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I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there are so many complaints about this company, but I am! Now I know why. Nothing but trouble, from the "free" minutes to the "free" in-calling...who are they trying to kid? And these reps.! Not only do they not know what they are talking about, but they all have marbles in their mouths and talk so fast that you have to have them repeat themselves constantly. They may be only a phone rep. making $8 an hour, but they initally represent the company and they should absolutely do their best to accommodate-THAT'S WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS PEOPLE! They rattle off information and expect people to remember all of their little fees and nonsense charges. And they wonder why they get so many complaints. And one last thing...does anyone else think it's ridiculous that they charge you to call your own voice mail??? The rep. told me I could use a land-line phone (which I don't currently have). Thanks, sweetie, but that doesn't help me. I am so disgusted.

- Saturday, June 25, 2005 at 01:35:42 (EDT)
I just got a family share plan (the dady day special 4 days ago) 2 phones for $49, 500 min, unlimited in-calling, and got the unlimited text/pics for both phones for $5 a piece. Now, here is my story: I have been keeping a close watch on my minutes (peak) on their web site. I have only used my phone during peek time (to a non verizon customer) 2 times, once to call my house to connect my service (1 min tops) and once to call my work when running late (1 min tops). My fiance used her phone once when someone called her during peek time (2 mins tops). MY PEAK MINUTES EQUAL 44 WHEN I CHECKED IT ONLINE. I called verizon the day I got my phone to find out what I could do wrong (you know to make sure I don't mess up and get charged large amounts of money), and they said that as long as I don't call a non verizon customer, or recieve a call from a non verizon customer during peak hours it would come off my allowed minutes. Well, I called them to find out what the hell was going on after I noticed this and they can't tell me. I think they have some kind of hidden minute fee (like 5 min a day or some bullshit). Lets do the math, (2 min peak time me) plus (2 mins peak time her) plus (4 days x 5 mins x 2 phones) = 44 mins. I think this is bull shit, I am too pissed off to call and talk to these people so I am having her do it (I don't want to be an ass to someone how is making less then 8 dollars an hour). If they don't fix it I am dropping the service. Lucky I was paying attention these first few days, or else I wouldn't have caught it. I would have been stuck paying the 175 dollar fee for both phones to cancle if I didn't within the first 15 days. JUST THINK 5 MIN A DAY PER PHONE = 300 MINUTES A MONTH!!!!!!!!!

- Friday, June 24, 2005 at 09:59:18 (EDT)
I have been a verizon customer and I am very upset. Recently their tech. dept. was supposed to repair my phone. Instead they fixed it so it would not charge anymore. I tryed to talk to several people in customer and all they would say was that they was sorry. I am sorry also. I had to go to another company to get a phone. Now they tell me that they will charge me $175.00 to cancel the broken phone that they broke in the first place. I will cancel the account but not before I tell you what is happening. You people are so pathetic that you have to charge your customers for a broken phone that your people broke. I am real sorry and I will tell everyone what bad people you are if you don't wave the $175.00. I will also go to the Better Business Bureau. Thanks for letting me tell my story. I will cancel the whole account because of the shabby way I was treated.

- Friday, June 24, 2005 at 00:45:33 (EDT)
I have been waiting for my $1000 deposit back from Verizon for 7 weeks now, and still waiting. I have called 5 times since then and each time got a very nice customer service representative but not very helpful. I was told many times by these reps that I had faithfully paid my bills on time over the past year, and that sometimes the Treasury "loses" track of deposits so it would take some time. I've sent proof of my payment and I've waited while a rep filled out a Top Request to the Treasury. each time I follow up, I'm told that it will take 3-5 days to get a resolution.. each and every single time.. I have taken note of the names, phone extension, day and time of each phone call. I plan to write to the "Consummate Consumer" of the Washington Post about this fiasco if I don't receive my check within a week. This is the first time that VZW has let me down and I'm praying it is the last.

- Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 15:55:29 (EDT)
First of all, as a rep working for Verizon, I just wanted to clarify that approximately 80 - 90% of our customer base never call Verizon. They use our services, pay their bills, and go on with their lives. The other 10 - 20% who have issues with their services or usually, their bill, will call to seek resolution of their problem. Of that amount, I would say that half of these customers never really read their bill. They just look at the amount and if it is above what they are used to paying, they automatically call Verizon with what they feel a is fully justified tirade about Verizon being a company that is only out to rip off the customer. Please believe me, we are a company that is constantly being monitered by government regulatory agencies for ANY type of unethical behavior, even to the point of demanding that the representatives "script" what they can or cannot say to a customer. We get paid very well by Verizon, for a very demanding and high stress job. Please try to understand...why would we risk our job, of for that matter, why would Verizon risk it's good name, for a customer who probably only generates $400 a year in business. Think about it, "You People" who call in sreaming at a rep who is just doing their job, you're not worth it. If you have a problem, call, request resolution, and we'll take care of it. THAT'S OUR JOB!! It's definitely not our job to be bullied by ignorant customers who ALWAYS think they are right.

- Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 13:51:40 (EDT)
Verizon , keep track of your workers in the field who are not doing a damm thing but drink coffee and read their newspapers in the the Verizon van. Local 2222, Boston .Where can I get a do-nothing job like that . I never see those guys sweating .New contract and my bill is through the roof . Am I the only one who sees this in the greater Boston area . Cleanest bunch of blue collar workers I have ever seen .

- Tuesday, June 21, 2005 at 02:41:28 (EDT)
If you owned a pager through Verizon, were enrolled in their pager replacement program, yet you were denied a replacement pager when you requested one, then please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.

- Monday, June 20, 2005 at 19:44:43 (EDT)

- Monday, June 20, 2005 at 17:14:35 (EDT) goes... i signed up with verizon in may of last year while visiting a friend in DC...just after i moved up to philly, i decided to change my number with problem...i continued my service with them until october when i changed to cingular ( move yet...i love them!). so i paid my bill with verizon and i was on my merry i thought. in march (yes8 months later) i get a collection notice out of the blue stating that my account was overdue with verizon... so i pulled my records and called them turned out that my account for my origional number was account that was terminated in august and an account that i had not recieved a bill for!! so paid the collection the day i got the bill...even though i had not recieved a bill...i didnt want it to go on my report...HAHAHA that is funny...because it is still on there and will be for the next 7 years...and because of this, i am not able to get another student loan to pay for grad school... verizon sucks!!!

- Friday, June 17, 2005 at 10:54:07 (EDT)
Verizon Yellow pages -- Recently I got a new business phone number and was contacted by a Verizon rep about advertising in the Yellow Pages. It was a high-pressure sales pitch. I agreed to advertise in the phone book. The next day I had second thoughts and decided to cancel my advertisement. I called the number that was given to me by Verizon (who was the person that sold me the ad) I called and left my name, phone number and told them I want to cancel my ad. About 4 months went by I never had any contact with Verizon. My phone bill had a monthly charge for advertising. I never approved any wording; advertising never received a proof and never signed anything. I called verizon and told them I cancelled this advertisement with in 48 hours of agreeing to it. She said here is the phone number you want to call to discuss this with. It was the same phone number of the person who sold me the ad. I called left my number never did receive a return call. I called the main office and they kept referring to my very first conversation saying I approved everything. There cancellation procedure is BS. Why would they let the salesperson do the cancellations? No salesperson is going to cancel there sales. If they call you to advertise hang-up.

- Friday, June 17, 2005 at 06:49:32 (EDT)

- Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 18:39:59 (EDT)
I recently contacted Verizon's customer service in regards to buying a Blackberry 7250. The representative explained to me that I was not eligible to get a discounted price on one since I had just bought a phone (Palm Treo 600) in February. This is totally unfair because new customers get the blackberry at a discounted price of $299.99 but I'm expected to pay much more than that. Hey Verizon, why don't you take care of your existing customers and give them some good deals? The representative I spoke to was unwilling to help and did not understand when I explained how important it was that I got the Blackberry. I am a very important buisinessman. I travel up and down the east coast everyday and need to be constantly connected to the Blackberry's organizational features. I'm not some moron they can just toss an LG 3200 at, I'm a very important businessman and need something more. I demanded that the representative give me 5 good reasons why I should stay with Verizon and not change my cell phone company. The rep just muttered something about an early termination fee. I'm a privileged white businessman. I eat $175 for breakfast each morning. I need the organizational features the Blackberry 7250 provides. I need wireless sync. All of my friends have one and I feel inferior not carrying around a clunky plastic block of uselessness. I would totally look badass walking around with one of those! I hate Verizon!!!

- Thursday, June 16, 2005 at 01:39:47 (EDT)
I'm a customer service rep for another company and know what the whole thing is about. I get yelled at, called names, blahblahblah, I still do the best I can to represent my company and help the customer, it's what I'm paid to do. You suck it up and do what you can. A couple days ago I called Verizon about an experience I had while getting a new phone in the store and the first rep (I'm not mentioning his name) I spoke with was surprisingly inept. Yes, I was frustrated but in no way yelling or being unreasonable, I was just looking for an explanation of why I was getting mixed messages from the employee at the store I visited. Long story short, he had no clue what I was talking about and his best solution was to send me a comment card. I know where comment cards go, it was the most useless offer I'd ever gotten from a csr. At this point, he hadn't even said a simple, "hey, I'm sorry" and couldn't admit that he didn't know what I was talking about, just kept repeating the same thing over and over. I got frustrated and had to hang up and call back for another rep. Next time I'll just escalate up to his supervisor. My rant is this. I've always liked Verizon and never had a problem becasue I've been offered a fair product, my phones always last and I always have service. I didn't like going into a store and being told they'd charge me $10 to transfer my address book and that they couldn't bill me for the $50 for my phone even when my account wasn't delinquent. It comes off as shady. So I was irritated with the store employee and when I called to clarify, ended up with someone who couldn't have cared less. That's the kind of service that will influence me, a loyal customer, to pay the extra money to switch companies. But thank you to the second rep I talked to, she wasn't necessarily nice but was willing to work with me on what I was mad about. I ended up with an apology, some empathy, an explanation, a promise to follow up with the store (hopefully they really did it) and $50 off of my next bill. That's all it takes, people.

- Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 18:12:06 (EDT)
Here is another story. Same old thing. People getting paid for a job they dont know how to do. I have a integrated car phone with a pre pay account. About 2 months ago I made a call and the voice at the beginning told me I have 14 hours for this call. The day before I only had 200 minutes. Thats the good thing. The bad thing is if anyone tries to call me in the car the phone won't ring and the caller is forwarded to a voice mail after 2 rings that I dont have, nor do I want or need. I email verizon several times, call customer service serveral times and today went to a verizon service store. Not one person can tell me why I can call out and no one can call me. Each time I get a different excuse. The funniest, but may be true someday, was that my old phone was booted out of the system. "Why can I call out" Verizon employee; "I don't know!". Is there anyone out there that has this problem? If so let me know. If no one at verizon knows how to do there job maybe someone else can. Thanks.

- Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 11:05:14 (EDT)
This one time I had a phone bill from Verizon Wireless that was over $500! I asked the rep what was going on and they told me that I went over my minutes. They were trying to explain to me something about my plan only allowing 400 minutes and that I used around 1,000 minutes. I straight up told that rep that I was not going to pay for that since I was never told what type of plan I had. Well, this rep was very rude and told me something about me signing a contract for this plan and the type of plan I have showing up on my bill each month. What good is that? I don't remember signing no contract and I don't ever look at my bills! And if I am going over my minutes, why can't they turn my phone off when I reach my limit? This is the largest cell phone company ever, right? They should be able to keep track of this stuff and at least let me know if I'm close to going over my minutes! I'm shouldn't be responsible for keeping up with this stuff! My mother is very sick in the hospital right now and I'm not responsible for anything!!! Everyone else is going to just have to take care of my problems for me until I get myself back together! So anyways, I was telling this rep that I wanted to disconnect but they told me it would cost $175. Who has that kind of money? The rep then had the nerve to bring up my contract again! I don't know nothing about no contract!!! I just signed a few papers when I got my cell phone. I'm not supposed to read all the fine print am I? Verizon is an evil company!!!

- Wednesday, June 15, 2005 at 07:39:35 (EDT)
4. ~cont see previous, June 13>~ NEVER EVER slam the phone on a customer!!! Especially one who wasn't cursing or raising their voice! Especially one who may have impeded on your conscience by implying the emotional and financial cost to her family of the omission of "small" essential details, misleading information, and the coloring of the truth to suit the purposes of the company. (The truth is: They want your money! You are just a resource to them, maybe a poor one but, eventually they hope to squeeze a few more cents out of you; even if its as a tax write-off or a venture capital resource funding from the gov. to improve services for the poor!!!!*) heh heh. *to be continued. . . ad-finitum~ LOL

- Monday, June 13, 2005 at 16:07:47 (EDT)
Haven't had phone service since Verizon was Ma Bell . . . or something like that. Talk about abuse?! I escaped an abusive marriage only to be abused by the unscrupulous business/go-get'em tactics which promised resolution and assistance to keep bills low, but then turned right around to deal a harsh reality blow, by surreptitiously doing otherwise; ~totally ignoring everything I told them about my financial situation, and how much I said I could afford to pay each month. . . ~time after time after time!!! Ethics 101 1. You don't circumvent an adult customer's instructions in deference to a child's request for change of service! (This occurred over the course of several months, ~and in spite of the fact that a code word was issued to me, and then, even later, when all requests for changes were to be verified in writing; there was no request for, nor verification of service change, with either method by Bell's reps! Thus this child was allowed to change serviceS on more then one occasion!!!*a) 2. You don't push services customer can't afford!! Despite the fact that customer has reiterated numerous times their financial position; if you push and push and push other services on a customer who has already let it be known they they could not afford those services- ad-finitum, you are not just being obnoxious and rude, you are being superiorly unethical! 3. You do not act like your helping a customer to catch up on bills that shouldn't have occurred in the first place-(due to unethical practice, as in 1.*a), by "offering to~ suspend their service" until they are caught up,and want to resume it; and then not letting them in on a dirty little secret: That they will still be billed monthly(even if no bill comes in the mail Monthly), despite the fact that you WILL NOT HAVE any phone service!! (~You will also find that various other little fees have surreptiously crept into, what you thought was only going to be a bill for having your phone line put on suspension~ which also, turns out to be much more then quoted; because they were just- "generalizing"!*) 4. You NEVER EVER

- Monday, June 13, 2005 at 15:35:55 (EDT)
Hi, It's me, Betty, the massage therapist again with an update. To recap, Verizon came up with a clever new heading in the yellow pages, "Massage--Non-therapeutic." The only problem is that in NYS, NON THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE IS ILLEGAL. IT'S CALLED PROSTITUTION. I mailed a certified letter to Verizon on April 20 asking them to explain what they mean by non-therapeutic massage. NO RESPONSE. The office of the attorney general, Elliott Spitzer, is also involved, having been flooded by complaints by massage therapists like myself who were placed under this degrading heading. They have asked Verizon to explain their position, but Verizon hasn't even responded to the Attorney General's office. What a ship of sorry fools Verizon is.

- Thursday, June 09, 2005 at 14:44:58 (EDT)
Oh and by the way, When I called I did not curse, yell or say stupid stuff at all during the call until the REP had that tone in her first. The reason we write this up here is not to blam EVERY REPRESENTATIVE in VERIZON. I had VERY good experience with verizon customer reps. But this ONE person that's all it takes for us customers to switch our service to your competitors. And guess what, we are NEVER going back to Verizon because of ONE single ignorant customer rep. Going back to what I was saying, the reason we, or at least I post this experience is for the company to train people a little better and realize the VERY importance of great service, that attitude that you are and will do everything to help your customers to fix the problems, not like I don't really care and you can talk to supervisor, blah. And maybe a little more closer look at what and how some REPs are treating already angry guests and have strict consequences with it?

- Thursday, June 09, 2005 at 05:17:20 (EDT)
Ok.. this is how it goes. I couldn't make international call this morning from my house phone and so I called MCI to ask about it and they told me that my sevice with MCI was deactivated on may 13th, that I should call Verizon which WAS my local carrier, I called verizon and they told me that my long and international plan is with MCI I should call THEM, so I did this BS for like couple more times and finally came back to Verizon. Now THIS was my problem. Not the fact I have been calling here and there back and forth, this representative from Verizon was RUDE! I told her my problem(once again) and she wasn't nice about it, obviously she saw on the system that I called twice already and sounded VERY, I mean VERY annoyed by it. All I wanted to know was one question and she went on and on about :"oh like I said there is NOTHING I can tell you at this point, if you want to talk to supervisor that's fine blah blah blah" I had to stop her and yell "Excuse me, I'm just trying to ask one question if that's ok with you" "well you are mad at wrong person you should call MCI" I mean, you are a CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE be nice at least,"I'm sorry we caused you such an inconvinience" or at least "I understand your problem" I had to ask her "ARE YOU HAVING A BAD DAY OR SOMETHING? WELL THANX FOR YOUR KINDNESS" that's what I said and she flat out said "you're VERY welcome" I got so upset at her attitude,I switched my local to MCI right away. WAY TO GO VERIZON customer care system. you may not care because I'm only one customer out of millions, BUT this one adds up. REMEMBER THAT.

- Thursday, June 09, 2005 at 05:07:03 (EDT)
I put my cell phone on the front of the car so I could play basketball and forgot to take it off and drove with it on the car. It fell off and got ran over by a car! It was a big accident and I am in trouble by my parents and don't know what to do.

- Wednesday, June 08, 2005 at 21:34:45 (EDT)
I subcribed to Verizon celluar phone service in 2001. The package deal was national long distance service and no roaming charges. After as couple of months service. Guess what. ROAMING CHARGES were added to my bill. I called to fix the problem. I was told that my contract included roaming charges for the first 7 days of the month. (WHAT A LIE). I disputed this. Toward the end of my service they were sending my local calls to the largest metropolitan area BOSTON and routing them back to me. By the time I cancelled my service I owed them 600 dollars most of it roaming fee charges. Thank goodness for Vonage. No verizon cell phone service for me. Their greed and deplorable business practices have left me shocked and outraged. But the truth is that they got away with it. Signed JN from New Hampshire.

- Wednesday, June 08, 2005 at 14:56:08 (EDT)
my ex works for vzw & i'm getting rather tired of him saying he 'heard' i met someone - he's viewing my damn bill!! can i pw protect it even against reps? AARRGH & no, can't change carriers bc its through my company

- Thursday, June 02, 2005 at 03:00:14 (EDT)
I signed up for Verizon's online DSL service on April 20, and the activation date was the 27th. Well, come the 27th I follow all the installation and activation instructions on the CD they provided. All went well until the account activation phase. It claimed that it couldn't contact the server. Well, I call up the tech on their helpline, after 30+ minutes of troubleshooting he decides that the flashing DSL light is the prob, and that they'd check up on it. A few days later, they claim that their are no phone line problems, so the problem has to be at home. The *next* day I get an automated phone call that claims that the problem has been fixed. I check, and lo and behold, the DSL light is solid! Soooo, I try again. Same problem as before. I then use my dial-up internet to try to find solutions on the 'net. Some of the "solutions" I find suggest that I use the winpoet software on the verizon CD. The result: at best, no effect at all (error 678), at worst, the computer crashes to a blue screen whenever I try to use my *dial-up*!! I tried to contact verizon techs but couldn't get through their infuriatingly annoying computer. I should've known that $30 a month DSL service sounded too good to be true.

- Friday, May 27, 2005 at 18:00:28 (EDT)
I added an additional line to my existing account that has two lines. I signed up for a one year contract for the new line and I paid more for the phone and activation fees because I have signed for a one year contract. They told me that the contract period for my existing phones will aslo be extended for one year from the day I added the new phone. I was happy about it. However, after 5 months they sent me a letter saying that the contrat end date for the two existing phones was extended for two years because I have entered into a new plan $49.99. Thus it will automatically extends my contract period for two more years. Verizon has no ethics, no values and it's a big cheater.

- Wednesday, May 25, 2005 at 19:56:36 (EDT)
i have had verizon for a year and a half now and never had a problam till recently, my last phone bill came up over $400, when i called to find out why it was so highthey claimed i went over on my minutes by 700 some odd, i disputed it and got online to take a look at my account they had my own cell phone # listed 75 times during peak hours totalling 829 minuets used that is not including the 29 call listing my number on nights and weekends adding up 549 minutes thats 104 calls listed to my account totalling 1378 minutes used i went and looked at past phone records and they were there as well just not in the amount that happened this last month. it is not just me i was down in south america for 2 months with the militery and my first sargent had the same thing happen, and he was not even using his phone it was shut off in his dresser the whole time. verizon steals minutes right from under your nose and then charges you with the overages. stay clea of verizon i thought that it was the best out there myself untill they messed up on their illegal activitys and were caught. i will keep everyone posted as to how things go. jake slc utah

- Tuesday, May 24, 2005 at 12:53:04 (EDT)
For everyone who gets third party billing on their phone bills, call the third party company and tell them the only way you will pay is if they can provide a recording of you excepting the new service. I work for a company who fights these charges on peoples bills. If there is a recording of someone else's name, if that person is not on your account authorized to make changes, they cant make you pay the charges. Almost all companies keep recordings. It works everytime for me. Good luck to you all.

- Monday, May 23, 2005 at 15:06:09 (EDT)
Ok this is for all the VZ West/North/Central (Oh,Fl,In,Il,Wi,Mi,Tx,Az,Nv,Ca,Or,Wa,Id,Nc,Sc,) Landline Customers . . . Some pointers on how to keep from being disconnected, 1) pay bill in full on or by due date 2) if this is not possible call 1-800-483-1807 to make payment arrangments* under no circumstances do you want to be late during your 1st 6 months of service this causes you to have a "high" risk assesment and makes your account eligible for only 1-2 days extension no matter the amount. Verizon uses a credit risk assesment matrix to grade accounts based on payment history. this is as follows low, med1, med2 med3 high, and the official payment extension guidelines allow as follows low = 7 days med1 = 5 days med2 = 3-5 days Med3 & High = 1-2 days maximum. WE ARE UNDER STRICT RULES NOT TO MAKE MULTIPLE ARRANGEMENTS i.e. $50.00 every 2 weeks until paid in full AND DEFINATLY NO MONTHLY PAYMENT EXTENSIONS! Also a Payment arrangemnet only gaurentees your access to your local service only there is no gaurentee of long distance or features (voicemail, dsl, inside wire maintence, call id call waiting so on and so forth) you must pay in full to gaurentee those services by the due date period. On to the "medical letter" your doctor, physician, lawyer, etc. cannot order us to provide you unlimited telephone service no matter the ailment. we can provide you with local service but you are still required to pay atleast your basic/regulated amount see page 3-4 on your bill for this amount. also if a med letter is recieved you must enter into a MUTUALLY AGREABLE payment arrangemnet pay the total balance owed inside 30 days. this is only available in 4 of the states listed in the footprint above. I hope this has been informative for you. sorry about any misspellings and gramatical errors.

- Saturday, May 21, 2005 at 11:07:52 (EDT)
Along the same vein as what the last rep who works for VZW, and what other reps have said in the past few days, I absolutely agree... cursing, yelling, or going on a tirade will get you 100% nowhere and will only make us take longer to solve your problems by making us feel nervous while at the same time mortally cringing inside about the lowness you stoop to when you revert to acting like an insane child. or a evil demon. I have often had irate customers call up, and yes many of you have verygood reason to call and be upset, but when you just scream and yell out what the issue is, and how upset you are I am trying to look thru the notes on the account, which believe you me, as the last rep said can be no picnic to sort thru, being as different departments have different lingo, abbreviations for things or coding or whatever to try to figure out, and also or other reps don't comment the account at all which makes things impossible to prove! For this I am always sorry for.... A word of advice if you are told you will getting a credit make sure you ask the rep at the end of the conversation if they remembered to apply it, we do have a lot of things to concentrate on which makes it all the more difficult if you are screaming, or constantly harping thru out the call.

- Friday, May 20, 2005 at 03:36:14 (EDT)
I am employed at VZW and I do agree with some things you guys are saying and some things I do not. I do agree that a lot of our reps are VERY rude to our customers and they give reps like myself a bad rap. I do everything in my power every time with every customer to get the issue fixed in a timely manner. There are times when other reps do not note the customers account stating what they promised they would do and without that notation it is against company policy to do anything about it. I DO NOT agree with the man who is pissed about his lying daughter romoving the LD block from the phone. She just needs her A** beat one good time and i guarantee she will not do that again!!! As far as customers not being let out of their contracts even though they SAY they never extended the contract, READ YOUR ORIGNAL CONTRACT!!! It states that if you get a phone with a discount of any kind or change your price plan to a new promotion your contract will be extended. Don't complain to us because YOU didn't read your contract before you signed it!!! Finally, We all have names and it sure as hell is not YOU PEOPLE, we are humans with feelings to and when you all yell at us even though it may not be that rep that caused you the agony you may be going throuhg at the time you still yell at us and call us names. How would you all feel if we yelled back and called you YOU PEOPLE or cussed you out all day long for 8-10 hours a day??? You probably wouldn't like it would you??? Just remember even though you are pissed and probably with every right keep in mind there are reps out there who are willing to help but yelling at us is not gona make us want to help you.

- Thursday, May 19, 2005 at 18:48:54 (EDT)
I recently became a Verizon customer and paid a bit more for the SCH A670 than I would have for the LG phone because I thought, based on my previous experience, that Samsung had good products which they stood behind. Now, after just a few months of use and no mishandling, the plastic on my cell phone cracked and broke off on the right hinge at the service LED. I have spoken with customer service representatives at both Verizon and Samsung. The first Verizon representative I spoke with said that she could send me a replacement phone free of charge since the defect appeared to be a manufacturing problem. She also said I could bring the phone to a store and trade it in there. I went to a local store and was told that they would charge me for a new phone because the damage is not covered by Samsungís warranty. Additional calls to Verizon and Samsung have yielded no satisfaction. This is especially surprising given the fact that I discovered on the internet many Samsung customers complaining of phones breaking at the hinges for no apparent reason. Verizon says they have no record of this problem.

- Wednesday, May 18, 2005 at 15:27:19 (EDT)
In response to the last entry, about the person who wrote on May 13th 2005 "If the people taking the time to read and post on this website..." Yes, this person could be a poser set up from the coorporation, entirely possible!, However, as a real rep, swear I'm not a poser!!!!, I can tell you that as F***ed, crooked and corrupt as I believe VZW is, that does not mean I will not tolerate a customer that acts the same way!!!!!!!!!! So said ,yes, we are human beings with real feelings and real judgements to make!!!!! So remember, the next time you make some poor cust service rep's life hell who is just trying to help you by your yelling screaming, endless interrupting, not listening, having a tantrum or whatever, because you are so upset with the cooporate philosophy, and about the rules made at the top of the heap that we have absolute 0 control over, think again! Remember that we are in the same boat!!!!!!!!! Use your common sense! I will always try to credit my customers whenever possible even if it is not really a valid credit I will try to find some reason, but when you are blantant out and out super QueenBitch or a Kingsize A-hole then I will be much less likely to do that!!!!!!!!!

- Tuesday, May 17, 2005 at 06:18:35 (EDT)
Hey everyone, what do you all think about the person who wrote on Friday, May 13, 2005 at 01:02:29 (EDT) with the opening line: "If all the people taking the time to read and post on this website took the same time to read over your contracts and bills." Isnít it a red flag that an employee of Verizon, a "reprehensive customer representative" at that, is scanning sites like this!?!?! When a minimum wage employee has to stand up for a multi-billon dollar corporation, something is wrong. Either the greedy CEOís need to start writing back to specific comments or the customer representative needs to stand down! 5-16-05

- Monday, May 16, 2005 at 17:04:50 (EDT)
Stand together .....If you feel you'll save money by disconnecting; if you beieve you're being over billed. You could total how much you feel you're being overbilled every month and compare it against the cost to cancel your contract ....then you could decide if it's worth disconnecting.

- Monday, May 16, 2005 at 02:31:06 (EDT)
ATTENTION!!!!! IMPORTANT INFO about GETTING A CREDIT!!!!!! Verizon Wireless uses an OUTSOURCE call center called LIVEBRIDGE, you people out there should know about it because you will be much worse off speaking to this oursource company to get your issue resolved. They are trained far less, and paid far less then real Verizon Wireless reps, given less access to resources, and generally treated like slaves in stressfull boiler room like atmospheres. When it comes to account credits they have much stricter guidelines about being able to apply them and will not be able to give as much.!!!! So next time you call in to customer service, Go ahead and ASK: "Am I speaking with someone at Livebridge?" or better yet, "ARE YOU WORKING DIRECTLY FOR VERIZONWIRELESS OR ARE YOU WITH AN OUTSOURCE COMPANY?", because god knows they may have several outsource companies!!!!! *Note(The reps could lose their jobs if they lie to you and say otherwise becauase it could supposedly mean a lawsuit, bless them and bless the law!!!!) Livebridge has outsource call centers in Auburn and Olympia Washington, Millawwkee, Wis., Lewiston,Maine, Prince George, British Columbia , and god knows what offshore places are starting to crop up, where eventually it is very very likely they will try to have all these jobs shipped to, to save the almighty buck, and cheat America out of more good paying wages and quality customer service!!! My advice to you, while there are still actually are some DIRECT Verizon Wireless call centers out there, (ie: Salt Lake city, Irvine, Ca., Tempe, Az I will post more locations after i do more research) is to HANG UP untill you reach a REAL Verizon Wireless Call Center. So really, ASK ASK ASK, to whom am I speaking with and WHERE are you PHYSICALLY located?, Nip evil and incompetent outsourcing in the bud!!!!! You'll be doing the United States a huge favor!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Sunday, May 15, 2005 at 06:12:00 (EDT)
Another great Verizon rep! What does my contract have to do with not getting my service when promised, having my home phone disconnected accidently (twice), giving me bad technical advice, waiting on hold for over 2 hours, and so on and so on. In fact, when I tried to enforce my contract, (the one I signed at Best Buy), they said that it was wrong, that they didn't offer that any more and I had to go back to Best Buy. (For you contract experts, Best Buy is Verizon's agent and Verizon is bound by them.) So get a grip Verizon rep - your company sucks!!! Every time they fixed something, they broke two other things. Ignorance was the major problem and THAT IS VERIZON'S PROBLEM FOR HIRING SIMPLE MINDED REPS WHO ARE NOT TRAINABLE.

- Saturday, May 14, 2005 at 00:11:02 (EDT)
I know if an ISP sells T1 and DSL circuits. He survived the boom and bust cycle of ISP's and has managed to survive Verizon's policy of selling their own product at less than they sell it to ISP's. As noted in other posts, Verizon and SBC seem to have an informal "handsoff" policy about selling broadband in each others geography. As Verizon dropped prices on DSL, the ISP's business started to run up large bills with Verizon. Eventually these bills started getting paid off and were reduced by over 75% and was only 90 days overdue. Of course about a third of these charges were a result of overcharges and hidden billing that Verizon refused to document and late charges calculated based on who knows what rational. When Verizon was asked to produce detailed invoices they couldn't but they refused to waive the charges. Verizon continues to find ways to ignore attorney's phoen calls, and makes repeated demands to pay everything in full or be disconnected. The ISP is profitable but that doesn't matter to Verizon who was willing to write off billions from other telecom bankruptcies and is making the small business person pay the price. It is clear that Verizon is trying to restore the monopoly that they had on service and they are simply trying to drive anyone who can offer better service using their ciruits out of business. Verizon is clearly only interested in trying to restore a former telecom monolopoly at the expense of people who invested in a business they didn't know much about when they started it up as GTE Wholesale.

- Friday, May 13, 2005 at 23:39:55 (EDT)
If all the people taking the time to read and post on this website took the same time to read over your contracts and bills, I guarantee 95% of you would never have a problem. Verizon and Verizon Wireless are companies that treat all their customers equally and fairly. If you don't pay your bills, then your service will be interrupted, If you call screaming,cursing and threatening a service rep, than you deserve what you get. I am a service rep for Verizon. I talk with hundreds of people a week and am more than happy to help my customers with any problem they have whether it is the company's fault or the customers.Ever hear the expression "you get more flies with honey than vinegar?" Well it couldn't be more true. Some of the posts here are just ridiculous, for the customer who was dialing international calls afer signing up for Verizon long distance. Long Distance is Long Distance, regardless if its domestic or international. You refused the international plan that was offered to you and continued to direct dial international calls, and thats somehow Verizon's fault?!? It's the same for any company out there, you can not choose 2 different long distance carriers on the same line. The only way to make calls and have them carried by another provider is to use access codes (AKA 1010 #'s). To the other idiot going to porn websites, Please explain how Verizon is supposed to prevent you from being a horny pig?!? Your bill wouldn't have been $700+ if you didn't spend alot of time on these sites!! And as for all you who think Vonage is the answer to all your prayers, You better pray! Pray that you or anyone in your family doesn't have an emergency. Because what Vonage doesn't tell you is that you have no 911 service, you must register for this and even after you register your address, your calls are not going to 911, they are being routed to a non-emergency line in your local police department which aren't always answered! They are currently being sued by serveral states for not informing customers of this and several other service problems. SO, JUST TREAT THE REPS WITH RESPECT AND STOP LYING!!! WE KNOW WHEN YOUR LYING! WE'LL RESPECT YOUR HONESTY AND HELP YOU ANY WAY WE CAN!

- Friday, May 13, 2005 at 01:02:29 (EDT)
Again, another excuse for Verizon. Verizon doesn't make the phone -- so what!! They sell it. Just like your car dealer doesn't make the car, he becomes responsible for it. Does Verizon have a history of problems with certain phones, do they then stop selling it -- no because they can sell you another phone! If you buy a product from a company, the contract is with the company, not the manufacturer. The company can go back to the manufacturer, but stop trying to pass the buck!

- Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 11:55:15 (EDT)
Verizon doesnt make phones. No wireless carrier does. So the problems your having with your samsung 670 is not there problem basically. call samsung. Verizon will help you out and give you a discount on a new phone, weather its one or two tr promtional pricing. they offer insurance as a cortsey to there customers. that money goes directly to the insurance co. not verizon.

- Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 10:19:46 (EDT)
your credit must suck $1000 deposit boy!!!

- Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 10:07:56 (EDT)
Dude, no one ever told you calling voicemail was free. And has far as the overage appearing on your line. odviously your line is the last line on the share plan and the overage ALWAYS appears on the last line. Dont get mad, get educated on how your plan works.

- Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 10:06:16 (EDT)
I have encounter what I feel is harish treatment from my employer Verizon Wireless. I have no money to feed my two kids or get needed medications, Verizon Wireless has cut off my pay checks totaly. These are benefits that I'm entitled to. I'm currently disable; I was told that there is an independent party that has to review Short Term Disability medical information for Verizon Wireless in order for me to receive a paycheck. I have been going through this for years and was just previously denied my STD claim. So, now I'm going through a stressful appeals process. I have been repeatly sending medical documentation starting as far back as over a month ago in order to be approved ;so I can receive a pay check. When I spoke with the independent party reviewing my claim I explained that I have no food, no medication,and no money. I was told that there was nothing they could do because, Verizon Wireless contract with them has specific instructions for them to follow; while reviewing Verizon Wireless employee's medical claims. I asked if the contract had special conditions for people like myself that need to be able to get medication. The answer was "NO". Everytime I need treatment requiring me to be off work or to be hospitalized for my Multiple Sclerosis.I either get no pay check , late pay check, or an incorrect paycheck 27.00 before. Then on top of that I received a phone bill from Verizon Wireless for over 200.00 that I feel is incorrect. I also received a letter stating that I had to return back to work or possibly face being fired while I'm still trying to recover under doctor's care. There was also a request enclosed for additional infomation on my conditon sent to me from VZW asking what type of accomodations I need...I feel this could be a possible way to make the company appear they are trying to help me under the Americas With Disabilities Act Policy. I feel that they aren't. Well, as far as accomodation for one; I need my money. I need my medication but, I have neither. Also Verizon Wireless already has a record of what accomodations I needed from my previous physician to enable me to do my job, going as far back as when I first found out about my Multiple Sclerosis in 2001/2002. If VZW felt it needed to be updated why bother me while I,m currently under going treatment and sick; I can't do anything until I recover fully to return back to work anyway. I also have doctor's documentation that covers my time off now due to my relaspe. I have severe MS symptoms-pain, unable to move my legs or arms sometimes,I fall down (even with my cane) spasms,numbness, and a whole list of things that you could not imagine that; I go through whenever I have relaspes. I have had a feeling for a while that the company has been trying to get rid of me. I have had what I feel are awful things done to me by a supervisor and when I reported it I was told that nothing could be done because ,I had no proof I really felt like HR turned their heads intenionaly. Questions about my disabilty and at one point verbaly attacked by another co-worker I was still told I had no proof. I had a supervisor in which I felt intentionly wanted to make me miserable because, of my disability so I would quit. I cried and went to the HR department and I felt I was praticly label as a trouble maker. I'm currently trying to recover. I can't get my MS medication,food,or pay my bills....I have developed diabetes and high blood pressure as a result of one of the treatments for my MS. I need to get all of the prescribed medication and without a paycheck -I'm asking the same question that I have asked before which company is going to look my two kids in their eyes if something happens to me from lack of my medications- Verizon Wireless or the independent party?

- Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 00:49:19 (EDT)
Three weeks ago, April 28th,2005, my DSL stopped working yet the phone line is fine. The tech never showed for the first appointment and I lost wages waiting for the idiot. Then I spend another 3 hours over 4 days on the phone, troubleshot with 3 morons and was promised a new modem. They sent the wrong one. It arrived at 2 PM not early AM as I was promised. Unable to submit my classwork nor download my test packets I was screwed. Another 3 hours over 5 days on the phone and another missed tech appointment yesterday and now I'm up to 7.4 hours on the phone and 16 hours of lost work. Not counting the 3 classes I failed to submit work with nor the time on the phone taking time away from peaceful happy endeavors. Today is the 11th of May and some freakin' yahoo tells me my trouble ticket of the 9th of May shows the 16th as the next day to look into my connectivity problems. What total arseholes. Other neighbors in my prefix are not experiencing problems. How hard can it be to get someone out here to fix it? If I had other choices, I'd tell them to sodomize themselves and take my business elsewhere. Most if not all the gomers I've spoke with are incompetent boobs. I am so freakin' sick of hearing, "I'm sorry you're having trouble and I apologize for any problems" Yea Right! I had better take a lude before I run over the next verizon DSL van I pass. To Hell with verizon and their CEO, that c-sucking Phil Lattio.

- Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 17:31:26 (EDT)
To Whom It May Concern:: Here are the highlights over the span of 4 months for my situation: 1. Had a consistent average of $85.00 for my phone/DSL bill from Verizon for about 10 years. 2. Then, had a bill for $3700.00 in International calls to the same town in Mexico, after telling them I heard people speaking Spanish every time I picked up the phone and suggested it was a crossed line/a crime. 3. Was told by Verizon, that the calls were made from my shitty apartment and I had to pay it and it would crash my credit rating if I did not. 4. Had my long-distance suspended without my knowledge or approval. 5. Was lied to by the repair department, saying they did not come to my apartment, but the business office said they did and saw no problem with the line. 6. Spent hours of time, money and effort to call Verizon, only to find Iím still responsible for the charges. 7. Wrote to certified letters, both were unanswered by Verizon. 8. Was told by Verizon that I exhausted every department in Verizon including modem high jacking, fraud, and need to call the FCC. 9. Wrote a formal 3 page letter to the FCC, Wrote a formal 3 page letter to the government of Harrisburg, Wrote a formal 3 page letter to the consumer protection office, etc. 10. Talked to attorneys; stressed about my credit rating; stressed about not getting responses from a multi-billion corporation thatís out of control. 11. Had the bill adjusted 4 months later, after my state capital, PA, was involved. 12. The aftermath: They will not respond to who did the ďinvestigationĒ, tell me if it will happen again, and what the hell happened!!! This is a monopoly. This is a corporation accused of fraud, breech of anti-trust laws, and corruption. I work with 400 people and will be damned if I donít broadcast to everyone that Verizon tried to make me pay for a felony crime. Unconscionable! Rage against the machine muther fuker!

- Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 18:28:54 (EDT)
I am writing in just to say that I am livid at the fact that I was attempting to switch wireless carriers today...moving from Nextel to Verizon. Verizon wanted a $1,000 deposit. I am not certain what credit rating or history they were viewing in that I recently purchased a vehicle with $1,000 down and, at least, left the dealership with something to show for it. I am wondering what recourse, if any, I may have based on this irrational deposit requirement (other than to simply stay with Nextel). I am also curious if other people have been asked to submit equally large deposits for a $99 cell phone and $99/month service?

- Tuesday, May 10, 2005 at 12:26:50 (EDT)
i guess verizon is the only local service where i live. but they are only one that can provide dsl? what fucking monopoly. i thought that was suppose to be illegal they wont let me bill dsl with my phone bill and wont explain why just that they cant you have to have a credit card. we just went debt free and cut them all up and they dont give a shit. we cant have dsl... verizon kiss my ass

- Monday, May 09, 2005 at 19:48:18 (EDT)
For some reason, MY phone number got charged $100 over the normal amount. I used about 200 minutes this month, because I had lost my phone. A member of my family (we have a sharplan) used 800 minutes, but somehow that was billed to me! Also,they charged me for calling my Voice Mail, which they SAID was free. Bah! Death to all humans!

- Friday, May 06, 2005 at 17:29:48 (EDT)
I HATE VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M GONNA SUE VERIZON!!!!!!!!I HATE VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)=)I HATE VERIZON SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMUCH!

- Wednesday, May 04, 2005 at 14:58:08 (EDT)
verizon kept billing me for the line that i had ported out to went on for almost ten months even i faxed them the proofs of suncom bills.i wasted a lots of my time to get this billing error verizon has messed my credit that took me forteen years to build.i even went to a local verizon wireless store and the manager there faxed the coppies of sucom bill to their main office to take care of over billing.i was told that it sould be o.k , but after two months i found out that they have given this to the collection.i am upset and would like to know how can fixed my credit and legaly fight with verizon.

- Sunday, May 01, 2005 at 00:39:54 (EDT)
The lady who works for Verizon is incredible. If we are rude, they cut off the service and charge us for it. INCREDIBLE. Verizon always talks about contracts - is that part of it -- if we screw up enough to actually make you mad, we reserve the right to terminate your service. I bet they actually forgot to print that clause in the contract, it's just an implied clause. Verizon screwed up everything from day one on my DSL and their techs know absolutely nothing. One tech actually told me that you couldn't put a wireless router on a DSL line and that was why it wasn't working. Forget the fact that it had been working for 2 weeks (a miracle I guess). They disconnected my phone line 3 times, sent me extra modems for some reason and wanted to charge me for them, disconnected me for non-payment when it was actually a credit balance. I pay $20 more a month for cable internet now and it is worth every penny becuase I will never have to deal with a Verizon rep ever again, or be on hold for over an hour waiting for a tech, or call the right number to have it routed to "east coast" technical service and have them transfer me to "west coast" technical service and be put one hold for another hour. Their own phone service didn't even work right. I haven't had to be rude once to Nextel, Sprint or Comcast, maybe that's the only reason why my service has been great with them.

- Friday, April 29, 2005 at 17:28:15 (EDT)
To most of the people on this site, learn how to spell. If you cant spell Verizon correctly you should not have signed up for service with them. If you can not understand that a cell phone is not perfect and the service does not work everywhere at all times, then check your head. The signal is in the air, of course there will be problems. I am a former rep and customer of VZW in AZ. I can honestly say that most of the phone issues are user-errors (how do i turn my phone on?) The reason why bills get so high, people dont read there agreement and make calls to Puerto Rico, or somewhere else where they have to pay long distance charges. Take a look at the taxes and other fees portion of the bill, talk to your senators about that. VZW is in the business of making money, that is correct. But never did I see them take advantage of customers the way you people claim. If you call in enough times and are rude to the reps and supervisors and manage to get high enough in the chain to talk to the director of the call center, they will cut your service off and charge you for it, I know, I have seen it happen. But again that is your fault for being rude. If you dont like your service, eat the termination fee and switch companys. VZW does not have #1 customer service, T-Mobile does and thats a fact, at least in AZ. I am going to be switching my service back to VZW after having T-mobile for one year. I will have no problems with my phones or service because I am a smart person who knows how to use my equipment correctly and I know where service will or wont be. I have done the research. Hopefully everybody will learn from there experiences with VZW and not make the same mistakes with another company.

- Friday, April 29, 2005 at 13:40:24 (EDT)
OK Verizon lovers, you'll really like this one. I am not going to whine about hidden fees, fine print, or some other issue which is easily negated. Verizon is a terrible, horrible, unscrupulous company, and I'll tell you why. I am the Chief Information Systems person for the company I work for, meaning I handle pretty much all aspects of our infrastructure. As a result, the phone systems fall squarely within my job description, so it was me who handled Verizon as our phone provider. In other words, I have been the direct liaison between Verizon and my company, so there's no miscommunication going on here. The following is an abridged list of screw-ups on their part: They changed our plan without informing us, which of course was a more expensive plan then we had previously. Field engineers failed to show up for our setup date 3 (three) times in a row, without contacting us at all. That pushed our relocation to our new facilities back about 3-4 months. No exaggeration; we couldn't legally get occupancy without phone lines. When confronted about standing us up, they lied and said they showed up but nobody was around to let them in. Outright lies, each time by different representatives. They must instruct these people to misinform, because the times and dates they claimed to show up there were plenty of people around and the place was wide-open. Not to mention the fact that we have a DVR system with cameras on each entrance and the parking lot, which proves that in fact they never even drove by on those dates, let alone tried to gain entrance. We had ordered ten lines, but we were only set up with 3 lines to start with. It took several return trips from their field engineers before they finally got all the lines going. Of our ten existing lines, 5 of them are horribly dirty connections which make us look unprofessional to clients who are unfortunate enough to get one of those lines. Field engineers have confirmed to me that it is indeed a card on their end going bad, but the management won't let them replace it until it's totally burned out. Every time I speak to a Verizon rep. About this, they tell me it's our internal lines that are bad, our Nortel PBX, or even our handsets(!). I've already confirmed each of these false, and they still refuse to do anything about it. Part of our package agreement included rollover from our primary line to 6 other lines (called a 'hunt-group'). Unfortunately, Verizon was charging us for this service, but not providing it. I finally called and put in a trouble ticket, but before I let them put it through I asked them to confirm the order of the hunt group. You guessed it, that was wrong, so I gave them the proper information, confirmed it, and hoped all would be OK after that. Wrong. They did get the corrected info from me, but put it in as a separate work order. So they actually programmed our lines to roll over, but with their original (incorrect) hunt group. They have the corrected hunt group as a separate work order, to be completed sometime in the future. To add insult to injury, they wanted to charge us $59 to do the correction that was their fault and for a service they had never provided! After all this, I called and asked for a manager. So far, I still haven't spoken to one; they keep stonewalling me with beurocracy. All along the way, each Rep. I talk to suggests that the whole thing is our fault somehow, and Verizon isn't to blame. ďThese things happenĒ, right? Yes, they do, more with Verizon than with any other company I've ever had the displeasure of working with. ...and this list doesn't even account for each and every time I was lied to or my call was never returned. If they weren't the monopoly in the area, we'd have gone with another provider a very long time ago. For the moment, we bide our time.

- Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 19:20:40 (EDT)
Verizon apologizes. Verizon apologizes. when you call the dsl tech support, the automated system apologizes automatically. Then when you get to a live body, only to hear yet again another apology. Pretty sad from a company that makes 68 billion a year. They screw over their customers, even their own employee's. Just to make a buck. When are they going to make a decent product? Any product? Pick one. Stop with the apologies already, and correct what's wrong.

- Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 19:08:19 (EDT)
I just got a verizon cell phone for my birthday and I am soo happy with it! :)

- Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 18:25:24 (EDT)
I have no dial tone on my Verizon home phone. I reported the problem to Verizon. They sent out a repair guy. He says that the problem is caused by the DSL. He reports the problem fixed. I call Eartlink to report that I have no dial tone on my phone line. They ask me if my DSL is working. I have to admit that it is. They wonder why I would call the ISP with a no dial tone problem. I call back Verizon to complain that I have no dial tone. They are sending another tech out to waste their and my time.

- Tuesday, April 26, 2005 at 03:54:56 (EDT)
I terminated my 2 yr/2 phone contract 2 years to the day EXACTLY and have 2 weeks later received a 2 X $175 termination fee notification in addition to some of the strangest reverse billing computations ever seen. Because we will be buying a house soon, we can't afford to have the bad credit mark so I may have no choice other than to pay the money and then use my inheritance money to pursue a class action. Oh, and and the snotty remarks I've read from the CSRs prompt me to inform them that I'm going to smear the check around my asshole, after I take a particularly messy dump, before I put it in the envelope. I recommend everyone else do the same so these cretins will think twice about working for such a crappy service.

- Tuesday, April 26, 2005 at 00:59:31 (EDT)
This will be short. You are lousey! We pay $78.00/ month to you people to be constantly thrown off-line. I am very sick of the "specified server cannot be found". Plus, you are slower than any dial up service we"ve ever tried. Our e-mail takes forever to download and then we found that everything we deleted was being stored on the server and there was so much it wouldn't let us recieve our mail. I want the name of a corporate representative who can actually speak to me and hear my complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop using automation and innocent people to (un)solve your problems. We want a refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Monday, April 25, 2005 at 22:21:51 (EDT)
On 4/22 I asked Verizon, my former phone company, to refer callers to my new number, when they call my old number. In Texas, Verizon is allowed to charge $35-$40 for this service. They told me it would take 24 hours for the request to take effect. It has been 60 hours and Verizon still hasn't fulfilled its promise. I called Verizon to check on this and they refer me to their repair center. I am told it will be another 8 hours before they can complete the task. The call center worker says she doesn't know why it wasn't taken care of and apologized.

- Monday, April 25, 2005 at 11:04:46 (EDT)
tried to port my phone number to another company, which means I am changing my phone service to another company, but keeping the same number. Verizon must legally allow this to happen, but it looks like they have discovered a way to make this so unpleasant, that it forces you to not keep the same number. Here is how they did it. Verizon mysteriously didn't credit my account and cancelled my phone service with Verizon. They did it on the day the port paperwork was being processed, it turns out. Well, when we told Verizon that we had paid, they apologized and turned the phone back on. It turns out that you can't port a number that is disconnected and since the port was going through on that day, the number could not be ported. That means I couldn't get my old phonenumber on the day the new phone was connecting my new service. I would have to wait another 3-5 days if I wanted to keep that number. When I called Verizon, they blamed my new phone company for this. However, they said they number could be ported today and I should call my new phone company and tell them that. Well, my new phone company had called Verizon, Verizon told them that my number was part of call group and could not be ported. Different story. How do they get away with this!?

- Sunday, April 24, 2005 at 09:41:00 (EDT)
I received a long distance phone bill in March that had 144 calls at a total $185.00 calls: I had made 7 of them, owing about $8.50. I e-mailed them, since it was a Friday evening. I got no response. I then called and they said they would investigate. I told them, they need to look and see if someone was making additiopnal calls past my billing date, so it could be stopped. They said they couldn't look at that. I called one time a week later and they said it was still under investigation. I got my next bill today. It is for close to $800. I called customer service when I got home at 5:00p.m. They said no one can help after 4:30 p.m. Also the "vendor" they used to investigate no longer works for Verizon. I asked if there was any report on the investigation. She said that not only was there no report, there was no acknowledgement that I had even called. 10 minutes later, I canceled my Verizon long distance phone bill. I'll see how long this takes. April 22, 2005 Vienna, VA

- Friday, April 22, 2005 at 18:22:43 (EDT)
Hi. It's me, Betty, the licensed massage therapist again. Well, just two days ago, 4/20/05, I got my first call from my ad in the Verizon Yellow Pages from a man, "John", looking for "erotic massage." He was looking in the new 2005 phone book under Verizon's clever new heading, Massages--Non-Therapeutic. I don't know how or why Verizon put my ad under this heading. It makes me look like a class D felon (at worst) or not as qualified as other massage therapists (at best). And for this I get to pay more than $150/month. What has happened so far? Absolutely nothing. However, I have notified NYS Public Service Commission, the Attorney General's office, and the office for professional licensing for Massage Therapy. I think a class action lawsuit is brewing here.

- Friday, April 22, 2005 at 15:54:44 (EDT)
We joined with verizon dsl because it is the only dsl that will work where we live. It worked fine until we studied our bill and realized they were charging $37.95 instead of the $29.95 that was in our contract. We complained, and they said they'd fix it. They fixed it all right. They cut off our dsl, and said that we had moved, which we didn't. The worst part was we were out of town, and were negotiating deals with other businesses and suddenly it was turned off. After four hours, probably about ten customer service people who sent us everywhere, one in Tijuana (no kidding) we got absolutely nowhere. They keep telling us they are going to turn us back on, but we have a lot of trouble believing them. In the meantime, people think we have moved as we have no email. A costly mistake by them....for us.

- Thursday, April 21, 2005 at 19:38:56 (EDT)
In December 2004, Me and my wife signed up with Verizon wireless 400 minute plan for 2 - Samsung SCH-A670 phones with a 2-yr contract. The service has been good but the phone are another issue. My 1st mistake not getting warranty on the phone (1st go around) 1 1/2 months (Feb. 2005) later on one of phones the "hinge" breaks on the right side. The phone has never been dropped or abused. Went back to Verizon to get this fixed. Service Tech tells me "This is a user error" not a defect with the phone. He also tells me since you do not have warranty with Assurion you will have to purchase another phone. Ok, purchased another phone Samsung SCH-A650. This time with warranty. Meantime, I spent $65.00 to get the SCH-A670 "hinge" problem fixed. Mid-March 2005, the "hinge" breaks on SCH-A650 on the right side next to the light. Same problem different phone. I call Asurion to get the phone fixed, pay the $50.00 in accordance with the agreement. They were great! Got a new phone in 2 days. Now it's April 2005, same problem with "hinge" on SCH-A650 a (114 calls) later. It is completely broken on the right side next to the light. Clearly this is a manufacturing / engineering problem / defect. Verizon continues to deny it as a problem with their phones. The phone has never been abused or dropped. I'm not about to pay another $50.00 to get the phone fixed for the 2nd time. Or am I going to use the now fixed A670 because it will just happen again with this one. This is absurd and riduculus. I still have 1 year 7 months left on contract and I cannot keep spending $50 everytime the phone breaks. Does anybody know how I can terminate my contract with Verizon without paying the the early termination fee for these defective phones?

- Wednesday, April 20, 2005 at 10:50:21 (EDT)
I am Betty Brzuchac, a licensed massage therapist who advertises in the Verizon Yellow Pages. This year, my boxed ad ($154/month) was listed under a heading "Massage--Non-therapeutic". Non-Therapeutic massage just happens to be illegal in New York State. But, a call to my sales representative, Ed Smith, in Albany, NY got me no where. He referred me to their business office to someone named Kim, who referred me back to Ed (the classic run around). Kim also would not give me her last name, let me speak to a supervisor, or give me the location of her office. Oh, not to mention that they also left my location out of my ad. But, no one is doing anything. It's been a week now. I've been contacting other massage therapist who have been listed under this ridiculous heading and it's starting to look like some group legal action may be necessary. Perhaps my complaint is a bit premature, but, I will keep you posted when, and how, and IF this ever gets resolved. Thank you.

- Monday, April 18, 2005 at 18:41:37 (EDT)
Verizon DOES suck. We've been customers for years! We have our home phone, cell phones, and DSL through Verizon. We bought a new house in the same city, and called Verizon to transfer our services to our new address. Should be simple, right? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. In mid-March, Verizon set up a new home phone number for us. This worked quiet well, no problems there. Then about 10 days after our home phone number was set up, we received an e-mail saying that our DSL order was cancelled because we did not have a Verizon phone number. Hummm. I called customer service to find out what the problem was, and a very helpful and competent woman helped me (I wish I could remember her name), and explained that because all the orders were placed at the same time, the database automatically kicked out the DSL order because it the database hadn't been updated to reflect that our new phone number was activated. This may or may not be a real explanation... but I don't think that it is unusual or uncommon for people to call to change all their services at once when they move to a new house, so their database CLEARLY SUCKS if it cannot handle these requests. She then checked and found out that our new address can not have DSL... Verizon updated the lines in that neighborhood and all we can have is Fios. What the heck is Fios. Whatever, it is comparable in price, go ahead and set that up. We set that up. We set up to have that installed on April 15th. On April 11th, my husband called to confirm the installation. Surprise surprise, Verizon couldn't find the order!! We had the order number, but they couldn't find it in the system. So - we had to put in ANOTHER order. Even though we had been dealing with Verizon for nearly a month, now they said they can not install the service until April 25th, so we will be without internet access THROUGH NO FAULT OF OUR OWN. We aren't happy, but fine, we tell them to set it up. Then on April 12th, my husband receives a telephone call at work from a customer service representative telling us that someone is at the house trying to install the service. WHAT???? What the heck??? We are confused, try to figure out which one of us can leave to work to go the house to let the technician in, and it turns out that the customer service rep somehow called us in error, she was looking at an order for an entirely different state. NO IDEA HOW SHE COULD BE SO STUPID, but apparently MARYLAND and VIRGINIA look very similar to her. Mid afternoon, we receive an e-mail from Verizon saying that we have been confirmed for installation for MAY 9th. MAY 9th?? What happened to April 25th?? I called the customer service number and the rep tells me---- SHE CAN'T FIND MY ORDER. Surprise Surprise. I insisted on talking to a manager, because I foolishly thought that would make some kind of a difference. The manger babbles something about how he talked to my husband that morning and he requested the change in date. I called my husband, and he talked to absolutely NO ONE from Verizon. They actually MADE THAT UP for who knows what reason. So here we are, moving tomorrorw, and we will be without internet access for who knows how long. Why don't we go with someone else, you say? WE CALLED THREE DIFFERENT PLACES, BUT NO ONE ELSE CAN PROVIDE SERVICE BECAUSE VERIZON UPDATED THE PHONE LINES FOR FIOS AND NO ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED TO OPERATE ON THESE PHONE LINES. THEY HAVE A COMPLETE MONOPOLY. There is nothing we can do but bend over and take it. So. I don't have the manger's phone number with me at home, but next week I'll sign back on and post his direct line. We can all call him and ask him when he's going to return my calls and deal with this problem. If enough of us call him, maybe he'll have to get a new phone number, and he'll have to deal with Verizon to do that. He'll probably be without a phone for weeks.

- Thursday, April 14, 2005 at 20:09:28 (EDT)
Wow, no wonder Verizon is rated worst customer service of all the wireless companies!

- Wednesday, April 13, 2005 at 19:10:31 (EDT)
I had a contract with Verizon for two years. I cancelled my phone 3 days before the two year contract was because i was leaving the country for Ukraine for two weeks and did not want to leave my wife without a phone while i was gone. They still sent me a termination fee of $175.00. Is there no grace period of cancellation? I will neveruse Verizon again and everyone i come in contact with will hear the horror stories of using Verizon.

- Wednesday, April 13, 2005 at 18:36:20 (EDT)
You customers are a sad bunch. You think that if you act like assholes to us csr's that we are going to bend over backwards for you. If you believe this you are sadly mistaken. The more f'ed up your attitude, the less we are willing to do for you. Are you customers aware of the invention the "mute-button?" We talk so much s*** on you guys while you guys are on calls with us it is rediculous. Treat us like human beings and we will do everything we can to help you, it is that simple. Take ownership and be responsible adults. VZW CSR's are not therapist to be dealing with you'r neurosis. Last to all you customers that have ever been an ass to me, eat a dick.

- Wednesday, April 13, 2005 at 00:28:31 (EDT)
On March 29,th I received notice from Allied Interstate regarding an outstanding Verizon Wireless bill totalling $422. I immediately contacted Verizon and gave them my information and they informed me that my bill is current and correct. In fact, I have been a Verizon Customer for 12 years and I have always paid my bill in a timely manner. I called the collection agency who told me that not only did I owe the bill, Verizon had charged off my account and that this appears on my credit. I verified that in fact, Verizon posted negative information on my credit. They went on to tell me that the notice of March 29th was the third such notice sent to me. I informed them it was absolutely NOT the third notice that I had received. They also gave me a phone number with a 402 area code as the origination of the fees. My phone number is 303-and Iíve had that number for 8 years. I have never lived in the state of Nebraska nor have I ever had a phone with that area code. I called Verizon back again, to be told they donít have access to the Nebraska number and they referred me to another call center in another state. That call center informed me that an account was opened under my name and social security number on August 21, 2004. They canít tell me how the account was opened (via internet, store, phone) or in what manner (move, new account, etc.) Coincidently, I was traveling out of state on August 21 and my phone was put into out of service. I spent over an hour on the phone with Verizon on August 21 argueing with them regarding why my phone was discontinued. The verizon rep kept saying that I discontinued it and I did not. They continually said that someone who said they were me with my social number discontinued my phone. I then put a pass code on my account in the event that someone tried to access my account. My phone was re-connected on August 22. This account is a fraud account or some sort of Verizon Billing error. Verizon could have prevented such an occurance through the following: 1) Verizon never made some sort of a reference from the shut off of my phone to the restart of a new account on August 21. There should have been some reference that someone claiming to be me indicated that they wanted a transfer account to Nebraska. This would have been a red flag that I would have halted immediately. 2) Verizon has no way of tracking social security numbers. When I call different call centers, they cannot see that I have multiple accounts in multiple statesand that should be a red flag internally to Verizon. Because of this lack of references internally, someone could do it again in different states without my consent! 3) Verizon never made any attempts to call me with regards to the outstanding bill. At no time, did Verizon call, mail or email me with regards to the outstanding bill-even though all the information is correct and on file. 4) Verizon posted negative information to my account without performing a simple internal check to see that I had an open, valid, regularly paid account. A simple check would have revealed that it was odd for my non-payment on one account and full in another. 5) Verizon obviously didnít check credit. The address the fraudulent account gave was NOT on my credit. This should have been a red flag and stopped the account from being opened. 6) I set a password on my account that is absolutely useless. I have called and gone into Verizon retail stores and am not asked about my passcode. I asked an employee on two occasions why didnít they ask and both said they didnít see it right away. It makes no difference since Verizon allows others to set up accounts in other states with no check internally. 7) I ordered the statements on April 2005 for the police department to see what and where the calls were made. After much argueing with the customer service representative, I did finally receive them. There were never any calls made on the account! It looks like there was some sort of beginning balance on the date the account was opened that kept accruing monthly service charges.

- Tuesday, April 12, 2005 at 03:54:09 (EDT)
The gentleman is right, you cannot fight Verizon through PUC, however fight them through the FCC. Go to and you can file a complaint. If they extend your contract without your knowledge you can fight them. I did and my early termination fee was removed. Verizon is still bound by contract law and a lot of what their contract says is not enforceable, they only want you to think it is and know it is too expensive to see a lawyer to fight it. Or take it to small claims court and a judge who knows what scam artists these people are. Or just take my word for it, don't get involved with Verizon in the first place, your blood pressure will thank you.

- Monday, April 11, 2005 at 23:17:06 (EDT)
Carlos F. is the BEST cellular sales rep on the planet. If you ever get him to service you, count your blessings.

- Monday, April 11, 2005 at 18:01:09 (EDT)
Some notes for this site

Verizon Wireless is not a public utility. Filing a complaint with the PUC is useless.

You signed a contract when you got your phone. If you didn't read it, don't blame them.

Cellular phones don't work as well in brick buildings and basements. Its a fact of RF transmission.

Any SITEL or AFNI employee (or any other outsourced) customer service representative does not get the training or pay as a direct Verizon Wireless rep.

Don't EVER use the words "you people" when calling into customer service.

Indirect agents ARE NOT the same as direct VZW agents. Remember that when you buy your phone at Radio Shack or a furniture store and it breaks.

VZW does have the lowest churn rate in the wireless industry.

Call a lawyer to get out of your contract. I'll bet you waste time and money.

Don't pay your bill on time. You WON'T get your security deposit back after 12 months.

Google search "T-Mobile sucks" or "Sprint PCS sucks" or any other wireless company. I guarantee you find sob stories like the sad bastards on here.

Don't want late fees? PAY YOUR DAMN BILL. There are only 15 ways to do it.

Swear and talk down to the service reps. You'll get a lot done that way. (still reading this?)

Got more cows and sheep than people in your town? I'll bet a lot of phones will work there.

In short, read your contracts, check the coverage maps, and do some friggin research before you sign up.

- Monday, April 11, 2005 at 02:07:24 (EDT)
I have had Verizon Wireless for over 3 years now. I am not completely satisfied but dont know which other service works better. Customer service, verizon is terrible at it. But the funny thing is at places where my friends cell phone doesnt work, mine does. But at home, my cell phone never ever shows more then one bar. Anyway, I tried to tun on Verizon local phone service and the first day of installation the guy was a "no show". I called them, they said my order ebevr went thru. Second day they were supposed to call my landlord to open the dorr and again they didnt call him and left a notice. I called them again, they said "technicians dont carry phones". EXCUSE ME?? Your technician doesnt carry a phone??? DO I SOUND LIKE A RETARD TO U??? I cancelled their service. I have VONAGE now. EXCELLENT SERVICE! Get cable internet and VONAGE is the way to go. I pay only $14.99 a month for 500 mins a month. Worth every penny.

- Thursday, April 07, 2005 at 10:40:16 (EDT)
Who cares, I am a supervisor at a Verizon call center and that jerk who says Verizon hires criminals and, who gives a crap who's side are you on anyway us or those idiot customers that call to bitch just because they have nothing better to do,

- Wednesday, April 06, 2005 at 18:32:56 (EDT)
One last note. I know there are some bad techs who don't know how to do their job, but why do you feel you can complain as a customer? You don't know our protocols, and you evidently don't know what the problem is or how to fix it, so you call... us. Exactly. We are not the end-all tech agents. We do have *support boundaries*. Some problems are not in our field. It would be like taking your car to a flower shop for an oil change. Not the same services. So maybe you should get a job with verizon and learn what we support, what we don't support, and why. Then you'll know if you're really being ripped off, or if someone is doing their job right and you're just too stupid to know the difference.

- Wednesday, April 06, 2005 at 04:15:40 (EDT)
The previous post was for people with legitimate excuses. Yes verizon has ripped many people off, but it seems that alot of these problems are PEBKAC. For those who don't know what PEBKAC is, it stand for "Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair". Yes. You. Why should Verizon pay your long distance because you clicked on.... what was it? A banner ad? Don't you know that banner ad's are crap? If something says it's free, you should know there's a cost. If you're so bent on the bill, you should find out who made the banner and sue their *sses off. Verizon didn't make the banner ad. Verizon didn't use your long distance. You did, buddy. I don't support verizon, but unfortunately as stupid as some people are, they'll have problems with any service. Just admit it. You made a mistake. I made a mistake not paying my sprint bill, but you don't see me trying to sue sprint, or lie saying I sent money when I didn't. Bullsh*t. That's what so many people are full of. It's sad that the legal system will allow blame to be passed off to the wrong people. Yes verizon rips people off, but only in certain situations. The obscure problems people have with advertisements aimed at the weak minded are definitely not verizon's responsibility, and it would be a shame if you tried to take it to court. That would be one case I hope a verizon customer lost. I would be glad if many customers took their claims to court and won, but not you buddy.

- Wednesday, April 06, 2005 at 04:08:10 (EDT)
As far as the "idiot" is concerned, you're right. Most of the training involved is scripting (coming from an actual verizon tech, but I'm not billing. I'm technical support.) I will admit that there are good CSR's out there who know how to resolve an issue, but they're few and far between. Want the honest truth? Escalating to a supervisor is a waste of time. The lower level representatives do most of the work. Supervisors are nothing more than reps that have been in the company long enough to stop taking calls. They have pretty much the same tools as a regular representative, save a couple that only they have access to. They will do nothing more than repeat what the tech told you until you hang up. My recommendation is to call constantly. Let them know you're a repeat caller. It is a free number, though it's terrible to have to wait for 30 mins to get a rep and still not get an issue resolved. But if you call over and over again, they'll get so sick of the constant calling they may breach the contract. But as far as a refund goes, I wouldn't count on it. Verizon is great at ripping people off. Don't use their services if possible, or get out as soon as you can. Ending the contract will actually save you money and a headache. Quit while you're behind. They're robbing you.

- Wednesday, April 06, 2005 at 03:54:11 (EDT)
It is amazing about the idiot from verizon that talks a bout eligitimate calls and complaints from customers...he also says to escalate the issue if NOT resolved....well it is hard to escalate an issue when the stupid reps are just programed to take it to the senior rep and then the senior rep does not know what to do to correct a 4 month billing issue. If you try to escalate it even further they basically say there is nothing else he/she can do...they tell me to just wait and be patient and the billing errors and billing charges will be credited.....I have been billed for the so call ed FREE minutes and free night and weekends since december 2004, today is April /2005 and the problem has not been corrected. This is a legitimate problem you idiot. I hope you read this.... For all other reading this forum...CHECK YOUR BILLS CAREFULLY...

- Wednesday, April 06, 2005 at 01:14:45 (EDT)
I am a former rep for VZW and my experience there has led me to believe that the company is solely concerned with user matter what the cost to their reputation or rate of penetration in the wireless market. I worked under two managers that allowed reps to slam customers with every data feature you can imagine...reps will lie to customers about whether or not the accessory bundles are included in the price of the phone...(dont worry about that mr. consumer, the items are listed separately on your receipt for inventory purposes but it is an all-inclusive price.)...if a customer does not say the words "do not renew my contract" during a renew call from a sales rep, 90% of the time that contract will be renewed. In fact, I knew reps personally who would not even bother calling customers and renew them anyway! Their customer service reps are nasty as hell. They would regularly argue with all the sales reps over the most innane issues. Wake up people! The reps count on you not checking your bills thoroughly and throwing away the new contract term letters. Open everything you get from VZW in the mail and spend ten minutes checking everything from top to bottom. You as a customer can prevent these things from happening by being aware! Ask every fathomable question before you purchase or sign anything!

- Tuesday, April 05, 2005 at 11:16:41 (EDT)
My phone just stopped working at my house. For months it would flip between analog and digital, dropping the call. I've dealt with CS looking to be released from the contract but... they will not do this. They don't even want to troubleshoot it. A$$40l3s! The only consolation is that I have the influence to get everyone at my company off VZW and on to Cingular.

- Tuesday, April 05, 2005 at 10:28:59 (EDT)
I was apparently dumb enough to expect to get what I went to my local VZW store to purchase ( a phone ). I told the salesman I wanted a phone, just a phone, a device to send and receive phone calls, you know, voice transmissions. No web, no text messaging, no ringtone downloads, just a phone. You know a phone, a device to send and ....oops, sorry! I should have repeated myself in the store, however. I didn't find out that these features were active until the first bill came, and it was only via the customer service center that I found out that these "features" could be disabled. So, a word of warning. If you want a phone, it will take a serious effort to get one, because these sales guys love to cha-ching the web services onto your bill.

- Tuesday, April 05, 2005 at 10:18:08 (EDT)
I am amazed at the lies on this site...some guy claiming to work for VZW says we can only credit 50.00 of an error done by a store...BULL...credits by reps do have a limit, but anything over that limit is escalated and if documented corr is approved. On a regular basis I have cust corners and made exceptions for customers in regards to upgrades and price many courtesy minutes and courtesy credits are given on a regular basis its unreal...what do you want from VZW??? nothing in life is free and it seems that all you want is to try to find a "hook up". Some point of responsibility has to be assumed by the consumer as well as the company...why would you pay for a service you don't take the time to understand...I have yet to see legitimate billing errors not taken care of, but if you know you used all those minutes don't call us lying saying you couldn't have used your phone that much when you know you were on it...cloning is rare and identity theft is a possibility, but somebody used those minutes...the guy in dublin claims criminals work there and a supervisor claims he has no say in who is hired...lies...lies...lies...I think some people wanna be a part of something and try to buy your warm fuzzies by saying stuff that isn't true...every company is going to have a few people who are idiots, but VZW is full of employees who care and come to work each day to hear excuses from people who want something for nothing...gimme a break...some of you really have legitimate issues and suggestion, come to the plate with some respect and you are bound to get heard...smashing me and calling me curse words is not going to help me hear your issue any better than a little courtesy...still can't get a resolution? Escalate to someone else

- Monday, April 04, 2005 at 23:51:43 (EDT)
I hit a banner add on my computer to enter a sweepstakes to win a Ford Explorer. Instead of taking me to the sweepstake, a pornographic site started downloading. Not only, could I not get rid of the site, it somehow installed a dialer, and made many International Phone calls, and I received a bill for $711.00 from Verizon. Verizon ended up turning off my long distant service, and after talking to every department there for 4 months, they finally gave me a partial credit, saying that they couldn't give me full credit because I was responsible for my own computer, and what happened with it. I don't feel that I should have to pay for what someone else did, and Verizon has blocked me from getting Long Distant service from anyone else, because of this. I have lost my Long Distant Service, and my computer crashed, but Verizon doesn't care. I want my Long Distant Service, but can't afford to pay the balance left. I need to know if ther is anything that I can do.

- Saturday, April 02, 2005 at 03:51:59 (EST)
I had a bad experience with verizon a while ago (a little more than a year). It took almost one year for them to take care of my problem. One year of frustrationÖ. Talking to several dumb and incompetent people from customer service. Now everything is OK. I didnít switch providers because I am afraid they are all bad on the customer service. And also because you always have a contract when you start or you have to pay expensive for a phone. I was "happy" to now that I was not the only unlucky person. Their service suck for a lot of other people. :( I hate verizon and customer service in general. Now when I have a question to ask, I call the same customer service phone, many times and talk to a few different people. They all have different answers. I pick the one that I was told more times. (In another words some people don't know the answer and they just make it up!) L.-Houston TX

- Thursday, March 31, 2005 at 14:35:32 (EST)

- Wednesday, March 30, 2005 at 06:30:04 (EST)
All of this sounds a lot like my experiences with Capital One (Whats in your wallett)

- Tuesday, March 29, 2005 at 13:13:14 (EST)
You know what, I am so sick of you jerks who call us to complain and ask stupid questions. All we do all day is answer calls from you people and it makes me sick. We would not make the racial slurs if you people would just stop calling us to nag.

- Monday, March 28, 2005 at 17:53:07 (EST)
You people who work at Verizon say that it's all just human mistakes? If so, you need to hire better employees. This is utterly ridiculous. Do you see all these complaints? Obviously your 43 million customers are not all happy. Your commercials and advertisements sound as though you are amazing. Haha. Nice. I just got an $400 bill, going over some minutes, but deffently not worth $400. I went over 10 minutes. Wouldn't you call that a big mistake? -- WE are the customers, so you cannot tell us that you guys have good service, good this, good that. You don't. WE use your stuff, and WE'RE telling you the actual truth, we don't demand for things totally out of hand, some service maybe? Our bill to have less errors? If you did it right the first time, you wouldn't have these problems.

- Sunday, March 27, 2005 at 02:06:27 (EST)
Oh my God! Now Verizon is being accused of employing bigots and antisemites. Stop it. I don't know why as a supervisor for Verizon, and not Verizon Wireless either, I keep coming back to this site to read these complaints. I live in the real world. I have Verizon for all of my services. Land line, cell phone and DSL. I have never had a problem that did not get resolved immediately. No, not because I work for the company, but because I don't scream at people and demand the undemandable. I just had a problem with my DSL 2 weeks ago. I didn't know why I couldn't use my email. I got on the phone and will admit that it took a half hour on hold to reach a technical person, but one half hour later I was up and running. I've had DSL for 4 years now and that was the first time I had a problem. My cell phone has never given me a problem and I get a free phone because of my plan every year. Never had a problem with overages on my bill for either my cell or land line. Is it because I work for the company? Ah No! It's because I do the right thing and pay my bill on time and read the charges every month and try not to scam the phone company. Does this mean everybody is trying to scam, no, mistakes do happen and I'm sorry for that. If you get a rude rep or even a rude supervisor go higher and higher to get satisfaction. However, make sure you are not a screaming asshole when you come on the phone because now your just beggin to be abused by both. Be a human and try to resolve issues like an adult and you won't have a problem. Act like a jerk and I don't know what to say. Are there jerks who work for Verizon and Verizon Wireless? Absolutely!! Are there really hard working folks just trying to earn a buck and put their kids thru college? Absolutely. Do I have good and bad employees who work for me? Absolutely. As a supervisor do I make mistakes with the customer and with my employees? Absolutely. Am I human. Yup, just doing the best I can. Now no more from me. Just in closing... Grow up and take responsibility for yourself.

- Saturday, March 26, 2005 at 21:52:55 (EST)
Wow, the racial slur story sounds familiar. One time I called Verizon because I dropped my phone and it did not work. In the background it sounded like there was a party going on. I asked this customer service rep a question and he had to ask his supervisor. This supervisor must have come over and looked at the screen and saw my name which obviously a Jewish name. The customer service rep did not have the sense to put me on hold because I heard the supervisor say "Hitler should have got rid of those people when he had the chance". Then I heard a bunch of people laugh at the comment in the background. After that incident, I switched my cell phone provider.

- Saturday, March 26, 2005 at 15:47:45 (EST)
A Verizon Customer Service rep got angry with me over the telephone because I was disputing a charge on my phone bill. The rep then said "look you stupid nigger, if you don't like our service you can switch to another provider and then hung up. When I called Verizon back to speak to a supervisor, they said they would look into the matter. Four months later nothing has been resolved

- Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 18:15:56 (EST)
Yesterday I received a notice from Verizon saying my bill was over due...Since I had already paid for it this month I contacted Customer Service. They said my balance owing was $480 and that was for the 1866 picture emails sent during January and February. Are they kidding? The pictures were sent at all time of the day and night when we were sleeping. I can't believe it...has anyone had a problem like this before. My best guess is that 10 - 10 pictures have been sent during the last year...HELP!!!

- Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 15:22:48 (EST)
Ok well basically i'm writing this because i'm having some major problems with Verizon right now and i was wodering if anyone has had anything similar happen to them and if so if they could give me any advice on what i should do...and anyone else with any ideas or suggestions is also welcome to reply PLEASE I NEED HELP!!! Ok, first a little background information on myself and the situation that i'm in. I first started my service with Verizon May of 2002. I had just turned 18 at the time. I continued using them as a service provider until June of 2004 (and the only reason i used them was because the area of Kansas that i was attending school didn't have sprint service). At that time my parents offered to open a family plan account with me because i could basically have all of their anytime minutes and still only have to pay the minimal monthly charge (this bumped me up from 400 anytime minutes to 1600...obviously a good deal). Keep in mind that "my" account with Verizon, the contract I had, expired in January causing me to lose my special deal of 600 minutes thus dropping me to 400...i managed to go over minutes pretty much every month so this was an exceptionally good deal that my parents offered me. Ssssooooo..... We called Verizon and arranged to open a family account with them...we ordered 3 new phones (1 for me, mom, and dad) and signed a two-year contract with a 2-week trial satisfaction gaurantee. On a side note my parents had just bought out of a single line contract with Sprint to switch to Verizon (this comes into play in a minute). About 1 week into the new plan my dad decided that he didn't want to stay with Verizon because he couldn't get a signal inside any of the buildings we worked at (he worked for Boeing in Wichita). So he called Verizon up and cancelled our service...I never actually physically got my new phone in my hands...he sent everything back and his account was credited accordingly. We then opened up a family plan with sprint who gave us a great deal and we are extremely happy. Now comes the problem... In October of 2004 i received a call from a collection agency trying to collect on an oustanding bill of $320. It took a lot of poking and proding and hours upon hours on the phone before i finally figured out that when my service with verizon went from my account to my family plan with my parents i had an outstanding bill that nobody mentioned. Well i moved and was therefore unable to recieve mail or bills from them i guess. But they couldn't call either? it's not like they didn't have my number it was still the same one i had with them...anways we got it figured out and ended up getting the bill wittled down to just the charges i owed them for and nothing else and it was settled. I payed the collection agency roughly $215 and it was done. or was it? Well last week i get a call from Von Ru Collection agency trying to collect $248.59 for an outstanding bill that i have with Verizon. I tried telling them that this had already been taken care of...the lady didn't care didn't want to hear anything she just demanded that i give her money now...i refused because i supposedly had already paid them. well she got mad and eventually hung up on me...after spending a lot of time on the phone with verizon i came to find out that i have a charge on my account for that phone that i never recieved. and apparently it's been there all along. The problems with this are 1.) That phone should have been on my dads account and not mine...this should have been handled when we cancelled our service. 2.) No-one from verizon has tried to contact me about this outstanding bill. 3.) I'm turning 21 in a week and 2 days and my credit is SHIT!!! I've had negative hits going against me since last July...apparently i should have known this was going on i guess but i had no clue. I just got a letter from my student loan company saying that i no-longer have succifient credit to receive my loan so now i can't even go to school!!! What am i supposed to do? This was supposed to already have been taken care of and now my credit is hurt so bad i can't even get a student loan to go to school...i'm interested in taking this to court but i don't know what grounds i would have a case for but nothing seems right about any of this...i feel like they are just taking advantage of me!! Please if anyone has had anything similar to this happen to them or any ideas as to what i should do please get back with me A.S.A.P. i'm young, dumb, and really don't know what to do in this situation and i really need some help!!! Thanks, Ryan

- Thursday, March 24, 2005 at 05:14:52 (EST)
I posted a short comment a couple of days ago declaring a war to Verizon and here is my story: after we moved to another apartment I called Verizon and asked for a local and long-distance service within the U.S. only. I stressed that we wanted to continue using another company for international long-distance calls, to which we had re-subscribed before I called Verizon (btw, I recommend this company - Primus Telecommunications, Inc. - because 1) they give great rates: I call Moscow, Russia for only $0.029 per minute, 2) so far I havenít had any problems with them). Verizonís representative - Mr. Gill - confirmed everything and we continued making our international calls, dialing ď011Ē before country code, thinking that we were using Primus. This is what happens next: Verizon disconnects us from Primus without our authorization, and even worse Ė in direct contradiction to verbal assurances I received from Verizonís representative. And now, when I spend hours on the phone with this shitty company all I get is an absurd explanation along the lines: ďBecause you didnít have Verizon international long-distance service, we charged you higher ratesĒ. (?!) Guys, I think we have to stop getting into agreements with any company based on our verbal conversation with their representatives. This kind of cheating happens all the time: I was cheated by AT&T, Verizon, Dell. I also heard horrible stories about MCI (we wish Mr. Ebbers to have a good time in prison). I think that this is the only way to make real change. Iím canceling everything with Verizon Ė btw, their DSL just sucks! Ė and want to switch to a company with good reputation (is there one like that?) Can anybody tell anything about Vonage? Seems to be a new company on the market. Thanks!

- Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 15:49:20 (EST)
I was thrilled with the idea of adding a new phone so that my son could have a phone to call me and take with him on his outtings and I wouldn't have to worry about him. I went to Radio Shack and bought a new phone for him and changed my account to be a shared account. I was informed that once in the past year my bill was paid late to they required a $125 deposit that I would get back at the end of the year. I was ok with that since I did, in fact, pay my bill late last year. So I gave them my debit credit card. I charged and signed for $125. The next day I checked my account online only to be shocked to see that they put a hold on $625 on my checking account. I called them and received the run around. They told me that it was Radio Shack's fault. I went to Radio Shack and handed the cashier my cell phone and said "I'm on the phone with Verizon and they tell me that it is your fault that I'm being charged $625 in error". We engaged in a two hour conversation and I received no satisfaction. I was told that I had to wait about two days and the charge will fall off and then the original $125 would be charged. I had to be patient. I waited and sure enough the hold fell off. Then to my shock this morning, I checked my account and they charged the full $625. I had to fax them my checking account sheet to PROVE! to them that they actually took out the $625 because, of course, they had no record of it. AFter about 5 phone calls demanding that they take care of this immediately they told me that they would give me my money back and, get this, they admitted that they had made the mistake - not Radio Shack. They said all I have to do is wait 30 days. Now I tell you. What normal working American person can just let any old company sit on $500 of their money for no reason at all. I am so angry and want to cancel this account but I'm sure they will ding me with the early termination fee. So if Verizon did this to about every 10 customers, wouldn't they be boosting their profits for the year. If they had $500 for 30 days for one out of every 10 customers they would be really doing fine. Those that have had this rip off happen to them just have to bend over and get screwed!

- Tuesday, March 22, 2005 at 18:50:17 (EST)
I signed up for a shared plan for my wife and daughter. This was a local plan with 500 minutes and 100 text minutes for my daughter for AN ADDITIONAL $2.99/MONTH. The first several months the billing was fine and then the text charges started going through the ceiling. After I receive a bill for $192.00 (should be around $68.00) I called Verizon Customer Service. Got the total bulls**** run around about the charges being valid. Once I received the bill that I knew was totally bogus I took physical possesion of my daughters cell phone for a four day period. During this time I watched the text message charges increase by about 10 sent messages per day even though the phone was turned off and in my possesion. The out box log on the phone indicated (3) text messages during the billing period, Verizon current usage statement indicated 427 messages during the same period. If fact the number increased as I was speaking o the Verizon Customer Service Rep. They informed me that they cannot disclose the text activity due to privacy matters. I will pay the bill as I do not want a hit on my credit rating. Once the 2 year contract runs out I am dumping Verizon. What a crock, they cannot prove the charges yet I am required to pay. I would love to see Verizon get hit with a major lawsuit exposing their criminal billing activity. Why is Verizon not in the headlines for fraudulent business practices. My guess is that these guys are screwing a ton of customers. The best is when I asked the Verizon Rep if they had experienced similar problems with other customers they replied "NO", this is the first time we have seeen this. I am left no alternatve other then stopping the text service for my daughters phone. This totally sucks that a responsible young lady is being penalized in the name of corporate greed.

- Tuesday, March 22, 2005 at 00:41:39 (EST)
i have sex with a verizon employee and its great. they do suck but what they suck is a mean cock!!!! thanks

- Sunday, March 20, 2005 at 20:07:57 (EST)
As a retiree from SBC I can say that this company's concern is solely monetary. Prosperous company's have a stake in the welfare of their employees and it's customers. Ultimately any company's first priority is it's stockholders, but the foundation of being able to build that is it's customer base and dedicated friendly service from it's employees. CEO's such as ours are given a "Golden Umbrella" so that they may make hard harsh decisions without consequences. This is deceptive to the reality of the attitude of it's foundation builders. Customers are the ultimate maker or breaker of a successful company. For years the dedicated employees of SBC built a prosperous company. They retired and volunteered as advocates in the organization called Telephone Pionners Pioneers of America. This group did civic volunteer work and were advocates of their company when called upon to help press through needed legislation. Now the managers that retired from this company are having their benefits ripped from them. The company is afraid of the Union so they take away from those that were promoted from those ranks. What is deceptive is that the lower level managers are being raped of their benefits. Many make less than their Union counterparts. Managers are having to decide which medications they will experience the least effect if they quit taking them. Meanwhile our CEO's are getting 40 million dollar bonuses. The CEO's are artificially boosting production by sending down production standards that are meaningless and anti consumer. One tidbit of brilliance was a production standard called good jobs in 8. If you get a chance to study that so called productive indice, do so. Tech's are rated on jobs turned over. Up the line they follow this indice like a bible. What is failed to be realized is as the indice is being beat down the lines of organization the first customer concern item to go is quality. The lower levels have to find loopholes to cover those indices to servive. It is easy to do. The indice that is unforgiving is good jobs in 8. You decide. Are you getting your moneys worth. You, the consumer, will all take up the slack from the loss of benefits that companys are shading over. We all pay taxes. What we planned on for years as seen from generations past was to retire and be a part of society and not a drain. In some cases people were promoted and then their benefits were taken without the opportunity to return to their Union jobs. When a family member is sick they will seek help. The only difference now is taxpayers will pay, not our hard worked for benefits. We will lose everything before we let a family member suffer.

- Sunday, March 20, 2005 at 12:29:30 (EST)
I'm glad to hear you have switched to another cellular provider...obviously you are receiving better service...and that is a wonderful thing...!!! But, as you stated "My company sucks!" I do have my own opinion as well and w/ that, I must say I do disagree w/ you. We have 43 million customers! Now would you say in your own opinion that the 43 million people who are customer w/ us are ignorant and have no common sense? There is a reason why we have 43 million customers, would you agree? We provide service for some of the most intelligent people in this country!! We hold major accounts w/ companys anywhere from IBM to small personal businesses!! We provide service for CEO's of major corporations as well as several movie stars and entertainers, who are very well established human beings. Sure, Verizon Wireless makes mistakes, we do not have robots running our company! 46,000 HUMAN BEING employees hold down this company, and if you weren't recently aware of this, HUMAN BEINGS DO MAKE MISTAKES! Whether or not they work at your local Mcdonalds or a major corporation! So,lets get real people...this is the planet EARTH where if there is a problem that has been made in error or by mistake, we just can't snap our fingers and have everything go back to being fixed! No company will ever be perfect, no person will ever be perfect, no cell phone, or switch tower will ever be the best it can be!! And believe me no matter what kind of service we give to our customers, they will always want more, which is fine, there is nothing wrong with that, but as human beings, sometimes what every one of our 43 million customer want just cannot be possible! And again, that is w/ any company!! Are you telling me there is no other company in YOUR LIFETIME that has never made a mistake??? Because if that is what you are saying? You are a liar, and you really need to gain some vision on reality.. because this is life and shit does happen! With that being said, I am glad that you have found a service provider that fits your needs, and I apoligize for the unfortunate experience you may have had w/ my company. Again, I am not saying we are perfect, we are human beings in our buildings working everyday to satisfy the consumer to the best of our ability, and trying to make a living like any other person who has a family!

- Saturday, March 19, 2005 at 13:01:20 (EST)
The person who thinks these complaints are from ignorant people is not reading the complaints. The problems I found dealing with Verizon were Verizon's errors, not mine. They accidently did this, accidently did that, no service for a week, sorry, told you one thing and did another, sorry. blah, blah, blah, blah. Everytime Verizon fixed one of their problems, (after waiting on hold for over an hour on the average just to talk to someone), they created two more problems. Then you talk to the idiot service rep like that one who thinks you're just ignorant, trying to scam Verizon. It's having to deal with these ignorant ass-holes that finally drove me to another company and haven't had a single problem in 8 months. A word of advice, your company sucks because of people like you.

- Friday, March 18, 2005 at 19:38:59 (EST)
To the person who just wrote in speaking of the ignorant people...THANK GOD SOMEONE SAID IT!!! Good for you..! You are completely right..I agree w/ you! I work for Verizon Wireless, and I am proud to say I do.. It seems Like so many people today want something for nothing! Customer call in and try to bargain w/ us for free phones, to receive their NEW EVERY TWO 1 year early, you couldn't imagine some of the things customer request...!!! It is unbelievable! Don't get me wrong, everyone makes mistakes, Verizon Wireless does make mistakes, beleive me, but we offer so many options to customers! And, I can say for myself if we do make a mistake, I myself as a Customer Service Rep. do everything in my power to solve the problem and make our customers happy! I truly do! There are legitimate reasons customers call in, but there are also some (most) who try to get something for nothing..ex.-"My phone is broken, how do I get a new one if I don't have insurance or am not eligable for an upgrade?" Well, you can always activate another piece of VZW equipment onto the line, if you have a family member or friend who has a phone you can use but unfortunatly if you opted not to pay monthly for insurance on your equipment, and you have recently upgraded, the only other option would be to purchase equipment at retail pricing. Customers do not want to hear this..but you know what? If you were to wreck your car and you were uninsured, would you call the maker of the car and request a new car because you failed to protect yourself? Do you think Ford,Toyota, Honda, ect. would give you a new car b/c you accidently wrecked your car and forgot or neglected to insure yourself? NO!! I feel bad for those customers but what else can I do.. I work for Verizon Wireless, but I do not change or make the policy. You can compare your cell phone bill to your utility bills. The only difference is a cell phone is a want..not a neccisity. If you don't want to pay..don't get one..get a home phone! Your local gas company and electric company are not going to give you credit if you leave on vacation for a month and you ACCIDENTLY leave the heat in your house on 90 so when you get your bill it is $300! That is your responsibilty as adults that we are suppose to be!!! Verizon Wireless is a competitive company, and this is a competitve world. Sure, Verizon Wireless is out there to make money..what company isn't!? If you owned a business, would you be out there to LOSE all your money..NO!! We have 43 million customers, obviously we are doing something right. And for those of you who do not think we are, and you are receiving no feedback from the company, and you are that fed up w/ it, get off your butts and do something, and stop using cell phones, b/c I can guarantee no matter what cellular company you choose to switch to, there is always going to be a different problem in every customers eye....

- Friday, March 18, 2005 at 19:06:32 (EST)
For everyone stuck with a scam contract extension from Verizon, go to and file an official complaint. I did and the fee for early termination was removed. Don't expect much of a group action or investgation from the FCC though because the company and FCC are are stacked by Bush friends and you know BIG BUSINESS is their only concern.

- Friday, March 18, 2005 at 18:54:25 (EST)
I take the train to downtown Chicago from Fox River Grove. The station has billboards for advertizing. Verizon uses one to remind you that they are "always working for you". Wouldn't it be great if you can use your Verizon cellphone to thank them..... unfortunately you are in the middle of "Verizon Cell Hell" which only spans about 10 square miles!!! Bob

- Friday, March 18, 2005 at 16:44:50 (EST)
It kills me how many ignorant people there are on this site. Verizon Wireless has worked fine for me and everyone I know that uses them. Don't want late fees? Pay you bill on time. They give you a fricken month. You can EVEN pay them a month ahead of time! Don't want high phone bills? Turn your phone on "home area only" or actually get a plan that fits your usage. If you get a rude customer service rep. Hang up and call back or ask for a supervisor. You can also sign one year agreements (which I always do) through Verizon and get a new phone every 10 months. I work in a service industry while finishing undergrad school. I can tell you the WORST way to receive service is yell and curse. No one will respect you, you'll look like a fool, and no problems will ever be solved. I promise. There are so many irresponsible people in this country... and then they complain their credit suck. Ah...

- Friday, March 18, 2005 at 16:15:11 (EST)
It kills me how many ignorant people there are on this site. Verizon Wireless has worked fine for me and everyone I know that uses them. Don't want late fees? Pay you bill on time. They give you a fricken month. You can EVEN pay them a month ahead of time! Don't want high phone bills? Turn your phone on "home area only" or actually get a plan that fits your usage. If you get a rude customer service rep. Hang up and call back or ask for a supervisor. You can also sign one year agreements (which I always do) through Verizon and get a new phone every 10 months. I work in a service industry while finishing undergrad school. I can tell you the WORST way to receive service is yell and curse. No one will respect you, you'll look like a fool, and no problems will ever be solved. I promise. There are so many irresponsible people in this country... and then they complain their credit suck. Ah...

- Friday, March 18, 2005 at 16:15:01 (EST)
I moved to Oregon from Minnesota so of course my cell phone moved with me. Then I discovered my Verizon service doesn't work in my new home (which is my business office too) so it's useless. I called Verizon to see what could be done. They checked my location and insisted it should work, but they agreed my phone wasn't working. They turned me over to tech support, who promised to investigate and call me back the next day. Two weeks later I've heard nothing and of course my phone still is useless (exc

- Friday, March 18, 2005 at 15:05:48 (EST)
Verizon is pathetic. Some of my problems: My DSL was delayed because they put it on the wrong phone number. They disconnected my home phone twice by accident. I signed up at Best Buy and they told me the rates I signed up for were not applicable and I had to go to Best Buy for correction (I told them Best Buy was their agent, not mine). They took money out of my checking account 2 months early and said it would take 2-3 months to get it back. I have waited on hold for over 2 hours waiting for assistance (this happened several times). My account was cancelled for non-payment even though it was always paid and paid on time (it was being taken out of my checking automatically). After they reestablished my account, they put it in my roommate's name without his permission (because it was his phone the dsl was on). They couldn't reset the e-mail address after they cancelled the account. When I received credits for their bad service, they never showed up unless you called them. They refused to send you a paper bill. This is just the tip of the iceberg -- I am now paying about $25 more a month for Comcast and it is worth every cent not having to deal with Verizon. I warn everybody I know about them. This web site makes it obvious that because they are so big they don't have to provide competent service.

- Friday, March 18, 2005 at 12:27:14 (EST)
We were an independent authorized agent of Verizon Wireless and they flagrantly abused their agreement and breached contract by withholding their buildout funds for our agency. We spent thousand of dollars and hundreds of hours advertising Verizon Wireless in accordance with their ridiculous auditing service, and their dozens of revisions and submissions. We know they received our invoice for reimbursement on the third mailing because we have signature images, but they continued to deny having received the paperwork. Their idiotic "dealer manager" had the audacity to try and "re-invent" the terms of the buildout agreement (which has my signature right next to the Regional VP of Florida's signature). We also had no access to equipment, and rate plans, available to the general public--despite being an "exclusive" dealer. When we started selling competitive brands they terminated our agreement, WITHOUT 30 days written notice (contract breach #2) and failed to pay pending commissions or advertising reimbursements. Because it takes YEARS to litigate beyond small claims limits of $5000, we will seek the first $5000 in damages through that venue, but would love to get a class action suit going with other authorized agents. Since Verizon continues to benefit from our signage and advertising investment, why not do this to agents all over the nation ? I suspect they do . . .

- Friday, March 18, 2005 at 11:58:34 (EST)
There is one reason why people in this society go bullistic! That one reason is VERIZON! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one to have problems with this so called number one company. They are supposed to be number on in customer service! HA! I have a plan with three phones. I carry the so called insurance and can not get my phones fixed or replaced without extending my contract. I have one phone that we cannot even use the static is so bad you can't hear anything. I am getting over charges and text messaging charges and we don't use the phone. They want an extra $175.00 per phone to shut off the service. It is probably my fault for getting into this because I just didn't have time to sit down and read the half of a tree of paper work or disclaimer that we signed. The store we use is in Avondale Arizona and I think they hire help, including the manager, from Labor Force! The intelligence rating in the whole store must be at least a 2!(20 being the highest) We have tried to contact customer service but the people on the other end of the phone don't give a damn. If you are looking for a cell phone, do yourself a favor and look somewhere else besides Verizon.

- Friday, March 18, 2005 at 08:30:17 (EST)
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