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I just canceled my verizon wireless service. I'm so happy and I feel so much more bull crap, no more dropped calls. I switched to cingular about a ago month and so far i have no complaints. I really like it. I GET SERVICE, for the money I pay. I used to pay the same amount of money I'm paying for cingular and I used to get no service at all... 3 years ago when i first started with verizon i got service everywehere, so i decided to change phones and i got verizon phone with UI (verizon interface, that ugly red bars at top and botton) and as soon i did i had the most horrible service, i thought it was the phone but i guess i was wrong. My mom got a phone and it was the same...she doesn't get any brother the same. So i went to verizon couple times to change phones cause they used to die on me. So waiting at verizon i used to hear all kinds of problems...people we complaning about this company, so i figured i had to switch cause it was the company... VERIZON SUCKS... VERIZON U HAVE THE MOST DROPPED CALLS IN THE NATION.

- Saturday, August 05, 2006 at 05:05:32 (EDT)
My Name is Sharon L. Jackson. I went to my local Radio Shack store and signed up for the Verizon family plan. I requested four phones. Over the course of a year while having the phone, I called Verizon to suspend my accound because I was out of work and was not using the phone(s). They agreed to put all of the phones on suspend and I had a past due bill of $400.00. I told them I would pay my bill within a couple of months they said it would stay on suspend until I paid the bill in that time period. I kept receiving bills, called Verizon about the bills and was told that the bills were generated automatically and that I would not be charged. At the end of my couple of months, my son went to pay the bill and was told that he had to pay $700.00. IN a rage but calm, he paid then was told he had to pay anadditional $850.00 bringing the total to $1550.00 current. I truly hope this is just a misunderstanding and this can be cleared up immediately. I will write a letter to! the complaint office because maybe they do not know that they have customer service representatives telling the customers one thing, yet doing another just for merits or pay upgrades. I will keep you all posted on how this goes because this isn't right and the customer should not be taken advantage of like this. But you mark my word, every company that continues to take advantage of their customers will eventually suffer at the expense of their own expenses.

- Thursday, August 03, 2006 at 23:19:08 (EDT)
I had a phone that was not working properly in June of 2005. Before I could get it in to Verizon, I accidently dropped it in the mud at work. Since it was scratched and dirty, I assumed I would have a problem returning it, so I decided to buy a new phone. I talked to the salesmen at the Verizon store on Butterfield rd. in Lombard IL. They made me an offer wherein I could add a line to a new phone. I gave the scratched phone to my mom, and bought a new Motorola. When I got it home and tried to charge the battery, it didn't work, so Verizon gave me a new phone. Over the year I wound up returning 3-4 phones. Each time they would give me a refurbished phone. When I tokk it back for the 3rd time, I told the technician I wanted a brand new phone, in the box. He said I would have to talk to customer service. I'm not sure how many times I tried to get Verizon to straighten out this mess. I was told it was there policy to replace non working phones with refurbished ones. I decided to! end my service with Verizon and sign up with Cingular. When I talked to a service rep at Verizon, she told me the early termination fee would cost me $350, $175 for each line, so I just dropped my second line and decided to wait till my contract ended in 2007 to switch to Cingular. Around March of 2006 the most recent refurbished phone would not charge, so for the 4th or 5th time I went to Verizon and again asked to get a brand new phone. They insisted on giving me another refurbished phone. I talked to customer service and they told my that in 15 days I would be eligible to update my phone under the aggrement. I said the phone I have now does not work, could I upgrade early? They said no. After getting different statements from different employees, I finally talked to a rep that told me I could upgrade early because of the problems I was having. She also told me that after the 2nd or 3rd refurbished phone I had to return, they should have given me a brand new one. I had to have a working phone, so I went to the store in Lombard and got a new Motorola Razr. What I didn't know was that because I was upgrading early, it cost me a $50 more, and that I was signed up for a 2 year agreement instead of the 1 year I requested. I had a hard time getting a good signal with the new phone, so under there policy of a 15 day free trial, I swapped the phone for the newer version hoping that would solve the problem. The new phone worked good untill I tried to use it at work. I had no signal, so I brought the old phone I had, held them side by side and compared the signal strength. The old phone had 4 bars and the new one had none. I tried to return the phone and get a different brand, but the technician told me I could not return it without the box it came in. I had mistakenly thrown the box away because I planned on keeping the phone.. I had a brand new phone which I assumed would perform better then my old one. Instead I was stuck with a phone I could not use where I needed it the most, therefore I switched to Cingular. I refuse to pay any early termination fee, or pay for the time I could not use the phone.

- Thursday, August 03, 2006 at 19:08:37 (EDT)
This is unbelievable!...recently added a phone line onto our Verizon plan for our son, and in doing so, purchased two new cell phones. I was told if I signed on for another two years, I qualified for rebates of $50 per phone. Salesperson printed all the rebate information and I mailed it in. Weeks later, Verizon sends me a rejection letter, and after multiple phone calls basically tells me the phones don't qualify for rebates. So, I ASK TO BE LET OUT OF MY CONTRACT AND AN "EXECUTIVE COMPLAINT RESOLUTION" PERSON SAYS: We can't do that, you signed an agreement. The store tells me they have no authority, and Verizon says they can't do anything. I saved every piece of paper given to me, and will be filing a small claims suit against the store manager and salesperson, and I will be asking for all the legal service fees and anything else I can get reimbursed for.

- Thursday, August 03, 2006 at 15:59:00 (EDT)
I called Verizon repair service because I was having problems with my voice service and DSL service. They sent a tech out, and instead of fixing the problem, the tech proceeded to disconnect all of my phone service, DSL service, and cut the line that connects the alarm to the phone line for central station monitoring! The tech says "it's an alarm company problem" and leaves. After 3 hours and 30 minutes on hold with Verizon repair, listening to that stupid automated voice telling me that I'm on hold, not one customer service rep can help me, they all tell me that they can't dispatch anyone to fix the problem, and the supervisor that I finally get 3 hours later tells me that they can't send anyone out until 4 DAYS LATER to fix the problem. Which means I have no phone service, DSL service, or alarm central station monitoring for 4 DAYS! Finally, when the tech does come back, he keeps trying to leave until making sure the problem is fixed and that my phone, DSL and alarm w! ork! I decided to switch to Cablevision/Optimum Voice and Internet and I've been happier ever since. Verizon definitely STOPS working for us! Terrible customer service, terrible company.

- Monday, July 31, 2006 at 23:09:11 (EDT)
I have several stories to tell about horrible customer service by Verizon (both regular and wireless) but will post those later when I can feel like writing a book. I just wanted to say that I feel sorry for those individuals who work for Verizon and really have no other choice. I can fully understand what the person who posted on July 28th says when they indicate that they relocated with Verizon to one of their NEW call centers. And I totally disagree with the person who posted that if you work for Verizon you are an a**hole. Perhaps that person is independently wealthy and doesn't have bills to pay and kids to feed or other financial obligations and so it doesn't matter to them that there are NO other jobs where you live. Verizon is all about greed and profit and every single involvment that I have had with them only continues to underscore that fact. And I am absolutely positive that this drive for greed and profit is pounded into every single person who works on the front line for the company. And you survive in this type of environment by becoming exactly like the people for whom you work. If you don't conform you will be terminated. After all it IS on the backs of workers that most CEO's make the kind of money that they make year in and year out. And somewhere on this site I believe that it is posted that Verizon's CEO made over $54 million in salary, stock options and retirement benefits last year alone. He/she made $54 million but what is the average wage of a front line customer service representative for this company? I am betting less than $25K per year. Now who is the person with the customer contact? And yes I bet that the CEO thinks that Verizon does a great job - of course they do for him - they wouldn't date not to or probably a whole division would be terminated.

- Monday, July 31, 2006 at 18:15:30 (EDT)
If your children run up the bill by downloading data or sending a huge number of messages and you're unable to control them, then just call customer care to have the services blocked. It's really not that difficult.

- Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 22:47:15 (EDT)
Verizon sucks, and if you work for them, you probably suck too. How could you not suck? Look at the postings here. If you can read these postings and still get up in the morning and work for these assholes, then you must be an asshole too. Now, if you are working for Verizon and are currently searching for another job, then you might be a temporary asshole. But, probably not. You probably suck. Its NOT ok to be an asshole for money. Its Not ok to behave like a f*ckin jerk off just because everyone else that you work behaves like one. If you behave like one of these assholes, then YOU are one too. So, Verizon employees: quit, or be a f*ckin asshole by default. And if you decide to be a f*ckin asshole, and someone walks into your Verizon outlet with an automatic weapon, you have NO right to complain. Because thats what you and ALL the f*ckin assholes like you deserve.

- Sunday, July 30, 2006 at 00:30:11 (EDT)
Just want to clear some things up... First of all, Verizon Wireless didn't sell the government the phone records. THat was Verizon Communications. Second, if your son text messages $500, no- Customer Service won't be very accomodating. It is your responsibility to monitor the text messaging. There are a NUMBER of ways in which a customer can do that (call #DATA on your handset and wait for a text message to arrive with your Data/text usage info, or log into My Account on the website). THese options ARE explained AD NAUSEUM to the customers. VZW customer service reps have a 'courtesy credit matrix,' which allows them to credit a customer up to a certain amount. After that, we are not allowed to credit anything more. When one dials *611 for customer service OR 1800-922-0204, those calls are AIRTIME FREE. You are NOT being charged airtime for them. If you are over your minutes, it's not because of those numbers. And yes, if your phone breaks and you aren't eligible for an upgrade, the computer system will not let you order one under the code 'upgrade' if you aren't eligible for one. During the hours of 6am-11:30pm, calls come in to one of several VZW call centers in the UNITED STATES. After that time, in the evenings, the calls are routed to TWO other third party call centers - one in Texas and one in New York. If you call during peak hours, you will not get teletech. We don't "slip" people 2 year contracts. It was a mistake. Why on earth would we 'slip' people 2 year contracts only to have them call back and get pissed off about it? All CSR's work towards what's called "First Call Resolution" - having a customer call back on an issue not resolved previously looks bad on that CSR. CSR dept. is always closely watched - they have no reason to 'screw' you over. Yes, there are some incompetent people in this world. With a company as large as Verizon Wireless, you are bound to meet a few of them when you call. It happens. If you have issues with your bill or feel as if a problem has not been solved, keep calling and calling and calling. Ask to speak to a supervisor. To close, I'll say this - if you don't want to pay outrageous overages, MONITOR YOUR BILL! If your darling son or daughter uses hundreds of $$ in text messages, it's not our fault to credit that to you! It's your job to keep an eye on that! Same for how many minutes/hours you stay on the phone during peak calling times! ALWAYS use self-serve options - #BAL and #MIN for an estimated balence/minutes usage (respectively) and #DATA for data usage (including text messages) or register for My Account at The supervisors CONSTANTLY remind us to close every call by mentioning these to our customers. It helps save YOU money by being proactive! And don't forget, you can call to change your price plan at ANY TIME if you've discovered you're going to go over your minutes and your bill cycle date hasn't passed. That way, NO OVERAGES. VZW Customer Service

-USA - Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 02:25:22 (EDT)
I work with Verizon Wireless in one of the newer call centers where they relocated to avoid the union, pay much less and then intimidate the employees who transferred in the hopes of getting them to quit so they can hire cheaper labor. I am compelled to write due to my own frustrations with how our customers are treated. The execs promote "one call resolution" (what a joke) and then turn a deaf ear to what really happens in the trenches where the only thing that matters is production stats. I feel as if I'm working in a chicken processing plant. I believe there are some good customer service people within the many segmented departments, but they do not last long because their calls take too long. It doesn't matter how many accolades they receive from their customers who have been bounced around for months, from customers who have had their crdit ruined, or from customers who have had to make a part time job out of resolving a minor issue. Management does not care, they ! are so tunnel visioned that they are unwilling to take responsibility for any issue that requires going the distance. The numbers of calls per hour, the seconds between calls, the discouragement for following up with customers, the constant monitoring and weekly evaluations for compliance are the reality we face with the consequence of losing our job. I discourage customers who want to compliment my work to my supervisor out of fear that I will be "coached" for taking too much time with a customer. I often see in the remarks on accounts "educated the customer", how pompous. I do what I can, I try to do call backs and emails during breaks or after work, which if caught and if not on clock will get a verbal warning. I have held out on getting Verizon service because I do not want to be treated in the manner our customers are treated. Why do I stay? Well it's about the only company in town that has decient pay and benefits with a line of people waiting to take my spot. An! d we use those benefits, due to the ever increasing productivity deman d and an increasing base of unhappy customrs, stress has many out on disability or in therapy. Verizon's reputation as the ideal work place is becoming tarnished in the community, hence they have beefed up the propaganda commercials on "why I work for Verizon Wireless." One day with great sites like this, maybe it will cause the industry to re-evaluate sucess based on good customer service instead of statistics.

-Friday, July 28, 2006 at 11:15:11 (EDT)
I switched to Verizon in late June because I was promised by the sales representative that I could get DSL. Tests were done on the line and reported: all were positive. Then in the 3rd week of July I was told service was not available. Calls to locate the issue resulted in one very eager sales representative telling me that the message was wrong: I could get DSL. She took my order (2nd time) and promised installation by August 3. Yesterday I got another email saying service was not available. I had switched to Verizon for DSL and got a run around- plus higher local phone charges. Whether it was deliberate or disorganization, it cost me. Their reps don't seem to have accurate information nor able to help customers. Today I took my losses and switched back to my old phone service provider and will forget getting DSL. Others should know of my experience. If the V. rep says they can offer DSL, don't believe it. Oh, forgot to mention, that in paying my online phone b! ill, they did not credit my payment. I had to be proactive to get the payment credited. Oh, Verizon, I don't see how customers put up with you. Oh yes, and I found I own V. stock. Think I'd better dump it.

-- Saturday, July 29, 2006 at 13:54:06 (EDT)
Verizon DSL nightmare. Sunday: Bring home a new HP laptop from Best Buy (that's a whole 'nother horror story!) It will not connect wirelessly with the Westel Versalink modem from Verizon. It will connect fine when plugged in directly with a cable. Another laptop in the house connects just fine wirelessly. Call Verizon for help. After navigating through the computer voice that half the time cannot understand what you are saying, then waiting for 15 minutes on hold, a tech does the usual things.... reset, restart, power up, power down... etc. No luck. Transfer to another tech who states that HP is not compatible with Verizon's modem and tells me I need to buy a Linksys router which he assures me will solve the problem. I bring home the suggested router and then call Verizon for help connecting it. After the 20 minutes of automated voices I finally talk to a tech with an accent so heavy I can barely understand her. She talks me through connecting the router inbetween their modem and my computer. No luck. So she suggests we start over without the router at which time none of the 4 computers in the house can get online! Now they have made the problem worse instead of better. More resetting, restarting, power up, power down.... and no internet at all. So she says we can send someone out in two days. After much yelling on my part she puts me on hold again and talks to her supervisor. She comes back on line and assures me that yes someone can come out tomorrow sometime between 8AM and 5PM ! Monday: I've taken a day off work to be here for the tech. 3PM rolls around and I finally call to find out where the tech is. After 10 minutes on hold I speak with a rep who says there never was a trouble ticket submitted and that no one would be coming out today! After much yelling I'm transferred to a Stupervisor (this takes 20 minutes on hold)who assures me that I must have been mistaken because they never send anyone out the next day. After another round of resetting the modem, restarting the computer etc AND being told that I did not need the router the previous tech told me to buy, the Stupervisor (name is Andrew by the way) reschedules an appointment for someone to some out in 48 hours sometime between 8AM and 5PM. Tuesday: I get a recorded message on the phone from Verizon stating that they phone line and modem have been checked and the problem has been resolved. That I should feel free to call if I have any other problems. Meanwhile I still have no internet access. I call again....this time 40 minutes before I speak to a real person. This person sounds like he is in India and there is an odd delay after everything I say to him while he looks up his answer in a a book. More resetting, restarting etc.... and he assures me that yes the trouble ticket is still open and someone is scheduled to come tomorrow between 8AM and 5PM. Wednesday (yesterday): This is the second day of work taken off to wait for a tech to show up. 10AM I get a phone call from Andrew the Stupervisor saying he's calling to schedule my appointment with a tech to come out. WHAT???? Andrew calmly states that there had been no one scheduled to come out today and that the best he can do is get someone out on Friday. I make the mistake of explaining to him that I am losing money from my online business every day that my internet is down. He informs me that I have a residential internet contract, not a business one and that they can make no guarantees for the reliability of residential lines. I inform him that at least when all this first started I had internet access on all but one computer and that they made it worse so now I have NO access and that I think I should at least be receiving some kind of compensation for all the headache. Andrew the Stupervisor informs me that he would be happy to transfer me to the billing department! for that...(more waiting on hold I'm sure). Andrew who still is fixated on scheduling another appointment gets another tech on the line who runs some kind of check on the line and comes to the brilliant conclusion that the modem is not working properly! No #@#%#! I could have told them that 3 days ago! So Andrew says instead of sending someone out that instead they will have to send me another modem and then when it arrives (estimated time 5-7 business days) they can then talk me through setting it up. I am also informed that even though this is a modem that I have been LEASING from them for an additional $5.00 per month that it is past the warranty and that I will be billed $89.00 for it. No he cannot have it sent overnight, that it will take 5-7 business days. So I ask if in the mean time can he set me up with a dial up service so I can at least get on line waiting for the modem to show up. He has to transfer me over to the Dial Up department for that. The lady in dialup tells me they can indeed set me up with dial up but I will need the CD which they can send me. This will arrive in 5-7 business days. Finally I've had enough and tell them I want to cancel me "relationship" with them all together. I am transferred to their "customer resolution" department for that. I relay this whole sordid story to this person who then says "no you don't need the CD for dial up" that he can set it up manually. Meanwhile the Dial Up person AND Andrew the Stupervisor get on the line and have some disagreement as to whether or not I do need the CD or not. They finally decide that yes they can set it up manually and that the service will cost me $22.95 unless I cancel it when the modem finally arrives. They give me the account name and dialup numbers, and tell me "thanks for calling Verizon, have a nice day...etc". So I go to set up my dialup on my computer. Error message. I try everything I can think of and finally give up and call Verizon AGAIN. After 15 minutes on hold I'm told "Oh they forgot to tell you to include a the letters "V/Z" in front of the login name. Total aggrevation so far: 2 hours on hold. 3.5 hours on the phone with a live person. Two days off work. $89.00 for a router I didn't need. 45 minutes and gas at $3.50 per gallon to go purchase the router. Unknown lost dollers from missed emails from my online customers. At least I can be using their lousy dialup service to find another ISP while waiting for the modem which probably will not work anyway.

- Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 16:05:54 (EDT)
I would like to take this opportunity to vent about a specific store, and its employees. I bought a phone at the South Nashua store, on the Daniel Webster highway in Nashua NH. The phone number for this store is 603-888-2000, and my salesmans name was Ryan Thompson. When I bought my phone, Ryan gave me a twenty minute song and dance about all the various things that my phone could do. It dosent do most of them. He then sold me a music kit that didnt go with my phone, and a memory chip which didnt fit. When I called to inquire about my accesories that didnt work, one of the girls who works there asked me which phone I had. I told her I had a "V". She said, "Oh, you mean a Razor phone." I said no, it was a V 9800. She said "yeah, the V razor". I said "NO, I know what a Razor is and its NOT a Razor". She again insisted that I had a Razor phone, and put me on eternal hold with the Verizon 800 number, so I had to hang up and call back. I spoke to the manger, Theresa, and went to the store to see her with my bag of phone accesories that I got at the same time I bought my phone. She told me that the items that my salesman sold me didnt go with my phone, but kept INSISTING that all her salesmen knew what items went with which phone. I guess she couldnt figure out that if I had a bagfull of incorrect items that I bought when I got the phone, the salesman MUST have made a mistake. She rufused to acknowledge any mistake on the part of the salesman. Later on I spoke to the female tech at that store about updating my phone, and was told that there was NO such thing, that they didnt update software on phones. That is completely incorrect. I spoke to a tech at the store at the Nashua Mall, and they are going to update my phone there instead. Each time that I have had to go back to the store, I had to wait in line for long periods of time, even though I was there because of their mistakes. They are rude and beligerant, which is a bad way to behave if your also ignorant. This is just an abbreviated list of examples of the dozens of mistakes and incorrect answers that I have encountered at the South Nahua Verizon store. If you are going to deal with Verizon, you should avoid this particular outlet at all costs. I have several friends who have also had many instances of people in this store who dont have a damn clue what their talking about. They never acknowledge a mistake, and are really quite snotty when approached about an error, and act like you are wasting their time. Which is unfortunate because they make many, many mistakes. They have a complete lack of integrity, and an inappropriate attitude which I believe is actualy fostered by the management. I have sent several emails to Verizon concerning my disatisfaction with this particular outlet, but as all Verizon customers now know, Verizon will never take action, or even respond to my complaints.

- Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 09:54:12 (EDT)
I had three services from Verizon, lan line phone, wireless phone and internet service. So I had the 3 services on one bill. I dropped the lan line and the wireless to another company that gave me a better deal. I received a bill the following month and two weeks later I received another bill due immediately. So I called Verizon and was told that they bill ahead one month which I still dont understand. I asked if they could give me two weeks to pay the second bill and they told me to call my wireless service which I did and they had no problem. Well I received another bill two weeks later which informed me that I will be sent to collections if this bill was not paid. I have never been late with any bills I have excellent credit. So then I got a bill from Verizon wireless which I paid to the 3 service bill dept by mistake. The following month I got a bill from Verizon Wireless which had two months of service due immediately, I called wireless and realized that I paid thier bi! ll to the wrong dept. So I paid it again so my service would not be interrupted and called Verizon lan line for my credit, was told it would be within a couple of days. Did not recieve anything, called back then was told I would receive it 7/19, did not. I called again and was told it was posted on 7/19 and would be the next 30 days. I called them 6/28, overpaid then on 6/19. I am really mad that if I am a day late on my bill through an error I get sent to inside collections but they can take up to two months to give me back my money? If I even get it back.

- Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 18:45:08 (EDT)
I recently received a letter from Verizon offerring me a new $34.95 a month Verizon Freedom Value Plan, and after speaking with several representatives on the phone who repeatedly assured me there were A) No start-up fees B) My monthly bill would be about $55 (inclusive of taxes/fees) and that I would have this plan on only one of my phone lines [the other one is a computer line only] I agreed to change my plan. HUGE MISTAKE! I just received a bill for $172.00!!! This is a big Verizon Ripoff/scam/con job. This plan was supposed to offer me unlimited long distance, but there were huge charges under "Verizon regulated charges" I emailed Verizon and received a "pat" explanation that there were set up charges, they had applied this plan to BOTH my phone lines, and other charges that should have been deleted with the new plan were not...SORRY...with an explanation that I could expect my monthly bill to be $84.00. I do not intend to let this lie, nor do I intend to pay for chang! ing to something that was grossly misrepresented to me. I have no other alternative for a landline phone company in the rural area where I live. I feel trapped..I have dialup internet. Nothing else is available here. I hope I get through this. I will never trust anything a Verizon rep says!!

- Sunday, July 23, 2006 at 00:36:44 (EDT)
Thank you for offering to do this ! I need help and advice. Here is my story: Verizon wireless customer for 8 years. 4 phones, one for each family member. Annual bill about $3,000. Reception lousy, more dropped calls than not. My son was waiting for his contract to expire, as he wants to move to Cingular for better reception in our small town and to talk with all his friends who have Cingular. His contract was about to expire. My wife called to put him on national plan for one month so that he wouldn't have roaming charges while he attended out of state summer camp. She specifically said several times in the phone conversation she wanted month-to-month and did not want to renew an annual contract, and was assured by Verizon that would happen. Now we call today 7/18/06 and three members in the family are on renewed annual plans. My wife politely explains and asks if this error can be reversed. Answer is no. She asks to speak to a supervisor. She explains issue again and politely asks if this could be reversed as a gesture of good will since we are long-time good customers. Answer is a haughty No. I get on the phone. ( no more mr nice guy ) Verizon: Hi, this is John. May I help you. Me: Yes, John. First, what is your last name, please. Verizon: My employee number is 255743. Me: What is your last name please? Verizon: How may I help you. Me: Second, i am notifying you that I am recording this phone call. Verizon: I don't give you permission to record this call. Me: I'm not asking your permission. I'm notifying you this call is being recorded. Verizon: I do not give you permission and I will not continue this call further. Me: So are you saying Verizon customer service isn't reputable enough to have customer service recorded ? Verizon: I do not give you permission to record this phone call and I will not continue this conversation. Me: C'mon, John. Be a man. Do something forthright and honest for a change. Verizon: That is a personal attack and has no place in a business conversation. I will not continue this phone call. Good bye and have a nice day. ( click ). * * * After this encounter, we would like to move all our wireless service to Cingular. I wonder how to do this with the least amount in penalties, and whether it is worthwhile to go to small claims court. My current understanding is the fee for contract termination at this point amount to $700. After reading this website i realize John #255743 has a job that sucks and he is just following procedure so he doesn't get fired, so i'm not looking for vengeance. I just want out of Verizon's clutches.

- Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 14:46:33 (EDT)
Hi There! i used to be a tech support agent for verizon from a third world country, i would just like to ask aside from teletech, which i worked before.... what other companies do offer verizon.....thank you very much

- Monday, July 17, 2006 at 20:35:59 (EDT)
I moved one town over, from Kennebunk to Lyman, Maine. I had my landline phone, same phone number transferred, one day service on May 30th, 2006! All seemed fine. The phoneline worked perfectly for 2 weeks, then there was no dial-tone. I checked the phoneline connection in the basement and it was dead, too, thus it wasn't my fault. I tried their service number (using my cell phone from Cingular, which also sucks big time) and it was like it was off the hook, that fast beeping. I finally got through and went through the automated system to say I had no dial-tone. They set up a date to come fix it, yet it was 'fixed' a day before. Then, it's out again 2 days later, and I called again. I got the dial-tone off and on for the last 3 weeks! I get that pre-recorded call stating that they've fixed my line, only for it to crap out on me again last Saturday (July 15th, 2006). Then, I got a call yesterday morning that they had fixed the problem at one o'clock...yet I tried my phone just 2 hours later and it was dead again!? So, I tried to use the email. Well, for some reason it wouldn't accept my email, where I get a pop-up saying I needed to put my address in, when there was no place to put an address. I've made a copy of that. Then I found another page where I could email them, that went through, they called my cell and now I'm waiting for them to show up today, Monday, July 17th..hopefully at 2pm...ha ha.. but they have till 6pm. You'd think that they'd give me their revolting 'service' for free, since I'm not getting any! There don't seem to be very many altertatives in this little town (and they used to have their OWN phone service!!!) I'll just keep searching for an alternative and complain over and over to them...
- Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 09:15:20 (EDT)
On a certain date, my son's phone got stolen. Automatically, we called that night to report it so they would suspend my son's phone and phone number. My wife spoke to a William who took the stolen phone call. A few hours before that, the kid who took my son's phone started downloading stuff which automatically bills the owner of the phone $2.50 or $5.00. Once this download is initiated, it keeps downloading into the phone and automatically the owner of the phone is being charged for services. We reported the same day it was stolen but for some uknown reason, the call was dated 4-5 days after we called. VERIZON ONLY GOES BACK TWO DAYS BEFORE. The additional bulk of the charge on the bill was 3-4 days before. VERIZON couldn't waive the bill for those 4 days because it's FCC rules to only go back 2 days after it was reported. How could that be possible that the report was dated 4-5 days after we called them. They said the date stamp is automatic and it never makes mistakes. THEY keep A RECORD OF their CALLs BUT not WHEN YOU CALL THEM. WHEN YOU MAKE A CALL TO THEM DIALING *611, THEY STICK THEIR HEADS BETWEEN THEIR LEGS AND DON'T SEEM TO HAVE ANY RECORD OF YOU MAKING A PHONE CALL TO THEM. I'm switching to another carrier and won't be going back to Verizon. After reading all the comments and incidents pertaining to Verizon, I realize it's time to move on. Boo Verizon!!!!!!

- Sunday, July 09, 2006 at 07:06:11 (EDT)
Here goes--Verizon called me to sell me their new FIOS system, which they promised would be 5 TIMES faster than DSL. I said OK, great and set up an appointment for 5/30/06. The installer came to my house and was here all day. In the end he left without my computer being properly hooked up. I now have to "sign on" through control panel etc. etc. Anyway...that's not even the problem. The installer actually UNPLUGGED my freezer in the basement in order to put some FIOS thing in. He did not ask about it, just did it. Almost a week later I discovered what he had done. 90 degree weather + meat= horrible mess. Think that was bad enough? NO way. First I had to go through several call reps before I got to someone in charge. Donna Fox in Hatboro PA. She said she'd help me AFTER she got back from vacation in a week. So I waited the week. Long story short...I still haven't heard anything from verizon regarding the $500.00 worth of lost food that they are directly responsible for. I've had a dozen phone calls go unreturned for nearly SIX weeks now. The phone calls I did get through were all apologies then nothing.....I have found out that Verizon is happy to work with you to sell their services, but when it comes to problems, there's no one to help you. On top of that we are locked into verizon wireless, DSL and home phone service. Kristin

- Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 16:47:25 (EDT)
Where to begin...Verizon is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. I have had Verizon cell service for several years now and had little issue with them, but when my wife and I were setting up our home services, the service rep on the other end harassed my wife by stating that we absolutely needed it because of 911 and that authorities needed to know how we were going to connect. More of a very hard sell. When I did finally sign up for phone and dsl, it was less than 2 months before I realized what a horrid mistake I had made. Not a single bill came through with proper charges. And when I finally switched to Cavalier telephone, it took 2 months to switch because Verizon owns the lines and was dragging their heels to make me change my mind. It made me more resolute in the change. After the change (with a dropped service for a day because Verizon was still being difficult) I, today got an invoice for $75 for internet service that was no longer in service. When I called to dispute the charges, I was told that in order to cancel I'd have to pay a $80 cancellation fee. This I was never told about and had, in the beginning, made sure that I had set up month to month to avoid this...This is pointless...I have far too many complaints...I could write a book.

- Wednesday, July 05, 2006 at 20:04:43 (EDT)
I live in Dillonvale, OH rather small town, finally i ordered their dsl for my computer, i called and told them do i have to install this verizon cd to use it or just plug in the cable and use it, they said plug in the modem and cable and go. What do you need all the crap for??? verizon help center, msn explorer, when just the plain INTERNET EXPLORER WILL DO, will for those of you just new to the verizon dsl service, i will give you some advice, if you are running windows xp, and order dsl, install the verizon msn explorer and the help center crap then once it is activated just go to add/remove and remove all the verizon junk, and do a system restore to the previous day, but only do this if you are using the ethernet cable between the modem and cable, if using usb cable do not do it. i plugged in the modem and plugged in the ethernet cable and soon as i started up my ie explorer it asks me to install half dozon of useless junk that i am never going to use. but i did it to activate the dsl service then which i uninstalled the verizon junk and did a system restore and surprise, works like a charm but without the extra garbage!!!! GET REAL STUPID VERIZON, i just want the dsl service but without all the extra crap on my pc just to run it!!! Well for those of you reading this, hope this info is useful to you.

- Monday, July 03, 2006 at 21:32:32 (EDT) You can call PC-to-PC for free -Awlays ! For the rest of 2006 - you can call cell phones, home phones, PCs, anywhere - anytime --- for FREE !!! It takes 30 seconds to download and run. VERIZON Haters ------------- DO IT !!! I work for Verizon - but don't use their service ----- haaaaaaa

- Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 15:55:30 (EDT)
Download Skype for free calls - yes - free !!!

- Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 15:53:09 (EDT)
On 6/14/06 I purchased a Palm Treo 700P wireless PDA phone from the Verizon Wireless store in the Yuba City Mall, at 1125 Colusa Ave Ste J, Yuba City, California, from a salesman named Luis. I was promised broadband wireless access, the ability to source my POP3 email, surf the web, and use the phone as a tethered modem with my Apple laptop. It was 6:30 pm, and the assistant manager, Jorge was asked by Luis which Bluetooth-enabled headset I should buy to go with the unit. Upon returning to my office that evening to sync the Palm OS PDA with my Mac, I noticed that I could not recieve POP3 email or access the web. Figuring that it was simply a mistake on my part, I worked on the problem into the evening and continued working on it the next day, checking customer support sites, and Googling for fixes to my dilema. Finally, I went back to the store. I approached the Customer Service desk at the Verizon Wireless store, and was met by the assistant manager, Jorge. I explained my problem to him, at which time he promptly told me that broadband access is only available in Sacramento - some 40 plus miles away. I asked why I wasn’t told that there was no access up here, and he explained that he doesn’t know why the salesmen, Luis, didn’t tell me that, but that everyone one knows it’s not available. Remember, please, that Jorge was consulted regarding a headset for this phone. He knew that a Palm Treo 700P was being sold. When I asked for my money back, - the “full refund” that I was promised the night before, should there be any problems, I was informed that a refund would be given for the equipment, but the deposit that I had placed less than 24 hours previously, would not be given back at the store. Rather, the $400.00 deposit would be returned by the corporate office, some 4 to 6 weeks later by mail. That’s when things turned ugly. As I explained that this was “unacceptable” and asked them to credit my card, take the money out of the register, or cut a check - do whatever needed to be done to return the deposit, assistant manager Jorge began to smile and explain again that there was nothing either they or I could do about it. I asked to see a manager. Jorge said that he was an assistant manager, and he could help me as much as anyone. I asked to speak to the manager. When the manager came out, a young lady who breezed by my request for her name, she listened to half of what I had to say before cutting me off and telling me that whether she wanted to or not, she could not return my deposit to me. Meanwhile, Jorge, assistant manager, is standing behind her with his arms crossed, grinning from ear to ear. I tried to protest again, and Miss Manager said, “I’m not going through this again. Either you want the money back on the equipment or you don’t, but I’m not giving you your deposit. It has to be processed by corporate.” She re-iterated that it could be 4 to 6 weeks getting to me through the mail. Jorge pipes in, “We never have this problem. No one ever gets upset over this, because THEY understand that it’s a deposit.” I said, “It’s a deposit left on services you could not provide. It’s unlawful for you to have it.” Jorge grinned and said, “No one ever has a problem with it.” I made a mistake. I lost my cool, and said, “No one ever has a problem with you keeping $400.00 for services you’re not rendering? You’re full of sh*t.” Miss Manager hopped on that like ugly on a frog. “You’re not going to talk to my people like that. If you can’t handle this without cursing, I’m going to have you removed from the store.” Admittedly, I was wrong to use that word. But I couldn’t stand his smug grin behind the manager who was backing every word he said. Nothing was addressed about the initial sale, other than to say that the “salesman will be talked to.” Luis, the salesman, even came up behind me while I was having the conversation, and asked what was wrong. When I explained that there was no broadband service to cover the wireless phone, he simply said, “Oh, yeah.” The manager shut down my explanations with “I’m not going to explain this again.” Jorge, the assistant manager simply grinned while she did it. And Luis, the salesman, admitted that he knew there was no Verizon Broadband internet service for this phone before he sold it. I’m sending off a letter to the Yuba City Verizon Wireless demanding the immediate return of my deposit. Further, I will ask for a letter of apology from the manager of this store for: 1. Being promised a service that cannot be delivered by the salesman, Luis. 2. The attitude of the Assistant Manager, Jorge. The arrogance, smug looks, and the chuckling. 3. The holding of a deposit on a service that could not have been delivered in the first place. I built a website at to publicize my problem.
- Wednesday, June 28, 2006 at 04:59:56 (EDT)
I spent 12 years as a satisfied customer of Verizon, enjoying what I think is the most extensive network in the US, and fortunate enough to get phones that worked well enough. My luck recently ran out when I tried to get a working replacement of a phone I'd used for over 2 years. Customer service in general is not knowledgeable or easy to deal with, and one agent had me running around town trying to find an address of a Verizon store that did not exist. The purpose was to return a phone that didn't ring, before the return period was up. I did find another address on the other end of town that the agent had given me, but they do not accept returns. I managed to return the phone via FedEx, on time. After that, I spoke with a Verizon corporate employee who had a new phone sent to me. I agreed to a two-year contract when purchasing the phone, and I thought my problem was solved. But after about 2 1/2 months, I and the person on the other end could not hear each other, when I used the phone at my home office. I don't know for sure, but I suspect the network is not up to all-digital phones, even though Verizon pushes them and the clerks in Verizon stores have been saying for many years that in "2 years or so", everything will be digital. I called my corporate contact wanting to return the phone for a new and different one, but instead was sent a refurbished phone like the one I had, but without a battery! Blue mark-a-lot ink surrounded the camera lens and round brand logo. It looked like a piece of junk. When I called my contact, he said if I wanted a new phone, I would have to buy one. Since I just bought one on a two-year contract, I expected the phone to perform for closer to two years than two months, and in no way was I about to purchase another one at full ridiculous price and still be tied to a contract. I returned the half-phone the next day via FedEx. I had paid my Verizon account up through May 1, 2006, and called to cancel service on April 28, 2006. I thought it had been done, but alas, I guess they wanted to keep billing me. They did not cancel service until June 1, 2006, did not credit me for the return of the refurbished half-phone, and added an early termination fee. I requested that they waive the fee and explained the situation to customer service, but they referred me to billing, who referred me back to them. After a few conversations, in which I clearly informed billing and customer service that I was paying no more, I have had them calling me repeatedly. I usually don't take the calls, because they are forwarded to my new non-Verizon cell phone, and I'm not about to waste my minutes on them. They have already cost me plenty of money and grief, and I don't doubt they will continue to do so. Unfortunately for them, any further expenses will be incurred by them - not me. I have enough documentation to use in court in my favor, should they or I decide to take it to a courtroom. Anything negative put on my credit report would certainly encourage me to do so, but under no circumstance are they getting one more red cent out of me.

- Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 23:59:31 (EDT)
Verizon is the most dishonest company I have ever dealt with, period. I recently opened a new business and had no choice but verizon for local phone service. We placed over $5000 worth of advertisement over the first month with very little response. We then find out that when people dial our number they get routed to a disconnected number. We called Verizon who said they cannot do anything on their end and told us that we need to have the customers who couldn't get thru, to call Verizon and order a trace. We were able to get one customer to call Verizon who said there was nothing wrong with the line (although it still cannot dial into our number.) With another customer who has ATT (a reseller for Verizon,) ATT rep. said there is something wrong with the network but Verizon who owns the lines said there is nothing wrong and refuse to look into it further. The lines to this day still does not work. Our business can be losing thousands $$$ in potential revenues. Verizon also refuse to refund even one month of local service fee. They claim they will refund $$$ back to the date that the service failed, but interestingly (to their convenience) their system cannot trace back and find out when it failed. REMEMBER...POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS OF VERIZON...TO THIS DAY MY BUSINESS LINE STILL DOES NOT WORK FULLY. MANY OF OUR CUSTOMERS ARE STILL NOT ABLE TO CALL IN. For those on this thread who blame the customers and not Verizon, consider this: my friend whose business was erroneously charged by Verizon for 3 lines and DSL, it took him 9, that's right NINE, months of persistent calling and logging in every letter, fax, and conversations to have the charges removed. I can only wish that it happens to you so you can understand how we, victims, feel.

- Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 02:19:57 (EDT)

- Friday, June 16, 2006 at 02:05:46 (EDT)

- Friday, June 16, 2006 at 01:52:02 (EDT)
VERIZON IS THE NEW ENRON!!!!!! I would like to first of all say that the positive comments you are hearing about Verizon in the other postings are made by people paid by the company that actually have no idea of the shady dealings going on behind the scenes in order to save the public image of Verizon. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT. Does anyone know the concept of a monopoly? Think about it! I have another horror story about Verizon. I am currently on the phone and have been for the last hour and a half with what has to be the stupidest people employed in the world. My experience started with the DSL offered by Verizon. What a waste of time. Ready date came and went with no DSL service. After numerous phone calls they finally got it going. All the time charging me each and every day. Then it doesn't even work. I had repair people in my house 3 times in one month and they still couldn't get it to work. I had to pick up the phone to be able to connect and I had to turn off the modem in order to use my phone. So I had it cancelled. I even had to pay a $20 fee for equipment that they will not except as a return (all they want is the modem)and on top of that I have to take time out of MY day to go to a UPS store to drop the modem. Then they wanted to charge me an outrageous rate that they said would be credited to my bill, but of course, not for two full months. This is the way they bend you over! During those two months they were charging me late fees on what should have been credited to my account. When I called to complain they transferred me back and forth between departments because nobody would answer my questions, not including the outright lies that I heard from every person I talked to. I was ultimately not credited any of that money. I cancelled by DSL in the middle of March. It is now the middle of June and have just today been credited. On to the current issue. I fell slightly behind in my bill. After I made a large payment they split my bill and put some of it into a FAKE ACCOUNT. I call about this bill that I receive that says Other Providers=$$$$, plus they charge me $2.82 to create this fake account without my approval. When I first call about it they have no idea what it is. Then after about an hour they figure it out and tell me that it was created so my service doesn't get shut off. OK. The collection department tranfers money between these accounts and tells me I have one more small payment of $15 to make in order to close this other account. Once I make the payment I am to call back and get my long distance service reinstated. Sounds easy, right? HAAAAAAA. I make the payment and then call. After repeatedly give the same info over and over and being transferred back and forth and back and forth they finally (morons) get the fake account zeroed out and closed (I hope). Then the f&**&ing idiot on the phone transfers me to the order department to get service reinstated. I am told 3 different stories. The first, I owe .70 and a $30 reinstatement fee. Number 2: I owe a current bill of $18.47 due on June 30th and cannot be reinstated until that is paid. The last story, I am all caught up and I have a credit of $19.53 from the refund of DSL service. As I said before, I was on the phone for 1 1/2 hours to find this out. Well, it turns out that the b**ch that didn't believe me about the credit didn't even talk to the collection department. After explaining the whole story for the third time it turns out that all the first guy in collections had to do was remove the block but of course didn't. Two more tranfers and I am reinstated. But 2 very important issues were never answered no many how many times and how many people I asked. (1) Am I going to be charged a $30 reinstatment fee? and (2)If I have a credit of $19 and a current bill of $18 am I going to be charged a late fee if I do not pay the current bill that is not even due until June 30? That company better hope not. My next phone calls I am making are to The BBB and if I am charged anything extra in the future I am going to wait until it goes to collections and I am going to fight tooth and nail ever charge that I have on file. And I keep everything!

- Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 14:02:47 (EDT)
Okay, I don't see too many people talking about Fios TV and the nightmares it can cause. I got my first bill and it showed Adult Movie charges. (We have the TV/Internet/Phone package)We don't watch Adult movies and we tried to tell Verizon this. I even told them that I could prove the whole family wasn't even in the house when some of the movies were rented. If anyone out there has ever been reamed for movies they did not rent or Adult Movie charges that did not happen, please let me know how you can get someone at Verizon to listen. I was told that there COULD NOT BE A MISTAKE and that the only way the charges would be there is if someone rented them FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE. I kept trying to explain that NO ONE WAS IN THIS HOUSE WHEN SOME OF THE MOVIES WERE RENTED AND I COULD PROVE IT. Again, I got "there is no way on earth that those charges could be there unless someone in my house rented them." Well, I beg to differ because it DID happen. Anyone else ever have this problem? Did you ever find out how the heck the charges got on your bill? Can anyone tell me how someone can hook into your line and charge things? I need help. Twice my bill was over $300 and I finally had to turn the TV portion off. I still have some trouble with the phone and internet, but nothing like the TV. Can anyone tell me if there is a way that someone can tap into your line? Also, one of the tech's told me how to put a PIN number in so movies could not be rented. That doesn't help because it only stops it from happening in the future. What I want to know is how this can happen at all?

- Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 07:01:34 (EDT)
Just a note to all with problems (I'm having a problem with VZ also) File a complaint at: (Better Business Bureau)

- Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 01:00:06 (EDT)

- Saturday, June 10, 2006 at 00:42:04 (EDT)

- Friday, June 09, 2006 at 10:17:57 (EDT)

- Friday, June 09, 2006 at 10:16:51 (EDT)“>

- Friday, June 09, 2006 at 10:16:41 (EDT)
We had Verizon for about three years. Of course everything is fine at first until they start seeing that you may be good for your money and start showing good credit with them. My husbands business mandates max wireless hours....4,000 min per month...Verizon takes advantage of high usage customers, with over 300 calls per month , who would keep track? I did!!! I hope they are put in their place and maybe I can get some of my $600+ per month they started charging me at the end. By the way there are alot of wireless companies with ALOT better service than Verizon...for ALOT LESS.PP

- Friday, June 09, 2006 at 10:15:03 (EDT)
verizon completely sucks... my bills are always WAAAYYY to high... and to anyone whos reading this and considering getting asurion insurance - D0NT!!!!! my first samsung a670 lasted me a year n a half but unfortunately snapped in half after it had already been dropped 20843723742 times, hit by a bus, and thrown in a pool so i got a replacement from asurion. my 2nd samsung a670's screen broke after 8 days and it fell off my fone clip. i called asurion and they said since it was after a week i'd have to pay another 50 bux to get a new PIECE OF SH*T [aka 'refurbished'] fpne. fuck verizon and asurion. i might as well save my 5 bux a month n buy a new damn fone.

- Monday, May 29, 2006 at 14:33:16 (EDT)
I got the 450 Peak Minute plan. After downloading a few games totalling $12.95 (and a few other free ones) my bill was $98.92!!

- Monday, May 22, 2006 at 23:49:57 (EDT)
to the person who posted may 25 12:31 you are a very very very wise person keep up the great work best wishes, a vz customer rep

- Monday, May 22, 2006 at 22:16:17 (EDT)
Verizon stinks! That's it

- Monday, May 22, 2006 at 22:01:31 (EDT)
well every one here has valid points but i have been with vz for about six years and have had a few minor problems like i used way toooooo many min. because i didint know the vz store wasent in network (stupid every vz thing is out of network even tho its vz) and a few that were ther fault, charging me twice one time and charging me because they didint enter the change in acount info to the upgraded service. i must say tho most of you pissed off people are hurting yourself i have got my bill 100% re embursted twice and evey time they say this is a one time thing. the trick is to be nice because the people you talking with get paid sh*t and have to deal with ass holes like you so be nice say thank you tell them your problem instead of barking it at them with an altamadem and if that dosent work ask for a super and then say everything nicly again and if that dosent work tell them there about to loose a customer and that your business will be swiching planes as well. it dosent matter if you have a business or not they care about loosing alot of business so make them think they are. one person is worthless to them but if you make them think its five people and the average person goes over 100 bucks thats five hundred a month plus the normal fees, they will give you what you want. the trick with complaining is to act like its a mis understanding and its the computers fault, if you need to blaim somone say o these dam computers always loosing stuff, and im shure its just a glich but i would like to corect it if we could so we can avoid this again. when they tell you its a one time deal say o thank you very much im shure i wont need it again any how. as was said befor honey atracts more than vinigar were all adults here otherwise vz wouldent of given us a contract, so lets act like adults and be curtious instead of curt. if you make it sound like you love them they wana keep you if you tell them you hate them they dont want or need your business they are americas #1 cell service so remember its like you going to the super bowl and saying the line is to long i dont wana go anymore, they dont care you already bout the ticket and they got your money. the only diff. is verizon has a contract that your breaching and if you didint read it corectly the phone isint yours as long as it has the vz programs on it. so be nice because your 500 doller phone is worthless otherwise and it isint even yours.

- Monday, May 22, 2006 at 12:31:05 (EDT)
Verizon Wireless: That's my sad tale. I'm going to give them another $175 just so that I can stop dealing with them.

- Saturday, May 20, 2006 at 02:07:40 (EDT)
F*ck verizon - those people are sh*tbags. I just got off a call with a rep for the THIRD TIME. I bought a phone on and returned it - UNOPENED and UNACTIVATED - within their "worry-free 15 days". For the last 4 months I've continued to get threatening letters about a $500+ bill and how they're reporting me to collection/credit agencies - despite the fact that every fucking time I call, another dirtbag rep reads the comments on the accounts and swears "OK we get it now, it's all over and the account is officially closed.".

- Friday, May 19, 2006 at 13:50:02 (EDT)
Went to upgrade my Cell phones, ended up with a Aircard for a laptop. ? Verizon is undougtably the most dishonest, least ethical business on the face of the earth. Cost 175 dollars to stop a service, I never needed are wanted. Their won't be a verizon product in this house within 6weeks.

- Thursday, May 18, 2006 at 23:16:29 (EDT)
I am so sick of customer abuse......I realize there are times that a customers upset is legit but 98% of the time it is the customers fault. How dare u get upset that your phone is disconnected or your long distance is blocked. If you pay your bill on time then that crap does not happen. All studies show that the phone bill is the least important bill to "joe customer". Everything else comes first and if any left over cash they pay the bill. Well guess what.....VZ wants their money too. I am appauled at the disgusting language people use. No matter how upset I am with a situation I don't take it out on the poor sap answering the phone. You (the customer) have no idea what the reps deal with on a daily basis. Not only from the customers but from the company as well. If you want to be pissed off and cuss and swear then call Ivan Sidenberg (CEO) or some other ass that makes all the rules and policies. We can only be on a call for a certain amount of time. We have certain things we have to say on every call. We have to make sales attempts on every call. You think we wanna sell? Hell no. Customer rep was not a sales job when I hired in. VZ had a way of changing that. I would transfer out to another dept in a heartbeat but everyone else is trying the same thing and it goes by seniority. There are not enough reps to anwser all the calls....not enough techs for repairs....etc. It all comes down to the almighty dollar. It is not about the is not about the employee. Most of us do all we can do help and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remember that you get more bees with honey than vineger (sp). Have your bill in front of you when u call in so you can verify acct #, be pleasant, state your business and don't get pissy or curt when we make our sales offers. We DONT have a choice

- Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 17:49:26 (EDT)
Verizon Wireless Customer Service is HORRIBLE! One month after being double-charged for text messages and having to make a call to clear that mistake up, I upgraded my calling plan and the customer service rep said she would backdate it for the entire month and she never did so I got a bill for $114.00. I called again and spoke with Latoya who said she would credit my account for the difference. When the next bill came, I was still being charged the difference plus a $5.00 late fee for their mistake! I called again and they said there was no record of my conversation with Latoya (which seems to be happening to a lot of people... the must tell their CSR's not to make a record of the call). They then told me that they will not credit me or backdate my account. Apparently it is for no good reason. I spoke with the nice person at my local Verizon Wireless store, and he said the CSRs on the 800# are the only ones who CAN backdate/credit me. I even spoke with a supervisor who was completely unaccomodating and unwilling to make up for one of their own employee's mistakes. They are a disgusting company, which I'm coming to see even more as I read these complaints online.

- Monday, May 15, 2006 at 16:10:34 (EDT)
I'm sorry to say that im a verizon customer.We have a cumpter so we got there DSL.The other day our phone got cut off for one day because we didn't get paid till the next day so we paid our bill.We had to pay through western union.We now have learned we cant have our internet service because our phone was dissconnected.They said that it was cut off for six months because the phone had got dissconnected.They did not tell us that till after the fact. I think that it was mean of them to say that.So we will not have internet starting Monday May the 15. Im thinking about just having the whole thing cut off and just using my prepaid cell phone. they dont tell people this until it happens.

- Saturday, May 13, 2006 at 00:38:46 (EDT)
I was having trouble with my DSL speed in Pennsylvania. I used the Verizon on - line help several times and ended up staying up late into the night as several reps (I lost count) transferred me from one to the next. Finally they had me reset my modem. However their instruction caused me to not be able to connect to the internet so I called the toll free number and the person there talked me back on to the internet. My DSL speed was still slow (about dial up speed) and I called the toll free number again. The woman on the line had me check my available memory. She said that the problem was with my Dell computer and it wasn't verizon's fault. After working with Dell to determine that nothing was wrong with my computer my DSL spontaneously was fast again (>T1 speed). I did nothing to "bring it back up" to speed yet Verizon emphatically told me that it was my computer problem.

- Friday, May 12, 2006 at 21:41:59 (EDT)
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- Friday, May 12, 2006 at 13:11:16 (EDT)
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- Friday, May 12, 2006 at 13:11:13 (EDT)
I have been a verizon customer for several years. I used an AudioVox smartphone, which verizon tech support setup to be able to use my minutes to access the internet. I had recently upgraded my phone to a AudioVox vx6600. This phone also has DUNS which I was told by a sale person requires an internet package. I contacted verizons tech support and was told that I can still use my minutes to access the internet. He then gave me a cell number of #762, a login, and a password to use. I watch my bill for the first month and seen data usage, with no charge. I went a couple of months before recieving a bill with an additional charge of 48 dollars, then a the next month for 128 dollars for a "pay as you go" data charge. I ended up with a bill for a total of $378 dollars in data charges alone. I called verizon, and received the same statement as those I had read about before, "There is nothing we can do for you.". They had threatened to turn off my service if this was not paid in full. I ended up paying for this, just so I can still access the systems at work. But this will only be until I find another Wireless service in the next few days. DOWN WITH VERIZON PIRATES!

- Monday, May 08, 2006 at 14:47:18 (EDT)
Oh yeah.. to the complainers whining that you have to pay a deductible for insurance.. do you expect us to replace your $400 phone because you were drunk and dropped it in the toilet? Think again.. there's a reason we charge for INSURANCE, because of your fuck-ups.

- Friday, May 05, 2006 at 22:38:21 (EDT)
Just so you guys know... 99% of the problems listed here are because of your own incompetence. We gave you a customer agreement, and you signed it. Chances are, if you're complaining about something, you signed a document stating that you agree to the charges or situation that you're in. To the people that used to work with us... how did you not know your prices were going to change? You answer calls every day about price plans. You no longer work with us; do you just assume we're going to pay for your service for the rest of your life? There's probably a reason you don't work for us anymore. Guess what? Sure, we may not have as many customers as the Sprint/Nextel merger, but we are far more successful than them. We have the lowest churn rate in the industry and consistently have the most customer adds per calendar month than any other provider- and there's a reason for that. To keep it short... read your CONTRACT, pay your BILL, and ASK QUESTIONS if you don't understand... our job is to explain it to you and help you... but don't expect us to help you if you call in yelling at us because you don't know how to read. And guess what? Do you really think it matters to us that you're going to pay the early termination fee and join another service? No... because a) you're paying us $175 for essentially nothing (yay contract law!) and b) you'll be back. You don't think so, but you will. And for your info, the "gay white" guy that supposedly gets all the promotions DESERVES his position... he does a great job and is an essential part of our company. You're just a prejudiced motherfucker and you think you should also be entitled to something because you're different. Try working for a living buddy. It's a sales job. You sell stuff. Waah.

- Friday, May 05, 2006 at 22:35:02 (EDT)
Our contract was terminated with no notice and we asked for documentation for this and were told there was no documetation by the csr and a supervisor..however, we found it on the web..secondly, our service was terminated without notice on April 13th according to the verizon csr and superviosr, but we were sent a letter from them dated April 14th and that we received on the 23rd that stated we owed ONLY 190. balance and that we had 5 days to pay THIS amount, no other fees were on this letter whatsoever. so we went to the store to pay 190 and were told we owed 500+ on April 24. On April 25 we called verizon and was told they would waive the cancellation fee but we had to pay 125 per phone to reconnect and that the 5 business days stated in the letter of the 14th did not apply...this was not listed on the letter either that was dated april 14th. SO basically they sent us a letter that was a lie? We will be reporting them to the better business bureau in addition to federal consumer.

- Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 15:43:01 (EDT)
I am a current soon to be former employee of this hell hole of a company called Verizon. I work as a repairman in the New England Area, and the way this company is being run, it won't be that much longer until they are out of business. The management team in the area I work are a bunch of fools, who can't even do the simple things a first grader cando, such as spell or read. Its like a bad sitcom. I was suspended by my manager(use that term loosely) for was conduct unbecoming of a verizon employee, what kind of crap is that, it basically was a bunch of lies and misconceptions on her part. I also know for a fact that this manager has spoken to customers and told them I was a "sh*tty" tech and she is trying to fire me, how about that for ethical and professional. This company's managers are nothing but a collection of degenerates whom probably couldn't get a real job if their life depended on it. You know now I Don't feel that bad that the company went ahead and screwed them out of their pensions, and funny the CEO got a 49% raise for saving the company money. If any of you customers out there are fed up with the crappy service switch to another company, as a manger said to me who(the customers) gonna go to there is no one else, it doesn't matter if we get them back in service or not.

- Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 00:35:59 (EDT)
I am a previous employee of verizon wireless and the stories are true. The reason that i am no longer an employee there is because when my grandfather passed away, i provided obituary notices and the whole you name it. While still not over the death of my grandfather and still grieving the ASSHOLES had the nereve to tell me that they needed to follow up on the info that i provided and the name of the funeral home and church which the services were held DUH isnt that in the obituary. Not to mention i received no remorse or empathy the hr personal even informed me due to previous employees she believed the info was phony. Needless to say i quit, but not before i filed a complaint. However since i was employeed there i had phone service with them as well. BIG DAMN MISTAKE, my employee line consisted of 2100 minutes on a family share plan two lines with unl texts/pixs ins and roadside asst etc. for 48.01 a month whoa and behold once swutch to a consumer line my bill is now a whomping 200.00 a month. WHAT THE HELL? A MAJOR PRICE DIFFERENCE. Not to mention my bill is different ever month i always pay on time my billing is screwed up,and i have to call every billing cycle. Being a previous representative in customer service i am on the other side of the fence, and being a consumer it really sucks! My features have been dropped twice, i needed roadside assistance for my car and what do you know i dial #road from my handy dandy verizon wireless phone and they tell me i dont have roadside asst. HeLL TO THE NO! You have to be kidding me, that was never added when the rep informed me and verified that i had that coverage. Not to mention you have to wait 24 hours untill you can utilize the service. Then the insurance which is asurion dont have more than two claims a year (including multiple lines) they will drop you. What a shame not to mention you pay 4.99 a month for insurance then when you file a claim it is a 50.00 deductible WHAT THE HELL AM I PAYING INSURANCE FOR. Then every time you call verizon they are always upsale, JEEZ! The 175.00 early termination fee per line is starting to look not so bad when you think about all the b.s you go threw and billing errors, then it takes 3-4 people to correct one problem! I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE CHOSEN T-MOBILE, I WOULD HAVE RECEIVED MORE FOR MY MONEY INSTEAD OF PAYING 109.99 FOR 2100 MINTUES AND 9.99 FOR EACH LINE, AND DONT CHANGE YOUR PLAN OR UPGRADE YOUR PHONE NOPE UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE LOCKED INTO A TWO YEAR CONTRACT. ADDING OR DELETING A FEATURE, PRORATES YOUR MINTUES. CHANGING YOUR PHONE NUMBER, OR ESN NUMBER 15.00 FEE OH UNLESS YOU DO IT YOURSELF ONLINE. THEY GET OVER ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!!

- Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 22:21:03 (EDT)

- Friday, April 28, 2006 at 14:15:40 (EDT)
I could never understand my bill when I was a verizon customer. I had a plan that was supposed to be $60.00 pre month by bill was always around $200.00 every month. I upgraded my plan and my bill was STILL around $200.00 per month!!! I finally kissed Verizon goodbye and disputed the bill. I have sent them THREE letters asking them to prove that I owe what they say that I owe!! I get no repsonse!!! Surprise, Surprise!!!! I have been a Nextel customer for over a year and my bill is ALWAYS what it is supposed to be!!! VERIZON SUCKS!!!!!!

- Friday, April 28, 2006 at 09:40:45 (EDT)
My elderly mom has been without land-line phone service for a week now, since every day the repair date gets pushed forward because they're "busy". I would leave her my cell phone (T-Mobile) but she has trouble figuring out how to use it - she's 84. She is really anxious about this because she has had emergencies pop up in the past where a phone was the only means of assistance - once she fell and needed to call an ambulance, another she developed pneumonia and needed an ambulance. Other times she has had to call friends for help because she was also the caregiver of other elderly family members. The rude creeps that I spoke to totally blew all that off, one was really heartless and said "so you're saying she won't be there tomorrow when they come to repair it?". What a snot-nosed punk, I'd like to slap the smirk off his worthless face. They've been giving me the "tomorrow" baloney every day now. They never identify themselves when they answer - they always say "thank you for calling Verizon" - so ALWAYS GET THEIR NAME. It's really burning me up - she needs that phone.

- Thursday, April 27, 2006 at 12:31:04 (EDT)
Basicly... I'm feeling like the majority of the people. I've been treated wrong! My morals have been tested. Everythings Extra with them,Yes Including insurance on that brand new phone,Who really wants to pay that extra fee until there phone starts to get some wear and tear? Yup my phone broke/Yup my bills were messed up! (ON MORE THAN ONE OCCASION) Moral for me rob me once and fix it ok rob me twice and fix it, I'm starting to wonder. rob me again I'm telling!!! So here I am telling! I closed my account, and I'm not paying! I'll see them in court!

- Wednesday, April 26, 2006 at 20:19:49 (EDT)
The joke is still on me. I posted the fact that Verizon sent me a new RAZR on 4/4. Well, the RAZR didn't work either. I've already had to replace it once. To add insult to injury, they claim they never received the phone I had to send back to them and charged me $500. After hours on the phone with Verizon and FedEx, my rep agreed to take the charge off. I've been making a habit of calling Verizon every time I notice something wrong with my phone. My comment list must be a mile long by now. I've heard a few reps gasp at the length of my file. I find it rather funny and I'm also hoping I'm costing them more than I'm worth so that they'll drop me without charging me the $175 cancellation fee.

- Friday, April 21, 2006 at 15:17:27 (EDT)
I have been with verizon for over 6 years and..I am planning to stay with Verizon because of my independent Verizon agent. I have found out that agents don't work for verizon they work for themselves. My agent knows how to mediate wireless games and he does it for me and I don't have to go to corporate sales offices and deal with sales driven associates who doesn't care about you. My advice to unhappy customers is to find yourself a good knowligable agent and let them do the work for you. NY

- Thursday, April 20, 2006 at 14:38:23 (EDT)
I HATE VERIZON WIRELESS. I worked in their Dublin location for four years, and it was the worst job I've ever had! There are many reasons why I despise them, and now I'm joyfully relishing the fact that they are no longer #1, and that their business has been on the decline (however slight) since the Cingular merger. Verizon Wireless is only concerned about REVENUE, REVENUE, REVENUE, and screw all of the employees. I worked in a sales department, and they made us try to sell something to 70% of the people we talked to, regardless of whether they wanted it or not. Some people took unethical measures, becuase of course, they don't want to be fired for not forcing products, new contracts and services on 70% of their customers. All of the supervisors (except one or two) and the associate director were idiots. They didn't know how to run the department, and then wondered why over 70% of the department wanted to bail when other positions opened up. The call center is nothing but A HIGH TECH SWEAT SHOP. You have to put up with too much garbage for a tiny paycheck. I made them tons of money every month - over $70 FREAKIN' GRAND in REVENUE CONSISTENTLY every month - and yet I get a pitiful $2 for renewing the contract. Rubbish. They claim they give so many benefits...guess what? So do the GOOD companies out there who want to RETAIN AND ATTRACT good, loyal employees. Verizon Wireless in Dublin is also a very racist organization. If you are white or gay (or even better, white and gay - and no, I'm not prejudiced!) a promotion is almost guaranteed, no matter how dumb you are. If you are a person of color, they are going to try and scrutinize you even more. In my department, there was only ONE minority supervisor. That should tell you a lot. I almost went insane working for these idiotic monkeys, and it almost ruined my life. Can you imagine being suicidal over a freaking job? I hated to go into the place every day because it was so horrible. They could care less about the employees, and started paying them less and less for starting salaries during my time there. If you leave, they replace you with someone who breathes and has a high school diploma, so they can use this as yet another reason not to promote you. A lot of their policies are very customer UNfriendly as well. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, is all they worry about. The regular Joe has to get all stressed the hell out while Denny Strigl is off in Vail or Aspen skiing or something - hell, I couldn't get a darn day of to take a vacation! I hate VZW and the Dublin managers, and I tell everybody who will listen. They brag about being listed in Working Mother mag - RIIIIGHT. It's a top place to work if you work in New Jersey, but for the call centers, it's CRAP. Change your schedule whenever they see fit...nevermind the fact that you have a family to spend time with! Verizon Wireless is a hypocrite when it comes to all of their diversity bullsh*t they talk. They always want to put a Black person in their ads, but it's a totally different story, TRUST ME. WORST EMPLOYER ON EARTH.

- Wednesday, April 19, 2006 at 11:49:31 (EDT)
I have reported a few fraudelent number to verizon knowing these phone wasn't connected honestly....however these dam phones are still on under a large business acct or someone social security.....People like this anal head person opening these fruad account *ucked up my credit about a year ago. I was almost ten thousand dollars in debt due to cell phone bills and verizon was one of the carrier...NOTE those phones are still on. I guess the company or person will have to discover it for themselves to have the service diconnected....mind you i report this 03/21/06..get it together

- Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 13:41:31 (EDT)
I am the employee that LOVES my job. I have been with the company for 10 years and yes GTE was a lot better. I am not an ass kisser at all. I am someone who enjoys not living on welfare, taking care of my customers and making a good pay. We could be doing a hell of a lot worse. The customers have a point for being upset 90% of the time and I understand that.... understanding is 99% of the problem. Management (no I am not) has a point as well look at all the bitchers that dont want to do there job... ever wonder WHY our asses get rode...I love my points, trips, and the paycheck I can give my kids the things that working fast food couldn't buy them. I get my ass chewed by my boss but I also get respect because my customer comes first. There is stress at every job.. so to ever finds my in denial.. look in the mirror and if you hate it that bad make yourself happy and get a different job. Stop making people miserable..mainly yourself. xoxoxox ta ta and night night all my vz peeps : )

- Tuesday, April 18, 2006 at 00:07:07 (EDT)
fuck you people who hate verizon yeah they suck butthe emplloyees are good people. FUCK YOU If you think they're overpaid union workers we wouldnt be workling without the union and i work in the scummiest secions of boston and yes i get paid well ..ive answered repair repair callsdfrom their ringer was turned off to real problems so you fucking customers are pretty stupid a corpoiration they suck i heard ivan eats corn on the cob the long ways !!just a rumor

- Sunday, April 16, 2006 at 16:44:44 (EDT)
I work for the Internal Help Desk for Verizon Employee's, the NSC, I enjoy my job, no complaing customers, and I get to remote into their PC's.

- Saturday, April 15, 2006 at 04:43:10 (EDT)
i work for verizon we are forced to make sales attemps pn all calls I have been disciplined for not doing it. I also had a parent who had cancer they kpt denying my fmla to take care of the person for dr visits ect when that person finally died I wrote fmla people a note saying needed fmla approved from orig request to day she died it finally got approved go figure they dont care about employess just incoming money.

- Wednesday, April 12, 2006 at 12:37:47 (EDT)
my email for comment posted below

- Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 14:45:08 (EDT)
Verizon Wireless is Evil... 175/Termination Fees, A company that wants to have pissed off customers stick with them. (watch out the sales rep that has a asian decent (no racial discrimination, but to know who im talking about) At Cordova Mall in Pensacola Florida, told me I could get a new phone with a hundred dollars. So I went to the atm machine withdrew 120 dollars. Come Back to the verizon store and she tried to renew my contract.. Very sneaky people.... Phone call to customer service-4-11-2006 I called and got Jeanie ID # 4229, I had a blinko charge of something coming on my account. I told her I didn't have anything to do with it Gave me this phone number 1-86-616-6076, Well it' not blinko. I called Verizon Back, Got Melissa ID # 4512, she put me on hold for at least on and off for a half hour, b/c I told her i wasn't hanging up til i got my 9.99 back. (she agreed to credit it to next's month's bill. Who ever heard of this) I then asked for the text message fees back for the sh*t that this company BLINKO as Jeanie refered to as. Melissa Told me I couldn't fee's back. I told her that I want to speak to her supervisor, After about 5 minutes of arguing I explained that it's only 10-15 cents, and she credited back $.50 cents. Thank you. MY WORD OF ADVICE TO VERIZON: Stop the bullsh*t......, eventually a company like walmart is going to come around and wipe you out offering better service and everything and monolpy you.

- Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 14:40:40 (EDT)
I am happy to say I have been Verizon free for about a year now! My story is one I have read over and over already. We had been customers for almost two years when my husband's phone died. My husband works construction, and had insurance on the phone, but he'd already had insurance replace it twice, so insurance cancelled him. We went to the store, actually excited because we wanted to get camera phones (this was 2 years ago). It was right before Christmas. We spent some time, picked out a new phone - $129 each - GREAT! We get to the front desk - my phone will be $129, but my husband's phone will cost $450. Why? Because my phone was the "primary" phone on the family share package and my husband was "secondary". He would never be entitled to buy a new phone unless he paid full retail value. Now I could understand if he just wanted to buy a new phone on a whim (like I did - there was absolutely nothing wrong with my phone). BUT HIS PHONE WAS BROKEN!! I asked if I could forfeit my upgrade rights - NOPE. I asked if I could buy the phone under my name and then activate his phone number on it - NOPE. Meanwhile, some Joe Schmoe who's NOT a loyal verizon customer is getting the SAME PHONE for $129 ... it makes me mad. For 22 months I paid our HIGH cell bill on time - I paid overages, I paid roaming - I never questioned extra fees - I was the PERFECT customer, but when I needed something I got absolutely no help. We switched to Nextel, and then to Sprint. I love Sprint, and my husband has FINALLY had a phone for over a year (Sprint has some phones that are heavy duty use - they say the marines use them over in Iraq). My home phone is now digital phone from Time Warner. I have no problems with them either. I am proud to say Verizon will not get one penny of my money ever again.

- Monday, April 10, 2006 at 15:38:42 (EDT)
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