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Verizon, what a JOKE! I received a mailer from Verizon last October (2004) for a last opportunity to advertise with them before their advertising for the upcoming year was closed. Not much time was given for me to contact other competitors. As a newly registered DBA my company was immediately targeted for the big One-Two combination sucka-punch. The sales people there are very nice and they joked and laughed with me and told me everything I thought I needed to know for going ahead with my decision to work with them. You know, they make you feel good for talking with them. They did tell me there was a minimum one year contract but pumped me up so much positive superlatives that make me think, I would be miss out if I delayed much longer. So I signed on. It wasn’t long before I started experiencing problems. First they had all of my information wrong. My company phone number was completely incorrect, the fax number had the last two digits transposed and my email belonged to someone else. When I called to inform them they were cordial saying, “sure, no problem, well get it corrected right away”. Wrong. I don’t know what they did because it wasn’t corrected – not right away, try two months. They had a problem they couldn’t figure out. When I tried canceling, their whole demeanor turned around. Suddenly, the nice salesperson who talked me into this mess was not allowed to speak with me anymore. I had to speak to their technical or management departments who treated me like a loser. I’ll never forget what one rep told me, “we are not responsible for what the salesperson told you”. This freggin freaked me out! I never wished so hard for the impossible but I wanted so bad to reach through to the other end of that phone to yank the person by hair to where I was to give my personal best rendition of “getting your money’s worth” from a lousy fuck-job. Who was this arrogant SOB telling me how it was when I was the one getting screwed? I have never felt so inept. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever felt like waiting for someone very special? I had all kinds of designs. Anyway, enough wishful thinking, this is reality. So the next screw-job happened when I decided to adopt the “if you can’t beat ‘em but join ‘em”, crapful. Well that went over real nice. I figured I’d go along to find a more positive approach by forgetting the past and getting with the program. When they finally corrected the situation, I tried the pay-per-click feature, nasty, little somabitch. I was paying $140 a month plus an additional $15 base pay-per-click monthly fee and .80 cents for every click over the minimum budget. After trying this for another two lousy months, I decided to cancel the PPC feature because it was useless. I figured I got “royal blue” on this whole deal and was gonna eat it. So I cancelled PPC eight days into the third month and they charged me that whole month. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT $#%^! Their response was that they had to charge the entire month because I had started it. When I told them that any reputable company would at least prorate the service, they said a flat NO! So I asked, why then, couldn’t the CSR have told me this before I cancelled, so I could have at least taken the ride to the end? Again, I found myself testing the bounds of reality. It wasn’t her problem, she said. Now I submit to you, is this the kind of service you’d expect from a well known service provider like: V-E-R-I-S-O-N? Make no mistake, VERIZON! Yes, there, I said it. Here it is again? VERIZON! Honestly, I’ve been thinking of reneging the whole contract, even if it means going to collection. Hey I’ve excellent credit, and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect it but I figure, it would all be worth it just to prove my point! Don’t buy into VERIZON. Verizon sucks. They’ll rip you off and call you stupid. How’s that for testimony?...

- Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 20:28:39 (EDT)
My name is Nancy. In July, I switched phone service from AT&T to Cavalier Telephone (a verizon subsidiary). After two weeks, i knew i was unhappy with Cavalier. I called AT&T to ask if they would take me back. Of course, AT&T was happy to do so but could not at that time because Cavalier had not officially notified AT&T of the change. Cavalier did not advise AT&T for another 30 days. Once AT&T was notified of the change, they submitted a request to Cavalier to port my number back to AT&T. The AT&T request was denied stating "no portability" but did not provide a reason. The letter from Cavalier instructed AT&T to tell me that i would have to sign up with Verizon and have verizon port my number. After that, AT&T could then submit another request. Another other offered was for me to change my phone number but Cavalier/Verizon would still have to give up my account. That means i would have to pay fees to obtain and to terminate the Verizon services. And, Verizon takes a couple of months to take the account. This stinks! I pay for my services/number and i believe i should be allowed to use any carrier i want at any time. AT&T's hands are tied - verizon will not allow Cavalier to port my number out. Yes, the CEO of Verizon, the FCC, & the State's Attorney will receive a letter. I am literally being forced to use and pay for a telephone service that i am not happy with. Feedback please......... Nancy D. (Maryland)

- Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 17:46:52 (EDT)
Verizon raped my sister. I just thought you should all know. That's how horrible Verizon is...

- Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 09:46:34 (EDT)
________________________________________ From: , Mike Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2005 2:46 PM To: '' Cc: , ; ''; '' Subject: RE: Inquiry Importance: High Hi Angela, As previously noted on several e-mails over the course of 2 months, we are desperate for a response on the number availability. Is there anyone I can reach out to for an immediate response? I don't understand the difficulty in securing this information. I am a few hours away from addressing this unacceptable customer service to Ivan Seidenberg and all other top Executives, in addition to the FCC. Please reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you, Mike -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Monday, August 22, 2005 12:35 PM To: , Mike Subject: Inquiry Hello Mike, Just wanted to let you know I have your request for specific number ranges for your possible new service. I have placed a request asking our Software group to check and see if any of those ranges are available. Once I receive confirmation one way or the other I will notify you of their findings. Thank You Angela D. Hackett Implementation Specialist Voice 888 244 2525 ext 1873 Fax 610 280-1955 -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Friday, August 19, 2005 4:01 PM To: , Mike Cc: , ; Subject: RE: Verizon Account Manager Mike, I have entered a BASES request for one of my Implementation Specialists to look into the availability of the numbers you specified. I do not have direct access to the database with the numbers. the case number is listed below, and you should be contacted directly in the next 1-2 working days. Please let me know if you do not hear from someone, and I will do what I can to have your call returned. BASES case: 58J15561374TAM0V -Zach Zachary S. Davis Account Manager Business Partnership Channel 97 Gordon Drive Exton, PA 19341 P (610) 280-6431 F (484) 875-5356 ____________________________________________________ J.D. Power and Associates ranked Verizon as Highest Customer Satisfaction with Business Broadband High End Data, and Business Long Distance Service Provider in the 2004 Major Business Telecommunications Services Study (SM). ", Mike" Lindemeyer/EMPL/PA/Verizon@VZNotes cc: ", " <.@myco> 08/18/2005 10:21 Subject: RE: Verizon Account Manager AM Again, can someone please reply via. e-mail with the below information OR at least let me know whom I should be contacting to get prompt response? -----Original Message----- From: , Mike Sent: Thursday, August 11, 2005 4:51 PM To: '' Subject: RE: Verizon Account Manager Importance: High Zack, Unfortunately I was on vacation when you called last week. Please reply via. e-mail with the following information: What blocks of DID numbers are available in the following ranges for Reading, PA? We current own: 610-478-3100-3199 and 610-320-3900-3999. Thanks, Mike -----Original Message----- From: , Mike Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2005 5:29 PM To: Cc: ''; , Subject: RE: Verizon Account Manager Importance: High I am not sure who or where the lack of attention falls short on my URGENT request that is now 7 weeks old today, but I would appreciate some type of response. As we are currently pursuing new voice service carriers to compete against our current AT&T expiring contact, Verizon was a major consideration until now. I am now even more unclear as to the purpose of an Account Manager for Verizon, if we cannot get timely responses to basic inquires. If this message hits hard to Verizon's image, then it has severed its purpose. With a small glimmer of hope we will receive a response. Sincerely, Michael L. -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Thursday, July 21, 2005 4:15 PM To: , Mike Cc: Subject: RE: Verizon Account Manager Mike, I apologize for the delay. I have actually accepted another position within Verizon and will not be handling your account any longer. Zach Davis is the Account Manager who will be handling your accounts and he can be reached at 888-244-2525 x6431 and I spoke with him and he said that he will give you a call tomorrow morning. Thank you Scott Lindemeyer Account Executive Verizon Business Partnership Channel Phone: 888-244-2525 x 1986 cell: 610-955-5575 Fax: 484-875-1796 Email: ***Helpful Numbers*** * To check order status : 800-440-8000 (have case # ready) * All billing questions or issues: 800-440-8000 * General Repair : 800-275-2355 * T-1, 56K, DS3 Circuit Repair: 800-727-4339 * ISDN Repair: 800-378-2002 * Frame Relay Circuit Repair: 800-541-3622 * Long Distance Billing issues: 800-427-9977 * Analog Circuit Repair: 800-452-2224 * Verizon On-Line Repair: 888-427-1405 Hi Scott, I have not received a response to the below e-mail. If you are not our contact, please at least respond and let me know. As indicated below, "We are need of DID Numbers ASAP and will either add additional DID trunks, based on CSR past usage summary, or add per meeting discussion to entertain going to ISDN PRI with all numbers (C0, DID, POTS) PICKED to Verizon cct. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience, as we only have 6 DID numbers left to give out, and we are hiring. Tx - Mike From: , Mike Sent: Thursday, June 09, 2005 3:12 PM To: '' Cc: , Subject: RE: Verizon Account Manager Importance: High Hi Scott, Any way to meet in person on-site? I think it is more valuable than a conference call. If you agree, send me 2 dates/times I can check against my calendar and others. In the interim, can you please send me what blocks of DID numbers are available in the following ranges: Prefer 610 Area Code, although not req'd. Prefer 478, 320, or 655 NPX, although not req'd Prefer 3600-3699, or 3700-3799, or 3800-3899, although not req'd At very minimum, 3200-3299, 3300-3399, 3400-3499, or 3500-3599. We current own: 610-478-3100-3199 and 610-320-3900-3999. We are need of DID Numbers ASAP and will either add additional DID trunks, based on CSR past usage summary, or add per meeting discussion to entertain going to ISDN PRI with all numbers (C0, DID, POTS) PICKED to Verizon cct. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience, as we only have 6 DID numbers left to give out, and we are hiring. Tx - Mike -- Michael L.| Arrow International, Inc. | P.O. Box 12888, Reading, PA Telecommunications| 19612-2888 IT Def. Is Teamwork Engineer / Analyst| 2400 Bernville Rd., "Arrow International's Information Technology Team IT Operations /| Reading, PA 19605-9606 is a group of knowledgeable and skilled Administration| professionals | committed to providing quality service and solutions (Embedded image| 610-478-3190 Voice/Fax for our customers." moved to file:| 610-698-6384 Emergency pic14323.jpg)| mike.@myco | | -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2005 11:03 AM To: , Mike Subject: Verizon Account Manager Mike, I left you a voicemail as well. I am the Account Manager for Arrow International. You may have worked with Dave Hoy in 2004. He has moved on into another postion within Verizon and I am now taking care of all of the accounts for Arrow. I wanted to set up a time that we could chat over the phone about the accounts and cutting some costs. Ultimately Verizon is looking to retain our customers and consolidating lines and triming some costs are the best way to do so. Please shoot me back an email of a few times when we could chat further over the phone. I look forward to hearing from you. Scott Lindemeyer Account Manager Verizon Business Partnership Channel Phone: 610-280-6396 Fax: 484-875-1796 Email: ***Helpful Numbers*** * To check order status : 800-440-8000 (have case # ready) * All billing questions or issues: 800-440-8000 * General Repair : 800-275-2355 * T-1, 56K, DS3 Circuit Repair: 800-727-4339 * ISDN Repair: 800-378-2002 * Frame Relay Circuit Repair: 800-541-3622 * Long Distance Billing issues: 800-427-9977 * Analog Circuit Repair: 800-452-2224 * Verizon On-Line Repair: 888-427-1405 CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: If you have received this e-mail in error, please immediately notify the sender by e-mail at the address shown. This e-mail transmission may contain confidential information. This information is intended only for the use of the individual(s) or entity for whom it is intended even if addressed incorrectly. Please delete from your files if you are not the intended recipient. Thank you for your compliance. ----- Message from on Thu, 11 Aug 2005 17:30:53 -0400 ----- To: ", Mike" Subject: RE: Verizon Account Manager Return Receipt Your RE: Verizon Account Manager document : was Zachary S. Davis/EMPL/PA/Verizon received by: at: 08/11/2005 17:30:54 EDT

- Wednesday, August 24, 2005 at 14:55:57 (EDT)
Verizon employees are in the Union.They have the top telling them to mix up the amout on the billing.I looked up on Google .Verizon made $300 Billlion last year.The company is doing fine. I was on Verizon last year for about 3 month's.Now they send me a bill from a collection agency also .Threating me .I paid them last year.They kept billing after I canceled. I'm on MCI and have beeen for a long time.I have no problems at all.The only reason I went on Verizon was because my daughter wanted to try MSN. If I had any Idea I would be going through this hassle a year later I would have never went on MSN. The collection agency claims there going to take legal action.There going to put my daughter in ail,Me. I think thesepeople are going alittle bit to far over a bill.And this rep. on the phone was saying I made areal lot of calls I don't even use the phone. Then they where asking me if I was looking for a house to buy .I'm starting to think they want my house. This is MSN fault for getting involved with that company.

- Tuesday, August 23, 2005 at 23:38:30 (EDT)
We'll, first off, the first post from the calltech employee, sounds like hes more than a little misinformed about most of what is going on around him, and has some horribly slanted views of things. Yes, in training they do say "if you can't help the customer, end the call as quickly as possible", but what he leaves off, if that long diatrabe before that focusing on the fact that *calltech provides tech support for the dsl connection only*, calltech does not provide tech support for your pc! yes, we do get people calling about help installing their printer, help setting up their new dell pc, and yes, help with MS Word, and Outlook when it does funky things to email. No, we cant help with your printer, your digital camera, or when outlook wont display the pictures granny sent you (and no vol email servers do not mangle them, outlook does, we dont provide tech support for more than the configuration of outlook to connect to our mail servers, so... can you send? yes. can you receive? apparently so, grannys mangled email go through, yep, dsl is working fine. NEXT! the callbacks only being called back 7 or 8 times a day? he couldnt be more wrong, there are people watching that constantly, we have service levels to meet and we meet them. want called back at midnight? sure, we're open. as far as AHT goes, yes, AHT does stand for average handle time, what he apparently missed is the fact thats a term referring to the lifetime of the call, yes you ARE talked to, yes we DO look at ATT (average talk time) as well, however, AHT also refers to the time that the representative has you on hold calling for help cause he doesnt know IE is internet explorer (pssst, buddy, its the big blue E), also it includes the time the representative sits on his ass picking his nose and surfing pricewatch building that dream machine modded computer with the purty blue neon lights and all the shit the geek in him could ever want, all the while in a state called wrap on his phone, which is supposed to be used for wrapping up notes on the call, etc.. not for chatting with hot babes on line all day, napoleon.

- Tuesday, August 23, 2005 at 10:52:40 (EDT)
DSL tech support info.............PLEASE READ anyone with any questions about my experience as a verizon dsl technician feel free to email me I just had my last day as a technician working for Verizon DSL customer support. Although it isn't really Verizon at all. It's a third party contracted to Verizon called Calltech located in Columbus Ohio. Basically it's about a thousand kids in a warehouse full of computers making 9 dollars an hour, and get this, none of them care about helping people!! But it's not their fault, and I'll tell you why. Now, these kids arent stupid, a lot of them have degrees in computer science even, but because Ohio's economy is in the toilet, they are reduced to working here. Heres what one can expect when calling Verizon DSL tech support. (This may be a little long winded, but well worth the read.) First off, Calltech/Verizon is massively hiring about 50 people a month to fill the DSL tech support positions. The main reason of course being, that 40% of all employees quit after about a week, which means when a customer calls in they have a 60% chance of speaking with someone who has been there less than a month. Why that is isn't really important, what is important, however, is Verizons expectations of the technical support and also how we are trained. We go through training every day, 8 hours a day for 3 weeks, and then a month probationary period. Now this training isn't easy, and not everyone can do it. You must have at least some brains to get this job. (I only said some.) Now, one with a little intelligence would assume that Verizons biggest expectation for Calltech is getting people back online, and being friendly about it. But no. Verizons biggest concern with DSL tech support is something called AHT. AHT stands for Average Handle Time. Notice is isnt called Average Talk Time, because you arent talking to a customer, youre handling them. Nice, huh? Basically its how long you are on the phone with a customer. And as far as Verizon is concerned, the shorter the better. Think about that. A multi million dollar company with a sub par internet service doesnt really care about helping people, they only care about how long were on the phone with them. Does that make sense? I should hope you think not. When we go through our training they tell us,"if you cant help them, get them off the phone as soon as possible", and that is a direct quote from one of the instructors. This is what we are taught in training! This isnt one of those spirit of the law things that people adopt and management sort of looks the other way at. This is in the curriculum. We are taught that if we cant get the customer back online, then the best thing to do is think up some B.S. excuse about how this is THEIR COMPUTERS FAULT! Yes, this is what technicians are TAUGHT TO DO!!! Rather than go the extra mile and keep the customer on the phone for an extra 5 or 10 minutes you are told to lie to them and get them off of the phone. Now, when someone calls in and cant be helped and they dont fall for the "its your computers fault" line, they do what any other person whos throwing money away would do, they say the "S" word. No, not that one, Im talking about, SUPERVISOR. Now, Supervisors at calltech have E.S.P. for this. I swear, they know when a customer is pissed and wants to talk to them. So when a customer asks for a supervisor we are instructed to "de-escalate" the situation, which basically means talk them out of it. Then we are supposed to get up and find a supervisor. And 8 out of 10 times I have gone looking for a supervisor they are nowhere to be found. Theyre in some secret supervisor hiding place where no one can find them until the customer is off the phone. In that situation we put them in whats called, the callback database. Any Verizon customer who may read this knows what Im talking about. Heres what we say,"Im sorry sir/ma'am but no supervisors are currently available, Im putting you in the callback system and a supervisor will call you within the hour." Most people are satisfied with this and sit patiently awaiting the supervisor to call them back. If in any given day 40 customers are put into the callback database, maybe 7 or 8 are actually called by supervisors. This is the level of customer service to expect with Verizon. To make a long story short, dont get Verizon DSL if you dont have to. Im not some jaded customer trying to get Verizon back for lousy service, I dont even have DSL. The way people are treated there isnt right. No one cares, and thats how Verizon wants it. This is straight from the horses mouth, but take it as you will.

- Sunday, August 21, 2005 at 12:19:46 (EDT)
Well, after almost a year of verizon DSL and phone service, I can say this: When it's good, it's good. When its bad, it sucks, especially if you have to contact either customer support, repair, or DSL support. Oh, and before I start, to all of the people posting all sorts of "I love VERIZON, and you suck!" comments, think about this: I also work Tech. Support, except that I work in Retail Tech support, which is far worse than supporting regular customers. Imagine for a moment, people who know little or nothing about PC's and networks, insisting problems that cannot be resolved be resolved TODAY!!!! However, this doesn't result in my tranferring them elsewhere, or hanging up on them, or giving them BS responses; all of which I've gotten from verizon. One would say that yes, a single customer is only worth some $400 a year. However, 50,000 customers are worth 1.9 million dollars a year using the same math. I suppose if verizon were to piss off enough people, word would likely get out, and I'd bet that stock price would plummet like 2000 all over again. And no matter how much you love said company, unless you're a VP or other Exec. you'd get laid off too. So if you work for them, maybe you should concentrate on giving better service, and less redirecting and excuses. My story is this: Basically, I've got a connection that is on avg 32k downlink with 468k uplink. What freaking use is this??? Sometimes it goes from 32 to 64 to 128 to 160 to 256 to 320 to 468 & even 416. Mostly, it just stays at 32 or 64, which is basically 26.6 dialup speed up to single channel ISDN. (The single channel ISDN no one uses because it's too slow) It started sometime back in June, when my speed initally started intermittently dropping down, but it would later go back up. Then in early July, one morning as I was leaving for work, I saw a verizon van pass by my apartment (which is way, way back in a neighborhood), and then that night, I had no phone or DSL. In fact, it took them 3 and 1/2 weeks to get my phone back up, which included about 6 calls to verizon. However, the DSL was still slow as before. Three calls later, they decided it was the modem, and so shipped me a new modem. This had no effect, and still 32k downlink. I gave up for two weeks, in which time I read all the Harry Potter books. Then, for about a week, it was back to 468k/468k; which brings us up to this week. Back down to 32k to 64k. So I call for further support. Okay the stupid sequence goes like this... 1. Call verizon. 2. "thank you for calling verizon... please enter or speak your telephone number starting with the area code" At which point you try to speak your phone number, but it invariably gets at least one number in the sequence wrong, and so you after it repeats it, you are asked "is this correct?" but apparently "no" doesn't work as a response, so it'll ask you a few more times, until it fails. Then you re-say your phone number, and it will again not understand you or get a digit wrong. At this point once you get it to under stand "no" it will make you enter it in on the keypad. 3. It then asks you further questions about your dsl service, suggesting that you should power down your modem and reboot the pc and all will be well, and also suggesting that you can visit for further assistance while you wait (since you're not likely to be calling about your dsl service being down, right?) 4. On the phone with the cust. service rep... in india or somewhere else... "Thanks for calling verizon, may I verify the number you're calling from? xxx-xxx-xxx, can I have the first and last name of the account holder? (like I'd be willing to wait on hold and deal with this crap for someone else???) 5. What seems to be the problem today? Slow connection. Modem shows 32k/468k link. 6. Okay, what operating system are you running? Linux- Fedora Core 3. "It is not windows XP? Then we cannot continue troubleshooting." Wait, what the hell? Modem is connected to PC ethernet card with cat5e 100m/bit cable, via TCP/IP connection. This hasn't a damn thing to do with the speed that the modem connects to the service provider. 7. I humor him, and reboot into windows, and also power cycle my modem in the process, so that we don't have to repeat this rebooting step... 8. Does all of your phone connections have filters, do you have a home security system, do you have a satellite system plugged into the phone line, what about a fax machine, and also how long is the cable. Okay, 1st: I have 1 phone plugged in, but I already unplugged it before calling. 2nd: how the hell do I know how long the stupid cable is? It's the one provided with the modem, as if it freaking matters, since both digital and analog phone lines can be like 100 feet in length without major attenuation problems. 9. 10 more minutes of BS troubleshooting that I wouldn't even make people do in my job, no matter how pissed I was. 10. "I think it must be the modem, we'll have to ship a replacement to you." Uh no dude, you're friggin wrong. New modem, just replaced. 11. "Well, then it must be the line. I'll place a service call to your local repair crew" blah, blah, blah. 12. Repair guy: "Yes sir, I've just been to the site, and repaired the issue." Oh wait, test it, and same speed. 13. Start Over. 14. Call back, get tech who wants to go through same BS. Fortuneately, not at home to "troubleshoot"... must call back later. 15. Later - call back, but this time say "no" at each prompt, until reaching another system, which then asks me for operating system. "Windows, Macintosh, or Something Else" Totally pick "something else" since we all know that india would be so screwed if they had to use something other than "Windows XP Starter Edition", also known as "The Bangledash is poor as shit version" 16. Get an english speaking guy on the phone. Doesn't go through BS that every other "technician" has. However, makes possibly faulty diagnosis of issue. This however isn't as important, since the guy was both nice, helpful, and actually spoke english. He however cannot fix, and must tranfer me to 3rd level engineering support. (Probably was right, but I don't know either way) 17. Back to speaking to someone with a funny accent, who is also rude, and an asshole. Makes me go thru the same bullshit scripted procedures. So much for 3rd level support. Then has me reset modem using recessed reset button on modem. Then insists that when he cannot reconnect to the modem, it must be a phone cable too long. Plug modem in with a 5 foot cable to single outlet, with nothing else at all plugged in. Then insists that since he cannot connect to the modem, it must be an internal wiring fault within the residence, apparently forgetting that he had me press the reset button on the modem, which cleared all the account logon info from the modem, which would cause it to not attempt to connect until this information was re-input. Refused all possible other explainations. When asked to explain why he thought that this was the cause, insisted that the technician who'd visited earlier had wanted to inspect internal connections, but hadn't been able to gain access. Insists that I must wait until Monday from 8am to 5pm for a techician. Fine, I'm fucking tired of talking about it to them. 18. He then asks if there is anything further he can assist me with. I ask him if he can tell me when my contract ends, because there is no chance I'll be renewing. He says no, and goodbye. 19. Reprogram modem, and it connects, and now at 468k/468k. Works for 10min, then disconnects constantly for next 30min. Then reconnects at 320k, but won't pull up anything. Disconnects. Reconnects at 64k. 20. 45 min later, disconnects every five minutes or so, and then finally stays connected at 32k. BTW, at the end of each one of these support calls, they've stated "For further assistance, please go to" At which point I've pointed out each time, "I'm calling about a DSL connectivity problem... so how am I going to go to this website?" And they always have given me a pause, and then some dumb comment to make up for the realization of how stupid their scripted call closing had been. Only exception was David, who was step #16, who closed with "For further technical assistance once your DSL is back up, please check out". Wow... what a difference an American makes, huh? Moral of the story? Verizon sucks. I don't recommend them, and I should've known better, since every network problem I've had to work on in my professional capacity in the last two years has been caused by verizon. They always insist it itsn't their equipment, until we prove otherwise, then they always find a T1 card broken somewhere that was causing the problem; and then promise it'll never happen again. They're the worst company I've ever dealt with, and hopefully one day either they'll get better, or else more hopefully, at some point I'll never have to deal with them again. I'm sure not going to have service with them ever again.

- Thursday, August 18, 2005 at 02:20:07 (EDT)
My story is a reverse of most stories here. I started out a Verizon customer when I bought one of their FreeUp phones back in August 2003. After having tried several different pre-pay carriers, I thought Verizon's prepaid service was one of the better offerings out there. So, in August 2004 I decided to upgrade and purchase a service contract through Verizon. Even though I didn't have bad credit and I had already been a reliable Verizon customer for a year, they informed me I would have to pay a $400 security deposit. This made me very angry, but eventually I broke down and paid the outrageous ransom. Just this week, I received my $400 back with a little interest ($11.66) promised. Verizon's service/support has been good and they've dealt with me fairly. However, that $400 deposit really irked me. It's excessive, especially for somebody who pays his bills and has never bounced a check. Perhaps if Verizon was a little more reasonable with the security deposit, then my experience would've been better.

- Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 11:13:57 (EDT)
We had no service for 1 week and the morons that work at Verizon are not interested to help you. I called the NJ Board of Public Utilities and lo and behold I got someone working on our problem immediately. This is the ONLY way to get your issue put on top of their priority list. Then they said it was a problem at the central office but no one was there (understaffed) to fix the problem. I called my contact at Verizon and said if it wasn't fixed by 3:00 that day I would cancel the service and wouldn't pay the termination fee. It was fixed at 2:50.

- Monday, August 15, 2005 at 08:45:52 (EDT)
To make a long story short, I had another phone line put in because sharing a router with another pc in the house wasnt working, there was horrible lag when playing online games. I got another line put in along with another dsl package, and wouldn't you know, the phone number I got for it wasnt compatible with their service because the 'box' it was 'attached' too was to far away from the central office. What a jip. I canceled everything, and the tech said there was no charge for the installation. Weeks later I got a bill for $200. I never used the dsl nor the phone, not once. For almost a year they've been still billing me and now its escalated to the point they got some shady ass collection agencty (after some googling about this agency it appears as though they're involved in some kind of schemes). I got a call from them and basically told them to f*ck off. I've already had plenty of problems before I got the line put in. F*ck verizon. I'm extremely happy I switched to comcast cable.

- Monday, August 15, 2005 at 00:09:19 (EDT)
i love sex

- Saturday, August 13, 2005 at 16:16:36 (EDT)
I purchased a phone as part of the family share plan in February 2005 and terminated the plan and returned the phone within my 15-day grace period. I was told that I would not receive an early termination fee of $175. However, I was still charged the fee on my following bill. For the past 5 wireless bills I have been charged the $175 early termination fee and in addition, the last 4 bills charged me a late fee for not paying the $175. Aside from those fees, I have received delinquent account bills in the last 3 months, requesting payment and the failure to do so would cause my service to be disconnected. I have contacted Verizon on each occasion, via both email and by calling customer service, to question this, and was told each time that my credit was pending. I offered to fax them a copy of my receipt if necessary but I was told it was not necessary. All that was ever accomplished during my contact with Verizon was to have the late fee waived, after having to plead my case to the customer service representative, who at first always thought I was delinquent on my account. I waited over 5 months to have this situation fixed. I called Verizon on 8/1/05 and was informed that the charge had been removed. I requested some sort of rectification, such as a phone and was told "NO", all they could give me was a $5 credit. A $5 credit would be fine if the situation was for one billing period, but it was over 5 billing periods, there is even the possibility that the payment will still show up on my upcoming bill. Therefore I requested to speak with a customer service representative to cancel my service. The customer service representative offered to upgrade my phone for a $50 fee and I would have to renew my contract. I do not want to renew my contract and should not have to pay this $50 fee. I have been EXTREMELY patient with Verizon as they attempted to resolve this issue that took much longer then should have ever taken, however, it is not right that because this situation could not be resolved in a quick manner on Verizon's end, that my payment history, in the meantime was affected and I am not enough of a valuable customer to be rectified in an appropriate manner. Please provide me with guidance as to what are the proper ways that this manner can be rectified. I have complained to both the Better Business Bureau and FCC. Any more recommendations.

- Thursday, August 11, 2005 at 20:27:38 (EDT)
I ran across this website looking for another website, and I am disgusted with the reps that work for vzw and are complaining about customers calling in with complaints. I am a vzw customer service employee and that is what you get hired for. To take complaints and handle concerns. That is why you have a job. No one would call in if no one had a problem. If you have a problem with processes and proceedures you go to upper management to make change, you don't hide on a website and post the problem without telling the people who can fix it! You better believe that I am going to management about that outsource article posted thurs july 28th. Shame on you for wanting to write a book instead of turning in your manager. And to customers I want you to know that I try my best to research a problem till I can get an answer for you and if there is a problem with the bill it usually is a human error. I have seen real billing errors but they are usually taken care of by the next bill cycle and necessaey credits are applied. I know the stores can use some help... so reps....SEND REWORKS that is the best way to handle human errors. I want to apologize for every rep that posted on this site. And to customers...if you get a nasty rep call back and tell the next rep that you want feedback sent to thier supervisor or go to under "contact us" -Kristin

- Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 23:57:17 (EDT)
TERRIBLE PHONE TERRIBLE MANUFACTURER I have had this phone for less than two months. Up and until last week it was a very enjoyable experience--Despit there being no pre-loaded games. And then, a few days ago, the right hinge cracked, and then the entire phone began to fall apart. Samsung is AWARE of this problem, as well as the repair shops that fix Samsung phones, yet this issue is NOT covered in the warranty--What is a warranty for then??? DO NOT GET THIS PHONE. If you do, BEWARE. You have been warned.

- Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 10:58:40 (EDT)
To the person who just posted "Wow get a life. Are you people okay. I mean really. Take your business elsewhere or shut the hell up. I just found this site by accident while looking for another verizon site. I am sitting here in amazement at how ridiculous you all are. Customers and Employees alike. Good bye" Don't be such a silly-willy. I hope you find your "other verizon website" and enjoy your happy little corporate life (full of automated recordings, thoughts and memories).

- Tuesday, August 09, 2005 at 16:30:59 (EDT)
Wow get a life. Are you people okay. I mean really. Take your business elsewhere or shut the hell up. I just found this site by accident while looking for another verizon site. I am sitting here in amazement at how ridiculous you all are. Customers and Employees alike. Good bye

- Friday, August 05, 2005 at 21:14:20 (EDT)
I too was a Verizon lover at first. NOT ANYMORE. I can't WAIT until my contract runs out so I can switch to someone else. These people have NO IDEA what they area doing. ROTTEN customer service; EVEN WORSE calling plans. I am CONSTANTLY over-charged for text messaging; EVERY time I call customer service WHICH IS AT LEAST TWICE A MONTH I get a different story; my bill is ALWAYS screwed up. I have given these guys MORE than a fair chance; I have been with Verizon for at LEAST 7 years. This time next year I'M GONE.

- Wednesday, August 03, 2005 at 15:42:35 (EDT)
Verizon sent my bill, not yet due, to a collection agency, who have been harassing me for days. This because I switched to Vonage.

- Tuesday, August 02, 2005 at 19:15:22 (EDT)
I used to love Verizon... However, over the past couple years their quality in customer service has dropped tremendously. As others, I too had been transferred from department to department, always getting the wrong department. When I asked to speak to the complaint department. They had the nerve to ask what the complaint was about. I told them it was everything billing, customer service, repairs, etc., etc., etc. They told me they'll transfer me... I get repairs and started telling them my complaint. They told me they couldn't help me, so that transfer me to (supposedly) the correct department. I get collections and start to complain to them. This is the wrong department, so they transfer me to customer service. By this time, I pissed. The customer service rep didn't even speak English and hung up on me. I call back and start complaining to the first rep I get. She has the nerve to ask what specifically the complaint is about. I told her Verizon. I also told her I want to speak with someone who handles all the complaints for any issues pertaining to Verizon. She tells me they don't have anyone that can help me. Each department handles their own. First I said, you don't have an upper management level that can handle overall problems with Verizon. Her answer was no... only specific problems such as with repairs. I asked her if she was customer service and she said she was. I said then 'you' can handle a customer service complaint correct. I'll have to transfer you. I said don't bother. I'll turn this over to the FCC. I did that and just received the form to file a former complaint. If anyone is interested. File a complaint with the FCC... send them an email and they'll send you the information on how to file a former complaint.

- Friday, July 29, 2005 at 14:51:47 (EDT)
Verizon has many problems no doubt... Verizon has internal customer service reps, and the outsource thousands of rep jobs to 4 american companies, and one in india. I work for one of the 4 american company's. When I first came there it was an absolute mess. I was just a rep handling website problems. I have 2 degrees in computer science, as a result I was making the standard $7.50 an hour to start on the phone. I noticed that MANY people were having problems getting onto the verizon website. So I spent my nights at home researching the problems and finding solutions. We get something called CSTS scores, now at my location there are 650 outsourced reps. About 95% of the work crew is black, I am one of the few white people that works there. Most of the people hired quit within 2 weeks after they are out of training. Some are terminated. Most of them can barely type, and have tattoos, but you'd have to come during the summer to see that on a bright shiney day. I work hard for this company and created over 40 documents to help new reps troubleshoot issues. As an example how many reps can help a customer that calls in trying to register, or who forgot their pin, or simply can't log in to the website if they are using AOL ? Answer none of them could. So I researched, and thus it began. I found solutions for Aol 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 le, 9 standard edition, 9 optimized, 9 security edition, compuserve, internet explorer 5 & 6, Safari for apple, Netscape Navigator versions all the way up to the latest 8.0, FireFox up to 1.04, Mozilla Seamonkey Suite, MSN 6, 7, 8, 9, and 9.01. I created documents to give them all kinds of computer knowledge. I created researched and solved problems with the printer friendly bill in Adobe, security issues in the browsers that prevented adobe from showing the bill, issues that prevented people who had the professional version of adobe from printing their bill, issues that prevented people who were using a network version of adobe from viewing their bill, and on and on and on. My operations manager took all my info. put his name on it, and sent it out to our and only our company. It was a thick book. The trainers at this oursourced company asked me questions all the time, and I found work arounds and solutions as part of a daily regimen. Later a friend came up to me, and said, "Sorry about the ops manager stealing all your info and taking credit for it..." Talk about mad, I was very mad. Of course I got promoted to quality, and I monitor calls and listen to problems and keep solving them. Verizon has something with each outsourced center called a calibration. That's where we all sit around a telephone, listening to our rep, and verizon is long distance listening to the same call. I heard a rep tell a customer "Sorry I can't help you get to your printer friendly bill but we can't trouble shoot that version of the browser." Well of course I knew the answer, but my company Afni, told me to stop solving problems immediately. Because problems generate call volume for us. I tried to explain to them that we get more $ per call if we get FCR (first call resoloution) But they frequently tell me to shut up, or hussh me during calls. So I sit on a stack of solutions that my company doesn't want released to verizon to help millions of customers. I swear they have people watching me with a yellow pad and pencil to see if I stay longer than 3 minutes in the bathroom to take a pee. It has long been rumoured at my company that there were people on the verizon payroll who were paid by the outsourced company's to fuck stuff up on purpose. At first I thought that was paranoia, or just plain crazy talk. But on a teleconference with Verizon I informed them that the first thing customers do when they enter their phone number to register is put it in like this "352-185-6420" as an example. But the website just asked for your phone number it never said you could or could not use dashes, it just locked their account. Well a first year programming student can search a string like "352-185-6420" and remove the dashes, it's elementary programming. Similarly the string "352 185 6420" can be searched and the spaces can be removed and in both cases leaving this result "3521856420". Well the customers call in complaining, and we would tell them to take out the dashes and spaces on the number and voila they can register. Verizon even put up a sign saying you can now put in your phone number to register for the website using dashes, spaces, or just all numbers. Two weeks later a programmer removed the string searching code, but left up the sign. Now what that means is this. Now when you go there it says "You may enter your phone number as all numbers, with dashes, or just wish spaces." Of course if you do either of the first 2 things it locks your account and you have to call in to get a rep to unlock it. The only way to register is just to use all numbers. Keep in mind they had fixed that to work all 3 ways for a few weeks, I know because I took calls on the phones myself during that time period as well. What does this all really mean? It seems to suggest that someone at verizon in the it department possibly as high up as a vp is causing all these problems on purpose, and getting a huge kick back from the outsourcing centers. I could tell you horror story on top of horror story that customers that have went through our autopay systems have had. For example on the IVR system there exists NO way to ever de-enroll from it, and reps aren't even trained in it. You wouldn't beleive how many lawsuit threats verizon gets a year on that issue a lone. Oh Today I was listening to a calibration, and I heard the issue, and the rep didn't know how to solve the problem. I knew how to solve it, but my boss told me to NOT solve any more problems because it "offended" verizon, because they didn't think of it first. Plus my boss added that all the problems that verizons customers have is what keeps all of us in a job. I watched very sadly as that rep that had been on the call was taken to the management cube, and yelled at by management. Verizon had asked for her termination at afni, opelika, and my boss recommended a final written notice be given to her. I could do nothing because my hands are tied. It's really amazing when you find out how the world works. The only good thing to come out of this is that I am thinking of writing a book called "Internet Browser Troubleshooting for every Browser in the world."

- Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 19:10:35 (EDT)
I have been a Verizon customer for quite a few years now. In November I signed up for their DSL package. I should have started to worry when I got duplicate modem shipments and my dsl activation was delayed four separate times but I let it slide. Everything was fine until about 1 1/2 months ago when my voice mail when out and then the dsl, after three weeks and 12 phone calls later to pathetic "pass the buck" customer service reps nothing was resolved. I finally decided to switch my service. The day my new service was to be installed I called Verizon to confirm that my phone number had been ported, since everything they do seems to be ass backwards. I spoke with two representatives from two different departments who both told me my number was never ported. I then called my new carrier to find out what was going on. The new carrier then informed me that the number had been ported over four days earlier and they had a confirmation number from Verizon. They put me on hold and contacted Verizon themselves to find out what was going on. The representative came back and told me that at first they were also told that the number was not ported, however, after further checking the Verizon rep said that it was, when the new carrier rep asked why I was told by two different reps at Verizon that my number wasn't ported the only answer the Verizon rep could give was "Oh well, they must have lied." The new carrier rep could not believe it and neither could I. I never thought I would leave Verizon but I am glad I did, not only am I saving money but the phone service is much better. They really should get their act together with all the competition they have these days!

- Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 18:25:53 (EDT)
Hello - I work as a telecommunications billing auditor in Boerne, Texas, near San Antonio. I have WAY too many stories to tell about Verizon, SBC, AT&T, etc. But I thought this might be funny to some of you. Boerne is served by Verizon for local services. OF course, Verizon is formerly known as GTE. One morning, I dropped by our local mexican food restraunt to order some tacos to go. I noticed the whole GTE crew for Boerne area sitting at a table. A few of the techs I know personally, I looked over at them and asked "Hey, do you guys know what GTE stands for?" They looked at me with mouths full, so I answered "Gone To Eat!" Haha, they about spewed their carne guisada out their noses! Aaron A. Arnold Tariff Analyst CACC, Inc.

- Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 16:31:19 (EDT)
My Verizon story: I am so happy to have found this site, it may allow me to vent enough to keep from snapping on the next Verizon rep I have to talk to. My main problem has been with Verizon Wireless, though I am not real happy with ANY of my Verizon service. I am forced to use them all though (long distance, wireless and DSL) because they are the only comany here. I first got my phone about 2 and a half years ago. Why am I still with them? Because their records say my contract doesn't end until Sept (despite the fact that it should have been Feb) and if I cancel I have to pay a late charge. So I am trying to hang in there! I first bought the phone because I work late at night an hour from home, and was afraid of breaking down, accidents, etc. I also travel out of state a lot. I told the rep I wanted a simple phone, just to make calls in case of emeragency. I also explained to him where I needed the coverge for (in detail). He showed me a brightly colored map of where my covereage would be, explaining that northern Maine DOES show up as roaming, but that it wouldn't be charged as such to my account if I got such-and-such a plan. Fine, got the plan, got the phone he suggested. Then I began to drop calls, have trouble getting through, etc. Most of my trip home the phone was useless because it wouldn't connect. Called customer service and the gist of the conversation was this: "You have a good phone, no reason it shouldn't be connecting, no clue why its not. No you cannot cancel your contrac without incurring huge fines. Two weeks return policy? No no, we don't have a 2 week return policy. our stuck." Fine, I delt with it. Time passes, more and more trouble with the phone. Charges incurring because even when the phone doesn't connect, Verizon counts all the time I spent TRYING to connect as time I am on the phone. Late fees occuring because I pay my bills online and their web page is always down. Cannot change companies because Verizon reports me as being hugely in debt and late all the time (this has happened twice and I paid in full as soon as I could get to my bill online) and other companies will not have anything to do with me. Finally, someone at Radio Shack (bless them) solves the confusing. While they DID sell me a plan to cover all of New England, the phone they sold me covers nothing in NE! Especially in Maine where I am from! I consider this TOTALLY dishonest since I told them where I needed coverage and they promised me this phone would meet my needs. Nor did they show me the phone chart (which Radio Shack did) which shows my TRUE coverage area. It sucks, let me tell you. I call and complain, get rude responses and the blow off. I tell them that I consider this a breach of contract on their part, they tell me tough, you are stuck until your contract is up. Which is also when they told me I had to wait and extra 6 months btw. Phone keeps getting worse, I take it in for repair. "Oops, gee, its not even connecting to the main system, we'll have to swap it out. That'll costs you! What, you bought the insurance? record of that. Hmm, you still have the paperwork to prove it? Ohh! THERE it is! I was looking in the wrong section of the computer. K, come back in 5 hours." Came back, got my new phone. Intersting sude note here. The rep I picked up the phone from was from out of state, and mentioned in passing that one of the reasons my coverage was so bad was that Verizon told me my coverage based on 3 new towers they were GOING to put up 2 years before. They never put them up, because they decided that "Maine didn't have enough people to make it worth it." I checked the stats based on this, and discovered that Verizon does NOT have the best coverage in Maine without these towers, they have the third or forth best, so they are miss advertising big time. After picking up my new phone, my battery begins to die VERY quickly. Like I mean 2 minutes tops. So take it back AGAIN. They tell me its not their problem, until I tell them it didn't happen until they swapped it out. They hold my phone for a DAY, only to tell me "ya the battery isn't holding a charge." Well no kidding, that's why I brought it in. So they offer to swap the phone out AGAIN, come back in a half hour. I waited instead during which time I watched a weeping woman who was supposed to be at the hosoital with her dying uncle try totalk to the rep. It appears she had returned her phones within the set time she was allowed, had been promised a credit on her account, and was instead given a CHARGE. So she was out $615 and 2 phones. The rep told her she was lucky because they should have charged her an extra 300.00 for the early termination. Some luck huh? So they give me my phone back, and I discover that they have swapped out the PHONE, but still given me the same battery! Apparently insurance doesn't cover faulty batteries (I have checked everywhere in my paperwork and canot find anything that says that btw). I call Verizon again, and they tell me "well, you qualify for 100.00 off a new phone, maybe that will help." Cool, I can deal with that. So she begins to ask questions and read info. I stop her, and ask her why she needs all this. She hems and haws and finally mntions that in buying a new phone, my contract is automatically rolled over. Nice of them to mention this huh? So I cannot even buy a new phone to get service without being stuck for another two years. I politly explain to her that they could not pay ME to get me to stay with them another two years, and hang up. Keep in mind that all of this is just me. This doesn't even begin to describe the problems my brother, parents, friends, co-worers etc. have had with Verizon, and they ALL have. Another customer with them once said "Its like signing a contract with the Devil." My response? No, the devil may find loopholes, but overall he sticks to his contracts, Verizon doesn't. Sorry this is so long, but it has been a long a painful process. I can't wait until my contract is up. If I cannot get another company to take we? Well, I don't need a cell phone that bad I guess I survived years without one before, I will do it again. Txh for listening

- Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 13:30:17 (EDT)
In response to whomever keeps posting the defense of Verizon here: I udnerstand that you may like Verizon and you may find them a good company to work for. Fine. I also understand how frustrating it is to be a customer service rep and be yelled at all the time. Been there, done that. Fine. I understand that sometimes people don't read their contract, make mistakes, misunderstand things that the reps say, etc. Fine. HOWEVER, I find it interesting that you apparently have personal knowledge and understanding of every single contract that every single person has on this web site. Additionally, I find it interesting that you seem to ignore it when people DO state that they have read and understand their contract and still are having problems with Verizon. Third, I do not believe that anyone on this web site disagrees that Verizon reps are human and humans make mistakes. The problem, and I think everyone here will agree with me, is that Verizon repeatedly refuses to FIX these mistakes, nor do they encourage their reps to handle them in a mature and professional manner. Finally, your argument awhile ago that somehow making racial slurs is okay if you don't like the persoan you are talk to? ("You know what, I am so sick of you jerks who call us to complain and ask stupid questions. All we do all day is answer calls from you people and it makes me sick. We would not make the racial slurs if you people would just stop calling us to nag.") Sorry, but you are CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS) it is your JOB to listen to people's complaints and answer them. That is what you get PAID for. I personally am a substance abuse couciller. What if I called someone a racial slur because they felt like talking about their drug addiction and I didn't feel like doing my job? To end, this site is for people who have had Verizon issues. If you want to constructivly answer those complaints, fine, do so. But to blindly defend everything Verion has done without knowing details, and be rude to the people venting? That, in my mind, just proves what everyone here is saying about how poorly Verizon trains you, how rude you can be and how unprofessional and immature you are. No wonder we get frustrating dealing with people like you. And for those few I have delt with that WERE good? I have always tried to be polite in return, and I hope that those customers that ARE frustrated and rude don't make you bitted enough to take it out on those of us who are nice.

- Wednesday, July 27, 2005 at 13:01:15 (EDT)
Monday July 25, 2005 I opened my phone and it fell apart in my hands. (I have a witness...not related to me) I called Verizon to remedy the situation and they told me to go the Verizon store in Reston VA, since I still had warrenty time on my phone. Unfortunately, I was told by the manager at the store that he couldn't honor the warrenty cuz the phone was broken, voiding the warrenty. I was stunned. Why would a person need a warrenty if the phone wasn't broken to begin with. This is the catch 22 they use to get you to buy a new phone for $220.00 whne you still have a warrenty on the phone you already bought. The store manager told me to call verizon back and see what they could do. After 3 hours and 3 supervisors they told there was nothing they could or would do to honor the warrenty. I told them they would lose a customer and the 3 tier supervisor said "you gotta do what you gotta do". VERIZON SUCKS!!!!!!!

- Tuesday, July 26, 2005 at 15:16:08 (EDT)
I had our phone put on unlimited service in Florida because we will be gone for 31/2 months and it was cheaper than putting it on vacation. Received a bill with caller ID in which if we are not there why would we want that service. Do you believe that if you are in another state a phone company this large has no 800 number we can call. I am in New jersey and I have they gave me an 600 number to call but that is a New Jersey 800 # and they have to put you in touch with Florida. Then all you get for hours is listning to music. Had 4 opertors "put me thru to Florida" and got the same music. Have never been able to takl to anyone in Florida about my bill. And I like my friend just got wireless with verizon because T Mobil has no tower near us and we have to get in the car to make a phone call with their service. What is happening with thes communication carriers? They can go to the moon but not provide us with a free 800 number to call state to state.

- Monday, July 25, 2005 at 11:35:30 (EDT)
I was inundated with sales calls and mailings about Verizon FIOS and was having trouble with my ISP. I took the bait and ordered the service. (I'm in the right income bracket to be provided with this service.) I was given a delivery date which was on a Monday. On the Thursday before delivery, I was told my date was pushed back due to engineering issues. I accepted the date for two weeks later and again was called and said they still had engineering problems and I was again postponed. About a week and a half later they called again saying I was postponed indefinately. I excalated the issue, but it took me about 2 hours to get through to someone who was supposed to help me. No help. I escalated it again (another hour and a half and supposedly reach the district manager for FIOS in Texas. He apologized and promised and confirmed delivery on 7/23. As a confirmation from a local represented, I was guaranteed delivery on said date, but with a delivery time of 9-4. Of course, I waited and they did not show or call. I called all the numbers I was given "in case something happens" and got no response. I'm still waiting. In my opinion, Verizon places customer satisfaction at the lowest priority, and I get frustrated with myself that I spent so many hours trying to work this out, and giving them the benefit of the doubt. I plan to distribute this story to every neighbor in my small community. Redlining doesn't seem to be the only illegal activity they practice. Since I placed a "do not call" on my name, I am still receiving calls trying to sell me this service, which they can't seem to provide!

- Monday, July 25, 2005 at 00:11:34 (EDT)
Verizon has failed me. After 10 years as a loyal customer, I was billed for delayed minutes at the peak air-time rate. Calls to customer service varied extremly; many were extremely RUDE. No two reps had the same explaination; some of the reps confused themselves trying to give illogical explainations. Verizon has added calls (and charges) to my current bill that were made during previous billing cycles. They call it DELAYED BILLING. I call it ineptness and a very bad business practice. I don't believe that Verizon's computers are unable to record my minutes in a timely manner AND they expect me to pay for the problems in their billing department. The customer service reps are so focus on new business that their solution is to 1. buy more minutes (of course, this requires a new contract), and 2. purchase new equipment (more money)!!!! SELL. SELL, SELL. Some solution: lock me in to more months of over-charges and poor service!!!!

- Sunday, July 24, 2005 at 18:01:29 (EDT)
No jerkey we can't hear you now, that's why we are complaining. Do you have any idea what it's like to have a piece of crap phone service that you can't depend on? What if I'm in the middle of no man's land and I can't get a signal and there is an emergency? Then what? If you could see my middle finger you could hear me now...........BOY!!!!!!!!!

- Sunday, July 24, 2005 at 15:42:22 (EDT)

- Saturday, July 23, 2005 at 11:50:23 (EDT)
well i forgot my passcode to my phone and my phone number i need it so bad my GF is going to break up with me if i dont find it and text her help me plz help me plz

- Friday, July 22, 2005 at 12:34:01 (EDT)
I broke my phone today while traveling on the other side of the country so I need to get a new one. I went into a store and they told me that there was nothing they could do since I had a number from a different region of the country. Verizon separates the country into four regions (Northeast, Midwest, South, and West) and they use different ESN numbers to program phones in each region. I asked if they could offer some sort of temporary fix (i.e. rental phone, loaner, etc.) and they said there was nothing they could do! I am sure other people traveling in other parts of the country break their phones while they are away; there is no doubt in my mind that this must happen with some frequence, yet Verizon offers no solution to this common problem. That is ridiculous! They might as well completely separate the company into four different ones, one for each region!

- Wednesday, July 20, 2005 at 22:53:14 (EDT)

- Wednesday, July 20, 2005 at 15:37:33 (EDT)
Verizon is fraudulently withholding a $500 security deposit that I paid to make international calls. When I signed up, the Verizon store said the deposit would be returned to me after 6 months of good credit (I have perfect credit so that's not an issue). Now, 9 months later, Verizon is telling me the deposit should be held a total of 12 months. So yesterday I called the Verizon store where I got the phone and -- guess what? -- they tell me the deposit should be held only 6 months. Classic bait and switch! Unfortunately, there's nothing in writing about the terms of the deposit, just the original $500 debit on my credit card. Verizon sucks!

- Tuesday, July 19, 2005 at 11:12:04 (EDT)
This is a verison samsung cell phone review. Can not be pressed against the face at at all.. else cracks the phone... $300 a phone. We bought 2 camera phones. Contract said replacement $50 for up to 3 phones. Called and confirmed. Replace one phone already due to cracking at hinges. Husband phone cracking at hinges too but didn't replace since phone still works. Plus we called and asked if we could replace. We went down and they call the police to throw us out. God forbid... they steal $600 dollars and we warn other people.. I decide to call every one and warn them about these crooks. Legal crooks. We replace one phone due to cracking at the hinge. Seems the phones can't be pressed on the face at all...... So we had another of the exact same phone and exact same problem in another phone.(had phone one month) Plus same problem in my husbands phone 3 phones.... phones used to retail for $300 dollars each (camera phone). Won't replace same problem they alreay replaced phone. They said we ripped phone apart on purpose.... I already went by two weeks ago and they said phone wasn't damaged enough. Crack just kept expanding due to use.... I could care less what phone looked like just wanted it to work... Figured they sold $600 dollars of our money. If I don't waste my time dealing with these thieves, I will be personally responsilbe for letting thiefs steal $600 dollars from us. Everyone time I go in their people are screaming.... they rip people... and there is no choice Cause they get $250 if you cancel phone service. Criminals. It is like they are legalized criminals conducting business to steal money from people.... unbelievable.

- Tuesday, July 19, 2005 at 10:47:10 (EDT)
Recently i cracked the outside front plastic screen on my A670 cell phone, just a few weeks after i got it, because i bumped into a drinking fountain (a rock hard one at that)while the phone was in my pocket. They told me i need to buy a whole new phone that would cost a few hundred bucks! It is not even worth it, but i think its crap that they are making me get another phone, its like charging that much for a tiny little thing that should be less than 10 bucks to replace. All the faceplates i see don't have the little front plastic screen included, and it's getting very frustrating. If you have any idea on where to get a new faceplate with the outer plastic included, or how to fix this, please let me know!!!

- Monday, July 18, 2005 at 14:15:53 (EDT)
I paid a security deposit of $400 to Verizon in May 2004 and was promised that it would be automatically reviewed and returned to me in May 2005 as long as I maintained a clean payment record. Well, I paid my bill on time every month, so when May came and went and I didn't receive my deposit, I called to find out why. Turns out that Verizon can see the deposit paid on my account, but they cannot refund it without a receipt. Needless to say, a year later and after moving 2000 miles from Pennsylvania to Texas, I don't have the receipt. Furthermore, the store where I paid the deposit has since closed. To me, the fact that Verizon can SEE that I paid a deposit on their computer system, but will not refund it without me somehow proving it (even though they already know) is completely ridiculous. I have even asked them to simply credit my account for the $400 if they won't send me the actual money back, but they refuse to do that too. Maybe $400 isn't a big deal to them, but to me, it is. I only wish I didn't have a contract with them so I could take my business elsewhere. We have 7 lines in our family and there are a LOT of cell phone companies out there.

- Monday, July 18, 2005 at 14:07:11 (EDT)
Fired by Verizon Wirless Audrey Hardin for no reason... I was fired from Verizon Wireless in Tampa, Florida for no reason. I was a good employee and had worked there nearly 6 years. My new supervisor personally didn't like me and she claimed that I made supposed racial remarks to her. However, what those remarks were, etc. were never explained to me. Simply because there were no racial remarks made to her by me. I had worked hard and was dismissed unfairly and with no reason and so they made up a story. What can I do?

- Friday, July 15, 2005 at 16:11:42 (EDT)
Verizon is nothing but troubles, it's funny to see when you sign up as a new customer during the introductory period they kiss the ground you walk on so that you don't cancel but at soon as that is over you are stuck in a year contract living nightmare. Horrible representatives with the worse manners and attitude like they are doing me a favor. Nothing but calls after calls after call to complaint just to get idiots on the other side claiming to be technicians but in reallity there are nothing but a bunch of wanna be. I finally got to the end of my 1 year contract about 3 months ago and after I cancel they bomb me with offers, sad excuses and better service if I stay. I got revenge on their last call when I told them they were fired, the operator ask we what I mean and I told her that since I was paying for their service that makes me in a way their boss and I consider them my employees and because they fail to perform to my expectation they were fired, I told them once and for all to stop calling me and to kiss my ass and I wouldn't get their sorry crap service ever again even if they were the only communications service on this earth. Ever since that last call they never called again. Verizon, drop dead you bunch of scammers.

- Tuesday, July 12, 2005 at 17:47:31 (EDT)
Verizon Wireless Customer Service- It does not exist. These people are the worst pond scum available. After several complaints of my "new phones" and returns and copied phonebook fees to the other phone, all they could do is scream contract fee of $175. All I wanted was a reliable cell phone and service. I've been using the service for 4 years...give me a break. Finally the "customer service representative" gave me a proper plan and said there was "no contract" if I stayed on. Well, I took the hook because I figured if they did not need the contract, maybe they were going to do something right for a change. Nope, the Verizon Wireless Rep lied to me and signed me up for another two year contract and now I have the stinkin' verizon wireless fee, not to mention I can't get back my prepay. I know she said "no contract". What can you do.I immediately filed a complaint with the BBB and began searching for any legal action against verizon wireless. First they bill you; then they illegally put your name on a contract. If you ever think about going to or calling their support line, beware.....this is from a guy who would take a lie detector test against any service rep for verizon wireless anyday, take the stand and put the hand on the Bible. Go Cingular!

- Tuesday, July 12, 2005 at 06:37:53 (EDT)
I work for an outsourced company that handles verizon calls, I understand a lot of you people's frustrations. But we are all human and we make mistakes. At my job, our boss just got fired and we got a new boss. ( no surprise since the turn over here has to equal the number of immigrants entering the u.s. every year. ) Our new boss appears very friendly and lively to upper management ( what a kiss ass ) When she gets us alone in a meeting room she always cusses at us, and threatens to fire us. My best friend took the photos of him and his wife off his desk, because he is so scared he will lose his job and he doesn't want them to steal his photo frames. We are under a lot of pressure and I said I hope she stops cussing us out all the time and threatening to fire us she is making me a nervous wreck, and everybody else that works for her. She says she will have a box waiting on us after she sends us to HR. I was surprised she got put in that job. She has no experience in this department, and spends most of her day trying to find a way to fire an employee that's been with us 4 years who is out on medical leave because of an injury. We are all talking about leaving and finding another job at the same time, but until then we just smile and nod and bow and put up with management who doesn't have a damn clue about the job they are supposed to be doing or any experience in that field. As for the lady that got fired from Verizon, you can sue them. I read your post and that sounds very bad. If you didn't make racist remarks then you should definitely sue them. I've got a great attorney and sued several companies lately because I got tired of being run over, and I won 46,000.00. Maybe not a lot by some of you guys standards, but it sure helped me. I'm just waiting on them to fire me, and then I am going to go pay my attorney and file suit. Don't take this stuff laying down. There are laws that protect you, but they won't help unless you go to court and get a good attorney to represent you. You can talk to a lot of attorney's for free. If you want to get even with the boss that fired you, hire an attorney, and when you sue the company they will terminate her.

- Sunday, July 10, 2005 at 12:13:30 (EDT)
I have another funny story to share, I was a rep at Verizon, and a customer called in and said, "You are all a bunch of satanists and your website is red and orange just like the flames of hell" . Then he screamed loudly and hung up the phone. I laughed for days. I think he was expasperated a great deal. story # 3 We always always have trouble with the autobill pay, thousands of customers call in all the time to complain that their payment wasn't taken out and we charged them late fees, etc. This poor customer (this is so funny), he had paid his bills perfectly through autopay, and had a great track record with the company. The computer hiccuped and kicked out his autopay. He wasn't getting a paper bill, so he never knew it was not getting paid, and he didn't think to sign in every month and check that it was being paid. So we cut off his phone and hotlined it to financial services. Then the guy is the last one out of his office one night, it's snowing like crazy, the building auto locked the door behind him, and when he got to his car in the deserted parking lot he realized he had locked his keys in the car. No problem, he'll just use his cell phone to call for help. He trys to place a call but it keeps going to financial services, and they were closed. LOL. He had to walk 15 miles in several feet of snow, which turned to sleet to get into town and his feet were frostbitten! He called in to tell me about this and faxed me the bill for his frostbitten toes from the hospital expecting us to pay it. I posted it on the board in the break room and wrote "Check out what this idiot wants us to do" in big red letters with a red sharpee. We laughed about that for weeks.

- Sunday, July 10, 2005 at 11:54:39 (EDT)
I was a rep for verizon and wanted to share with you some stories that happened to me when i worked there: (1) A lady was supposed to be billed about $42.00 but somehow the computer accidentally took out $4200.00. She called in very angry, and I said I we would refund the money. I immediately put in a refund request and apologized for the inconvenience assuring her it would be taken care of. A week later I got a reply back from financial services which I escalated to treasury. "We are unable to refund her $ because she will owe it in the future." I was shocked, and scared, because it was my job to call back this customer and tell her this. I called her back, and said, "Mrs. smith, I apologize for the inconvenience but we will be unable to refund your $" She said, "Are you goddamn motherfuckers retarded? I'm bouncing checks every goddamn where and about to sue you, why the hell can't you refund my goddamn money?" She was angry as you can tell. I replied "The denial states that treasury is unable to refund your money because you will owe it in the future." She said, "You people are fucking insane, I want to speak to your goddamn supervisor" I said, "I will be more than happy to assist you by getting a supervisor for you, may I place you on a hold for a few minutes Mrs. Smith?" She let out a string of expletives that included a yes in there between the 10 & 12 letter words. I stood up in my cubicle and waved my arms for a supervisor. Finally one came and took the call, and told her the same thing I just told her.

- Sunday, July 10, 2005 at 11:44:57 (EDT)
I started my small office this february. saw the commercials for verison DSL business so cheap, on the ad. When I called for the tel. installations, they gave me the gig about having DSL as a package deal. It wasn't so cheap as in the ad. it was some 56 dollars ( after the discount for the package). Then the euipment arrived, I was surprised to larn that you pay for the equipment about 90 dollars, and install it on your own. So I tried, of course I had to call their support for help. It ran, but every few days, the light would be on constantly, and I would have no service, I would call their support, stay on the phone with their reps for at least half an hour, get it running. The next time I try to use it it would be down again. I was fed up. The final time, this idiot I got wasted my time, and could not figure out why it was not running. Called to cancel, they now put me on hold for at least 45 min. When I got their agent, she tells me that they will try to fix the problem if I dont cancel now and give 2 months trial period. If the problem persists, I can then call to cancel. Someone will contact me in 15 min. Days went by and no one called. I called again, was put on hold the min. you choose the cancel option would have to wait forever, until I would have to hang up as I had an office to attend to and could not afford anymore time.few weeks later, a month before the trial ended, and asked to terminate the service once I got a human on the line. It was again the same agent Mrs Joans who was repeating the same offer I said no way, I wasted too much time over this Now that I got a human I'm cancelling. So I was billed an early termination fee of 100 dollars, and I can not return the 90 dollar equipment that I had to buy from them. And boy the run around I had to dispute the charge "Our computer automatically posts the charge, and I'm sorry there is nothing we can do about it", so said Mrs BRown. I was told that I was credited some 90 dollars for the month before ( not true, and she was talking about the "trial" period, when the service was still not working). I argued "Don't you see my customer support calls? the no service complaints?! no one was interested in that. They refused to remove the charge. Where did I sign for that? Everything was sold by the phone sales pitch, which never mentioned that.. The DSL is linked to my business tel. line bill which had to be verison, so I am cornered. So they have the capacity to claim anything, not give any service and if you don't like it will pay for it..or do you want your business phone disconnected? I warn you, do not use DSL. If You want to take a chance, remember, it is linked to the telephone bill, you can not remove or dispute or do anything to their sneaky fraudulent charges, you accept their horrible service ( most of the time - no service)or you will pay even more for stopping it. If there is a way I can terminate my office line just so that I would not have verison anything in my office I would.. My Cell is sprint so far so good ( 3 years now), I heard they may be bought by verison.. if that is the case I would definitely get rid of it.. Mona S. Ismail New York verison victim A new verison victim

- Friday, July 08, 2005 at 02:39:30 (EDT)
My 3 month old flip phone broke on right hinge next to light, defective equipment as descibed by previous comment. I went to the Manassas Va VRZ and was told I would have to pay $50 replacement fee. I disagreed . He show me the paperwork that excluded abuse,neglect, wear and tare. No free replacement. I did not drop or break the phone this is manufacture defect. I left the store and while outside realized that I was just going to have to pay the $50, but before I did that I was going to show them what abuse and neglect was. 20 Dumbell in hand I smashed the phone (not the battery)into about 40 pieces I returned to counter and said I wanted to get a replacement and pay the $50. The "C" behind the counter laughed and said sorry we cannot replace it now. Now I realize I should not have smashed up the phone, but the point was if they wouldnt replace a defective phone because of abuse or neglect, why not abuse the phone first. Talked to young child Brian looked like he was about 15 the Store Manager,coward. Hope I can not help you at some point in the future. I went to the store purchased neon yellow poster board and black marker "VERIZON IS EVIL" I stood in front of the store for about 2 minutes before they told me to leave or they would call the Police. I went to the adjoining property which is also my bank. Holding my sign for all to see on 234 in Manasass thousands of cars going by. I was only going to stay for about an hour. After about 30 minutes the Police arrived. Short conversation with the officers, I decided I was not leaving. After 7 hours and hundreds of thumbs up I went home and called the customer service, very nice guy named Ray out of the Carolina's told him everything including the dumbell. He said he would contact the store the next day and have them give me a new phone, no charge. Didn't happen. The little pussy Brian felt threatened. We have been customers of Verizon Wireless since it began and we will be until 2007. After that no more. I would hope that in the future Verizon will instruct the employees to take care of the customer, not give away the but do the right thing.

- Thursday, July 07, 2005 at 19:55:01 (EDT)
Try ordering service over the phone - what fine print is there. I obtained my service over the phone and never saw a contract. When I started my service, I checked on the internet to see what they signed me up for and amazingly, a lot of little expensive items were added. I immediately corrected it, but sales people do just that - they sell you things then add on hoping no one catches on. I have never attached my physical signature to any piece of paper so how am I bound by things that were never explained to me and never given to me in writing? Very few technicalities are explained over the phone. I was told about the time frame to change my mind and early termination fees and that is about it. So according to contract law, that is what I am bound by. If you are trying to fight a phone company make rhem prove you signed a contract. I acknowledged the early termination fees, sothat is what I am bound by, not all that other crap they try to tell you that you signed up for. I DIDN'T SIGN ANYTHING - DON'T TELL ME THAT I DID.

- Thursday, July 07, 2005 at 12:43:00 (EDT)
Honestly how can someone get a cell phone and say truthfully that they didnt sign a contract, should i read the fine print? and i dont know anything about a plan for my minutes. Come on now - thats pure ignorance.

- Wednesday, July 06, 2005 at 16:31:22 (EDT)
I was fired in tampa, florida by verizon wireless by a lie. I was told I supposedly said racial remarks to my supervisor. However, I never made any such remarks. what can I do? Audrey Hardin, tampa, floria hillsborough ave call center

- Tuesday, July 05, 2005 at 18:48:18 (EDT)
Fired by Verizon Wirless Audrey Hardin for no reason... I was fired from Verizon Wireless in Tampa, Florida for no reason. I was a good employee and had worked there nearly 4 years. My new supervisor personally didn't like me and she claimed that I made supposed racial remarks to her. However, what those remarks were, etc. were never explained to me. Simply because there were no racial remarks made to her by me. I had worked hard and was dismissed unfairly and with no reason and so they made up a story. What can I do?

- Tuesday, July 05, 2005 at 18:45:53 (EDT)
I have been a Verizon customer for 5 yrs. The our plan however was under my husbands name even though one of the phones showed my name. I recently found out our company has an employee discount. I needed the discount due to my husband being laid-off. I called big V and asked how can I get the discount. They said fill out the form for changing the plan into your name and the form for the discount. I went to the store, picked up the form and asked the representative "will this cost me anything extra, is anything going to change". He smiled and said "No". I filled out the forms, took them to another location, gave them to the representative, asked again "will this cost me anything extra, is anything going to change" and again the rep smiled and said "No". I then call the 800 number and spoke to 2 other reps asking if anything was going to change and they both assured me nothing was going to change. To my surprise they closed our account and opened a new one. So now I was a new customer with my first bill being $325. Remember, nothing was going to change. My bill has always been $185. And I'm not getting the employee discount. I might see that in 2 months since they have a backlog of entering people. So what they did was charge me prorated fee and a month in advance fee. Me, the customer that has been with them for 5 yrs!! They created a whole new account even though the paperwork I filled out only had a place for my name, S/S number and D/L number. Where was the section that you fill out for credit on a new account. Now what do I pay, the extra amount on my bill or my utility bills. I can't cancel the account. It will cost me over $600 dollars since we have 3 phones and they also changed the length of the contract to 2 years on all the phones. OK VERIZON…CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!!! YOU STINK!!!

- Tuesday, July 05, 2005 at 16:50:12 (EDT)
Wow, I would like to take all these angry customers and make them my customers. I'd be rich. I read a lot of what everyone said, and it's both right and wrong. Verizon outsources the majority of their call centers to company's that specialize in this type of work. AFNI, a company that specializes in call centers across the united states, takes a good bit of Verizon business. At Afni we see incredible turnover rates, but Verizon sees the same thing. I think everyone does in the southeast. But there are no unions and protections for workers in this area. The turnover creates a constant need to train new people. Beleive me, I have taught some of those training classes, and you are getting people from every walk of life. We train them for a few weeks and put them on the phone. There is no way they can be prepared for every little situation. ( Actually I think we could but nobody cares what I have to say ) Verizon loves us, but our quality is around 85% That makes me seriously wonder what quality verizon is expecting. Why 99.9% isn't good enough... If people were satisfied with 99.9% then there would be 2 plane crashes a day at O'hare international, and the u.s. postal service would lose about 16,000 peices of mail per hour. That's why we strive for 100% quality always. OK, so we meet 85% that is our goal as an outsourced center, but verizon is thrilled about that which says a great deal about service and what they expect as well I suppose. I try to convince them to use quality methods that are standard for corporations, but that's like trying to squeeze coal into a diamond. Their idea of quality is that it represents how "good" something is, not what it should mean. Quality equals conformance to requirements. I work hard for the company, but it is so large, that the individual has lost significance, that is whether you work for them, or use their service, or both. I can see lots of ways to improve the company and save tons of money. But every time I make something good and wonderful my managers just steal it and send it in like they did it. Also we don't get credit or recognition, so why labor in vain, when I can just do an average job and get by?

- Monday, June 27, 2005 at 19:02:58 (EDT)
Verizon is a gret company to have a cell provider and first of all responding to the firdt message verizon does not have any call centers in india or jamica verizon only operates in the usa soyou should really get your story straight before you begin to talk shit also verizon only makes you pay 50.00 to get the phone replaced if there is water or physical damage if there is not they will give u a new phone for free so if you werent so careless you wouldnt have to pay the 50.00 and bitch also verizon doesnt add minutes to your bill if you didnt use the phone so god damn much you wouldnt have such a high bill so a word to the wise think before u speak and also watch what logo you put on this website cause stealing comp logos will cause big fines thank u all have a great day.

- Sunday, June 26, 2005 at 18:22:35 (EDT)
Verizon just screwed us bigtime three times! After years of bad service from Sprint we finally switched over to "can you hear me now!" Verizon. Two broken phones and 50 days later we're scratching our heads and talking to people in GOD-DAM-INDIA or JAMAICA about our phones being broken - but of course they aren't broken they tell us. ] Best of all! I bought my phones from Verizon and these people from other countries are telling us to drive 2 hours away to bring the phones in for service! They literally refuse to allow us to UPS the phones in for service. Screw this company and the horse they rode in on.

- Saturday, June 25, 2005 at 05:30:17 (EDT)
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