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I have read many of the stories and I know now that I am not the only one, that verizon has a problem. In Verizon nobody is responsible, they make the mistakes and we have to pay for them. How can we the spanish speakers can have more information? I have had an extra charges in the last year because the respresentative made a "mistake". I have been calling the company every month and had some credits, but even though I always end paying more than what is specified in the contract. Please e mail me some information I have two telephone (family plan) and can not afford to pay the termination fee.

- Sunday, November 21, 2004 at 13:15:39 (EST)
Im sorry, but ringgold ga, what the hell did you say? Perhaps you should learn the English language...

- Thursday, November 18, 2004 at 20:50:19 (EST)
I am a victim of fraud called telephone cramming which is a scam that places unauthorized charges on a consumer's local telephone bill by a "third party billing" company like USBI. Cramming charges normally appear hidden on local phone bills and in very general terms, such as service fee, service charge or monthly fee. These or other unauthorized charges can be crammed onto a consumer's telephone bill without the consumer even knowing the companies involved in this fraud, like Tralee Telephone or USBI. Cincinnati Bell keeps charging me an additional $15.14 each month and they say they are not responsible because it is "third party billing". I have told Cincinnati Bell verbally and in writing that "I am not financially liable for any unauthorized charges" but Cincinnati Bell will not accept my statement. Cincinnati Bell demands I pay them for these unauthorized charges and confirms that my unpaid balance will affect my credit rating reports. USBI the "third party billing" company said they are not responsible because they are providing a service. The unauthorized charges originated from Tralee Telephone unsoliciticed and unknown. Cincinnati Bell has listed the following "Itemized Calls" every month on my phone bill from Tralee Telephone billed by USBI. Savings Plus Monthly Fee $13.90 Universal Service Fund $1.24 Someone went to a website, entered my home phone number without my permission and submitted the fraudulent information to begin my billing nightmare. Cincinnati Bell said it is up to me to pursue this fraud, to catch the culprit and to try and get my money back. Cincinnati Bell will not help me. Cincinnati Bell blindly accepts any phone number submitted by any third party billing company with no questions asked. Cincinnati Bell could ask the third party billing company if the name and address they are submitting to be charged matches the Cincinnati Bell name and address paying the phone bill each month (me). The third party billing company could ask Cincinnati Bell if the name and address matches their records. NOPE. Nobody cares. Cincinnati Bell could call the phone number to ask (me) if the charges were authorized. Cincinnati Bell could send a letter to the residential consumer (me) to notify them, and say heads up, because we are going to start billing you each month, and maybe even ask if the charges were authorized. Someone could call and ask me if the charges were authorized. Cincinnati Bell could "freeze" the account or "hold" applying the new charges until they could verify if the charges were authorized. NOPE. NOTHING. Cincinnati Bell will not help, no phone call and no letter and no warnings. Cincinnati Bell will not try to prevent this fraud and will not try to help victims of this fraud. This fraud is a national problem. Write to all authorities.

- Wednesday, November 17, 2004 at 21:21:50 (EST)
we have had verzion in ringgold ga for 1 yr and 2months we had our mins. raise from1100 to 2000 mins. and got 2 more phones for me and my son my son had girlfriend they broke up so she had a calling card phone that you get at kmart she got in his voicemail with her phone now he never did active his voicemail she got in by putting in000[0000086[or 777]0000000] like that then she wood call him to open the line then she wood make her calls about 479.00 worth and her phone number come on the bill but they wooden take any of that off we had his voice mail cut off 10/4/2004 and her number her call till come throw but she is doing on my phone my voice mail was activei did that she has got in my phone now it;s on records on all of our phone bill they say we owe 1.517.09 and will not do any about say that bill is our problem they will not take any thing off. they are not a very go people to deal went and we give up cinglar for verzion faye rockholt ringgold ga to me that look like telephone fra.

- Wednesday, November 17, 2004 at 20:20:22 (EST)
HI everybody. I usually don't do stuff like this online (i.e. posting on in forums etc) but because i see some people have similar problems, i've decided to let the world know, too. USBI is a son of a bitch that charges 50 to 60 dollars a month for long distance calls that i've never made. Be aware that if you have this happening to you, you probably have a web dialer on your computer. What i'm gonna do tomorrow, is to call those fuckers and bust them up; hell i'm gonna pay them. FUCK them Up, people!!!

- Tuesday, November 16, 2004 at 00:59:10 (EST)
I live next door to a Verizon operation (Wakefield, MA) that dispatches trucks for repair. Thankfully I am an early, 5:00am, riser so the congregation of (male, obnoxious) drivers does not wake me in the morning at 7:00am. What does disturb me is the power-washing of their trucks by a sub-contractor at all weird hours of the night. They have no sense of respobsibility around the idea that they are operating a commercial business in a residential area. Police are generally called but are at a loss to stop the activity because a private contractor (poor me) is doing the work. Guidance or relief?

- Monday, November 15, 2004 at 20:47:16 (EST)
To the obvious union employee that responded to my letter. You are really slow aren't you? I am a so called manager and you are so slow you didn't even get the jist of my entry. Yes I too was a union employee and left because of the bullshit that went on. Ask your union to see financials of where all your money is going. I'd like to order a hat, shirt or even a bumper sticker if they are available. Oh and don't forget the beer fests before the union meeting. Stop whining and grow up. If you tried to read between the lines you would have gotten my message. Oops I forgot your a sensitive, over worked union worker. I'm sorry. I pay for my medical, but I'd rather pay $15.00 a week to that than to somebody who's stealing my money and protecting the slugs. Don't forget that the next time you piss a customer off and they leave Verizon your taking food away from my family and your fellow union buddies. That's right they all gonna leave Verizon and get service from somebody else that doesn't whine about how stressed they are. Here I'll help you out because you didn't understand: The moral of the story is: The grass is always greener on the other side. Get it.

- Monday, November 15, 2004 at 19:46:24 (EST)
Telephone Cramming. USBI, fraud, deception, theft. Illegal charges, TRALEE, crooks. Phone companies are involved with this fraud. It has been going on for years. Complain to the FTC. TRALEE and USBI. STOP THE FRAUD.

- Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 23:48:31 (EST)
I work for a small company that has 17 shops mostly on the east coast of the United States. About a year and a half ago we attempted to switch our long distance service at all of our locations to Verizon Long Distance. I distictly remember questioning our "customer care representative", when he told me it would take approximately two weeks to complete the switch. He said it would take that long because they wanted to make sure it was done right and everything showed up correctly on our consolidated master bill. That was only the begining of the nightmare. We have asked, begged, cajoled, pleaded, and begged some more to get our lines switched over to Verizon. Although they have been charging us access fees for most of our lines they are not carrying the long distance traffic-our previous long distance company is. Our previous LD company is billing us at a casual rate of nearly $1.00/minute. Each and every month, when we receive our bills it is another dead end nightmare. Verizon bills us a "shortfall charge" for not having enough billing dollars. That amount is currently over $48,000.00 THEY ARE BILLING US BECAUSE WE DO NOT MEET THEIR BILLING QUOTA AND YET THEY ARE NOT EVEN CARRYING OUR LONG DISTANCE CALLS-IF THEY DID THE QUOTA WOULD BE MORE THAN MET, but each and every billing cycle, Norma Davis at Verizon tells us all the problems have been taken care of. We have lodged two Presidential Complaints with Verizon on the advice of our Verizon sales representative (who quit over these issues). We have lodged complaints with the FCC (no response) and Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (no response). We have contacted our elected public servants for assitance. We can only deduce that Verizon wants us to take our business elsewhere. Despite at least 16 assurances that our next bill would reflect the removal of our shortfall charges it has never happened. If we went with another long distance provider at this time I am sure Verizon would place the $48,000.00 erroneous shortfall charge into collections. :O, that is my silent scream.

- Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 19:12:37 (EST)
I have been a Verizon Wireless loyal customers for over 7 years and sorry to say their Customer Service is big time SUCKS!. I told them in detail of my situation to the service agent and he can't help me. The I asked to escalate the matter to the next level and the supervisor can't do jack except to say that "I am sorry that you were missed informed and we can't do anything about your special promotion you had for the past years". They were giving me all kind of excuse for taking my special promotion but none is valid. They finally said my special promotion is not valid and not supposed to be in there the first place. In other words, I was told that I got a free ride for the past years. It's all a bunch of craps! I been promoting Verizon to my friends about their wireless service and got many credits back in return. I was able to receive the special promotion of extra 500 minutes anytime because I been with the company for years. Now they just take it away without a valid explanation. I guess I will take my business somewhere else.

- Thursday, November 11, 2004 at 18:04:06 (EST)
This is in regards to the so called "manager" from Verizon landlines. NO manager I know would speak like that, especially since most managers are hired from within and used to be those "USELESS UNION" employed animals. Whoever you are pretending to be a manger, you make me sick!

- Wednesday, November 10, 2004 at 15:08:13 (EST)

- Tuesday, November 09, 2004 at 19:21:06 (EST)
I am a manager for Verizon land lines. I am so sorry for the horrible service stories I have read on this website. I just can't believe that you all have been treated like this. I mean really just because you can't pay your bill is no reason why we should shut your phone off. If you can't pay your mortgage do they take away your house. No of course not. They will let you live there for free right. I can promise you that your stories will not be told in vein. I solemly swear that when I return to my repair call center tomorrow I will suspend at least 2, NO! 4 employees just because I feel your pain. They are overpaid incompetant union employee who don't deserve a job. They sit on their butts for eight hours and take call after call from you all. They get paid an excruciating salary and do absolutely nothing for the public. I mean so what if you yell like raving nuts, you have the right. So what if you all curse at them like they are animals, they are. So what if you threaten their families with bodily harm and threaten to put them on the unemployment line. They deserve it. It's too bad if they can't handle it. Get out of the kitchen if its too hot. Right! I mean really you all work for a living too. When you receive a phone call from a very irate customer who was wronged by your stupid mistakes, or better yet from a co-worker you don't even know don't you just sit their and take it. yeah that's right! I'll take care of it in my office at least. Tomorrow will be suspend an idiot for the customer day. Thank you so much for your patronage and continued loyalty to my company and Thank you for calling Verizon.

- Thursday, November 04, 2004 at 20:42:57 (EST)
I just want to say that I have worked for Verizon for over 6 years. I started when they were Bell Atlantic. As with any company billing errors can happen. It happens everywhere. Verizon as far as I have seen has always been willing to resolve any issues that I have see in the last 6 years. I also know that the statement that 50% of the bills are incorrect is NOT TRUE! A majority of the complaints on this site by the way are for VERIZON WIRELESS. Which by the way folks, is a different corporation than VERIZON. VERIZON handles home phones. Not wireless. No company is perfect and I am sure that I don't know everything that goes on, however I do know that there are a lot of exagerations on this site. As far as the reps are concerned, yes, some might be rude, but that is no different than any other company. Not that it is good behavior, but do you really think that to call in and this is a direct quote "become a slobbering yelling banshee in order for an incompetent moron to fix it" is going to get you someone who is nice and sweet? I think everyone needs to take a look at the big pisture and realize that some of us DO CARE if your phone is not working and will work hard to resolve your issue and credit you for the time you are out of service. You just need to realize that we are very smart people working with 14 different systems at the same time that makes our job REALLY hard and it does not help when you are screaming the whole time, rather than acting like an adult and helping us to help you in the most efficient manner that we can. Thanks. KF Massachusetts

- Monday, November 01, 2004 at 16:59:23 (EST)
i'm havin a problem right now becuase verizon is charging me with something called USBI...some calls to england that i never made.....i really need help with this, help me please call 732-512-7436

- Friday, October 29, 2004 at 16:32:23 (EDT)
Hi! My name is Linda and my horror story begins when I signed on to Verizon in July, My bill has not been correct since, every month I have to call and become a slobbering yelling banshee in order for an incompetent moron to say I PROMISE it is fixed! BIG FAT CHANCE THAT IS. I HAVE A BIG CANCEL ME ON MY CONTRACT. VERIZON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

- Friday, October 22, 2004 at 21:46:50 (EDT)
Real Sad story of $121.00 dollars. I moved into a new place in New Jersey at the end of July 2003.I ordered new services for the telephone and DSL. The kit for the DSL arrived in the month of August 2003, However after numerous efforts and calls to famous verizon tech support they were never able to establish any services. Somehow the nearest central access point for DSL connection was not able to establish any signal from my home. With all the fraustration and numerous tries, I cancelled the services.I sent the kit back to Verizon as per their instructions. But the fun started when I received charges for the same on my bill next month.I called them promtply and told them about the discrapancy. As usual they put me on hold, did the tango with me trasfering my call from one department to another. They told me ooooh we will take care of this immediately and a credit will be issued in 60 to 90 days.Guess what!they charged me for next two months. again the same cycle, made a call,same response, same BS, confirmation numbers. at the end same result.After all this my issue is still not resolved. They have put me thru collection.I wrote them a letter stating and telling them I am not going to pay. They are harrassing me, and I am hell bent upon not paying for services not received. I am tired, what should I do, anyone please help me. They are screwing up my credit, any suggestion, help will be appreciated.please contact me at Thanks Neil

- Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 10:23:09 (EDT)
I have been a Verizon DSL residential customer for a year now. I moved recently and had Verizon switch the service to the new address (in-state move, in NJ). They managed to get my new service "activated" after two weeks of notice. However, the DSL service at the new location worked only the first day of activation. After that the DSL modem has not been receiving signals ; made multiple calls to their Customer Service Toll-free number (800)567-6789. Has anyone tried this number? You will first hit an automated voice activated system that asks you what you need help with. Whatever you say, the system will not understand; then it will give you some options; however you pronounce the option of your choice, the system will not understand you. This damn system hung up on me about 4 times without putting me through to a Tech-support agent. (Each time, it takes about 6-7 minutes before it can understand what you need). Finally when I got through to the Tech Support Agent, he went over the same basic information that I already provided the system in the beginning, including name and phone number and the whole hog. When all this was done and we came to the actual problem in hand, I was asked to disconnect the modem and wait 15-30 seconds and restart it. That didn't help. The agent ran a test on my line and said everything was fine; so his best suggestion was that the cable between the telephone wall jack and the modem should be less than 14 feet to work optimally; else it will experience disturbances! Mine was only 10 feet. While we were trying to work through this, the line dropped and I lost the agent!!! Tried calling again a few times, but hit that nauseating Voice Recognition System and never got through to the agent. Gave it a day and tried the next day! Same rigmarole... no result. I am tired of this. The Tech Support agents, when you do get them on the phone, are polite and courteous, agreed. But hey, they can't get to the issue quickly and resolve it before the damn technical issues that plague Verizon come in the way. Seriously, Verizon sucks.

- Tuesday, October 05, 2004 at 13:27:35 (EDT)
we have 5 cell phone all on same plan one number always has a different detailed bill there will be incoming calls to the main number and all thru the bill there are calls showing no rate or feature that was used ,why is that when all the other numbers do not do this

- Monday, October 04, 2004 at 02:51:41 (EDT)
Made an arrangement with Verizon to make 2 payments by October 2nd in exchange they'd keep my phone on. Well they shut me off after the 1st payment was made. When I called to complain, noting I have 3 children in school and need my phone turned back on, a rep by the name of Audrey was rude. When I asked 3 times to speak to her supervisor she replied, "Ugh I don't think so." Finally she hung on me. When I called back a 2nd rep said Audrey was still in the system and didn't log out yet. After making the 2nd payment, I asked the nice rep for Audrey's supervisor. After being transferred to 3 departments, talking to 5 workers I was told there's no way to find out who Audrey's supervisor because I'd have to speak to a rep who'd have to call me back. I don't make a habit of reporting rude behavior but this Audrey woman needs an attitude ajustment.

- Thursday, September 30, 2004 at 09:41:24 (EDT)
SUGGESTION: If people are using Internet or other type of ISP quite typically they have web space available. What if everyone here started their own web site and described their issues with verizon? instead of this one site there could be hundreds or more. Be sure to post here of course. Just an idea. By the way I like the idea posted by JC here in this site. Let's everyone become a Verizon Sales Rep and tell everyone, "don't get one". .. .. Verizon, can you hear me now? DR.

- Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 12:14:47 (EDT)
My name is don and we chose to terminate our relationship with Verizon not only because they disrupted our billing through their admitted computer glitch but I have always had the nagging problem with a company stealing minutes that I have paid for. I.E. if I pay for 1000 minutes then I own those minutes so roll them over for me to use next month. The problem came in after i moved my number to Cingular. Verizon sent a bill stating I was 30 days over due. I called them and said this was impossible as I was on auto bill to my credit card. The Verizon scammer on the other end stated that, "oh we sent out a letter to all our customers saying that if they wanted to stay on autobill they must return this letter, and you did not". I stated that I never received any such letter. The scammer verified my mailing address and then stated that I did receive the letter. I said how far does he want to take this issue? He refunded my past due charge and I paid him manually with my credit card and verified that I now have a zero balance. I also asked whether this was now on my credit report to which he responded, I am not going to say. Great company! Stay away from it.

- Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 11:59:08 (EDT)
I recently switch my cable TV, internet, and local telephone service provider to a company called RCN. I told RCN I wanted to keep Verizon SmartTouch as my long distance. They said they would arrange that. Verizon terminated the service on me when the local service was switched anyway. I didn't get a warning or a termination letter; I found out when I tried to place a long distance call and couldn't. I called Verizon to inquire and was given the standard "gee, I don't know why that happened" response. I was told to have RCN fax a letter over to verify that I wanted to keep Verizon as my long distance provider. That was done. I was also told to give RCN a 4-digit code for the SmartTouch plan to enter into their system. RCN said they had that code in place. After all that, I still had no service. I called SmartTouch and was told I would need to set the account up again. I did that and was told I would get a welcome package in the mail within 7 days containing my account information and security code. I never received it. I called SmartTouch repeatedly over the past month, was told repeatedly by operators that I couldn't be assisted at the time and that a supervisor would return my phone call in the evening after checking with the technical department. I never received any return calls. I finally got through to a supervisor and was told to call a 700 number to verify who my long distance provider was, and to call them back and tell them what the message said. I did that (the message said Verizon). They never recorded my responses to any of their questions about the problem, so their tech dept couldn't proceed with the "trouble ticket." I finally lost it this past Sunday night and told them that if my service wasn't restored within 24 hours, then I would switch to RCN long distance. I received a phone call today asking me to have RCN send another letter to them. So after a month of phone calls and no SmartTouch service, they want me to do the same exact thing all over again. Why can't they just contact my local provider directly instead of having me jump through hoops? Wouldn't that be the appropriate way to "provide outstanding customer service?" Immediately upon hearing that last message on my machine, I called RCN and signed up for their long distance plan, which is actually a better deal than SmartTouch, at 5 cents a minute as opposed to 8 cents a minute. If Verizon had just fixed the problem from the beginning, I would never have known this, and they would still have me as a customer. In addition, I now have Verizon's 309-820-7777 number calling me everyday and either disconnecting when I answer the phone or leaving automated telemarketing messages on my machine. This company really needs to re-examine the way they do business. --Christina

- Tuesday, September 21, 2004 at 00:14:12 (EDT)
Hello, all. I work for the Verizon Wireless retail store in Rockville, Maryland on Rockville Pike--sort of. (I say "sort of" because I'm a "temp" from the temporary employment agency Adecco--I'll get to that later) I warn you, this sordid tale COULD get long, so if you don't feel like schlogging through it, I hardly blame you. The abbreviated version, then, is: DON'T EVER GO THERE. I MEAN IT. IT COMPLETELY SUCKS, FOR BOTH CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES. I AM IN NO WAY KIDDING. MANY TIMES, IT IS A 45 MINUTE TO AN HOUR WAIT JUST TO BUY A PHONE, AND THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING. DON'T WORK THERE, EITHER, IN ANY POSITION--I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY UNHAPPY, UNDERPAID PEOPLE IN ONE LOCATION UNTIL NOW, AND THESE EYES HAVE SEEN SOME PLENTY SH*TTY WORKPLACES. Anyway, on with the show: I am a "Greeter." This means that I meet the customers when they come through the door. Without a single ounce of training, I am supposed to diagnose their problems (and trust me, there are MANY) and send them to the proper place--technical support (phone repairs), sales (buying phones and various other products, the variety of which are according the mood of the salespeople on a given day), and so-called "customer service" (they are SUPPOSED to handle pretty much everything else, from changing existing phone plans to exchanges and returns, but this also depends on THEIR moods on a given day). Sounds easy, right? WRONG. The so-called "Managers" suggested that I deliver a curt "Sales or service?" to customers as they walked through the door. In fact, the EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK also suggested that I do so, to avoid "getting into long, complicated, tedious conversations with customers." I said no such thing, because having already worked in customer service for several years, I knew that this tactic was more of a hindrance than a help. Sure enough, when I watch THEM employ it, customers seem confused and more often than not asked for a definition of both. Instead, I greet them with a perky, "Hi, how can we help you today?" or similar phrase. Sure, I DO get into long conversations with cutomers, but actually, THAT IS THE POINT. If I don't get to the root of what is wrong, I MIGHT SEND THEM TO THE WRONG PLACE. And given the mercurial, volatile nature of what the other employees will deign to handle on a given day, THAT IS REMARKABLY EASY TO DO. The system is set up so stupidly. For example, a customer walks in the door and says, "I need a new phone." Sounds like sales, right? MAYBE NOT. They may well mean, "I would like to buy a new phone today," and that, in fact, IS sales. BUT--they MIGHT mean, "The phone I have is a piece of crap and I want to replace it with another one, and I could mean a different phone of the same model I have, or maybe a different model altogether." And THAT is TECHNICAL SERVICES, OR, if it is less than 15 days since they purchased the phone, CUSTOMER SERVICE. So, I have to dig deep for an answer, because I don't want to have someone waiting 45 minutes for sales, only to have sales send them to technical services, and to have the customer look at me AND behave as if I am the antichrist for "making" them wait so long. And, with no training, this CAN happen. I can give you other examples, if you want. Email me at As I said before, I am a temp, which is what they hire for this position--because we are punching bags. All of the other areas are often swamped with customers, so where do you think they go to ask to see the manager, which they SO OFTEN do in this ridiculous set up? US, of course. And THEN, the G*DD*MN "Managers" hide from us, literally (in a locked office, where they ignore our knocks on the door--NO LIE!!), and/or tell us to tell the FUMING customer to wait in the miles long customer service line! If we say this, once again, we are the antichrist. So, we are all temps from Adecco because no one in their right mind would last more than about six months in the "Greeter" position, and also, they don't want to pay benefits. It's all BULLSH*T...I feel sorry for any customer who walks in there....OK, on the flip side, THE CUSTOMERS CAN SUCK, TOO. Look, I personally think that it's great that you spend $8000 a month with Verizon, even if the "Managers" don't seem to care. A big thank you to you. However, you are not going to jump ahead of the TWENTY PEOPLE in line in front of you to talk to sales, even if they do spend a lot less than you do, and not even if you howl for a manager. Make special time for your important account. Ditto if you are a state trooper, you have dog in the car (A THOUSAND SHAMES ON YOU!), you work for the federal government, you have a hair appointment in (random number) minutes, or your child is bored (and is throwing phone accessories around the store because you can't be bothered to discipline the kid, and will probably be cramming ritalin down his/her throat in a few years). These are all TRUE LIFE reasons people have given for why they should get to butt ahead in line, HONEST TO GOD. Additionally, if your issue, whatever it may be, is not handled in ten minutes, do not scream so loudly that you wake the dead six counties over. (No, really, folks, it happens--and it's why people say it's a bad idea to spoil children. They will be just as bratty at 43 as they were at 3.) You wouldn't believe some of the things employees are called in there, just because we can't refund someone's 200 minute overage on their plan, which is their OWN FAULT. So, to sum up, both employees and customers suck. The "Managers" want to promote me to the "Customer Service" position, but I wouldn't touch it with a ten meter cattle prod. BUT, if you do come to the Verizon Wireless retail store on Rockville Pike in Rockville, Maryland, please consider this--some people ARE trying to work with you. If you are the type that gets pleasure from abusing service personnel, please save it for anyone other than the Greeters, and we will have you out of there more quickly so that you can abuse the people at McDonald's or something (not that I think you should necessarily, but I've met many at that particular establishment that have it coming, but that's another story). You will know us by our stupid "GREETER" name tags. Explain to us in detail what is wrong, and we will do our best to help you. Don't bark a few things, and walk away, leaving us to chase you, asking questions about what is wrong and being ignored by you, only to be BLAMED by you later when YOU go to the wrong place. Know that the three greeters there currently as of 09/14/04 are nice young women who REALLY DO care about good customer service and don't deserve abuse, and that we will defend ourselves in our own way. If you want to test us, which is abuse that we do NOT deserve, know that we are VERY SLICK. MANAGERS HIDE FROM YOU PEOPLE--if you DO abuse us, we won't be on your side. That being said (and I feel sad that I feel the need to say it), we would like to see everyone taken care of as best we can, under the circumstances. We are trying to cover ALL of the bases. We KNOW that other employees treat you like dirt, and we don't want to see you abused anymore than we want to see ourselves abused, which is why we give you all of the options we can. We put you on the list 90% of the time and then send you to Technical Services or Customer Support for VERY GOOD REASONS. Lastly, if you want to buy a phone or talk to customer service and you live and/or work in this area, you might try the MONTGOMERY MALL STORE. It is USUALLY way less busy than the Rockville Pike store. BUT, if you need to have your phone serviced, Montgomery Mall DOES NOT, I REPEAT, NOT, have a technical service department, so come to Rockville Pike for repairs. Got that, right? I'm not going to have anyone coming here from Montgomery Mall saying that this post told them to go there for repairs, right? To SUM UP, BUY PHONE, TALK ABOUT BILL OR PLAN, OR EXCHANGES, Montgomery Mall. PHONE NOT WORKING, Rockville. Understand, everyone? Great. All in all, VERIZON SUCKS, LOOK ELSEWHERE. May you all grow in coverage area, experience no roaming, pay low bills, and get all you want from your phones, be it easy of operation (you simply THINK about a person and the phone calls him/her), conversion into a floatation device (DISCLAIMER: DON'T, I REPEAT, DON'T get your phone wet, it WILL BE DESTROYED, I don't care about your mother's brother's aunt's mother-in-law's former roomate who is the exception to that rule), or your *ss kissed. Good night, all.

- Tuesday, September 14, 2004 at 03:03:10 (EDT)
short? imll try to make it breif, starting with the most current lie, moving back 7 years. the most current lie: service. they said they dont support diual up connections. tho looking for a federal standard, unless gwb removed it, it that fone lines must be good enuff for a fax. the same number you dial into you have to fax, if that fax is fu***d up, then ya got a case on yer hands. i firsted moved ehre 7 years ago. wasnt so bad, almsot as fast as where i lived. almost. then it got bad. was 33.6 when i got here, now its 21.6. takes over 3 minutes to load most web pages. heaven forbid i try to check my email while im surfing. they wont change this. second most recient lie: dsl. they offered me dsl on august 21. i didnt lknow it was 'availble' as they re assured me it was. i was flabber gasted! i didnt ever expect verizon to be assoassiated with service! so i singed on. i htought it could be a bad thing. but after the wonderful conversation i had with them, they made it totally clear i will ahve dsl within 1 month. 1 week later a computer called me and told me that dsl is no longer availble. i called them, i asked why, upset of coarse. thier explanation was, and i dont know if this is true or not, the load coils in the lines cannot be removed. i asked the woman thing if they need to be upgraded, it replied 'no, if they needed upgrading, we would upgrade them.' ok, ontp lie 3... lie 3: failue to repair staticy/cross talk lines. for 7 years i have had huge amounts of static in my lines. i call service, they tell me i should be expecting them about tuesday. they never show. this happens offen. wat too much. i have even called them, while the staic was so bad, and they asked me, what seems to be the problum. i cant stand it anymore. theres nothing i can do, no way to comp[lain. is there another fone companyt that doesnt lie cheat and steal, and will force verizon to repair and upgrade thier bull sh*t! plz someone let me know there has to be a way. i would love to sue them for all the time i spend trying to make do with what i have, or sitting on hold to get my stuff fixed. with the tax cuts of last year, companies are now sitting on the biggies abount of money ever. verizon has a record sum of cash on hand. they never had this much. they still wont hire, or upgrade anything. i need to fix me a stiff drink. plz someone let me know if that stuff bout the load coils is wrong false or otherwise crap. if thres anyway to complain and be heard, what is it?? btw, dont bother adding that email to spam, its web mail. tick.

- Sunday, September 12, 2004 at 17:34:04 (EDT)
I usually have to deal with their business support center for our accounts. The one day, I called the one I normally call for one of our California accounts - they told me that I'd need to call the California center next time but that they could connect me to it. Okay - reasonable so far. But I didn't appreciate hearing a 1-900 adult line click over instead of the California business center. Not a good move there, guys...

- Thursday, September 09, 2004 at 15:57:07 (EDT)
Verizon Online DSL Sales CSC-Tampa - aka DS-Hell My best description of the DSL Tampa Sales office operation is: a complete Cluster-Fuck of ongoing problems and issues of epic proportions, directly under the control of (mis) Management from every level and their ongoing comedy of completely avoidable errors. Its even been compared to a Shakespearian-like tragedy where everybody involved needlessly suffers deep and permanent grief and losses. I have never seen such piss-poor judgment and operation skills when it comes to the decisions that are made and the way it wastes company money, pisses off, frustrates and churns customers and truly erodes the inner most soul of its best employees. After several years of having the misfortune of being employed here, I feel compelled to tell of my DS-Hell experience. It is only right and just, that the public and corporate get a senior Rep’s first-hand account of the day-to-day operations of this illegal abortion of an office. Please understand, this is NOT an employee gripe against the company, but a loud wake up call for anybody in Management who touches this thing that it is in dire need of a complete major process overhaul, as our survival is clearly at stake. As you read on, you will truly be in awe of just how utterly fucked up and out of control this ENTIRE operation is. Things are so bad that a class action lawsuit by more than 10,000 completely pissed off customers was filed in January of 2001. You can see the details of the case by going to: Many of the problems were caused by the complete lack of foresight by upper Management of keeping up with the cable companies in the “broadband race”. Both this and the somewhat delayed 2001 merge of Bell Atlantic and GTE left Verizon way behind and thus scrambling to catch up. This “rush” is partial cause of the present day turmoil that exists. You will truly be with your mouth agape in disbelief, as I cite several examples of the Cluster-Fuck in motion, it’s core and how it’s mass and gravity continue to grow unchecked at an alarming rate to this day. Let me briefly cite exactly what’s at the core of the fore mentioned Cluster-Fuck and then further explain the examples: 1) The complete misdirection of inbound calls to the DSL Voice Portal (IVRU) system that is both known and documented by Management and their utter disregard and refusal to correct them. 2) A long history of inadequate, slow, poorly designed and error-prone ordering software, (Oasis, OLO, and SSP) as well as ongoing miscommunications to customers, once again under the complete auspices of truly incompetent and hands-off, lame-ass IT Management and their departments. 3) Escalating, outrageously high sales quotas on both DSL, dial-up and way over-priced Linksys Routers that are not ethically obtainable within normal 8 hr. workdays and ongoing IVRU issues. Unjustifiable and wasteful ongoing mandatory overtime, mostly due to above-mentioned #1 and below-mentioned #4. 4) A long history of extremely high employee turnover due to above-mentioned #’s 1-3, as well as other obscene “needs of the business” management policies. This too is documented in HR records. And now the “contractor-only” hiring policy. Now, let’s take a deeper look into the above issues one at a time: The IVRU DSL Voice Portal has an extensive, notorious history of frustrating both customers and employees alike to the point of near insanity. No one is spared the wrath of its relentless torture. It has always been completely inadequate at first, properly screening, and qualifying the caller and then routing them to the proper office that is best equipped to handle their type of call request. To make matters worse, it is now ALL voice response prompts, which means an even higher possibility of being misdirected. For example, a person with less than perfect English or diction can be routed to the completely wrong dept/office, depending upon how the system’s “voice recognition” interprets the caller’s voice input. So if you speak like The Elephant Man, talk ghetto, or like a true redneck, this system will swallow you whole and then shit you out to the wrong department; most likely into Sales. There are many days when our Reps. take 20-30 calls in a row that are not sales-related. Truly guys, a major fuck-up and a 4-star money-waster here!! Think about this: a properly designed IVRU should first get the customer to a main menu of basic choices, then further qualify and screen the call based upon the callers input. BY PROPER DESIGN, it should NOT let the customer GET to the WRONG place. That is its only fucking purpose!! When you let someone advance aimlessly thru the system by pressing the “0” key and they wind up in a residential DSL fucking Sales queue looking to get the balance of their home phone bill or to renew their Verizon Wireless Free-Up card; you have a problem Houston. Although the majority of the misdirects are external, many are also from other internal sources (other Verizon offices) that also need to be re-educated on the what/when before they transfer a customer to Sales. Historically, these people have proven to be as capable in their job function as Stevie Wonder being your tour guide during a blackout. Customers also complain DAILY about the difficulty of wading through the treacherous array of voice prompts and how much they hate to have to call in to us for anything. Clearly, through both input from the different depts. and proper flow-charting design, we could both better serve the customers and employees alike, while saving a butt-load of money by both first completely re-vamping and then ongoing tweaking of the ENTIRE IVRU. Once again, Management at ALL levels refuses to do this. Any local manager with a grade school diploma could easily see this by doing regular call observations and then take the appropriate action to get it corrected. Over the years, they have wasted a shit load of money by hiring external companies to “determine if there is an IVRU problem”, only to come to the abundantly obvious conclusion that we are literally SLAMMED with butt loads of misdirected garbage calls. This has also been documented in a corporate-wide Service Alert in 2003. Contrary to the mental hand-job of outright lies they tell you, they can fix the problem and they fucking know it!! It is a relatively easy and inexpensive fix as well!! It will likely be key to our future survival. It is truly fucking amazing that we are a multi-billion dollar, global Telecommunications company and we can’t properly operate an IVRU?? What a complete and total fucking embarrassment!! At the present time, through the use of internal documented call tracking by multiple Reps., we receive 60%-70% mis-directs in the sales queue. An additional 10% or more are calls that are NOT DSL QUALIFIED or don’t have Verizon local phone service and should have never made it thru the IVRU to the Sales queue in the first place!! Now your total is nearing 70%-80% misdirects!! This means that if the IVRU did it’s job, we could operate the center with 50%-70% or less of the present head-count, not to mention eliminating mandatory overtime and restoring employee morale and dignity back to the office. The annual cost savings could easily be in to the several hundred thousand + dollars range as well. Why does this shameless charade go on and on when the “fix” is SO easy?? Just a glimpse within one section of the core of the impenetrable cluster. Everyday that they wait just pisses more and more money away. As a long term stockholder and veteran employee, I am truly appalled at Management’s indifference approach to the issue. IT and ordering systems issues and other miscues have plagued the entire Verizon Online division since day one. It all started with a an ordering system called Oasis- more commonly known as “SLO-ASIS” by every poor soul that’s ever had to fucking use it. This IT ordering tool abortion used to take 15-20 minutes to complete one fucking simple DSL sales order and STILL had one of the highest rate of provisioning errors (order fallout) known to mankind. Many customer orders did not complete or got hung up with some error and the Loop Qualification was inaccurate. NX1.7, (the West former GTE ordering tool) although a much quicker and easier system for the Rep. to use, has not fared much better with the order fallout. As you can imagine, this just increases pissed off customers and churn, as well as calls to and from every damn department to get the problems corrected and the customer their service. To make matters worse, this piece of shit would periodically “clock” for extended lengths of time, or go down more than a Cajun whore during Mardi Gras for any reason at any time during the business day. There were days when you literally sat there at you desk waiting on SLO-ASIS, (like watching paint dry) wondering what the fuck you did in your miserable life to possibly deserve this kind of shit. Worse, yet, how the fuck could they possibly let this go on day after fucking day?? Another SLO-ASIS “loophole” issue involved sinister scumbag Reps. canceling your orders that were in progress, then replacing them with their own orders to get sales credit, once again leaving both you as a Rep. and customers with that “just raped”, not so fresh feeling. Not to mention their regular routine of “slamming” customers by the shit load!! These felon-like maggots openly laughed at and even bragged about their defiant acts of both company sales guidelines and ethics policies. Worse yet, local management looked the other way, as the more sales they got, the bigger their bonuses were and the better they looked to their direct reports. Although a few e-mails were sent out reminding of “proper sales guidelines”, most were either ignored or deleted upon receipt, as there was never any real threat of disciplinary action against the offenders. You then get to repeatedly re-live the emotional trauma of your rape, by watching in awe as these same thieving pieces of putrid shit get awarded “sales performance” prizes ranging from hundreds of dollars in American Express Gift Checks, to Las Vegas trips as well as fucking Jet Skis and 4-Wheeler ATVs costing over $5,000.00 each!! As a Rep, it’s like living a total fucking Freddy Kruger nightmare!! You try your hardest to make your sales honestly and truly help the customer. You endure the Vietnam P.O.W. camp-like emotional torture of relentless irates and misdirects that you can’t help. You apologize your ass off to customers daily, knowing that there’s gotta be a better fucking way to get this shit done right the first fucking time!! Does anybody in Management give a rat’s ass about any of this shit?? Obviously NOT!! Finally, after years of administering punishing pain and torture to both customers and employees alike, Management realized that SLO-ASIS needed to be dumped like yesterday’s retched turd (summer, 2003) and gave us OLO, or commonly known as the 1-Step Tool. This next IT blunder was faster at taking orders, but gave more order errors and fallout (as it had to update into SLO-ASIS) then its slow predecessor and pissed off even more customers and Reps. In Jan. 2004, as they slowly transitioned towards the mid-April, 2004 release of SSP, both these systems were hosed regularly if not daily. I can clearly remember in mid Jan. of 2004, when the fucking Einstein-like genius of IT took down SLO-ASIS from 8:45 A.M. ‘til mid afternoon on 9 consecutive business days. This means that during the busiest times of the day when you needed to use the system most, you were completely hosed. Does this make any business sense to anyone, anywhere?? And remember, they’re not just crippling our one office. This system is used by other Verizon Online Depts., like Billing and Tech Support as well as Verizon local CSSC Reps. in every state that was former Bell Atlantic territory from Maine to West Virginia!! This affected literally thousands of employees. Don’t you think that in most normal companies, they would schedule this shit to be done after business hours?? Not these fucking lame ass retards!! How dare we ask them to come in on weekends or nights to get the upgrades done!! Once again Management watched it go on all day, every fucking day!! And do you know what the Management solution was?? Our Section Manager (on her way to the snack machine) would waddle through the floor with her farm animal size ass barking out commands to take “paper orders”. Way to go lady!! You ARE a modern day genius and a living fucking legend!! Problem there, is that she doesn’t give us “down time” to put the paper orders in!! And unless you come in at 7:00 A.M. on you own time you can’t use the system anyway, so you’re condemned to trying to squeeze your “paper orders” into the system during the day, either between calls, while you’re on hold with other departments or on your breaks. By comparison, a dental root canal procedure would be more pleasant. As of mid April of 2004 we started to use the latest IT ordering problem child called SSP. Although SSP is very fast and helps the Rep. get the orders in quickly, it still hoses way too many orders. Worse yet, it leaves fallout orders in a “Pending” status for weeks, or months until ultimately the customer calls in irate and wants to know where the hell their order is. There was a period in May 2004 where we left over 4,000+ customers in limbo, hanging by their genitals in this “pending” queue. Once again, in true Management fashion, they send out a scripted service alert telling us to let the customer know that the orders will be completed as soon as possible, with no “service ready” date and that an offline team, with no ETA, is working the orders. How completely fucking weak and ambiguous is THAT?? To compound this insanity, literally fucking thousands of our customers have had their DSL service “disconnected in error”(for no apparent reason), due to some sort of internal system fuck up, that the retards at IT have not resolved yet to this day!! Is it any wonder why we have incredibly high customer churn and the American public fucking hates Verizon like Osama Bin Laden?? As of today, the “pending” problem still is a major issue and SSP clocks way too much and gives a shit load of error messages, once again thwarting both the sales and provisioning processes. I still have orders pending for weeks, if not months after submitting these to IT to be corrected!! Clearly, this entire ordering platform was never thoroughly and correctly beta-tested before it was brought online for use. Management should be crawling IT’s dyslexic retarded ass daily until the problems are corrected rather than distributing some vague bullshit band-aid solution script to read to our customers!! It is fucking unimaginable that we can both do business and treat our customers this way!! These poor people deserve an honest answer of when they can expect service. Customers have choices and if we can’t seem to get it done, they WILL go and HAVE gone elsewhere. Other inexcusable IT embarrassments have been information being communicated to customers that is either misleading, inaccurate and/or completely erroneous on both the Verizon Online (VOL) website or through direct mail in the form of letters, phone bill inserts or post cards. Let me just touch on a few of these, so you can have a better feel of just how deep and wide the festering disease of incompetence has penetrated. In a corporate service alert distributed on 8/4/2004, IT erroneously sent 75,000 letters to existing Verizon Online DSL customers that stated “Remove 1 VERIZON ONLINE DSL CUSTOMER”, indicating that their DSL service was being cancelled. How can 75,000 letters being sent out to customers possibly go un-fucking noticed?? Well, in the famous words of Johnny Knoxville: “Welcome to Jackass!!” How many desks and offices must it cross before somebody might question the wooden pallet load of 75,000 fucking letters passing by?? Not to mention the cost – each letter 37cents x 75,000 letters = $27,750 just in fucking postage alone!! And what about the fallout when these poor people call in, pissed off in a panic, wondering how and why their service was being cancelled?? How could anybody in IT possibly let this happen unnoticed and then do absolutely nothing to stop it!! Who IS driving this IT bus?? Through another corporate service alert dated 7/23/04 another inexcusable IT mishap was documented involving the Verizon Online ordering website that occurred from 7/8/2004 – 7/23/04. It impacted approximately 4,700 customers that had placed online orders for DSL service. The customers were mistakenly shown as being Loop Qualified (DSL available) in error, as DSL was NOT actually available. The problem here is that it took IT 15 days to realize that this had occurred before any one even noticed. How completely fucking weak is that!! Some of these poor people had been waiting for literally years to get DSL, only to have their genitals teased to the brink of orgasm and then left in a “blue balls”- like state of frustration, as they later found out that DSL was actually NOT available. To compound this total fuck up, there was also a “free after rebate” promotion for a Linksys wireless router going on during the same time period. Many of these eager souls, placed their order for that too paying by credit card, only to later find out that it was all a cruel joke. They got their routers right away, but no DSL equipment or service. And where do you suppose these customer calls were sent?? You got it!! To the Sales Dept!! Where we could do absolutely nothing to help these poor people, only to transfer them to our cancellations group (Retention) to credit them back and apologize for this shameless embarrassing IT internal fuck-up. Other IT ongoing errors involve current Verizon local phone customers being sent erroneous information by mail that they are now “pre-qualified for DSL”, when in actuality they are not. The problem here is that IT sends large bulk marketing to everyone within a certain area where DSL is available within their Central Office (CO). However, not every customer within that CO is loop qualified (electrically capable) for DSL. Here again, IT drops the ball for not accurately qualifying these poor folks in the engineering database before sending them letters. Worse yet, they can’t even provide an estimated time frame for availability, which is completely unacceptable. Once again, leaving our customer perception in the toilet of a public rest room. Although too numerous to cite here, a long notorious history of IT fuck-ups have occurred and I mention these few only to demonstrate both the scope and diversity of the ongoing problems that exist and how it truly impacts EVERY aspect of the business. To me, IT fuck-ups are both our biggest threat to the future of this company and by far the predominate root cause of the majority of the Cluster-Fuck of problems that they spawn. Those responsible at every level should be held accountable for all their ineptitude and demonstrated ongoing indifference regarding these types of issues. There are truly NO excuses or valid justification for ANY of this. Escalating and unrealistic sales quotas and other management issues are now at an all time high. I don’t want to dwell on this section too long, but I do want to give you a clear view of just how skewed and out of touch these fuckers are with reality. Let’s start with July 2004 DSL sales quotas: first they want you to sell about 323 DSL units this month. Now lets break that down: you have approx. 22 selling days to do this – so you need to avg. about 15 units a day to meet your quota. Problem here again is the huge call misdirect and order fallout issues. On most days, you are lucky to get an avg. of 13-15 DSL qualified calls out of the approx. 60 calls you answer. Of those you’ll sell about 12-13, with maybe 1-2 being a follow up. That means that you’ll avg. about 11-12 per day after all the ordering system IT fuck-ups which = approx. 253 sales per month. The conclusion: you finish the month at about 79% of quota. So as you can see, even if you sold every one of the DSL 15 qualified calls, (beyond a Superman-like feat) after order fallout, you couldn’t possibly meet this quota honestly and ethically without “slamming” customers. Next are the overpriced Linksys 802.11B wireless and 4-port wired routers. The wireless units competitively sell for an avg. of $39.95 after rebate in many major electronic stores. Other equal brands like D-Link and Netgear sell for $19.99 - $29.99 after rebate. The Verizon Online price is $99.95. A 4-port wired cable/DSL router competitively sells for $10-$20, after rebate. The Verizon Online price: $79.95. Holy shit!! Who the fuck in their right mind would possibly buy any of these things from us, when we’re 3-5 times or more the price of the rest of the fucking populated planet?? And our quotas on this piece of shit are at 74 per month for July and 90 for August!! That means that you’ll need to sell 4-5 per day to make quota, especially after people read the fucking Best Buy or Circuit City ad and find they’ve been a victim of “router rape” by Verizon and then return what you had to sell your ass off, for them to buy!! And to top it off, for the last 3 months, we’ve been advertising the shit out of this thing “free after $99.00 rebate”. So, now more than ever before, customers don’t want to spend the $99.95 for it at all!! Great time to skyrocket the quotas guys!! Next item is about “close ratio”. First, lets give you Management’s calculation method, then, I’ll apply some 5th grade math of my own. Management says that they define your close ratio as your total daily DSL sales divided by the total # of calls you take daily; i.e.: 14 sales divided by 60 calls = 23.3%. Here’s the actual close ratio: 14 sales divided by the total number of DSL qualified customers whom you pitched –(15) = 93%!! Do you see how totally fucking skewed their methodology is!! This is nothing short of a complete insult to your intelligence!! They’re holding you as a Rep “sales accountable” for every damn call that you get, including the shit load of misdirects that THEY drive right in to our center!! If you have an a la carte router or dial-up sale, they are NOT counted as a sale and furthermore count against you for close ratio!! Can you see how totally fucking twisted and absurd both their math and logic is?? Their 25% ratio alone tells you that they acknowledge approx. 70-75% misdirected calls. Worse yet, they “coach” you if you’re consistently under “their” bullshit 25% close ratio rule. This leaves you dizzy, scratching your head in a Twilight Zone catatonic state of disbelief, as your true close ratio is damn close to 90%!! The next departure from reality involves you being “sales quota responsible” when you’re on vacation. So that means that if you have 3-4 weeks of yearly vacation, YOU, as a Rep must meet your ENTIRE monthly quota; even though you’re not even in the fucking building!! Anyone with the common sense of a seedless grape could clearly see that this is impossible. Not these Fuckers!! If you start to fall behind on quota, they’ll put you on “an action plan” to improve your “poor” performance. Another classic example of the true Cluster-Fuck in motion and it’s warped view of reality. Ongoing extremely high employee turnover has always plagued this office as well. It is the fourth and final component that completes the Cluster-Fuck. The synergy of ongoing problems and complete frustration will ultimately lead to your unavoidable surrender here. It already has for literally the hundreds if not thousands of the willing, yet doomed souls that have passed and continue to pass through our doors. In October of 2003, Verizon Management employees were offered a “Voluntary Separation Package” – aka a VSP. At that time we had about 110 Sales Reps. on the floor. 62 of the 110 (over 56%) chose to take the VSP, proving both the “fed-the-fuck-up” and “completely hopeless” employee sentiment of this intolerable and unbearable working environment. For many, it was the ultimate “out” – a chance to be finally be free of their relentless misery, get about a years worth of pay and benefits and then flip this fucking place off in the rear view mirror one final time on your way out of the parking lot!! To cite a more extreme example: this July, we hired on a new Sales Coach from the leading global wireless phone manufacturer. Clearly this speaks fucking volumes about this entire sham and complete horror show of an operation. Make no mistake, all the turnover here at this office is completely due to all the above fore mentioned items I cited. Every one of these things truly makes this entire experience like wallowing naked daily through a cesspool of raw sewage. To cite another more extreme example: At the end of July, we hired a Sales Coach from the leading global wireless phone manufacturer. Although capable, his tour abruptly ended in less than 1 week, after being bulldozed by the Cluster. Another by-product of the high turnover is the invoking of mandatory overtime. This means that once again you are anally penetrated against your will to endure 1-2 hours of daily torturous overtime for months at a time until Management can hire some new victims. They justify this sham as a “due to the needs of the business” issue. In reality, its just one more mental hand-job of lies, deception and utter bullshit to cover for their own obvious ongoing incompetence. Management now hires “contractors only” (non-permanent employees). The vast majority of these misfits couldn’t hold a permanent full time job in most working environments, yet we choose to hire them anyway just to fill a seat. On some days, as you walk through the building, it looks more like a “best of” Americas Most Wanted ghetto reunion, rather than a serious place of employment. Besides that, most have no related experience and further complicate and contribute to the existing state of turmoil. As the new recruits come on the job, they then have to “re-align” (move) Reps. to “balance” the different sales teams. So, with the constant hiring, firing and quitting, you often have to move your desk/seat several times yearly to a different location. This causes a “Chinese fire drill” state of confusion, leaving you scrambling to get situated at you new workstation only to find that you can’t even log-in to the network to get on the phones and get your work done. And if you do ask for help, like getting your e-mail set up, odds are our local IT fucking pros will take a week or more to get to you. Let me give you a better actual example of this: in 2003, due to some IT fuck-up with Lotus Notes, (Verizon’s shit e-mail program) several Reps were without their e-mail for six fucking weeks before anyone of these retards could figure out the database/id’s had crashed and needed to be rebuilt. No other modern company on this planet would find that acceptable. Another inexcusable office policy is that of “employee releasability”. This means that if you do happen to find another job within the company, local Management has the discretion of the if/when you can be released from purgatory to start your new position. Many of these poor and deserving employees have been held back for 90 days or more. Some of these people were then passed-up for the promotion, as the hiring manager needed to fill the position a lot sooner. So besides controlling your everyday miserable piss ant existence, they now have a firm, sinister and unyielding death grip on your entire future. Once again, leaving you as an employee completely hosed, knowing that your chance of both promotion and escape from your hell-like sentence has slipped through your hands. Hence the nickname for this place: “DS-Hell”. Kudos to fucking Verizon Online for being the first company to bring the Hotel California concept where “You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave…” to it’s best employees. Where else can you be given super human goals to achieve and yet be micromanaged and treated like such a kindergarten child?? On behalf of the company, from a Sales Rep who truly cares, I want to deeply apologize to any and all of our customers for the inexcusable and shameless Cluster-Fuck of problems that Management has caused us all. But we as employees on the front line, like you our customers are mutual victims of their relentless and repeated acts of unlubricated sodomy. Until current Management is either replaced or figures out that they need to get in touch with reality, watching this place run for the dwindling number of us Bruce Willis-like Die-Hards who remain here, will truly be like watching a monkey fucking a football.

- Thursday, September 09, 2004 at 10:23:24 (EDT)
Allow me to add my Verizon saga to this mess. In Jan. of 04' I decided it was time to move up to DSL as Verizon announced to our local world that it was available. I placed my order and was told that they would send my modem soon. They weren't kidding, it was on my doorstep in 36 hours. There instructions tell you not to install the software and modem until after the install date. So I wait for this date but, two weeks later I have to call their idiot based Customer Service Dept to get my date. The date comes and goes and I hear nothing from them. I assume that the line is ready to go. (Assuming makes an Ass of U and Me.) I hooked it up and the modem light blinks constantly telling me that there is no DSL signal. Time to place another call. After a serious game of pass-the-buck, I was told, "I'm sorry sir but, we can only provide DSL to customers who are within 18,000 feet of the closest tranmission point and you are 19,000 feet away." I confirmed with her that Verizon was in fact, a Communication Company and proceeded to ask her why this information was not given to me when I ordered DSL. Furthermore, I wanted to know that if they found this out afterward, why was I not contacted. After all, they had two home phone numbers, one office number, one cell number and my e-mail. I packed everything up and sent it back. In June, I called to get all my phones on one bill. The pleasant young lady took the info and then asked if I would consider DSL. I said," DON'T EVEN GO THERE" and explained my story. She appologized and told me that someone in the order center had been given bad information and that she has confirmed through three different sources that my address is only 17,000 feet away and not 19,000. I must be a masochist. I said okay, sign me up again. I have to admit they were consistant. Modem arrived in two days. Again, no hook-up date until I called. Again, no signal. I called and told them if I was in Tibet and they were the only source to the internet, I would use my computer for Solitare. There is only one area they excel in, that guy who ships out the modems is right on. R. Hansen in NJ

- Wednesday, September 08, 2004 at 21:26:33 (EDT)
I had Verizon on the landline to my house, and two wireless phones for the wife and I. The landline went dead, and Verizon said that the problem was inside the house. For a service charge of $91, the technician came to the house and said that he did not know what was wrong. My wife signed the bill for $91 plus $5 for a new jack. When I got the bill, it was for $137. After 30 minutes on the phone, and transfers to billing, claims, repair, and back to billing, it was determined that since the technician was there for an hour, the $137 fee was correct. If it was correct, why leave a bill with my wife for $91?! Well Verizon, I hope that extra $46 was worth it. I cancelled the home phone, and am waiting until the 26th of this month to cancel the wireless phones (the end of the 2 year contract that I was forced into when I switched plans.) Can you hear me now?

- Friday, August 20, 2004 at 12:40:24 (EDT)
Back this past June we asked for a 2nd telephone line. About the same time, we had a storm knock out our lines. Verizon sent someone by to "fix" it. They switched our lines and we had no idea what number corresponded to which jack. Our first line had always been on an international plan with 10 cents a minute to Germany. Unknowingly we were using the other line (our new one) and paying over $2 a minute to Germany for about a month. So we get our bill: $1040. So we call Verizon and explain that we (of course) would never intentionally use the wrong line at over $2 a minute to call Germany as we've had our first line on the 10 cents a minute deal for years. We asked them to charge the calls at our old rate and to give us the benefit of the doubt. They said "sorry". They basically refused and insist we pay these absurd rates. I am this how they treat all their customers...this borders on criminal. Needless to say we are terminating them permanently and taking steps to get in contact with others about this. Any help you could provide would be appreciated. Regards, Ray D.

- Monday, August 16, 2004 at 21:58:37 (EDT)
Verizon Wireless, We'll Never Stop Lieing To you. Is what there advertisement should really say. I've spoken with countless customer service reps, it seems like no one these days can give you an honest answer. Actually, Verizon Wireless Customer Service reps are trained to lie to the customers, are trained to go in and make changes to a customers account to cause that customer they spoke with on the phone to have more unexpected charges. Verizon Wireless cannot keep track of there own numbers they assign to there customers. Don't believe a word Verizon says about there new plan that states you can call any Verizon customer and not be charged. It's a complete LIE! When you go to dispute the charges, Verizon comes back and accuses you of being the Lier. Verizon know's they have access to all there customer numbers, they are just out to rip you off, the way they enjoy conducting business. Majority of my phone calls were made to Verzion customers, and I rarely used the phone, I used my landline phone more then my Verizon phone and I still got charged over usage minutes, though I never went over my usage minutes. I made a majority of my phone calls after 9pm at night, when it was the unlimited minutes and I still got charged day time minutes, though my plan was for unlimited nights and weekends. You want to deal business with con-artists, this is the prime example of what a con-artist is.

- Friday, August 13, 2004 at 13:49:38 (EDT)
Ray Rolle; I was in a cab, coming home from work on Aug.2nd,2003 when this woman was having her minivan pushed from behind by another car. Went to hospital, took x-rays, etc. Damage to body:2 chipped bones in back of neck,dilocated pelvis,bulges on lower lumbar(spine) plus diagnosed w/ Sciatica. First me lawyers told me I was entitled to $25,000.$16,666 after thier fee!! Was suposed to get at least $3-4,000 for lost wages. Only got $780.00. (American Transit) Being I didn't have to have surgery,(which is a good thing) my lawyers are now telling me i'm only entitled to $6500 from the ladies insurance co. Somthing just ain't right!!! I'm still in a lot of pain, plus I can't work due to the bulges on my spine.I go to a chiropractor 3x a week(Dr. Louis Macolino)I feel very cheated, being I didn't take the money, yet. Can you help me w/ my situation? Now i'm in a shelter, because I can't pay rent. Thank you for your time.

- Wednesday, July 28, 2004 at 12:55:19 (EDT)
I have had a cell phone with Verizon since they were Bell Atlantic. Needless to say, I was a faithful customer. I never had any big problems with them. I didn't use my cell phone a lot and so I rarely had any overage charges. Here is where the story goes down hill. I am in the military and last fall I was transferred from MD to NC where Verizon did not offer local service. I have had service with them for almost 4 years but because I bought a new phone a year before I still had a few months left on my contract. So I called them and tried to cancel my account, citing the "soldiers and sailors act". They said that that did not apply and I was going to have to pay a cancellation fee for both my cell phone and my wife’s cell phone. That’s a bunch of crap. I have friends who used other cell phone companies and were able to cancel their plans because the military moved them. After much arguing I finally paid their stupid fees to be done with it all. You would think that they would have a little more respect for the people who defend their freedom. -ES Jacksonville, NC

- Tuesday, July 27, 2004 at 20:50:18 (EDT)
In early May of 2004 I used my cell phone more than usual. When I was about to go over my alloted minutes I called in to see what could be done. The rep said that he could end my month early and restart it and that would give me the minutes I needed. I continued to use my phone. Mind you, if I knew that the rep was a trainee and didn't have a clue as to what he was doing, I would have put the phone in a drawer for the next ten days. Bill arrives- $450 -holy sh*t! I call VZW and the rep says that he will rerate my bill and call me back. Nothing for two weeks. I call again and find out that an $85 credit is applied to my account. Not nearly good enough, but the rep says that the other rep did the rerate correctly. The rep offers me IN network and 2000 minutes for $30 more than I pay for 1200 now. Like an idiot, I take it and my contract is extended three months. I let the issue fester for a while until I receive a disconnect notice. I call again and the VZW rep offers me a $50 credit or a $250 credit if I extend my contract two more years. I tell her I'll think about it (translation- let me see if another carrier will pay my early termination fee for me). Call back today to cancel and find out that the $175 fee is per line. I hate Verizon. I ask to speak to the supervisor's supervisor. Now that someone with a brain is on the case, it ends up that the first rep did nothing but drop my mobile to mobile which caused the problem in the first place. He runs the numbers through and gives me another $190. He also dropped me to a more appropriate plan and set my contract back to the original date. Not entirely what I wanted, but the remaining $75 or so will be a reminder to not renew my contract.

- Friday, July 23, 2004 at 16:25:52 (EDT)
My name is Jim. I got Verizon DSL last week, and I just cancelled it. I built an ISP from the ground up, starting with individual modems and moving up to bigger and better equipment. I like to think I know *something* about the Internet. Problems: 1. Installation software kept dying, had to restart it several times before it ran to completion. 2. Connection worked for a little time, very slowly. No matter what I tried, I could not figure out a way to get it working. 3. Installed a new Netgear Broadband router. Same story. 4. Replaced Broadband router with Linux box running PPPoE. Same story. Verizon's software told me there wasn't a problem, so there was no way to open a trouble ticket. There is no email address at Verizon's web site for DSL problems, there is no online form for reporting a problem. If Verizon's software does not detect a problem, there isn't one worth reporting. Wrong. My own network diagnostic tools revealed severe packet loss between my home and Verizon (the first network "hop"). With small packets, I had more than 30% packet loss. For larger packets like the ones you would use for dowloading web pages, the packet loss was more than 70%. TCP handles packet loss to some extent, but it wasn't designed for a network that bad. As a result, I was lucky if I ever got *anywhere* on the Internet. But if I went into my networking settings and cranked the MTU all the way down from 1500 bytes to 256 or so, I got better results. One of my better downloads was at a speedy 4 kbps! (Yes, kiloBITS per seconds!) Before bothering Verizon about it, I first set out to eliminate my wiring as the cause. I bought new 5.8 ghz cordless phones that operate out of a single phone jack, then removed all the other phone wiring in the house. That jack has a new wire on it, so there is NO WAY the problem is the wiring in my house. Furthermore, the Verizon repair guy was here a month ago and made sure my line was good from the pole. Note that my dialup connection right now it 49 kbps, providing effective speed about ten times that of the malfunctioning DSL connection. Having ruled out everything else, and having power-cycled all of my equipment more times in the last week than I had in the previous two years, I called Verizon DSL's support number. I waited more than 15 minutes, hearing all kinds of stupid suggestions that I had already read in the instruction, read again when running the Verizon software, read a third time at Verizon's web site, and read a fourth time while making sure I wasn't missing anything. Bah! Then I finally got a support person, a nice sounding girl who seemed well-versed in asking and answering about five questions, all of them very simple. (Do you have electricity?) She treated me like an idiot and when I asked a question she wasn't trained to answer, she gave me the run around. I asked the same question later, and got a different answer. The third time around, she gave me an answer that was a combination of the two previous ones, which didn't make any sense at all! By then, I blew my cork. I told her the problem is clearly with Verizon, and she wanted to troubleshoot my Windows PC! Now come on, if my PC is broken, why did the Netgear router have the same problem? If both the PC and the Netgear router were broken, why did my Linux PC have the same problem? I was able to get out to the Internet, so it wasn't a configuration issue. Beyond that, Verizon could have simply tested the quality connection of the link from their network to my DSL modem. But instead, they pissed me off and I cancelled my service. I'm getting a cable modem from Time Warner, and then I am getting digital phone service and getting Verizon out of my life for good. What I really think is happening is that Verizon does not have enough capacity to support DSL customers in my area. A lot of their services in the Mohawk Valley (NY) area are backhauled to Syracuse, and the DSL service is given lowest priority. That causes packets to be dropped, more at some times than others, and they have no intention of (a) admitting there is a problem, nor (b) paying money to fix the problem. They know they aren't making money off $30/month broadband, especially using the telco formulas (if you believe everything they say, they lose money on EVERY service they offer), so they aren't all that excited about providing good service. Each customer they do have is just using excess capacity, so it is essentially free for Verizon. Well, that is the final nail in their coffin as far as I am concerned. I doubt it is any better if you get Earthlink DSL in Verizon territory, since they use the same lines. Better go with cable. Or wireless. Or even dialup! Avoid Verizon like the disease it is.

- Thursday, July 22, 2004 at 19:02:59 (EDT)
I have had Verizon for almost three years know and have ahd several experiences one of which happened today . I have been charged for calls that not been made and have a large amount of time on them I'm sick of this shit being charged for calls that have not been made! Tuesday July 20 2004 at8:50am

- Tuesday, July 20, 2004 at 21:41:27 (EDT)
I bought verison about 14 months ago and it seemed ok. until my phones warranty was up after the year. During that year i was in and out with warranty issuse of my phone dropping calls and having a signalbefore a cal was made and as soon as the call was sent the phone whould roam. W/o a warranty i have nothing to do.... I go in and it costs 60 bucks to diagnos the problem and last time i was in there the guy said i needed a new phone. So i payed him to tell me i needed a phone and there was nothing he could do. The problem is that the phones cost 500 bucks unless u agree to more years of hell on behalf of verison. So now i am stuck with a bad phone that has no service and never connect and doesnt allow people to call me. whenever i have an incoming call it seems fine but when i pick it up it says "re-entrant data abort" and the phone cuts off. So basically i am stuck buying a new phone for 300 bucks or buy'n a phone for 200 and agreeing to 2 more years. I think it might be ok if i got a decent phone and an extended warranty but i dont know if i want to try. As i said i wanted to either get out of verison or get a phone that worked and was under warranty for less that 200 bucks. To agree to more year you have to wait untill your 2 year agreement is up. I went in to extend it so i could get a deal on a phone and i couldnt....Fuck verison i want those blood suck'n bastard to go bankrupt.

- Wednesday, July 14, 2004 at 16:24:31 (EDT)
Verizon is the only game in town for my residence land line. I have lived in the same residence for 12 years; the hardwire landline works fine except when it rains. We were using various dialup ISPs; I got tired always getting a busy signal when calling home. For a few months went to a local DSL ISP who could never get their act together. About a year ago went to Verizon DSL. I was out of town; my older son (uber geek) got it together. He said “the tech support bites. I wanted to follow the wires and kill the guys at the other end.” ALL the problems turned out to be on Verizon’s end, not ours. Verizon DSL has been running fine since installation. THEN… I called to see if I could get dialup added to my DSL. I am out in the field a lot, and would like to be able to connect. I was told I could get “MOBILITY” for about $8 a month to give me 20 hours of dialup. It would take about 15 minutes. I was told to use the same user ID and password I normally use. A week later, no joy. I would get a good connect, then my user ID and password bounced. I logged about 2 hours with tech support runarounds. At least once got a Tech Support that didn’t speak any languages I know (English, Spanish, German, C++). One young man (who didn’t seem to know the difference between dialup and DSL) gave me a gibberish string to use as a user ID. That didn’t work either. Finally got a tech support person who told me to call Billing. Billing was closed for the day. Next day, got billing, they said for some reason I hadn’t been activated. Said I would be up in 15 minutes. Hour later, still doesn’t work, either with normal Verizon ID/PW or the gibberish string. OBTW, read the horror stories about Verizon Wireless. VW has the only coverage on the 98,000 acre site where I work. Gonna have to try them. Sigh.

- Tuesday, July 13, 2004 at 13:44:25 (EDT)
I thought I had switched from cellone to verizon on june 30th 2004,wrong here it is july 6th and when a local number calls my cell they still get cellone voice mail. the (BRILLANT)people in the port center tell me the port is complete.I don't have technical training but if I'm still getting voicemail from another company something is not finished I think? First verizon blamed cellone ,made me call to check on everything now they are blaming Qwest . this company cann't take any responsability for anything ,all they care about is being the BIGGEST not the best just the biggest. the techs,custumer service no one knows how to listen just run their mouth and make excuses. I'm to the point now that everytime I see that little punk (can you hear me now) on tv I just want to knock the stuffing out of him. Just for kicks I looked up all the ceo's and other big shots,no one on top has anything to do with custumer service or relations ,it shows how important that is to the company. Allthis wouldn't be so bad but this number is for my construction company and now no one can call me. KEITH MOTLEY /Monte Vista,Co.

- Tuesday, July 06, 2004 at 11:22:58 (EDT)
Ahh, you would THINK that having Verizon would be such a great idea when traveling - ýbut - well, you know where I am heading...ý I tried desperately to access my e-mail account, and every time I types my name and ýpassword, the site changed my typing to CAPS - and I was OUT. After 3 times I was ýinvited to enter a new password, and a confirmation would be sent to my e-mail account.. ýA typical Verizon Catch 22...ý So, No e-mail on vacation, lost reservation, well, relax and enjoy. sort of. ý Coming back I tried to contact Veri-Who by e-mail, only to be told 12 days later - that ýthey dont provide on-line support.ý And THAT takes 12 days to answer?ý Any recommendations?ý Frustrated in Rockville MD. ý

- Saturday, July 03, 2004 at 17:17:55 (EDT)
June 28, 2004 Dear: Verizon/DSL When Road Runner became available in our area approximately 1year before DSL was available, I chose to wait for Verizon. My e-mail address is and I did not want to loose it. After waiting patiently I finally received news that DSL service would be available in our area in December of 2003. I signed up immediately and told the person I originally spoke with on the phone about my wait and the importance of keeping my e-mail address. She assured me I would not have a problem with that. I had no way of knowing how Verizon was going to do this but I certainly expected she would know. Apparently she didn’t. I have been paying for dial up service and DSL service since January 2004. When I found the mistake I called Verizon and canceled my dial up. I thought that Verizon had forgotten to disconnect it; I had no idea why I was still paying for it. When I checked my e-mail next, I could not get through so I called technical support and they told me I couldn’t get on because I had cancelled my dial up account. I explained that I had to have it back and I explained that I had originally told the woman when I ordered DSL that I could not loose my address. I was irate and she finally said she could get it back but it may take a few days. I lost a few business days but was relieved that I could get my address back. The woman told me I should have upgraded my dial up to DSL but instead I just ordered DSL. I had to explain that I was not the one who did this but that it was in fact the person I originally ordered it from. All she said was sorry but that is the way it should have been done. So I told her to go ahead and fix it. In February I received a credit on my bill for dial up so I thought she had corrected it. In March and April I was charged for dial up but I did not check my bill thoroughly so I missed it. In May I checked my bill and was still being charged for dial up, I was under the impression it had been fixed. I called Verizon a third time and had to explain the above to technical support who in turn transferred me to billing. I then had to explain the above again. She said she would cancel my DSL and put in an order to upgrade my dial up to DSL. On June 15th I could not get on the internet and called technical support. They helped me change my settings to dial up. I then asked to be transferred to the order status division to find out when my DSL would be back. The woman told me that there was no order to upgrade my DSL to dial up. I explained everything above and she told me she would put in an order for DSL. I explained that I had to have my dial up upgraded to DSL so I wouldn’t loose my e-mail address and she said she could not upgrade it but she could add DSL. I explained everything again but she just didn’t seem to understand and became frustrated with me. She then transferred me to sales and I had to explain everything above again. This woman told me DSL was not available in my area. I explained the above and told her several times that I have had DSL for six months so it is available in our area and she said, “Well we can’t hook up DSL in your area if it isn’t available and that is what the computer is telling me.” I was about to explode so I simply hung up on her. When I called back a few minutes later I spoke with Ms. Nelson in billing. When I explained everything above she assured me this was an easy process and she would help me in every way she could. She was on the phone with me for over an hour because the lady I had previously spoken to put in an order for DSL and Ms. Nelson could not put in my order for upgrading dial up to DSL until that order was canceled and cleared from the computer. She assured me that it would be out of the computer within 24 hours and gave me her name and extension (1047) so that I could call her back on Monday to check on the status. When I called her on Monday she said the DSL order was canceled and my upgrade from dial up to DSL should be finished and I should have my DSL back by June 28th. My DSL account was canceled on June 15th and I thought 10 to 15 days was a long time to be on dial up but there was nothing I could really do about it. Ms. Nelson was very helpful and I appreciate her efforts tremendously. Simply reading what I have been through does not really show the reader the frustration I have encountered with countless hours talking and holding and explaining the story over and over again and again. I have back, neck and shoulder pain from a car accident and this experience has hindered my recovery. Today, June 28th I thought I would be back on DSL. When I called the order status division I was told my DSL would not be up and running until July 20th. I asked him to find out why and he had to call another department and then explained that when I canceled DSL the equipment was removed from the line. It now had to be reinstalled and this is how long it takes. I told him the entire story above and explained that I could not understand why it would take 35 days to re-connect my DSL after having it for 6 months. He just said that is the way it is done. I then asked him why the woman I originally spoke with about this didn’t tell me it would take over a month to have my dial up upgraded to DSL. Of course he couldn’t answer that but I do not think anyone in one department at Verizon has a clue as to what another department does. Why didn’t someone suggest they upgrade my dial up to DSL and then cancel my existing account? Maybe this wasn’t even an option but I do think I should have been told I would be on dial up for over a month when told I had to cancel my DSL account. I also think this should have been done correctly from the beginning. Why wasn’t my dial up upgraded to DSL when I originally ordered DSL and explained I couldn’t loose my e-mail address? This problem is due to incompetence within Verizon. I have been paying for dial up and DSL for 6 months and I think I deserve a credit for both considering all of the incompetence Verizon has shown through out this ordeal. I am assuming my DSL account will be up and running on July 20th and I will not have a problem with my e-mail account but I’m not really sure this will be the case. All I can do now is wait and struggle with dial up until that time. Please govern yourselves accordingly. Thank you, Robin P.

- Thursday, July 01, 2004 at 08:17:56 (EDT)
"We apologize for the delay. Please remain on the line, and the next available technician will assist you. Thank you." -- the on hold message for the New England Boston Carrier Acct Center, 800-656-3116, repeats about every 20 seconds. After hearing the repetitive message for an hour, I went insane. I had to do battle with Verizon monsters in the infernal circles of Hell before returning to the real world. I got transferred four times from the first circle of hell to the second circle, then back to the first circle and back to the second again. Verizon queues are the portals to Hell.

- Friday, June 18, 2004 at 11:19:20 (EDT)
After paying $4,800 per year for a Verizon yellow page ad and not receiving a single client through that ad, we cancelled our yellow page advertising. The salesman was very persistent about trying to get some kind of advertising and even got to the point about asking if we would like advertising through the StupidPages, sorry, I mean SuperPages. He said it was only $10 per mo. Heck for $10 per mo I figured we could try it out. He got someone to verify the order online and then during the verification she starts talking about pay-per-click. I stopped her and said I was told the cost was $10 per mo and the salesman chimes in with yes you could cap it at $10 per mo. After a month or two I am online with a different entity to setup the internet ad and I find out that you get no advertising for $10 per mo, since that is only a maintenance fee, although I have no idea what they "maintain". Now, she wants a credit card and wants to charge $20 per mo. I say no, I'm not interested, I have never agreed to anything more than internet advertising for $10 per month and that apparently is not available. I'm told there is a verbal contract that I cannot cancel, although I never agreed to pay a maintenance fee of $10 per mo. Well, they have scammed the wrong person. When I get through with them, they will regret having tried to pull even $10 per month out of my pocket! I would like to find others who are having similar problems with Verizon SuperPages. Dated: June 17, 2004

- Thursday, June 17, 2004 at 14:12:32 (EDT)
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