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Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one! I currently have no phone service due to the fact verizon won't let my phone line go so I can activate through another! I signed up for DSL through Verizon never got the correct equipment to set up. I've attempted without getting anywhere to cancel the DSL (which I don't have)but I'm still being charged! I did manage to sign up with another provider for about a week and then without notice I was disconnected, the other company apologized stating Verizon stated it was an active DSL line and could not be used for telephone service! I have an online business that is going in the toilet because there is just so much you can accomplish at the public library, with time restictions and being unable to download items needed for my business. I really only want them to let go of my telephone line since I have no type of service anyway, but no matter how many times I've attempted to tell them this they just don't get it, and I receive another ticket number, and have to start over! I'm really worried that I'm going to lose all that I've accomplished with my business. Can I sue this company for lack of resolving this ongoing issue

- Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 12:39:16 (EST)
Okay, Im ready through these storys and some of you just seem to be goofballs. I use to work with "GoodBuys" as one of the 007s and now I work for V DSL Support so Ive kinda been around the block now. Do you understand how many nights I sit on the phone talking to indviduals who cant find their internet explorer on their comp, or cant simply repeat what I just sounded out, V as in victor "was that c as in cictor?"(ur the fun ones). 9 times out of 10 I get the CX either on or to the manufacturer because of something with the NIC. Advice... When some one sells u something like owww.... a contract , get the SERVICE ORDER # that way they either A. Have ur order, or B. Have to make ur order cause they cant slide out like a limp $#%$@#$%... lol More Advice.... When a SRD is pushed back theirs a reason, A. the line is not provision entirely B. Your outside maxium loop length of 18000 ft C. They could be overloaded in ur area at the CO Give them time, keep checking in, understand that the person who ur calling has NEVER had a physical connection to your line , and can only tell you what they have their infront of them on the computer. Couple other things... -14ft is the maxium length of phone line going from DSL modem to jack before signal will start to mess up... -If you call in with bad attitude and U put ur filters on ur DSL line , I just wanna laugh at u... -If you BUY another DSL account (line,modem,number) because u cant use a router correctly I wanna kick u in the ass (August 2005 date of story, I found this site and this was 4th story I rd) -DO NOT CALL US ABOUT ANY THING ELSE BUT UR DSL OR UR EMAIL(SEND/RECV) -WE ARE NOT MIRACLE WORKERS, if your NIC wont pull a 192.168 address from the simple DSL modem , then u need to contact manufacture , we are responsible for DSL , not correcting faulty equipment in ur comp, that is not to say that we wont try , its to say that the only possible TrblShting we can do will lead proably to nothing and STILL having to RTV of the NIC -When ur connection seems slow, call in , the tech will run a line test, if ur running provision speed on their , and ur connection is still slow, STOP DOWNLOADING PORN , ur sys proably has spyware/malware in the background. -If ur comp is running slow, and u say ur using Win95, u have answered ur own question.... Questions? Wanna Complain? Wanna just bitch about ur DSL?

- Tuesday, January 03, 2006 at 09:41:26 (EST)
OK, this one should be a good way to start off the new year. On December 21st I contacted Verizon DSL support in an attempt to upgrade my current DSL service from 768/128 to the now hotly advertised 3mbps/768kbps. They informed me that my current line (which I've had since 1996) was "grandfathered" and they were surprised to hear from a customer that has been with their DSL so long. Wow! I actually though we were getting somewhere. The girl I talked with (Jennifer, as if that matters) told me that my current line was a "frame" circuit and was maxed out at 768/128. They would have to move me to an "ATM" circuit to get the new faster speeds. Great, no problem - sign me up! She then went on to explain that they would downgrade me to a dial-up account so I wouldn't lose my tenure and account status as a 10 year customer, then when the new DSL line was provisioned and the new install kit was put in, they'd move me over and I'd be online with the same email, and account history. Furthermore, she said this should take 5 to 7 working days and they weren't currently experiencing any delays for changes and new orders. Sounds great, right? Here's where the descent into hell starts. I didn't hear anything from them or see any changes until December 29th when my DSL circuit went offline. Ok, I thought - now I have dialup and hopefully I'll have a modem install kit on the front porch in a few days. On Friday the 30th I checked their website for the status of my ticket. It showed that I had requested my DSL account to be cancelled and THEY CLOSED THE TICKET - PER MY REQUEST!!! I called in and explained my situation and they said no upgraded service had been ordered, and I didn't even have dial-up - they just showed that my DSL was disconnected at MY REQUEST! So after politely (and that wasn't easy) explaining things AGAIN I was told that they couldn't (didn't want to) help me and I'd have to place an order for new service through the sales department - and got transferred. After sitting on hold for 45 minutes I was told by "Renee" that I qualified for 768/128 on my line. I exploded and said "you've got to be freakin' kidding me!" That's what I ALREADY HAD! - and to make it better, that service required me to sign a CONTRACT. I had no status, no 10 years DSL history, no past account information. I WAS NOBODY. She just said, oh I'm sorry, sometimes the other people here don't know what's available in your area and they promise things we can't deliver. I questnioned her sternly and said, So basically you all lied to me? She apologized again with "I'm just in sales, they hand off people like you with problems all the time". I thanked her for her time and hung up before uncontrolled profanity started flowing. At this point I was ready to have a stroke or aneurism. I notified my wife by phone and upon arriving home found her on the phone with the Verizon retention group trying to explain again what I'd already been through 10 times. They said "sorry, it's just not available in your area - even if the website qualified you and even if the other sales people said it was available - because that ATM circuit type is near capacity in your neighborhood, so we just can't add new customers". She demanded to speak with a manager and was put on hold. After 15 minutes the line went dead. She called back in and was told "sorry, it's past 5pm and all technicians are out of the office until Tuesday January 3rd - there's nothing and nobody that can assist you until then". So now it was my wife's turn for the aneurism and stroke. I've been sleeping on the sofa and relations with her are somewhat frigid after fouling up her 10 year DSL service. To Verizon's credit, the technology has been nearly flawless. In 10 years I've only had 4 outages and 1 was a modem failure due to lightning. So, at this point their apathetic customer service, lack of internal communication and clear propensity to intentionally LIE has led me to cancel my service (when they open on Tuesday - ha!) and switch to Comcast for cable modem service. Some would say I'm stepping out of the frying pan and into the fire, but I'll be damned if I'm going to continue giving my hard earned money to a corporate entity that handles me with such apathy, disdain and lack of respect. Damn them and the others in corporate America who treat paying customers like some mindless flock of sheep just waiting to be shorn. My next steps are to contact the Texas Attorney General's office (and they DO get results), the FTC, and the FCC - along with the local Better Business Bureau for Dallas. Probably a lame attempt at acquiring justice from a lowly customer, but I won't go down without making myself heard - even if it takes a letter writing campaign to Ivan Seidenberg and Paul Lacouture. This type of deceit must stop. For anyone thinking of Verizon DSL, walk away and save yourself the grief!

- Monday, January 02, 2006 at 01:14:01 (EST)
Ordered on Nov 21 2005 dsl and phone line. Fine call in set up and everything got my number and place dsl order. told me my ready date is set for dec 15th 2005. pretty long but fine ok. dec 15 it is. 11/29 modem came. On paper it says ready date dec 20th. call in. the guy had no clue what he was doing. Hung up call again. Ammm we are testing your line right now and it's still in the process of testing. WTF i had dsl a few month ago with aol and verizon modem. Fine 12/20 it is. 12/20 came still no service. Call in operator tells me I have no clue what they are doing right now. transfer me to billing. Hi how can I help you? Oh your checking up on your dsl transfer me back. Talk to the operator 12/22. Getting pretty piss off now. 12/22 came still nothing. Call in and another clueless operator answers. They have to set up something manually at the location. Move my date once again to 12/24 (What the hell are you talking about)getting really tick off. 12/26 still nothing. call in. clueless as always tells me that I will get a some kind of special emergency tech to call you within 24 hr. Just alot of BS. Waited for 2 days. NOTHING call in " we do have any record of such things" wtf moved my date to 1/3/06 and says that we are in the final processing stage. You should recieve service on Jan 3 or sooner. DAMN im so pissed off. I got my phone line just so I can go online but greedy stubborn Verizon is only itself. Such bad customer service. SOMEBODY PLEASE start a DSL service provider. BTW can I do anything if they keep pushing my dates. my email is

- Sunday, January 01, 2006 at 23:33:51 (EST)
I called Verizion on 12-02-05 . I informed the billing operator that my phone service was to be canceled on 12-06-05. Today I received a bill for apx $150.00. Verizion had charged me for a months worth of DSL service that I never had and they added an "early termination free " of apx $79.00 . Verizion is claiming this slanderous and fraudulent charge will be added to my credit report. Today I called the billing dept again at 2:50 pm explained everything to operator ID # V564499 she laughed and hung on me after I was on hold for 30 min just to talk to somebody! I have filed a report with the states attorney generals office for Oregon. I will fill a lawsuit if these fraudulent charges are not removed with in 30 days . P.S F*ck verizon!!

- Saturday, December 31, 2005 at 09:21:12 (EST)
Well, I am a Verizon employee. Hopefully not one of all the nasty names some have been referred to. I have their wireless, home, and DSL services and really have no major complaints. Understand that sometimes when you call an office you do not get a Verizon employee, but a contractor for Verizon. (and no contractors do not get 50% less pay than employees, Verizon pays the contractor the contractor pays the employee, after their cut)You can always ask if the person is an employee or a contractor, and either way if you are not satisfied hang up and get someone else. Not an excuse but there is extreme pressure from management at all jobs here and this may result in employee frustartion to the point of errors being made or , (oops) disconnecting. I do not condone any such behavior. FYI I have been here for 34 years, as both a union employee and a manager. Currently union, and very happy with my job, maybe not always on the service! I find it impossible to belive that an employee (maybe a contractor on commission) would deliberatly sell a high price service to an elderly person.Keep talking to whoever you need to to get what is yours. Sorry to all those who are and have not been satisfied with service

- Friday, December 30, 2005 at 00:42:00 (EST)
My daughter had our Verizon cell phone while in the hospital under medications to control pain. For years, our cell phone bill averaged $100. per month. While in the hospital, our daughter rang up a $2,000 cell phone bill. Any attempt to negotiate with Verizon was senseless and when no where. We could not even talk to a human. Then they turned over the bill to a credit agency and impacted out credit score. And when we tried to pay the bill, it had to be done in a specific way. Needless to say, we terminated Verizon after over 5 years with the company. Never again and I tell everyone about their poor service. The FCC and Congress should investigate Verizon. I am also strongly recommending our municipalty switch carriers - and they will - just learned.

- Wednesday, December 28, 2005 at 17:01:07 (EST)
Typing this while on hold with Verizon now. Two years ago I tried to get an 800 number attached to my business line. Called, talked, ordered, great. easy. then nothing. Called back, oh sorry Verizon doesn't know anything about my order. Seems to have dissapeared. Called back, Oh sorry about that VErizon says. Its fixed now. Get the bill, they put the 800 onto my fax line instead of the regular line I told them to put it on. Called back. Verizon Reps claim its fixed.etc called at least 4 times to hear it was fixed. I gave up after 5 months. Now im moving, last week I called and got new DSL. Got to choose a nice number. Oops that number changed I find out later. so I call back to find out what happened. Oh sorry sir, even though we gave you the number, until it is activated, we can guarentee the number. Why the **** do they give out a number they cant guarantee??? So I ask them to change the DSL to another number, one I wanted to pick (Big Mistake I know), the rep claims it is all fixed. Days go by, nothing. I call back today and find just like I have found before with Verizon, they have no record of me ever calling before to change the number. I am on hold now with my second attempt to get the number changed.

- Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 14:37:29 (EST)
It statred fine. We were happy with our phones. But when my husband jumped into a lake with his phone and needed a new one it all started to go bad. We had to go through the insurance company which is fine. Then we had to pay a $50 deductable to get a refurbished phone. Whatever he did a stupid thing we'll pay for it. Well when the phone came in it didn't work right and mine had been acting up for a while so we brought them in to the store. They said that they were both water damaged and that we had to go through the insurance company. Now my husbands phone was just sent to him about a month or so earlier and I know mine had never been in water. When we told them about my husbands phone they said that they dont send out used phones!!!!! LIE LIE LIE. So as a result we decided to cancel our plan and go somewhere else. But before doing so I called their headquarters twice and even asked their store rep about my contract end date. I was told all three times that my contract had ended two months earlier and I was free of them at last. So my husband and I went over to Sprint and signed a one year contract with them. Sure enough three days later I get a bill in from Verizon with two early termination fees on it. So I called them up and they said that the first person I had asked about the contracts didn't actually work for them and that she had been mistaking. WHAT!!!!! When I asked about the other two people they only said that only one person had noted that they had spoken to me ( which just happened to not work there) Must have been the cleaning lady or maybe the night watchmen. Anyway they said that my contract didn't end for another year and that I would have to pay for the termination fees unless I wanted to return back to them. I am so fed up with their lies and their sugar coating everything. The only contract I have at home was signed back on 10/21/03. That should make it on 10/21/05 that it was up. But according to them we extended it and when I asked them to please send me a copy of my new signed contract we somehow became disconected. So I called back and their computers were down. Hmmmmmm......convientant don't you think???? We need to get a lawsuit against these guys or at the very least get a news program to do a story about their cheating the public. They are stealing from everyone that uses them. And if you are thinking about signing anything from them dont.

- Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 12:49:52 (EST)
All I can say is that our years of Verizon Wireless will soon be over. I consider them guilty of fraud, theft and stupidity. Who would like to file a class action suit on our behalf? I figure they've stolen $3,000 from us over the last 5 years. I am so tired of calling every month to correct their errors and spending hours trying to fix the errors in our "plan", like their having charged us for ALL calls, weekends, nights, in-calling. There is no one in charge, no one who really knows anything. Several employees have actually told me not to believe anything you're told in a Verizon store. It's all lies intended to get a contract extention at any cost. 11 more months. Who has a carrier that is trouble free?

- Tuesday, December 27, 2005 at 02:05:34 (EST)
Verizon has got to be the new King of BS, suck communications companies. I work for Network / fGTE in PA. Downhill bigtime since the merger / Bell buyout. Those poor saps have forced all of fGTE properties in PA. to adopt their antiquated 40 year old BS systems, that don't work for shit. As an employee, I am completely embarassed to be even remotely associated with this wretched BS company. I work along side people who I am sure are just hoping like hell that they can still retire. As for me, I've had enough.....enough greedy BS internal drivers that only serve to compliment Manager's bonuses, who believe me, don't deserve a cent. In the entire scenario, the customer is last and forgotten. We've tried to get people to listen, there are people who could help. But, they're all wrapped up preparing their leap to the sea, away from the sinking ship we know as Verizon. And what a lousy name BTW. Oh, and he wireless sucks too. Switched to Cingular just to get away from their lying deceptive practices. No, no comm. company is perfect, but these jokers suck ass. Soon after the new year, I will start my venture away from this BS company after only 8 yrs of service. Saying goodbye to a broken down dinosaur of technology, a mold ridden, asbestos filled building, with toilets that they refuse to fix because " there aren't enough people to need them all." Really, folks. The forefront of technology,....hardly. Can't even flush the crap ...... and believe me, they've got plenty. Oh, and merry xmas to you, Mr. Seidenberg. The GodFather of greed. Verizon Sucks Ass in PA.

- Thursday, December 22, 2005 at 22:01:25 (EST)
I was going through some of these sites to see how many angry people there are out there. I had the misfortune of working at a place called "Coleman & Associates" which is located in Norfolk, Va. This is a contractor for Verizon DSL. Luckily for me, this was merely an interim position for me to work while interviewing elsewhere. I can tell you right now, if all centers are operated anything like this one, it's no wonder there are so many disgruntled customers (as well as employees) out there. First of all, I have never in my life seen such ignorant, ghetto, uneducated people all rounded up into one heard and referred to as a 'team'. Now are there some good hard working people there, sure, of course; there's usually those few good souls trapped amoungst the rest of the misfits. These people aren't qualified to be working at walmart let alone trying to solve complex issues concerning an internet service. First of all it is because the majority of the people that work there look more like people that you would see on an episode of "america's most wanted". It is not a professional environment at all. The building is filthy and smells. The company actually went several months with NO cleaning contract. The way the building looked (and smelled unfortunately) was a direct reflection of the type of people that work there. I feel sorry for those of you that depended on this dsl service for work or school. I certainly wouldn't want to depend on these people for anything. And no, nobody does care. And that's not completely their fault. This center should be ashamed of itself. They also pulled this little scam what I call which involved telling everyone that they would close the center. They got all the people who had been there awhile and had benefits to leave only to say "sike, we aren't really closing" and that is so that they could hire more employees from temp agencies with the IQ of a monkey so that not only can they pay them even less (contractors only make about 50% of real verizon employees as it is) BUT then they also aren't eligible for benefits. (no time off, health benefits, etc) So you have a bunch of people not really knowing what they are doing, getting paid peanuts just basically 'chilling' until they either leave or get fired. They also instill fear into people, there is no professionalism at this place whatsoever. The so called 'management' are terrible judges of characters and make sure their homies get promoted so that they can all just sit there and do nothing. This just paints the environment for you. Imagine these are the people that YOU are calling when you need help. You'd need a miracle to get any help from this place. Shame on Verizon for operating like this....they'd rather hire the people that will work for less because they are uneducated and can't get anything better rather than to choose the higher road, having a real contact center where the people actually have to be qualified to do the job. Just don't use Verizon, you'll be better off!

- Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 16:39:33 (EST)
I have received the worst customer service from Verizon than from any other company in recent memory. My cell phone went dead after only 6 months - not the battery, the phone. The Verizon representative told me it was "toast" and they needed to order another phone for me. After checking, they determined it would take a minimum of 3 days for my phone to arrive (this is after my phone had been dead for 2 days while I tried everything I could think of to make it work). When I asked if they could give me a loaner phone to use in the interim, I was told "no," it is not Verizon's policy to give out loaner phones. Since I have no land line and live alone, this poses a problem for me. I still have not received a replacement phone from Verizon - 5 days and counting.... Verizon has permanently lost me as a customer. This is the worst customer service imaginable, not to mention dangerous. I suspect that the company does not care about this problem, although I will complain. I could NEVER recommend this company to anyone, ever. In my opinion they are unethical and unconscionable.

- Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 13:40:47 (EST)

- Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 04:26:28 (EST)
I too had problems with Verizon here in SNohomish washington. I went to Voice over IP with vonage. Now I have high speed with comcast for the phone. I pay 50 dollars a month to comcast instead of verizon and 25 dollars a month to vonage. Vonage has free long distance to the us and Canada plus the service works better. So good bye Verizon Steve Burling Snohomish washington

- Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at 21:19:47 (EST)
If Verizon didn't hire their personnel at Verizon Wireless financial services phone # (1-800-999-3955) as IDIOTS and A**HOLES, they missed a chance to get some of the best of both catagories

- Tuesday, December 20, 2005 at 20:41:08 (EST)
here's a good one. I got the new fiber optic service, FIOS, for Internet and moved my multiple home phone on to it, too. Crystal clear (that's good). One day, however, during a Red Sox-Yankee game, the phone line went dead. I called them on my cell (it's not easy to call 555.1611 from a cell phone - make a note) and they said that they see the problem and it should be back up in 30 minutes. Not such a big deal - but the phones ended up staying DOWN FOR 18 HOURS! (that's bad). It turns out that the density of the lines is such that Verizon will only swap out a board that affects only a few people (there were 6 houses out) between 11pm and 5am. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT ALL ABOUT? Who was the idiot who designed that one? So much for hot swapping, redundancy, and all that stuff invented by the phone company... Needless to say, I made them come back out and switch me back to copper..There's no way that I will ever subject myself to that lousy level of service, no matter how good the technology.///

- Monday, December 19, 2005 at 18:21:42 (EST)
I just want out - I no longer wish to fight with Verizon any longer E-mail or otherwise

- Friday, December 16, 2005 at 15:12:00 (EST)
Verizion Landline is Union and Verizion Wireless is not- some of us as employees don't understand if we are one company or not at times. We're flying blind it seems.

- Monday, December 12, 2005 at 19:25:55 (EST)
P.S. Start complaining to the FCC if need be. Make your voices heard. If your contract is changed and it's not in writing you may be able to dispute this and win without any additional fees billed to you. Please, refer to your contract and know your rights.. There are ways to cancel your service without penalty. Verizion may have to let you out of your contract. In some cases it may be worth paying the early termination fee in order to have peace of mind. It's your call and your money . There are companies who will be happy to accept your business and treat you with the respect you deserve!!

- Monday, December 12, 2005 at 19:21:53 (EST)
I have been in an on going battle as an employee of this company for years. I feel that I have been treated unfairly due to several life long disabilities that I have. I have written to the ceo and president for Verizon Wireless for help only to get a response from the management team, indicating that I am the blame. I have recently sent a filing complaint against this company to a government agency. I must tell you I feel your pain. You would be surprised as to what some of us employees go through. I have a strong belief in fairness and justice. The only opinion I can offer is if you feel you should take your business elsewhere, go with your instinct. If you have experienced billing errors, disrespectful behavior, and negelect ,this should be a clear sign that it's time to try another service in any business relationship. I feel that you are not valued. Your are a number -that's it. You are Revenue not a person, not a family, just a number in my opinion. In with any business the only way to earn your respect back is not to purchase the product. There is much I could say that would bring you to tears on my past struggle to keep myself healthy and balancing feeding my family while working under this company but, I will let the legal system deal with this sleeping giant I call Verizion. I feel they have forgotten what has brought them success, us the customers and the employees. I feel we are treated worse than the customers at times. Please, share your truthful and sadden stories- so that the world may know of the different faces this company has. I feel that this company does just enough for the public eye to gain some trust but, there is a flip side that no one knows of. As with any business if you feel there is something wrong don't use their services. This should send a wake up call to any business, that may feel they are untouchable. One voice can turn into millions. Don't use anyone's service if you feel you are being treated unfrairly.

- Monday, December 12, 2005 at 19:05:55 (EST)
I'm FU*KING PISSED OFF. I wanted to put a bullet through the manager's head while I was on the phone with him. The entire time he was on the phone with me, the mutherfu*ker was talking Verizon Phone Tech jargon....and calling me MAM. Who the hell doe he think he is to call me MAM? Basically, Verizon Wireless is charging me $175 early withdrawl penalty fee. Absolute BS! I went into their storefront to talk to one of their many intelligent store reps. These Verizon educated folks told me that my monthly membership would be over end of the month.....SO EMANCIPATION! I can finally divorce myself from this awful's as if I was in JAIl ALL THESE YEARS. So the beginning of next month, I hopped on over to T-Mobile with much delight they were super accomodating and I didn't even have to waste my time going back into another Verizon Store. They have screwed me over many times...and with much patience, I didn't let it get to me too much. BUT THIS TIME, I'm pissed. But the sad thing is they still took $232 from me! How do I get back at them? It's BS. I'm so angry I can't even write. Does anybody have any insight besides blowing their headquarters?

- Saturday, December 10, 2005 at 22:46:58 (EST)
Verizon Wireless Does Not Lie, Cheat, Steal, or victimize in any way? <-----BULL SHIT-------<< I started out by getting a family share plan with two phones. After deciding upon the contract and purchasing the phones I am informed that they will not be able to get me my phones until the next day. A slight problem but I am not totally pissed of yet -until i get home and realize the salesman never gave me back my credit card! After calling him up and telling him i would be right over he says "I let for football practice and will not be back tomorrow and your card is in a SAFE place". Next Day I get a phone call from the police- Go figure they had a robbery that night and my card was stolen!GREAT! As if that was not enough the phones i purchased were sold out but they would be sure to get me better replacments. Finally three days after purchasing my plan I have phones to use. Things seem to be going fine untill I get a phone call from Verizons Billing Department <--Apparently I had not be paying my bill? The first thing i did after getting my plan was to put it on auto bill pay!!!! After looking into this problem for me they discovered that indeed i had been paying, but i was paying into a "nonactive account" but they would have to charge me a $15.00 late fee anyway. WHAT THE HELL! WHY DO I CARE? I'M NOT IN CHARGE OF THER f****** ACCOUNTING SYSTEM??? I immidiatly stopped my auto bill payments untill they fixed it and continued to get a totall of $75.00 in late fees before they decided to fix it. After throwing a fit they "fairly" deciding to give me back my original $15 late fee. they fixed my account and said they next time i am having trouble with my bill i needed to contact someone immidiattly! Ok 1 problem fixed. Now comes another problem. The family member on my contract moved to texas and i'm stuck with a nice bill for 1 person. I call them up and tell them to cancel one of the phones. The other person paid the termination fee so i did not press the matter much. Another problem the was slow and aganizing to take care of. Next Problem! My sister spilled soda on my phone. which is actually the second phone I had by now. The first one did not work in wyoming even though it was part of my calling area and CLEARLY posted on the coverage map. the second one was there cheap $50 nokia because i did not want to spend more money and a great phone. This second phone had a problem with the speaker so i replaced it using the $50 towards credit for a the kyocera kx2<--which was not exactly cheap. I was told that even though i already had a contract I could get a phone for the same price as a new contract if i bought it online. after giving the salesperson my card information and such I recieved my phone shortly after and was enjoying it untill i recieved my credit card billing statement the showed me being billed by verizonwireless for $300 The full price of the phone. After bitching yet again I was told there was not such promotion and I would have to pay the full price, but again they gracely decided to give me a $50 mail in rebate that I have yet to recived months later!! THOSE BATERDS!!! I bitched more and chewed them out for charching me late fees because my money had been going to a "NONACTIVE ACCOUNT" and i had not been properly credited in the paster. The great customer service told me that I had missunderstood whoever told me that and there is no such thing as a "NONACTIVE ACCOUNT" and I must have also misunderstood about getting a phone the the same price as a new contract. MISUNDERSTOOD being the key word and having nothing to do with the fact that I WAS IN FACT BEING LIED TO REPEATEDLY!!!!!!!! At the same time as buying a new phone I realize that My contract has amazingly renewed itself for another two years I repeat "THOSE BASTARDS" I soon therafter and not when this was taking place that if you cancel one of your family share phones you have to extend your contract another two years. |ok lets pause here| Verizon wireless is famous for being able to change your calling plan anytime-minutes, long distance, location, anyting without having to extend your contract! and they Spell that Part out extremely clear. What they do not Spell out for you is the fact that if you get the family share plan this apprently does not apply to you. The family share plan Is the entire reason why i had chosen verizon in the first place. the salesman assured me that i would be able to change my plan as much as i wanted to without be charged anything extra. He is telling me this while at the same finalizing my contract for the family share plan. Aparently I am not very bright because I thought he meant all the calling plans including the family plan! Now I am several months into my contract with more money than i care to think about flushed down the toilet and a renewed 2year contract to wait you. I have been lied to at leat 3x right to my face and several other times inderectly. I have been cheated by verizon, I have had money practicily stolen by Verizon(being charged a late fee because my money was in a "NONACTIVE ACCOUNT", under their possesion and not being properly credited towards my accout) _______ To make things worse Verizon Wireless showes their true Face when you take a look at their Get it Now serive. As if they dont take enough money from you by cheating you out of it. They now have to penny you to death if you want a ringtone game or anyting. Not that i'm into donwloading a bunch of crap onto my phone, but one game would be nice. And I would not like to pay that much for something that should be freeware. At least other services include a few games on there phones and do not completely strip their phones of anyting that they can make money on. I was shocked to see that they do not even carry any data cables so you can download things to you phone without having to spend an arm and a leg to serch for it over the get it now on your phone. I mean **** They wont even let you transmitt something from the get it now website to your phone- You actually HAVE to use airtime to even find a game. I repeat yet again "YOU BASTARDS" There is a lot I do not recall right now about the easy time I have had with verizon wirless and even more I chose not to include just to chunk this story down a bit. ________ By the way has anyone else ever heard about "NONACTIVE ACCOUNTS"? I would really like to set up one of these "NONACTIVE ACCOUNTS" for my own business and tell people that they need to give me more money because the payment they made was placed into a "NONACTIVE ACCOUNT" and while i at the same time had there money I did not have there money and they would have to pay me a late fee! That is just pure genious!!! Verizon Wireless. I believe with you skills you will soon reach your goal and become the fourth reich while the rest of us get trampled under foot by your "customer service" Also another interesting sidenote. The only people on forums that seem to applause the fine job Verizon Wireless is doing are Verizon Wireless Customer Service Reps Who are trained to sidestep you from talking with anyone who has any say so at verizon and cannot actually do anything for you of any importance. These Customer service reps appear to follow blindly without actually knowing what the almight Verizon Wireless company is doing. HELL! They even act like there is no problem and the truth of the matter is that we are either lieing to them or misunderstood them, but the are willing to give back $15 dollars after taking so much!

- Friday, December 09, 2005 at 03:41:43 (EST)
My Motorola T730 phone broke. I bought a Treo 600 on eBay and had it activated on-line (to save $20 at the VRZ store). I took the broken Motorola and the working Treo to the VRZ store and told them I wanted a replacement for the Motorola. The tech said it would cost $50. Let's do it, I said. He then said that he would first have to activate the Motorola. But it's broken, I reminded him. He said he knew that but that's the way they worked. If you activate the broken phone, what happens to the Treo that's working, I asked. It won't work until the replacement phone comes in. How long will that take, I asked. Maybe three days, he said. Are these guys for real?

- Thursday, December 08, 2005 at 01:09:24 (EST)
Don't sign up for a two year contract. you'll regret it.

- Tuesday, December 06, 2005 at 15:06:27 (EST)
I've had Verizon Wireless for over a year now and every single month they try to pinch me for additional $35 her, $50 there. Every month I call twice to fix my bill and remove charges on items that supposed to come free with the service plan. First call is usually when they promise to fix the error and resolve the whole faulty billing codes issue, yet nothing gets fixed and the second call is when I yell at representatives and bill does get fixed. Recently I discovered the funniest thing, Verizon signed up all 3 of my lines for another year of contract without me even knowing. Apparently when I bought my hardware and opened service with them at a local shopping mall, sales girl charged me the 2 year contract prices on the phones, while giving me a one year contract to sign as I required. Conveniently enough for Verizon, they decided to fix the error and bump my contracts up for another year, to cover for that girl's unprofessionalism. Right now I am sitting here and thinking of either paying these a-holes the early termination fees, or paying attorneys to write some official enquiries and warning to verizon, which will cost about the same to me. Any suggestions, my fellow Verizon lovers? misha(@)

- Tuesday, December 06, 2005 at 11:32:28 (EST)
Watch out for your old folks. If they call Verizon they will end up with the largest bill you can find. Verizon seems to prey on older people by confusing them until they just agree to anything to get service. A 67 year old friend of mine called to get service and ended up paying $70.00+ a month for service. When I called for him, I was offered $16 a month right off the bat. After I informed the service rep of what they did to my friend, he actually hung up on me. I called back got another service rep on the line and pounded sand until they lowered his bill. As far as I am concerned Verizon is little more then a criminal organization all dressed up in ribbons.

- Saturday, December 03, 2005 at 20:18:06 (EST)
i am also in se texas and verizon did NOT give credit for up to 3 weeks when we evacuated! we were in alabama until nov 1 due to the fact i wasn't able to come back to my home yet.....well verizon gave us credit until oct 5. the phone was only used for communicating with family and business calls....our bill is outrageous due to roaming and verizon is simply saying "too bad!" i will be definitely switching carriers.

- Thursday, December 01, 2005 at 13:43:42 (EST)
Hello my name is Kim I used to be a customer service representative for Verizon home phone service. I worked for the company for 3 1/2 years when I got pregnant. I had FMLA to cover me being sick and the pregnancy but they fired me the day after i was released from the hospital for being dehydrated. It took me and the union a year to get my job back. I was there for 4 months and they got sick of me and fired me again but this time the union wasn't a loud to help me out. I feel sorry for customers of all verizon service. I know first hand how they treated their customers. They overcharged, screwed up bills, and DSL that's just a complete mess. They have numerous lawsuits resulting in the DSL mess. You know they don't care about their customers when they can treat their employess like they are nothing and get away with it.

- Thursday, December 01, 2005 at 13:25:56 (EST)
I am trying to cancel my Directory Advertizing Contract. Dozens of phone calls. Two lengthy letters. Followed their recorded instructions on how to cancel the contract and what circumstances qualify. No number, no person to talk to. Worst customer service I have ever encountered. I finally received a vague letter back listing the instructions on how to request canceling the contract. I've already done that. What a bunch of morons. Avoid Verizon advertising at all costs is what I tell everyone I can.

- Monday, November 28, 2005 at 20:54:42 (EST)
I got a phone for my fiancee in Febrauary of this year. When the bill came, it was wrong. They ahd charged her for all her weekend and evening and verizon to verizon minutes and becuase of their mistake, they claimed we owed $500. After an hour on the phone w/ two clueless service agents, they assured me the problem was fixed, gave me a "true" amount to pay, and I paid it-- I was on the phone for over an hour--only to owe more than I was told PLUS late fees the next month. Long story boring, this CONTINUED to happen for SIX months, until I finally yelled and swore and got high enough up on their food chain to get someone who could work their own computer and figure out my bill. It was temporarily solved, until I made a minor change in my calling plan last month, and we have begun the whole cylce over again, another call to another clueless agent, another hour gone, and another hollow reassurance that it will get fixed. Next time I'll buy my fiancee a puppy.

- Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 17:55:38 (EST)
I recently switched my old Verizon regional plan to the America's Choice Plan. After reading the confirmation letter and the enclosed Terms and Agreement document, I found numerous contradictions. I have been trying to get Verizon to provide me with a detail listing of the terms for ALL features/services provided for this specific plan, but they refuse. They have also informed me that when they say that roaming is included, that only means when you call within the America's Choice infrastructure. In fact, it turns out that Verizon installs a lockout feature in the software on your phone, so that you can only dial 911 when placing a call that would otherwise be connected by a non-America's plan carrier. No option to hear an automated voice ask if you will except the roaming/long distance charge, you can't use your phone. Period.

- Monday, November 21, 2005 at 18:33:16 (EST)
Verizon Wireless service has been the best that I have ever had out of all of the providers. Customer Service has been the biggest help to me if I ever needed anything. I know many of you have had problems in the past just think about all of the awards verizon has received for the best customer service. I have had Verizon before they were airtouch. You know that all companies are different. Did all of you know that Cingular had the worst call in rate at the end of 2004 copared to all of the other providers. I learned this due to preparing for a persuasive speech. Hands down Verizon has the best service. I really do not know how you people think that you are getting ripped off. Its not like they do it on purpose. Why do yall think that it is the specific person or company. All companies have made mistakes. Come on Guys Nobody or no COmpany is perfect. Just to let you know Verizon Wireless is crushing all other competitors at this time. You may think that they are the worst and I respect you for that but Verizon is growing. Whether you have cancelled or are going to. THe outacome of the growth of Verizon will continue to grow due to the great service and customer support. I am just a guy who wants to have a phone that works when I need it. I do not roam anywhere for all of you haters. Verizon does not specifically put overages on my account and piss me off. They do not take minutes away from me. THey do not charge my weekends because they are free DUH. Oh my friends with CIngular are switching because they are pissed because they are always borrowing my phone. THey are fed up with CIngular and are going to end their contract. GO with Verizon the most reliable.....

- Monday, November 21, 2005 at 09:56:04 (EST)
OH MY GOD. i seriously do not know what to do. verizon has ruined my credit, and the nobody phone operaters who probably don't even have a G.E.D. are handling all the customer service. It is just not fair! Story starts that i got dsl and my last house. yes, i am a college student and was late paying my bill once!!! they cancelled my dsl, and in the mail i got the ups package to send back my dsl equipment. well i was so upset by this, as well as paying a huge bill every single month, more than i signed up for, that i tried to call customer service. BIG MISTAKE. i was on hold for more than an hour each time i would try to call. after days of trying to get in touch with verizon p.o.s. employees, i decided that i did not want their services anymore, so when i got a hold of one of the fuckheads, all services were cancelled and they actually sent me the money back from the last bill i sent them! i felt good for a few months, moved, and it was time to get my computer started back up with a dsl service. well the commercial on tv was for verizon dsl for 14.99, and i was like whatever ill just get them again...ahhh why christy??? anyway its been awful. im getting bills, only for dsl, for 85 bucks! also, 1 day after i paid my $85 bill i get a letter from a collection agency DEMANDING i pay my bill, from my old address and account!!! this just is not fair, and i am so angry and upset at verizon because they seriously ruined my credit, and these are charges that i DO NOT OWE! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SO AWFUL AND SO IS THIER WEBSITE! THERE'S NO WAY TO GET A HOLD OF THEM, AND WHEN YOU DO ITS EVEN WORSE!!! IM CANCELLING AGAIN, AND NEVER AGAIN WILL I DEAL WITH SUCH IDIOTS.

- Saturday, November 19, 2005 at 21:49:35 (EST)
Verizon was the only service that was up and allowed Southeast Texas, all the way to Arkansas, to communicate during the recent Hurricane Rita. Many of us were separated from our families and our only means of finding them was through Verizon. Since the storm, everyone that has service with anyone else has changed to Verizon. Verizon forgave any overages and all fees for the time from when the mandatory evacuation went into effect until it ended almost three weeks later. Sorry. I have nothing to complain about. Sometimes I have reached stupid, uninformed customer service people. Try talking to any customer service person in any business and you will get the same thing. Hang up and try for someone with a little more savvy. There are very few times that I am unable to use my phone and I road travel a good bit. Not many dead areas. Compare Verizon's service area with any other in the nation. Verizon beats them all. I do not work for Verizon. Just a grandmother working in the legal field in Southeast Texas.

- Wednesday, November 16, 2005 at 11:48:07 (EST)
all of you need to get real...the more people want something to be terrible or bad or horrendous the more that it will be to them....people don't understand that there are rules...there have always been rules...just like at work..if someone came up to you and started out cursing at you what would you do...Yeah that's would tell them to burn and you would not help them at any costs....I think that everyone over exaggerates. People who call any customer service and raises cane will not get help...I know all of you know why blame stuff on Verizon....I wish that they would charge me extra minutes on my bill on purpose...matter of fact I wish that I could see that day just like all of you say you do...Come on guys do you think they go into peoples accounts and say hey lets bill them extra...why heck no that is just plain STUPID...where do you people come up with these things....It is pretty annoying reading all of these adds by you people....cell phones will not go away due to everyone needs them you all know that. So get real and show people respect...barking at someone and wanting to be treated like a that will never respect to get respect

- Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 20:26:45 (EST)
I was a customer of Verizon for many years(before it was even verizon), they use to be very customer friendly, ever since they started with the DSL and Verizon Wireless services there attitude has become worse towards their landline customers shutting people off for a $78.00 phone bill that they never mailed 2 weeks after I had paid them $401.00 that the bill I received was for $323.00. Let's do the math 401-323= $78 wow same figure my phone was turned off for go figure. Verizon I will never be a customer of any of your services again do to your customer Unfriendly attitude towards your landline consumers. A bit of advice see who is pocketing your customer's money and double billing with no bill being sent out before people get tired of you and you wind up turned off!!!!!

- Monday, November 14, 2005 at 19:48:35 (EST)
Just to let all of you know....Verizon Wireless has been the best experience that I have ever had...Many people do not know what to look for in a wireless company...Just to let you know I have had no problem with Verizon....I know many people around my area and also out of state that have switched to Verion because so far they have been the best in reception and also customer service...I feel that when many people get mad they take it out on the provider and not themselves....I mean if you get the smallest plan thinking that you are going to pay that every month and you talk a mouthful then yeah you will be billed overage...That is why they have a rate at the bottem of the rate plan that shows the cent per minute if you exceed. I think that the people experience problems with Verizon need to give it a second chance...I mean if you worked for them would you want someone screaming in your ear degrading you and your company....Just to let youk now nobody gets paid enough to be cursed out on the phone or disrespected....Also Verizon wireless has the lowest number of complaints per customer among national carriers...go to cunsumer reports and then search for verizon will find it there....also Verizon Wireless is the dominant carrier..due to service...Many people like Cingular but Cingular does not have enought coverage to go around..They may have more customers but not more coverage. The rollover thing is not really bright as well...I know it seems that you will keep your minutes but I have had many people tell me that they were billed for overage and that they had over a 1000 rollover and they didn't receive those minutes...Just to let you know you will lose those minutes in a year so don't think that you will keep them forever....go ask a cingular rep if that is true. Also it is not hard to read a Verizon bill it is actually quite simple compared to other cell phone companies. In conclusion your cell phone company is as bad as you want it to be...Verizon is Number one!!!!!!

- Monday, November 14, 2005 at 10:40:35 (EST)

- Saturday, November 12, 2005 at 03:49:07 (EST)
Thats why I steal as much time as i can and get 90K a year out of them. WELL TAKE THAT BABYSITTER AND SHOVE IT WHERER THE SUN DON`T EVER SHINE!!!!!!!! JERK!!

- Friday, November 11, 2005 at 23:39:36 (EST)
I decided to change my Long distance carrier to Verizon. I already had local service with them and thought it would be easier. So I called them and signed up for the Freedon Unlimited plan for 49.99/ month. I also selected a International Calling plan which set rates to Mexico at $0.15 per minute, (with a 4$ monthly fee) and signed up for the payment to be billed automatically to my credit card. Coming home from work a few days later, I found new letters from Verizon in my mailbox. One letter welcomed me to the Freedom Unlimited plan, the other confirmed my registration in the automated billing plan. About 10 minutes later, I picked up the phone to make a call....and guess what ? No dial tone. I called Verizon from my cell phone, only to find out that the only people who could help me would not be in until 8am the next day. When I dialed my house number, I got a message "The number you have dialed has been disconnected, no further information is available" So, next morning I call Verizon and am told that I requested that my number be disconnected. They refused to acknowledge a mistake was made, even when confronted with the information that I had just signed up for new service 3 days earlier ! Of course, in the 30 minute phone call to restore service, about 20 minutes was spend in a sales pitch for DSL. (More about that later) So, they finally restore service and all appears to be well. A few weeks later, my switch to the Freedom Unlimited plan for 49.99/ month has resulted in a $680.00 phone bill for 1 month of service. Of course, I am charged for the disconnection and reconnection. In addition, my promised rate of $0.15 per minute for calls to Mexico actually ends up being $2.30 per minute. When I call to complain, a 75 minute phone call ends up with the woman on the phone telling me I never signed up for the discounted calling plans. I told her that I am holding the letters from Verizon welcoming me to the new plan, she informs me that there is no way that she can verify the authenticity of the letters !!!! And to make it even better, I hear a click, then a dialtone. 30 minutes later I am holding for a supervisor, who promises to credit me for all the fees and incorrect rates. And guess what ? 49.99 per month turns out to be about 80 per month with taxes. It gets better.....about a week later, I get a call from Verizon requesting payment of $680 for my phone bill. What happened to the adjustments I was supposed to get ? What happened to my automatic payments ? Still working on that....but here is the best part: Every time I speak with Verizon, the first 10 minutes is always a sales pitch for DSL. So now I just let them go on and on about this great service, until they realize what I already know, that they do not offer DSL in my area. I also enjoy asking them if my DSL service will be as good as my phone service, and if the DSL customer service will be as good as the regular Verizon customer service. However, I think my sarcasm is wasted on them.

- Friday, November 11, 2005 at 03:00:41 (EST)

- Tuesday, November 08, 2005 at 23:19:40 (EST)
I am a technician at verizon and they don't give a f**k about customer service only, they only worry that we get 5-6 jobs done a day. Screw commitment times and getting the job done correctly! when you do the right thing, you only get f**ked by your inept babysitter, oh sorry, I meant stupidvisor! Thats why I steal as much time as i can and get 90K a year out of them.

- Wednesday, November 02, 2005 at 23:21:18 (EST)
Well for some good news! While Time Warner was installing their phone service and Road Runner broadband internet and updating my cable service to digital the tech told me that Verizon was losing 10000 customers to Time Warner every 3 months in my area (Saratoga County, NY). 125.00 for phone service with unlimited long distance broadband internet and the clearest picture I have ever seen is a great deal!

- Sunday, October 30, 2005 at 04:58:06 (EST)
Funny, I've had verizon wireless for several years and have never had any problems with any inaccuracies on my bills, and I have 5 phones! As the poster above said READ THE CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN IT!!!! Your allowed minutes and overage charges are clearly stated. If you go over your minutes for more than a month or two in a row.....UPGRADE YOUR PLAN!!!! GEESH, it's not rocket science, people!! Oh, and since when is Verizon Wireless at fault for an incorrect rate quoted to you by a RADIO SHACK employee???? If you want accurate rate info, call Verizon Wireless!! Don't take someone else's word for it!!! And again...READ the contract!!! Too many people in this world being careless or stupid and then blaming someone else!!!

- Friday, October 28, 2005 at 22:27:40 (EDT)

- Thursday, October 27, 2005 at 19:49:17 (EDT)
More from Chino and the house with the driveway problems with Verizon. I asked them (Verizon) to submit me a scope of the work to be done on my driveway in writing. I talked to the superivsor of Operations and he told me "NO". Then I talked to a customer service rep. and he told, "Be careful don't make waves or we will cut your service, and we can deny service to anyone we want." I then called the Public Utilites Commission and told them my story. They called Verizon while I was on the phone with them and spoke to a corporate rep. They told them that they couldn't threaten us that way and that they were in the wrong. Since then, The Supervisor of Operations has called me back and has been very polite and helpful about the situation. My scope of the work is on the way. I would like it to be made public that Verizon treats homeowners this way and I am now calling the city of Verizon instead of the city of Chino. I would also like to worn everyone in Chino and Chino Hills. Protect your property from these Verizon idoits that control our cities!!! Step up to the plate Corporate America!!!!!!!!!!!

- Thursday, October 27, 2005 at 18:52:42 (EDT)

- Thursday, October 27, 2005 at 13:23:24 (EDT)
Finally after two years of piss-poor service (both on the phone and in person at Verizon stores) we are going to be free from the Verizon Indentured Servitude plan as of November 24, 2005 and I couldn't be happier. It all started when Verizon bought out our original cell phone provider. Suddenly we are having "reception" problems that can only be fixed by buying updated verizon equipment (we had only had our cell phones and service for about four months before the buyout) and in order to implement usage of the new equipment we would have to sign a new contract with Verizon. Wait! Hadn't they just bought our contract - didn't we already have a contract with Verizon? Shouldn't we be able to get reception without having to renew a contract that they just bought??? Okay, they had us over a barrel - either we update the equipment (buy new phones) and sign a new contract or we continue with our current contract but with little or no reception. Then we move to another part of the country in the middle of our contract and want to get a local phone number. Silly asses that we are, "no problem" (we think!!!) since Verizon is a nationwide company. Wrong answer! We have to sign a new contract. Okay, I can live with that. So since we are going to sign a new two-year contract we pick out new phones. Wrong again!!! We aren't eligible for new phones until Sept. 2005 per our old contract which still applies even if we sign a new contract! So the old contract appies to equipment update eligiblity yet a new contract is mandated for a local number. And those are just two exapmles of the Verizon abuse we have had to put up with. From now on it's Cingulair "pay-as-you-go" plans - no more cell phone contracts which put us at the mercy of poor customer service providers. Verizon doesn't care about how poor their customer service is because they know that most people will tolerate the poor customer service rather than pay the high fee to get out of the contract.

- Wednesday, October 26, 2005 at 19:26:59 (EDT)
hello!!!! We had a new driveway put in feb. 2005. In May 2005 verizon video type our properties in our city. they told us they are putting in fios in our city.(Chino) In June 2005 Verizon Subs crack our new driveway, and they replace half were it was crack. BUT!!! Using gray concrete instead of white concrete. So we have a hop-scotch driveway and also has a crack too..And are you ready for this! They came to dig Oct. 2005 to put fios in, they didn't fill the in the concrete. So when it RAIN OCT.17 2005 IN CHINO, The RAIN under mind the driveway. So Verizon is Replacing the concrete in a dfferent location on my driveway!!!! I want them to replace the hole driveway. But!! there not. So I guess we play Hop-scotch with the city & Verizon. And out of 6,000 live in Chino

- Monday, October 24, 2005 at 19:35:10 (EDT)

- Monday, October 24, 2005 at 07:48:10 (EDT)

- Monday, October 24, 2005 at 07:35:21 (EDT)
oh Verizon, why must you put us through such pain. It seems you have "bit off more than you can chew." Even spokesman Darth Vador couldn't defend you against all of the enemies you have made. I am but a poor law student now, but one day I will make enough to pay 3 or 4 times as much, just to not be your customer. Have you not learned the basic rule of marketing? Word of mouth is more powerful than even the most convincing ad.

- Thursday, October 20, 2005 at 12:38:31 (EDT)
i am a new verizon wireless costomer and got two phones thinkng i was going to get rebates that were promices and i and i filled all the paper work out to the tee and sent my rebate forms in worth 250 dollors and they said i was late sending them in and i would not get any rebates beleave me they lie threw there teeth so i will give them the boot i lost but will never use them agian

- Tuesday, October 18, 2005 at 23:22:53 (EDT)
They used to be a good company. Now they keep renewing the contract without permission. I had a phone for my son that was suspended & they extended the contract without telling us. When we called to find out why, they claimed they did tell us & we can't cancel due to the early termination fee. Now they are telling us the contract was renewed because I got a new phone; I swapped the number from my old phone to my son's phone & suspended it. They charge for the extra phone if I don't remember to call every 3 months to have it suspended. After it's suspended twice, they renew the contract! They extended the contract on my dad's phone without my permission. This whole experience has been just ridiculous! Lord forgive me but I can understand what makes some people go into a McDonalds with an AK-47 and say “I said no pickles”!

- Saturday, October 15, 2005 at 16:14:30 (EDT)

- Saturday, October 15, 2005 at 07:42:32 (EDT)
I upgraded my service to get more shared minutes for 2 cell phones, and got 2 new phones. Unknown to me, they set the account up incorrectly so my bill went WAY up. I called every month for 6 months and their explanation was that we had exceeded our minutes. Finally, a rep told me that it looked like the account was not set up right and determined they had overcharged me $799. He didn't want to give me any credit because he said everything was spelled out in the bill! I told him if it was that clear, how come verizon employees didn't notice it when I had called 6 times before? It took him over 2 hours to give me a credit to my account, no interest for the use of my money and no way to get back those lost hours of my life back! I wish I could say everything is fine now, but it's not. Buyer beware!!

- Thursday, October 13, 2005 at 21:30:12 (EDT)
A letter I recently wrote to the chairman: 10.12.2005 Ivan Seidenberg CEO Verizon Communications 1095 Avenue of the Americas, 36th Floor New York, NY 10036 Dear Sir: In July of this year I called Verizon's DSL customer service line (800.567.6789) to inquire about having service connected at my home. In discussion with your customer service representative, I determined that I would also need to set up an independent phone line to facilitate the DSL service. The process of setting appointments for the DSL and the phone line were handled by this one person. I went forward and made an appointment to have installation for the following week (07.19.2005). Later that day, I saw a television commercial which discussed a DSL “special” that Verizon was running at that time - with reduced rates for several months after sign-up. However, I had not been informed about this special by your customer service person. I was fairly upset about this and began to explore other DSL options. I called Apelhia Cable and they had a very nice deal running - so I decided to set up service with them instead of Verizon. I called the same customer service line (800.567.6789) that I set up Verizon service with - and told them to cancel my appointment - that I was no longer interested in service from Verizon. I was given a confirmation number - 005390513**** - and was told that my service would not be set up. However, on the 19th of July, one of Verizon's installation people still showed up at my door. I informed him that I had cancelled my service appointment with Verizon the past week. He apologized, saying he hadn't received the notice. Then, he left. Over the past three months, I have been receiving bills from Verizon related to a telephone account which your company “activated” - even though I had called and said I wanted the installation cancelled. I had confused the bills with my Adelphia DSL bill - in part because I have had many accounts with both companie in the past and also because the dollar amounts are very similar. Two of the three bills I actually paid without noticing what they were for - a total of $49.95. Earlier today - October 12, 2005 - I received another bill - this one for $21.63. Having just paid my Adelphia bill the other day - I sensed something was wrong and realized that I had been paying this Verizon bill for a phone line which I never authorized. I called Verizon's customer service number and attempted to explain the apparent mix-up on your part. However, your customer service people could not have been more combative and less helpful. What I came to find out is that even though I called one number to originally schedule service (800.567.6789), I was supposed to “know” to call two numbers to cancel - one for the DSL and one for the phone line. Little did I know that the cancellation confirmation number I had been given was ONLY for DSL. When I had originally called to cancel, I was calling to cancel my appointmentall service with Verizon, and I stated just that. I set up the appointment together on the same call and cancelled on the same call. But, not according to your customer service people. I asked for a refund of my $49.95 and they refused, saying I had authorized the service - which I never did - I had cancelled. You may note on my account that there hasn't been any activity and there was never even a jack installed - because I was unaware that you had set up service, that this line even existed. I spent more than an hour on the phone with several people in your customer service department - including Mrs. Singh and Ms. Lohman - no one was of any help, quite the contrary. It seems that the old philosophy of customer service has flown out the window and been replaced with - let's just keep this guy's money anyway. If I had used the service or had your technician install a jack - then I would take responsibility for the error. But, that is not the case. The reason I'm writing you is because I want a refund of the money that I mistankenly paid on the August and September bills - $49.95. Again, I never authorized any of your service, I cancelled - Verizon chose to nit-pick and claim that the two cancellations were separate. I find the policy and the treatment by your company to be extremely offensive. My related information is included - as is my address for you to mail my refund check. Thank you, Will Clark

- Wednesday, October 12, 2005 at 15:37:07 (EDT)
Their website's login process always display "Cannot Process Your Request" blah blah blah. Seriously for a large company, verizon is the worst. You think they would try to be competitive with their rivals. WORST SERVICE EVER. Seriously though, you can't even log in to check your account and pay your bill online and then they try to charge a late payment fee. All I have to say is spread the word and help your friends and family.

- Monday, October 03, 2005 at 16:28:33 (EDT)
My first problem with Verizon was that they wanted a $400 deposit from me to start service with them. I wanted to write a check but they wouldn't accept it...something about bad credit and the check could bounce. I know for sure that I had enough money in the bank to cover that for that day but those evil people just wouldn't believe me. I really wanted that phone so I pulled out a wad of cash from my pocket and paid the deposit in cash. I know that my credit isn't good and I've got collection agencies calling my house for other bills every day but I really wanted this phone. After I paid for the phone and signed the contract, I began using the phone on a regular basis. Problem #2. I wasn't getting good reception from my house. I called the store that sold the phone to me and all they could do was tell me to dial *228 and then choose option two to update my roaming capabilities. I did that and now the reception is perfectly fine. I just couldn't understand why I had to do it myself instead of having someone leave the store and drive to my house to do it for me. Problem #C. I just got my first bill from Verizon the other day. I signed a two year contract on the $39.99 for 450 minutes plan. I was only over my usage allowance by 5 minutes and they wanted to charge me an additional 45 cents for each minute I went over. I know that this was in the contract I signed but come on, its only 5 minutes ($2.25). I tried to threaten them with canceling my service and they threaten me with a $175 early termination fee. This was in the contract also but can't these evil people see that I believe I'm very special person and every one in this world should just kiss my ass and do my biddings? And what about all those taxes, why does Verizon have to tax me for phone service. I pay my taxes at the end of the year just like everybody else. I came up with a few things that could offset my anger with this company. When I sneeze, I want a Verizon rep to call and and say "bless you" each and every time. When I fart a verizon rep needs to be there to fan away the bad odor. When I take a dump, a verizon rep needs to be there to wipe my butt. They must use lemon scented toilet paper because I like to have a lemony fresh ass. If they don't do any of this for me, then they truly are evil doers.

- Saturday, October 01, 2005 at 09:55:18 (EDT)
If your Verizon DSL gets disconnected for non-pay and the reps tell you that it will be turned back on in 24-48hrs after you pay, remember's 24-48 business hours, which is 3-6 BUSINESS days! So many customers have complained to me about this. I wish they would explain this to the customer!

- Sunday, September 25, 2005 at 18:42:40 (EDT)
Here's my latest email to Verizon Wireless Customer support. They usually take 2 - 3 weeks to respond. -------------- Once again, you have charged me for IN calling on my primary number, which should be included in my plan. This is in reference to acct# xxxxx Invoice# xxxxx (Sept 10) Please refund $10 for this bill and $10 for last months's bill (see below for details). And please don't deny that the charge exists, as they did in the first reponse below. The charge is very clearly labelled on my bill. I'm not imagining it. Additionally, I'd like to know what you are going to do to resolve this problem permanently. I shouldn't have to write in or call every month to get my bill fixed.

- Wednesday, September 21, 2005 at 14:10:28 (EDT)
I am a brnd new customer to Verizon, as of July 2005. Verizon sent me defective phone. I had purchased three phones and three lines. I received a replacement phone and was instructed I would receive a Fed Ex return label. I would be charged for the replacement phone until the defective one was returned, but not to worry because I would get the label, return the phone and get the credit before the billing cycle was over. Well it took three weeks to finally get a label. No wonder our rates are so high, I received THREE 2day USPS envelopes wiht a Verizon invoice showing the package should contain a label--funny though, all three attempts only contained the Verizon invoice, NO label. Thus led to my very first bill which had included the $169 equipment charge and also a $35 activation fee per each of the 3 lines. I called, got the activation fees credited, but they did not have record of the defective phone being returned yet. In the meantime, I pay $150 estimate, so not to be delinquent--submitted by September 2nd. I received a call on Friday, Sept 16 indicating I need to make a payment arrangement for the $61.62 I did not pay. I was outraged, spoke to a few people and then was "told" I had until Sept 23 to make the payment to avoid service interruption. Monday, Sept 19--less than 24 hours (business day)my lines are deactivated and my attmept to use my cell phone directly connects me to Verizon--where of course I am on hold forever. After speaking to an associate in Financial Services, I was told I would also be incurring a $45 reactivation fee!! Since this associate was not empowered or willing to help me out, even after explaining the 3 ring circus I had been through, I instructed him to transfer me to someone who could make a decision and apply it. Spoke to a Customer Care Center Supervisor from MI----the only comfort she offered was to waive the $45 reactivation I still sit her with no service. "I can't activate your phones until a payment is applied to the account." Is this what they are telling the folks in LA and MS??? Verizon stinks.......I am debating on paying the $175 term fee just to be rid of them!

- Monday, September 19, 2005 at 23:39:33 (EDT)
You don't need to tell me Verizov sucks, They have not got my bill right in over 8 months. I called to try to get it strieghtened out and was only 9 months away from finishing the two year contrct. they had added things to my bill that i had not agreed upon,so we took them off the bill over the phone. I hung up feeling fairly satisfide with the phone conversation. then i recieve a new billing contract in the mail, because i changed the things they were charging me for they just changed my contract date, which automatically put me on another 2 year contract. When I called to question this, I was told that when I change my billing, they automactically renew my contract, WRONG!!.So I told them put it back the way it was and when my 9 months was up I would go to another carrier.WRONG, if I don't stay the New 2 year contract I will pay and early termination fee.They are as crooked as a dogs hind leg. Some thing needs to be done. You know I was warned about them, but up to this point I had ,had no problems. My best bet is to never call them for anything, just go strieght to a lawyer.I intend to do exactly that.

- Friday, September 16, 2005 at 19:24:26 (EDT)
Verizon pre pay really sucks. When I bought my phone the clerk at Radio Shack told me that the rate was ten cents per min. with no connection fee. That was a big lie. I soon found out that there is a thirty cent connection fee for the first minute, but I have yet to make a 30 sec. cal that doesn't cost me four minutes. Then there's the signal problem. I think they must have one tower and it must be in Canada. Lately, when I attempt to make a call the other phone doesn't ring, I get a beep and the message that the call was lost, yet they don't forget to take the four minutes off for these "lost calls". Don't even attempt to talk to anyone at Verizon about a problem. Even if you are lucky enough to get somebody who speaks enough English that you can understand them, it's never Verizon's fault, it's always the customer that is wrong. Screw Verizon and the non-English speaking turds that work for them. I bought a Simple Freedom phone that really works. It costs twenty-five cents per min. with no connection fee. Most of my calls are less than 2 mins., so it is much cheaper and best of all IT WORKS!!

- Friday, September 16, 2005 at 01:32:05 (EDT)
17 years I was a customer. Actually I started with Bell Atlantic and it changed over to Verizon. Been with them ever since. I don't recall having any issues requiring a call to customer service. About 2 months ago I decided to add DSL service. I discovered that having to contact customer service to get answers to my questions was nearly impossible. I decided to cancel the DSL order even before it was started. I called to cancel and spoke with a truly wonderful customer service rep. She assisted and got me some answers. She advised that since I already have telephone service that I didn't need to sign a one-year contract, and gave me my first three months DSL for free to give me a chance to evaluate the service. I thought it was a good and fair deal and agreed. She had to cancel the old order and put in a new order. After a week I hadn't heard anything more so I called back. Unfortunately in error, the old order was cancelled but the new order wasn't in the system. No one had any idea what I was talking about and no one seemed to care. No one had any idea who the person was that I was talking about. I had her name but no one knew who she was or how to reach her. After 3 more phone calls and no results, I gave up. I signed up for telephone and DSL service with Cavalier Telephone. I was warned that Cavalier was not very good at customer service, but I figure if I am going to get bad customer service anyway, I might as well pay less for it. Verizon lost a 17 year customer because they don't seem to place a value on customer service.

- Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 20:22:58 (EDT)
When Did Verizon Start Out Sourcing their Call Centers Wow There must be something I missed here unless everyone in the World Speaks English! As for poor service, no Cell phone Company has ever guaranteed service inside a building ....When they start promising you that They are lying through their teeth ... RF is RADIO FREQUENCY .... Think!!! Do you get a Clear and precise FM station in every corner of your house or office building? Billling issues Try doing #646 on your phone to check the minutes you have used that normally will tell you if you are close to the minutes on your account ..... Hello have you people ever heard of Common Sense .... Verizon has the Best Cellular Coverage in the UNITED STATES ..... Verizon also cover parts of Canada and Mexico can the other Cellular Services say that? The $50 to get a new Cellular phone its Called insurance it's called a deductible ... kind of like car insurance that has that lovely little $500 deductible look at your policy they have been around for years does the insurance company come out and fix your car no they have you take it somewhere to have that done .... Common Sense Read the Contract before you sign it!!!!!! you have 15 days to Cancel Standard Contract ...... DUHHHHHHHHHH

- Tuesday, September 13, 2005 at 00:04:16 (EDT)
I will never pay for/use any Verizon products...and here is why: I was fired from the Verizon Communications Corp. twice. November 2001 I received a message at my office (in Texas) indicating that my 49 yr old hospitalized mother (in Ohio) had taken a serious turn for the worse. While at home making plane reservations to fly out immediately, I received a call that she had passed away. My director, upon hearing the news, tells me he is sorry about the timing, but we are laying you off. Nice. I return from the funeral and everyone acts like nothing happened (while I am packing up my belongings). I went back to work for Verizon off and on for a few years (different groups) hoping to get a full-time job with benefits (what was I thinking?)...alas they only wanted contract labor (cheapskates). I left and then came back in 2004 (contract, no benefits or vacation of course). I was immediately thrown to the wolves, given no training, and was expected to just figure everything out (when new products were being rolled out continuously). In the meantime I became pregnant and expecting trouble, tried to keep it a secret for as long as possible. A new contractor (thinking if she offed me, she could maybe get hired full time) "inadvertently" let my secret out, which prompted discussions of me "leaving" and "not returning after maternity leave." This was from a specific senior level male employee. This same employee saves a friend of his from being laid off by putting him in our group temporarily. The idiot (previously in Sales) can barely use a computer, yet the senior level guy thinks his friend (male of course) can walk on water. After messing up my work for 3 months, the idiot mysteriously gets promoted. Where is the justice?! In the meantime, I am overworked and let me boss know this. She says to not worry and to do what I can...oh, and don't turn in overtime or possibly lose your job. She is then promoted and someone from the East Coast takes over (who does not know the first thing about any of our job duties or what we do). I am constantly answering questions about our group's functions (there are four other people with the same job, but they are all full time employees with benefits). We turn in our numbers of how much work we have done thus far in 2005 and (shocking) I have three times the workload. I confide in the new boss that I am worried about my job since I cannot possibly keep up (and that I am the sole source of income at my household). Some time goes by, she redistributes the other four employees' workloads, but not mine. Unexpectedly, I go into labor early. My new boss responds by calling me at the hospital, where I have just delivered my premature son (5 weeks early) and asks me to call her when I get home from the hospital. I do and she tells me "they" aren't happy with my performance and "they" are letting me go. I ask who "they" are and she won't say, just that it doesn't involve her. She assures me I was "simply in the wrong place at the wrong time" and that she would be happy to give me a good recommendation! Gee, that doesn't exactly help me support my son or prevent me from having anxiety attacks and Post Partum Depression from being fired (again). I struggled with infertility for years and this was supposed to be the happiest time of my life! I won't be back Verizon...can you hear ME now? Good!

- Monday, September 12, 2005 at 16:24:59 (EDT)
I'm a college student and the main reason I use Verizon is because my family all has it - in calling. So when my 2 year contract ended and I got my $100 credit towards a new phone, I called in and said I was thinking of switching services and complained about text messages costing money (didn't they just jack up the rates?) and blah blah... in the end they knocked off the extra $30 or so off the phone I was looking at + another $30 credit towards 6 months of free messaging and I even got the rep. to throw in the extra $10 or whatever for the phonebook update. Total over $70. Got a free v710 and through the v710 resource forum I've hooked up FREE web, instant messaging, and any ringtone I want. The crippled bluetooth still blows but there IS hope if you're stuck using Verizon... and you can work around their BS.

- Monday, September 12, 2005 at 15:30:36 (EDT)

- Monday, September 12, 2005 at 14:34:46 (EDT)
aha just kidding everyone i know is okay! but the cancellation fees.... will never be recovered OMG i forgot! their method of apology, their "REFUND" was verizon gift certs that had our names on them, and were not transferrable, and could only be used to buy more verizon service! what crappy asshats.

- Sunday, September 11, 2005 at 06:44:48 (EDT)
I had a cell phone. It had cute butterflies on it. It made high-tech noises, unlike my old phone. I had it for 3 months. It's lifetime call timer was under 4 minutes. All of those 4 minutes were spent TRYING to call other people. Ringing and ringing. The best part is that the phone would lie and say my antenna bar was 100%. Actually, even better than that was that my phone spent its entire battery, even while it wasn't in use, trying to find a digital network. So my phone, fully charged, NOT USED TO CALL ANYONE, just sitting there, would die within an hour. Then they killed everyone i knew and i was very sad. And I had to pay contract cancellation fees for their phones too.

- Sunday, September 11, 2005 at 06:43:15 (EDT)
I've been with Verizon since GTE days in the 60s! I've been through the wringer as they grew. Then I got a AAA phone for safety. It was turned over to VWS, and it was "okay"! Now and then someone would get hold of my son's phone and run up hundreds. I NEVER let go until I get what I want. I find that asking for the Utah office is best way to get help. I have "given" HOURS/month to seeking solutions and fighting for hundreds back and ALWAYS getting it, but monthly fights are no fun. Then I was alone on the service, took it to just a low level (for emergency calls and some weekend and holiday calling). I received NO notice about them cutting Holidays out of their contracts. So I accepted an incoming call on Labor Day. Came to just over $65. I was blown away today seeing that huge fee as it was a holiday. I've used this for YEARS! EONS. Before the digital phones when it was stupid looking whatever! ;) I went into high gear today and called whoever picked up the CS call. No way she's gonna help, but I know all about SLC in Utah! I demand that office and eventually get it. She refunds my money (I can see it online right now!). So they do take good care in SLC so far. But the loss of Holidays sickens me. Other services are adding freebies and Verizon is taking away from me something I love because I'm older, have some physical problems, live alone and phones are my lifeline. I pay enough to have an occasional free call for Christmas I would think (I have 1,000 minutes good now for weekends/nights only...few people want to be awakened to chat after 9:00 PDT! and many work or are with family on weekends). I have 100 any time minutes. I might use 5-10 of those per month. I never come close to my 1,000 minutes. They be making money off me. So they get my landline money; my DSL cable money; and my wireless money. And now I think they are not the company they used to be, but I can still get help in SLC. If that ever goes away, so do I. I'm sick that I just got a lovely free phone (camera and all but I don't use those); I use REAL digitals) yesterday and signed for 2 years before I knew about this holiday no-no as bill posted this a.m. on the website (I rarely go there and use paper bills as I don't trust any technology to be "on" all the time). Wish I could get to someone about the holiday item as it's very mean-spirited IMHO. Why take those holidays away? How nasty!!! Selfish! Scrooges! Just remember Salt Lake City main office if you need help with getting refunds! I'm out to find the CEO, Prez or Veep on this one. Also I'll take it up with my reps in DC! They can help I know.

- Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 16:08:56 (EDT)
The last time I got my cell phone bill, I beat my dog. The dog bit me and now I have rabies. I still don't understand how my cell phone bill can be under 50 bucks. It just doesn't make sense, I mean... I should be getting ripped off like all of you guys but I'm not

- Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 14:22:14 (EDT)

- Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 14:19:05 (EDT)
I first started getting verizon bills and to my dismay I found out that my bills were an astounding $44!!!!! The outrage built inside me. "Why can't i have a decent phone service at an affordable price?".. this question angered and disturbed my mind for days on end. After my $44 ordeal I called a verizon wireless representative. She told me that the $44 was a monthly charge and that if I was really getting ripped off that I should make a web site about it. Well I did, you can visit my web site at

- Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 14:18:32 (EDT)
I was a Verizon Wireless customer for 6 months (big mistake). Started having 2nd thoughts when I had received a bill for over $800.00. I raked over the itemized calls and it didn't add up. I was told by several people that you cannot reason with the Verizon thugs so I paid it in full and disconnected my service with them. I was willing to pay to break the contract, that was such a small amount compared to the high bills I had been receiving. The final bill I received was for 1 week of service + the disconnect fee - $428.96! Again, the itemized calls were not adding up. I paid 4 installments of $107.24 each month, just paid off in mid August. Checked my credit report tonight and see that they not only posted ALL of my payments I sent to them, they took it upon themselves to turn this over to a collection agency even though this balance was paid in full. Turning it over to a collection agency almost a month to the day I paid them in full? I have spotless credit, have NEVER had anything derogatory on my credit report and for them to do this? All I can say is if this does not get removed ASAP and my credt restored, some heads are gonna roll. I HATE VERIZON WIRELESS WITH A PASSION!

- Friday, September 09, 2005 at 22:33:31 (EDT)
Finally rid of Verizon...hopefully. So I had Verizon phone and DSL at my old apt. I had no problems, so when I moved I figured I would just transfer my service to my new apt. NOTHING but problems after that. Verizon took 2 weeks to get my DSL working at the new place, And another month and a half to get the free linksys router promised. Verizon had the wrong address, I called 3 times to change it, only to get it changed by the tech that came to my house after I chased him down the street from the wrong address! At this point, the second billing month, I notice that I am being billed for DSL on my old address STILL. I contact Verizon and also find out a payment had been made on my account by someone else and they couldnt figure out how it happened. The rep told me he would figure it out and call back. When he called back he told me I was right and Verizon owed me $111. However that would have to be credited through verizon online, he would not be able to do it, He told me to pay the actual charges and ignore the past due charges. I did that from August until January, Then verizon started charging me a late charge on the over due balance that was supposed to be credited. I then got sick of wasting an hours time each month trying to rectify the situation and sent Verizon a 3 page letter outlining the problem. They then quit charging me for DSL, never explaining why. When I called them they told me this was the way they would credit back the $111. Nice of them to let ME know this. When they finally corrected the billing error from when I FIRST moved into my apt nearly a YEAR before I found Speakeasy. I found out I could switch my DSL and get VOIP from them as well getting rid of Verizon completely. At this point I noted when my DSL would be turned off and my phone number ported. OF course Verizon continued to charge me AFTER I no longer had service with them. When I got the bill I called "customer service" and was told to disregard the bill with the error and wait for the FINAL BILL that would be correct. A few weeks later I got a bill with FINAL BILL written on it for the exact same amount as the previous bill. I called "CS" again only to be told this wasn't my final bill. {?} I then got aonther bill a few weeks later saying the charges were overdue, for the exact same amount and I was in danger of being sent to collection. I called "CS" again and was told the computers were down and the rep would call back, never did. So at this point I decided not to waste my time and wrote Verizon a letter. A few weeks later I recieved the bill for the correct amount [4 bills later] and sent the payment. NOW today I recieve a letter from a collection agency seeking to collect the CORRECT amount bill. WTF!!! They send me 1 bill and then send it to collection at the same time? The collection bill is dated 9/3/05 and the final bill is dated 8/22/05. So apparently they can take as long as they please to figure out what they want to bill me, but after I get their 4th final bill, finally for the right amount, they give me less than 2 weeks to pay them with NO NOTICE it was going to collection? Ridiculous.

- Friday, September 09, 2005 at 15:00:17 (EDT)
Found out that Verizon has a lower rate DSL plan in my area. Currently paying $35 a month, new offer is $14.99 per month. But when I called number to change, they put me on hold for 20 minutes (and I would just hang up in disgust). Tonight I finally waited them out, 48 minutes on hold, and the guy tells me I have to call a different number. The number there they say the office is closed. Typical Verizon.

- Thursday, September 08, 2005 at 20:35:52 (EDT)
I went to Cedar Pt and it was excruciatingly hott outside. I was overheating and my friends made me go on a water ride to cool off. It worked. I was normal again. And my phone got a few drops of water on it, but was totally protected by my clothes and hand the whole time. It played I'll work when I feel like it for a day or two, but then gave up. I went into the Verizon store, practically got yelled at by the customer service lady saying that I don't have insurance so I have to buy a completely new one. Well I didn't know that, my mom is the policy holder. Anyways, now I have to buy a new phone because the indicator in the old phone purposely turned a different color when it got a little wet to tell the phone never to work again. Greedy Verizon businessmen... installing that feature. I mean, honestly, what would the harm be in letting it dry out and have it still work? They're just trying to get more money out of people... even poor college students like me who have to donate plasma in order to pay for gas. Thanks a lot! Now all of my contacts and pictures are ruined and I somehow have to manage with not calling friends/family while away. What if there was an emergency?!

- Thursday, September 08, 2005 at 17:48:39 (EDT)
I love verizon as a wireless provider. Good support and coverage... much better than the other 3 I have used. I recently began using them as a DSL provider with mixed results. The speed is fine, and the price pretty standard. The problem is the support. They remove the original modem manufacturer's software and send their own. It forces an auto setup that can leave some programs not able to connect to the net (blocked TCP ports). There is no manual setup and the modem manufacturers won't give any support (or a link to their utility/program) because verizon has altered the install software. Verizon says they will not provide any technical support on the modems, and they send you to the manufacturer...who.. you guessed it... tells you it's verizon's problem. Apparently I may not be able to download any firmware updates either (the modem number isn't listed as its for sale to verizon only). I found a back door link on another site to the router config utility on the modem company's site. I had to resetup everything manually, which is what I wanted in the first place anyway. The end user who doesn't know how to use an advanced setup utility could be left not able to play some games online or use other online programs. If you have verizon DSL and can't use some programs (tcp ports blocked) try this link,13927581

- Wednesday, September 07, 2005 at 11:57:13 (EDT)
Verizon offered horrendous service to our land phone line. My husband and I operate a home business, in addition to working full-time, highly demanding professional positions, in which we must be accessible by phone, at all times. We have been without telephone service for days, yet Verizon only offered to possibly send a representative to our home 4 days after we lost a dial tone. They refuse to reimburse us for our cellular phone fees. In addition, we have no cellular reception in our home, and are parents of a small child with health problems. We always pay our bills in advance, and purchased "top of the line" service, yet have been shortchanged. On a recent past occasion, we had no dial tone, and the technician showed up on the wrong day. They have the audacity to demand that you sit at home from 8 am through 4 pm, yet fail to show up on the scheduled date. My impression is that they failed to fix the underlying problem (our area had a severe thunder storm and somehow we miraculously had a dial tone before the technician arrived). My husband feels that Verizon is an undefeatable monopoly. I feel that they need competition, and that others should fight against them, to demand services in which we pay large fees for.

- Tuesday, September 06, 2005 at 21:26:18 (EDT)
my verizon wireless prepay account $346.15 expires on 09/02/2005 12:01 am unless i refill before expiration date.well, i was so busy the days before because i have a niece affected by hurricane Katrina.she was in New Orleans to start her freshman year but had to flee.she went to florida & was \"stuck\" there. i was busy trying to contact her & my sisters trying to decide on where she should go, school, etc. When i tried making a cell call, i realized my cell time had expired, i called verizon wireless twice at about 10 to 11 pm (pacific time) on 09/02/05(the same day), & once around 6-7am on 09/03/05. on those 3 times, they refused to give me credit on what was lost. Each time they said that it\'s verizon veriless policy to give credit only once & i had used mine up in feb. 2005. I\'m willing to refill only if they credit my prepay account but they refused.Please help. tracfone prepay wireless gives 60 days grace period. at&t prepay long distance has no expiration date. prepay long distance credited my account even though it had expired. stores\' prepay gift cards in washington state don\'t really have an expiration date. It\'s a prepay account - similar to cash(assets)- that verizon wireless took or i have lost. Lost property, cash etc. is supposed to be returned to owner. once again, please help me get my prepay balance back. thanks.

- Monday, September 05, 2005 at 21:25:08 (EDT)
Grievance/ Complaint: I sent to Verizon via email with some added commentary. Dear Verizon Wireless Customer Service: ( I wrote this to the email customer service). [Devil] On 8/29/2005 I received very poor customer service from a tech at the Verizon Wireless Corporate store at 5070 Rosecrans Avenue, Hawthorne, CA. 90250 (310) 263-2949. I arranged a replacement for my V710 because of some intermittent issues and a loose keyboard through the *611 customer service rep then I came in that day for a rapid equipment exchange at the Hawthorne location at 1pm; I then received a refurbished unit that was somewhat beat up (scratches on the aluminum and banged side casing like it was dropped before). I proceeded home, then attempted to pair the unit with my Bluetooth headset (which i just used before swapping phones to take a call) and the headset would not pair properly and made a garbled connection. (thanks nothing and giving me some used POS) I promptly returned to the store, at 2pm. I was the served by a representative named Michelle who left me waiting 2 times first for 5 minutes then when she returned she gave me a bad attitude (probably because I interrupted her lunch). She then tried to get my headset to work, then came out accusing me of having a faulty headset and i then proceeded to tell her that I just used the headset that same day. Michelle then had a panic attack and left me waiting for 5-10 minutes in line then returned with another rep and Michelle proceeded to help another customer ignoring me completely. I was refused my exchange and Michelle did something to make the Manager Brian be less helpful. (I know him and have dealt with him before and the rep must have gave him a sob story because he was being a complete Chimpo. I will never buy anything from them again.) So in the end I now have a faulty phone that garbles all Bluetooth headset connections that I've tried: 2 Motorola HS810 and 1 HS820. I am deeply dissatisfied with the customer service I received and want to file a formal complaint against the store employee. I am considering terminating both my lines of service because I am disgusted with the poor quality of service. Please forward my complaint to the proper channel: the regional/ operations director. (he/she can discipline them like the children they were being). Thank you: my name Extended Commentary: Word to the wise avoid that store like the plague, the customer service people there tend to be super unhelpful and try to screw you into buying something or claiming they don’t have to do warranty claims. I've seen them do it to customers before and since i always had a legit reason they never did it to me. But today i experienced it full force, it was like that one commercial about frequent flyer miles where they constantly say no (in multiple ways) and then some dude chases after the other rep in a yellow shirt. I was completely dumbfounded, they accused me of lying and were basically ignoring me and rude: even the people behind noticed and commented. The service there made our Local fry's electronics customer service seem helpful and nice. At least i called up a a phone rep and he was cool even though he couldn’t help me get an exchange at least he gave me someone to talk to and we became friendly because he has an interest in the Nissan 240sx (my hobby car). Now i am going tomorrow with 2 v710 in hand (my friend is coming w/ me) and 3 Bluetooth headsets to another store and I will make sure i get a working phone.

- Tuesday, August 30, 2005 at 12:05:21 (EDT)
Live on a boat. Have Verizon dsl. Have been on phone and their so-called internet help line so many times they disabled the link. Turns out that they put dsl in the marina even though we are too far away from the server for decent thruput with heavy traffic. No they way there is nothing they can do, except take money from me. Has anyone thought about a class action lawsuit? They kept blaming my equipment, the line, etc. they finally admitted tonite that I'm SOL. After, of course, I bought a brand new computor!

- Monday, August 29, 2005 at 21:31:28 (EDT)
Hello! I'm going to try to make this quick and hopefully understandable. When you receive your Verizon bill, make sure everything is accurate, and you're not being cheated. Because believe me they will cheat you if you're not advertently watchfull of their billing process. My problem began when I first bought the phone and their service @$39.99 a month, phone $19.99. Please under no circumstances think well hey he bought a cheap phone. Because their customer rep. said "It doesn't matter what kind of phone you buy they all give you good service." (Verizon Rep) Well that was a LIE!!! Ever since they HYPNOTIZED me into joining their service I've had more drop calls then ever. Customer service in the begining treats you with kindness, but once you go to complaining, they take off their mask and treat you like GARBAGE. If you haven't believed anything I've said, go to Verizon, join up and I guarantee you'll be in front of your computer typing up a displeasing letter for other VICTIMS to see. Thank you for reading.And remember one thing: life is like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you're going to get!!!!!!!!

- Friday, August 26, 2005 at 19:13:39 (EDT)
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