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I had verizonwiress family plan for more than two years. I have had enough headache with this company. I started with one phone for one year and when I need a second phone I have to sign a new two-year contract with them and they told me that the phone I am using can no longer be used since it is dual mode. Eventually they made me spend two hundred dollars for two phones. My dad moved to New York for a short period of time and we need one number to be NY's local number. They made us sign into two new seperated contracts and told us that they can not sign a family plan contract with one number in Massachusetts and the other in NY. When my dad came back from NY we have to sign another brand new two year contract with them.

- Friday, September 19, 2003 at 21:49:28 (EDT)
I signed up for Verizon DSL several years ago. I was able to use it without problems perhaps 80% of the time. When I could not login, the so called tech support held that it was my fault first. Most of the time, tech support was brain dead and could only follow a script. In spite of the fact I had already performed the steps in their scripts, they insisted I do it again. Surprise! The peocedure did not correct the problem. Still the problem was held to be my fault. At least three times, I had to call the sales department, tell a sad but true story, and then was connected to a tech support who had a functional brain. Two of the three times the problem was more or less resolved. The LAST STRAW was the third time. I had been unable to connect for two days. I went through the sales rout to get to an actual living technical person who quicly identified it was Verison's fault. Two days later I checked status - "we are working on it". Three days later than that - "we are working on it". There was no avialiable information as to when, what, who, where, or how it would get fixed. I solved the problem. This being the second time I was unable to use what they promised and I had paid for, I told them they would not get a third chance. I set up a 56K local dialup account and canceled the Verison DSL account. A 56K connection that works for $20 a month is vastly superior to a $49.95 a month connection that does not work. Its even superior to their current $34.49 a month that, according to reports from my local ISP, still will not work.

- Monday, September 08, 2003 at 15:11:13 (EDT)
For those of you who have come acrosse this site and are thinking of going with Verizon wireless for your wireless provider I strongly suggest you do your homework before signing a contract. If you are a current customer with Verizon and are unhappy with your service and aren't getting anywhere with your complaint, posting your complaint on this site really isn't going to do you much good if you really want a real response to resolve the problem you may be having. I have had on going problems with this company for some time now and just find myself getting no where with this company. If I would have known then what I know now, I would never had gone with Verizon for my wireless service. Think Verizon's advertising is lidgit, think again, the service is no where near what there advertising states. How many times have you gone into a local Verizon store and seen more people complaining about there service then you see people signing up with service? For new customers, think through what I have to say before you sign up for service, I am only saying this because I don't like to see other people get screwed over by this company or any other company that operates the same as Verizon. For those who are with Verizon currently and are fed up with getting no where with your complaints, allow for me to point you in the right direction of where you should go if you want to be heard. What I am about to tell you took me sometime to find out , but once I found out I was willing to give it a shot after all what do I have to loose? I found this site,, I posted several complaints in all the categories I had to choose from that applied to what I was complaining about. I'm not the type of person who enjoys complaining, but when it comes to a busienss that lacks in customer service, leaves threatening voicemessages with vulger language and continues to give me different answers and is very rude when speaking to me, that's when I draw the line. After all the negative feedback from this company, after posting my letters on planetfeedback, I must admit I finally had someone from Verizon respond in a professional mannor like all companies should do. All the headaches I have encountered from contacting this company for as long as I can remember, I finally reached and agreement and am rather pleased with how my complaint was handled and how this company will use my feedback to hopefully start working on improving there customer service. I am hoping that my complaint did make an inpack on this company as I felt there customer service was in need of a big positive change. My advice to you current customers who haven't had there complaint resolved to there satisfaction, don't give up, keep at it until you are satisfied with how they resolve your problems. For you people who are considering signing up with this company, just use your best judgement and don't forget to do your homework before writing in ink on that contract. Today is the day I have waited for atleast a month, all I wanted was to cancel my service and end my business relationship with the company. It took sometime to do, from fumbling with rude customer service and not giving up until I finally snag an employee willing to work with me and follow through with my request of cancelation. Best of luck to you current customers and for those looking into new service, best of luck to you in making your decision.

- Friday, September 05, 2003 at 23:33:14 (EDT)
I cannot believe how many people are victimized by this company. I have verizon's cell phone almost for a year now, I never had any problems with them until June.2003. First I had regular plan with 600anytime free nights and weekends. We never went over 450 minutes everymonths, then we diceded to change to share plan, they gave us even more minutes 1000anytime, 1000m/m free nights and weekends. that was even more minutes that we need, but any way. In July I recieved the Bill that we went over 400 minutes extra becides our 1000 minutes. I couldn't believe it. How is it posible when we never used up 600 minutes and now we have a 1000 minutes and they telling me we used 1400 minutes. they sent me transcript of all the calls for June. I couldn't believe my eyes, for some calls they put i spoke for 47 minutes in earlie afternoon, its impossible, i am at work from 9-8pm, everyday, and my husband morning till night, the phone hardly used. mostly i use it after nine when i get home and I know its free so i can call NYC my family. so tell me what can I do to fight this people. If anybody can help me, please email me at September 3, 2003

- Wednesday, September 03, 2003 at 12:02:00 (EDT)
Lets all just load up and walk on down to their offices. And they always wonder why people SNAP!

- Monday, September 01, 2003 at 05:04:59 (EDT)
From day one, Verizon has been a sad joke. its just a simple residential phone. Thats all. I wanted 2 lines so I could use my computer. They charged me 200 dollars for that. Then I noticed that my name was mispelled on my bill. No big deal right? Wrong. they cant seem to find the time to change it. Thats nothing though. I came home last week and was online when a friend emailed me and said: "your phone is disconnected". I got offline immediately and checked. She was right. I called Verizon. They didnt know why it had been disconnected but I can tell you. I had a neighbor in my apartments move out that day. And I believe that some "Bubba" from Verizon disconnected the wrong line. Anyway, they reconnected me after threats of violence. THEN....I had been calling my ivalid parents to check on them as I do nightly from only about 20 miles away. They would not answer. So I got in my car and went over to their house. They told me that they didnt know anyone by the name on the caller ID so they didnt bother picking up the phone. I called Verizon to find out why "Jay Ward" was coming up on the ID whenever I would make a call. I dont know andy "Jay Ward". After 45 minutes on various holding patterns, I was told that when my number was disconnected,(by mistake), that my number had been reassigned to a new customer. Now we both have that number. (MY UNPUBLISHED NUMBER WAS NOW IN SOMEONE ELSES NAME) BUT I was still using it. Then I got 3 calls from aTT in Guatamala South America, asking me if I had been making numerous calls to Guatamala. I told them no. They said,"HOKAYE" , and hung up. I have no idea what that was about but I'm sure I will find out (sadly) in the near billing period. I have contacted Verizon over a period of 4 days now and have lost wages and time from work because of a simple residential line. I want them to DIE.

- Monday, September 01, 2003 at 04:43:01 (EDT)
Thinking of going with Verizon, if I were you think twice. Read these responce e-mails I have been receivng. Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless through our website. Unfortunately, you are not the account holder, you father is. He is the only person that would have been able to extend the contract and order equipment on this account. You have not been authorized by your father on this account. Because of this, we will no longer discuss this situation with you. Please have your father contact a supervisor at 866-594-8482. We appreciate your business. Thank you for using Verizon Wireless products and services. Sincerely, Kristy M. Verizon Wireless E-Care Lead Coordinator My, response, Verizon has indeed tampored with my account. My father has fought with this company until he had it notated on my account that I have permission to make changes to this account, yes his name is on the account, but I am the one using the phone. This company should be placed over in IRAQ instead of our local troops.

- Sunday, August 31, 2003 at 10:20:36 (EDT)
Anyone who is canceling there current service with any type of Verizon service and you have paid your bill in full or are going to cancel, allow me to suggest to you that when you do cancel and pay your bill in full make sure you either pay with credit card/check card, or pay by check. NOTE:NEVER PAY THIS COMPANY CASH! You will be sorry you ever did, and make sure you notate when the transaction was made and keep copies of proof, not just your receipt if you get one from the company. I've known way too many people who have been turned over to collections and harrassed by collections to pay this company which they have already paid in full. Verizon does not keep good records, if they did then this would not be happening to people who have paid. This company loves to fight with it's customers and enjoy's arguing as well, it reminds so much of those school bully's that I went to school with that would pick on those innocent classmates I had. Granted the company has some nice employee's, however on the other hand they are hard to find and you will be lucky to speak with one, the rest are just simply immature. Don't ever accept the fact the company has asked you to pay your bill in cash, that should be a big clue that there is something up. Don't even trust the receipts they give, far too many customers have been ripped off by this company. Don't be conned by a company who know's how to con it's customer.

- Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 15:21:52 (EDT)
I have been contacting VerizonWireless via e-mail since they turend my phone off for non payment. This company is so difficult to deal with and they certainly like to put the blame on (you) the customer for all these so-called charges that don't make any sence and for over usage minutes when a majority of my phone calls were made mobile to mobile. Verizon finds everyway possibe to nickel and dime there customers. Verizon is now accusing my father, who's name is on my phone account, of giving them his verbal agreement to a 2-year contract. This company sure has problems when it comes to telling the truth and providing it's customers with excellent customer service. First off, they never spoke with my father in February concerning this so-called 2-year contract, of course they are going to stick to there story that is nothing but a lie. My first phone was the V-120 and I had nothing but problems with the phone. From reception to dropped phone calls, it was really frustrating specially when I receive important phone calls and I cannot even get a sentance into the conversation before experiencing a dropped phone call. I argued with the company for months to get me into a better phone that would't drop phone calls, ah, my father never seemed to have a problem with getting what he wanted with a company, maybe it's because my father is so intimidating to these pussy reps that Verizon hires. For months' Verizon failed to help me get a phone that would work for me and would meet my needs. I spoke with a really nice rep in January and if I could remember her name I would be contacting her since she was really pleasent to deal with unlike all the other employee's Verizon hires. She told me that I would be able to pick out any phone out of there options and that they would EXCHANGE IT for my V-120. I was really excited so I went to visit there website to determine which phone I would go with. I phoned Verizon the next night to let them know which phone I had chose and that the notations were on the account that I was EXCHANGING. That rep was nice but would not allow me to go through with order until the balance was paid. So the next day I had phone again to see if they would process the order and send me the new phone, that rep was so rude and told me that I would be placed into a 2-year contract regardless if I wanted to be in that contract or not. I made it clear to her that I was not going to sign the contract, she said too bad like it or not you are going to be in a 2-year contract. I had fulfilled my 1-year contract with the company and now I am in this so-called 2-year contract that I never signed. Now I am having a hard time getting out of the contract, I am not using my phone nor can I use my phone as they had turned off my phone for non-payment. One rep told me that all I needed to pay was one amount to get it turned on again and now they are giving me a complete different story and are wanting me to pay nearly 400.00 of which I cannot afford to pay just to get the phone turned on again. Don't forget that this company has tampered with customer accounts, one day you have a notation on your account about changes and then when you call back to varify that has been done, they misteriously disappear. Verizon is a dishonest company, I know far too many people who are current customers with the company and would do anything to put a stop to unfair business practice or simply get away from this company.

- Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 14:33:15 (EDT)
i just cant beleave that you can be with verison wireless for years and now they want to charge you to cancel contract after your other contract was up..try and get a differt plan and they start contract over.from day you started a different plan .really is not fair they should tell you before they put you on diffent plan that you are stuck for another 2 years and then want $300.00 do get out of there contract....NEVER AGAIN..WILL I GO WITH VERIZON WIRELESS...NOTHING BUT RIP OFFSSSSSSSS!!!!

- Wednesday, August 27, 2003 at 20:52:23 (EDT)
I ordered Verizon DSL in January 3, 2003. The equipment shows up on January 20. We were told it would arrive in a day or two. I was pissed so I had my IT people put it in. Piece of cake to do! VERIGONE charges me anyway for the INSTALL @ 199.00. They did say it was a mistake and would get me a credit. After 40+ calls and monthly late bills because I refuse to pay for the (non)install over 7 months time a week ago during my call someone told me that the credit was there but did not no how to apply it to the account. They said they would call back. Week later NOTHING!----- Also put up a new building and switched phone numbers, transferred old numbers etc. Total Verigon chaos duing the whole move all my other vendors excellant. Its just to bad they don't have competition (Local/service etc) like I do in my business. Does anyone know who to write to on this because I will happily write a

- Wednesday, August 27, 2003 at 16:46:51 (EDT)
What good is a website when you cannot access it nor navigate it? I have been having nothing but problems with navigating the website, Also I have recieved 2 nasty phone calls from Verizon within the passed week, leaving me messages no names to who the person is. I called into the *611 number and had asked why I was receiving such nasty phone calls from Verizon she was really nice who I spoke with and had apologized. When she returned from after putting me on hold she said it may be because you have a passed due balance of $63.45. I explained to her that I would like to have notated on my accound as to calling in and leaving notations that I will not be able to afford to pay a dime until the first of the month since I receive disability and I only get my check once a month. She said she could leave notations as to that I will be paying but couldn't guarantee the phone calls to stop coming in. I don't understand why this company is getting all worked up over such a small phone bill when infact I see so many other's who owe the company so much more then I do. I just paid the damn company 130.00, more then I can afford in a month because they claim I had went over my minutes when infact I have a 1000 mobile to mobile minutes and I never talk that long on my phone to anyone. I just got the Audiovox 9500 in February and I am already having problems with the bettery staying charged. I don't understand how this company can tell me that I have gone over my minutes when my phone will not even keep a charge for 30 minutes. Don't you think that a phone should hold longer charge then just 30 minutes from after being charged and not in use? I had never signed a 2 year contract that Verizon claimes I have with them, I would like to know how they get by legally when they don't have a signed up-to date contract with there customer. It's just like when I had AT&T for home long distance service, I left that company because I was unhappy with there service and having received tellemarketing calls from them daily was also annoying. After I switched from AT&T I had went to another competiting LD carrier and every month I would get a welcome letter in the mail from AT&T stating that they thanking me for there new service. When I phone the company to tell them I never signed on with them, they told me that they had my verbal concent as well as my signature on a current contract. I later found out that was illegal that they were keeping passed information on hand to use for current customer info. It sounds like to me what Verizon is putting me through is so much similar to AT&T. Trying to make changes to my Verizon wireless service is impossible when they want to keep you with what you already have instead of allowing you to drop down to a less expensive plan. I don't need to be paying over 50.00 a month for 800 minutes that are just going to be going to waste as I do not come near to using my phone that often during the day. Does anyone know of a decent cellular company to go with in the state of Georgia?

- Saturday, August 23, 2003 at 08:52:25 (EDT)
This story started a little over two years ago. My wife decided she needed a cell phone for her the kids and myself. We have no service at the house so we can only use it when we go to the city. So we don't get our moneys worth to start with. Every month in the last 24 months they have over charged me from $10.00 to over $100.00 except maybe two months that was right. After calling they always fixed the bill. But what about the thousanda of people they are scaming each month that never call to fix their bill. Verizon must be stealing a lot of money. Stupit me I upgraded my phone service and got some new phones with Verizon (I should have learned) and the first bill should be $119.00 for the service and $180.00 for the phones. Total - taxes $299.00 Plus $150 in rebates. My FIRST BILL WAS $518.30 I call Verison and they said to go back to the store where I bought the phones and talk to them. I went to the store and they said it was right they just did not explain every thing to where I under stood all the charge and they could not change anything I would have to talk to the manager which is never around or never returns your calls. So I called Verizon back and they said I should just pay the bill before it is late and work it out later. I said no. I called the manager back and still nothing. So be very carefull going with Virizon they are not to be trusted!

- Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 18:09:19 (EDT)
The telephone rate increases I mentioned below were for Massachusetts.

- Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 17:01:25 (EDT)
I just got my Verizon bill for August. There is a substantial increase in the rates for my Metroplitan Service and for my Unlimited Local, Single Line Service. To my recollection, I don't recall any announcement of a rate hike. I called Verizon; they said there was an announcement in the June bill. I didn't see it. Has there been an increase, and how much should it be? Thanks.

- Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 16:51:52 (EDT)
I took all the bullshit i could take with verizon DSL service and there pathetic tech support that does'nt now there ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to nowing how to fix problems like slow connection, then when you get online you constantly get page cannot be displayed and being booted off line and when you call verizon support and they go through the same routine and the only thing they can up with as the problem is that your computer needs to be updated and they tell you to update the internet explorer to IE6.0 put more memory in ya puter. Well what me tell ya some thing i did everything they said i should do and it got me no where all it costed me was a lot of $$$$(that i could have used to pay off some bills) for what, just to have the same problems. If i was to ever to refer someone to have internet service i would'nt send my worst enemy to verizon dsl service, verizon support people need a lot and i mean a lot of training before they start telling people that there computer is the cause of is the cause of there trouble with the problems with verizon dsl, cause now better i went out and had three computer tech's come in and had brand new computers and test my dsl service and they had the same problems i did with new computers that are totally up to date

- Tuesday, August 19, 2003 at 11:30:37 (EDT)
I had ordered verizon internet last June of 2002. had canceled the service for them over billing me and misrepresenting there service for internet. I was told that a $17.00 charge monthly charge unlimited use of internet. Got a bill of $177.00 the first month in August and had called and thought it was cleared up. Now every 3 months I have had my phone shut off for a bill of $994.00 charged on my account and I had canceled it in Sept.2002. Just for the fact of them misleading me on my billing for internet. I had a friend call in November and they quoted her the same $17.00 monthly charge and claimed unlimited use. She even spoke up and said they had quoted a friend of hers the same thing and now she is being billed for using minutes over the 150 min. for the same price. So I had another friend call a couple days later and same quote as I got in June. I get it cleared up every three months or so then next bill comes and it reads that I owe over $900.00. Verizon billing is blaming verizon internet and the internet claims I have a $00.00 balance with them. now two days ago 8-13-03. I talked to a rep. for internet and she claims I have a balance of over $700.00 plus late fees now something is definitly wrong with there sales reps. and how they conduct verizon special deals.They need to be taught the right way to explain the deals they offer. Now they are not to cooperative with me and I was a little upset and could bite my tongue for much longer so now I'm sending in a complaint with fcc and the phone commissons and several deptment with verizon. well hopefully they won't continue screwing people like me that works very hard for my money and raising 3 children by myself with no help from no one. That's my story. P.S. Thanx verizon for screwing me and others. sincerly, vicki stuebgen Azusa, Ca.

- Friday, August 15, 2003 at 15:25:09 (EDT)
hello my story is I've been screwed big time and hope somebody can help,last september I received a bill for over $2000.00 worth of collect calls excepted by my 15 year old,(her boyfriend calling from arizona)I had no clue till the bill came,I explained when they called wanting the cash in full.they laughed didnt want payments they said.I couldn't do anything else I've gotten it down to $1300.00 they've turned me into their collections,I'm a single mother one income. thes charges are crazy over a dollar a minute,plus they shut off the long distance in december and in february they billed me again for a collect call,when I disputed it they made me pay it otherwise they'd shut off the LOCAL service.I've been disputing all of this when I called about all the billing they couldn't look at the billing but I still owed it,I understand there's a cost for the service even though my name is on the phone and my daugther excepted the calls but I think this is a royal screw job!!!

- Friday, August 15, 2003 at 06:55:16 (EDT)
ok so what we need to do is go to all the chat rooms and add this link to everything so the word gets out and have links to the legal department at verizion just flood them with information and bad public relations in every state the only way to get there attention is to hurt them in there wallet call alisha in legal department verizion 1800-451-5242 #2 when propted or fax them at 908-203 5876 supina team lets flood them they don't care about customer service we have strengh in numbers . this is correct numberas of august 2003

- Wednesday, August 13, 2003 at 17:13:52 (EDT)
Verizon advertising department ruined our buisness, and we want to sue! They closed out books and advertised us without contracts, advertised us with the wrong phone numbers, shut off rollover lines in our huge ads by mistake! The mistakes for our business was endless, and they are protected by a tariff for mistakes causing loss of business. And they don't care, don't call you back, tell you that you still owe them money and than don't allow you to advertise when you can't pay it. How can you afford to advertise when you already paid and their mistakes made you go bankrupt? Than when they told us we can't advertise they advertised us anyway without a contract and to someone else's business line! Please help me!

- Wednesday, August 13, 2003 at 12:37:09 (EDT)
If this website claimes to help get the word out about all the dissatisfied customers with Verison and all the horror stories, then why hasen't there been a class action been brought to anyone's attention? I feel a lot of us have been waiting a long enough time to bring a class action against Verizon Wireless for terrible service and many more problems, what is taking so long????? Verizon, we are ready to bring a class action against you. Oh, by the way, "Can You Hear Us Now?" Why is it so hard for Verizon's employee's to be honest with it's customers? Since when is it right for a Verizon employee to lie to it's customers? Has anyone heard of a survey that Verizon was text messaging there customer's? I am wondering if any of Verizon's dissatisfied customers were able to take the survey, since it seem's like Verizon has us flagged so we wouldn't be allowed to take the survey to give our honest opinion about our lousy service.

- Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 00:19:15 (EDT)
I am moving down to Georgia next week and have to bring with my pathetic Verizon phone and service along with a 2 year contract that I never signed and that's the truth. Can anyone tell me how well Verizon service is down in Georgia? Also I am needing to know if anyone else is aware that Verizon allow's there customers at a certain point to get out of a 'so-called' contract without having to pay the early termination fee as I have heard countless times mentioned by Verizon employee's at the West Acres Shopping mall location in Fargo ND. I know that it does exsist, but according to Verizon at there customer service *611 this does not exsist and even though they don't have my signature on there "so-called' 2 year contract they are forcing me to stay in this contract until Feb of 2005.

- Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at 00:09:57 (EDT)
My company was doing some outbound calling for Verizon, to call customers and introduce them to new offers. Well, Verizon took away the outbound calling and the only alternative left with the company was to do inbound training for the contingency strike, in the event the strike occured, we would take calls until the union and Verizon came to an agreement. We were promised that starting Aug 4, we would either be on the phones taking calls if the strike occured or in the event that negotiations started, we would continue training on Aug 4, or get paid a traing wage until an agreement was settled. Well hundreds and hundreds of our workers arrived Aug. 4, to be turned away, because Verizon changed their mind and didn't want to pay our company as they promised. ANONYMOUS

- Tuesday, August 05, 2003 at 19:01:46 (EDT)
short story............. in order for me to have a dial tone to make local calls or use dial up internet services for one month, i have to work (manual labor) for one day (8 hours) i bust my ass for 8 whole hours for electricity traveling through wires in addition to that, large chunks of that fee is for things that don't actually exist, or who knows what? and on the petty side of things, the minute i took on a verizon account i received telemarketing calls (literally the first day) those bastards sold me out...! new york city, new york

- Monday, July 28, 2003 at 14:22:39 (EDT)
I've been having billing problems with Verizon. Verizon offers a combined bill for residential & wireless service. For taking the combined bill the customer gets a $5. credit per month. When I received my first bill & reviewed it, I saw that they neither gave me the $5. credit nor is the wireless charges broken down by plan, time used, additional charges. Just one price listed as Wireless Charges. In attemting to contact Verizon, I was put through a series of menus & after several minutes got a representative that could not help me. Asked for a superisor, was put on hold for an additional 5-6 minutes. Supervisor told me that there was nothing she could do - that I needed to call another number. Total time spent at this point was about an hour to get the other "company" on the phone. fyi, representatives of Verizon say that the wireless and residential companies are not connected at all! Which is a total fabrication. Both companies are separate corporations under a umbrella company called Verizon. Final person I spoke to was Ms. Edwards - 973 483-7988, who told me that she or someone else would get back to me in 24 hours - this NEVER HAPPENED! I contacted Ms Edwards a couple of days later, actually left her a message - as they never pick up their phones, only to be told by her that someone did call me and resolve. Asked her who, she couldn't tell me. I told her that NO ONE had called & I still wanted to resolve issue. Ms Edwards then told me that the billing issues I had, had been resolved - News to me!! Still do not know how they will resolve. Asked Ms Edwards to whom she reported, she gave me the name, but said this person could only be contacted by mail. Amazing - a tele-communications company with representatives that do not have phones! Mr. Sprengel did call me back, told me the same bs - that the issues had been resolved - but somehow couldn't tell me how. Mr. Sprengel can be reached at 973 649-2194. When questioning Mr. Sprengel on the time it takes to get issues resolved - he said "customers need to do what they do" to take care of issues - including billing problems. Obviously Sprengel sees no need to make it as easy as possible for customers to have some type of resolution. My problems have still not been resolved. Asked Sprengel to whom he reports, which he indicated Dennis Bone. Mr. Bone has no telephone number, neither does Mr. Seindenberg. None of these people want to know what's really going on in the company. Verizon is possibly the worst communications company in the industry.

- Thursday, July 24, 2003 at 10:43:28 (EDT)
I signed up with Verizion under the assumption that I had one contract with two phones. Both of these being in one name. I always got bills exceeding over my time limit and I finally called and changed my plan to a unlimited 1000 minutes. But still I received bills that stated I went over my limit. I tried in vain to keep up with the bill. Every month they sent me a bill that was 40.00 dollars or so over what I had expected. I even got to the point where I stopped using my phone yet still I got bills that were stating I went over my limit and of course the amount grew larger and larger. I finally had enough and called to cancel my service. First they told me that because I was cancelling my contract early I had to pay 175.00 per phone which in the contract states I have to pay 150.00. This made me stop and take a better look at my contract. They assume no liability whatsoever. The phones I had were known by Verizion to have been substandard, model Kyocera #2135. Yet Verizion didn't notify me and tell me that they were no longer issuing these types of phones and that they were experiencing trouble with these models. Makes you wonder when they run their advertising with someone constantly saying "can you hear me now". On many occasions I didn't receive my calls or messages. Or the numerous times my calls were dropped. I could call my cell number with a land line and have my cell phone close by and my call didn't go through. I talked to Verizion's staff and was given all kinds of excuses, which was anything but the truth. I have had with this company and strongly suggest anyone that is interested in a class-action suit to notify me so we together can stand against this large corporation. Read your contract it will make you angry, if you opt to go for arbitration they can charge you 500.00 dollars an hour to have their attorney argue with you. This can rack up quite a bill or worse ruin your credit is a CELL phone really worth all this aggravation. I think not.

- Monday, July 21, 2003 at 05:01:03 (EDT)
I signed up with Verizion under the assumption that I had one contract with two phones. Both of these being in one name. I always got bills exceeding over my time limit and I finally called and changed my plan to a unlimited 1000 minutes. But still I received bills that stated I went over my limit. I tried in vain to keep up with the bill. Every month they sent me a bill that was 40.00 dollars or so over what I had expected. I even got to the point where I stopped using my phone yet still I got bills that were stating I went over my limit and of course the amount grew larger and larger. I finally had enough and called to cancel my service. First they told me that because I was cancelling my contract early I had to pay 175.00 per phone which in the contract states I have to pay 150.00. This made me stop and take a better look at my contract. They assume no liability whatsoever. The phones I had were known by Verizion to have been substandard, model Kyocera #2135. Yet Verizion didn't notify me and tell me that they were no longer issuing these types of phones and that they were experiencing trouble with these models. Makes you wonder when they run their advertising with someone constantly saying "can you hear me now". On many occasions I didn't receive my calls or messages. Or the numerous times my calls were dropped. I could call my cell number with a land line and have my cell phone close by and my call didn't go through. I talked to Verizion's staff and was given all kinds of excuses, which was anything but the truth. I have had with this company and strongly suggest anyone that is interested in a class-action suit to notify me so we together can stand against this large corporation. Read your contract it will make you angry, if you opt to go for arbitration they can charge you 500.00 dollars an hour to have their attorney argue with you. This can rack up quite a bill or worse ruin your credit is a CELL phone really worth all this aggravation. I think not.

- Monday, July 21, 2003 at 04:59:25 (EDT)
Tom S here from Any union worker wanting to express their anger with Verizon will want my t-shirt iron on of a little boy pissing on the word Verizon. I have sold many so far to your fellow CWA workers. Contact me at Also visit my websites at and, for my new book,

- Tuesday, July 08, 2003 at 22:26:09 (EDT)
I am a soldier and so is my husband, when we bought our cell phones and signed up for VerizonWireless they told us that if one of us/both were to deploy that Verizon would cancel our contract, all they needed was our deployment orders. Well, a month later my husband deployed, I called to cancel his contract and sent the deployment orders, the customer service lady called me the next day and said that she couldn't cancel it because the contract was in my name, she was very helpful, but I continued to get the runaround and finally got fed up. Finally, my NCO (non-comissioned officer) and I went down to the main store and I we talked to the manager and explained that I had been getting the runaround. The contract was cancelled right there and then. If you let a business take advantage of you, they will. If you don't like their contract, Don't sign it. Every business has to make money to stay in business so of course they will find ways around giving you back you'r money. If you have a legitimate complaint get someone to help you. If a business will take advantage of soldiers who are out fighting for freedom and thier families while their back home struggling to take of home, than they won't think twice about taking advantage of anyone. Don't let them, fight back, threaten legal action, I know I have and received a lot more progressive customer service. Take care everyone and don't let this stuff make you forget that everyone has the freedom of speech.

- Tuesday, July 08, 2003 at 20:38:00 (EDT)
I dont think the Gentelman below me really knows Verizon .......Yet

- Tuesday, July 08, 2003 at 08:34:44 (EDT)
i can't beleive people are so obsessed with these things they have to dedicate a sight to their misery. hey we all have problems with companies and services. while i don't dispute the need/desire to have your needs met and your problems solved, aren't there more constructive things that can be done besides running an internet bash site, if everyone in the world who had a problem with you, would you be okay by them putting up a webstie to disrespect you? probably not. bottom line, they run a business (one i might add as far as the dsl and wireless service go's is a luxury not a utility). if you don't want to be locked into a contract, don't sign it, you're legally bound to kiss there asses on national t.v. if it says you have to in the contract. the fact that people sign contracts and then complain later is no one's fault but the person who locked themselves into the deal. oh and verizon wireless cell phone for four years, never one problem, great company!!!

- Monday, July 07, 2003 at 18:21:49 (EDT)
Hi people...its me again from I am writing on this site because it is one of the BEST verizon sites I have seen and gets a lot of exposure. I NEED EXPOSURE. If any media sources view this, please get in touch with me. I was a manager with verizon...see was set up and separated for wanting to report workplace violence and unethical practices. I want to make my story known to ALL via any and all media sources. Contact me at

- Monday, July 07, 2003 at 09:36:06 (EDT)
I was with cell one in our small town we have to choices for cells erivce cell one and verizon that is it. well since cell one had limted covrige in colroado and when I travled from my town in wyoming to colorado I was with out service I was geting mad so while on a trip I stoped by a verizion store and this was a rela verizon store not a retialer that sell verizion. Found out that yea I can get serivce in my town. her only prob was that she would have to give me a montana number and all I had to do was call up custermer serivce when I got home and they would swtich me over to a number in my town. I should have gotten a clue then but nooo I truested here she had mamager on her name tag and I thought she new waht to do. well go the phone and service. and headed out. well I called custemr service up and was told there was a $20.00 charge to change to a wyoming number. well Iw as all ready 80 miles from the store becuse of geting the phone chraged. well O well go a head. well when I got my phone there was a 50.00 charge I called up and rasied hell what the hell is it 50 will it was 20.00 dollers for the number change and the rest was for change of plan since the paln I selcted wasnt avlibel in our town. I said well you have no store in our town and she said that there wasnt going to be a probilm. Well that was her fault and we can't do any thig about it go back tot he store will that isknow 200 miles a way so go back to the store I was like listen I was told since there wasnt a store in our town I was safe going to a real verizon store not a retailer that sold verizon. well paid the bill at least i had more coverige then cell one. Well the phone got into a habit of going to the roam side of the tower and not telling em I was ormaing will I got my first bill and it was well over 800 dollers for calls that shouldnt have been any were naer 50 dollers. call them up and they fumbelw it the phone and say well we can only reverse 400 dollers worth of the calsl ebcuse it was your fault becuse the phone had worng settings. Well then I sent in the rest of the money I am know down 450 bucks with this company well next month same bill even higher I am ready to blow a fuse call them up will the seting are worng excuse the fuck me my exact words soory but the last time I called they said the same dame thing played with setings and still made me pay half of it well that not our fault you dint listen. I said bull pucky your jsut lieing saying that seting is wrong I think tha tit is a setting that don't mater what it is set to becuse right her and i red what she told me to set it to. she said will pay or losoe service and I said like hell I will she said legal services will call. well I got a call that afternoon and I told her was was up she said will take the phone back maby it is the phone I said that store is over 200 miles away and the nearest one is 100 miles away when I bought the dam thing I was told that any problims can be handeled over the phone she said well she was worng. so I drove 100 miels and said why don't you give me another style nope has to be this style of phone. uggggg So i head home nd make a few calls and call them back and say was I billed for roam or home area roam. O I was mad I aid you mean I have driven 100 miles for nothing. well maby it is a seting they did that game called back still being romed. will what do I do they said go back to the store I said look you idiots, I have all ready driven 200 miels out of my way paid 450 bucks that I didnt owe. you do somthing nope your paln don't laow over the phone replacment. well at this time a lady opened a verizon were she dint work for verizon but owend her small little store. and went into her. she yelled and scremaed at them no dice. so she traded me a phone that was prety close to the one I paid. and that got the roam issue done. I still have probs with them. but havent droped them till we get a ebter company in here.

- Tuesday, July 01, 2003 at 20:24:06 (EDT)
Well, my story is short. I have been waiting fo a long, long time for my ISP (AOL) to provide me with DSL service. I was blamming them all the time for neglect. But then I found out the evil truth. Verizon is malicious, vermonous, corrupted company. It is the lowest of the low. They refuse to allow AOL or any other provider to use their phone lines to provide the service as long as the user is either not a Verizon phone service customer (I have AT&T). Or as long as they are not at a certain level in a building. Now I know a few people who are Verizon customers and they still can't get DSL from ANY provider. These are people who live in the building right next to mines. But this isn't true for the entire building. Those who live on teh second floor and higher get to have DSL from Verizon granted they are Verizon phone customers. If not, then the chances are pretty much near 0. Now I am being hit by both ends, because as I said, I'm not a Verizon customer. Now I wouldn't even think of wanting to be their customer. The other reason is then I live on the first floor. No one is "allowed". This isn't coming from my ISP. It's comming dirrect from Verizon. They told me that in an e-mail. To further inflame your hatred for the damn company, I had Verizon a few years ago. But they refused to let me go. I had paid off my bill to Verizon and had switched to AT&T. They kept on sending me bills. At first I thought I had neglected to pay the last bill. But then I found out other wise. I called them, but instead of getting me answers, they would leave me on hold for nearly a half hour in total, while transfering me to every department in the company. I'm sure I even hit departments that weren't there! I ended up having to file a compliant agains them. And ended up in court. What's more, is that even though I had proof that I had paid off all my debts to Verizon before sweitching to A&T, they still had the gall to counter-sue me for non payment of service. And the stupid judge agreed with them! I eneded up paying $1470.56 for services I never recieved. Along with that I still had to pay my AT&T bill. Well they pulled the same transefing stunt again when I called about the problem woth the DSL. I hate Verizon. I want to see it them crubmle! I hate Verizon with emphasis! The people operation there have got to be crack addicts!

- Monday, June 30, 2003 at 03:20:05 (EDT)
El Salazar was makings the biggestest of the long distance callings and I was using the verizons. I was calling my Rudo cousin Paco, who is workings in the Chuck "e" of the Cheesiests. I was makings the callings and I was sayings Paco? And he was makings the "SHreeekkkk!!!!!" soundings. I was calling the Verizons and they were being the worstest of the customer satisfaccionings. They told me that I couldnt be speakings the greatest of the English and I told them that I am El Salazar and I am the greatestest Lucha Libre In all of the country of the States of United. They then be hangings up the phones on me.

- Wednesday, June 25, 2003 at 18:22:41 (EDT)
A few weeks ago, I had went into a Verizon store located at WestAcres shopping center located in Fargo ND. My friend was promised over the phone by Verizon customer service that she would be allowed to get the new Samsung phone at promo price, but she would have to go into the location in order to get the phone since they were out of stock. They told her that they would contact the store location to let them know what they were offering to her and the reason why she was needing to go into the location to get the phone. She had asked me to go along with her to get the phone. We waited and waited in line before someone would help her. She finally got an employee to help her, she explained what was going on and told him exactly what she was told by Verizon customer service. He wasen't aware of the promo price and wasen't wanting to give it to her as she was promised. He looked on her account and didn't see that notation, but yet other notations. He contacted customer service while we were standing there, asked about this promo deal she was offered and they couldn't find anything. She told him that the promo notation was listed on her account the night before, as a superviser the night before had commented on it as well. She stressed to him that it's obvious that someone has tampered with her account, because this notation is no longer to be found...So instead of getting the phone for $50.00, promo price, she ended up paying $80.00 up front and would receive a credit on her next months bill. She turned and looked at me and I told her to take it, since it was still offered to her under $100.00. She finally got the phone, but still is very disappointed with Verizon for tampering with her account. The employee's at the location are not customer friendly. I am so disappointed in that location. They should be greatful that they have a customer so honest to return 1 of the 2 demo phones that were stollen by my former boyfriend at there store right after it had opened, they should be damn greatful that I gave them all his information for them to contact law-inforcement as they had been searching to find him. As a Verizon customer, you think that they would give me all respect and provide me with better customer service..Just goes to show that Verizon employee's will never change, will never provide excellent customer service...Aren't employee's trained to have a smile on there face and be friendly and helpful to customers??? Customer Service should be excellent for all customers not for me and not for my friends...Verizon better take a better look at your employee's and make an attitude change..VERIZON, CAN YOU HEAR US NOW????

- Tuesday, June 24, 2003 at 14:41:46 (EDT)
I worked for a company that does Directory Assistance for many Verizon Wireless markets for 2 years as a telecom analyst. I had a company phone through Verizon and when I left the company I continued my service. They didn't have me sign a contract and all they required was a $125 deposit which I promptly brought in to a local Verizon store. I had service with them for 10 months and then decided not to have 2 cell phones since I had one with my new company. Since I didn't have a contract I thought it would be simple to cancel and then get my deposit back....WHATEVER. This is when the hell started. It took 2 months to prove to Verizon that I never signed a contract and all along they kept my money, and even after they finally agreed that I didn't have a contract and cancelled my account they still charged me. I had set up Verizon "EZPay" which auto-deducts out of a checking account. Once they cancelled my account they also closed my access to the EZPay website and I was not allowed to log in to take away access to my checking account. They then decided to bill me the $170 early termination fee and 2 more months of service which I didn't use. I called them back to ask why they billed me the termination fee and they said because I cancelled my 1-year contract early. I once again went around the block with Verizon over this mysterious contract they said I had. This took another few months (ALL ALONG KEEPING MY MONEY & DEPOSIT). I finally got through to them after calling Customer Service non-stop for 2 weeks and they sent me a check in the mail for $386 which included the over billing and my security deposit/plus $4 interest. I got the check about 4 days later and was so happy that my 6 months of trouble and hell from Verizon was over....WHATEVER... I got an email several days ago that they were going to debit my checking account for $129.41 (my security deposit). They gave it back to me and now 2 weeks later they are trying to steal it back? I called Customer Service and they said "Oh sorry, we made a mistake" and told me not to worry about it. Well 2 days later they have taken the money anyways. Isn't this wire fraud? I'm thinking of taking this to court. Anyone else have problems with Verizon Wireless and them taking money out of your account without authorization???

- Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 22:22:13 (EDT)
This is the content of a note that I sent to "" today. I must have spent 10 hours on the phone over Father's Day weekend trying to get my DSL service back up. Never did, cancelled service. To Verizon Online: I do not want an apology; I must have received 50 “I’m sorry Mr. Wright” from people. After the first two or three apologies, without any improved service, the other apologies mean nothing. This is in reference to the account on (703) XXX-XXX. On Thursday 6/12/03 afternoon I lost DSL service. This also happened a year ago and it was the modem due to an electrical storm. I called in and went through the normal connection/disconnection routine with the always semi-helpful staff that you so adequately train at Verizon. The person opened a “ticket”. I went to the store myself to buy an approved "Verizon Online DSL Modem" only to have it not work because my "Verizon mainline" is setup for a Fujitsu modem (naturally 2 times more expensive than others.) My question is why do the sem-qualified people ask me what type of modem I have (after I give them my phone number) if I HAVE TO HAVE A FUJITSU?!?! After several more phone calls, Verizon stated that there was a switching problem in my area. This problem was resolved Friday but my service was still out (because, you see my problem was a failed modem!!!!). Nonetheless, my ticket was closed out without any follow-up because, afterall, I live in the area of the switching issue! Friday evening I called and was on the phone for 2 hours trying to get some service. Verizon Online has the worst service organization that I can possibly imagine. They said that since the previous ticket had been closed that I had to have another “ticket” opened up. I didn’t receive a phone call from the technical scheduling people until 8:30pm Sunday night. They told me that they would be at my house Monday between 2pm and 6pm. They never showed and I took vacation to be home ($50/Hour…means you all owe me $200)! The reason that they didn’t show up is that they were going to come on Tuesday instead. This was not what I was told on Sunday nor on Monday at 3:37pm when I called to find out where they were. I was told on Monday that they would be there by 5:00pm! I am transferring my service to another DSL service (COMCAST).

- Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 11:44:41 (EDT)
Verizon Yellow Pages trying to get me to pay over $30,000 for business yellow page advertising that I don't owe due to their own billing mistakes. This has been going on two years and they won't straighten it out! I've been a customer for fifteen years at the tune of $30,000 a year. I'm a small business - its like David and Goliath - I need suggestions - can't afford to spend thousands on an attorney when its their mistake! Now their rude collections atty is leaving threatening messages on my home phone??? Why doesn't he call me at my office so he can actually have a conversation? I'm switching to Yellow Book!!!Does anyone know of a class action suit?

- Friday, June 13, 2003 at 10:21:56 (EDT)
Jack Nicholson in "Easy Rider" delivered an incredible line: "This used to be a hell of a good country" Well this used to be a hell of a good company! I Know. I have given them 30 damn good years of good service that any other company would have paid me 2x the amount for. At one time our central offices would rival that of a Nasa clean room. The switches and equipment were well maintained and we would strive for all calls complete without trouble 99% of the time. Now the toilets dont flush half the time, lights dont work, criticle filters in multi million dollar switches are never changed and the garbage is simply dumped in a basement room once a week by non-english speaking people and carted out perhaps once a month. Indeed, the city streets outside are by far cleaner;they are cleaned once a week...with water! 6 months ago, they "shipped out" the only bosses who came up thru the ranks, who knew the equipment and the workers and replaced them with EX MILITARY MEN!!!! I mean it's perfect isnt it? They have no opinion and they follow orders from above. All these "improvements to service" serve one thing only... To fill the pockets of the Rat CEO Ivan Seidenberg. It hasn't helped the shareholders. It certainly hasn't helped the workers. He seems to be filling his pockets just like the sobs at Enron and Mci did before the big fall. Ivan will say "We need layoffs because of the bad economy" Let me ask all of you out there... ( including Ivan's puppets who I'm sure visit this site) IF VERIZON ISN'T MAKING $$$$$$ THEN NOBODY IS!!!!

- Wednesday, June 04, 2003 at 21:31:29 (EDT)
My Pain is because Verizon contune to bill me for DSL after the DSL hase been closed. They even put a block on my toll & long distance with a phoney story stating I owed $98.00 for toll calls. I called them on that and was sent a nill showing that all toll calls have been paid. They have been giving me a runaround for the past 10 month's I even tried to switch to Sprint and AT&T for the toll calls & long Distance. I evenwas billed by AT&T for this service but when I called them and told them ThatI did not have the service that was on the bill they removed it. Verizon even charge me for the switch but never removed the block. I am ready to file a law suite in small claims for damages cause to me getting employment by keeping my phone block. If there is a attorney who would be interested on a cont. payment please contack me at

- Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 00:14:13 (EDT)
I don't want this type of company in this country any more. Business people only looking at numbers, having no concious about people and customers they might effect by their inacurate decisions and miss guided beliefs. Too bad a solid company once regarded as excellent with a 90.00 stock now is below the radar at 37.00. Oh by the way how many times can you reinvent the wheel.

- Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 21:23:56 (EDT)
I have had a miserable experience with this company. They installed faulty jacks in my home, and I can't get them to realize this, so they come and "fix" the problem and then the same thing happens again with in a month (no dial tone). Twice they have missed schedule appointments altogether, and just LIED about showing up for them. Reports I have called in for repairs have been lost more times than I can count, so when I call back I have to start all over again. I just hate this company more than words can say.

- Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 19:16:58 (EDT)
I have paid 265+ dollarst oward one month, have never gone over my minutes and call in every week to try and resolve this issue but I continually get told I owe a past due balance. I have had this phone since Oct. of 2002 and want to know if someone can sign me up in a class acion suit against them of have any information about how to get out of this "contract". I have proof that the money came out of my bank account and that I have overpaid for my service. If any one has any ideas write

- Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 13:46:07 (EDT)
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