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Billing - Mildly retarded , ive seen cases where these people charge and then forget to start the order. Ive seen cases where theve promised FUCKING RETARDED SRD's ( ie I got it on mon they told me by fri) MCO - ASS HOLES , simple Pull into drive way , dont see someone their and that constutes they checked the residence for CX to be their. Access Hrs lol They requuire these to make a ticket , but when it comes time to coming they usually call day early , say no one thier and then close the ticket. No tickets = Less Work I've actually told people their "schedule time" and not to expect to see a tech.... DSL TECH : MY HAPPY GILMORE ASS When I tell you ur pc is the dame problem , its the problem... When pulling a 169.254 address , the pc is not pulling , or the modem is not giving , and 9/10 it the fucking pc. When I tell you billing will have to raise the suspension on your account its not that I dont like hearing your whineing its cause I HAVE NO FUCKING WAY TO LIFT IT.... When you wanna route ur DSL 327w through a linksys wireless router and then to a vonage , IM GOING TO TRAN TO FUCKING VONAGE OR LINKSYS... AND IF YOU TELL ME THAT IM PERSONALLY THE ONE BLOCKING YOUR EMAILS THAT ARE NOT BEING RECIEVED BY UR GRAMMAL , IM GOING TO LAUGH IN UR FUCKING EAR!!!!!!! NOW, VZ SRD - The estimated date for DSL to be done at a certain time. TECHS DO NOT MAKE THESE,BILLING MAKES THESE UP, BUT MCO and PCC acutally work them.... NO SYNC - Put your filters on the line , plug the DSL direct to wall , and leave the the fucking retared 3rd HARDWARE off the line , and then maybe youll have a signal.... SLOWTHROUGH - it takes me 5 min to know wheither u got slowthrough or not , I need ur information 2min or so, then its , then ADMIN , then in text plain to the world is what the signal ur modem is seeing. IE thats what ill believe not ur SYS running 56 process and doing a line test from india. SPELLING - HOW THE FUCK DOSE IP sound LIKE IB, come the fuck on Z is like zebra , not " the last letter of the alphabet right?" <--- I SWEAR ONE OF THE RETARDS said this to me And you wonder why you cant use a fucking computer right , spelling is neccary , NEWDSL is not N E W D S L , Lord sweet jesus take em Any problems contact tech support

- Monday, April 10, 2006 at 11:36:20 (EDT)
Regarding the person dated 4/3 who Loves working for Verizon.......they are either a Kiss Ass or a newbie. You have obviously not been there 25 years or more and let VZ shove a splintering 2 by 4 up your ass without even a lube. And we know you are not management whom has had to give up your pension!!!! Would love to have your number so I can call you in about 5 years just so I can say I told you so. Hold on to your fantasy as long as you can cuz that is all you are gonna get with VZ. And just remember that your good pay and benefits are because of your Union.....not because VZ wanted you to have it. GOOD F'in LUCK

- Sunday, April 09, 2006 at 19:44:24 (EDT)

- Saturday, April 08, 2006 at 08:28:03 (EDT)
If you are a person who doesn't need 500-1000 minutes a month for your cell phone, I would highly recommend you try Tracfone. I only use my cell phone for emergencies and calls I need to make when I am away from my home phone. ie "mom, I'm at the store, do you need anything?" :) The customer service people are in India (wierd, huh?), but they get the job done very well. You only pay for as many minutes as you need by buying minute cards. There are no rediculous contracts.

- Saturday, April 08, 2006 at 01:17:29 (EDT)
I'm so pleased that the person who wrote on 4/3 positively LOVES their job at Verizon. I can only assume that this person familiarized themselves with all the problems people have had with Verizon that are recorded on this site. Customers can indeed be unruly, but these are complaints from people are getting robbed of time and money-- not having their bread squished in a shopping bag by a careless clerk! If they can love Verizon after reading all these horror stories, then I bet I can guess what the person's name is: Cleopatra, Queen of Denial (The Nile)! Sad, really.

- Saturday, April 08, 2006 at 00:44:55 (EDT)
My Verizon phone doesn't ring when people call. You think Verizon would care. Well, after about 20 calls they reluctantly agreed to send me a second replacement. It was refurbished and it didn't work either. I told the tech I was going to call everytime I received a voice mail without a missed call notice. All of a sudden they're sending me a free RAZR. Perhaps I WOWed them into finally giving me what I wanted? Or maybe they just received a copy of my complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Either way, a new phone is on its way.

- Tuesday, April 04, 2006 at 21:28:00 (EDT)
I work at Verizon as well and I make $18+ an hour and I love my job and whiners should go get another job.. and customers should grow up! Yes its stressful but attitudes make it worse : ) Have a great day and thank YOU for calling Verizon.

- Monday, April 03, 2006 at 23:44:26 (EDT)
Transfered service to Vonage on 9/24/04. Informed Verizon. Moved out on 10/2/04. Told Vzn. Acct cycled 10/4/04. They charged me for 1mth. I registered protest online. Ignored the collections notices. Now, they have damaged my credit. It is bad. My insurance went up. Now I need to pay up. Try to erase it from credit. Do not like being ra.ed. Thx. PK

- Monday, April 03, 2006 at 17:55:48 (EDT)
I paid a deposit to verizon of $255.00 on dec 26th , 2005. The deposit was made at a Radio Shack and the manager informed us that when he tried to open an account the Verizon system froze. We recieved nio services no phone no number but they took our deposit. We were told by the manager to contact Verizon for a reimbursement of our money. I spoke to a rep from verizon 2 days later and they said they would refund our money.A month later no money was recievd . When i contacted Verizon they said there was no record of our deposit, but If I provided a reciept they would reimburse my money. i faxed them the reciept WHICH CLEARLY STATES THE MONEY WAS PAID TO VERIZON WIRELESS AS A DEPOSIT they told me they could not refund the money because they have not account number for me . THEY STOLE MY MONEY AND WON'T GIVE IT BACK DISPITE MY PHYSICAL EVIDENCE FROM RADIO SHACK RECIEPT AND MASTERCARD STATEMENT WHICH CLEARLY SHOWS THE MONEY WAS PAID TO VERIZON. if you can help me email at

- Friday, March 31, 2006 at 18:04:50 (EST)
Follow up from memo of the 25th. My early disconnect resulted from an overlooked line amid the fine print that says anything asked for implies agreement of a new contract. We ask for 500 emergency minutes during a crisis 6 mos. ago. I even wrote and thanked the weasels for their help! I will have to pay their ramson, now 324.00, to fight it would mean court cost and legal council, I'll cut my losses and submit. Remember, if you ask for a replacement battery, charger, anything, thats enough for them to rewrite your contract agreement without notifing you !! They often do this at reduced minute allowance and after several months bill you with a bunch of overage minutes. If you request any copies of contract agrements in force they will not furnish anything without a court order.All during my efforts to reason with them they refuse to identify themselves other than by first name only. Company policy. I think their ex-used car dealers.

- Friday, March 31, 2006 at 16:13:13 (EST)
Any Verizon employees having trouble getting approval for FMLA?

- Thursday, March 30, 2006 at 16:20:09 (EST)
Mr. Babbio, I am very frustrated with your service. You may recall that my service was not provided in a timely fashion. As a result I sent you a letter of complaint. I received a call from Kimberly Calley of your staff. She offered me her apologies and one month of free voice service (my DSL program came with a promotional one month free service). When I received a bill for $53.00 due on March 21, I inquired as to why I was being charged. It was explained to me that, although I had a one month service credit, that there were taxes, fees and installation due. I paid that fee on March 21. Last night I received a voice mail and a Verizon mailing stating that my service would be cut off on April 3, 2006 if I did not make a payment of $60.06. I also learned that my account had been referred to a credit agency and that A DELIQUENT CHARGE WAS PLACED ON MY RECORD. I’m pretty furious about that. My credit is spotless and this is an ugly blemish that has me in a fighting mood. When I tried to get an understanding of what this charge was, Miss Jackson from customer service could not make me understand and she referred me to Mark in collections. Mark claimed that this was not his issue and was transferring me back to sales and service but instead cut our connection. I’m a pretty smart guy but I don’t always understand how Verizon calculates my bills. If I take the time to read it, I usually get it. I always save all my utility bills for at least one year. In this case, I never received a bill that told me that I was delinquent. The only bill I received was the one that I discussed with Miss Calley. On that bill she told me that I owed the $53.00 that I paid on March 21st.

- Wednesday, March 29, 2006 at 09:46:37 (EST)
I work at CELL PHONE Company. In the customer care department. I have to say that I get calls all day from some really "dumb" people. #1 fav call is the IDIOT who calls in to me, because he/she used 1000 mins but only has a 500 min allowance plan. And says it is our fault and expects a credit for the overages. WELL, dumb ass.... what do you expect. Its called overages. Its called WATCH YOUR MINUTES!! #2 fav call "Im just calling in to see why my bill is so high and u people are ripping me off on the taxes. Well, dumb fuk, 1st of all WE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER YOUR TAXES, gooodbye, click. 3rd fav call is from those customers that say "I just have one quick question ", well there is no such thing as a quick question... 4th fav call "I ask the customer What can I do for you today? Instead of the customer telling me what they need, they WASTE 20 minutes of my time by telling me things I already know, like, what calling plan they have, how many shared lines they have, etc etc. I can ALREADY see this INFORMATION on my screen!! WHAT THE HELL?? WHY DO THEY ALWAYS TELL ME THINGS I ALREADY KNOW??? GET TO THE FREAKIN POINT!! WHY ARE YOU CALLING IN TODAY, TO TELL ME THINGS I ALREADY KNOW OR DO U NEED MY HELP GOODBYE ALREADY!!! Whats worse? Everyone wants to know why cell bills are going up?? WELL, Lets see they are paying me $14 per hour to BABYSIT FUKIN morons who are not responsible enough to HAVE A FUKIN CELL PHONE to begin with!! Yup thats basically it. Maybe, MAYBE 20 percent of my calls in a day are from mature responsible customers that REALLY need help with something!! It cost MY COMPANY $6, yes $6 every time YOU call in for help. So remember that when you call 6 times a month, just cause you had a bad day or you dont feel like taking responsibility for you own FUKIN PROBLEMS!!! It REALLY is scarry, some of the people that call in REALLY freak me out with the SHIT that I hear from the public in general. Im talkin I D I O TS. PS PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT COMPANIES NOW KEEP VERY VERY GOOD NOTES, YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE OF THE MESSED UP PUBLIC AND EVRYONE IS OUT TO TAKE TAKE TAKE. So this is the end result! We HAVE to keep track of more and more info, which is gonna cost us all.

- Tuesday, March 28, 2006 at 21:12:03 (EST)
I was notified I was due a up grade? Asked clearification, reply: can we do anything for you. No I guess not everything seems to be working OK. Thought I might check around and see if anybody was offering a cheaper rate. My contract is dated Dec. 2002, this is Mar. 2006. Discovered better rate, called Verizon to inquire if they would meet their competitions rate. NO! Signed on with Cellular. Got a billing from Verizon for $398.00, usual monthly billing $73.00, 2 phones shared minutes. Early disconnect? Called, e-mailed, wrote letter, no answer. I requested copy of any contract they say is inforce, I've not talked to anybody except the fellow about the up grade? Called again, second customer service rep. states new contract was written 6 mos. ago. I'VE BEEN SLAMMED! Nobody told me anything about a new contract! I can't help it if their employee collected a commission from them for a bogus contract. They are refusing to correct the billing, I guess I'm on my way to court. The maddening part is Verizons complete disregard for any possibility they might be wrong, I asked what would keep them from writing another contract and billing me if I paid this one. Oh no we wouldn't do that!

- Sunday, March 26, 2006 at 17:51:39 (EST)
a couple months ago my phone just shut off.. just like that, shut itself off and wouldnt come back on... the screen said "network error" so i decided to take it in.. when i took ti in i was told there was water damage to my phone and i had to pay full price for a new one... im broke, so i decided to wait and see if my phone would magically turn itself back on in the next few days... it didnt. so i took it back in for a second opinon.. i was told again that there was water damage to it, the guy who helped me was really rude nad i didnt want to buy a phone from him so i went to a different verizon store a couple hours later... there, they told me there was no water damage to my phone whatsoever.. he showed the little white censor and said if there were water damage to your phone... this would have some red on it... i went back to the man who tried to tell me there was water damage just hours before and showed him what the other man showed me... he responded with ..."oh i didnt even notice that " HOW DO YOU NOT NOTICE THAT...ISNT THAT HOW YOU CAME UP WITH THE SOLUTION THERE WAS WATER DAMAGE? .... i talked to a higher authority nad told them my story and recieved a new free phone... thanks for treating me like an idiot verizon!!

- Saturday, March 25, 2006 at 14:43:11 (EST)
ive had my phone for 2 months... and it all of a sudden stopped i took my phone and charger in to the verizon store, the man who haelped me aggreed that my phone wouldnt charge nad decided that the charger was probably broken so he goes to get a new charger, that one doesnt work either, so he uses his personal charger which also doesnt work, he tells me that there is probably a piece broken inside the phone and thats why it wont charge so he will go talk to his boss and see what he can do for me...he comes back and offers to sell me a new i asked him..A NEW CHARGER? what is that going to do... you already tried 2 chargers and they didnt work!!! its the phone not that charger!! i need a new phone...then he proceeds to tell me that my one year warranty is already up though i just bought the plan 2 months ago and there is no way i can get a new phone without paying full price for one... i refused to buy a new phone and automatically he tells me " your phone has water damage and no warranty covers that sorry"...he never even took the back off to check the sensor how does he know it has water damage... and BESIDES what does water damage have to do with a piece being broken in the phone so it wont charge??? this isnt the first time that ive been treated like an idiot at verizon either...

- Saturday, March 25, 2006 at 14:29:57 (EST)
First off, my bill was supposed to be under 50$/month including all my normal phone charges, to date i haven't recieved one under 60$. Second, I spent three months with a connection that wouldnt stay up for more than an hr, that pretty much killed my online gaming, which is the reason i have dsl (i could always use dial-up to check my email!). All the while i was calling verizon, talking to their techs (some of which i had to explain computing and networking to) to finally get a tech sent to my house (what should have been done in the first place!) to discover i had a wire, in their box across the street that was lose! After all this they refused to prorate my bill for any of the time i spent without reliable connection! I swear as soon as my contracts over im going with cable! Even the tech they sent to my house said it would "probably be a good idea"!

- Friday, March 24, 2006 at 19:23:03 (EST)
Verizon boasts: Unlimited text messaging for $5/month. Fraud! They don't tell you that it is only verizon to verizon texts. When I called about a whopping bill, they said "read your bill." I did, it says "Unlimited text messaging IN/$5/mo." I was told "IN" means only verizon to verizon. I asked them "In what language?" Only "verizoneze" idiot robots, or liars, could read that limitation into the language, and it does not detract or justify the deceptive and fraudulent lies from the salespersons in their stores. I hate this company and the bozos who spew their lies. I am not finished with them yet.

- Thursday, March 23, 2006 at 20:23:26 (EST)
Have been paying Verizon $20 a month for dial-up for like 6 years. Today they sent me an offer for DSL for $15 a month. That sounded good so I ordered it--just willy-nilly. All seemed well until they sent me the e-mail telling me that my equipment would be shipped to--the wrong address. And they gave me a phone number just in case there were any problems. So, I called the phone number and got that brainless menu lady, who for some reason sent me to Tech Support. Tech Support couldn't help me, so he sent me to Billing. (Of course, I'm on hold between each transfer). Billing couldn't help me, so he sent me to Orders. Orders couldn't help me, so he sent me to---Billing. That's when I hung up. I then called my local Verizon office to see if someone there could help. But, they refused to talk with me unless I would give them my account number as it appeared on my bill. I explained, as patiently as I could, that I hadn't received a bill in over a year because I pay online and really didn't have a clue what my account number is. Sorry, can't talk to me. Then I went to the Internet. I little tricky. First went to, where I typed in my tale, only to be told that their communication function was not up at the time. Try again later. Then switched to, where I tried Customer Service, where I found a form that went in even though I don't know my account number! They said I would recive a confirmatory e-mail "soon." Four hours later, I sent another note in a bottle. Two hours later, I received two confirmatory e-mails. Angela said she would be happy to take care of my problem. And an hour later, I received an e-mail stating that my equipment had been shipped--to the wrong address. Wouldn't you think it would be easier to communicate with the phone company? Is it mandatory that everyone at Verizon have an IQ of 50? Do I have to move out of town to get decent phone service? Do you think this is the end of the story? Will you be hearing more from me? Jane Thompson

- Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 23:26:24 (EST)
I recently started verizon dsl service with no problems whatsoever. Recently however, they tried to update my dsl service number with my current phone number, for what reason I have no clue. Since then I've been without DSL service for almost a month. For the first week I was tied up with techies trying to troubleshoot the problem before they came up with the idea of cancelling out the dsl service and reordering. In effect they were telling me they could not fix their problem and so I had to wait the standard two weeks to get it cancelled and reordered. But after those two weeks were up and my DSL was ready to go, of course it was still down. I finally got ahold of customer advocacy who has told me it will take yet another 3 weeks to redo the same solution as before. Unbelievable how this company stays afloat. What a waste of space.

- Tuesday, March 21, 2006 at 14:33:01 (EST)
Delayed usage charges reduce customer satisfaction.

- Monday, March 20, 2006 at 10:11:32 (EST)
I called Verizon Wireless because I had a collection charge of 416.00 on my credit report. Verizon reported this in 2002. So I called them, because I never had a phone with them or any other company that Verizon has purchased. I was told that the account was opened in 1999 from another wireless company, who name I don't know, and verizon bought the company out and they posted the collection in 2002. I have been trying to get someone in the fraud department to talk to me, but no one is available. There is a automated response staing that someone will contact you with 3-5 business days. When you are a fraud victim no one cares, in order to get prompt service you have to hire a lawyer, and that cost money. Verizon Wireless is doing bad business, and is taking advantage of innocent people.

- Friday, March 17, 2006 at 17:07:44 (EST)
ode to verizon: I shit on you Verizon I shit explosive diarrhea, on your chest, mouth and neck my balls shall dangle and in babaganoosh it will be dipped but you fuckin losers wont hear the end of this

- Friday, March 17, 2006 at 14:57:10 (EST)
I was with verizon for like 2 years. There are a few things that are understandable... a few that are not. The straw that broke my back with Verizon was the following. I had gotten a replacement phone Verizon because of a circuitry problem which was covered under warranty. The phone I got in return had a different mechanical problem with it, so they sent me yet another one.. which by the way took 6 business days to get to my house...thats 6 days without a phone. This phone worked... so I returned my 2 malfuntioning phones to their "warehouse". I payed my next bill on time like a month later. The bill after that came to my house costing 400!!!! dollars... I knew immediatley that this was a mistake, guessing that it was from the phones i returned not being noticed yet. When i called verizon i got a complete idiot on the phone.. incompident to the fullest degree. He said I owe 460 dollars total and that if i didnt make the full payment amount within 6 days i think it was, I would recieve a late fee on the whole amount. The new phone I then had broke in half, which was my mistake, and it was not insured. I was prepared to take that loss. The complete idiot would not transfer me to someone in technical support.. or billing because he said "you dont have a reason to speak to that department"... finally I get intouch with someone... who was also a complete moron who tells me the same exact thing.. but gives me a number for their "warehouse" to see if they can track my return. I call the warehouse and the phone just rang.....and rang....and rang... no one picked up.. no voicemail... absolutely nothing... i called back and told them to "go fuck themselves" and to "cancell my account" and they could send my fees to any "fucking" credit agency they want to.. and id be much happier paying a collection agency than to pay Verizon directly. So has it.. they outsource my debt to a collection agency..They were nice enough to cut my return cost out of my debt, and I payed 60 dollars without a 175 early cancellation fee... just goes to show you that its probably easier to deal with a collection agency than some fucking morons over at Verizarape. RGDS and much hate to all who apposes... rott in hell scumbags

- Friday, March 17, 2006 at 14:55:04 (EST)
At the recommendation of a friend (who has apparently been very lucky so far), I signed up with Verizon. Bought a big 2-year contract, $215 phone, etc. The guy supposedly didn't have the working equipment to transfer my phonebook from my old phone, but told me I could go to another store to have it done, and he would reverse the $10 charge. He also said he'd waive the $35 activation fee and the first month's TXTMSG fee.

Got it home and guess what - it didn't work in my home! (I even gave it 10 days to make sure.) I returned everything properly within 12 days (I had 15 days). My only bill should have been for the prorated portion of the $40 monthly rate (plus all of the extra taxes, fees, surcharges, etc.)

My first bill was a nice $297.86!! This included:
$ 16.77 monthly plan rate (pro-rated)
$ 21.60 usage fees (minutes used) *
$ 1.25 TXT MSG plan rate (pro-rated) *
$ 6.14 fee for text messages sent *
$ 10.75 phonebook transfer fee *
$ 35.00 activation fee *
$175.00 termination charge *
$ 31.35 taxes & surcharges on above **

* These fees should not have been charged!
** These fees would have to be recalculated My first call was answered (eventually) by an incredibly rude and belligerent employee who absolutely refused to listen to my point of view and kept demanding that I pay the $297. I kept arguing with her for about 10 minutes before I was transferred to somebody else who, to their credit, was very understanding and reasonable. She dropped the erroneous charges (*) and recalculated the rest, and eventually sent me the correct bill (5 WEEKS later!) for $24.37

Another note: When I saw the first bill, I ignored it for a while foolishly thinking they would catch it and recalculate and send me a new bill. A 2nd bill did come 12 days after the first. It was for the same $297.86, but no longer included any of the itemized fees since it was a dead account. This is one of the tricks they try to use - destroy as much of the details as possible to muddle the situation. The first person I spoke with said those details were unavailable, therefore nothing could be done. The second person "found" the original statement immediately.

The lessons: Know your rights and what terms you agreed to. Get them in writing if you can. Stick to your guns; don't give in to their tactics. It was a battle, but it was worth not spending $273!
Also, always make copies of everything before you return it.

- Friday, March 17, 2006 at 02:18:43 (EST)
When you finally get through to a real person, they treat you like you are an idiot and have no rights! What a nice way to treat your customers!

- Friday, March 17, 2006 at 02:15:59 (EST)
I am one of those outsorced techs you people speak about. I get paid 10 bucks an hour. I take calls for tech support. Yes, Verizon is a difficult company to deal with, I understand your feelings, all of you. I do sympathize with you when you call in, in the cases that Verizon has screwed you. I understand, and I am sorry - I cant express my true emotions on the phone with you, I cannot tell you that yes, Verizon just screwed you over and you should switch to comcast. Verizon is a big company, too big for its own good. We simply cannot handle the customer base we have. Its true, you call us for help, we dont have the power to help you. Its not that we wont, or dont want to, we simply dont have the power to. We cant escalate anything, heres why: When you call us for help, tech help, or order status, all we are capable of dooing is creating a note, with your DSL number on it, your name, and a phone number we can phone you at. With that created, (in a propriatary system that we have no control over and can only fill in the blanks) - we click "save" and it goes off through the internet to be managed by non-humans. I mean, its handled by systems. The first problem with this, - lets pretend the over worked underpaid telephone slave that takes your call, has been screamed at by everyone that Verizon has screwed, we have a Que of telephone calls lined up, somewhere in the hundreds, and there are not enough of us to take all those calls. We are pressured by our management to keep each call under 15 minutes, and we cannot hang up on you no matter what. (More about this below) - now, we are stressed, yes. We mistype your DSL number. 0951 instead of 0591. Its a mistake, but we have to get this ticket done because after you hang up, we have about 30 seconds of time to get your ticket off before the next call. So, the system that I spoke of, the computer that takes the ticket we made, reads the number we typed wrong. It closes your ticket. You dont hear from us untill you call in later, and we tell you the ticket is closed. You ask us why it was closed. We pull up the notes on the ticket, and you know what it says? "Ticket closed". Notes? nope. You yell. We have nothing to say to you. When tickets get closed for various reasons, there are not detailed notes on why. Next, about hanging up. The center I work in, uses VOIP phones. We have about 300 phones constantly used, and we know we dont have the bandwidth for it. Our dropped call rate is outrageous. Our systems timeout when we access databases. Our systems constantly fail. Often, we have to reboot our computers when your on the phone with us. This isnt fun. Now, that ticket: Lets pretend a ticket does get through to the "maintenance department". It sits in a que with about a thousand more tickets. There are about 3 centers, one for the west, one for the east, and one for New Jersey. This place takes those tickets, tests your line, skims the notes we created, and forwards it to your area's tech center. That tech center which is overloaded with repair and install requests, now has to dispatch a tech. These techs are overworked and underpaid. They get a large, obscene dump of tickets and dispatch requests each day, and because each issue usually ends up beeing far worse then anyone thought - it takes them time to physically repair lines, install wrecked jacks, and ofcourse, deal with impatient dissatisfied customers. I want to point out to you also, that our supervisors are not techs. Techs get put on the phones. Our supervisors cannot help you, and when they take your complaints and requests and whatnot, they simply make a note with what you said, and stick it to your file. Thats where it goes. Who sees it? Us, when you call in next time. Thats it man. When you ask us to expedite somthing, somtimes we say things like "i will do my best" and "no problem, ill take care of it" - what we mean to say is "I cant, I simply do not have access to do anything for you" We listen to what you have to say, and we type out a note about what transpired during the call. We save that note to a file that is in a database, tied to your DSL number, VZID, Account Number, etc. We can troublshoot some things with you. We are not allowed to do things like setting up networks, and dealing with computer issues. There is ofcourse, a blur between what we can and cannot do. We can configure your modem, aslong as you got it from verizon. We can configure your router, aslong as its a linksys you got from Verizon. We can configure one computer hardwired to the internet through one of our modems, or, one computer hardwired through a modem (ours) and a linksys (ours) We can also configure a wireless computer for you, if you have a Westell 327 Gateway modem. Nothing else. Its not our fault, if we step outside our support boundaires, to try and go that extra mile to help you out (and yes, most of the techs you speak to are more then capable of solving your problems) - we get penalized, written up, and dismissed (last resort). So, you see, the tech you speak to can do nothing for you, unless you just want orderstatus (and if the order is screwed up, we cant do anything else) - and, configure basic stuff. I dont know why Verizon does this to us. Some of us are capable of resolving your issue over the phone with you, but were simply not allowed to. Other times, we are just not able to do anything. Why do I work where I do? Because, although I have a solid education, (and I work along side many who have various degrees) - this is the best paying job that I can get, in my city. I could move to another town, I suppose, leave my family behind, etc. But, that costs a great deal of money, which, Im working on. Do I like my job? - You know, although I deal with hundreds of people in a shift, and about one or two of them is happy, I do somtimes get to deal with technical stuff, which I like, and I get paid more then I did when I was a stockboy, and I work beside friends. So I would say yes. Do I enjoy telling you bad news? Ofcourse not. When you call in, and tell me you are loosing money at your business, because you cannot run credit cards, cannot order inventory, and other things, because your 99% guranteed SHDSL business line has been down for 3 weeks, - then I pull your account up on my system, and now I have to tell you, Verizon screwed up, you have to re-order. How do you think I feel? It happens, and its hard. Im just tryin to earn a living, and proceed with my life. I wont be dooing this forever, but its what Im dooing now. Its unfortunate you have to put up with this, I understand Verizon is the Monopoly in some areas, and you have no choice. I really feel sorry for you. I just wanted to voice my end of things, I dont worry if you flame me for it. (PS: If you dont know the difference between a DELL computer, and a Westell Modem, perhaps you need to ask yourself, seriously, why do you need DSL?) Take care people, and good luck.

- Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 23:56:43 (EST)
Don't even talk about customer service! I waited all day for a technical person to fix my line. They had to service in home. I was told anywhere between 8 and 7pm. That was Wednesday, today is Thursday and they have yet to show up. Had the nerve to call me and ask if the other line was working yesterday! Ummmm...NO!!!!, okay we will have a tech out in the evening! Not!!!! Today, I am still waiting. I will not call customer service again...Too ticked off! I will write instead!

- Thursday, March 16, 2006 at 15:21:48 (EST)
I Just moved to a new complex by toll brothers . There was no cable yet in the area. I opened just a local line for internet only and asked verizon to but a block on it for tolls and long distance which i would sign up later. They set th account up with toll and long distance plan 5c a min with no block. My son clicked the wrong town which was a toll call on the aol setup. If the block was on it would not have gone through. They charged me 130.00 for jan and 485.00 for feb. Never sent the bill until march 03. Noone will take responsibility for setting the account up wrong in customer service or the business center. I told them to go back to the recored line and they said not all calls are recored. SO since the account was set up wrong Im scewed now and they will not credit any of it. I refuse to pay this for their mistake. I will send them a letter and contact my office here in NJ to make a complaint. I had 5 homes in the past and I never would put a 5c a mim plan on for long distance I always had 39.00 unlimtted plan. the management is rude and are not profesional. Colleen Christiansen, Princeton NJ

- Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 13:16:38 (EST)
Verizon will double sometimes even triple your bill. So BEWARE OF VERIZON!!!!!!! Verizon can be it's worst enemy. Verizon don't care who you are or what you have, they will trample over you in an instant. Check your bills, check out every small detail before signing any thing. If you don't go online to to receive information about the company. Someone Taken Advantage Of BE CAREFUL BE VERY CAREFUL, IT'S LIKE A WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Wednesday, March 08, 2006 at 15:34:50 (EST)

- Wednesday, March 08, 2006 at 01:18:36 (EST)
To the individual who wrote below this.....--- I just read your story w/ Verizon... and you just said it yourself... I would like to add my fiance line to my account. Thats what you said you told Verizon. Which they did, correct? At no time did you say, "I'd like to add my fiances line to my account, as a family share plan for 9.99 per month." I didn't see you write that anywhere below, in which what you told Verizon. Therefore, they did what you asked of them. Suck it up, baby! Handle your shit, and know what you're paying for, before you authorize it or agree to it, get it in WRITING! If not, the laugh is on you! You signed the agreement-(name change) correct? If so, that's your own problem. Be a man, and deal with it! Would you buy a car or a house, and agree to a loan or mortage without agreeing to the Terms and Conditions?? I would hope not. Same things goes w/ cell phones, they both require a contract, right??

- Tuesday, March 07, 2006 at 21:29:18 (EST)
Add a line for 9.99? I called Verizon Wireless and told them I would like to add my fiance's number to my account. I told them we were doing this to save some money as we are getting ready for our wedding. They told me they would send a form in the mail to sign and send back. The form came in the mail and I just about needed a lawyer to understand it. There were about 500 empty boxes. I called cust serv and told them i needed some help filling it out. They asked me if i could go into a store and i said sure. I went in to the Verizon store in Cordele, GA and told them what i needed. They came out with a form that had just a few blanks on it that was very easy to understand. Anyway, got the form filled out and left it at the store. Her next couple of bills came with no changes, as did mine. Finally on the third month, her bill came in as "0" amount due. My bill doubled! Bear in mind this was like a 3 month process from the time I first called Verizon to the time the form came in and they sent me to the store. And another 3 months until the bills actually changed at all. So, now i've got a huge bill. I call verizon to find out the deal and they said that i never asked to change calling plans to a shared plans, i just asked to add her line to my account. So, basically they just added her plan to my plan, doubling it. I told them that when i called i told the rep that we wanted to save money. You can't very well save money if the bills are exactly the same as they were. I didn't know about the shared minutes plan. No one bothered to mention that. I asked her for some credit on my bill and she said that they still hadn't received the paperwork for the swapover. I asked her how did the bills get combined with out the paperwork? She told me that she would call me back. She didn't of course. I called back the next day. The paperwork had now magically appeared and no one would give me any consideration for wanting to add a line. Definitely no credit. She offerred me 30 minutes free. I said shove it up your ass. I told her to go ahead and change my calling plan to the shared plan. Well, the next two months i have to call and ask for my bill to be adjusted because we had still not been changed over to the shared plan. Awful customer service. 3 times i asked for a manager, got sent to voice mail. still have never heard back from ANYONE. Verizon has lost me as a return customer, and i hope everyone will give them a taste of their own medicine by not renewing your contracts.

- Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 17:43:24 (EST)
If Verizon cared about people, they wouldn't outsource their DSL tech support to Grapevine, TX; Odessa, TX; Birmingham, AL; Columbus, OH; Fishers, IN; London, ON; Thunder Bay, ON; Thousand Oaks, CA; Tijuana, Mexico; and Novaliches, Philippines. Maybe if we unionised, we could show them who's who....

- Sunday, March 05, 2006 at 00:10:39 (EST)
This is not a story but a statement to all Verizon customers.......... For goodness sakes people; please remember when you are calling into Verizon and talking to a rep that yes........we can hear your toilet flush GROSS

- Tuesday, February 28, 2006 at 22:21:19 (EST)
WireFly and T-Mobile are just as is purely buyer beware I signed up for a TMobile plan with $250 in rebates if you filed everything exactly betwwen 150 and 180 days correctly. One of my bills was underpaid by $10 and the next month I made up the difference...That was enough for to deny me the rebate. There is no way to contact Wirefly except for writing them at an address that you have to get from Tmobile. I did write to them and they sent me back a 7 word reply saying: "rebate denied, account not paid in full." Now I am an extremely dissatisfied with both Wirefly and especially TMobile for not offering any recourse...special offers of new phones, more minutes, etc. I am in the process of reporting this story to the FCC and every consumer organization out there. Thanks, Rolf

- Monday, February 27, 2006 at 19:50:45 (EST)
VERIZON'S NEW NAME- SATAN'S ANUS. Okay i feel imature, but better!

- Monday, February 27, 2006 at 16:20:58 (EST)
Verizon Wireless calls it EASY MOVE? I've had their terrible service for over 4 years, I've moved 4 times, and every time has been a disaster. They start my committment over every time,because it a new number and "it's policy" they screwed up my credit (by not telling you that they will not forward the billing to your new number) The kicker was, I was in Hurricane Katrina and didn't have service for over a month. They said they would credit me, only if I kept my new orleans number,,,,, WOW! I had to evacuate and now live in Portland, Why would I want a New Orleans number just to get credit?! I would like to see the interview process for the employees that work there... Interviewer: " Do you have a problem watching people cry, and saying NO no matter what the situation is?" Applicant: "No sir, infact I thrive on it." They have successfully locked us in, it would be over 350 bucks to get out of it, and there is NOTHING you can do. I've gotten to the point of the employees even saying "yes, that is something we need to change in our policy, or we DO need to work on that.... but do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for my case. I would love to see these guys go down, in a serious way.

- Monday, February 27, 2006 at 15:50:32 (EST)
Tonight, my wife and I tried to log a second computer onto Verizon Avenue highspeed internet service. What a stupid, over engineered way of fucking the customer. If I did not have to use Verizon, I would NEVER buy its service. It is the worst example of a piece of shit Fortune 100 company which does not give a rats ass about the customer. F*ck Verizon.

- Monday, February 27, 2006 at 02:14:58 (EST)
Signed 2 year contract with verizon cell phone service. Now: 6 months later have not made a successful phone call that the other ende does not say" you are breaking up, I can't understand you" or "we must have a bad connection I can't understand you". Cost $44.++ per month.

- Friday, February 24, 2006 at 16:54:23 (EST)
I had Verizon it killed my cat.

- Wednesday, February 22, 2006 at 14:08:59 (EST)
A Telephonic Voyage through the Intestines of the Bohemoth, Part I About two months ago, I wanted to do something quite simple: move my place of residence, and change my accounts to reflect the move. I made calls to all my accounts--electricity, gas, banks, etc--and was either on-line or on the phone for no more than a few minutes with each. Then I got to Verizon. After navigating a menu system apparently not designed to handle most of the types of calls phone companies get, I was put on hold to wait for a live one. I held to Barry Manilow's "Feelings." I held to "You Don't Bring Me Flowers." I held to "Afternoon Delight," and five or six more of the worst songs in the annals of shlock rock. Then, twenty minutes later, somebody answered. As I began to explain what I wanted to do, this being said, "Just a second, got to check the catalog." The catalog? I thought. Then the line went dead. Yes, the fuck hung up on me. I called a again, navigated the menus, waited about ten minutes to some kind of country-western-pederast music--must have been a Kentucky call center--and this new person tells me that I have to establish a new number (though I'm only moving a couple of miles down the road), and we go through the motions of setting up a new account. By the time I'm done, I've clocked forty minutes on the project...But, at least I'm done...Or so I think. The weeks flow by. I make the move. I check the phone--no dial tone. I call Verizon from my office. I survive fifteen minutes of the lowest circle of music hell and ask the person who answers why my line isn't working. I'm told I'll have to establish another number. Why? The person says that I'm not listed under the new number I was given. The person says that I'll have to establish a new number. I go through the whole process again. Establish a new account. Pick a new number. I've clocked about an hour total by the time we get it taken care of. Then I wait a week. No dial tone. What the fuck? I call Verizon. I hold through the Boston Pops version of "Wipeout." I get a Betty who says that under the phone number I've given her there is no record of my name. She says she's going to transfer me to someone in billing, and before I can bray "Wait!" I'm listening to the theme song of Gilligan's Island. I wait and wait. Love American Style, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Dukes of Hazard, The Mod Squad... I'm clocking at least 40 minutes by now. Someone answers. I give him my number. He says I'm not listed under that number. I ask to change it. He says he'll have to transfer me to a dispatcher, because it's something wrong with the line itself. He transfers me. I have read most of what Kafka had to write, but this...this...this was worse. Reality is usually worse than fiction. But here the existential isolation and helplessness had a dimension of stupidity and bad taste to it. I waited and waited. I got a guy in the field somewhere. I told him my problem. He was puzzled. Why was I calling him? He transferred me back to billing. I held through some orchestral rendering of Wham, or some other enormously popular new-wave group from 80s. Someone from billing picked up. I was told that someone else would have to change the number I was assigned. I hung up. I looked at the clock. I had started at 10:30 a.m. and it was now 12:00 noon. Does it end here? No. Not in the least. There's more to come, so stay tuned for Part II.

- Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 14:13:31 (EST)
Oh, and by the way, Ivan Seidenberg, if you're reading this, I was a Bell Atlantic/Verizon enployee for a decade, and I just wanted to tell you to choke on a fat c*ck, you thieving, worthless, sack of sh*t.

- Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 12:21:30 (EST)
Well sh*t. I work at Verizon. I make $9/hr. If that's overpaid, then Idk wtf you're talking about! My mother makes $18/hr. sitting on her ass being a secretary. I have to deal w/ morons all day long. Yes, morons. 95% of the people who call into my work are so stupid they can't even hook up their DSL when the THREE basic instructions are given to them. Trust me, the customers are just as stupid as my co-workers.

- Monday, February 20, 2006 at 23:56:38 (EST)
Rob...well on the way to smoking I Currently Work For Verizon,i Too f*cking hate the company , People should know that the service almost always goes down,and i mean sometimes its just becouse someone doesnt do their job to the tip i have for you if you still have The service. I Work For Tech Support.what we can do... 1-make a conenction,if we cant its out of support boundrys. 2-Nothing More. Billing (Everyone hates them). 1-Pay your bill intime,chances are it will still get suspended If Phone bill is payed and you pay the dsl through their...billing wont get the info until You Call,and it will still get suspended on none pay. once you speak with them you have to wait about 5 days for it to be back up,if your lucky. 2-new orders CANCELL IT NOW MCO 3-MCO ,they dont do anything but close the tickets that we make to fix your issues on the line,Why? access hours (even if their there) TO make this Short The only People that Can help You ,is Yourself by changing services

- Monday, February 20, 2006 at 14:29:44 (EST)
F*ck Verizon... I was a verizon employee for ten years. All they did was sh*t on customers... I didn't, because I was raised right. Unions suck... management isn't worth shit, because verizon promotes f*ck-ups... and the only people who care are dead or stressed out. Again, F*CK VERIZON. I HOPE YOU ALL LOOSE YOUR PENSIONS, YOU LAZY F*CKERS.

- Monday, February 20, 2006 at 11:00:46 (EST)
For all you TREO users: I got carried away one month learning to surf the web on my phone, and when I got the bill it was $600!!! Yikes!! Since I was a pretty consistant, long time customer, they knocked like $400 off. But more importantly, they switched me to a plan with more minutes and also switched it so that when I reached my kilobyte limit, or whatever it's called, instead of getting charged per excess kilobyte, it just starts using my regular airtime minutes. I surf & talk a lot, & so far I never gone over and my bills are fine. Check it out!

- Monday, February 20, 2006 at 08:02:05 (EST)
I have a Verizon Business account with 3 phone lines with Business DSL on one line. In Nov '05 they started charging me for DSL on two line so when the bill came in Dec. '05 I called them to cancel one line that I did not want, support person told me no problem gave me a ticket# and said she will credit my account for the one DSL line I never ordered. In Jan. '06 I got a call from their collection department for not paying part of the bill. I explained to the collection agent that it is bacause of the issue related to billing for 2 DSL lines. She was nice enough to get a billing person on a conferene to resolve the issue. Now the billing person is telling me that she cannot give me credit for Nov '05 over billing becuase I did not report the issue till Dec '05...remember the bill for Nov '05 is not sent out till Dec '05. After hour and a half she agrees to credit my account for 2 months worth of over billing and had to open another tickt to cancel the extra DSL line because it was not done. So in mid Jan '06 they got around to cancelling the extra DSL line...of couse they cancelled DSL on the wrong line when I had given them every piece of infromation needed to cancel the right one. now what...well they cannot reactivate it, I have to place a new order, but cannot place a new order on that line becuase the cancel is still pending in their system. I call back few days later and place a new order and had have the DSL cancelled on the extra line one more time. Now two weeks later call to find our my order status because their online order status check reports as order should have been filled yesterday. I call one more time, DSL technician tells me there is still DSL cancel pending one the extra line and our cental office had an error when they tried to start up DSL on the correct line. She looks at the log and tell me it is because they are upto capacity. What does that mean?...they cannot fill my order because there is no more capacity. I asked what my options were and only thing they can do is try to activate my DSL again and hope there is extra capacity at that time or I would have place a completely new order and see if they have additional capacity when they try to fill that order. Bottom line...Four months and several hours on the phone with them...I still don't know if I got credit for extra charges, if they are still charging me for extra DSL line and I don't have DSL at all. By the way...did I mention this is a business account for which they charge arm and a leg. I still haven't lost my cool, hoping things will come out right.

- Friday, February 17, 2006 at 09:48:07 (EST)

- Thursday, February 16, 2006 at 15:16:18 (EST)
To the fucker who claims that all of the verizon workers should move the south border?? guess what???? we are already there fucker!!!& we are not going to die because of it just simply deal or die with it!!! THEPASERFROMTIJUANAMEXICO

- Wednesday, February 15, 2006 at 17:41:42 (EST)
I LOVE ALL THE VERIZON EMPLOYEES THAT RESPOND TO THIS SITE!! Give up you Dumb ass overpaid union workers!!! Get a real job,because your's is the next to go South of the border like GM @ Ford.Time for you to stop whining and treat someone like you think you should be treated!!!!!!!! Instead of how much can I make @ how little time must I put in,OH Yea..........WHO NEEDS CUSTOMERS ANYWAY?????????????

- Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 16:10:34 (EST)
NEED HOME SERVICE ?????????????????? call Trinsic anytime,anywhere

- Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 15:56:02 (EST)
Well,as a 30+ year patron of VZ home,cell,DSL I can tell you,ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.Through the years of overbilled home calls and outragous cell bills for unauthorized charges,it finally came to a head !!!! I have DSL VZ @ work,my private e-mail has my home phone # attatched to it.Everyone knows the amount of junk e-mail you can get in a days time ! Delete delete etc.GUESS WHAT ?? that doesn't work anymore.I noticed before Christmas that there was this internet charge on my home phone.I sit @ a PC all day,I don,t have either PC even hooked up @ home! Well 3 mths go by and I see this e-mail about the charge for this scam,probably because they weren't getting there $ from VZ.So I opened it up,got the phone # @ called,supposed to get a credit? then called VZ,HUH that's where the fun starts.They want the amount that's on the bill @ that's that.Wonder why VZ DSL is hooked up on this SCAM to milk customer's out of $ with NO authorization.BY BY VERIZON home,cell's and crooks!!!! They are not the only game in town !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am willing to pay more $$$$$ for HONEST service

- Tuesday, February 14, 2006 at 15:48:38 (EST)
Verizon is driving me nuts. I have a cell phone family plan and when I asked to have them change my maiden name to my married name on the account, they switched my account and told me that it extended my contract by another 2 years. When I initially changed my plan to a family plan, when I was first married, the sales rep said no problem at the store and said he took care of it as he set up the account. He never changed the name on my account and then when I initially called about it they said that is fine I just need to send a notarized copy of my marriage license. . I mail the request to them, when got a notarized copy of my marriage license. I called and asked them about a month after mailing the request and they told me it was in process. I finally received a notice in the mail 2 months after that acknowledging my new 2 year contract as of a couple of days earlier! I immediately called Verizon and said that I received a letter in error, stating that I opened a new contract. The sales rep said that I had authorized a new account in my married name by requesting a name change. I told them that I did not want a new contract that I only want to change my name on the existing contract. The rep told me the only way to change my name on the contract was to open a new account. Therefore, I told them I did not want to open a new account or change my name I would just wait until the original contract was up. They told me I could not do that, the only way to terminate my contract was to pay the early termination fee for both of my phones and open a new account in my maiden name but I would have to show proof of name change! I asked them why would I have to pay an early termination fee if they just switched my account to my married name "opening a new 2 year contract" without charging an early termination fee to my original account. They told me it was a one-time courtesy for getting married. I gave up... so the next time my bill showed up it had my maiden name on the account! Therefore, I called and asked them how my name was incorrect on the account and the circle started over again with a rep telling me to submit a notarized marriage license indicating my married name! I give up, but I will not renew my account when my account is up in a little less than 2 years. In addition, the same thing happened to my parents when my brother's phone stopped working. Because he was passed his one-year warrantee, they would have to buy a new phone at the regular rate. They asked if they could reactivate my old phone and they said it was out of date. (This is 4 months after I had bought my new phone about the same time I was dealing with the maiden/married name thing, but my phone was supposedly no longer supported?) Anyway, they bought my brother the cheapest phone and when they activated the guessed it...Verizon extended my parents contract for 2 more years. My parents tried unsuccessfully to fight them by indicating that they did not damage the phone it just stopped working and that had they not bought the new phone they would have been paying for a phone that did not exist!

- Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 15:50:25 (EST)
I had the Verizon Freedom Plan for my home phone with unlimited long distance. They sent me a notice stating I had gone over my limit for my unlimited long distance plan and if I didn't call them by a certain date they would switch my plan. I called them and thought everything was ok. Well they switched my plan a month later. I now have a $500+ PHONE BILL! I called them back and they stated that the unlimited Long distance was for person to person calls not for internet dial-up. I have no local dialup where, I live. I've loked and looked into the contract and can't find anywhere that was stated. Anybody else have this happen? Is there a class action lawsuit?

- Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 13:11:40 (EST)
Seriously...switch to Cingular or at least a GSM operator. Service and prices are just about the same, but with GSM, you get better phones, and SIM cards so you can swap phones at will. I have three phones that serve different purposes, and it's nice to be able to pop the SIM out and change my phone out. Enjoyed the site, keep up the good work! cellularaddict

- Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 12:20:10 (EST)
Hey.. I want to start by saying that I am disabled, with HIV, since 1990, and luckily Im mostly healthy at the current moment but the stress this issue with Verizon has caused me I know is not good.. Anyway I am a Verizon cust. who signed up for DSL, was told my line qualified, and never recieved the package (order'd in October). but the operator was so nice she offered me this kool plan which lets u call anywhere in the country unlimited for roughly $35 a month. So, for the moment I was happy.. they have never contacted me since regarding my initial order (for DSL) and still i have not recieved it (today is 2/11/06). Making a long story short I let a friend stay w/me, he made a few calls to the phillipines while i slept using a calling card. Each of these calls was billed to me @ $4.59 a minute! My bill is now 6,500 and change!!! After calling them repeatedly, they say they can do nothing about this, in spite of the fact that one of their reps promised me they would pro-rate my bill if i signed up for a long distance plan which would cover the calls (I did..)... and they didn't... thanks Verizon. Nice way to do business!!!!!!!!! The calls cost YOUR company much closer to 16 cents a minute!! NOT 4.50.. U R Just being GREEDY!! I never knew u could do absolutely nothing, (except try to be nice 2 someone).. and wake up with a 6,500 dollar bill!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE GREEDY PEOPLE!

- Saturday, February 11, 2006 at 09:02:23 (EST)
Verizon was our first wireless plan. We always had "issues" with billing but we felt they tried to "correct" these as much as they could. So we decided to sign up again when our plan expired. BIG MISTAKE. I am quite careful with how I spend my money and am EXTREMELY cautious of not being over-charged for anything. Since renewing my plan with Verizon last year it's been IMPOSSIBLE to keep my wireless bill in line with what I should be paying. Where are those "billable" minutes coming from??!!!??! I AM COUNTING AND KEEPING TRACK OF ALL MINUTES TO MAKE SURE MISTAKES DON"T HAPPEN YET I'M OVER CHARGED CONSTANTLY ... Congratulations win. This company will, I pray, get what it deserves. They are a BUNCH OF CROOKS. Thanks for listening, I feel a little bit better, just a little.

- Wednesday, February 08, 2006 at 02:09:58 (EST)
I had called VZW customer service. I had a problem with my phone bill (long story). Was told that the mistake would be corrected. Well, the mistake wasn't corrected. It ended up costing me over $300.00 -- for a bill that should have only been about $100.00. Talk about rip-off. To top it off, their service was horrible.

- Sunday, February 05, 2006 at 20:33:01 (EST)
Twice in the past I have tried to get DSL service. My line was prequalified both times, and on both occasions the order was cancelled just before my service ready date because they couldn't "provision" me, which to my understanding is making space at the central office. One would think that if they couldn't provision, they'd maintain a waiting list for those would like to be provisioned, but NO! Well, let's fast forward to present day. My order with DSL has supposedly been activated, but two days after the Service Ready Date, I've yet to see my activation kit. I called DSL orders (after getting passed through four or five different intermediaries) and after speaking with a CSR I get an automated message telling me that my SRD is 1/31 and the order was shipped on 1/26. TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW! Then the automated computer asks me to say "AGENT" if I want to speak with an agent. Alright...but it can't understand me. I speak good english, in fact, it is my native language and I like to think I'm a fairly literate citizen. I finally get to speak to a human being, after nearly an half hour on the phone. She disappears for a few minutes to find out where my package is. Come to find out, it was shipped USPS instead of UPS, to a totally different shipping address than I had given the company. I repeated this THREE different times, and if they would have told me they were going to have it shipped USPS instead of UPS in the first place, I could have had it sent to my post office box. Now, the package is floating around in the USPS system somewhere. How this company can screw up THIS BAD is completely unfathomable to me. I am going to be unbelievably patient and wait a few more days, assuming it will be sent back to them and then re-mailed to me. I'm down to the last straw, and if this company screws me over again, they will lose a wireless, home phone, and DSL customer. I'm out of contract with VZW now, and I will not hesitate to leave and never look back. I have never dealt with such terrible customer service, such long wait times, and an overall incompetent company in my life.

- Thursday, February 02, 2006 at 15:50:30 (EST)
I had their service for over five years over priced at 39.95 for 100/300 plus taxs etc. The final nail was a sneaky $5.00 late fee that was placed on my account (it was like 2% in the prior months if late). So I called up Custard Service and asked for it to be removed being it was like one day late. The girl told me no, so I hung up, called back and disconnected the service, that took less than 5 seconds. Went to pay-per-minute with Virgin and haven't looked back. Wish I could do that with my Home phone line. Anyone,,,anyone...

- Thursday, February 02, 2006 at 06:35:03 (EST)

- Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 23:35:30 (EST)
Man, Verizon is such a good ISP to me, all you whiners think you got it hard? try AOL for a blasted change, all you wankers have it so good you don't know whats bad. PS OMG LEIK ALL YOU ARE GETTING PWNED BY VERIZON!!!!!!11!!!one!!shift + 1!!

- Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 19:56:55 (EST)
your all a bunch off dumb asses that dont now anything

- Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 19:44:54 (EST)
im a verizon DSL Technical Support agent and all your base are belong to me.

- Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 19:41:34 (EST)
August of 2005 we added an extra line for my father in law. He decided he didn't want it so we returned the phone under the 30 days. Next bill i got punished with over 1,100 extra text messages on the bill. I complained and told them no why, Their said tuff. The last bill I got had $900. worth of extra phone calls. Again no way. I am a disabled veteran and spend most of my time at home with makes these bills a ripoff, as I have Verizon freedom for my home phone service. I can make as many phone calls as I like anyway or time in the US. Why would I run up a large cell phone bill. I only got the phone in case of a emergency the few times a month I go out. Verison wireless needs to be investigated ASAP but don't hold your breath with the folks in Washington.

- Wednesday, February 01, 2006 at 19:38:32 (EST)
After 3 years with Verizonwireless, ive weathered the Bluetooth crippling, Billing errors etc..But the last draw was when Verizon wireless going to a 'Standard User Interface' on on all there Non pda smartphones going forward..I had a Motorola E815 but wanted the Razor, low and behold it has the Garbage LG user interface, menu keys removed, Navigation keys uncustomizable! They have made the decision to totally remove or Skin over the phones Menu's with this LG looking standard User Interface, i have had it with them, i ported to Cingular and am loving total Wireless Freedom in the features of my handsets..Instead of being with a company thats trying to squeeze every last drop out of the turnip! They are total control freaks and until they release customers from Software tampering i will never give them my 100+ Dollars again! Rob M.

- Monday, January 30, 2006 at 20:03:17 (EST)
Verizon Wireless does not have unlimited text messaging. Only unlimited Verizon to Verizon text messaging, and HELLO, this would not apply to international text messaging, being that Verizon Wireless is a USA based cellular provider only! And yes, kilobyte usage does cost extra with a PDA device that is capible of utilizing MB usage and internet services!! Add the unlimited package for 44.99 and use all you want...! Text messaging would not apply to this package being that text messaging does not utilize internet time, it is simply a message you are sending! And please everyone, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TEXT MESSAGING PACKAGE AND CHOOSE TO UTILIZE THIS FEATURE, IT IS 0.10 for EACH MESSAGE YOU SEND AND RECIEVE!!! International Text messaging is 0.25 to send and 0.10 to recieve!

- Monday, January 30, 2006 at 17:05:48 (EST)
Got charged $56.00 for 30 kilobyte internet search on a 650 Treo. Block this feature now.International text messaging is not included in free text messaging.

- Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 18:29:40 (EST)
I will make this as quick and painless as possible (which is more than I can say about Verizon). Last fall I placed an order for Verizon DSL and initial service ready date was about ten days later. The night before the ready date, we received a call that it wouldn't be for another week that it would be hooked up, then on the night before that they called (when I say they, I do mean a machine of course) and said it would be yet another week. At this point I was getting mad, because then, yet again, the night before we received a call saying that it would be another 30 days. Now I just calmed down and figured, well it is the holiday season, maybe they just got too much to handle. The night before the quote 'ready date' we received ANOTHER call saying it would be another 30 days. I immediately called the rep and was given the go around about how they were having trouble with the line not passing the test. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited for another thirty days, which brings me to tonight. Monday I am suppose to have DSL, or so I thought, the phone rang and I new exactly what it was, it will be yet another week until the service is ready. I called Verizon again, but this time I spoke to a half intelligent employee (yes apparently they have them). According to him, he sees no reason why it is taking three months to hook up, in fact six days after the order, the order was set to be physically hooked up outside the house to finalize it. He said that the only reason it has not been done is just because no one has gone to hook it up. But wait, it gets better. The satellite office where all of their trucks are dispatched from is not 5 minutes WALKING down the street from me. I just don't know what to do I give up, if one of these sorry crews can't just stop on there way back to their station (which I see them do every day) and hook up my DSL, I don't think it can get any easier for them. Well, I am sorry, because like Verizon I said I would be quick, but unfortunately I have taken up too much of your time.

- Friday, January 27, 2006 at 18:09:46 (EST)
Oh... that I wish it were a short story. My phone was stolen. Verizon forced me to sign a 2 year contract or pay Retail Price ($279 instead of $69). Then the next month - I was on vacation - they charged me for overages in the amount of $260. The phone calls, ten minute holds, need to call a different department... wised me up to take copious notes. Then, I started asking them to read what notes they had. They didn't even bother. Then they wouldn't credit me for the overages unless I increased my plan from $59 to $79 (despite the fact that I was scared to even use my 950 minutes due to overages and overbilling possibilities. They finally credited it, then charged me $99 plan and an additional $89. I wrote, called - no response but form letters and ruder sales people. Then the executive level says they reviewed my account and the charges were valid. I called the FCC and filed a complaint. Verizon disconnected my phone - despite the fact that one of the letters I stated I wouldn't pay til they addressed the billing errors - as they were compounding to the point of total confusion and unless immediately dealt with would become so confusing no one could figure it out. I asked them not to disconnect my phone and to resolve the issue promptly. PS - did I mention they said i had to get a subpoena to get the calls made from unknown areas which resulted in the overbilling in the first place? So I had no defense whatsoever, no response - just threatening form letters and DISCONNECTION. I'm a realtor. I've lost over $19400 in commissions, paid to get a new cell phone and business cards and signs.... Is it me? Or is this hell? What happened to consumer protections? Now I am getting threats from Verizon to report me to a collection agency and ruin my credit. If you have problems: 1) Contact the FCC and file a complaint. 2) If they send you to collections - contact FTC - they have jurisdiction. 3) If they lie to you in person - file a complaint against the store with the Attorney General for your state. 4) If you can't get satisfaction - Picket the damn store and let other unsuspecting victims know. 5) Share with all your friends: DO NOT TRUST anything they say. Make them show you every promise as it is written in their contracts!!!!!!!!!! THIS CONSUMER ABUSE MUST STOP. It is resulting in loss of income, productivity, and medical health issues to frustrate the consumer with this type of bureaucratic circle jerk. How can our government have authorized laws which allow this type of consumer fraud & abuse? Lastly: 6) Call and write your politicians (all of them) and complain about the unfairness of these one sided billing contracts in an age where without cell phones individuals are at a disadvantage.

- Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 17:30:30 (EST)
oh, so you didn't receive your bill for awhile..I'm sorry..sometime Computer do malfunction. Funny though, did you forget you were still using service for that time period wiothout paying for it as well?? Com'on take some responibility! Does your landlord call and give you reminders at the end of the month to tell you rent is due on the first?? I'm sure you have a PHONE, wouldn't it be common sense to call someone and let them know when you don't receive something you expect almost at the same time every month?? You people are a bunch of babies! Grow up!

- Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 22:54:29 (EST)
Incredibly horrible customer service. Their software error cancelled my bill from being sent and then have the guts to tell me it isnt their problem and I called 2 days to late to correct issues ! Issued crdits then cancelled them without telling me! 303 349-1372 Mark. Filed complaints with Attorney Generals office, PUC, and BBB to start with Was told I called 2 days to late to get a credit and it isn’t their fault I didn’t get a bill and I needed to contact the post office as well as I was told that Verizon legally doesn’t have to send a bill so I am out of luck and needed to deal with it and I could be transferred to the credit department to make arrangements as she wouldn’t help me anylonger…… This was a manager named Alicia in Salt lake city ext 2405. I feel I was lied to, devieved, treated poorly and told no matter what problems Verizon has, I have to deal with it as I am under contract and it isn’t a Verizon issue or concern about lying employees, employees with comflicting information, a software glitch and that although the customer agreement says you will send a bill, legally you don’t have to. What the heck is wrong with this company ?

- Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 18:11:47 (EST)
What is so sad about customers is that they are happy w/ their Verizon Wireless service until they receive a high bill for txt messaging usage or overage in minutes. Then they call Verizon Wireless and ask for a break??? Well, since when could you call your electric company, or gas company, or landlord and ask for a "break" because you had an emergency, or whatever excuse you have?? This is the real world people!! Everyone has there own set of problems, that doesn't mean you cannot accept responsiblities for your own actions! You can say, "oh I didn't know my daughter/son was using pix/txt messaging? I didn't know that cost money??" Well, You knew you started that line of service, and handed that device to your child, it is your responsibility as an adult to make sure it stays under control and if it doesn't you have to accept the consequences! That is reality people! I don't get it! You are the one signing up for service w/ them! Know what you are getting into, don't go by what someone "tells" you, get it in writing at all times! This is planet Earth, and there are rules, and responsibilities! Every adult who can sign a contract or accept a cell phone needs to take care of it on their own! Stop calling Verizon every month to try to get something for nothing! And then when we don't give you credit back for those minutes, and you want to disconnect, and theres an ETF, don't bitch about it, it's in your contract that you signed!!! READ READ READ!! Please, I cannot emphasize this enough! Why should a cell phone company be any different than any other company?? Because there are several different carriers??? So?? Go w/ them if you prefer their prices over Verizons! I guarentee your other bill collectors are also not negotiable when it comes to their charges people!!! There are 3 simple steps w/ cell service.... RESEARCH, READ, and BE AWARE! Like any other company you would ever do business with!!!

- Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 13:10:50 (EST)
Hello to the unhappy Verizon Wireless Customer below.. Again, I work at Verizon Wireless, and I can explain what is happen in all areas... First, if your phone is in the "Extended Network" then you can cancel service w/ Verizon Wireless with no ETF...175.00. All you need to do is fax proof of housing in that area such as a lease, mortage, or electric bill., ect. Now, to answer your question about the "Unavailable" calls on your bill. Those are not fraudlent calls, I'll explain why in a moment, but it kills me that when a customer has a high bill they all of a sudden contact us, and say, "oh, I didn't make these calls, they are fraudulent". Yet no one ever complained before this high bill...?? But, anyway... They say "unavailable" because you are in the extended network. What this means is... you are in an area that Verizon TECHNICALLY does not have their own digital service in, they have other contracts w/ other carriers who are licensed in that area such as , US cellular, ALLtel, ect. Therefore when you are recieving an incoming call (and outgoing) it is going thru that carriers towers. When those carriers submit those calls to Verizon to be printed on your bill, they fail to send the incoming callers number and only send the numbers of the outgoing calls, depending on the carrier. They all have their own different procedures with divulging incoming callers numbers onto customers bills due to privacy laws. And plus, because it is consider an extended network, I think there are some other items that fall into play as to why they do not list the incoming callers number. These are main reasons why you are able to cancel w/o an ETF. Verizon Wireless can't always guarentee good service everywhere, (com'on people these are cell phones, not landlines, you can't not always put your cards on a cell phone no matter who the carrier is!) but they can especially not guarentee service in an area that is extended network, because it's not even there network...So, maybe that helps to answer a couple of your questions...:)

- Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 12:40:53 (EST)
Hello everyone! I started out a happy Verizon Wireless customer. Unfortunately I had to move away from the larger city (Milwaukee, WI) where I had complete coverage to a very small town (Mauston, WI) that apparently does not have coverage by VZ even though it is in the colored portion of the Verizon long distance map when they sell you the wonderful America's Choice plan. Now I am not able to check my minutes online or using the *min feature. I am also being charged "delayed usage" minutes for the delay in reporting to verizon towers and have 369 minutes of mysterious "unavailable" numbers charged just to my current bill, which has put me over my minutes for 3 months in a row now. The fraud department first told me they could not track "Unavailable" calls to see if they were fraudulent, but then suddenly could......and it just happened to be another number that I was used to seeing on my bill. She told me that I would see it coming in as an unknown caller on my phone. I HAVE NOT EVER TAKEN A CALL FROM AN UNKNOWN CALLER IN THE LAST 3 MONTHS, but she was going to tell me what I saw on my own phone.....So then in order to avoid being charged another fee to cancel I am supposed to contact the mysterious "offline team" who can only be reached by fax or e-mail, apparently they don't even trust their own phones. Once I plea my case to them my phone may be disconnected. In the mean time I am to continue to pay for a service I refuse to even use. I told them I will be throwing my phone off a cliff. I also asked to be taken off automatic billing so they could not continue to take my money. The customer service rep told me I would have to go online and do it myself. Useless. Absolutely useless.

- Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 21:26:05 (EST)
For the comment below...half of that is true...but the main part as to why Verizon doesn't want anything to do w/ that is for Customer Satisfaction. I am w/ the company, and from my experience customers don't want to have access to those third party vendors, children seem to take advantage of this. Also, if a customer downloads one of those applications, and calls Verizon and wants credit, this also causes problems because even though we can see they downloaded the application, and we tell the customer no credit can be issued, then the customer blames Verizon Wireless for this, and they now want to disconnect! So, it's a little bit of both. At least if a customer does download one of OUR applications from the device, and we absolutly have to issue credit we can do so, without losing too much money. If we would have to issue credit for one of the third party vendors application, Verizon losing almost that entire amount, because that money is in fact going to the vendor not Verizon! And for all you parents out there who have a child who has downloaded through one of these vendors, we all know that are almost in possible to get a hold of in todays world!!!

- Tuesday, January 24, 2006 at 00:39:41 (EST)
I own a small upstart online business that sells wallpapers, games, & ringtones to mobile customers. During the time I've been doing this business, I've realized one thing, Verizon is the greediest company I've ever met. The way our profit sharing system works is we sign a deal with mobile carriers to sell our content to their mobile customers and we basically split the sale 50/50 (e.g. if a customer from cingular purchases a mobile wallpaper from us for $2.00, we get $1 and Cingular gets $1). We've signed contracts with nearly every mobile phone carrier(Cingular, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, etc). The only company that we were told we couldn't now and never will be able to do business with is (you guessed it) Verizon. Verizon customers can only purchase Verizon items. So in other words, popular websites such as, or mobile dating sites such as are not accessible to Verizon customers. Why? Because Verizon doesn't want to be limited to only 50% of the profit...they want the whole thing. So that's why I'll never own a Verizon service ever again.

- Monday, January 23, 2006 at 12:51:04 (EST)
I don't think people under the definition of "CONTRACT" nor do they under why Verizon Wireless even has a contract...The reason there is a contract is because Verizon is selling you a phone at a discounted pricing! People do not under that the phones they are using are not made by Verizon wireless. They are made by the manufacturer......--IF Verizon did not sell these phones at the discounted pricing, could you imagine how upset the consumer would be?? It would be yet another thing for the public to bitch about!!! Think about it?? Verizon can do away w/ contracts, yet this would mean the consumer would have to purchase thei handset directly through the manufacturer at a whopping $400.00-500.00 at retail price (what the manufacturer charges)! And the manufacturer does not offer insurance thru a 3rd party. Basically if you have your phone lost/ stolen, you are just screwed basically, and have to buy yet another one thru the manufacturer, again, at retail pricing! I know most of you may think it's hard to go through Verizon to get your handset troubles resolved, but just imagine if they did do it this way, and your phone is broken, and you call for Verizon for help, well guess what? You won't even get the little help you get when you first call Verizon, because they would just refer you to the manufacturer, because they didn't make any money off of that phone when you first bought it, the manufacturer did. And when you do call the manufacturer, guess what they'll do?? They'll just laugh! They are the real ones making the money then, if the consumers have to purchase their handset all at retail and bypass Verizon! Motorola, Samsung, LG, Audiovox?? Either way, the public is always going to have problems w/ something. But just wanted to give an example! Thanks!

- Sunday, January 22, 2006 at 20:06:48 (EST)

- Saturday, January 21, 2006 at 01:57:28 (EST)
hello, I am a verizon wireless employee, and I would like to clarify the below comment. Verizon Wireless is still keeping the worry free guarantee however, it is what I guess anyone could say, changing, like anything else in the cellular industry, a bit for the customers. However, it is something that as always been indicated in the brochures displayed in store locations, only in small writing of course. Let me try to explain, and I'll try to be as clear as possible. When I first heard of this change, I thought it was slightly strange and would cause tons of confusion, however if you can understand it, and think about it, it may be a great benefit for VZW's customers!!! Ok, provided you have recently signed a contract within the past 180 days (6 months), you do not have to sign a new contract to change your plan, NO MATTER what plan you're going to, EVEN IF IT IS A NEW PROMOTION!!! (now, this does not include equipment upgrades). Example-- you sign a new contract to change your calling plan 2 months ago, now you are eligable to upgrade your handset, you must then sign a new contract and extend another 2 months, but that has always been like that. Now back to what I was saying.... the good part about this is... if you sign a contract 5 months ago for the 450/39.99 plan, and VZW comes out w/ a 500/39.99 plan (example), and you wish to change to this plan (a new promotion), NO NEW CONTRACT IS REQUIRED, because you already signed a contract 5 months ago!!! Sounds a lot easier, that picking up and going to the store to wait in line to sign a contract to extend another 5 months to get an extra 50 mins huh??? Now this way, you just keep your original contract end date, and the play gets changed!! PS---***this also includes if you change from family share to a single lines (or vice versa), or if you change from America Choice to North America Choice (vice versa)*** as long as you have signed a contract in the past 6 months on those lines you are changing, no new contract is needed!! Now, lets say you are on the 450/39.99 and you signed up for this plan 8 months ago, and you would like to go up to the 900/59.99 (same promotion), YOU WILL NEED A NEW CONTRACT, because you have not signed a new contract within the past 6 months. This would be for if you are just raising your minutes within your same promotion or if you are taking a brand new promotion. Now, this as always been part of the Worry Free Gurantee, up to 180 days. However, it is basically not something VZW has enforced until February. But, it will still come in handy for those customers that want to take the new promotions without extending their contract any further provided they already recently signed within the past 6 months. As working in Customer Service, this is one of the most frustrating things I notice, a customer has taken a new calling plan 2 months ago w/ a new contract and now VZW has an even better plan but requires a new signed contract... now, no new contract, same contract end date. For those customers that have not extended in the past 6 months and do not wish to do so by changing their plan, they can fufill the original contract they originally agreed to on day one, and then disconnect or port if thats what they wish to do!!! Sorry soooo long just thought I would clarify!!!

- Thursday, January 19, 2006 at 20:00:50 (EST)

- Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 23:41:53 (EST)
After signing up for Verizon's DSL in Sept. 2005, almost five months later (Jan.'06) and after 13 phone calls to "Tech Services, Connection Problem" during November, December alone, I was yet again unable to connect to the Internet. Without going into details of robotic customer service reps, etc. (a few were helpful, and warmer...) which everyone will be familiar with...I have a bit of a revelation to offer fellow frustrated Verizon DSL users: While I was waking up one morning recently and was waiting for the designated day when a technician would call to set up an appointment to check the line to my house, because I was again unable to connect to the web, the thought came to me..."..why not simply insert the installation DVD into its slot and re-install the DSL Setup?". It worked. Now I've had successful attempts to access the Web for almost three days now. Each time I've tried, it's worked after that "re-installation". I'm not a techie. I cannot explain this simple straightforward solution to something which required thirty- to forty-minute trouble shooting calls to tech services. All I'm saying is that it has worked from last Sunday till tonight...Tues. 11:00 PM. Comments are welcome at . I've no ax to grind, I'm just curious. Am tired of tilting against the Verizon windmill. Best, C.

- Tuesday, January 17, 2006 at 23:10:39 (EST)
I have almost done away with Verizon completely!! I work from home 3 days a week and had to move. I gave them a week's notice to transfer my phone and DSL. Well, they did the phone, but Verizon can not transfer DSL (it has to be a NEW ORDER). Well that takes 10-14 days to have it turned on. I lost a ton of days of getting work done and lost precious time in my life on the phone trying to straighten everything out with Verizon. I told them they had cost me days I couldn't work because they told me that it would be turned on by Nov. 28th. I refused to pay the early termination fee. It's ridiculous!! I switched to cable and they came in 2 days. DSL still didn't get turned on for a whole week and a half after cable. I said in this day in age, NO ONE should have to wait 2-3 weeks to get on the Internet!!! I have since cancelled my phone with them and am going to digial on everything through Cablevision/Optimum voice and online (Triple Play). I am going to save SO much MONEY alone for what they call government taxes/charges and surcharges, administrative fees, blah blah blah. Just because the government makes the phone companies carry the burden of Internet Access in public schools, shouldn't mean the customer has to bear it. Support the community Verizon for Goodness sakes!! Verizon Sucks!!

- Friday, January 13, 2006 at 13:30:36 (EST)
I had been a Verizon customer for 2 years and never had a problem..i guess i was lucky...for a while. Working for Radio Shack, I knew what Verizon Reps told us to say and how to sell the service. Appearantly they even lied to us. I signed a year contract for 450 minutes a month. After going over my minutes two months in a row, my rep told me to change to 900 minutes a month, and that this WOULD NOT EXTEND the length of my contract, as Verizon raved about the ease of switching between plans. So, putting my trust in our rep, i changed my plan. Without informing me, my contract was extended a full year. I found this out a month ago. When i called to find out what was gonig on, i was told over and over again, that i was told that it would extend my contract (which i wasnt) and that they sent me a letter (which i never recieved). They did absolutely nothing for me as a customer and even called me a liar. WHAT KIND OF CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THAT!?! After arguing with phone reps and "supervisors" on multiple occasions i got very upset and just ported my number. Unfortunately i didnt know what to do to get out of this trap, and now face a huge last bill. It will be about 200 dollars, but i would rather pay it then spend the next year a slave to this horrible excuse of a company. i now have cingular and havent had a problem as of yet.

- Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 11:07:00 (EST)
I am a customer BUT I am an EMPLOYEE of VERIZON WIRELESS and I can tell you that you think that you the customer has it bad? Let me tell you some of what the employee goes through. If you are sick or have to leave early in the first 90 days then you are given a written warning. We had a girl in transistion that had a seizure was taken out with a oxygen mask and in a stretcher and she was wrote up for this because this was in the first 90 and you arent allowed to be belate, leave early or miss a day at all. You take a pencil, notepad or anything from the office because you are using it you will get a Business Code of Conduct for stealing even if you have brought it back to work, if you have pleanty of vacation time and personal time you can NOT use it if there is no open time in the books but if you are sick and need to leave then you get wrote up even if you have the time to take off, They say that this is one of the TOP 100 places for a single mother to work because of the felxible schedules that is bs come to the call center that I work at and ask all the single mothers how many times they get to see their children on the shifts that they have to be on for 6 months.You want to know why you dont get credits and things that are promised to you like it should be well so you know we have 5 minutes per call and we have to notate the account in that time and do all that needs to be done on this call to take the next call when it comes through. We arent given the kind of time that is needed to make sure that you get the quality service that you need because the company big wigs are trying to outdo one another and see whos call center does the best they are looking for quanity NOT quality. This past year I got 46 recommendations from customers because of me doing above and beyond what they have normally got and you know what my sup told me " they dont mean anything' so all I can tell you is that I feel your pain

- Tuesday, January 10, 2006 at 11:58:18 (EST)
Hey all, I work for a outsourced vzw company. Just a few words, if you get a phone and it goes kaput on you after 15 days and you didnt elect to get insurance coverage, dont come whining in and demand on getting a new phone for nothing! YEs it might not seem fair, but folks thats the way it works, dont like it? Read the contract and warranty info/options before you buy! Also, if you want to port in your old service provider phone number into verizon wireless, dont be a dufous and decide to disconnect your old service providers number first and then bitch and complain that you can;t get your old number brought in. AND YES , you might think that the person that you talk to when you call in to complain to is a actual verizon wireless employee. GUESS WHAT? CHANCES are were not! VErizon wireless outsources much like other cell phone comapnies do as well. Cingular and many others do as well.

- Monday, January 09, 2006 at 10:44:24 (EST)
I ordered Verizon DSL service on 11/21/2005; I figured it would be easier for me to just receive one bill for my phone lines and the DSL so I also switched my local, regional and long distance to Verizon as well. Verizon stated that the Service ready date would be on 12/16/2005. I received my modem the very next day. I waited for my service ready date to come and signed up with AOL fir the 90 day trial that came along with my computer. The 16th arrives and I am super excited, but I have to work, so I attempt to set up the DSL on the 17th. I insert the disc, and begin the installation. I get all the way to “setting up your new account”. A screen appears and states “processing your configuration this may take several minutes.” I take a nap. Four hours later this thing is still processing. I call Verizon; now my service ready date is 12/19/2005. However, I have not been notified of this change, I am getting a little ticked, but it’s almost Christmas so I try to remain polite. I ask to speak with a supervisor. He says he will check on everything for me but there is nothing that can be done about the service ready date! I have to wait until Monday. He leaves a message for the day supervisor to call me on Monday. He does and his name is Greg! Greg is actually a very nice guy, and has been helpful, in keeping me from losing my cool. Only thing that irritates me is that he believes that when he calls I am always near my computer, when I have told him time and time again that I work during the day, but I don’t expect him to remember that! Anyway Greg calls me on the 20th in the morning and says that it looks like I do not have regional calling through Verizon, and that I need to have them as my provider before they can activate the DSL. I inform him that I did switch to the regional calling when I ordered the DSL, and that I had received a message on my machine confirming the switch from AT&T. He instructs me to cancel the DSL service and reorder. He stays on the line with me while I cancel the order. We tell the guy in the cancellation department that I will be reordering, and that I do not need another modem or equipment. Greg then instructs me to call 1-800-427-9977, and reorder everything. I called the number and spoke to Mrs. Brown to reorder the local and regional. Mrs. Brown tells me that the records show that I have local and regional through Verizon, but that I can reorder the DSL. My new service ready date is 12/28/2005. Ok fine at least it’s not almost a month again. I also tell Mrs. Brown that I do not need a modem as I already have one. She says she put a note in the computer, and we hang up. The next day the modem is delivered at my house! On the 24th I receive a call from James Earl Jones, Darth Vader Himself, and he tells me that my DSL service is now ready! Great!!! It’s early! I try again to hook it all up! I uninstall everything and restart the CD. I get to the same screen “processing your configuration this may take several minutes.” This time I only wait a half hour and I call. First I am told that there were a few CDs that were sent out that are freezing on customers, and I must have received one of them. When we can’t set the modem up manually, They tell me that my service is showing that it is ready, but that they “may not” be done verifying my line, and that since it’s now Christmas eve, there is no one there to verify this. I am told to call back on 12/26. I call first thing Monday morning, and I am again told that they may still be verifying my line and to give it until 6pm, and try again. I have now learned that if the DSL light is blinking on my modem that the line is not ready! I had to work that night so I tried the evening of the 27th. Now my service ready date is not showing the 24th, it’s back to the 28th, and there is nothing that can be done to help me. I have to wait to the 28th. No explanation can be given to tell me why I was called and told it was ready in the first place. I called on the 28th, and I am now flat out mad! The CSA has the nerve to compare the new DSL service to cable. I am told “I don’t know if you remember, but when cable first came out and everyone wanted it, it took some time for everyone to get set up. Some areas took longer to set up, and you are in a new area for DSL.” I lost my cool at this point. I said “if you have a product that you aren’t sure if it works in my area then don’t put it out! I am willing to bet that when people set up their cable someone came to their house and set up their cable in less than a month!” So she retracts the cable comment. I continue to freak out, and she says that I will have to keep waiting until I have a solid light on the modem. I stated that I wanted to cancel the service and she provided me with the number, but alas it was 6:10 and the office closed at 6:00pm. Greg must have read up on me and he called me the next day vowing that he would help me out with all of this and he promised to call me on the 1st. He did and we trouble shooted. My line is still screwed up. He said that he would create a trouble ticket for me and that I would have priority for Verizon to take a look at my line! If need be someone should be out on the 6th, today. He stated that they may or may not have to come out to the house and that I would be notified if someone needed to indeed come out. All week I waited and nothing, I have heard nothing. I knew that if I called out of work today, waited for 9 hours, and no one came that that would have been it, I would have lost my mind with Verizon. So I decided to go to work! I left a note on the door stating that I was supposed to be notified if someone was coming out and that since I hadn’t been I decided to go to work. I stated that I am 10 minutes from my house and if they do indeed come to my home that he/she should call me and I would be right there! My Fiancé was home from work at 2:00pm. So the house was only unattended for 5 out of the nine hour window they gave me. As for last night 1/5/2005 the DSL light on my modem was still blinking. I will be canceling this weekend! I would rather deal with dial up, and not the high speed dial up before dealing with them again!

- Friday, January 06, 2006 at 15:43:19 (EST)
Signed up as a new Verizon analog and DSL customer in early Dec. I was a bit surprised at the long wait to begin DSL service, but, OK, I waited. DSL arrived and worked fine...for five days. Then stopped. That was Dec. 29. Trouble calls since the 30th have yielded the info that Verizon shut off my DSL because I switched analog phone providers----which I did, to Verizon, during the same call in which I ordered DSL! Meanwhile, lies, shuffles, and BS from every rep I talk to. The latest informed me that the "Customer Advocacy Team" member who is handling my "case" is out today, Friday, and will get in touch with me tomorrow. Sure. This company is something else! I can't wait to get the bills for their "service". I switched to Time Warner Cable. Something tells me this sad tale is nowhere near over. I'll be in touchg with New Yor PSC and Attorney gen's office Monday, the best defence being a good offence.

- Friday, January 06, 2006 at 14:03:52 (EST)
sorry (won't let go of my line issue)

- Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 12:40:08 (EST)
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