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No one could reach me on my Verizon cell phone. I reported the problem to Verizon and they did what's called "on air programming". They said it should fix it. It did not. I reported the problem again some weeks later and was told that if I'd visit a store, they would give me a "Free" replacement phone. The next day I went into a Verizon store only to find out "Free" meant $100 off sticker price. I cancelled my Verizon account and am now expected to pay them $325 for cancelling the contract early.

- Monday, June 11, 2001 at 19:12:12 (EDT)
A short Story, I do not have Verizon services they are not availible to me...I have sat here and read through this page. I agree this company has bad service, bad techs and alot of other terrible things... but, to tell the truth the lower level people that work there are not to blame. Calling and screaming at them will get you no where, as the only thing they can do is what they are allowed to do by those higher up. So be angry, I would be, but try to remember. The people that work for verizon do not make the rules, they are only trying to FEED THIER KIDS. Consider it at least.

- Thursday, June 07, 2001 at 11:27:38 (EDT)
My tails of horror Version is rotten from the ground floor up to the top. All I ever see are Version phone trucks sitting outside the local bagel shop. Meanwhile down the block, any service I request will take several weeks to have completed! I knew something was rotten with Version when I went to work with my cousin (a Version employee) several years ago. He worked at a local station. He had the nightshift and upon coming in he found no work orders, so he left after an hour. He said this was the third time this week! My first bad experience as a customer with Version was with a $400 bill for Internet service charges. I signed up for an IBS dialup service and checked if my dialup numbers were local. After I got the bill I found that they were not. I called to complain and was told there was nothing they could do, I should have checked. When I told them I did they hung up! I repeated this several time and I’m still out the $400. The next time I uncovered a scam! I signed up and prepaid for DSL service with PSN and Northpoint. Both have gone out of business, leaving me out another $500, but that is another post. DSL companies use version lines. Version has a deal with the cable companies to support their web services. Version sees DSL as competition. When I signed up for DSL it took 4 months for the Version people to come out and setup my lines and another 2 months to have problems at the CO fixed. I had service for 2 months when PSN was knocked out. I called Version and told them I’d sign up for their DSL, they said that I could not have DSL in my area. But I had DSL service on their line already!!! No help try cable they said. Of course CABEL MODEM IS NOT AVAIBLE IN MY AREA!!!! I finally had enough and called the operator to get numbers of other local phone services, the operator told me that they could not give me those numbers!!! Now that’s a Catch 22. I hope you deregulation crazed republicans choke on your phone lines!

- Wednesday, June 06, 2001 at 09:22:30 (EDT)

- Saturday, May 26, 2001 at 11:51:05 (EDT)
For three weeks now our Email has been coming in with “Empty packets”, and no “Subject Line” or a variation there of. This has been occurring in approximately 25% of all the Emails. Verizon has had me reload and reconfigure everything twice, and still no fix. Three weeks ago I was told by there customer support Monkeys that it was most likely do to “server upgrade in the area”, now I am told it’s “not a server issue” this issue is also happening to our neighbor across the street- their response to that was “have they notified us?” I really hate Verizon’s Customer Service- GTE had no problems, but this last year has been hell. I guess as consumers we Americans can expect nothing for our money except a Bill. “Somewhere out on that Verizon- far away from the neon light, I know there must be something better- but there customer service sure does bite!” BE oh Be

- Thursday, May 24, 2001 at 15:37:13 (EDT)
Summary of the past five days with Verizon: · Saturday, May 19th – Incoming calls to my number rings in someone else's apartment and vice versa. Verizon Customer Service says my phone is crossed with another line but the other customer already called in the problem and scheduled a repair for first thing Monday morning. · Monday, May 21st – I called to check on the status and was told “No, there was no scheduled appointment for today, the repair is scheduled for Tomorrow." I ask to speak to a manager and was convincingly told that it will be fixed first thing tomorrow, which is 8:00 a.m. · Tuesday, May 22nd o First Call of the day – I was told that it is not a problem with my direct line, it is a “Cable Problem” that is effecting eight other customers in my area and the technicians are working on it. Technicians did not have to come to my house. o Second Call – Asked if the “Cable Problem” is fixed and also asked to speak to a manager, hoping I would get accurate information. I was told by a manager, yes the “Cable Problem” has been corrected but my line is still crossed. However, I am scheduled to be the FIRST appoint the next day, which is 8:00. I was told that I should call 8:00 in the morning to make sure the technician is dispatched. There should not be a need for the technician to enter the apartment because the problem is more than likely on the street level.” · Wednesday, May 23rd o First call – (8:00) - Was told that I am the first repair scheduled but they cannot tell me if a technician was dispatched, they don’t have that information. o Second Call - (8:15) - The representative tells me, “No, I am NOT the first repair. First repairs of the day are only for those with medical conditions. The repair man will be there some point during the day but you don’t need to be there.” o Third call - (approx. 1:00) “The Cable Problem is NOT fixed and there is currently technicians on the scene working on it”. He made no mention of technicians being scheduled to come to my apartment and I didn't bring it up because I would have gone postal if he told me that I was never scheduled for repair and I guarantee that is what he would have told me. (On each and every call this day I asked to speak with a manager and was told that they are all busy but someone will call me back but no one ever called). At the point of the third call on the 23rd, I realized that I was not getting any closer to a resolution and calling Verizon again would only increase my aggravation. Instead, I called the New Jersey Public Utility Commission and explained my situation. They sympathized and called Verizon on my behalf and an hour later, a manager did call me. This is what I learned: · He knows nothing of my wires being crossed. He thought the problem was that I didn’t have a dial tone. I actually have to call him back tomorrow to give him the telephone number that rings in my house. None of the numerous representatives I spoke to documented anything!!. · He knows nothing of a “Cable Problem”. · Appoitments can not be guaranteed for 8:00 in the morning. There is always a two hour window. · Someone actually was at my house at 1:30 on May 23rd but he couldn’t get into the building. (I was told that I don’t have to be home!) · I asked him what the problem has been the last five days he said, “He is not sure but it sounds like a work order problem”. I am now scheduled for 5:00 tomorrow and will be home to speak with these technicians. However, I have absolutely no confidence that is will be fixed!! I would love to switch local service, however living in New Jersey I do not have any alternative. AT&T has been trying to enter the New Jersey market and compete but Verizon is making it extremely difficult. This is not the only place where my story is going to be told. I am sending letters to NJ Councilmen, NJ Congressional Representatives, the Governor and any other elected official that can help open the NJ local telephone market to competition. Verizon.... UGH!!!!!!!!!

- Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 22:46:36 (EDT)
In October of 2000 I signed up with Verizon, 49.95 per month no roaming, no long distance, share two phones 500 anytime minutes, etc the works, The plan was explained to me at a kiosk at the mall, I reconfirmed this plan at a local Verizon store and again reconfirmed this plan with the 800 number rep..Signed up for the plan, first bill 158.00, they explained the first bill was always more, second bill was 163.00, the adjusted off 63.00, and try as I might I could not get the price and plan that they confirmed to me three times. I was told when I signed up that the two phones (they call mobile to mobile) which cost me $10.00 more per month would not incurr roaming or long distance charges. I was also told that if I choose to drop them I would only be charge cancellation charges on one phone as the second phone was an add on. Well after two months of nothing but double talk, I quit, now they want $500.00 in cancellation fees. I have discovered one of Verizons problems, its that fact that no one seems to be in charge, every time you ask to talk to a supervisor or manager,its like your talking a foreign language, this position does not seem to exist within the company, because I've never been able to talk to one. I've been threatened with my credit being destroy, my wages being taken away, everything possible except loss of life. I HATE this company, if there is anything anyone can suggest to expose them to the world as a total rip off I'd be glad to help. Has anyone ever dealt with a 24/7 business that closes down at 8:00pm and is totally unavailble on the weekends?

- Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 18:22:44 (EDT)
Home phone was down for 7 days. Called their repair line the first 3 days and could not talk to a person. Each time after the automated call finished, it told me the problem would be fixed the next day. After the 5th day passed, I called customer service number and chose the options for repair. I was then sent right to a person. I didn't think anyone worked at Verizon! The woman on the other end was nothing but rude as if I was wasting her time. She also had no record of me ever calling the repair line 3 times and noted that "I must have made mistakes each time." The line was fixed 2 days later. Our phone line goes out every 4 to 6 weeks like clock work. I am now an AT&T customer. The have local and long distance coverage for my area. Goodbye Verizon!!!! If they didn't own the phone lines/equiptment, they would be out of business.

- Wednesday, May 23, 2001 at 12:37:42 (EDT)
Fuck GTE/Verizon/Bell Atlantic. I attempted to establish telephone service with GTE after moving from a Southwestern Bell area, but was told that I had to pay an outstanding phone bill of $685.00 I owed before I could get service. I hadn't had service with GTE in over a year, and knew that I didn't owe any money, so I questioned the bill. I found tht the bill was for telephone service my ex-wife had established in my name, obviously without my permission. I informed GTE that the telephone bill in question belonged to my ex-wife not myself, and that I lived in another State and had service with Southwestern Bell during that time, and I offered proof to this effect. Gte told me that I could file a fraud complaint and have the bill taken out of my name, but that I would not be able to get telephone service untill they completed their investigation. I asked how long that would take, and was informed it would be 3 or 3 months. Not being able to go without telephone service for 3 months, I offered to pay the bill with the agreement that the money would be credited back to me after the investigation was completed. They informed me that it didn't work that way and that if I paid the bill I couldn't file the fraud complaint, because once they had their money they wouldn't pursue the matter. My choices were to either go without telephone service for 2 or 3 months, or pay a $685.00 bill that was not mine, didn't owe and shouldn't be responsible for in the first place. If this isn't extortion, I don't know what is.

- Tuesday, May 15, 2001 at 22:55:45 (EDT)
I am in the third week of a 30 Day "FREE" trial period with VeryZoned DSL. After the initial delay of several weeks past my "Hookup" date, I got a call saying it was okay to finish the install. (2) solid green led's (1) blinking, the saga continued for another week while they fixed the problem in "The Central Office". Finally I'm on, (2) weeks of beautiful service, then WHAM!!! Can't get connected, even thru dial-up. Called cust. service at 5:30 this morning, informed that "Wait time" to speak to someone is estimated at 40 Minutes. (1) I work for a living, start early/work late. I do not have 40 minutes to just sit here with a phone stuck to my ear waiting for customer service. They expect me to pay for a service which is provided only part time at their convience. If I conducted my business in this manner, I would be out of business quickly. (2) What kind of Gov't. sanctioned monster can function so arrogantly that they would allow a new customers service to be interrupted DURING THE 30 DAY TRIAL PERIOD when (one would expect)they should be trying to impress. We are all taxpayers, and should not accept this. I now have a new mission.

- Thursday, May 10, 2001 at 06:11:23 (EDT)
I do some work from the home office and since my Northpoint DSL went down, the only DSL 'player' on my block is Verizon. So I was turned up this morning and I went to re-configure my email settings only to find out that Verizon will NOT allow any other email address domains other than their domain. Tech Support told me that unless our company chooses to have Verizon host our webserver, I am screwed and I cannot send emails utilizing my company email address. My advice to anyone who has a choice for service is to go with the competition to get your DSL service. This is Day 1 and I already want out!

- Wednesday, May 09, 2001 at 18:42:10 (EDT)
Here in the UK we have no problems with IDSN ADSL or CABLE MODEMS, but at present do not have toll-free connections unless we pay a standing months charge and free calls Leave the good old US of A and move to EUROPE, Yours A UK MCI/WORLDCOM Employee

- Wednesday, May 09, 2001 at 07:39:28 (EDT)
I work in in the computer Networking field, and unfortunately i deal with verizon every single day. We monitor and maintain networks for various high paying clientel, and when their service is down we have to work with the carriers(many casses verizon). And out of all the carriers we deal with, verizon is by far the least responsive, and most difficult to work with. I open trouble tickets with them every day, and spend countless hours each day on the phone with them. The techs that you will deal with are awful, and are not very inclined to help work with you on issues. In my field an open issue should have testing on circuits done within the hour the ticket is openend. this is the case with all carriers, other than verizon..and other carriers are larger scale than verizon, so company size has no bearing. when they do get around to testing several hours later (far too late in the buisness world), they tend to not give you updates as they should. The bottom line is, they either dont know how to do their job, or they dont want to do it. Sometimes both. ;(

- Monday, May 07, 2001 at 04:45:58 (EDT)
I got this from a friend.. The phone numbers have been blotted out: I have a problem with a T3. Mind you this is a 45MegaBit T3 that costs a few thousand a month. I call my normal 1-800-xxx-yyyy. They tell me that they do not handle T3s anymore and that I should call one of these two numbers 516-xxx-yyyx 516-xxx-xxxz. The first number rings and rings and rings, the second number picks up and I find out they are the long island 5ess survailence center or something like that. They then get me this mumber 516-yyy-zzzz. I call them they are the Long Island NOC center, but they don't open trouble tickets, they handle tickets already open. So they give me another number to call 1-800-xyx-wxyz, according to the beginning message they are the carrier account team center and they put me on hold for 10 min.. I get a person who now tells me they don't do the type of circuits with the circuit ID I gave her. She tells me to call 212-xyx-xxxx which is the 212 number for the 1-800-xxx-yyyy number. I call back the 1-212-429-5419 and I am lucky enough to get the same operator who informs me that I should talk to the Long Island NOC center. I explain that I already did. She informed me that this is what her manager has informed her to do. So I ask for the manager. I wait about 5min and the operator comes back on the line and asks for the circuit to open a ticket. Now if this is the way they treat T3s that you pay thousands of dollars a month for how can you expect decent DSL service?

- Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 14:59:19 (EDT)
May 1.2001 1. I call DSl Verizon to connect me with DSl servive on Dec.19,2000. A week latner I call to cancel my order at which they did and they gave me a cancel order. 2.However since January 1 2001 I have been billed by Verizon DSL for the amount of $326.00 total Verizon Service that I never recieve plus I have been billed $67.53 for Monthly Internet Service that I have never recieve. I have call 20 times to Verizon Internet at 1-800-927-3000 with no result. Well,they inform that they can not help because they can not find my cancel order number. I will make a complain to the State Attorney Office. If you can help me please email me at I live in Los Angeles,CA and I can not change my phone company to another phone company. This is Corporate American run by this very large corporation what everything is ram down you throat. Please email if you can help me.

- Tuesday, May 01, 2001 at 14:09:03 (EDT)
For two years (since you first could get it), I have had ADSL through CAIS Internet, which re-sells Verizon. All of a sudden, two months ago, I started getting billed by "Total Verizon Advanced Data" on my regular phone bill. I tried calling the Verizon phone folks, and they said I have to clear things up with Verizon Advanced Data, Inc. When I called VADI, they said I don't have an account with them. That's right! I don't. But it's catch-22. Since I don't have an account with them, there is no way that they can straighten out my bill! And they keep billing me! And no one anywhere in the vast bureaucracy of Verizon can help me. The obvious solution is to not pay the phone bill, with its bogus charges. I could switch to a different phone provider, except--oops!--they're a monopoly. So I can't switch. The best way to get Verizon, IMHO, would be to force competition at the local level. Let AT&T back in there. Let others get back in there. Don't leave us at the mercy of this Kafka-esque organization.

- Thursday, April 26, 2001 at 14:52:32 (EDT)
I ordered DSL in November. The service started at the end of January 2001. It abruptly stopped March 29, 2001. After endless calls to clueless Verizon employees, I found out my service was accidently canceled and I would need to re-order the service and wait the wait again. By now I have received 3 modems. After putting in a new order on 4/3, I found out it was accidently canceled on 4/13. My effective date was supposed to be 4/20. Now it is moved to 5/30. I want a class action suit to be filed in Dallas or Fort Worth Texas. Any body game? Let me

- Tuesday, April 24, 2001 at 00:31:59 (EDT)
I just have a few comments about Verizon's DSL service. The service was hooked up on time and the technician who came to the house fixed my phone line problems very efficiently. It was a very positive experience considering all of the bad things I have been hearing. The plan I am on is rated at 768K down and 126K up. As far as I can tell it performs perfectly! Of course you only get those impressive numbers when you hit a broadband site. The way the account is sold and configured is another story... I signed up for what is a 39.95/month package. They sent a modem and software. Then another modem. Then half of the service went active. The internet connection is perfect. The E-mail and website hosting never started. Oh, and the billing hasn't either! After no less than ten phone calls and countless hours on the phone I can't get them to provision the account. I have been asured that the billing will not start until the account is provisioned. To sum it up I am getting a great service for a price which truely can not be beat!

- Saturday, April 21, 2001 at 17:15:53 (EDT)
It would be impossible for me to write about all the problems I've had with Bell Atlantic (Verizon)because there isn't enough space here. Two years ago I had problems with a second telephone line that resulted in several hundred dollars of unathorized long distance calls billed on my phone. I filed a complaint against Bell Atlantic through the Public Utility Commission. Of course they denied any wrong doing and after months of doing my own research of my telephone bills and my records from the company, I called their bluff and won a $1200 settlement. In the last two years I've had more problems ranging from problems with my jacks inside my home, my voice mail system, to unknown charges and services that I never authorized. Just this week one of the jacks inside my home stopped working and when the technician came to check my lines, he told me that my computer modem had crashed and that was the cause of my jack not working. I was devestated that my 1 yr. old computer had a defective modem and packed it up to be repaired. Thank goodness though I decided to plug my computer into a different jack to check it out and it was working fine. Unnecessary work to my computer for an incompitent technician. The big news in West Virginia today is the new telephone books issued a few weeks ago. The map of our state is so grossly inaccurate that I have to say: it doesn't surprise me that Verizon couldn't get it right. There are no excuses for getting the state map wrong. Angela Erwin, West Virginia

- Friday, April 20, 2001 at 11:03:16 (EDT)
Any class action suits being readied? In addition to the usual complaints I note that Verizon's webmail access option is all but useless. Logging on, even with a DSL line, is tedious. It is faster to forward one's Verizon mail to, say, Yahoo, and retrieve it on the web that way. Ironically the free service is faster and better than Verizon. Any lawyers poised to act? Dr. T. R. stauffer

- Wednesday, April 18, 2001 at 20:49:30 (EDT)
The Enemy In Fairfax County, Virginia Is Cox Cable, Not Verizon Yep, my first three weeks of Verizon DSL was as bad as college hazing, or army boot camp. But that was six months ago. The Washington Post recently reported that tech trouble phone calls to Big V had waiting time reduced to under 10 minutes. My incoming email jammed last week. It did take 3 calls to get it fixed--my canceling Call Waiting on my Verizon regular phone service had introduced the glitch. But the good news was, my calls were answered immediately--approximately one hour's less waiting time--compared to last October. My DSL seldom goes on the fritz now, and I use the free backup 56K dialup connection when that happens. (Roadrunner cable offers no such backup.) Cox Cable bought out Fairfax County Media General over a year ago. COX IS A HORROR STORY. Contract installers don't speak English. Replacement TV cable black boxes are untested; some work adequately well, and some don't. Phone reps are ignorant of the basics, and are rude. I hear about breakdowns in Cox's Roadrunner service. I'm relieved that Verizon DSL is available as as alternative to Cox Cable. As well, my apartment community has now been wired for DirecTV. I will be switching to the satellite TV service this month, along with many of my neighbors. NO MORE COX!!!

- Monday, April 16, 2001 at 09:10:44 (EDT)
A followup to the story of March 24th - which was a long wait. It finally got turned on and I love it. 62k/sec download speeds and never a problem. My phone is not busy. I can use my own answering machine again. They just need a bit better communication to Teir 1 support and less advertising until their network is complete. Tier 2 in Buffalo was great!

- Saturday, April 14, 2001 at 13:28:05 (EDT)
As a subcontractor for Sprint working in the central office at Verizon installing DSL, Each site has a card reader that allows Verizon employees acess to the building. On the night of the 14th of April I came to work to find that someone had taken all my tools. $3,000.00 of them. After contacting Verizon Security they gave me the big run around and could not identify who was in thier own building..There employees are thieves..DONT LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE. I learned a good leason as i sit here at home for the third week not being able to go back to work untill i can afford to replace my personal tools. This happened at 120 7st ne in Washinton DC so if you live arounf=d there watch your stuff

- Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 22:31:26 (EDT)
To the poor person who got a Verizon Frame-Relay.. I feel for you. We don't even bother with Verizon Frame anymore. We learned our lesson. We had a problem with the frame on a Monday. We opened a ticket with Verizon about the frame. The PVCs didn't show inactive or deleted, but there was no traffic coming through. I explained all that to the phone person. So I wait.. 4 Hrs later I call (To those asking why 4 hrs, It takes Verizon 4 hrs to pickup a ticket for a T1, so I expected it might take that loog for a FR) . Verizon is telling me the ticket is still into Boston and they are waiting for a reply from Boston.. My first reaction is why is Boston handling a NY/NJ/CT frame? So I wait another hr. I call again, no one had heard back from Boston.. I wait another hr. They say that they do not see LMI and I should check my equipment. I ask to talk to the tech so I can run test. I am told there was no one available and that they would need to get in touch with Boston. I state how can they tell if the circuit works or if I don't give them a loop to run tests to. The manager agrees and I finally get a call back from someone. After testing with them for 30min they decide that they can see my equipment and will check their network. By now it is 8pm, I want to go home. I figured it should be up by morning. It is now the next day. The FR is still down. I call Verizon. They want me to check my equipment because they do not see LMI. I explain who the tech is I spoke to and what I went through the day before. I ask for an escalation, which is a Verizon way of saying I will make you believe that I will try harder for you. I get no call back for 3 hrs. I call them again, I explain I checked the equipment and that I see a PVC as not deleted. They will check with Boston. By now I could have gone to Boston and met with a engineer and discussed Frame Relay technology. I call an ex-coworker and he tells me to have them delete and rebuild the PVC. So I call Vrzion and ask for that. Of course they will check with Boston. I call back an hr later and I get a manager who escalates the request through and finally I get the Frame Back. In the infinite words of Homer Simpson "WOO HOO!!!" But joy is short lived since I loose the Frame 2 weeks later. Same problem Luckily this convinced my people to get a frame from another provider. I will not mention any names since I don't wish to sound like a commercial for any one carrier. All I can say is if your building it lit by more than one carrier (MFS/MCI, AT&T, Sprint, MFN hell even RCN) you may want to try one of them rather than go with Verizon.

- Thursday, April 12, 2001 at 10:16:39 (EDT)
Having suffered the nightmares of ATT@home for two years, I was stupidly happy when I received the notice that Verizon DSL would be coming to my town. Called them in Jan to be sure they could service my home with its current distance. No Problem! And, as an added attraction, they would provide the modem, these special plugs on the phones, and a free web- cam as long as I signed on for a year. They gave me a connect date of March 12 but told me not to make any plans to disconnect my current service. Yea, right, like I'm gonna do that. March 12 came, I'm all ready on my end, no service. I call and, in spite of telling me my distance is fine, they discover that the limit is 9000 ft and I'm at 11300. Ohkay, what next, I ask. Well, wait two weeks and call sales and tell them you need one of the new modems that is stronger. Well, I wait two weeks, call sales and they don't have a clue waht I'm talking about. Sent to level two support, and told to wait another two weeks to get this mode, but, I am informed, I can go out and buy it on my own. I am still laughing about this whole thing. I've got there stuff in the corner collecting dust and this time, I'm waiting for them to contact me. ATT@home is notorious for weakening the signal in my neighborhood so I have a choice between cable tv or cable isp, but at least they can fix it in a time span of 1-3 weeks and keep you on the phone 5+ hours at a time, but as least they could get it anline.

- Monday, April 09, 2001 at 21:03:12 (EDT)
Arrgh. Back in September I fell for the DSL trap that Verizon had set by signing up on their Web site. It started with my equipment order, which never arrived within the promised time frame. I called them up and waited about 20 minutes on hold, only to find out that the online orders were all screwed up and I had to place it again. I ended up getting my equipment next week. Impressed by that efficiency, I went ahead and waited until the original in-service date that they had given me. I installed all the filters, set up the DSL modem and...nothing. I called their tech support and waited for about an hour for the rep to read his generic instructions for troubleshooting off of his screen, and not being the type to complain, I followed his instructions fully knowing the outcome in the end: nothing. They then told me to wait a while before trying again. Eventually, I got everything working the following Sunday, but the next day it was down again. I was transferred to a second-tier representative, who figured out what the issue was (trouble at the local CO) and seemed very helpful. I said OK and waited a while again. A few days later, I got a message on my machine saying that my in-service date was pushed back and not to expect any help until then. Feeling helpless, I waited but got back on next Sunday. The next Monday, down again. So, eventually, I gave up and called in to get my "free" DSL modem returned before I got charged for service. I also cancelled the credit card I used for the service, considering I was going to anyway and I was returning the modem in time. The Customer Don't Care rep told me they would send a prepaid mailing label, and it should arrive in a few days. Three weeks later, there was nothing. I called again, and they claimed that they sent one out two weeks prior but they'll send another one. Still nothing after a MONTH. I called again, got transferred around for half an hour, and the same thing happened. To this day, I got nothing. Then, for all my trouble, I got a message from their collection agency demanding I pay for about half a months' worth of service I NEVER should have been billed for in the first place. Knowing that attempting to deal with this 800-lb gorilla would get me nowhere but in credit trouble, I parted with about $24 of my money to shut them up. Verizon Online DSL will NOT get a second chance in my book, even though I thought we parted on good terms. Never trust the telco. Never.

- Thursday, April 05, 2001 at 14:17:08 (EDT) again... another install date came and went with no service. They told me today that the CO "ran out of phone lines" (do I smell bullshit?) and that it'd be, yes, another 2 weeks. They "ordered more phone lines" for the CO. Why does this not make any sense...

- Thursday, April 05, 2001 at 09:48:10 (EDT)
About a year ago I moved , in the same building and on the same floor, just next door. Called Verizon my phone provider to move my phone (same number ...) And just after 2-3 weeks I had my phone back on line and my Internet on. But now my connection was very slow. After a month of looking into computer, hours of talking with technicians from my provider, I found out why. Moving my phone nr with 3/4" to the left they split my 56K phone line to a 28K one. (very well approved by FCC !!!!) No lower payment for me ... just reducing my 56K modem (in a 3000$ new computer) to a 28K one. It was hard ... Now I decided to go DSL (from 22$/month to 40$/month). BUT My 28K phone line from Verizon it is not good for Verizononline DSL the only fast internet provider in my area (my next door neighbor, same start figures of phone nr, same CO, have DSL with no problem because Verizon did not changed/split them phone line). I am feeling very discriminated by Verizon and thinking to sue them . I am disabled, low income , very isolated and the Internet it is like a big door to the world for me. A door which Verizon it is keeping it as close as possible for me (They suggested a new phone line ... but I do not have money for that!) ( )

- Wednesday, April 04, 2001 at 15:36:05 (EDT)
I got my Verizon DSL right after the New Year (after waiting for a month after ordering it). I got it working relatively easily, and even got my internal network working with it through a Linux machine with 2 net cards. Double checked the terms of use so they couldn't yank it out from under me because of that. It's worked fairly reliably since then - until now. My Linux firewall machine brings the connection back up after a drop out, and I've gotten a couple of pretty good uptimes. The last connection I had lasted 165 hours. But that was literally the last I had. This past Saturday, I couldn't connect from the Linux box, so I hooked up the standard 1 PC running Windows as they prescribe. Getting error 629. I waited a day before calling tech support just to see if it would come back on it's own. Finally I broke down and called. Talked to a guy who seemed to know what he was talking about. Went through all the troubleshooting, etc. and couldn't find anything wrong (he did sound a little annoyed that I leave it on all the time, though that's one of their stupid selling points!!! And it doesn't prohibit it in the terms of use). I hadn't made any changes on my end, and he felt that maybe something was wrong on their end. Waited on hold for a few minutes, and I'm patched through to someone else, who wants me to go through the same stupid steps... arghh. Finally he tells me he's gonna have to run some kind of line test. Tells me he'll be back on Thursday and he can let me know what he's found out, or he can just make a note on my account so any of the techs can see. That's the one I opted for. My wife calls up the next day, and is told that they don't support networks (they do if you only use one connection to their network to achieve it)and that the line test will take 4 DAYS!!!! Now, my wife isn't technical enough to have a response to them, but 4 DAYS to check a line???? That can't be right. So I call back, from work, since I can't sit at home all day waiting for them. I tell the person I'm talking to the whole story, thinking they will be able to pull up my account and see what's going on. They tell me there is no note on my account. So my previous tech obviously didn't care enough to tell the truth. I told the guy all the troubleshooting we did, and he comes back and tells me that I'll have to be in front of my computer. That makes sense, but it doesn't help with the frustration. At least this guy gave me an issue number so that when I call I don't have to go through another BS session with the tier 1 help desk folks. At least I'd better not have to!

- Tuesday, April 03, 2001 at 14:37:19 (EDT)
This is an update to a post I sent on March 24. I have once again been lied to by one of the Verizon customer service reps. Michell was going to give me a callback on March 28 so I could reorder the DSL service as by than the disconnect was suppose to be complete!! Yeah right ! Today I got to talk to a Mr. Sackerwicz who informed me that it wasn't so. So I'll just get another phone line and go back to the old way. Unforunately I have to go throug Verizon to do that. What a bunch of liars and incompetent people.

- Monday, April 02, 2001 at 11:31:11 (EDT)
Hello, my name is Anthony J. Martino, and I am a Verizon Customer in Massachusetts. I originally ordered ISDN service when they were still Bell Atlantic. I cancelled that order to wait for the DSL to become available. When it was available, I ordered it via their website, and was given an installation date. Unfortunately, one of their employees mistakenly noticed that I had cancelled the ISDN line, and mistook it for me wanting to cancel my DSL service. When my service ready date came and I had no modem or anything in the mail, I contacted them and found out what had happened. I reordered my service, and had my service ready date pushed back at least 3 or 4 seperate times, totalling over a months wait. Eventually a representative from their executive office of appeals contacted me, and had me up and running the next day. During my time with their DSL service, I experienced significant periods of down-time for their network. Calling tech support would leave me on hold for 30 minutes to an hour usually, if not more. When I eventually did get through, I'd be put through all kinds of ridiculous tech checks on my system setup, only to be eventually told that they were having trouble with their systems. Sometimes I'd be offered a credit, which I'd never see on my bill. Since this credit would only amount to about a dollar, and I wasted hours of my time and experienced such frustration, I was less than happy. When Bell Atlantic and Verizon merged, there were again significant network problems. After awhile, Verizon seemed to have their act together, and I enjoyed many months of decent reliable service. I recently moved to a new address, and called to have DSL installed there. I was told my old line would be cancelled, and that my new line would be ready NO LATER THAN 6 pm on March 30th, 2001. At 6:20 pm on March 30th, 2001 I attempted to connect, and was told my DSL line was not active. I again tried to connect, with the same result. A call to tech support revealed that the work hadn't been completed, and that I needed to give their installation team until midnight before tech support could do anything about it. Around 1:20 am on March 31st, 2001 I again tried to connect with no success. Another call to tech support and I was told that I should wait a few hours and try again. Around 5:00 am on March 31st, 2001 I again tried, and it didn't work. I called Tech Support again, and they couldn't understand why it wasn't up and running. I was transferred here and there, with their reps trying to blame my modem or drivers (which had worked fine at the old address). Eventually I wound up speaking to a Customer Care rep, who stated that this is what happened: My old line had been cancelled, and my new order, placed. But, the old line hadn't gone out fast enough, and so it cancelled my new order. I was told I would need to reorder my service on Monday, April 2nd. My reply was "so I'll have to wait another month for my service?" and he stated "no, about half a month". Since I wasn't going to deal with the run-around anymore, I contacted their executive office of appeals on Monday, April 2nd 2001. I spoke with a Mrs. Bullock at 888-216-1443. She stated that a new order had been placed for me and that my new service ready date was May 18th. Their customer care rep had said it would be about half a month, which would be mid april, but now they're saying mid may. I asked to speak to her supervisor, but she isn't in until 9 am. She said her supervisor would get back to me regarding this.

- Monday, April 02, 2001 at 11:06:46 (EDT)
You may want to take a look at this address: Enjoy

- Monday, April 02, 2001 at 10:07:10 (EDT)
Three weeks after Verizon connected my local telephone service, my service was cut off. I hadn't missed a bill, because I hadn't had the service long enough to get a bill. When I called the service department, they checked my line and said it was a problem on their end. They said it would be fixed within 36 hours, which is ridiculous. But I wanted to be patient, so I said okay. 36 hours later, I still had no phone service. I called again, and they said that my problem had been marked fixed. They checked the line, and it was still broken. They said I would be put back on the repair list, and it would take up to another 36 hours to fix the problem. I protested, but I wasn't getting anywhere, so I let it go. My phone service was restored that night. Today, I received a $120 bill from Verizon for repairs!! I was never told I would be charged, and in fact I was told if the problem was on their end, I would not be charged for the work. And I can't even call to discuss it with them, because their office is not open on the weekends!! -Kelly

- Saturday, March 31, 2001 at 22:54:21 (EST)
For the guy in Vermont that is having problems with VADI (Verizon Advanced Data) and getting Frame Relay installed, run, don't walk, to the Public Utilities Commission. When Verizon claimed that it would take another 4 weeks AFTER the due date to get a single Frame Relay drop installed and that there was no expiditing process for orders available, I called the PSC and explained my problem to an engineer with the commission; suddenly, the day it was originally promised, I got a call from a Verizon installer that they made to come in off his vacation to install the drop. I got the feeling that someone had made this one installation very important. The main problem was that before VADI I was spoiled with GTE's Frame Relay installation within 9-10 business days of ordering. Now, since 1/1/2001, installation and turn-up of FR services have been a nightmare!

- Saturday, March 31, 2001 at 21:56:04 (EST)
Hi I posted the story below before I was finished. The end of the story is Today, March 27th I called to find out that the CO is closed. They're all full!!! No more room until Sept 2001. They're willing to let me wait for only $27.50 a month instead of the usual $39.95. I think I'll take them up on it. HA HA HA GOING CRAZY IN Lemontown arghhh!!!

- Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 19:50:59 (EST)
I'VE BEEN WAITING SINCE NOV 2000 AND NOW IT'S TOO LATE i, Like many of you, I signed up for their home DSL (ADSL) back in April of 2000. It was installed in about 2 weeks with some minor glitches. It worked pretty good until the day I moved a 1/2 mile away.'s where my story begins. I called Verizon in Oct 2000 to inform them that I was moving in Nov and gave them my new address. No problem. They told me that my phone service would be operational the day I moved in, but the DSL would require a disconnect and reconnect after my service was turned up. Ok. so far so good. I called on Nov 9th to see what was up. They said that someone didn't place a disconnect order so they couldn't place a reconnect order until that was done. This would take 30days. Please call back on Dec 9th. Dec 9th. I called back to check on the status and was told that they were very sorry but the person that was going to do that no longer worked in the disconnect group. Or something like that. Again it would take 30 days. Jan 9th. I called again to check on the status. I was told that the system still showed service at my old residence. I assured them that my phone service was working in my house and not at my old one. Yep. It will take 30 days to clear from the system. They were very appologetic, and could sympathize with me. Ha! Please check back in 30 days. Jan 20th Ha fooled you. I didn't wait 30 days. I called and spoke with someone who said "Sir, you've been very patient about this. But you shouldn't have waited so long between calls" He gave me the phone # of the executive appeals division. I called the executive appeals group and explained my situation. They said that they would personally see to it that my line was canceled and a new order placed for DSL service. Well in early Feb I called to check up on this. I was told that they were still waiting to get it disconnected.

- Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 19:47:23 (EST)
The worst service imaginable!! I feel the deep need to confront you with the terrible experience that I went through and am still going through while trying to maintain my DSL service. About seven months ago I excitedly responded for thr television ad and signed for a DSL service at Verizon's web site. Little did I know the amount of aggravation I will have by doing that. The trouble started even before I got my service. About a month after making the order I lost my dial-up tone. I had to spend ours (!!) on the phone waiting for one of Verizon's people to answer me and was transferred back and forth from one department to another hearing only "it's not my responsibility" again, again and again. Only this was an unbelievable expense of about $ 200 to my cell phone bill!! 3 days later, 3 days without a dial-up tone and 3 technician visits later, I got my dial -up tone back. Apparently the technicians who installed my DSL line made the wrong connections.... At the end of the month I got a $300 bill to pay for services of the technician's visit!! After another hour on the phone explaining that the problem was caused by one of Verizon's technicians did something wrong the bill got canceled. At the promised date I logged-in on to the DSL service and for two months everything was fine. Than at Christmas eve something happened and I couldn't log in to the server anymore - which basically means I didn't have internet service. And then the real nightmare began: First thing after Christmas I called the DSL technicians and told them about the problem. After hours (and I'm not kidding each time I called Verizon I literally spent ours talking to people!!) of asking and explaining my situation the technician "open a file" with my problem. I called again two days later and was told no indication was found to my complaint and that there's no indication of my problem on the computer. Again I explained everything, did all the tests they asked me to do and again they opened a file with my complaint. During the next 3 days, at 8:00 am every morning, I got phone calls from a technician asking me questions and telling me to do all kind of tests. He also promising me that I'll have my DSL in no more than a day or two. The next week I called again and the person I spoke to told me that he sees in his computer the problem got fixed and everything is ok. To his surprise I explained that nothing was OK, so he again put me through a whole line of tests (which by now I new by heart), and after all of them he too indicated there the problem still exists!! Now he agreed to transferred me to a "level two" technician. Again I had to explain everything from the beginning, doing all the tests all over again and was told a new file is being opened for my problems. For the next month an half this ritual repeated itself numerous times, me calling and explaining everything from the beginning, doing the tests and receiving promises that it will be no more that a few days, always being hinted that the problem might be in my computer, which is a stupid accusation!!. Another four weeks went by (by now a total of 50 days without DSL), I called once again and the technician told me they finally found the problem and it's in the main switch - first they thought the connection was wrong but now they saw that it's a hardware problem and it will take 15 days to replace the defected piece... During the next three weeks I called at least once a week to see what's going on and was always told that it will not take long... Than I called again and the technician told me that something with my connection was wrong and they need to reinstall my DSL line all over again and that will take tree more weeks because they have a long line of new people waiting. To my request to be transferred to the head of the waiting line I got told Verison don't work that way... I've waited another six weeks and yet nothing has changed!! I don't know what is going on with my DSL, one of the level two technician who gave me his extension number to call (Tovi extension 6361) doesn't call me back anymore (I left him about 15 massages in the last 3 weeks). So I really don't know what to do anymore. I feel I'm that i'm facing a huge careless and irresponsible organization, with no one to talk to and with no one to take responsibility for my terrible situation. I feel that no one I talked to really knew what was he talking about and I had to dealt with amateurs who gave me the feeling they really don't care what's going on with me or the company they work for. There was absolutely no communication between the Verizon's different departments which made the hole process tiresome and so much more complicated. Each representative I talked to told me something different from the one I spoke to before him giving the impression that even if they wanted to help me they didn't know what to do. On top of all this even the most stupid person can imagine what all this did to the fact that I tried to work as a freelance web designer at the time. And was really left for way too long in a most helpless situation making my life really unbearable!

- Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 13:17:07 (EST)
VERIZON is simply the WORST telecommunications provider known to beast and man. I don't want to get into all the horrid details. Suffice to say, I had an intermittant sync between my modem and the CO for two months and Verizon could not figure out what the hell was wrong. They, however, had NO problem charging me for service the entire time. I basically had 5 minutes of connectivity AT MOST every 3-4 days. Of course, I had NO idea when those 5 minutes were available. PLEASE listen to to all of us: Verizon is the worst. May they burn in hellfire forever!

- Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 12:47:03 (EST)
Well, I just want to say, I had the same problem as the rest of you will no service(blinking ready light). Do what I did after 3 months, I called the Co-CEO at home...I know, I cant beleive it was listed either. But, it was fixed very quickly after that. His name is Ivan Seidenberg and his number is 845-XXX-XXXX. (edited by marcus) Enjoy all.

- Tuesday, March 27, 2001 at 10:14:46 (EST)
Winfire is Dead and I'm screwed... I signed up for Winfire premium service in november 2000. when i signed up i opted for the internal modem, spent the 119.99 for the modem and happily waited.In December i recieved a notice saying they were in process of getting my line serviced for DSL from PacBell, later i recieve an email saying the internal modem isn't in stock do i want the external I responded yes please send. Feb arrives and so did modem,upon installing my modem i find i get a synch light, and able to send data but not recieve any. they said they'll put in a trouble call with the LEC one month further i call back, we lost your trouble ticket, we'll open another and i'll make sure you get called back in a week, the week passes,i get a call from Winfire, your line has been tested by PacBell and is good, call our number for technical assistance i call and am #75 on hold, get to #1 and get dropped with dialtone, call back same routine.2 days' later i get a recorded message that winfire's telephone system is having problems, call back tomorrow, call again, the message now says we're in transition, please get dsl thru another carrier, I DID, but until Winfire releases my phone number from their rotten clutches i get no DSL from ANYONE!! this sucks!!!!!!!

- Monday, March 26, 2001 at 19:35:08 (EST)
I once had the the DSL service,way back in December, althought I still get charged for it. That's another story. I used to live up the street (approx 1/8 mile) I was pretty happy with the service for the most part. Than I made the mis- take of moving! Even closer to the phone company. I figured well just call the phone company and have them change the phone location, Sounds easy to me. After I changed that I was switched over to the DSL section. Nobody ever told me that it would take three weeks for them to see the disconnection in the database. Even that I could live with. I was given first the 14th of February for a Whoooosh date (as the email called it),which never happened!. After talking to their support personnel I was all set on March 1st to be on line with DSL on March 1st. Even used vacation time as I work nights and you can't set up till after 6:00 PM (that's so their asshole sales reps can get out of the office and not be bothered with your problems)!. Well it didn't happen once again. After two months a woman named Michelle figured out the problem. She supposed to call me next Thursday, we'll see. I also called and sent an email to a womam named DARLENE JANIS, a manager for Verizon DSL. It took her a week to acknowledge the email. In her message she stated someone would call me within 24 hours!! That never happenned!! The people are a bunch of ignorant, incompetants. To resolve the problem of being billed for the service I wasn't receiving I was connected to a Verizon DSL representative who assured me that a credit would be issued on my next phone bill! That never happened. So I called the phone number provided on my Verizon bill. After talking to the representative there and her talking to the DSL representative she issued me the credit as she was discussded with the response given me. It's like they don't care. They feel its allright to have people hanging on for them for hours listening to that terrible violin music. Like we have nothing better to do.

- Saturday, March 24, 2001 at 19:31:49 (EST)
I have got you all beat! It was the ninth month of the twentieth century when I first ordered DSL. After suffering 4 months of nothing but a $75 service charge, missing work to meet the installer, waiting on hold forever, the company I ordered from,, went out of business. (I eventually got the $75 back). So in early December, 2000 I ordered from Verizon with a promised hook-up for the end of December. Here it is, late March, and I still do not have DSL. Tier one Tech support is useless. I have spoken to them so many times I could repeat verbatim their spiel of useless questions. I could even get a job with them asking useless questions and reading from a book. The problem has always been at the central office. Lately, I figured out how to go directly to tier 2 tech support. They are much nicer and seem to know what they are doing. They even call me back to say that they are working on the problem. However, it has been 3 weeks since they said it would be fixed next week. It is still not fixed. I think it does not exist. Can anyone beat eight months of waiting?

- Saturday, March 24, 2001 at 14:33:19 (EST)
Verizon has to be the most inept corporation on the face of the earth. Ordered DSL service Nov. 15--was supposed to be ready Dec 15. Spent the next 2 weeks nightly with tech support, trying to get it to work. THEN found out it was not even connected. Tech support didn't have a clue! After connection there has been a series of outages, and the constant of being kicked off line. Often email is unavailable. Numerous incidents of being unable to access the internet. After cancelling this nightmare, I am still being billed (2 months later) AND they have not released (unlocked) my line so that I can get another DSL provider. I must add that the only consistancy is that each and every department I have reached or tried to reach by phone has resulted in extremely long wait times and many disconnects after waiting 20-30 minutes. Most of the personnel that were reached, were never able to resolve the issue. It didn't matter, if there was a startup issue, tech support problem or now a billing issue. NEVER, NOT ONCE did I receive a confirming return call or email, and addressing each problem required numerous attempts.

- Friday, March 23, 2001 at 10:51:58 (EST)
for me. i was called up at the begining of february and asked if i wanted to try the "magnificent" verizon dsl. its been a week now that ive been staring at the beatifully blinking ready light. when i call tech support, they always go into troubleshooting my computer. i always try to explain that its them ---> no, no, no thats imposible they say. so finally im told to call customer care. and they tell me to call tech support. nobody knows what the problem is. "IT SHOULD BE READY - did you try unplugging the phone line? do you have a filter on the line???" what am i? a complete idiot? i had a tech guy who couldnt even get my phone # down right. what a bunch of idiots and morons!!!!!!! this is not happening to me.... andy ps: tomorrow we start again.

- Tuesday, March 20, 2001 at 01:40:30 (EST)
I'm (not) a verizon customer and by the sounds of it,never want to be.I have read a couple of the articles on these pages, submitted by either present employes or retired and frankly, their telling it like it is,as I too am a telephone tech,although for a different telco. Management decides to Front a new product and its push,push,push,to get the product out. They don't have the common sense to ask their employees whether they have the facilities that will handle the new product.before they deliver it,and most phone companies,(bigger name), are working with the same old facilities that have carried voice for 50 years with no problem, but now are being required to handle digital signals and the band width of a voice grade circuit simply (will not) handle it. There is NO easy fix.They have to spend money to buy Digital Multiplexers,Carriers,etc to handle the new technology,and they may be willing to do that,BUT,the manufacturers can't build it fast enough,and they are backlogging up to 5 years. My company needs to get some new phonelines to a newly developed area and the Fiber manufacturer said if the order was placed today, it would be 4 years before they could fill it,so we place more copper in a fiber world. Can You Say Public Service Commission Please.

- Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 22:15:16 (EST)
Two and a half days without e mail. Just talked to technical support "Ha Ha" they are contractors that work for Verizon and some of them can't even speak English. They have no idea when the problem will be corrected. I worked for the former Bell Atlantic, retired about three years ago. I used to work in Network Services. I was told by upper level management that they no longer wanted old guys like me that knew how to fix problems, they wanted young college guys who knew how to bullshit the customers. It looks like they got their wish.

- Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 15:20:18 (EST)
"For those of you lucky enough to live beyond its considerable sphere of influence, Verizon is the telecommunications conglomorate formed by the recent merger of the inept GTE with the inefficient Bell Atlantic. Its name is derived from veris zona, which is Latin for "no dial tone." Taken from I would only add, "and no email service either" Unhappy user. Two days straight, no email, no response, only a recording.

- Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 14:27:29 (EST)
Hope there are some attorneys on this board just itching to file a class action suit on behalf of all of us who are getting lousy or no service from Verizon but still dutifully paying our bills as they come in. I believe that each and every Verizon customer who is not getting the service they agreed to should ask for a waiver of charges for every month that they've had to suffer the recurring problems of this less-than-responsible corporation. It's time that they suffer like the rest of us and the only way to get the attention of an arrogant corporation is to bleed out their bottom line. Document your problems (very easy to do on the internet) and then ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK! Or ask for consideration on your monthly bill, especially when you've let Verizon charge you for time spent trying to fix THEIR problem. Finally, ask for them to pay any damages suffered by you because your Verizon service took money out of your pocket. If you don't get satisfaction, complain online to the Federal Communications Commission and your own state's Public Service Commission. Don't be afraid to fire off an email or a letter to your congressperson, either.

- Wednesday, March 14, 2001 at 13:06:15 (EST)
This is not about DSL. This is about two ordinary internet hookups in my home. Verizon hookups. What a joke this company is. The last week of February, 2001, and into March, it took up to 75 attempts to just log in on both of the accounts we have, at $19.95 each per month. I sent three complaints to Verizon on their own board. None of the complaints was responded to. I then called their "tech services," in reality a bunch of minimum wage people reading from prepared notebooks who know nothing of technology. Many of them are former telemarketers (that gives you some confidence, doesn't it?) Although the telemarketer/tech person was very nice, she was trying to get me to change the configuration on my computer to solve the problem. I'm a little bit more tech-savvy than that, so I declined and asked her for a telephone number where I could contact someone responsible for the dial-up service. She left the line for about five minutes and then came back and said all she had was a snail-mail P.O. box that I could write to. I declined but thanked her for her courtesy. The non-accessible numbers for dial-up went on for about a week then slightly improved. There is still a problem, but not as severe, as of March 13th. Today the problem is that we cannot receive or send email through either of our accounts. And this from an allegedly telecom giant. I have filed a complaint with the Florida Public Service Commission, who referred me to the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services (yep, you read that right) and I intend to pursue this complaint to the end. This "giant" among telecoms, mighty VERIZON, will be filing for bankruptcy within a year if they don't get their act together. They're already being sued in the east by DSL subscribers who didn't get their money's worth, to say the least, and are incurring the wrath of all us ordinary dial-up users here in Florida. If you're going to be investing in the stock market in the future, you might want to pass over the might Verizon as, in my opinion, they are heading even further South than Florida.

- Tuesday, March 13, 2001 at 22:01:38 (EST)
Well... just another sob story I suppose. I ordered a DSL line from Verizon back in the second week of january (going through my current dialup ISP, who I've been with for over 2 years). I've recieved many "due dates" (first being the end of January... then the middle of February.. then today March 13th... the latest is April 3rd) - and of course I've gotten the famous "we'll have someone call you" line several times now (of course, nobody ever does). The best part is, I recieved an email from an ISP I've never heard of saying Verizon had contacted them to initiate a DSL account; when I called Verizon about this they said something along the lines of "oh, then they're probably the same company." It took several phone calls to get them to finally get the order pointed to the right ISP. Last night I recieved an email from a Verizon rep saying the "only thing" holding up my order is the fact that whenever they contact my ISP, my ISP has told them that they don't have an account for me. I asked the owner of my ISP about this (this is a small ISP - the owner is also the main tech support guy as well, along with being the admin), and he said he's never heard from Verizon. To add insult to injury, the email from Verizon stated the service was to be installed on my OLD phone line, which has been disconnected for about 3 months now. When I called Verizon this morning to clear this up, they said they have no idea why I got an email at all, and that my due date has been pushed back yet again. When I asked them why it'd been pushed back, they said the CO hasn't recieved equipment they ordered (yeahhhhh, right). I asked why I hadn't been contacted and was basically told "this is only a tentative date, not a promised one". I finally got fed up and tried to get in touch with AT&T @ Home in my area.. found out they don't service my neighborhood yet, unfortunately. So I'm stuck with waiting on Verizon to get their collective heads out of their ass.

- Tuesday, March 13, 2001 at 11:33:59 (EST)
I live in Northern Virginia. I ordered Version DSL last Fall (around October 1) when it became avaiable in my area. The first 3 months were pure hell. On average it worked about 40% of the time. If the DNS worked then the mail server wouldn't, or visa versa, or neither = almost never both. I called, waited endlessly for lame, shameless "technicians" to tell me the same fibs. I threatned (always worried that these only resulted in more problems - punishment?) Finally I gave up and began inquirying with my local cable company. Then, Around Mid Jan it started working pretty well - well enough in fact for me to be happy with it. Today however, I notice some problems, and the FEAR is welling up inside me. I cannot take another round of BS from them. Also I heard there is a Class Action Suit somewhere - any info on that? Fingers Xed Randall

- Tuesday, March 13, 2001 at 10:41:53 (EST)
Well, technically, I still "have" Verizon DSL, but actually, I've never had it. Hell, I don't even know what DSL LOOKS like. I ordered Verizon DSL back in the beginning of November, just after cancelling with Earthlink, who never sent me anything after I was signed up with them for 2 months (so, poop on them, too). I was really impressed when the Verizon rep said I'd have service before Thanksgiving. I was even more impressed when my self-installation kit arrived about 4 days later. So far, so good. Unfortunately, that's as good as it gets. All the modem ever did was blink. Numerous calls to customer service... shut down your computer, unplug your phone lines, blah blah blah.. nope.. the modem just blinks. So, one rep tells me to leave the modem on all day so technicians can trace the problem. I do, I come home, and the modem's dead. So, I call about 5 times for a new modem, which never arrives. Since I'm connecting to the internet through various free ISP's anyway, I lose interest. I stop calling. 2 months go by.. and I get a call on my voicemail from Verizon, saying they are looking into my account. The next day, a new modem arrives, Fedexed overnight. Why the rush, I don't know, because the damn thing just blinks, like the first one. I call customer service today... "shut down your computer, unplug the phone line..." I do this.. power back up, and it's still blinking. I tell the rep this.. he says to wait a minute.. I wait another minute.. and tell him it's STILL blinking.. no response from him... no response, because the line is dead. We either got cut off or he decided it was time for a coffee break. So, I call back, and have to explain all over again to another rep. He looks into the database, and says something about "They're looking into your tree assignment." Whatever the hell that is. Anyway, it was actually dated yesterday, so maybe something will happen. I'm sticking with this for now, only because A. it's so mildly amusing. B. I haven't started my free 30 days yet, and I'd like to see what DSL is actually like. In the meanwhile, I found this site while doing a search on Google for "AT&T Broadband Malden". It was the first site I came across, so go figure. I'm in Everett, MA. Cable modems are starting to look pretty darn good at this point. I know the free ISPs won't be around much longer.

- Thursday, March 08, 2001 at 10:14:24 (EST)
I ordered DSL through Verizon Online 1/4/01 and was promised a 1/31 connection date which was confirmed by email. On 1/31 I was told by Verizon DSL support that my install date was changed to 2/16 (only after I called them). On 2/16 I called again (average wait time on hold - 45 minutes) and was told new install date to be 2/26. On 2/26 I called again and was told I had been rescheduled to 3/26. Since I am a former Verizon employee I called the local C.O. and was told the real reason for the delay was that the local C.O. was at 99% of its power capacity and that no new equipment (DSL Dslams) could be brought online until additional rectifiers were installed which were scheduled for sometime in March. I subsequently confirmed that my C.O. was not the only one in this area affected by this. So the real reason for at least some of the miscommits is that the Company had failed to estimate accurately its power requirements over the years and is now trying to catch up. Since the original 1/31 commit I have never been notified by Verizon of the subsequent reschedulings - I only found out by calling them. What I really resent is that this problem existed at the time of my original order and I was never advised - seems like they were willing to take the order to prevent me from signing on with another provider. So much for "customer service"...

- Monday, March 05, 2001 at 19:26:09 (EST)

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