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Same story as another on this page. They SUCK! We are constantly getting dropped service for no reason and are given 2 options: 1) wait it out and do NOTHING online, losing possible revenue, research time, news information, or 2) call their godawful customer service line with a VOICE-ACTIVATED call-direction system. So not only do you have to wait 40 minutes for an operator, but you have to listen to their BS propaganda and hearing "I'm sorry, I couldn't understand" when you say words that aren't in their system. Words like 'THE' or 'Tech support'. Verizon NEVER gives a shit about their customers. They will look for any excuse to pass the buck. They tried to blame the dropped connection on our router even though nothing had changed with it and those cockheads knew for a FACT that there was someone doing maintinence on their lines in our area Sherry

- Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 18:04:17 (EST)
I live in the big city of Chicago. I never have any service with my Verizon Wireless phone. They kept saying that it was due to a defective phone, but three phones later, I still have no service. I can't make or receive phone calls in my apartment, or at my work in Schaumburg. This really sucks, since my cell phone is my ONLY phone. I just love those commercials too: "Can You Hear Me Now?" FU*K NO!!!!

- Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 15:27:12 (EST)
It is not surprising to see Verizon in the top ten Hate sites per Forbes magazine. It is nice to see that someone who supports the average Joe has survived the onslaught of Verizon’s legal machine. Maybe the Commerce Commission and the FCC will read into this. Corporate America, you are getting too big for your shorts. Time to get off you high horse and listen to your customers and not worry so much about making money at the expense of your customers and employees.

- Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 12:10:12 (EST)
I work for Verizon and most of you are not alone. Wireless is not perfect but Verizon is not helping. I equate Verizon to T-Mobile as Bill Gates is to Steve Jobs. T-Mobile and Apple are going to be the giant killers in the game of David and Goliath! The problem is that not only are customers extorted into a two-year contract on a phone with a one-year warranty, sales reps are basically forced to sell accessories and data products. If they don’t, they most likely will see the axe within four months. This leads to some not so integral practices by sales representatives, and really at no fault of their own. All they want to do is keep their job. Month by month, now, Verizon has made it more difficult for sales reps to obtain the minimum goals set on their scorecards (the thing that determines if reps get put on a performance improvement plan “PIP” or not.) Lately I have been seeing some good reps get the axe because they refuse to go to the lengths of dishonesty to save their jobs. Verizon preaches, to cover their butts, selling with integrity. They do this because they know their sales goals are too lofty to avoid dishonest practices. I don’t know about other markets by in my market the leadership will ridicule you until you leave or get “PIP’d out.” Then there is a big rush to get your store ready for visits from the COO and CEO Denny and Lowell. Thusly ignoring your customers when leadership walks into your doors as you put your butt kissing lips on. Leadership does not even care about the concerns of the front line people but it is the front line people making the money for them. It is like biting off the hand that feeds you. I think that they would want to listen to their front line. Last year a survey went out which Verizon got a percentage that would mean failing on a report card at school. They boasted it as a success. WTF??? Don’t you know the only employees who cared to respond are those who have grievances with leadership, a leadership that refuses to listen? LISTEN TO YOUR EMPLOYEES BEFORE THE CWA STARTS LISTENING!!!!!!! So consumers be aware, if your sales person is good they will go over every item on your receipt rather than just try to hide it in the folder they are suppose to give you. Verizon, start listening to the people in your trenches who are fighting the battle for you. They actually know what the customer wants. Denny and Lowell, trade in your corporate jet and buy a train ticket. Stop living off the pain and suffering of your customers and employees. Stop futilely trying to regain the biggest spot and work on the best, which you have yet to achieve. Be careful, the pride always comes before the fall and soon T-Mobile will smite you with a rock in a sling because that is how easy it is to topple a giant!!!

- Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 11:51:11 (EST)
I don't see anybody on this page who has anything to say against verison DSL. They SUCK! We are constantly getting dropped service for no reason and are given 2 options: 1) wait it out and do NOTHING online, losing possible revenue, research time, news information, or 2) call their godawful customer service line with a VOICE-ACTIVATED call-direction system. So not only do you have to wait 40 minutes for an operator, but you have to listen to their BS propaganda and hearing "I'm sorry, I couldn't understand" when you say words that aren't in their system. Words like 'THE' or 'Tech support'. Verizon NEVER gives a shit about their customers. They will look for any excuse to pass the buck. They tried to blame the dropped connection on our router even though nothing had changed with it and those cockheads knew for a FACT that there was someone doing maintinence on their lines in our area.

- Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 11:04:24 (EST)
I never signed up for Verizon. I've always heard of people having problems with them. I talk with a friend quite a bit who has Verizon and her calls are always being dropped. We joke that Verizon needs to send the "Can you hear me now?" guy to whatever place she is at when the call is dropped. I'm sure she could keep him quite busy!

- Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 10:42:12 (EST)
Verizon charged my account for over 100 dollars for a phone that was broken..literally smashed after it was stepped on. After a month of being in the trash the phone some how racked up $117.86 in fees. When asked for a detailed bill to see when certain calls were made..(those calls that added up to 117.86) a customer rep. told me that it would be an additional 5 dollar charge!!! 5 bucks to prove myself right. Not going to happen, here's your phone back Verizon and your contract..roll it up real real tight and stick it in your money maker.

- Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 09:33:10 (EST)
When I signed on with verizon, they explained the package that I was purchasing. Of course the package I purchased sounded nice at first.... Then two months later when the bills came in I noticed the bill was doubled for no reason at all. I would call them to correct the bill and they were appologetic with me, then the next bill would come in and the bill had tripled and I called in AGAIN and they just kissed my ass up and down and would forget to adjust the bill and the bills just got bigger and bigger. Finally I told verizon that if they did not keep their word with me from the contract that they had written out, that I would call my attorney and break the two year bullshit contrat with them. So verizon would not fix the problems on the bills so I just broke the contrat with them. So verizon called and called and called my residence over and over to try to get me to pay the highly overcharged bill and I told them that they are ripoff's and I wont deal with verizon anymore. So when they called, I hung up the phone with them. So now verizon wont call me anymore and they did not bother sending the bills to a collection agency. Why? Because verizon knows they screwed up big time. So verizon ate the total amount of the bills which came out to be $ 900.00 when I broke contract with them 3 years ago. I hope this never happens to anyone else again. verizon should admitt to their mistakes and just close the doors and never reopen again.

- Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 09:08:13 (EST)
I have a friend who bought a cell phone and signed up for Verizon service. We were in a Verizon store talking to a salesperson. He told her if she had a particular plan she would have unlimited minutes with me, another Verizon customer. I asked if I would be charged since I didn't have the same plan. He said I wouldn't, but of course the next month I had $130 extra on my bill. I called and complained, told the phone rep I'd been assured I wouldn't be charged. He said, no problem, I'll remove the charges but that I should get on the same plan as my friend. I told him I was getting rid of my phone soon, had fulfilled my initial contract with Verizon and didn't want to sign up for a new one or get stuck with a $175 cancellation penalty. He said I could switch plans without a new contract so I switched. You can guess what happened when I called to cancel my service. They hit me with the fee. I have written four letters, had three exhausting phone conversations all with people who have no ability to help me. All I get are bullshit form letters and bills and no response to my real query: What is Verizon's sales policy? My impression is that the sales people sell you whatever you seem to want and then they bill you for something else. Classic bait and switch. I paid the $175 when they threatened to send it to a credit collector. I'm sending copies of all my records to the state's attorney and Better Business Bureau but I feel like they can just get away with screwing people. I hate this company with a fury.

- Thursday, March 17, 2005 at 09:00:16 (EST)
One of the ladies I work with was sent to prison for 5 years for stealing money at a bank as a teller... Now she's taking your credit card information every day...

- Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 19:53:13 (EST)
I searched all over the web and could not find even 1 anti-tmobile website.

- Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 19:52:24 (EST)
I work for Verizon, everyday a hacker keeps getting customers info. and Verizon is doing nothing...

- Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 19:50:44 (EST)
1.) $24/hr? bullshit, we make under $8 2.) The person posting "good stuff" about verizon is really a manager who someone told about this site, and he is pretending to be a rep, and changing his name constantly, saying how good verizon wireless is. 3.) Here in the south there are no labor unions, or protection for the workers. 4.) Our staff is average 550 people. 5.) Our trainer showed us on a lcd projector that 5,000 people had been fired from this center in 3 years. 6.) That is a turn over rate of over 10 times the staff. 7.) wonder why you can't get good help? 8.) There are 3 people left out of my group of 23 from 9 months ago. 9.) Some reps taking your credit card info are ex-cons. 10.) They take joy in firing people for sneezing too hard. 11.) Our trainer was fired. 12.) Someone is still hacking into customer accts. every day and Verizon and Afni, aren't doing anything about it... 13.) My friend had her 2 week paycheck stolen out of her purse on her desk. 14.) People are selling drugs in the building. 15.) The general mgr. told c. there was no job for her. 16.) The gen. mgr. is a woman. 17.) the gen mgr. just promoted t. to c.'s old job. 18.) the gen. mgr. and t.'s car have been spotted in the parking lot many nights way after hours. 19.) Security observed strange sounds coming from a conference room, while t. and gen. mgr.'s car were in the lot. 20.) No wonder c. got fired and t. got promoted. 21.) In the summer time when everyone is wearing short sleeve shirt, it looks like a tattoo parade. 22.) Those are the people taking your money, checking account information, and credit cards every day. 23.) If you don't beleive me, come get a job at 1000 jeter dr., Opelika, AL. 24.) we hire all the time, so the doors are always open. 25.) Afni, is so scared of Verizon (the client) that they fire people if they sneeze too hard. 26.) Everyone that works at the outsourced center feels like a styrofoam cup. 27.) we all know our day is coming sooner or later,

- Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 19:48:24 (EST)
it has only been in the last three days that my husband and I are realizing what a mistake we have made by going with Verizon. We opened our bill and it was over $500.00 for one billing cycle. They charged us over 300 dollars for minutes that should have been covered by our Free nights and weekends and IN calling. What a mess. We called to talk to them and were placed on hold. After holding for close to 10 minutes we heard a message that said the call center was now closed and to call back. UNBELIEVABLE!!! My husband has verizon for approx. 1 year without much incident. There were a couple times we traveled cross country and got spanked on Roaming charges, but over all no problems. It wasn't till we added another phone for me in December and resigned a new contract that all the problems started. What a mess. I only wish we had seen this site before we signed. For those that have posted saying Verizon is the best signal etc, I say Up yours. Most of us don't feel that good customer service and honest billing and contractual practices are negotiable. All of us deserve to be treated fairly and HONESTLY and still get a good signal. The idea that you "trade off" getting treated like crap for a good signal is a amazingly foolish concept. Even if you go with the old "You get what you pay for...." I should be able to make calls from the moon on my gold plated Verizon phone, but no. I will share my story with anyone who will listen for the remainder of my contract. A erickson - San Antonio TX

- Wednesday, March 16, 2005 at 08:46:44 (EST)
I think the people complaining are just lame consumers. Verizon's quality is so much better than the other providers.

- Tuesday, March 15, 2005 at 13:34:26 (EST)
All I can say about the employees is this, "The good ones that are honest and do their jobs right get the same HUGE paycheck that the lazy union slugs that don't work get. Unfortunately what happens is the good ones get overpowered by the bad ones and they both tend to complain about how harshly they are treated by management and they end up just staying for the paycheck and being miserable. Yes there are some real stupid people in management, but at least they work towards trying to better themselves and get caught in the red tape sometimes. I'm sick of hearing the money isn't worth it and seeing them sitting there like drones day after day. Put your money were your mouth is and quit for christ sakes. I mean sitting on my ass for eight to ten hours a day reading the paper in between calls and playing game boys and feeding my fat face making $24 bucks an hour would send me over the edge too. Give me a break. Get a real job. Take a shower in the morning and fight the traffic and corporate bullshit somewhere else for just say about $11 bucks an hour and tell me what you think. Oh yeah don't forget the free health and dental. Try paying for that out of your own pocket when you make $11 bucks an hour. Just shut the fuck up and take a call. Maybe then our customers wouldn't be so miserable if they got the service they were paying for being taken care of by people who care about their jobs. Sorry Mr. & Mrs. John Q Phonecustomer I'm not in the mood to service you today because my boss asked me to come in on time and act like a professional. I think I'll call out sick tomorrow to get even. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

- Monday, March 14, 2005 at 21:30:29 (EST)
i am a kid and i love to text message but i only have a prepaid phone and it cost to text and i get in trouble i was wondering if i could convert me cell phone it is a motorola from walmart to verizon and get a plan with unlimited text messaging and free night and weekends

- Sunday, March 13, 2005 at 21:34:17 (EST)
We have 42,000,000 customers. My name is R.J. and I own half of Verizon Wireless. The other half is owned by VodaPhone. I currently live in Ohio though I travel a lot. I am rich beyond your wildest dreams. You cannot affect my Power Of Numbers Organization. You think a few ten thousand disatisfied customers will hurt my company? My new advertising campaigns are adding 100,000 new customers per month. What are you possibly going to do to me? You can't possibly run national advertisements against me, you lack the financial ability. What are you all going to do? Organize against me? Complain to 60 minutes or O'Reilly on the factor? They won't even return your calls. No corporate entity can please everyone, though we go to great lengths to try.

- Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 22:43:47 (EST)
As a residential customer in Medford, MA. I had phone service and DSL at my apartment. When I was about to move I phoned the 800 service line and asked them to shut off all services. Two months later I get a bill for $50 for a month's worth of DSL. After fighting it for 3 months with more than 5 phone calls to Verizon and attempts to get the FCC involved it was easier for me to pay the $50 to get them to go away. Their logic - I should have called both the phone division and the DSL division separately to shut them both off. Since I did not call Verizon DSL I still had to pay for a months service since they did not shut off the DSL until I complained about being billed. The rip off - since the phone service was shut off I would not be able to use the DSL I had to pay for, the line was dead. I tell this story every time anyone says anything about verizon around me. John W. Medford, MA

- Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 20:58:10 (EST)
I feel kind of like NEO after taking the green pill. I was a loyal VZW employee, giving my all to the company and eating up every company line they fed me. Now I know the truth, first hand. I was terminated for basicly taking care of customers the right & honest way. I cannot go into details for fear of retaliation(everything I did was fully leagal, but they have very well paid lawyers and I don't)but let me just say that I saved as many people as I could from this evil empire. My only regret is that I cannot save the rest, or hurt Verizons numbers and bottom line further. May Verizon's executives all burn eternally in Hell. They are corupt beyond belief, truly evil. I wish I could go into more detail, but I fear for the security and peace of mind of my family. Verizon...BURN IN HELL!!!

- Saturday, March 12, 2005 at 18:17:15 (EST)
I have had only one experience with this company and it was not a good one. A few years back Verizon charged my VISA not once but TWICE for "consultation fees". From what I can remember it was about $90 each time. This is a company I never had any dealings with and was from some location in Virginia while I lived in Minnesota. I contacted VISA to report the fraud and instead of VISA correcting what had happened they shut ME down! They said the matter would be investigated but I never heard anything, and I had to wait weeks for a new card to be sent out. Only goes to show when the big boys get caught with their pants down, it's the victims who suffer. What probably happened is that VISA never investigated the matter and decided their customer base would recover $180 loss. Just mark it up as unaccountable consumer fraud. No explanation, no "sorry", no update. If this is the way Verizon treats it's non-customers, I can only imagine how it plows it's real ones!

- Friday, March 11, 2005 at 22:36:15 (EST)
The No Service run-a-round! After moving to a new area with my new wife, she suggested that we expand her Verison phone plan to include the friends and family plan, you know add the second line for $20.00 per month and split the 500 minutes ($59.00 per month before taxes- $75.00 after taxes) Being from Montana and knowing about the lack of signal strength in the mountains I was skeptical. We visited our local Verison service center and talked with the rep. He (of course)assured me that service in Eastern Tennessee was far better than Montana (more towers, smaller hills) besides my wife assured me she has had her phone for two years and verily rarely dropped a call. So we picked up our new phones (hers was a outdated model) and off we went to explore our new life with Verison. Over the next week every time I tried to use my phone I got a “No Service” message on my screen, the wife also said the same thing. Stopping back into the sales rep and talking with he, he took both the phones and updated the firmware; he then assured me everything would be OK. After getting home I tried to call the wife sitting in the next room, No Service! 4 more visits were in made to see the sales rep about lack of service. By now I had missed two different interviews for employment and was a bit irked. I could get voice messages via a land-line. In the morning I decided to visit our sales rep again, upon arrival I picked up our mail and our first bill was there. I opened the bill up and almost had a heart attack, $359.27. Now I was mad, upon entering the store the sales rep ducked out the back door and drove off to an “important meeting”. I cornered the owner of the store and had a one-on-one about the phones and bill. He assured that I was doing something wrong with the phones and they should work just fine. I handed the phones to him and they both showed a “No Service” message. He tried to call someone and could not get a sole, next he tried to update the firmware but this did not help. Finally he conceded defeat and gave us new phone (he did try to charge us for them). With this revelation I decided that I did not want the darn phones any longer and he could have them back. He advised me that we were contractually obligated for the 23 more months and we would have to pay the $75.00 if we used the phones or not. I asked him about our bill and he said that this was an estimate of usage for the month plus the activation fees and deposit. I informed him that we paid the deposit when we picked up our phones and we were unable to use the phones so how could they estimate this usage. He informed me that they take the minutes my wife talked last month and plugged it into formula to calculate this charge. Again I informed him that we were unable to use the phones so we should have 500 minutes on the account. To date I visit the local office on a daily bases to check the status of the bill and have threatening civil action. Currently I am painting a sign (4x8) for the bed of my truck and will park it just outside the office with a detailed list of complaints about the company.

- Friday, March 11, 2005 at 11:29:38 (EST)
Talk about a rip-off! About a month ago I tried to make a call from my cell (Verizon service), and I kept getting a really fast busy signal. I called support, and the guy asked me if I was dialing "1" before the long distance numbers I was calling. "Yes". He said just to dial the number w/o it, and I should get thru. I couldn't. Called back, and this really nice lady went thru all kinds of things with me about the phone, trying to get it to work. When she asked me when I got my phone (2001 - less than 4 years ago), she said, "I'm sorry, but your phone is no good - it's too old, and we can't make it work." Now, I had been paying on this m*****f*****r for God knows how long w/no service (I didn't often make calls). I told her to stop the service, and she informed me since my husband opened the account only he could stop it (even tho he told them I had as much control as he did over the account). Verisux would have billed me forever had I not tried to make a call, then complained when I couldn't. They should inform their customers when they decide to stop support!

- Friday, March 11, 2005 at 09:32:24 (EST)
Heading out of town, I called Verizon to change my plan to national, and bumped up to the next level of minutes. I don't know if that's still their policy, but at the time I was told that I could do that at any time. I live in Michigan but was preparing to move to and dating someone in Colorado. This trip was just to New York, to visit a friend before I added a few thousand miles to the distance between us. So... The Verizon guy on the phone told me I was all set, and I expected my bill with the added range, minutes and calls from NY to Colorado to be about $50 more than usual. The following month I was IN Colorado and I got the bill - for a little over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS! I called to find out why and they didn't have any record of me changing my plan. All my phone calls were roaming, long distance, and I went way over my minutes. They would absolutely not budge on the bill and insisted I pay it all off at once. I couldn't cancel my plan without paying a penalty. After over a year of paying the regular price of my bill (and not using the phone), I lost my job and couldn't pay anything. Immediately the threatening calls and letters started, they swore and and called my family names on the phone. After already paying off over a thousand dollars of their mistake, I finally had to declare bankrupsy or have them take me to court. In retrospect, I probably had more options than were apparent at the time. Live and learn - and never give Verizon a penny again.

- Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 20:36:16 (EST)
I moved to an apt across the street from my old place. Instead of cutting off service from the old place, Verizon zombies told me they could transfer the account, which sounded fine to me. The next month, I noticed that instead of the regular bill for $49, I was double billed for $98! So I called and, spent over an hour on the phone before they agreed to credit me the difference. The next mont came and the same thing happened. This went on for over five months. Finally, I was free. I canceled the service entirely, phone and DSL both, I moved out of that place and moved out to another place. a year later, I get a notice from a collection agency. They sent me a [erroneous] bill for the extra $49, and when it came back because I didn't live there, they sent it to an agency. When I called back to resolve it, they treated me like a criminal desipte their history of consistently double billing me for over five months. I hope that whoever set up this billing system rots in hell.

- Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 18:03:22 (EST)
So some fun overbills we found while reading our 9 bills from Verizon: $250/month since 2001, for a group of analog DID lines that were supposed to have been disconnected when replaced with a T1 line. Lines disconnected with no credit $1200/month for a T1 data line running approx 200 feet between adjacent buildings. Entered incorrectly when the line was provisioned, quoted cost was $250. Mistake acknowledged, but still not fixed. $850/month for Flexgrow T1 voice and data service. Many trips from freshly trained Verizon techs. No one told us for many months that the equipment couldn't be provisioned the way it was requested. Techs kept replacing hardware, but no one knew that a special group within Verizon was responsible for programming the CPE device. Installation cancelled after 9 months. Verizon ack'd problem, and promised a credit. Switch incorrectly programmed when LD service was transferred from Sprint to ATT. All calls from a company with 80 employees were directed to sprint and charged at the non-customer rate of $4 a minute. Mistake ack'd by Verizon after 15 phone calls and 2 month research period (where calls were still being misdirected), credit of $6000 issued to a phone bill that receives $250/month in charges. First bills for new facility start coming in at $3000 a month. Twice what a comparible building across the street is being charged. Verizon bring in several individuals, none are able to explain bill. Verizon agrees to drop price by half if we stop asking questions. So after 6 months of weekly calls to Verizon billing we have been promised close to $20,000 in credits, and have halfed our monthly charges. A Verizon rep said on the phone that at the moment they have over a dozen independant billing systems, and no one has the training necessary to understand all the line entries on each system. Nearly half of our month bills contained some form of error, which matches nicely with the stats quoted on this site.

- Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 11:57:26 (EST)
Nearly the last year of my life has been back and forth with Verizon, dealing with issues. The accounting department has asked me to start checking every one of the dozen or so Verizon bills we get (for some reason Verizon cannot combine onto one bill). So some overbills we've found:

- Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 11:40:37 (EST)
Every time there's a strong rain, my phone service dies. This has been going on for three years now. Other people in my building have the same problem, and they tell me it's been that way for decades. My phone line is strung between two light poles going up to a telephone pole across the street, so it's completely exposed. When I lose phone service, I call Verizon, and they promise to send out a tech sometime the next day. The tech may or may not show up. If he (always a guy) shows, he asks for access to the basement, then disappears. He'll usually reappear several hours later and say it's "a problem at the trunk", and then leave me with a dead line. I repeat this process three or four times until the line dries out. I don't have a dial tone probably 20 days a year, and I figure the least I can do is cost them a couple hundred a year in service calls. The odd thing is, my DSL on the same line stays up all the time. I'd switch to Vonage if I could, but Verizon is a monopoly, and they'll can my DSL (through Speakeasy) if I shut down my phone service. The worst time this happened, my 18-month-old daugther had just gone into the emergency room. My wife had left a short message from her cell saying she was going into surgery for complications from a strep infection, but she didn't tell me which hospital she was at. I had to stay at home to take care of my older daughter, I didn't have a cell, and all the phones in my building were down, so I was stuck. After my older daughter went to bed, I dashed out of the house in the rain looking for a payphone, but none of them were working. The restaurant downstairs had a working fax line that I could call out on, but my wife couldn't leave her cell on in the hospital, so I had to leave a message. I waited all that night for a call from my wife, but the phone never came back on. The next day, I had to go into work and wait for my wife to call. Fortunately, my younger daughter came out of surgery in stable condition, and she recovered faster than my phone service.

- Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 11:33:05 (EST)
Listen to this one. Due to VERIZON's ignorance my business has been put on hold. About 2 weeks ago someone at Verizon allowed my DSL account to be cancelled without my knowledge by someone named Derrick something. Someone I ovbiously don't know and they can't confirm. VERIZON has done nothing to help the situation and now my (online)business suffers. They are making me open a new account which means new e-mail which means all my online statements that I have NO IDEA on how to change the e-mail addresses are now screwed. GOD FORBID I pay something late and mess up my credit.These asses could have cared less. They offered me complementary dial up (that I'm paying for since I'm still paying the bill on the DSL account that they cancelled) but I can't use it cause I can't get incoming calls. And even if I did bother to connect my e-mail wouldn't work cause it's tied into my account and CAN'T be transfered due to it being the main e-mail address on the account. The clown had the nerve to remind me that if I don't cancel the dial up that I don't want I'll be charged for it.

- Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 09:35:49 (EST)
Oh don't get me started on NYNEX (AKA crappix)/Bell Atlantic (Hell Atlantic)/Verizon (well, you got a good name for it on this site). Imagine, me, living in a nicely appointed downtown Manhattan apartment. Good so far. Now I just want a little local phone service. Ok, no problem - there's only 1 number to call, and that is Verizon. After setting up their plan, I'm good as gold, got a dialtone, no problem. Problem sets in a week later - come home, no dialtone. Call up "Customer Service" on my cell (T-Mobile, 4sure), and say "got no dialtone here". Lady on the line says "make sure you unplug everything on the jack, i'll test the line". But the jack is behind a huge f***ing dresser that's near impossible to move - I tell her - I didn't mess with it, the problem isn't the jack). She refuses to hear anything. Ok, I move it, unplug everything - sure enough, she tests it, there's some problem with the line. "I'll dispatch someone tomorrow". Ok, fine, no one comes. I miss a day of work. 2nd day, no finally someone comes. Problem is not in my apartment - which is what I told her, but downstairs somewhere. Ok, so they fix it, a couple days later. This same situation happens AT LEAST 3 TIMES in the year I live in the place. Time after time - they can't get a f***ing local line going. 3 days off of work - for NOTHING. I tell them, THE PROBLEM IS NOT IN MY APARTMENT. Every time they refuse to listen, send a tech to my apt (which means I have to be home the whole day and miss a day's work), and then find out someone cut the line downstairs. F***ING B*STARDS!!! Same OLD F**ING NYNEX!!!

- Thursday, March 10, 2005 at 01:26:51 (EST)
I was moving from VT to NY, & wanted to set up phone service in my new apartment. So I called up Verizon-- my current provider in VT, & also my prospective provider in NY-- & told them that I'd like to cancel my line in VT & start a new one in NY. Of course it wasn't that easy-- VT & NY were handled by different offices who had to transfer me back & forth through maze-like phone systems-- but that of course is just standard practice in corporate bureaucracies these days, so I was only mildly offended. What actually pissed me off is that after being tossed back & forth between various offices & repeatedly giving them phone #s, account #s, social security #s, etc, the NY folks finally came to the conclusion that they were not sure that I existed. (Mind you I was *already a Verizon customer*, but somehow moving to a different state cast doubt on my existence; I was a customer in VT, but in NY I was a suspicious stranger.) In order to be worthy of a telephone line in NY, I would have to provide them with photo ID. Sighingly, submissively, I ask them where I should go to present them with this ID-- the phone operator laughs. No, they don't actually have a physical *office* anywhere, what a quaint idea-- no, *both* the VT & NY operations (who don't apparently talk to each other or recognize each other's customers) are out of NJ. I would have to fax a photocopied ID to NJ, along with an authorization code, blah blah blah. I decided that if Verizon wasn't sure that I was actually a real customer of theirs, perhaps I wasn't so sure either. I switched to Vonage & haven't looked back since. <3, mungojelly

- Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 23:21:08 (EST)
No matter what you all say, MCI was much much much much worse than Verizon. Every month I was overbilled, sometimes by 3-4 times what the bill should have been. They were real crooks.

- Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 19:27:32 (EST)
Verizon has messed up my wireless bill every month for over 6 months. I call and complain every month and they fix it by just charging me the minimal rate. I finally got pissed one month and after arguing with th service rep, got her to admit that this happens so often, they do not even have to get approval anymore to fix the phone bill and she gave me that month free. Luckily my plan finally ended. They charged me roaming for calls that were not roaming, charged me for in-network calls that were suppose to be free, for text messages when I had unlimited text emssaging, and for off-peak calls when I have unlimited off-peak minutes. Some calls were getting charged double, eg. for roaming and for off-peak. Worst company ever.

- Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 18:49:43 (EST)
Verizon billed me on the wrong plan for my internet service in NJ... they overbilled my 500 dollars, I called and disputed the charges and they aknowledged their mistake and assured me that the balance was gone from my acct.. a year later I start getting notices from collection agencies about my balance owed to Verizon .. seems they never took care of the problam at all but sent it to a Debt collector .. basically I went through the entire process of disputing the reports on my credit report sucessfully, recieved a refund check for the 500 from verizon which they told me I should use to pay off the debt collector.... this would however aknowledge the debt and make it valid .. putting negative points on my report ... the agents couldnt seem to understand this .. I told them to log on to my acct that this issue was their mistake and I should be released from the debt .. called the credit reporting agency and had them call verizon .. verizon told them that yes .. the amount was never owed .. they took it off my debt collection and credit report .. I kept Verizons 500 bucks ... me=1 verizon=0 hope this makes somebody feel better that I got over on verizon

- Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 16:18:53 (EST)
I love Verizon! They are the most ethical Fortune 5 Company in existance! Quit whining! Verizon is the best choice for telephone, wireless, and advertising solutions!

- Wednesday, March 09, 2005 at 10:30:19 (EST)
Hey, just wanted to agree with the guy that works at Verizon. I work at the Dublin,Ohio call center and everything you say is true about the quality of employees they have there. How can you get good customer service with the low grade quality people they hire? Oh and the stuff about the background checks? Ha! it is even worse here than what you described goes on at the one you work at. Then I have to deal with the brunt of training and supervising these people. As supervisors, we have no input as to who gets hired as customer service reps. Oh, and the comment about the girl who used to work with the lady who had a conviction for credit card fraud sounds so damn familiar. Happens here as well. We have several people that have worked in banks with checkered pasts. But, I am happy to say that I got a new job that starts in May and I cannot wait!

- Tuesday, March 08, 2005 at 17:36:38 (EST)
Let me recommend that NOONE EVER ADVERTISE with Verizon Their sales representatives are unresponsive, disorganized and deceptive. I put up an ad for my company in July of 2004 with good placement and it ends up costing about $270 per month. Generally with marketing you spend about 1/3rd what you expect to get in return. Well, after a few months I’m not even getting that amount back. I call my rep at Verizon and he assures me that the ad is posted in the DC Metropolitan area and that this area has the best reach and most hits of anywhere in the country. He gives me a 20 minute sales pitch about how effective the advertising is, but that I need to wait a bit for it to really catch on. So, since I’m still in this “free trial” period where I’m not paying, but the ad is allegedly public, I decide to wait. A couple of months later, I call back and try to see what’s going on as I’m still not getting any business from this ad (I know because I ask my customers where they heard about us). I call my representative in December and he tells me that, “my ad was accidently centralized in the Arlington, Texas Metro area not the Arlington, Virginia Metro area” and that while he can’t “refund me for his mistake” he can “give me a new trial period for two months in the DC Metro area". So, being fairily naive about this, I decide to try it again, with the ad in the DC Metro area instead. I get a few calls here and there referred from Verizon SP, one asking me if I “rent typewriters” another asking me if I do “telephone repair” (yes, home telephone repair, as in repairing a broken power cord to a wireless phone). I shrug these off as possible abberations of the service’s widespread reach. You see, it took me a month to even get a hold of my representative and then once I did, he was very confident and charasmatic about how effective this new plan would be. Somehow or another during the mix up here, my account was “taken over” by a “Yellow Pages” representative. Evidently, the YP reps have precedence over the reps. This person was always trying to shove ridiculously expensive plans down my throat and convince me to buy them. I tried calling him back one day to inquire about my account and left a message. I never heard back from him. Weeks later I found out that he had been terminated (why? probably for being an incompetent moron.. but I suppose I’ll never know). Then, I talk to my old rep who claims he can’t help me with my account which I’m ready to terminate at this point because of all this non-sense. He says since it was taken by a YP rep he has to talk to some supervisors in a conference call the next day. Two weeks later after several e-mails and calls, he gets back to me and claims that, “I’ve been referred to another representative in Virginia” and gives me the wrong number to contact them. I had also contacted the customer service (if you can even call it that since many of them are rude and disrespectful of the people that pay their salary) and they claimed my account would be cancelled in two weeks. It wasn’t. Now I’m leaving messages on supervisors voice mails. They aren’t calling back. I call customer service again, they dismiss me and essentially try to tell me there’s nothing I can do. What I do find out is the following: A) There was no free trial period I was still being billed for an allegedly 12 month long contract (that I had never formally or informally consented to orally or in a written form [more on this later]) B) That they claim my ad was never run in Texas, even though my rep said it was (and it WAS). C) Doing business with Verizon’s is a horrible ordeal full of deceptive jerks, disrespectful customer service reps and non-responsive supervisors. The contract they claim that I was obligated to for a 12 month term never existed. You see, when you sign up for an ad they have a an independant company verify it. What they don’t tell you (and therefore there is no term on the contract) is that you’re obligated for a year. They claim the independant service verifies the contract, but they never even claim they verify the term. I asked for a copy of the contract and they can’t even send me that. For a contract to be enforceable, legitimate even, there has to be what’s called a “meeting of the minds” (unless it’s some EULA crap). There was no meeting and unlike a EULA which I have more respect for than Verizon’s contracting standards, at least a EULA specifies the actual terms and conditions SOMEWHERE (even if it’s after you open the shrinkwrap) – whereas Verizon representatives tell you absolutely nothing. What a bunch of jerks! I’m already talking to one of my corporate attorneys about this matter because I’m very fed up with Verizon If you’re EVER thinking about getting an advertisement with Verizon, let me do you a favor and save you the trouble, DON’T DO IT. Consider Google Ads or other advertising, but absolutely do not use Verizon They are the worst service I’ve ever experienced and they are absolutely horrible at their jobs and their advertising isn’t even effective! I’ll update everyone as the situation changes… wish me luck…

- Sunday, February 27, 2005 at 07:31:28 (EST)
Why you are all having trouble... I work for verizon, and I understand your concern. Beleive me, I get people screaming mad, yelling and cussing at me every day, all day. But I know the reason all of you are having trouble. At my call center, which is an outsourced center, we have an astronomical turnover rate. We have a staff of about 550 people. But in 3 years over 5,000 people have been hired and fired. Most of the people there are less than a year with the company, the greatest majority don't make it through 3 months. I call to get something done for a customer, and try to get customer service, or financial services, or treasury, or wireless data technical support,, or mobile office, or whatever department the customer needs. When I finally get the correct department, the rep. doesn't even have a clue how to do their job. I'm not fucking kidding. I have to tell them what to click and where to click it sometimes. I ask, "How long have you been here with the company?" and it's usually less than 3 months. I'm blown away. We have a huge training program, and generally hire 138 people a month. Our human resources department writes up stacks of termination papers as "Not enough knowledge". I myself got written up the other day for clocking in a minute too early. My supervisor picks the tiniest peice of bullshit and try's to write us up for it. I am scared to breath to hard. Every day I go into work, and it feels like a million pounds on my shoulders. Another friend got fired, b/c the time clocks were out of synchronization, and she clocked out on one, and in on the other, and there was a minute difference so they fired her. She had a previous write up, b/c she got caught looking at her cell phone to make sure it was turned off when she got back from lunch. She was a damn good rep., and did a fantastic job, so naturally they fired her for a stupid goddamn reason. Our computers fuck up all the time, but we are told to lie to the customer, and just tell them that they are being upgraded. I see customers get fucked over so bad, it's not funny, and I try so hard to do a good job, and to help, but our managment is a bunch of goddamn retards. They are so busy treating us like school children, and so caught up in the hiring/firing game that we cannot keep any good help any length of time. This will really interest you... We have a hacker that gets into our system and takes advantage of the newness of employees. He and his accomplice call in all the time, and put pressure on us to give out your personal info. They threaten us with our job, screaming and yelling. Some of the new reps. who are really new on the job, like a few weeks will fall for it, and they will give up the info under pressure, of course they are fired immediately. But the customer whose info. is posted on the web for hackers, he or she is fucked up beyond all recognition. Once they get the info. they log in through the net, and steal your checking account, or credit card info. Of course the management response is "Have them call visa/their bank/whoever". Because if you sign up for the web, we take zero responsibility for your account. If anybody ever took the time to read that disclaimer before putting their account online, nobody in their right mind would sign up for it. It basically states, if hackers get your info, you are fucked, and we don't have to do jack shit. This should really really interest you... I was on lunch sitting outside the building, and a girl I worked with was freaking out she said, "You see that lady?" I said, "yeah... what's up?" she said, "She used to work with me at the bank." I replied, "So what? why are you so freaked?" She said, "she got arrested seven years ago for money laundering and fraud, and now she works here taking peoples credit cards and checking accounts all day..." I was speechless... But I found out that we don't really do background checks. ( how the hell can we with a turnover rate over 400%? ) The training for new employees alone is well in the millions, b/c we get either 2 weeks of training, or 6 weeks depending on which department you go into, doing background checks which are very expensive would cost way to much money. The company I work for (outsourced) claim they do background checks on everybody now. But that's just another lie to appease verizon, we even have falsified record and the whole 9 yards... We also still have ex-cons taking your account info everyday as well... We just hired another 60 people and the saga continues month after month after month... So if you wonder why you are not getting good service, it's because most of the people are fired, before they even learn their job. I've seen our computers take money from customers accounts when it wasn't owed, and then my requests to refund the money were denied, because "it will be owed in the future". One lady went to make a 40.00 payment, and it drafted 4,000.00 and they had the balls to refuse a refund. She is currently suing us. ( could you expect less ? ) Yes, there really are a lot of very ignorant people running the company. I myself could easily fix some problems there that would save them 9,360,000.00 a year. But that is only a drop in the bucket to them, and I'd never be allowed to do that, b/c I am just a little piss ant in the big chain. But this piss ant, is going to find a better job, where I can make a difference and not go into work everyday feeling like I am going to have a nervous breakdown, or wondering if today will be the day i get fired. After I write this, I am also brushing up my resume, b/c I too, have had enough. I leave you all to those know-nothing new hirees, and to the worst management in the world. Good day customers.

- Saturday, February 19, 2005 at 17:56:28 (EST)
hey listen to this, i live in california and my experience with verizon is just horrible, i mean just words cannot describe it. i had to move and leave adelphia cable :(, so i get verizon dsl, sounds good, comes with msn, and also is pretty cheap and advertises 1.5mb per second. so my mom and dad both get it since they got the phones and they get some wierd discount cause of having verizon everything so anyways for a month it is the fastest inter i hav ever used, just blink of an eye loading times, can download beta versions of RPGs in like 1 hour (typical 400-500meg files). so this is pretty nice playing games and getting my homework done in half the time, to good to be true, next month changed everything. the ready light starts to blink funny and my internet will work at medium speed for about 45 minuths then shut off instantly! i call up verizon and the load me up with bs on something with an unstable server and how it crashed, well my dads is working and not my moms. hmmm.....same 1 mile away....and also switch problems month to month, something is fishy. finally after months of just being total pissed of i start to get firm in my reponses to my phone call so finally i just hang up cause some stuck up bitch is talking like she has a world to own. next day the internet is completely gone, i have a project due in about 2 weeks that is a difference of an entire letter grade so im like ill get it done tomorrow, internet wont work, for 2 STRAIGHT WEEKS IS DOES NOT WORK!!!!!, that stupid light blinks and gets faster, then stops!!!!!!!!, blinks slowly again AND DOES THE SAME THING!!!! so finally over a shitload of static i call up verizon and say hey! why wont my damn internet work? its like what 30-40 bucks a month and my old dial up was more reliable! they respond in this is a disaster as big as the florida hurricane and i hang up and just start laughing, after about 10 minutes i call em back and they transfer me over to the phone section and say someone will be out within the next 2 weeks to INSPECT my problem...not FIX...but i start yelling at the bitch (unrecorded message) and just hang up! im sick of this cause of verizon i got a fucking c- in spanihs and cant drive 1 grade away from honor roll and i cant fucking drive THANKS A LOT YOU ASSHOLES!!!!! im getting sbc, fuck this shit

- Friday, February 18, 2005 at 20:53:54 (EST)
One time I was updating my webpage using Verizon's site builder tool. Instead of linking me up to my password-protected webpages it sent me to someone else's password-protected data. I made a little page to show that I'd been there and also to show how honked up Verizon's web/internet security is. I made this little page called - "Verizon's Broke It Let Me Into Your Account." You can visit by copying and pasting this URL to your browser -

- Sunday, February 13, 2005 at 05:19:54 (EST)
Verizon lost my website. They tell me their servers "went down" in December. Not sure why that caused them to lose every bit of data on my website. I thought servers were backed up on tape drives, or something, every so often. It was over a years worth of work. Family pictures, wedding, name it lost. I had used the 10 Mb that came with my DSL package and was paying Verizon by the month for an additional 100 Mb. I built a new page called "Verizon Lost My Website" where my old one was at -

- Sunday, February 13, 2005 at 04:25:26 (EST)
I am currently a ALLTEL WIRELESS CUSTOMER, but have no intentions of dropping them, they have been wonderful to me for the past 4 years since feb 02. But i thought i try calling verizon wireless to see if i could get service in a non verizon area if i go to a verizon wireless store. Well those pricks are jerks. Sorry we cannot sell you service where you live. if either online or at a store in person, But even though i am with alltel, i roam off of verizon wireless all the time in the harrisburg, pa and just about anywhere else. They suck big time.Yeah i am roaming off of those pricks cell towers. People can call me i can make calls with no trouble. But seems like STupid verizon won't alert my phone that i have a voice message. Also why won't the damn call show up to when they call. my friend called me 2 timesfrom pittsburgh. and my phone is on 24/7 and i was staying with my friend in harrisburg, pa not even once did that call show up. Yet i visiting my aunt in lebanon pa and my friend that i was going stay with at that time called and it shows up with out a problem and i am roaming off of verizon wireless towers. I agree with you people and folks, verizon does suck big time!!!!!! For your info to i had 7 full bars on my nokia 3587i cellphone the wholetime while roaming. Why won't the voice mail work and someone else wants to call and sometimes it works and sometimes it won't?? stupid veriozon wirelss jerks.

- Friday, February 11, 2005 at 21:38:25 (EST)
If you have been overbilled for services i.e. canceled services and Verizon continued to bill you please contact me I was overbilled for two months of service when I moved and they sent this to collections. They screwed my credit. I have sued them and am currently in settlement negiotations.

- Friday, February 11, 2005 at 15:38:40 (EST)
As for those of you who are calling us crybabies and complainers who have nothing better to do with our time... just what are YOU doing here? This seems to be a site for those with problems, not the 2% of the population who actually have had a good experience with this company. And by the way, to the Verizon operator... hello spell check. You spelled incompetent wrong like 3 times. LOL, how's THAT for ironic? (look it up... I don't have time to explain it to you.)

- Friday, February 04, 2005 at 14:49:25 (EST)
The following is a copy of the letter I just wrote to Verizon... I'm guessing I won't get any help from them, but I feel better! (now if they'd adjust the bill and get their crap straight, we'd be all set!) Verizon: Good afternoon. After yet another frustrating call to your offices, I decided it was time I write a formal complaint. My family relocated to the xxxxxxxx, VA area from overseas in September 2004. My husband signed up for our cellular phones, and although we were living in a 000 area code, the rep at the office gave us 111 area code phone numbers and told us that it wouldn't be a problem because it wasn't long distance. When we had the home phone line connected in October, we found that 111 WAS in fact long distance, and because we opted to not pay for long distance, we couldn't call our cell phones from our home number. When we went in to discuss this with the rep, she seemed aloof and only said “well it should work”. Had we not pressed her for an answer, she would have left things at that. After much debate, we convinced her of our problem, and she gave us phone numbers to call and have our cell numbers changed, and we then went through the lengthy process of informing all of our contacts about the change. When we asked to have our home phone connected a month later, we also asked to have our wireless and residential bills combined for ease of payment. This was not done, and now, in February 05, we are trying to straighten things out. The initial bill we received had one address to send payments to, the second had a different address, and the latest was different again. How are we supposed to keep up with all of the changes being made when we’re trying to manage our bills online? Because of the address changes, our payments which were made in a timely manner have not been posting to the appropriate accounts, when they actually post. For example, a payment of $101.19 was made (and paid by our bank) on December 19, 2004. That has not yet posted to any of our accounts with Verizon. A payment of $150.00 was made on January 4, and was paid by our bank immediately. It posted to our account this week. (Feb 1, 05) My husband again contacted the office where we had purchased our service, and asked where and when we were required to pay our residential bill. The woman told him that Verizon didn’t even offer residential service. We have made every effort to pay our bills on time and straighten this matter out. We spent hours at our banking institution and had three way calls put through with our bank and a Verizon representative. Still, we have no answers. I placed my last call to your customer service line today. I was told by the representative that our $150.00 payment that should have posted to our wireless bill was posted to our residential line, which gave us a $90 credit there. When I asked to have that payment transferred to our wireless bill, she said it was impossible. She had no record of the missing $101.19 payment from December, although it had been paid by our bank. She also advised me that when we asked to have our home phone connected, we should have asked that our bills be combined. We did ask for that to happen, but the disorganization and complete disarray that we have seen from day one with this company apparently ensured that didn’t happen. I asked this afternoon to have the bills combined, and was told that it would take 3 billing cycles for that to happen. I find that hard to believe. With the advances in technology and instant access we have through computers and what not, how is it that I can make a payment online and it posts within hours, but to combine a bill takes 3 months? That should take a click of a mouse. It seems to me that Verizon is completely unconcerned with the happiness of their customers, and that the main thing they’re after is the bottom line. I would like nothing more than to be released from our two year contract. We have dealt with some horrible companies in the past, but Verizon is by far the worst in terms of customer service. Your representatives that we met with in the office were uncaring and unknowledgeable, and the representatives I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with on the telephone haven’t been much better. In our lines of work, my husband and I encounter many newcomers to the area and many ask about services here. I could never with good conscience recommend Verizon to anyone I know. Your company offers an good and reliable service, but you need to stand behind that and support your customers. After all, it’s we who are supporting you.

- Friday, February 04, 2005 at 14:48:08 (EST)
I am now into day FOUR of no phone service here in suyburban Philadelphia. Verizon lost equipment due to a PECO energy transformer blowing up. Every day they lie and are rude. "The Problem will be resolved by 9 pm". every 9pm that passes, the more frustrated I become! Then they say I can call the PUC if I don't like their response, but what good does that do? I have called all local consumer affairs reporters, and my state senator, all to no avail

- Thursday, February 03, 2005 at 11:53:32 (EST)
I actually was going to start my own web site as to the nightmare I am experiencing with verizon. I previously had dsl at my old address, up and running in two weeks as is par. That was great! But I moved 7 months later in Oct. 2004 and all hell broke loose. Not more than 50 feet away from old address, same development. Was told not eligible for dsl after waiting 4 weeks. After being yelled at by a so-called supervisor(would not give last name). Turns out they put my new address in incorrectly. After 4 attempts to correct the address and 4 cancellations, 2 weeks wait time, each time. Unable to pay bills online recieve late fees and bought down credit score. I was sent another modem, still had the old one from Mar 2004. Verizon has no record of sending me a new one Hmmmm. Given numerous date of SRD, they were never met. Finally as of Jan.2005,I have dsl. I would like to have my msn that comes with account, it worked well for me before. But I am unable to do so. Countless hours, actually 10 hours so far trying to get msn account up and running. I was told to take out my ethernet card and put it back in. Was on hold for 30 minutes and was told I had reached dailed up help, and he would transfer me to dsl help, I said what is the help number for dsl, he said it was the same number I dialed when I got him! He transferred me and I waited another 30 minutes. My email has not worked properly since the dsl installation.When trying to set up the software, there are code given for error messages, I was told "That means nothing to me". Noone know what the error codes mean! It is now February. Now I have daily calls by a supervisor who admits she knows nothing about DSL! She has been polite but just checking in with me to see if I still don't have msn service and working email. I will update you as this, "progresses"? Thank you Marcus for your site!

- Wednesday, February 02, 2005 at 01:11:25 (EST)
Email address for the Cingular "PAIN" Story written on 02/01/05 is

- Tuesday, February 01, 2005 at 18:50:37 (EST)
Cingular is going down!!! I have been using Cingular Service for 4 years. I never was happy with Cingular, but I was hanging in there until they changed my plan. They gave me a new deal with 600 daytime and 5000 weekends roamfree account. Since they have changed my deal I have been getting unbelieveable bills for everymonth and needed to argue about each one of them at least for 1 hour. Everytime it was a different story. One of the examples is, that my deal is 600 anytime minutes and 5000 mobile-to-mobile minutes!!! I am not even sure if such deal exists. This kept on repeating and repeating and it came to point that they said you need to pay the money. Of course I didn't. I made the argument over the phone and didn't get anywhere, just got treated like a piece of pupu. After couple months they canceled my account. I was fine with that and I was so fed up with them that I didn't want to get in trouble by getting on my credit. So I called them. I said tell me the amount that I need to pay, they did and I paid. After a month I got another bill for $208 for the month that I didn't even have an account with cingular. I was off the hook. I exploded when I saw that the next letter that they sent me was from a collection agency. They are claiming that I need to pay another $208 because THEY terminated my account. That is just sucking consumer's blood. I don't want to pay the money, but on the other hand I don't want their name on my Credit History. Anybody know what I should do? I don't want them to get away with situations like this...

- Tuesday, February 01, 2005 at 18:48:48 (EST)
Recently moved to PA and signed up for Verizon for home, business and cell service (mostly because they have the best cell signal strength in SE PA.) There's far too much to outline here but I've had to invest over 3 hours EVERY MONTH fighting with Verizon to get things right and every month it's something else. First it was trouble getting the proper Treo SmartPhone for my wireless service. Then I got the phone but couldn't get it activated. Then they forgot to tell me about the constant web charges with these phones. My first bill was over $1200 because the phone keeps itself "online". They were supposed to inform me of this and put me on an unlimited web plan but didn't. Then the overbilling started. Every month something different. And every month another excuse. "Someone must have forgotten to put you on the correct plan", or "we accidentally charged you for nights & weekend minutes." Every month my wife pulls aside the phone bills and I automatically call them to discuss it. I URGE EVERY VERIZON CUSTOMER TO DO THIS. Even if you haven't reviewed the bill yourself or found problems, just call and ask to review the bill. Sure enough, I've been with them 7 months and EVERY MONTH THEY'VE HAD TO CREDIT ME BACK $. The average has been around $40. Most recently they cut off my long distance service for non-payment. I didn't pay because they overcharged and were supposed to credit me more $. Problem is their collections department doesn't communcate with the other departments so no one told them or updated my account. They tell me it's my job to contact collections to be sure they don't still "think" I owe anything in the event of a credit. Amazing! Another trick I think they use is losing your payment for a while. They claimed not to have received a check from me for 2 weeks. They charge me late fees and then want me to pay over the phone. I told them to drop dead, since I know the check was mailed over a week ago. Sure enough, I waited it out and the check miraculously showed up. Nice try. Once I can figure out if there's a service in Chester County with good cell coverage and support for my smartphone, I'm dropping these crooks. -Brian,

- Monday, January 24, 2005 at 13:06:54 (EST)
Huntington Beach, Ca. is one of two cities in the nation where Verizon is installing a controversial fiber-optic system that it says will compete with the local cable TV company. Here's what someone wrote to the local newspaper: LETTER TO THE EDITOR 11/21/04 If you’re like me, you’ve awakened the last few months to construction trucks rumbling up and down your street and men in hard hats wielding shovels and jack-hammers making a mess of your lawn. The sidewalks, curbs and streets on your block have been torn up, hastily repaired and torn up again; while an ominous orange thing called a Ditch Witch has crawled from corner to corner doing who-knows-what. Before you jump at the $42.95 Verizon wants for this fancy fiber-optic experiment causing all the grief, we should ask our city fathers if Verizon intends to spend an equal amount of manpower servicing subscribers once the system is up. If my recent experience with Verizon residential DSL is any indication, our easily-duped city is headed toward another infamous boondoggle once the dump trucks pull out. For weeks now I’ve been trying to resolve several technical issues with the web-site hosting service that Verizon touts when selling its residential DSL service to customers. Verizon provides a call center in Alabama - a long way from Huntington Beach – and in nearly a dozen phone calls, I’ve been on hold for an average of 15 minutes before speaking to a representative. Each time I’ve been curiously told the residential department doesn’t support the web service. Then I get transferred to the business department, which says it doesn’t speak to residential customers. Business sends me back to residential and the cycle repeats itself over and over again. Of course, while on hold, waiting to be transferred once again back to business, despite my pleas for mercy, I can glance out my window and see Verizon’s fiber-optic construction crew slicing into my neighbor’s sprinkler line or narrowly missing my cable-TV conduit as the sidewalk in front of the flower bed is being ripped apart. On my final attempt on the phone late, late last Thursday evening, I asked for a direct phone number, or an e-mail address, or a snail-mail address for a supervisor. That got me “Demo” (I was told Verizon employees can’t give addresses, telephone numbers or real names because of homeland security). Demo said it’s too bad about the web site thing, but “use it at your own risk.” There is “no guarantee that [my IT guy] will contact you. It’s his choice.” Well, at least he knew what he was talking about. I haven’t heard a thing. I guess in this high-tech era, the customer doesn’t come first any more. (NAME REMOVED ON REQUEST) POSTSCRIPT: The author reports he e-mailed a copy of this letter to the chief of Verizon operations for Nevada and California. Two days later he received a call from a representative of "Presidential Appeals," who resolved the problem, but not before all the data on one of the two web sites built by the author was lost. On Jan. 19, 2005 Verizon lost all of the data on the other web site without notice or explanation. Meanwhile, fiber-optic construction crews have finished patching up the author's neighborhood and he now has a huge concrete box in front of his driveway. The street had so many holes in it, an paving company was brought in, but only repaved one-half of the street because, as one worker said, "that's all they would pay for." Large chunks of sidewalk, dug up during construction, have been haphazardly repaired in shoddy fashion, leaving residents unhappy with the work. A city design committee rejected Verizon's attempt to put 130 towering control panels on street corners, but Verizon went over its head to the city council and won approval.

- Friday, January 21, 2005 at 12:23:08 (EST)
...Listen, this is the company that took a week to decide to pay employees who went home early due to stress, etc. on Sept. 11, 2001. Don't be surprised by anything. Read your bill and all the inserts EVERY MONTH!! That's the customer's responsiblity. DON'T wait six months or a year (or longer) to call about a discrepancy. And, by the way, I am sending out resumes' left and right. Just hope when the time comes I'll be able to get an hour off to go to the interview. $$$ isn't everything, peeps! Sell the SUVs and get yourself a job where they DON'T time your trips to the bathroom...

- Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 22:04:11 (EST)
Had local phone and DSL, when I canceled they were supposed to credit me back for the unused portion of the month. One side did (phone) but not the other (DSL). When ever I called they would say the other side had not credited me. They had the nerve to ask me to fax the bill to them!? You don't have a record of my bill? You seem to be able to bill me every month just fine! Finally after TWO YEARS (no BS)and who knows how many calls, I recieved my credit. Funny that I would get "service disconnect" notices every month as if I were still a customer... probably so their customer numbers look good to stockholders? Funny that when I canceled my Sprint PCS phone I recieved a bill for $0 for about six months after I canceled, I guess thats corp America for ya, ...screw the people as long as we make money... Anyways, as I tell every single person I meet, Verizon are Nazis, never buy from them. Seems everyone I talk to has some sort of terrible story about them. Food for thought, if thier billing dept was just plain incompetent then half thier customers should be accidently credited instead of everyone being overcharged. Hmmm....

- Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 19:39:33 (EST)
i have had nothing but problems after having verizon install a second phone in my home.since dsl is not available in my area i decided to get a second line for my internet service.when i first signed up to get it,they told me my bill would be higher than usual due to installation fees and i agreed that would be fine plus the cost of the second line and service.after all the fees were paid for installation,for months my bill was stll higher than it should have been.somtimes over 150 dollars and had never been that high when i was paying installation i called a verizon representative to find out why my bill was so much for my second line,and he told me that i had extra features on my line for the internet.i told him i didn't order any extra features for that line and he told me he would fix my bill so both phones would only cost me 75 dollars a month and i agreed and i gave him my internet dialup number to make sure i wouldnt be charged time on the internet because its a local number.when i received my bill the following month,it was over 300 dollars.they were charging me for every time i dialed into the internet plus time online.i called them back and asked them why they they had fixed a plan up like that because i didn't order it.the representative was very rude about it and said the charges will remain on your bill.thanks alot verizon,for making me pay for your mistakes.

- Saturday, January 15, 2005 at 17:01:27 (EST)
I lost landline service after a big thunderstorm. This was on a Thursday. I call customer "service" (what a joke!), and as usual they try to tell me that the problem is in my house, not their equipment. But I know this dodge and have already checked the outside box, so I *know* it's their problem. They tell me that it will be Monday before they can fix it. I tell them it's a simple fix, probably a fuse in the box, but no, it'll still take 4 days. I'm not happy about this, but I say OK. Monday AM, no service. I call, and am told I am a "priority." Monday afternoon, no service. I call again, again I am told I am a "priority," and I tell them I'm tired of that BS and I want my phone fixed. Monday evening, no service. I call again, demand a supervisor, and get put on hold for forty-five minutes before hanging up in disgust. Tuesday AM, no service. I call, and this time I am literally jumping up and down and screaming. The people at the convenience store whose pay phone I was using surely thought I was totally crazy. And well, yeah, by that time I was. I finally get someone further up the food chain who tells me that I am a "priority." Which was what I had heard 4 times the previous day. I lose it completely, I am frothing at the mouth and swearing and screaming and demanding the shift supervisor. Customer support droid tries transferring me to a non-existent voice mail. *BUT* -- she apparently doesn't know that that voice mail has a message that says "I don't listen to this mailbox any more, please phone me at XXX-XXX-XXXX" WHICH IS THE DIRECT LINE TO THE SHIFT SUPERVISOR. I call him, directly. These direct numbers are not supposed to be given out so he's a bit shaken up to be hearing directly from a *very* angry customer. (And I made sure he knew the name of the CS droid who had inadvertantly given me his number -- I hope they fired her ass.) I tell him about the runaround that I've been getting, and that I *know* the problem is a simple fix. He say's he'll dispatch someone immediately. It takes me 5 minutes to drive home; Verizon repair is waiting in my driveway when I arrive. The problem? A blown fuse in the non-user-serviceable part of the phone box -- as I predicted. Time to fix it? Less than 10 minutes, and that included the tech calling from the pole to test that it was working. Oh, and I should mention that 1) I don't have a cell phone, so I had no other phone service; 2) I'm pretty much in the middle of nowhere, so I would have been screwed if I had had any kind of emergency; and 3) I told Verizon this.

- Thursday, January 13, 2005 at 13:53:10 (EST)
WANT TO CANCEL YOUR SERVICE WITH NO TERMINATION FEE ???? HERES HOW TO DO IT Verizon Wireless has a policy called the worry free gurantee, and one of the rules that they have set up is that if you are not happy with the service you have 15 days in which to cancel without being charged for anything. The key in all of this is that when you call to cancel your Verizon Wireless Service, the Rep will do everything in there power to make you keep that line and one of the questions that they will ask you if you want to cancel is , Do you want to turn the line over to somebody else? basically what that does is gives verizon a new customer. Verizon has a formed for this and its called Assumption of liabilty, and what this will do is if you are already a Verzion wireless customer it will allow somebody else to take over your account. Now by them taking over your account this all goes back to the worry free gurantee policy which means you have 15 days to cancel with out being charged....Get it? Basically all you have to do if you want your service canceled with no FEE is have somebody else take over your account by signing an Assumption of Liabilty Form By them taking over the account it means that you have walked away scott free from paying any TERMINATION FEE , and it gives the new holder of your account 15 days to cancel the service with no fee as well . So one more time and ill make it short, Find somebody to take over your account inform them that they wont have to keep it at all just long enough to clear you of payin a ETF , they will take it over but you must let them know to be sure to cancel the service withing the 15 day period otherwise anytime past that, they will be charged the 175.00

- Thursday, January 13, 2005 at 12:43:33 (EST)
i have verizon cellular service, and i constantly run into problems. people in the corporate stores don't know anything, they are stupid people. customer service is always very helpful. but even though they take care of everything, i HATE having so many billing/signal quality/etc problems once a month. i need to find a way to get out of an early termination fee and switch to a better network. like cingular

- Tuesday, January 04, 2005 at 00:59:35 (EST)
I have verizon for my home phone service and because of employment problems have fallen behind on my bill a couple of times. Each time I call them and set up payment arrangements and I always pay as I promise. For some reason even after the balance has been paid my long distance services are frequently shut off. This is a real problem because I can't even call their 800 number to get it back on. I have to use someone elses phone or a pay phone. I have never had a phone company that won't allow 800 numbers (their service numbers)!!! How am I supposed to resolve this other than switching to someone else??? I originally switched to them because they lied and told me that DSL was available in my area, but once I had switched and tried to order the kit they told me it wasn't available. This is the second time they have shut off my long distance services after they were already paid. I owe them a zero balance, but I can not even call their 800 number to get it straightened out and techs refuse to respond to online complaints I have sent.

- Monday, January 03, 2005 at 12:51:28 (EST)
Nothing beats going to work (for Verizon) and seeing a fellow employee with an IV pole sitting at her desk because Verizon refused to approve any further disability benefits! According to their policy, her illness should have been cured in 3 months (not 5). She lost her job a couple of weeks later when she had to miss more work for the same illness. Then there's the consultant (residential customer service rep) who had the misfortune of coming down with some sort of intestinal bug (the sort that keeps you running to the toilet all day long)...her supervisor thought she was "faking" just to leave her desk and followed her into the restroom for the rest of the day to "make sure" the consultant wasn't full of shit (pun intended)! Talk about humiliation. One last comment... It really should be of no surprise to anybody that their interaction with a Verizon employee isn't exactly up to standard. The company is riddled with overpaid, uneducated employees who got where they are through nepotism, unorthodox relations with a superior or a union grievence. In the center which I work there is ONE management person (out of 11) that holds a bachelor's degree (unless you count the Culinary Academy). Does the level of service that brought you to this site make sense now? Ma Bell is sure to be turning in her grave over what has become of her Baby Bells!

- Monday, January 03, 2005 at 01:34:52 (EST)
January 2, 2004 First of all let me start of by saying, if only we knew then what we know now, we would have never chosen Verizon Wireless for our cell phone service. But we gave Verizon Wireless the benefit of the doubt as we had friends who worked for a company who sells their service. In August/September of 2003 we signed up for Verizon. We purchased the family share plan of 400 minutes and had 2 phones. We agreed to a 2 year contract. We knew that we would probably use over the amount of minutes because we were in a moving transition and used the cell phones as our primary phone. In Nov/December that reality came to pass as we began to use about 1100 minutes. We changed our plan to 1200 minutes. It took some time to pay our bill for the large overage, but we finally paid it all and was pretty much in routine. Our bills were still in the 150-200$ range but we just chalked it up to 411 fees, occasional disconnect fees for late payments, late payment fees, and check fees when checks were returned. It was not our intention to be negligent with our bills but my husband lost his job at the end of January 2004 which set us on a major financial downward spiral and we were trying to stay afloat and could not afford to lose our cell phones permanently. In July of 2004 my husband found another job that resulted in major cell phone usage. We again thought we would go over on minutes and as I analyzed the bill, it looked to me like it was more minutes than we had anticipated. I put a call into verizon to analyze that bill and to not disconnect until it was analyzed. It was disconnected but reconnected and of course the customer service rep said the bill was accurate. I had a strong gut feeling that it was not, but we again gave them the benefit of the doubt and scraped to come up with the money to take care of the large bill until we could again change the plan to 2000 minutes so the bills wouldn't be so high. While in this process, I called to change the plan. I was told to call on the 3rd. But, I couldn't remember by the 3rd of the following month (september?) and when I called on the 10th, I was told again to wait until the 3rd. I felt as if I was constantly being put off while they could continue to charge me overage while delaying changing my plan. My husband talked with with them for me and they agreed to back date the plan change to august 3. However, for whatever reasons they continue to cite..prorated fees, etc. We again had a high bill to manage. Then I got information in the mail saying that we have another 2 year contract!!!????? what is that about??? I thought changing our plan was supposed to be "worry free"!!!! "Verizon never stops working for you," right??? Wrong!!! When we change our plan each time, they renew the contract saying that the "promotional" features that we signed up under initially have to be "grandfathered in" and the old contract "excludes promotional" features, so because we have added these "promotional features" they have to restart the contract. I was sickened by the bullshit I was hearing. I was livid. These so called "promotional" features are an everyday thing for them. Like: unlimited mobile to mobile, nights and weekends, etc. But because we want to include that each time we "up our plan" then we have to sign a new contract. But, after giving them a piece of my mind and realizing that it wasn't going to do any good because they are not true to their word, I just closed my mouth and was going to stick it out until I could afford to change carriers. Miraculously, after all the plans were straightened out the October bill was where it should be. (well to my knowledge). But the November bill was 600.00!!! What????? Then the December bill was back to 200$$$$ Noway. Again, my stomach was in knots. Day and night during the month of December I fretted about this bill and the fact that I knew in my gut that we were being overcharged. I had always taken the roll in dealing with verizon, but could not bring myself to calling them another time. I told my husband he was going to have to do it because I just couldn't talk to them anymore. I knew what was going to happen and that verizon would no way in hell admit any mistake on their part and we would either have to bite the bullet and pay it or it would be disconnected. Emotionally, it was taking its toll on me. One day Verizon called because we were late and I just stalled by making a payment arrangement for the 17th to pay that amount. Though in my conversation I did make a comment that I thought the bill was probably bogus and I was going to get my husband to handle that call. The lady asked if I needed a copy of the bill. And I said that the bill does not include information about where calls are coming from so there is no way to prove anything. She said that she could send out a copy that would include that information. Wrong. The copy she sent out was the same copy I always get. What a waste of emotional energy. It didn't matter anyway. They have the technology to manufacture bogus charges making them look real. I knew this was a lost cause. Again, I deferred this to my husband. Also, in November there were some strange occurences. One night, while at home, I called my cell phone from my land line to check my voice mail. All of a sudden it dialed into 2 people's conversation. We listened for quite a while on what seemed to be a very private conversation about someone overdosing and in the hospital and A.A. meetings. Then it cut off. Then, I dialed my voice mail from my cell phone and that conversation was on my voice mail. I saved it, but kept forgetting to resave it. Unfortunately it is lost. This was in the month of November. Also, phones would not ring when someone called. And I would call and check my voice mail and it would be "blank", only to find out later that a person indeed left a message. All of these strange things happened in november, the month the phone bill registered 800 minutes over the 2000 minute plan that we have. On December 27, I told my husband that he was going to have to call them and do something because it will be cut off. He called and spoke with financial services and customer service then financial services again. Financial services told him that there was nothing that could be done because of the payment arrangement that was previously set and not kept and when he spoke to customer service they said they would analyze the bill and she contacted financial services to give her until Friday before disonnecting and they agreed to do so. Then next day services were disconnected. Again, my husband called and spoke with a supervisor who said that they could not extend that because of the "payment arrangement that was made and not kept and whoever said they could was wrong". In our phone conversations with them we agreed that we would only pay our monthly fees and minutes but nothing for overage because we felt that the charges were inaccurate. But, they held to their idea that they did not "overcharge" and disconnected our service. I am absolutely sickened by this and that they can get away with this time and time again. I know they are involved in some deep illegal stuff regarding customers accounts, yet nothing is being done. And they can add this to our credit report if we don't pay. What they don't know, is we should probably file bankruptcy anyway. If we don't work this out and they refuse to settle, then we will just file bankruptcy and they won't get anything. Nothing. But, if they work this out, and we pay what we legitimately owe, then they can keep us as a customer and they will get their money. I am just so sickened to be in this position. My husband has a whole other story to tell regarding his personal cell phone troubles from day 1. I forgot to mention that when we spoke with financial services at the end of the month we were told again that we did not get the detailed copy. I had already found out that what we were requesting was to get the phone numbers that were calling our phones required a warrant. The lady said she had not heard that. Then when we spoke with customer service that information was then confirmed that a subponea had to be issued. On January first the customer service rep handling our account called and left us a message saying that our bill was accurate. Surprise, suprise, I knew that was what she was going to say. They have wasted so much of our time and emotional energy and taken so much of our money that my stomach and heart are sickened. All I want is that our bill be legitimate and it is not. I also want to say that each time we upped our plan minutes it is because somehow we used approximately 800 minutes over. I didn't really question it before, but now because of the most recent experience I am beginning to question if we ever went over to begin with. CR

- Monday, January 03, 2005 at 01:13:56 (EST)
My Verizon Hell Suddenly I stopped receiving email from a friend in the UK. We are working on a website together & normally he sends me messages every day but all of a sudden they stopped. When I called him to find out why he said he had sent me about 20 messages which I never received. They didn't bounce either - he had no idea I hadn't received them. The Verizon tech support person said there was nothing wrong at their end, it must be my friend's ISP. My friend wasted hours on the phone with his ISP troubleshooting & investigating only to find there was nothing wrong. But I still couldn't receive email from him. I called Verizon again, told them this story, & the tech support person said oh yes, our server has been down for a few days, it will be fixed soon. My friend in the UK suddenly got about 100 bounced email messages about mail he'd sent several days ago. We discovered he was able to send mail to another email address I had so then I knew the problem must be Verizon. The new tech support person said that there was no problem with Verizon & that the other tech support person who told me the server was down had been lying. Tee hee. Meanwhile I found out that other people in the UK & Europe had been sending me email that I hadn't received. Verizon still denied there was any problem & told me it must be my friends' ISPs (ALL of them? in several different countries?) or my equipment or MS Outlook (that I could actually believe but there didn't seem to be a problem receiving email from people in the US) - anything but Verizon. By now I had wasted many hours over the course of many days on this & had caused my correspondents to also waste time contacting their ISPs to track down a problem that turned out to be that Verizon had secretly decided to BLOCK ALL EMAIL FROM EUROPE because of some dispute about spam. I don't know which is more amazing - that they did this or that they didn't inform their customers & in fact DENIED repeatedly that the problem had anything to do with them. Maybe it is remotely possible that the tech support people had no idea of this bizarro decision to ban all European email, but that is kind of hard to believe. Maybe they were instructed to just lie. At the moment, the problem has been going on for over two weeks with no end in sight. I've now seen articles on the internet about some US providers blocking email from Europe. I'm still amazed that Verizon actually did this & then denied it. I can't imagine what kind of chaos this has caused for all kinds of businesses. Often the people who send the blocked email don't even get a message that it bounced so they have no idea it was never received. I'm just completely stunned that such a ridiculous situation has occurred & I will definitely be finding a new ISP as soon as possible. I mean really!

- Tuesday, December 28, 2004 at 20:40:31 (EST)
WANT TO CANCEL YOUR SERVICE WITH NO TERMINATION FEE ???? HERES HOW TO DO IT Verizon Wireless has a policy called the worry free gurantee, and one of the rules that they have set up is that if you are not happy with the service you have 15 days in which to cancel without being charged for anything. The key in all of this is that when you call to cancel your Verizon Wireless Service, the Rep will do everything in there power to make you keep that line and one of the questions that they will ask you if you want to cancel is , Do you want to turn the line over to somebody else? basically what that does is gives verizon a new customer. Verizon has a formed for this and its called Assumption of liabilty, and what this will do is if you are already a Verzion wireless customer it will allow somebody else to take over your account. Now by them taking over your account this all goes back to the worry free gurantee policy which means you have 15 days to cancel with out being charged....Get it? Basically all you have to do if you want your service canceled with no FEE is have somebody else take over your account by signing an Assumption of Liabilty Form By them taking over the account it means that you have walked away scott free from paying any TERMINATION FEE , and it gives the new holder of your account 15 days to cancel the service with no fee as well . So one more time and ill make it short, Find somebody to take over your account inform them that they wont have to keep it at all just long enough to clear you of payin a ETF , they will take it over but you must let them know to be sure to cancel the service withing the 15 day period otherwise anytime past that, they will be charged the 175.00

- Sunday, December 26, 2004 at 22:47:20 (EST)
I have a business and residential verizon dsl. So far since i've opened my business, there is always something wrong. I was charged for free dsl of i think over 100.00, and almost evry other day i can get on the internet. Since i own a graphics company is it imperative to have this service since i pay for it. When i call, its a big joke to all or most of who answer the phone. I have been getting bills added to my business account with out my permission, and everytime i call when the system is down, they blame it on the router, thats because i didnt buy it from them. If i had to buy a router everytime they said it was the router i would be out of business. I have lost many accounts over verizon's negligence, or lack of knowledge of the people they have answering the phones. It's a shame, they have the market cornered. I have time now to contact the puc and discuss this critical matter with them and see what they suggest. Its a shame that even if you pay your bill, there are still problems that they blame on you. Not even once did they say it was their fault and apologize. Seems to me there should be a big shake up or hire people who care, and want to take care of customers. Not just to have people waiting for a pay check. Verizon dsl is a disgrace. There are no other words to explain it. Feel free to contact me. my e mail is Not that i even expect an answer.

- Wednesday, December 22, 2004 at 14:24:05 (EST)
What can be done to stop Verizon Wireless' con artists starting with the idiotic guy saying "can you hear me now?". This commercial is misleading. I live in a large urban area (South Florida) and I have to be checking my phone before receiving or making a call so that roaming charges will not apply. According to their map of covered areas, I should not have any problems. Secondly, the quality of the phones is extremely poor. We have a family plan and both telephones are useless, they are breaking apart but it makes more sense to pay $110 for service that we do not use for the 2 months to complete the contract that to pay 2 times $175 for early termination fees. They never disclosed that in a family plan each line was subject to this fee. CELLULAR PHONE USERS DO NOT FALL IN VERIZON WIRELESS CON-tract

- Monday, December 20, 2004 at 17:06:55 (EST)
I just got ripped off! by premierpremiumcommunications and USBI for calls to the U.K. BEWARE! its a nationwide attack! huge scam. lenny newport beach ca

- Friday, December 10, 2004 at 18:56:57 (EST)
I live in Florida. During the months of August and September, we were plagued with hurricanes. [Tropical Storm Bonnie (8/12), Hurricane Charley (8/13), Hurricane Frances (9/05), and Hurricane Ivan (9/19)]. During the billing period for 8/05-9/04, I was charged $246.10 in overuse charges. For billing period 9/05-10/04, $97.02 in overuse charges. I called to explain the situation, and they told me there was nothing they could do if I actually used the minutes. I gave in and paid. Verizon Wireless DENIED my payment, for reasons that couldn't be explained by anyone there (my bank says that the company physically refused to accept my electronic payment.) I paid again. A week later, during October, I recieved a letter from Verizon Wireless stating that Florida Custormers may be entitled to a refund because of the rampant overuse during the hurricanes (most of Florida was declared in national disaster). I called up to talk to a CS rep about my account (I have NEVER had overuse charges except for these two months). The customer service representative was happy to help and agreed to give me a $200 and some odd dollar credit on my account. I was ecstatic. During the same phone call, the representative convinced me to upgrade my plan and extend my agreement so I could receive the promotion of unlimited mobile to mobile calling. Then, in November, I realized that I had never recieved a credit. I called Verizon back up. Verizon Customer Representative Jeanine (ext. 4318) said there was no record of a credit to my account. Flustered, I explained the situation again. She demanded that I read the letter outloud (which I no longer had) even though she was aware of the Hurricane refunds. She told me that I had gone over two months, not just one. I explained that the Hurricanes lasted for two months, not just one. She told me that I did not deserve a credit because some of the hurricanes happened at my home address and not my school address. I told her that my parents and sisters lived in those areas and had damage done to their houses during the hurricane. My grandmother was even forced to evacuate because she lived in a mobile home. They lost power for over two weeks. I talked to them and kept up with the trauma of the storms. Jeanine insisted that if I was in Tallahassee and only directly affected by one storm, then the other three didn't matter. She refused to give me the credit. I insisted on speaking to a supervisor. She refused, but said that she would speak to one on my behalf. After ten minutes on hold, she told me she would give me a $150 credit. I asked for a confirmation, either by e-mail or on my on-line bill. She refused again. I won't even know if the credit went through until January 4, 2005! I am VERY disappointed by their lack of customer service, and can't wait to switch to a new service provider.

- Friday, December 10, 2004 at 15:54:57 (EST)
i got home today and opened my Qwest bill today and found out there where charges of 93 dallors on my phone bill which i dont know how or where they came from i called this number and no longer in sevice so how did they get my phone number and use it and bill me the 93 dallors i still dont know may you can tell me thank you

- Wednesday, December 08, 2004 at 19:56:25 (EST)
OH YEA! I forgot to mention the fact that I had two phones. The plan was some kind od share plan where the second phone shared the minutes with the first, etc. etc. My wife had the main phone (obviously hehe) and I had the one with the minimum minutes and the "share" feature. Well, after all this occured with my changing my service, I find out that the phone numbers had been switched. My wife had the phone number for the phone the phone that was under the share plan and I had the phone with the number that had all the minutes. They were really sticking it to me. Crooks! Len Queen

- Tuesday, December 07, 2004 at 22:28:15 (EST)
I called Verizon and asked when my contract was up as I was thinking of changing companies. They told me Oct. 20. Then I went to see a representative at the kiosk at the local mall. They, too, told me Oct. 20. Then promptly on Oct 20, I changed my service to Nextel. The next month my "last" bill from Verizon had over 300 dollars in early termination fees. When questioned, they told me that my contract was actually not over until Nov 23. I argued the fact that I was told differently by two separate representatives. But to no avail. The manager fell back on the "well, we can just go by the date your contract was originally signed" argument. To which, I cannot dispute. But that was the reason I went to them to begin with. I did not know on what particular day I signed the contract 2 years ago. That is why I asked them. Crooks. I am with NEXTEL now. I love my Nextel (chirp, chirp). Len Queen

- Tuesday, December 07, 2004 at 22:14:26 (EST)
Wah Wah Wah Stop being a victim all of you babies. Either shit or get off the pot. If you don't like Verizon land lines, wireless or DSL go to another company. But I promise you'll be back. We own everything. If you work for the company all I have to say is nobody is holding you hostage. Go work for McDonalds or Hess Gas. See if you like the benefits and pay. Ya know what else you still will get asshole customers who don't like your service. So grow up and take responsibility for yourselves.

- Monday, December 06, 2004 at 17:32:44 (EST)

- Saturday, December 04, 2004 at 01:27:51 (EST)
Just call me Mister.X i the last post on Dec 1st was left by me, just got off work today and actually today wasnt that bad, no major mistakes seem to have been made, well atleast not from the customers viewpoint. Anyways the whole point of this post really is to just point out some of the things wireless companies do, alot of people seem to downtalk sprint but i really like sprint, and i think actually that sprint is really underated. For example for all you parents out there who have kids who love to send text messages, Verizon highest text messaging package is 2500 msg for $19.99 , with sprint you can have unlimited internet usage along with unlimited text msg for just 5 dollars more. So all you people who are fed up with verizon, seriously consider Sprint, i think alot of the problems that people experience with cell phone companies are due to the customer not taking the time to learn about what they are actually getting there self into. People go around telling everyone else that Verizon is the best....TRUST me working in a call center all day long in New York and having to fix a issue everytime a customer calls in tells me and other reps that we are NOT the best service, people just seem to think we are.

- Saturday, December 04, 2004 at 01:01:12 (EST)
Hello everyone, i actually feel it might not be safe to reveal my name for security reasons, simply because i work for verizon in one of there call centers. I agree with alot of the customers being upset and i feel sorry for them because there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that you arent even aware of. Such as if a customer has a phone bill that is wrong, and the charges are extremely high, the customer service reps arent allowed to credit back the entire amount. The most we can credit to the customer is $50.00. For example say you had America's Choice calling plan for 500 minutes, with unlimited nights and weekends unlimited in net work calling, and some ididot in the verizon store forgets to add it on to your account. The only way your plan would ever be without the correct features is if a sales rep in a store forgets to add the features to your account or in another wireless department that deals with activations. So if this has happend to you more then likely when you call in about your phone bill and your told "the reason why your phone bill is so high sir/mam is because unlimited nights and weekends werent added on to your account, so what we will have to do is fill out a credit request which will be reviewed by are credit department " When stuff like this happens it can take anywhere from a week to a month or longer to get resolved. just depends frankly if you end up speaking with the right person who can credit the amount back to you right away.

- Wednesday, December 01, 2004 at 00:32:33 (EST)
Hello everyone, i actually feel it might not be safe to reveal my name for security reasons, simply because i work for verizon in one of there call centers. I agree with alot of the customers being upset and i feel sorry for them because there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that you arent even aware of. Such as if a customer has a phone bill that is wrong, and the charges are extremely high, the customer service reps arent allowed to credit back the entire amount. The most we can credit to the customer is $50.00. For example say you had America's Choice calling plan for 500 minutes, with unlimited nights and weekends unlimited in net work calling, and some ididot in the verizon store forgets to add it on to your account. The only way your plan would ever be without the correct features is if a sales rep in a store forgets to add the features to your account or in another wireless department that deals with activations. So if this has happend to you more then likely when you call in about your phone bill and your told "the reason why your phone bill is so high sir/mam is because unlimited nights and weekends werent added on to your account, so what we will have to do is fill out a credit request which will be reviewed by are credit department " When stuff like this happens it can take anywhere from a week to a month or longer to get resolved. just depends frankly if you end up speaking with the right person who can credit the amount back to you right away.

- Wednesday, December 01, 2004 at 00:31:46 (EST)
Verizon also had me with two acct #s for one line, nice way to still my $. They not only stole my money and my minutes; they stole my quality time from my two kids. I am a single mother working 40 hrs a week time.I regret all the time spent with verizon on the phone because it didnt resolve anything.Since April 04 the have sent me 3 letters from collections one for $329, the second one for $589 and today I received one for $719. I have receits and bankstatement to show their disonesty. they need to be stopped they are dishonest. I will have something bad to say about Verizon to anybody they need to know the truth about this company and most important be aware!!!!!!!!!!!*uck them lets get legal action!!!!!!!!!

- Tuesday, November 30, 2004 at 00:14:06 (EST)
My verizon phone was cut off for one day for late payment. I paid up ASAP and called them to verify it. They reactivated my service, but opened a whole new account number. I continued to pay as billed for 2 months but all my money went into the old account. I was never told I had 2 accounts, and since I only have one phone it never occured to me to ask. Now they say I am behind on the new account, will not take the money I paid and transfer it to the "new" account, and again my phone is cut off. They sent me a dupe bill for each account, charged 5 bucks EACH, and want the early termination fee as well. I have cancer and may not be around too long, and my life gets scarier by the day, so I would be interested in how they plan to scare me, but on the other hand I am not in the mood for this BS. If they would charge me fairly, per month/minutes I would pay and be happy of it, but they want to do me without the KY. NO, not this old redneck.

- Monday, November 29, 2004 at 12:59:11 (EST)
As a small business customer in California I placed an ad in the yellow pages which is due to come out at the end Nov04. The cost is upwards of $450 per month. On Oct. 5th I placed a work order for 2 lines (1 fax,1 voice) at my home. At the end of the week (oct. 7th or 8th)I went to my ad rep. to give him the two new numbers for the ad I had been given, and he put them in my ad. The work to install and turn on the lines was some weeks away. On 28th Oct. a mesg was left on my voice mail stating I no longer had voice number 760-955-3722,and that it was given to someone else. This is now 23 days later they call to tell me the number is no longer mine!!! The next day a tech came out to install the line but it was different than the ad number I was given. In disbelief my wife and I went to our ad rep. He called the tele.side of the business to get my number back to no avail. He said it would be harrassment after the 1 time he asked for her to give it up, which he did and she refused. The person who has the line for my biz refuses to give it up despite the warning of huge #'s of calls in the future. A rep failed to close the order and the number went back in circulation according to an "exec" at Verizon in contact with CPUC. The exec says cannot do anything. No offers to refund for install;nothing! Now my ad is worthless and cannot be changed until next year. My biz is online/phone orders for home delivery of pet supplies. I have no storefront or place for customers to come to. It's all out of my home and eventual warehouse I hope to have. I am dependent on the Verizon ad for business above all else. Now, I cannot be contacted, my biz is dead in water. LAWYERS? Help? I really just want my damnable line back. Why can't they take it back from this other woman like they took it from me!! As a former Pac Bell rep I know the ins and outs of phone service and what can and canot be done except in this situation. I can sort out the BS I got from the Verizon "execs". The exec. lady who "helped" me said she was filing and ad against the rep who screwed up. I do not think this will do any good. I need some help really fast. Thanks, John

- Thursday, November 25, 2004 at 05:43:28 (EST)
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