to purchace new phones as we kept on having trouble with the old ones.We had 8 phones at this time for ourselves and our men.We continualy complained about the service.The phones would never work except about thirty percent of the time.You would get so mad as that business call you were expecting never came ,then you found out they tried several times to get you.We would test things like call each other standing next to each other and it wouldn't ring in.This service cost us many dollars and lost business decisions and business.Every month I'd complain to no avail.They told me I wouldn't be billed for calls unless someone answered,another lie as in one minute they billed me for 6 times.You call them to wait for someone for thirty miutes or so.They then told you I'm sorry but they are not answering so leave a message and they never call you back.What a trick as I've heard this from several people and others complaining of the same thing.One of my men called and they gave my personal information out.Then they turn you in to collections.There is more but no room

- Sunday, September 16, 2001 at 00:47:49 (EDT)
I posted my initial complaint here on - Monday, August 20, 2001 at 23:23:01 (EDT) (15 days of waiting from Verizon's mistake). Strangely enough, my service was activated 10 minutes later (23:33). Somebody is watching this website!!! Here is my original story ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Verizon cut my DSL service in error by their billing department (somebody had a similar name). Verizon said that they were very sorry for their mistake and that I would have to apply again to get dsl service. It took them over 6 weeks to install the first time with all their delays. I explained to them that I'm a webmaster and I need the line up asap. I was treated like I was at fault. They were VERY insulting! My case number is 2002 149 962. I also managed to get two letters from them to expain their mistake; I will post them on the net. All of the above is not mentioning all the lies I got from customer support. Nick Zakas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Thursday, September 06, 2001 at 12:41:30 (EDT)
After close to two years with Verizon's aDSL service, when I was pretty satisfied with my Static IP assignment, I lost my connection. Four days - and a number of phone calls and technician visits -later, it became clear that Verizon had changed my connection to a Dynamic IP assignment, without giving me the benefit of any advanced warning. They neglected to send me the new Terminal Adapter (modem, bridge, router) that I would need to reconnect to my (new) Dynamic IP. When it was clear what had happened, the Verizon technician put me on the phone with sales, to arrange for a new terminal adapter to be shipped. The sales lady, Ms. Alma Midget (not sure of the spelling, but that was the name she gave me) told me that - after I begged her to help - she would ship out the right gear. I begged again, and she said it would go the fastest way. This was around 6 PM on a Thursday. The next day, one of Verizon's High Speed specialists checked and discovered that sales had shipped it ground - 3 or 4 days! Early the next week, it was determined that it went by slow boat - 7 or more days! After reaching the Verizon Office of Presidential Complaints, High Speed, I was finally assured of being sent the right kind of Westell adapter, by overnight. I did get it the next day, too. Then I had to spend a whole day learning how to convert this bridge to a router, and hook it into my hub. A total of three weeks later, I was back on line. But the pain hasn't ended ... Verizon seems to have set accounts to give up, or require renewal, the "lease" on the IP assignment every 24 hours! So, once a day, or sometimes more, I lose the connection to Verizon's DSL, and I have to reconnect, or log in again. Of course, I lose the lease when I'm in the middle of publishing a web site! Lately, the lease problem seems to have gotten better, so I now have 3 days between losing the connection. But it gets better. Coincidentally, at the same time they messed with my aDSL, I also lost the ability to fax out! I have internal modems in all four computers in my home/office. And each one has a licenced copy of WinFax Pro. For some strange reason, I can receive faxes, but when I try to send one out - from any computer - I get an error message that simply advises me to "apply power to the modem." If you have an internal modem, and the computer is turned on, there is no way to apply any more power to the modem than it is already getting! While the aDSL problem has gotten better, the fax problem still exists, since February 2001! Thanks, Verizon.

- Tuesday, August 28, 2001 at 11:55:56 (EDT)
Another crime by Verizon: I called my ISP today to get my DSL order started. My ISP is unable to provision DSL on my current phone line. Here is why: -------------------------------------------------- The order I submitted to Verizon to have the ADSL service provisioned on your telephone line (xxx-xxx-xxxx) was rejected; the reason provided was "telephone number not found in billing system." The two most frequent causes for this error message are (1) the telephone line is provided by a company other than Verizon (i.e. FiberNet, Ntelos, or another competitive local exchange carrier); (2) the telephone line was installed recently, and the billing data has not yet made it from Verizon's service order processing system to its billing system. ----------------------------------------------- These jackasses at Verizon have been double billing me for local phone service every month! I would say I am damn well in their billing system! I immediat

- Monday, August 27, 2001 at 19:57:24 (EDT)
Listen, what I want is simple: One (1) working phone line with local and long distance service. We ordered this a couple of days after we moved in, in late May, 2001. About two weeks later, the phone guy actually came, and installed a line. We could actually call too! One problem: the line was the wrong number. The technician had switched our line with another one in our building. Oh well. Anyways, about a month later that was fixed. Finally! So, I figured that it was all set. I ordered DSL(not from Verizon.) Oddly enough, Verizon couldn't verify our line. the DSL company wanted me to fax a bill. I hadn't received a bill yet, and haven't yet. (The only updside.) Then Verizon started calling us and asking if this was our phone number. We said yes. We called Verizon to send us a bill. They didn't. Finally, Verizon called us, claiming that we had been set up with a 'temporary dial tone which didn't go through their system.' The confused person said our first bill might be higher than usual..."maybe." And then they told us they'd send a technician on Friday. When I got home on Friday, two weeks ago, our phone didn't work. It hasn't worked since. We called Verizon first. They had no idea what was going on. Then we called AT&T--they haven't been able to turn on our phone line either, because of a 'Records Problem.' I wonder whose problem that is, huh? My guess it's the same problem my DSL provider ran into when they tried to find our phone line. Verizon has no idea that it exists. Guess who we're calling next. I'll give you three guesses, one for each 'B' in the name. Listen, I don't know who's been posting those comments I saw saying that we suck as customers, but I bet they work for a certain company starting with 'V.' Everyone I know, people or businesses, who deal with Verizon, have trouble with them. I'm having trouble with Verizon at home. My work had tons of trouble with them. My friend's work had trouble with them. Verizon has to change, and fast.

- Wednesday, August 22, 2001 at 16:29:09 (EDT)
I live with eight people. We all need phone service. My phone does not work. We have Verizon. I hate Verizon because my phone does not work. They don't answer the phone for customer service, and if you happen to get up at 6 in the morning to make the call, you get to listen to a rude woman explain to you that they are going to charge more money to fix your phone service which never worked.

- Tuesday, August 21, 2001 at 15:34:20 (EDT)
Verizon cut my DSL service in error by their billing department (somebody had a similar name). Verizon said that they were very sorry for their mistake and that I would have to apply again to get dsl service. It took them over 6 weeks to install the first time with all their delays. I explained to them that I'm a webmaster and I need the line up asap. I was treated like I was at fault. They were VERY insulting! My case number is 2002 149 962. I also managed to get two letters from them to expain their mistake; I will post them on the net. All of the above is not mentioning all the lies I got from customer support. Nick Zakas

- Monday, August 20, 2001 at 23:23:01 (EDT)
We apologize for the length of this message - but read it For those of you who already know our story... SEE THE AUGUST 10, 2001 UPDATE... at bottom of this message because WE WON AGAINST VERIZON DSL today. If you want help contact via the internet the attorney general for your state, the public service commission for your state, and the Better Business Bureau - they are the first legitimate places to start to complain! For those of you who have not heard our story, please continue to read this email message sent throughout the US by Rick Whelan and Cyndi Schwan...and remember - WE WON our battle! WARNING ABOUT VERIZON DSL The word INTERNET is a household word. The company VERIZON is becoming one, too… BE CAREFUL Certain Emails Are Important To Hear About – Like This One. If you receive this message, it is because someone cares about you, your family, and friends … so pass it along. ---------------------------------------------------- OUR PURPOSE: This email is being passed along to hopefully save another person from being a VERIZON VICTIM. Feel free to visit a website dedicated to VERIZON VICTIMS : ---------------------------------------------------- OUR MISSION: Truth. VERIZON is practicing poor professional ethics and is getting away with it because VERIZON is so big. We do not want others getting into an unnecessary internet provider debacle with this company (Like we did) if there is another company out there you can use for internet purposes. (P.S. We use Time Warner Roadrunner Internet Service, never had even one problem! We love it.) ---------------------------------------------------- OUR POINT: VERIZON truly says TO PAY EVEN WHEN THEY ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE THE CONTRACTED SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER. Bottom line, you have to pay whether it works or not when they have a signed contract. VERIZON is serious, as ridiculous as this sounds. ---------------------------------------------------- YOU CAN HELP: Please, Please, Please, Please simply pass this vital email along to others. People are signing up everyday with VERIZON for their internet service provider. Had we known of potential problems with this company – we would have made a different decision. Freedom of speech is based on everyday people being able to tell their story, good or bad. Let the people you send this to decide for themselves, please just send this out. Maybe you want to tell the CEO of VERIZON, Ivan Seidenberg & Charles R. Lee, your problems or that you do not like what VERIZON is doing with us? If so, you can Send a short email stating, “I do not like what you and VERIZON are doing to Rick Whelan and Cyndi Schwan” His email address is His phone number is (212)395-2121 His fax (212) 395-1285 His TOLL FREE PHONE NUMBER is (800) 621-9900 ---------------------------------------------------- ABOUT OUR FIGHT: We ARE just regular people violated by VERIZON and happen to think that MEAN PEOPLE SUCK ;) We ARE NOT just whiny people who think we were treated unfairly by VERIZON. Our legitimate case is currently being handled by the Florida Attorney General’s Office, Florida Public Service Commission, and several state Better Business Bureau Offices. In addition, we have posted our story on over 50 internet complaint sites, the Federal Trade Commission, National Consumer Complaint Center, National Fraud Complaint Center, Internet Fraud Complaint Center, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, All Florida House Reps, All Florida Senate House Reps, News Stations, 20/20, TV Stations, NY Times, Boston Globe, Newspapers, Foundation for Taxpayers & Consumer Rights, 1000+ personal email messages, and many more! ---------------------------------------------------- READ OUR STORY: Florida Verizon DSL Victim July 2001: We are still being billed by VERIZON for an account that was closed in November 2000; in addition, VERIZON has now sent the account to AFNI, INC. collection agency. BEGINNING: We called and had Verizon DSL set up in our apartment at …early 2000. In August 2000, decided to move less than 3 miles away. We called Verizon DSL to check to see if it would work at the new address because we were under a year contract. Verizon said yes - so we went ahead and transferred service to the new house, Verizon then transferred our account into the home owner’s name, Jane …, and added it to the phone bill (Order #…). Once moved in, that is when ALL the problems started to escalate beyond belief. NEXT: We had escalating DSL problems from the transfer of service to a home address. Two different technicians came to the home and checked phone lines. Second tech recommended installing a separate modem line. We did that $200.00 of our money trying to help - same problem - DSL just wouldn't work. Called VERIZON DSL tech support, tested again, couldn't find problem. Verizon said we need Static IP Address. He said transfer my personal home account to a business static IP account ( I have no business - They intentionally set us up because they could not get it working on their end - just to get us in further! FRAUD! ) Sean Williams, 877-483-1794 ext 5845 business dept, emailed contract. Waited over 2 wks+, then couldn’t even connect to internet! Very next day, called Verizon Tech Support, they still couldn’t fix it. Called 877-483-6006, told Paul problems, what all we tried, and to cancel service entirely because VERIZON could not get their service running. The cancellation order #… was submitted by Paul on Nov 3, 2000. I specifically asked if I needed to contact anybody else in the business dept. Paul said NO that everything is completed with this cancellation order. He made our account retroactive to start-up move in date of August 16, 2000. NOTE: VERIZON gave us our money back for (retroactive) charges we paid on monthly phone bills (Billing for Account Number# …). They admitted there was a problem with our service, let us out of year contract, and refunded our money! Therefore there WAS a problem - Verizon continues today to say "We have no record of your account having any problems..." A month later, received bill from “VERIZON INTERNET SOLUTIONS”. Thought cancellation didn’t go through yet, so didn’t think much of it. Next month received another bill. Called (800)927-3000, said there was NO cancellation record. I explained situation, gave cancellation number, and spoke of Paul’s conversation. I explained that when I cancelled, Paul told me EVERYTHING would be taken care of by him. So, I cancelled AGAIN, this cancellation was done IN WRITING by Justin lljana @ 972-399-5856 and called "Termination Template for Bus DSL Services.pdf". Thought everything was over until received another bill. Called back, they said because of contract we HAD to pay monthly rate for Business DSL Service. I explained the service NEVER started to work, Verizon and I were simply trying to get account activated, Verizon already closed my account/refunded me money, Verizon took back all their equipment, and I shouldn’t be obligated to a non-operational account when it was NOT our fault Verizon’s DSL service did not work for us. Now In Addition – this is important - When Verizon closed/refunded the account, we had to send Verizon THEIR modem equipment back in November 2000; therefore, there is NO WAY our account could EVEN be used. Verizon and I tried everything; both parties agreed there was nothing that could get it operational – that is why they let me out of the contract. UPDATE July 2001: VERIZON has now sent us to the AFNI, INC. collection agency. We called Verizon Internet Solutions on July 10, 2001, (800)927-3000, Iris transferred me to “Advanced Billing”. Asked for manager – they said NO! Steve (REP ID# 3393, would not give me his last name) said operators are managers and he’s been there 2 yrs, felt sorry for me, sees this all the time, and no recorded of me ever having ANY problems. Bottom line, Verizon wants $449.40 for the entire year that THEIR service never worked. Verizon says PAY WHETHER I GOT ANY SERVICE OR NOT because of the contract. Contract SAYS 30 days to cancel…I did. Look where it got me. Ilene at Verizon e-Biz in Tampa was the last employee who tried to help us. She has the ENTIRE file from start to now. She has the PROOF of our account situations, and truly wanted to help us because WE are right! She turned the file over to Mr. Hathaway at Verizon. All we want is for Verizon to close the ENTIRE account as promised, take us off collection status, and leave us alone. VERIZON obviously has an internal paper debacle that if ONE person there would take time to investigate - this entire matter could be put to rest. VERIZON refuses to let us speak to managers, the reps won't give out last names so you can't find them again, and Verizon's CEO will not return any of our messages. VERIZON SAYS TO PAY EVEN IF THEY ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE THE SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER. This type of business practice is humanly, professionally, and ethically wrong. Verizon is so big that they just ignore the little guy's problem. When someone at VERIZON is unable to help, they are quick to transfer you - You think you are getting transferred down the hall to another office when in fact, they transfer you to another state and another "division". Then when you have a problem, VERIZON conveniently says that their divisions are not related - each division makes their own rules. Then VERIZON tells us that THEY apologize for how “that particular division” is treating us, but since they are their own division of VERIZON, VERIZON itself cannot help us any further. Being transferred to different “divisions of Verizon” is never explained to you when you first have problems, you are just simply transferred to another person within the company = Web of Deceit. ---------------------------------------------------- This is a list of Verizon employees who know about our situation and did nothing to correct it: Ivan Seidenberg (CEO)& Charles R. Lee - Address: 1095 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10036 phone: (212) 395-2121 fax: (212) 395-1285 toll free: (800) 621-9900 Joe Paz (General Manager) – Verizon Internet Solutions (Atlanta) - Liz Simpkins (National DSL Group) (Texas) 1-972-465-2297 Ilene F. (Verizon eBiz) (Florida) 1-866-233-3249 Sean Williams - 1-877-483-1794 ext. 5845 Justin Iljana - 1-972-399-5856 Julia Green - 1-877-483-5070 ext 5483 Bill Hollman - 1-877-483-6006 Paul - 1-877-483-6006 Janet REP ID #5336 (DSL Tampa) Steven REP ID #3393 Advanced Billing (Atlanta) 1-800-927-3000 Brock 1-972-399-5856 ---------------------------------------------------- We just want to let people know to be careful when choosing an internet service provider. Search the web for information and ask around before signing. There are web sites about VERIZON VICTIMS from all over the U.S. – it is not just us… DON’T LET IT BE YOU, TOO! Check out these, too: ---------------------------------------------------- SPREAD THIS EMAIL PLEASE! Wish Us Luck in our Continuing Battle Against Verizon DSL! Sincerely We Thank You for Your Time, Rick Whelan and Cyndi Schwan – Clearwater, Florida *** UPDATE: August 10, 2001 *** Rick and Cyndi want to thank all of you for your continued support, letters, and emails. After a year of fighting for our rights, we just received notification today (8/10/01) that we have WON our belligerent battle against Verizon. Please continue to let people know about Verizon's Heinous Code Of Ethics for dealing with its customers. Do not be fooled, we did not win this on our own as persistent ex-customers/US citizens - we had to get an assemblage of government departments involved as higher powers to finally get heard and get the INSOLENT VERIZON moving. No one should EVER have to go through what we did, but sadly millions will sign up with Verizon DSL Service as you read this email. Our greatest satisfaction and hope is that we have helped YOU avoid Verizon, and that YOU have helped YOUR friends and family avoid Verizon, too. THANK YOU ALL! Rick Whelan and Cyndi Schwan - Clearwater, FL Feel free to contact Cyndi for any further information requests:

- Friday, August 10, 2001 at 17:01:08 (EDT)
Here is a part of my story: PLEASE FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO BILLING AND MA BELL: Dear Bellatlantic/Verizon: In response to the below message, my credit card for payment of my DSL account was compromised due to online fraud and had to be cancelled. Please DO NOT cancel my DSL account as it is used for work. I tried contacting your tech support and was on hold FOREVER. In addition, I tried to update my account information on your Web site but the server is DOWN. Further, I tried to reply to your e-mail but received the following message: "This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason: The user(s) account is temporarily over quota. Please reply to if you feel this message to be in error." Maybe cancellation is a blessing in disguise, considering your horrible tech support and less than desirable service. I will, however, resist leaving for now. We also use Verizon for our home telephony access :( Cannot the DSL service be charged to our home telephony account with Verizon or better yet to my work telephony account or is such a task too complex in this modern age of supercomputers? As it turns out, not even tech/billing support could accomplish such a simple task and I was forced to charge my DSL to my new credit card account (until it gets compromised I guess) and even though I am reluctant to do so in view of the above Internet fraud horror story. Please get your act together, I initially ordered Verizon DSL service here in Northern California on 7/1/00. Within 2 weeks I received my self install kit & modem. I hooked everything up, and volia! everything worked like a champ. My service seemed to work pretty good for a couple weeks thereafter. That was until early last week (7/23). At that time I began having problems connecting to my online banking (Citibank) web site. Most of the time I was unable to connect to this one site (about 80% of the time) and could get to all other sites with no probelm. I could also connect just fine all the time from other ISP's. The problem was just connecting from my Verizon DSL. After calling thier tech support and describing my problem, and emailing them pings/tracerouts clearly showing 70-95% packet loss, they basically told me there was nothing they could do about my problem since Verizon doesn't guarantee access to one 'specific' web site. Verizon's support basically told me that if I can get to the net, then that was their only responsibility. Citibank said that the problem was definitely was at Verizon's end, but there was no convincing their support group that this was something important. Access to my online bank accounts is CRITICAL and was one of the reasons I had my service. I told them that this was unacceptable, and therefore I am cancelling their service alltogether. As of today (8/2/01) I already placed a DSL order with Earthlink and called told Verizon to cease my services immediately. I also informed them that I would not be paying any bills for service to date since they never provided me useful service to begin with.

- Friday, August 03, 2001 at 05:53:49 (EDT)
January 2001 - The Saga Begins In January of 2001, we knew we were closing on our new home. I was a DSL Customer of Verizon and phoned them to transfer the service to the new address. At that time, I was assured by the customer service representative that the new service would be activated on or about February 16, 2001. I was so happy! February 20, 2001 - The Dawn of Sadness When the fateful day of February 16 came past and DSL was not yet connected at the new house, I contacted Verizon by phone. Interestingly enough, I was told two things. The first was that I needed an additional piece of equipment attached to my house before they could begin service. (Hmm..) The second was that the DSL was, indeed, turned on - at my old house. (HMMMM!) February 28, 2001 - Dazed and Confused At this stage, there was still no DSL service to the new house. When I phoned Verizon to check on the matter, I was told (in stark contrast to my previous conversation with them) that I needed a piece of equipment TAKEN OFF of my home. The service representative cancelled service at my old address and ordered hook-up to the new house. She said that, in her review of the account, neither task had been ordered. Once again, I was a happy girl. It seemed that things were looking up. Oh, how wrong I was. March 10, 2001 - I don't want to wait in vain... Still no DSL service. Like a dog who keeps going to an abusive master, I phoned Verizon again. This time, I was told that DSL service was NOT available at my new home. I asked that the representative please check the account status. She told me that, from my previous call, service was - indeed - turned on. AT MY OLD HOUSE! She went to work canceling out the order and requesting a refund. What a lovely person. Surely, everything would be okay. April 12, 2001 - Money Talks. Pammy walks. When my bill arrived, I was puzzled (if not physically ill) to see that I was still being charged for DSL service. I rang Verizon (this after 7 scotches on rocks). I was, once again, told that service had been reconnected to my old house. This would make thrice if you're not counting. I went into a fit. I cried. I yelled. I made threats to send pictures of Verizon's president in pantyhose to the local paper. At that time, I was told that DSL was, indeed, available at my new home. Instead of jumping back into the lion's den, I asked that service be cancelled and my money refunded. "No problem!" Really? May 20, 2001 - Is there a doctor in the house? Another bill. Another DSL charge. Another phone call. Need I tell you? Service was turned back on - for a fourth stinking time - at my old home. I resorted to begging. It seemed to work. This new representative issued an order for refund of 3 months of DSL service, gave me a termination number, her personal extension and promised to ship Prozac to me as soon as possible. May 30, 2001 - Put your leather chaps on baby, we're celebrating! All's quiet. A new bill. A refund. Oh joy! Happy days are here again. Now, how much would you pay? But wait, there's more. June 8, 2001 - The End of Innocence. Today, I received a bill from Verizon. Yes. I'm being charged for DSL services at my new address. No, there isn't any DSL service (in case you were wondering). I figure this is just too entertaining to be ignored and phone Verizon AGAIN. The representative told me that a cancellation order was put into the system on May 23, 2001 for DSL service. On that same day, the cancellation was cancelled (Huh?), and service was turned back on (are you lapsing into a zombie-like state yet?) AT THE OLD FUCKING ADDRESS. I hung my head and started convulsing. Why, why why.... The last representative "assured" me that she would cut service to the old home, refund "all" my money and get the entire matter sorted. Again, I was given a termination number, an extension to call and the commitment that this shite would not happen again. July, 2001 - Where does this leave me? Where does this leave me? About $200.00 in the hole. Am I amused? Well, yes, but not by these morons. Dogs amuse me. Scams aimed at milking money out of my very tight pocket don't. If you're a Verizon customer, cancel. I have found solace in Time Warner cable internet access (Road Runner). Not only did they do what they said they would, they did it earlier than they promised. It bears mentioning that I have, to date, made about 15 phone calls to Verizon in an effort to resolve this matter. It also bears mentioning that each call took over 15 minutes of my time. That's not very nice. It further bears mentioning that I had been promised several call-backs from Verizon employees. Not one has come as of this date. Not a one. In my humble opinion, this seems like a not-so-clever and poorly executed plan to scam money out of customers by making it a virtual impossibility to straighten out accounts. Should I sue? Probably not a good idea. But I definitely think they need their head's read and their drinking privileges revoked. I have never been so utterly repulsed by a company in recent memory. And that's the truth, Ruth! -Phenn

- Tuesday, July 31, 2001 at 15:53:25 (EDT)
Intro I will try to make this short. I got a cellphone from Verizon back in like Feb of 2000. I had to buy the phone which was $250 I think (Startac). I originally had the 500 minute plan, and later changed to the 1000 minute plan.. A few months later I changed it to the 1500 minutes for $150.00 a month. No roaming no long distance. Perfect for me cause of touring and traveling. (note I changed plans 2 times) Well after awhile I started going over my minutes quite a lot to the point of $300-600 phonebills. So I called many times to try to change my plan but was told everytime that i had the max they had. So in february 2001 my contract was over, I was now on a month to month plan. YES! Round 1 The bills continued to come in with outrageous amounts. Finally in May 2001 I called and said this is it I've had enough of this. They told me I could change to the Mother's day special which was 1500 weekday minutes and 1500 weekend minutes for $150. I was like this is tooo good to be true so I specifically asked him if this was exactly what I have now, just more minutes, he said yes. and I confirmed that I could call to and from anywhere in the US with no roaming. he confirmed it. So I did it. well, next thing you know I still keep getting $300 bills. I called my boss and said that I couldn't keep doing this. He mentioned that he had this 2000 minute plan for $200 and with the mother's day special it was 2000 weekday minutes and 1500 weekend (maybe it was 2000 weekend) for $200. So i am like That is what I need. I find out he had it for OVER 6 MONTHS!. so I said FUCK Verizon (no pun). I called them up and said I wanted to cancel. She asked me why i wanted to cancel. I said that basically I was tired of paying $300+ a month for cellphone service, especially when I could of had it for roughly $200/month and that I was pissed that I had asked frequently for another plan with more minutes and was told there were none. So she types that crap in and comes back and says that I'd have to pay them $170 for a early termination. I was like what are you talking about. she says that my contract is not over till may 2002. I am like I am not on a contract. She informs me when I went to the 1500 weekday and 1500 weekend plan i signed another year contract. So I asked her what contract she was talking about. I signed nothing, I was told NOTHING and where do they get off on this. she stated for the record that the contract was some sort of welcoming letter I should of received in the mail (note still signed nothing). Well in any case I received nothing. Round 2 I call back the next day and talk to a guy and he says he'll try to wave the $170.00. I explain it all to him from the beginning and he said he would "adjust my july bill" I was like, no way, look at my boss's record and look how long he's had the 2000 minute plan. he's like.. I see your point. *DORK* so he goes back to typing, I swear he was on IRC. he said he couldn't wave the fee. I told him I didn't really care. I wasn't paying it. Verizon can turn me into collection, they can rape my credit record I DON'T CARE. I'm not paying $170 for something I was never told about. He's like Im sorry I can't wave it. I told him I don't care and Im not paying it. about 2 hours later I remember the cellphone is not under contract with my social security number, it's under the business' fed ID number *smirk* but still I don't want to be a prick. I wouldn't want someone else to screw me over that way. Round 3 Boss tells me to get a copy of the "contract" and we'd turn the whole thing over to the State Corporation Committee and let them handle it. They've handled many cases before with verizon (we are a ISP with a few thousand phonelines and countless headaches with phonebills). So I call them up and tell them I want a copy of the "signed" contract. she puts me on hold for 4 minutes and comes back and says she'll send me a copy of the welcoming letter which is supposed to be the "contract". *spit* Round 4 Guess I forgot to mention before. I was informed that in order to cancel, I must fax a copy requesting my account be terminated ON COMPANY letterhead (.oO official). So I get the letterhead and fax it in. well they state after 2 days they never received it. So I fax them it again. wait 1 day, they still didn't get it. What is ironic is the billing cycle for my account ends in 5 days and it's currently a friday. 20 bucks says they mysteriously receive my fax AFTER the end of the billing cycle making it so I have to pay for another month. It's not over. Ven

- Friday, July 27, 2001 at 06:09:52 (EDT)
Technically, my Verizon DSL line is working perfectly. However, as an ISP Verizon lacks a certain something. It has apparently decided to not provide the news- groups, for I haven't been able to get any for several weeks now. Tech support says they are not working on it. Does anyone have a number I can call to com- plain about it? Verizon certainly does not provide one. Also does anyone have any suggestion for a replacement? I'm in Silver Spring 20905 just north of Washington, D. C. Ken Cornelius, (as temporary an email address as I can make it)

- Thursday, July 19, 2001 at 21:19:34 (EDT)
In June of 2000, I interviewed with Verizon for a site tech position. I, as well as others who applied for employment as a site tech, or in another capacity was given a test, which measured our competencies, math skills, and personal qualities. I have taken this test before (its called The Briggs & something test) and scored very highly, I was told by past employers. In fact that test got me one position a number of years ago over a more experienced candidate. But guess what? Verizon said I didn’t meet their requirements. Verizon would not even tell me how I did on the test. I left wondering if Verizon doesn’t want employees who, take responsibility, think on their feet, and are willing to learn. Fast forward to May 2001, when my DSL didn’t work. My ISP (not Verizon) and Covad (another horror story) requested a Verizon employee trace the trouble from my NID (Network interface device, aka the gray telephone box on your dwelling) to the Central Office. In talking with that employee, he showed proof of 20+ years with C&P/BellAtlantic/Verizon, and agreed that Verizon is trying to get “drones” that won’t think by themselves. “They can pay them next to nothing, and those drones feel empowered”. So here it is over a year later and I work in the Telecommunications industry doing what? Correcting Verizons problems up and down the east coast, as a consultant. Funny thing is a lot of my customers comment how quickly I resolved their issues. I will not work for Verizon directly ever in my life. I feel sorry for the C&P/BellAtlantic/GTE employees who are caught up in this mess called Verizon. Verizon is: Very Easily Replaced Information Zealots On Narcotics

- Wednesday, July 18, 2001 at 17:07:00 (EDT)
I have had my trouble with Verizon but recently I actually had two positive experiences. Because of the early problems with DSL service (I've had it for 18mths and it went up and down like a yo yo early on) they had promised the first month would be free. A year later, they must have audited their bills and decided I owed them an extra month. I tried complaining via email, which was useless - they don't seem to answer the question you pose. I called the billing inquiries line and the rep read the billing history, said I was right about the credit and arranged for a month's credit on the next bill. Second incident was upgrading my DSL software. The WinPoet upgrade worked fine but I had trouble when I upgraded the Verizon modem software. I called them and actually got a intelligent tech support person who helped me and answered some other questions. She was a lot smarter than some of the ones I dealt with early on with DSL. I am still concerned about the performance at times - their network clearly gets overloaded at times - but since my service has been working reasonably well, I'm going to stick with the devil I know for DSL. Manhattan, NY

- Sunday, July 15, 2001 at 11:31:30 (EDT)
AT&T is no picnic either. I have recently switched to Verizon for long distance because of continued problems with AT&T that are much like the problems people here are describing with Verizon. I hope I haven't made a bad situation worse-- as some of the posts on this board sound like they are talking about AT&T, or at least the experiences I have had with AT&T. Bottom line, after continued problems with cable service, phone card service, and all long distance services(international, domestic in state, etc, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, it seems that the whole industry is one headache after another.... what will it take to change these companies? Well I personally will never write another check to AT&T, which is the reason I will not pay the $8+ that they are billing me for. I realize others have lost more, but in my mind it could be for 8 cents or $800, the principles are the same. They 'slammed' my phone line for long distance service, and even claim that they have evidence of 3rd party verification(seemingly another scam intended to protect the consumer, but obviously not since they 'abducted' my line). So if you are fed up with Verizon, I feel for you because of my experiences with AT&T...if you are thinking of going to AT&T, think twice and look at my example... I switched from AT&T to verizon because the service at AT&T sucks(lack of a better word)... now I am finding out that the service at Verizon is the same.... don't get me wrong, I still hate AT&T.... ask me in another month and I might say the same about Verizon... Good luck all

- Thursday, July 12, 2001 at 19:45:02 (EDT)
July 2001: I am still being billed by VERIZON for an account that was closed in November 2000; in addition, VERIZON has now sent the account to collection. I was having escalating problems with my VERIZON DSL connection at my home. The service was slow and most of the time not working at all. Two different service technicians came out to the house to check the phone lines to the house and in the house. The second technician told me that the line I was using for VERIZON DSL was getting some interference and recommended installing a new separate line for the DSL modem. I did that and it cost me over two hundred dollars. The result was the same problem I had been having. I then called VERIZON DSL technical support and after going through some routine tests and questions, my VERIZON DSL service still had major problems. The technician then said I needed a Static IP Address. In order to get that, he told me I needed to transfer my personal home account to a Business DSL Account (I have no business). After talking to Sean Williams in the business department, he emailed me a contract to fill out, sign, and then fax it back to him. After waiting two weeks for the business account to be activated and having poor internet connection, I could not even connect to the internet once the business account started! The very next day, I talked to another technician on the phone and went through diagnostic tests with him, and he could not find the problem. At that point, I decided to cancel the inoperable DSL account all together. After all, I had no service! I called 1-877-483-6006 and told Paul ALL the frustrating problems that I had been having and what we had tried to do to solve it, and told him to cancel my service entirely due to the fact they could never get my service running properly. He KNEW I had a business account. The cancellation order number was submitted by Paul on November 3, 2000. I specifically asked him if I needed to contact anybody else in the business department for this cancellation. Paul told me NO that it would all be taken care of with this cancellation order. He also made the inoperable account retroactive to the effective date of August 16, 2000. I then sent the DSL modem back to VERIZON on November 6, 2000. Shortly after, I had Time Warner Cable Internet Service installed and had NO problems whatsoever. (love it!) I feel it is important to mention that later VERIZON credited me ALL the money for charges I had paid prior that had appeared on the monthly phone bill. Obviously, this company had a record of my problems because they gave me my money back. Then a month later, I received a bill from “VERIZON Internet Solutions”. Thinking that it was just that the cancellation had not been put through to them, I did not think much of it. Then the next month, I received another bill. I then called the number on the bill, 1(800)927-3000, and they told me they had NO record of a cancellation. I then explained to them my situation, gave them my cancellation number, and told them about my conversation with Paul. I explained when I cancelled about the fact that Paul told me EVERYTHING would be taken care of by him. They told me that a cancellation needed to be done through them as well. So, I cancelled the never working business account again, and this time the cancellation was done by Justin lljana @ 972-399-5856. I thought everything was finally taken care of until I received another bill from VERIZON Internet Solutions the following month. I called them back, and they explained that because of the contract I still had to pay them the monthly rate for the Business DSL Service. I explained to them that my service NEVER started or worked to begin with, and that I should not be obligated to that contract because it was inoperable. Now, July 2001, VERIZON has sent this never working business account to collection! I called Verizon Internet Solutions on July 10, 2001, @ 800-927-3000, and Iris transferred me to Advanced Billing because she could not help. She transferred me, and I then asked for a manager and was told I could not talk to a manager! The man who answered the phone was named Steve and said only operators handle the problems. After talking to Steve in Advanced Billing, he said he has been there two years now, he felt sorry for me, sees this happen all the time, and there is no recorded of me ever having ANY problems. Bottom line, VERIZON wants over $450.00 for the business service that NEVER worked! Steve said that I have to pay the bill whether I ever got the service or not because of the contract. This same contract SAYS you have 30 days to cancel... I cancelled the very next day... Look where it got me. Rick

- Wednesday, July 11, 2001 at 02:38:56 (EDT)
I waited four months for my verizon DSL service. And finally i get my service and come to find out that i'm getting slow logon times and very slow download times. But before all this verizon and my self did a speed check. the sales rep said that i was on fire (WITH MY DSL SPEED). By the way it was there web page we went to for the speed check. So i desided to do my own reserch on my speed. I went to and downloaded a speed gadget.And to my surprise my speed was lower than verizons minimal speed. So i called verizon and let them know about my speed problem.I called another dsl company and asked if i could get there service and they said that they would do a loop test and said that i was too far for dsl service in my area. So i asked ,How far am i from the service area? And they said i was at 29,000 feet of cable and that the maximum is 15,000 feet of cable. So that brings me to my next Question. How is it possible for me to have (VERIZON DSL)?.. So i call verizon and ask them to do a loop test and the sales rep was making wierd noises and i asked what was the problem? And the rep said that i wasn't supposed to have Verison DSL service because i was too far. And i said when can you fix the problem? And the sales rep replied you have to cancel your service. And i replied that i waited four months for my service and that i wasn't going to cancel it,and that i wanted to have the problem corrected as soon as possible. And i also stated that they could not charge me for a service that i wasn't getting. And VERIZON said that they couldn't do anything about my bill. So now i'm currently waiting for my first bill so that i can present it to the fcc and the atorney general. Aswell the news media because they will have a feild day with this. posted 7/9/01

- Monday, July 09, 2001 at 11:32:27 (EDT)
I signed up for Verizon's Smart Touch long distance service (a prepay service). After being notified by email and snail mail that I was now a Verizon Smart Touch long distance customer, I waited 3 weeks before it REALLY began working (a mysterious problem), the service functioned for 1 week and then malfunctioned, which caused me to be "slammed" to Global Crossings Communications. I have accumulated approximately 6+ hours patiently speaking with Verizon "customer service," Verizon long distance department, Verizon Smart Touch, and the company Verizon allowed to slam me. Their foul-up becomes my problem, which I must solve by either signing up as a new customer with Smart Touch, staying with the company which slammed me, or changing long distance services (with, of course, the fee Verizon charges for changing long distance services). If you've had similar problems, email me; maybe we can find a join forces and accomplish something.

- Monday, July 09, 2001 at 02:10:22 (EDT)
Four months ago, my wife and I moved from New York City to Hoboken. Both areas are 'serviced' by Verizon. While we had no problems in Manhattan, we didn't have regular phone service in Hoboken for the first two weeks. Many calls were made, much stupidity and misunderstanding was encountered, and after about four failed attempts to get a technician to our site, the line was fixed. Unfortunately, our building intercom, which is connected to the phone line, was disconnected by Verizon. This was in March! I just got them to fix it yesterday!! After scheduling countless repair visits (which were cancelled or rescheduled without notice - or in one particularly disturbing instance we received a message on our answering machine saying "I need to get into your apartment, where you guys gonna be at"), logging a formal complaint (after the first attempt to get someone to call me back was ignored), I was told that Verizon doesn't repair intercom equipment. After screaming at the person in disbelief he hung up on me. I got another call two days later scheduling a repair visit; I took the day off and was able to watch the technician spend an hour and a half to rewire the line. I now plan to change my regional service to AT+T in order to minimize any contact with Verizon. I urge everyone else to do the same.

- Friday, July 06, 2001 at 14:44:54 (EDT)
You all have issues with DSL service, which I understand is horrible, but the assholes at Verizon couldn't even hook me up wiuth a regular phone line for four months. I moved to Westchester County NY in August, and on the day after the strike ended, ordered a SIMPLE PHONE LINE, which they were supposed to hook up August 28. I take a day off from work; nobody shows up. I call, onb hold, finally discover I have no order. What about the checks and business stationary I printed up with my new number? Sorry, it's not your number, it's been given out to somebody else. Let's start again, this time September 20 is the date, nobody shows. Call (at work, since I have no phone at home), on hold, 10 days, call us back. Three times the 10-day routine. October 20, supposed to be the big day, nobody shows. Back to work, on hold, cut off after an hour, get a supervisor, tell her she can lick my asshole, ase asks if I am through cursing, I tell her I haven't even started you dumb fucking bitch.....Blah blah blah. Service established November 10. If I had any choice, I wouldn't give them a dime.

- Thursday, June 28, 2001 at 10:09:04 (EDT)
To the guy in Vermont who was trying to get Verizon to install a frame relay network : contrary to your belief, there certainly are alternatives to Verizon in Vermont. We go through CTC, who have offices in Williston. They have their own network in northern Vermont, so if your sites are there Verizon doesn't get involved at all; if you're down south, like I am, CTC is a CLEC, and can order the Verizon lines for you. Veirzon still has to install them, but at least you don't have to spend hours on the phone with them, you just call CTC and they'll do it for you. Our CTC service has been OK, if not exemplary.

- Tuesday, June 26, 2001 at 14:40:01 (EDT)

- Tuesday, June 26, 2001 at 10:37:38 (EDT)
To the person who wrote "The people that work for verizon do not make the rules, they are only trying to FEED THIER KIDS". Sorry, but I must disagree. It is because of those workers that we have problems. I blame a lot of it on CWA1108. Verizon employees get away with things no other non-union employee would get away with. I do not feel any bit sorry fot them since they are a major part of the problem. I agree that upper management may be awfull, but I see a lot of Verizon workers abusing their jobs.

- Friday, June 22, 2001 at 14:51:43 (EDT)
I had an internal modem for my pentium 120 along with DSL. Brought a new PC and did not want to open up the box and start installing "STUFF". Called Verizon to get an external modem. Waited on hold and finally got someone. While starting to explain my situation with the internal modem, I was interrupted by being told I was wrong that Verizon doesn't sell an internal modem. I had to become quite firm and told the person to be quiet because they were not listening.I was transferred and started again. While discussing this I was told that I would be sent an external modem "FREE OF CHARGE" I was elated. The shipment came and was only the filter packet. I called back and after 2 hours of transferes, was told that I could not get a modem for free and it would be charged to my phone line. Also that it would be shipped fedex. Days go by and I get a message that Verizon cannot charge my phone line and I need to call back with credit card. This is done and I checked to see that it was going fedex. There was NO notation to ship fedex. This was changed. I called back because I did not want to pay fedex charge. The order showed that it was sent UPS instead and the operator said it could have been charged to phone bill.I said whatever. I got the modem and hooked it up. Everything was fine until 3 days later, I receive a new modem shipped FEDEX and no charge? This company deserves to lose money.. Now I am selling on DSL modem on ebay... What a joke...

- Wednesday, June 20, 2001 at 10:02:20 (EDT)
FRAME RELAY DECEPTION For those of you using frame services from Verizon, be careful. Our original sales order was for a frame relay T1, our billing states "Frame relay DS1 link & port - 1 yr", the Indiana Utilities Regulatory Commission T-2 tariff says our pricing is a T1... yet... we are receiving a 1.152 megabit per second connection not the 1.544 megabit per second connection. How's that for misrepresentation? We ask them for a credit because we have overpaid services of $13,000. They offer a credit of $2,000. So... we are looking into filing a lawsuit. We have already filed complaints with the IURC, FCC, FTC, and BBB.

- Saturday, June 16, 2001 at 15:25:20 (EDT)
Here is the body of an e-mail I sent to Verizon. I had called the chairman of the board at home and suddenly, I got 6 calls from Verizon managers tryin to help me. My problem was that I was dissatisfied with Verizon service and tried to cancel. But Covad was unable to give me service because the line was still listed as active with Verizon. ----------------------------------------- Problems in time sequence: 1) Bad modem 2) Techs couldn't diagnose the problem for a year 3) When diagnosed, you wouldn't replace the modem 4) When i tried to drop service, I told why I was leaving, but no offer was given of a new modem 4) You continued billing me for an extra month (since corrected) 5) You were unable to update the database that COVAD checks to see if my line had existing service. 6) Attempts to fix the database failed 7) Requests by me to contact the MCO were refused by customer service 8) Attempts to escalate to a supervisor were refused for 4 calls 9) Attempts to escalate to a legal representative were refused 10) No customer care reps had heard of the customer satisfaction group 11) A customer care rep was specifically assigned to my case. He didn't accomplish anything. 12) A month later, someone else was assigned to my case. She promised to call me every week to tell me the progress of my case, which she did. Every Wednesday for a month I got a call saying that nothing had been done. 13) Your IVRU's prevent reaching the customer care group, instead they reach the warehouse for modems. 14) The Norfolk VA customer care 800 # was busy. 15) My attempts to correct my problems were not documented in your customer service database. Try and see how many calls I made to tech support or customer care. If the number is less than 150, the database is inaccurate. You sent me a Speedstream 3060. A piece of crap modem that was probably responsible for 90% of my service interuptions. I endured a year of terrible service with innumerable calls to tech support: Me - "Why is my service down?" Them - "Is the green light on?" Me - "Yes." Them - "Reboot your computer." That is the total capability of a front-line tech support person. Trying to reach a more knowledgeable person was like pulling teeth. It's not an issue of poor training. There are definitely some sharp people at Verizon. But a customer has to call repeatedly (more than 10 times) to be allowed to speak with anyone with more than a passing familiarity with a computer. This is obviously a planned approach to provide the least skilled tech rep possible. Incorrect diagnosis are the logical result. Finally a Level 2 tech said, "It''s your modem. We should replace it." I asked, "For free, right?" "Absolutely." Customer care said that I could replace it for $320. I told them that the tech said it was defective and they would replace it for free. "We don't do that." After that, it was just a long and frustrating period of trying to get rid of you. I am completely willing to give that same amount of money to any DSL provider that is not you. So, as a consultant, here's my diagnosis: - Poor internal communications due to disparate database systems. No timely flow of information. A CSR called me once a week with status updates because her database was only updated once per week. - No coordination between customer care and any other group (besides billing). This is a process issue beyond the previously stated IT infrastructure issues. Everyone recognizes there are IT problems. If IT does not support correcting a problem, then a non-IT solution should be established. At one point customer care said that they were not allowed to contact the person that was responsible for fixing my problem. - Reliance on inferior vendors. ENI should have provided updated drivers or replacements for the 3060. - No quality of service program to identify causes of customer complaints. Basic, basic, basic. - Employees at Verizon are well motivated, but are held back by procedures and systems that prevent them from providing the customers with actual results. Two observations based on my own experience: First, customer care's primary mission at Verizon is to prevent the customer from speaking with anyone that can actually help them. Second, Verizon does not really want to be in the DSL market. But they want to make very sure that if there has to be DSL, that no one but Verizon should provide it. Lastly, I would still be a Verizon customer if: - I had been able to talk to that Level 2 tech 6 months earlier than I did. - I had been sent a replacement modem. - I was allowed to speak with anyone that knew their @$$ from a hole in the ground without having to first call the FCC, BBB, PUC, class action lawyers, and Ivan Seidenberg's home. My talk with XXX YYYYYY brought a lot of clarity to the frustration I have been dealing with for the last year. He is the exact type of person I have been asking to speak with all this time. He was familiar with my problems, had great technical understanding, and was able to help identify my actual issues. You are lucky to have him. His last words were, "I would try to correct your problems and keep you as a customer, but I think I'm three months too late." He's the only person to express any desire to keep me as a customer. 06/11/01 04:49 PM Please respond to To: XXXX cc: Subject: Complaint to Mr. Seidenberg Dear Mr. XXXX: Thank you for speaking with me this morning. Again, I apologize for any frustration this recent experience has caused. I have requested for someone to review the database provided to COVAD in an effort to determine if we have provided them with inaccurate data. I have also requested that someone identify the actual date the line was removed from Verizon service. In our conversation this morning, you advised when you called customer service the IVRU system was directing you to the warehouse. Can you tell me what number you were calling? I apologize for not knowing all of the customer numbers for each business unit. If you have any additional information that you would like to provide, please contact me at 800-483-5288 or you may respond to the email address: Thank you, Charla Davison Executive Manager Verizon Customer Relations

- Monday, June 11, 2001 at 19:25:27 (EDT)

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