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- Tuesday, January 27, 2004 at 20:51:38 (EST)
We had Verizon for about three years. Of course everything is fine at first until they start seeing that you may be good for your money and start showing good credit with them. My husbands business mandates max wireless hours....4,000 min per month...Verizon takes advantage of high usage customers, with over 300 calls per month , who would keep track? I did!!! I hope they are put in their place and maybe I can get some of my $600+ per month they started charging me at the end. By the way there are alot of wireless companies with ALOT better service than Verizon...for ALOT LESS.

- Tuesday, January 27, 2004 at 20:47:15 (EST)
I had the Verizon safe and sound plan for years. I drove through some unsafe areas, and my husband thought it was a good idea to have a cell phone. Then I decided to start using my cell phone more, and the prices were outrageous! A friend told me about tracphone (pay-as-you-go, with free voice mail) and I was hooked! When I called to cancel my service with Verizon, the operator was very snooty, and asked me why I would give up such a wonderful service...I finally got tired of being polite, and told him that the service sucked and was too expensive. He was very rude and said things that implied I didn't understand quality (as if Verizon understood that!). He finally agreed to terminate my service. When I pointed out that I had been a customer since the Ameritech days, he merely sniffed and said well, so long. My last bill came, and I paid it...imagine my surprise, when my last last bill came and I had overpaid it. I have been waiting since April 2003 for a refund. Don't think I'll get it. It's really not the money (it's under $5), but the principle....they would be screaming collection! if I hadn't paid a measley $4.73....but I will never see that money! Linda Tomazi Florissant, Mo

- Tuesday, January 27, 2004 at 14:06:40 (EST)
I was a verizon wireless customer for ten years and some months. I have always received poor service but being new and excited about having a wireless phone, I went for the bullshit that they dished out every two years for a new updated phone... with your 2year contract. I allowed my son to use my cell for two months and received a phone bill out of the wild blue yonder for $800 plus dollars, whereas I was paying my monthly bill and there was no indication for two months of any problems or excessive use. I was sent to collection and agreed to pay $600 to protect my credit. My credit report was still affected because verizon lied and gave me a negative report to the credit companies. Virzonwireless can go straight to Hell with gasoline pants on their rear ends. I hope the Campbell Lawsuit is favorable to past and present verizonwireless customers. Prepaid is fine with me! Former Michigan customer reporting in.

- Monday, January 26, 2004 at 19:47:05 (EST)
I got a Verizon wireless for my daughter,who is a travel nurse. The cell phone was worthless. It wouldn't hold a charge so they gave us another charger. Same story the people were rude didn't have time for us once the sale was made. The only way I will ever use Verizon wireless is with a phone card. You can't trust them. Mary McLaughlin

- Monday, January 26, 2004 at 19:23:07 (EST)
I had VZ wireless for two misrable years. They have very poor service. That "Can you hear me now" solgon is a big fat line of you know what. They charge an arm and a leg for their BAD SERVICE. They sure know how to hook, line, and sinker you. I ended you service with them ( Thank God) and went to NEXTEL its Best wireless phone I have ever owend.

- Monday, January 26, 2004 at 17:40:22 (EST)
i was with verizon for over 5 years was over charged and was treated rudley. i always paid my bills and was very upset when my bill was over 1200 one month so i sent my payment plus extra toward what they charged. i received a phone call three days later saying that if i did'nt give them my bank # THEY WERE GOING TO TURN OFF MY PHONES I HAD TWO on one line. they shut off my service and charged me two disconnect chrges of over 300 each on one phone line i refused to pay money to a thief. The woman i talked to was very hateful and extremely un-proffessional. leo julian

- Monday, January 26, 2004 at 15:44:15 (EST)
My name is Marty Martinez I also had Verizon service. I had a phone for myself and another one for my teenage son.I was charged one month for triple the usual bill both on my line and also on his. I conplained to service csr Told "I must have used my phone more than usual I said what about the other phone the one I had for my son Ans was you know how teens are. Well the next month My bill was lower but only a little bit it was double the usual cost. I agian conplained I also noted that I was charged for calls made to each other during school time I know that was a lie because the teacher would have taken the phone from him. The school will not allow students to use a cell phone during class time. After conplaing a third time I closed my acount had to pay early termination fees also got billed small extar fees after termination was completed WILL NEVER USE VERIZON again nor recomen it to anyone Oh yeah I live in Louisville Ky Went to Florida for my dads funeral was unable to use phone on several occassions because I was not in an area service by them I had a contract for nation wide usage so there was no roaming charge. What a joke whats the use of having a phone if it doesn't work when you need it.

- Monday, January 26, 2004 at 12:29:28 (EST)
My telephone and internet service provider is Verizon. Verizon is a crook conglomerate with nothing but money on their mind! In October of 2003, I paid off my bill and updated my service with new features I was then talked into getting. I had voicemail, caller I.D., call waiting, long distance service, 3-way calling, and etcetera added. 3 of these services were things I never used! For one thing, they never told me how to active my 3-way calling feature, and they NEVER EVER sent me my caller ID box. Were they thinking my phone has the ability to communicate to me through ESP???? I mean, what DRUGS are this company smoking! If I'm paying for a complete service package, all bases should be covered, like including a caller ID box! Recently I fell onto financial hard times and I had to start controlling and restricting my spending a bit. I realized that I was letting them take my money for stuff I didn't use, and they don't care! Just last week I was going to step up, contact them, and put an end to their "over charging" by having them remove some of my unused features. But before I could even call them on this (3 days before my last bill payment was due) I suddenly noticed my voicemail and call waiting were completely GONE!! Keep in mind that for the past four months I've made ALL of my payments on time! When I was unable to pay the full amount I gave them something ON TIME to avoid losing my services and being disconnected. WITHOUT WARNING, they took my services from me and they are making it mandatory for me to pay the full amount which I CANNOT PAY OFF AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME! Suddenly my bill is now close to $500.00 and I have to pay it off in two days due to my account somehow ending up in their collections department. If I hadn't called them to request a payment extension I wouldn't have known my account is NOW IN COLLECTIONS (?) (?), and thankfully they've not taken my Internet and basic phone service (& long distance), or else I wouldn't be writing this note to you if they did. A good friend of mine is also crying foul against Verizon for the same problems I'm having with them. In addition to their taking the same service from her as they did me, they also disconnected her DSL service. Again, both she and I NEVER miss our payments. We've always paid what we could afford to pay at the time to keep things going ON TIME, and here it is we're still losing because of some greedy a#@ SOB's running a company that's full of crap! Excuse me for saying this, but VERIZON CAN KISS MY NATURAL BLACK ASS!!!! If I can get out of the phone service restrictions my apartment building apparently has myself and other residences here limited to (everyone here has VERIZON), If I can shake Verizon out of my hair I'm joining my friends over at SBC Global! I hear nothing but GOOD THINGS about SBC Global. If you guys are considering filing a law suit against Verizon, please include me in it with you, because as a Verizon customer, I feel that I've been screwed up the you know what without the Vaseline (and I'm not gay!). It's time for Verizon to pay, and I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I can't afford to lose more money on stuff I don't use! VERIZON NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!

- Sunday, January 25, 2004 at 07:04:58 (EST)
I was told I couldn't get a local number so I was given a Fayette Co number and was told it would work at my house. After signing a years contract and receiving my phone and service, getting home the phone would not work(no signal) on most days ,if it did work it was with roaming charges. L.C. Cyn, KY

- Saturday, January 24, 2004 at 12:23:45 (EST)
My husband and I called Verizon in August 2003 since we each had a verizon cell phone and phone numbers and wanted to consolodate our bills into one statement. In order to do that they apparently signed him up for another 1-year contract when all we wanted to do is combine our bill while keeping our individual numbers. His service did not change whatsoever, but when we went to switch to Sprint, we were slapped w/ the $175 early-termination fee for his "new" 1-yr contract. I haven't paid it yet, but fear I'll eventually be forced to. Numerous calls to "customer service" explaining our situation and asking for the fee to be removed were fruitless. STILL fuming...

- Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 15:58:31 (EST)
PHONE INSURANCE? ?IS IT REALLY WORTH IT??? Did you know there is a $50.00 deductible when you break your phone and use the verizon phone insurance to get it replaced? Hmmm.. so that's about 4.00/per month, about $80 for the 20 months of coverage. Plus the $50 equals about $130..... Hmmmm.. eeerrrrrr.. isn't that what I paid for my phone in the first place? Oh but there was a $100.00 rebate too..... you mean it's more than what I paid for the phone???? I just remember the nice guy at the Verizon store in Roseville, CA saying "and do you want phone insurance? It's 3.99 per month, and if you lose it or break it they replace it." no mention of the extra $50.00.... gee and how convienient for you, but not for me. As soon as the contract is up (4 more months) I'm outtie. BLEH!

- Monday, January 12, 2004 at 22:37:43 (EST)
ok about a yr back i had verizon home phone service. but i didnt pay it and i had it turned back on in october 2003.ok heres where the HORROR begins ok its now january and since october i havent made a ayment to verizon for my service(my own fault)ok so on january 2nd 2004 i took out my check book to make a call to verizon to pay them what i looking at my bank statement online and to MY SURPRISE verizon has already WENT INTO MY CHECKING ACCOUNT and TAKEN OUT THE MONEY (WITHOUT MY CONSENT)!!!i NEVER signed anything authorizing them to take the money i give them a call i speak to one man whom is nice UNTIL i tell him my problem he INSISTS that i did it so i ask what PROOF do u have that i authorized it? he says NONE mind you the 1st thing you hear in the automated call to verizon are the words "YOUR PRIVACY IS OUR REPONSIBILITY" im guessing they didnt mean me.but anyway he proceeds to get nasty with me insisting i did this with no proof.and hangs up the phone on me..i call back 3 times only to be told the same thing that I or someone in my home made the call and gave them my bank information in each person i spoke to they all rationalized the situation with these words "BUT MAAM YOU DID OWE THE MONEY" thats not what i was disputing i was worried how someone THERE got my bank info.finally i get a supervisor on the phone who tries to assure me that I MADE THE CALL wich there is no record ofi have no conformation number or anything she then says i'll call you back..a whole day later NO CALL!!!! so i call them and another supervisor tells me the same thing that I DID what i forgot to mention to you all is that when verizon took this money out my account my balance was $34.00 so i KNOW i would NEVRE HAVE AUTHORIZED A 60 DOLLAR PAYMENT when my check was not going to deposit for 3 wondering if my privay is their RESPONSIBILITY why cant i get any info on the call i SUPPOSEDLY MADE? verizon sucks they have over 30,000 complaints on them from different customers and they all end the same with VERIZON giving them the run to this day i still have NO CLUE WHO AUTHORIZED THEM TO TAKE MY DAYUM MONEY!!!!!1

- Friday, January 09, 2004 at 11:24:11 (EST)
Wow. Today I was sitting in another training class and decided to check out the anti-verizon wireless websites. WOW. Just had to say that again. Anyways, I have decided to be as much help as I can to you guys. I work for an outsource company that is contracted for verizon wireless customer service in the west area but I pretty much have access to anything verizon wireless. I am setting up this e-mail account to help people out. I sit all day and watch the retarded customer service reps where I work not give a shit about any of VZW's customers but I am here to tell you that I do. If you have questions, ask me. Complaints, tell me. Here is the e-mail address and if you live in the west area, I'll see what I can do for you. I have this crazy idea that customers come first and have been going out of my way for VZW from day one. Outsourced businesses like the one I work for make HALF the hourly pay "true" Verizon Wireless employees do but we are a hell of a lot nicer I've found. The west area of VZW is limited to the following places: El Paso, Texas Fort Hood, Texas California Colorado New Mexico Nevada Washington state Utah Idaho Arizona and a few others, sorry I've been up since 5am working my ass of for my company to try and get a management position. Apparently, people with high IQs and college degrees are "overqualified." Heh. Here is my direct e-mail for help: Hope I can be of service. ~Anonymous

- Thursday, January 08, 2004 at 22:37:53 (EST)
How did we get to the point where we have abdicated choice to the degree that we have in a free market economy? Case and point: Verizon – which must be one of the rudest companies in the world. I recently made an appointment with their service department to have an inside jack added to my home. They charge $156 to do this – which is likely around $100 an hour or better. They confirmed the appointment by phone the day before. I waited in during the requisite 4 hours (which was during business hours of course) . No show. I called the residential service center. Apparently my service call had been ‘rescheduled’. No phone call went out to me. They say they don’t have the manpower to call ‘every customer who’s appointment they break’. The woman at the service center – who cannot tell me why the appointment was broken advised me that: a) Verizon offers no compensation for lost time b) Verizon will offer me no discount to stay home another day c) They can offer me ‘next day’ service but only if I wait in a full day this time, from 8-5pm. How did we get here? How did we allow a company who treats us this badly to do business in our comunities with little or no competition?

- Friday, December 19, 2003 at 17:48:11 (EST)
Having a problem that seems like it is never going to get resolved? Request to speak with the Presidents office. The CSR will give you thier number and even transfer you. You will get your problem prioritized and everyone you had spoken with before that will have to be held accountable.

- Thursday, December 11, 2003 at 01:06:02 (EST)
One of the more common citizen complaints to law enforcement is nuisance or (worse) threatening phone calls. The land line phone companies are quick to assist law enforcement with identifying the perpetrators of these crimes, and some of the cellular telephone companies cooperate, as well (Cellular One, for example), but Verizon does nothing to assist law enforcement officers in identifying account holders--no matter what the circumstances. If Ted Bundy is looking for cellular service, I'm sure Verizon wants his business. Their customer service representatives lie to their customers--they just told a victim that they would provide information to me (a detective) if I would fill out a form. Even when I subpoena information, they ignore the order. The whole bunch of them are criminals, and they can't even tell me where to reach their legal department (which is probably too busy answering law suits, anyway). I can't wait for a Verizon employee to report a crime. Maybe I'll just leave them listening to elevator music for an hour.

- Wednesday, December 10, 2003 at 19:22:31 (EST)
They charge $170 for a phone and said it would work when I went to my summer home. When I got there they said I couldn't have the local area code #. They also remotlely diabled the speaker and said I should "bring it in" I was 250 miles away. I finally sent it to nokia and it was fixed, they then disabled it again. I spent more time with support than on the phone. The last conversation "they would send a new phone " 2 Years latter I don't think they are sending it. Billing was also dishonest.

- Wednesday, December 10, 2003 at 18:44:04 (EST)
On August 5, 2003 my wife signed a contract with Verizon Wireless. She agreed to the early cancellation fee of $175.00 that was in the contract on page one. No where on page one of the contract is there any mention of extra charge of $175.00 per phone or number. That doesn't show up till page five of the Customer Overview. On page three it plainly states that the overview is not part of the contract. (She leaned her lesson the hard way. Not to trust any of Verizon Wireless employees or anything the tell you in order to get your business) I hoping that most of you with this type of complaint will also send your complaints to your State Attorney General Office and to the FTC. Also file your complaints with, and Oh, I paid the $350.00 early termination fees. On a contract that was cancelled for non-payment of a bill that wasn't due for another 12 days. They even threaten to turn her account over to a collection agency. Now that's customer service for you Verizon Wireless style. If you haven't been burnt by Verizon Wireless yet, don't worry your day is coming! Have a nice day. The pen is mightier than the sword David Y.

- Sunday, December 07, 2003 at 18:38:53 (EST)
Well, when I purchased my verizon cell phone I signed up for an 800 minute plan unlimited nights and weekends! After 3 months i happened to look at the bill and the had me on a 500 min. plan unlimited nights and weekends. After seeing they had been overcharging me for 3 months and paying 400 dollars on an 59.99 plan, I was assured I would not have a bill the next month! But when I got the bill I was told I still owed 200 plus dollars. How? I added the charges credited and the charges recharded and they still charged me for minutes used from the old bill which was about 200 dollars. I called and talked to a rep. who once again assured me I would not have another bill for 3 months. Then my phone was turned off, I called and talked to rep after rep. explaing the problem. They acted like the did not understand anything! Some had attitudes and some just acting plain stupid! They did not want to admit their mistake and give my all my credits! I also asked to talk to the rep that told me I would not have a bill, because I new they could e-mail that rep! Everytime I called for a different rep, they would tell me the same thing! There was no e-mail for her! Which I do not believe! Now I'm stuck with paying a bill that will be on my credit if I cancel the service! What should I do!

- Friday, November 21, 2003 at 23:17:58 (EST)
A new DSL customer I finally ordered Verizon DSL. Soon the modem was delivered and then a voice and email notified me it was up and running. The modem box said "insert the CD ROM and follow the instructions", but the CD ROM would not work past the INTRO section. Called tech support, twice, and finally got everything installed and DSL working. The second tech left me at the Verizon account registration screen, but it would not function. There are several screens on the Verizon DSL web site that do not work, either, including the key on-line path for problem reporting. I also learned that Verizon has an on-line support site but they DEMAND that I use Internet Explorer, even if my preference is Netscape browser. That is totally unacceptable, but the only thing this support site seems to do is fix Verizon-Microsoft Outlook email. I intend to use my own email client with Verizon DSL; this may well be another fight with Verizon. Now when I boot my laptop the Verizon DSL window comes up and asks if DSL is working. I shut it down and use dial-up. But my dial-up link now operates at much lower speed due to changes Verizon made in the loop to my house. Moreover, my laptop will not shut down cleanly; it hangs and has to be forced to power down, which initiates disk check on startup. I've tracked down two email addresses at Verizon to report these problems, but have little faith they will be answered intelligently. Best guess: by the end of this week I'll ship the modem back, go back to dial-up and start shopping for another broadband vendor, probably a cable modem. In the meantime, I will push Verizon to return my local loop to original conditions and dial-up speeds, and will go through the NJ Board of Public Utilities if they don't respond. Cheers! Ray

- Monday, November 17, 2003 at 06:37:20 (EST)
If you all really want to get somewhere with your complaints, this isn't the site to be posting your complaint about your problems with Verizon. I thought in the beginning this site would really get me somewhere with all the problems I've encountered with Verizon, though I was just wasting my time. Take a moment and check out there you can post your complaint and they will actually get back to you. You may not get what you fully want, but you will atleast get a response. When I wrote in with my complaint, Verizon had to speak with my father in regards to what I had wanted done with my account, ok so my father was the head of the account, but I had his permission and he had givin his permission over a year ago to Verizon for me and Verizon to communicate about this decsion. I guess Verizon really didn't like that one bit or they didn't like dealing with me on the phone, I don't know why as I was much easier to deal with on the phone then my father would be. Verizon removed the notations from that account, stating that they had my father's permission to talk to me in regards to the account and make changes to the account. They also messed up other notations as well on the account, this has not just happend to me, it also happend to a friend of mine who is also a Verizon Wireless customer and I am her witness and was there when she made the call and made notes to go back on in reference and even heard the supervise at customer service promise you that he will indeed notate her account stating what he had promised her and also leave his full name along with contact number at the end of the notations incase if the lousy employees at the Fargo North Dakota Verizon Wireless Store (located at West Acres Shopping Mall) would put up a fight like they always seem to do with everyone who walks in to complain about there service or would like to make changes to there service because of problems they may be having with a phone. If you are lucky enough to talk with a superviser at customer service, be sure to get as much information you can get from him/her and be sure to get there extension number or atleast there location (if they aren't too chicken S*%@#) to give it to you. Verizon made a promise to my father that they would waive all the charges, he had asked for them in writing and to send them to him certified mail, we have yet to have received them and my father got stuck paying the large bill that we never did owe in the first place. Don't let Verizon fool you into signing one of those so called 2-year contracts, I know they are pretty popular these days with any company, but be a smart consumer, when a company tries to sell you something longer then you really need, right there should be warning flags that something isn't right and Verizon Loves to push there 2- year contract on new customers,they are wonderful contartists! You want a company to respect you and value you as a customer, keep looking you will not find it with Verizon Wireless or the Verizon Company.

- Sunday, November 16, 2003 at 11:23:37 (EST)
When I moved Verizon Online created 3 separate DSL accounts in my name and my wife’s name. One of the accounts was for a phone number that did not exist. It took several months to get this mess fixed and several more to receive the credits back. I was very upset especially because I had billing problems with them before. I was promised a "free" month for all the inconvenience. Well their free month was charged to my credit card for $58.00 which is more than 1 1/2 the regular monthly rate for residential DSL. After several phone calls I was finally able to talk to a supervisor who promised a credit to my card. I was even sent an email confirming that the credit was issued. After several weeks I still did not see the credit. I contacted the card issuer and asked if maybe the credit was pending and would show on my next statement? They assured me there were no pending credits from Verizon online. I decided to dispute the charge. When Verizon received the chargeback they promptly disconnected my DSL service without any notice or warning. I called and was told my account was flagged as fraud. I was told that If I wanted service I would have to sign an agreement to allow them to charge me the $58.00 and that I agreed to never dispute their charges again. They agreed with me that at the time I was disconnected I only owed them $12.00 but would not turn on my service unless I agreed to allow them to charge my account then issue credits in their own good time. Needless to say I politely told them what they could do with their offer.

- Sunday, November 16, 2003 at 09:03:29 (EST)

- Monday, November 10, 2003 at 02:36:22 (EST)
I worked for Verizon Wireless. Here's a way out of your contract...even if not quite up and up. have your wife or husband taken off YOUR phone account. Say that you do not want him/her to be able to access your account. A month or so later, call in..ask for a manager. Tell the manager that your wife/husband called in..and asked for call details for the last week or so. Tell them thru that, she/he found out that you were calling your boyfriend/girlfriend. Tell them that because of their stupidity, you will probably end up divorced. Throw a fit. Threaten a law suit. They will cancel

- Wednesday, November 05, 2003 at 19:00:20 (EST)
Here's the letter I wrote VW about my story... I eventually got my money credited after the exec who got my letter helped... and had the same problems I did!!! On July 22, 2003 I ordered an Airprime AirCard for my company using your website. Upon receipt, it did not work. After an hour on the phone with tech support they asked what laptop I had. After replying that I had a Dell, the support rep said, “Oh, we are having issues with that card working on Dell computers. It doesn’t work with them.” So I returned the card. The card was received by in Fort Worth on July 25. After a few days of not receiving credit on my credit card, I followed up with the phone number on my invoice. During the next two months, I have had to call back no less than six times, with no resolution. First I was told that they cannot credit my card, but would instead be sending a check. Then they said it would be credited on my next statement, so I waited for that. There obviously was no credit on the next statement. The next time they said that it wasn’t credited to the statement, but that it was processed and I should expect a check soon. After looking at your return policy on the website, I realized that they should be crediting my credit card instead of sending a check. Credit card transactions will be refunded to the credit card account used for the initial transaction. ( After not receiving the check, I called again to get this money credited back to the card. My next call they gave me an email address and a different phone number to call. That person said they were not the ones to contact since they were the warehouse and credit processing would be done by customer service. Instead of taking ownership of my problem, Verizon Wireless continually put the burden of effort onto me. From your website: If you ever have a problem, it becomes our problem the first time you call. No run-arounds, no hassles. If your issue can't be resolved during the course of your first call, we will take the responsibility to get back to you with an answer. ( Clearly your “Worry Free Guarantee” is not a guarantee at all. My problem did not become your problem on my first call. Instead your customer service agents made excuses and kept pushing me off. They seem to think that a lack of internal communication within your company between customer service and your new fulfillment warehouse in Fort Worth was acceptable as a reason. It is not. If your company has communication problems, that does not make it MY problem. Quite the opposite – you should take my problem on and find a solution. This has now taken me countless hours without resolution. I cannot believe that your company does not have procedures in place to process a returned item properly. I also am appalled at the obvious communications issues between customer service and this new Fort Worth facility. Every customer service rep I spoke with referred to that and used that as the excuse for my problem. I request that my return be processed correctly, and that the $XXX.XX be credited to the credit card to which it was charged. I also request compensation for the four hours of my time that this has taken, and for the blatant violation of your “Worry Free Guarantee.” It is hard to place a price tag on someone’s time, effort, and ‘worry’ since it can never be recaptured. And violating a “guarantee” is unconscionable. As a long-time customer of Verizon Wireless, I can assure you that this experience and the resolution you offer will influence my decisions on where to spend my future cell phone dollars. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

- Thursday, October 30, 2003 at 23:36:35 (EST)
Verizon Account Receivable in Puerto Rico are completly unethical practice of reporting to Trans Union without at least an efort to inform the consumer of the this action. They recently blemish my credit history about a supposely owed $725 4 years ago. I asked for a pament plan and requested to notify the Credit Beareau of the payment plan. Now the company refuses to notify the Trans Union about the agreed payment arrangments. This is completly unethical. If a payment plan is agreed then this information should be reported to the Credit BEaureu as well. Jose E. Calderon Anasco, Puerto Rico

- Saturday, October 25, 2003 at 13:27:34 (EDT)
I advise you to have nothing to do with verizonwireless. They are liars. Most of the customer service reps don't even know what they are doing let alone care about the customers.I worked at a verizon call center in Columbia and know from experience. I have personally heard reps make fun of customers and bragg of how they fooled them. they will say anything to get rid of a customer. There are very few professionals. Just cut your losses and move on. I know its a bitter pill right now but their day will come soon.

- Monday, October 20, 2003 at 00:27:35 (EDT)
Trying to sign up DSL through Earthlink. They're going thru Covad but need Verizon's help because they control all equipment and lines in my area. 8 weeks since my initial order and still no service. Covad know there's a fault with the equipment and have tried for the past 3 weeks to schedule a meet with Verizon to get it looked at. Five times Verizon have cancelled on them. I've complaint to the DOJ, FTC & BBB. I'm also going to be taking it to the Attorney General, PUC (not sure if they can help here) as well as several news sites as I believe they're being deliberately anti competitive. They even killed our phone service in the process and told me to call Earthlink to get it back up!!! Just watch out for these fuckers because even if you're not a customer or deliberately trying to avoid going through them, they can still fuck you over.

- Friday, October 10, 2003 at 02:10:45 (EDT)
Verizon take a hike and get out of town. In fact get out of business!!! I found a local phone company called Excel that offers a "friends are free plan" that lets you talk to another Excel customer for as long as you want, to wherever you want in the US, whenever you want; for FREE!!! They even put this "friends are free" in their $29.95 basic plan. The more people I put on "friends are free," the more people I can talk to for FREE!!! Verizon, you've made so much money and continue treating customers unfairly. YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!!! I even found a place where I can buy my pre-paid calling cards for 30% off store prices. email me and I'll tell you about it. Cliff Tetle

- Thursday, October 09, 2003 at 23:58:48 (EDT)
Hello You know.I have no idea why you have the internet service to acess my account it is totaly useless i have been unable to acess my account its a real pain in the >ss.Also this company has been going down hill for the past year i have nothing but problems with you.I hade this phone for 3 years and if it was't for the dam 175 dollar penilty i would cancel your service and go with cingular.I probly paid in the past 3 years close to 2k for this BS the first year you were great after i had added a extra phone thats when everything fell apart.I was sent a clain letter from some law firm about a lawsuite.And that really got to me because that was when I had Version the first 6 months and everything was great.I had your service in my shop and that was great also the bills were always resonable and the customer service whas great also I really don't know what has happened to verzion in the past year but I'm very dissapointed with the company I would never recomend any to you now.I had in the past refered several customers to you and i glad to say at least this your customer service dept is great thou the people are extremly nice and curtious execpt for 1.My question is this have you merged with any company in the past year or what? and why havwe i been unable to log into my account online I have DSL and it should work I had cleared the history * cookies I must say i doubt that you'll respond to me and I'll just have to wait till my contract is up it really funny that by adding that extra phone I had created a very long contract it seems like you really don't want customes to leave your grasp and every time a plan is changed you have to reup the contract.Thats good for you because you keep getting money from your customer's but If there are problems your customer service does help I'll have to be carefull to stay under my limit of 1000 minutes and not add any further options WE NEVER STOP (TAKING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY)WORKING FOR YOU

- Thursday, October 09, 2003 at 15:36:32 (EDT)
I am a verizon tech....I can't even get dsl from them on my home line without a hassle...They sent tech to my house (I work inside and am not trained to climb poles) and to make a long story short, he had to come back to change the line outside...ok, no problem right?...WRONG, his boss told him he needed a new ticket before he could go back and finish the job he started...that means i had to call and put in another complaint, wait a week and hope he can fix it this time, all the while still getting charged for service that I can't use...I now have a different provider, needless to say, but if they'll screw someone who works for them, you can bet they'll have no problem screwing the rest of us....also, the way our bosses treat us is unjust, so don't believe them for one minute when they say we all make $79,000 per year...I can't read at my deak and when I was informed a friend of the family died, I was scolded like a 2nd grader while reading her obituary

- Thursday, October 09, 2003 at 15:04:54 (EDT)
A Verizon Rep contacted me about getting there DSL Service. I have had the service 4 to 6 months. Last week I get a call from them telling me that they can no longer service me because of the status of my Bill. They have been billing faithfully all this time and taking my money with no problem. Know due to a past bill the till me if you give us a credit card number than you can have the service. I even attempt to call them back to try to set up a payment plan with them. They said noway. So my thought is if I don't have a credit card for them I guess they don't want my money... Makes No since to me.

- Monday, October 06, 2003 at 08:53:34 (EDT)
I foolishly switched from my cable INTERNET provider to Verizon DSL almost two years ago. The first month the service was nice and fast...after the few weeks I had to wait for equipment arrival and line activation and whatnot. After a few months the service became incredibly slow. I called Verizon and they ran a new phone line from the pole and left. That did nothing. I moved from that house to my old residence again and thats when the trouble began. The line was supposed to be activated by the time I moved in because I called in advance and notified them I would be transferring to a new residence...transfering being the key word here. This is the kicker, what they had actually done was set up an additional account at my old now I had 2 Verizon DSL accounts at the wrong residence. It took them nearly a month to get the line activated at my new residence so I was stuck using dial up for a damn month. They, by the time everything was through had created 4 DSL accounts in my name and put me through a month of hell that was not over for many after that. The connection at this house was unbearable and after giving me the runaround about 2 months they finally admitted to me that neither of the residences I had it at were actually in the optimal locations for fast DSL connections and offered me a free year of DSL...BWAHAHAHHAHAHA, I declined and instead requested I be credited for the months I had it at this new residence and they agreed...I never got the credit by the way. About 3 months after I canceled I got a BILL from them for reactivation of the DSL service and 3 months worth of fees...I called them and they said they would take care of it and not to pay the balance and I didn't and when I got my next bill I had the DSL charges again plus a late charge for not paying them the previous month. Verizon told me to pay it and they would credit it back and I told them to kiss my ass. I still unfortunately have local phone service with them until comcast digital phone is available but I have since switched from verizonwireless to tmobile and went back with my cable internet service that I have enjoyed since around 1997. In closing, GO TO HELL VERIZON. I hope you lose every customer you have. PS the Verizon guy who ran me a new line admitted to me he has cable internet and that your service and company SUCK.

- Monday, October 06, 2003 at 01:46:16 (EDT)
..I got slammed by verizon - well - they say they didn't. My account was frozen but Verizon and Bellsouth managed to switch me from IDT to VErizon. I noticed it after I received a welcome letter. I switched back to IDT ASAP. In the meantime they charged me 27 cents state-to-sate and 2.50 per minute international. When I tried to call the 800 number on the letter I was on hold for 45 minutes. Had to wait for the final invoice and file with Public Service commission..not sure if they'll do anything about it...

- Sunday, October 05, 2003 at 17:41:07 (EDT)
I am used to telephone companies being relatively crap, however, when I got a $118 phone bill after months of just $50, I knew this was the limit. I have an international plan - I pay $3 a month extra so I can get discounted international calls. So when I combed through my bill trying to find the source of the 100% increase, I notice all my foreign calls that were to be charged at 9 cents a minute were actually being charged at $13 a minute. What planet could they have possibly been on to think that I would have paid that amount?

- Wednesday, October 01, 2003 at 14:37:53 (EDT)
I had verizonwiress family plan for more than two years. I have had enough headache with this company. I started with one phone for one year and when I need a second phone I have to sign a new two-year contract with them and they told me that the phone I am using can no longer be used since it is dual mode. Eventually they made me spend two hundred dollars for two phones. My dad moved to New York for a short period of time and we need one number to be NY's local number. They made us sign into two new seperated contracts and told us that they can not sign a family plan contract with one number in Massachusetts and the other in NY. When my dad came back from NY we have to sign another brand new two year contract with them.

- Friday, September 19, 2003 at 21:49:29 (EDT)
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