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I came across this web site and decided to post my experience. Two years ago I dropped my Verizon wireless service because I moved from a metropolitan area to a more rural area. At the time I had a $75 credit--which appeared on my next invoice. I dutifully contacted customer service and was promised a check in 10 business days. Nothing. Once again I contacted customer service and was told the same thing. This has been repeated numerous times, but no check ever comes nor is there any response from Verizon--in spite of the solemn promises of the services representatives. Yet the billings, with my credit amount continue to be mailed to my home on a regular basis. Are they so hard up they need my measly $75?

- Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 18:46:09 (EST)
Hello maybe you can help me one seems to want to I have had a verizon pay-as-you-go plan for quite awhile the 10 cent plan ....I had called around 11/27/06 because I had purchased a razor phone and had some trouble getting up and running...The girl I talked with said how much do you use your phone I said not to much....She then said there is a better plan for you it will extend your time to refill .....She said instead of every month you could go 3 months but would have to refill at $50.00 I said that sounds good so I said o.k. I checked my online account after and it should that my next refill would be feb 11, 2007 that was 3 months away......great it was 14 cents a minute but I said if I have 3 months thats o.k.....well I refill on 3/9/2007 with the $50.00 it works ...BUT then to my surprize it gives me ONE month to refill ....I am not happy so I call and it is like no one can help me?? Did she do this to get off my 10 cent a minute plan?? It shows right there on my online prepay that I had three months ! now they say we do not have a plan like that then how did I go three months ?? I SAY I want my old plan back then hello I am being mislead just to take me out of my old plan this is bad customer relations! If these calls are recorded then lets go back to that date and LISTEN! date 11/27/2006 cell # .....check my online info see that 3 months went bye before I had to add monies passcode I am so upset over this I will contact everyone & anyone I can.....REBECCA RIVERA .....PLEASE CHECK INTO THIS IT IS JUST TERRIBLE.....thank-you

- Friday, February 09, 2007 at 20:19:08 (EST)

- Friday, February 09, 2007 at 12:56:09 (EST)
My fiance` and I upgraded my plan from the 450 minute a month plan to the 700 minute a month family plan just recently. I had my plan for two days. When I got the bill, it had both plans listed and being charged for, plus an overage of around 463 minutes. As I looked at the bill I realized a few things. First, I saw that I was being charged 39.99 for my previous plan. Second, I saw that my minutes were cut short this month (653 instead of 700). I called Verizon and they told me that they minutes were pro-rated since I switch in the middle of the month. So let's examine this now: They are charging me for the original plan, and not giving me the minutes that they want me to pay for. Also, they are charging me for the new plan and not giving me the minutes they want me to pay for. When you pro-rate something, you don't take away service, you subtract from the bill. Why the hell would you tell someone to pay for something and not give them all of what they are paying for? I run my own web hosting company and have worked with another much larger one that that will pro-rate your account if you buy in the middle of the month. I've used software at my own company that deals with pro-rating as well, and in EVERY instance, it will charge the customer less for the month, but give them the same amount of resources they would get under the plan they are paying for. THAT is how it's supposed to work. Not the other way around. You don't pay the full price for a service and not get the full service. Verizon is a piece of crap. The largest network doesn't even reach my house, her house, or my office.

- Thursday, February 08, 2007 at 15:03:14 (EST)
Attention Verizon Wireless Broadband Victims: I have commenced a Class Action lawsuit in California against Verizon Wireless for their deceptive advertising and business tactics regarding their broadband wireless service using their "AirCard." If there are any victims whose service has been terminated in 2006, please contact me at and I will lead you in the right direction to be part of the class to fight back. Dino M. Zaffina, J.D.

- Wednesday, February 07, 2007 at 03:03:48 (EST)
I have been attempting to cancel my advertisement in the Verizon "Superpages" since the summer of 2005 . I tried telephone calls, certified letters no avail. They canceled one advertisement out from one phone book, but not the other two. I keep getting bills. I am sending the info to my congress person in hopes that they get on these people. They should not be able to extend a contract without your signed approval. They said that they have sent me the information to cancel but since they didn't hear from me they would continue to advertise. #1 I sent them certified letters (return receipt)that I wanted this canceled. #2 They never sent me information about canceling and they never called me. #3 When I would manage to get someone on line to talk to they would say, "Sorry, you're too late you will have to wait until our representative contacts you". This happened at least twice. I was put on automated systems,put on hold, cut off and put on lines that had nothing to do with what I was calling about. The best thing you can do is send letters via certfied mail, return receipt requested. At least you have proof that you contacted them. I will be mailing all the letters and certified receipts to my state Representative on Monday. I may also go to the PUC and BBB if needed. I hope somone gets somewhere with this situation.

- Saturday, February 03, 2007 at 21:13:26 (EST)
I currently run a small construction company in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Norfolk). Because I am self-employed I need to advertise my services to the community and have done that through Verizon Yellow Pages for years. Only a couple years ago Verizon had no real competition, but since they dropped the ball a few times many in the area are advertising with Yellow Book and The Talking Phone Book along with other small start up companies. My story is similar to what has been written here a length. Customer service is horrible. When I initially received a late notice on one of my ad bills(which ran over $300/month), I called to complain. I recieved no answer, via email or follow up call. Then Verizon Phone book, which was suppose to be distributed in August, came out just before Christmas in 2004. An economic disaster for a construction-remodeling company (think Christmas spruce ups). After getting nowhere with customer service I decided to stop paying the bill to get their attention-which it did. Have you ever talked to someone who would not listen to your rational for a decision you make? They insited I pay the whole bill first-including late charges-then they "might" be able to do something for me. This was not acceptable. I finally paid off the remainder of what I owed them without renewing the advertising in their phone book. They included me in their last years phone book-without authorization and have billed me accordingly, a bill I might add, I have refused to pay. Of course they are very insisted. I have logged all transactions from the company down, including each represetative I talked to and the conversation thereto and must get ready for court. I feel like David vs. Goliath, but that won't stop me from seeking justice. Thanks for this site, you are certainly doing a world of good! I intend to capture some of it and present it to the court in my defense. I must say that in the present world of coporatism that prevades our society, there are numerous instances of neglect and shame from large companies. It is sad to think that we must not only log in writing each phone call/written email or letter, but also -as they do- "tape" each conversation to verify our credibility, but alas that seems to be the case.

- Wednesday, January 31, 2007 at 15:41:09 (EST)
I bought a Palm Treo 700p about in September of 2006. In December the antenna cover fell off and I began the arduous task of having them replace my 4 month old 600 dollar phone. I first went to the store, where I was told that they would not replace my phone because it was no smartphone. I was told to call tech services, where I was again told the phone would not be replaced because it was physical damage, even thought I pay them 5 dollars a month, just in case. So, I called Verizon 411 and talked to them. I was told that I would be able to go into a store and get the replacement phone. The situation was finally resolved after 4 half hour long phone calls, three trips to different wireless stores and my utter frustration. The phone was never dropped or abused. I don't even know where the antenna went.

- Monday, January 29, 2007 at 01:46:39 (EST)
Update on $90 scam charge by Verizon. I just recieved a reply today from Verizon, this after my Attorney General had to contact them. They are lying about my account. This company needs to be shut down. They are despicable. A company that makes their money scamming people. They win, I loose. I hope more people share their outrage..lets shut this company down.

- Wednesday, January 24, 2007 at 21:57:57 (EST)
Verizon has sold out VT, ME & NH. Do you think they really care about you? The company is rotten to the core.

- Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 14:05:04 (EST)
Verizon DSL is THE MOST HORRIBLE. Their Customer Service/ Tech Support (if you want to call it that) is SO rediculous, it's laughable. We got Verizon DSL in our home in September. Since then it has gone down 13 times!! for 3-5 days at a time. I've called Cust. Ser./Tech Supp. 6 times (3 in the past 5 days) and have gotten nowhere. They give you a service # and everytime you call back, that # shows the problem was rectified. I've asked Tech Supp. (and on 2 occasions, actually BEGGED) to have a field tech come to my house to check wiring, filter, modem, etc., so I can "get back on line - I have bills to pay." After 3 months from my original call, as of yesterday (1/19), I have yet to get ANYONE from Verizon to come to my house, let alone return my calls.

- Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 08:43:02 (EST)
I have multiple accounts with Verizon. Wireless service, 3 business landlines, long distance, internet advertising and superpages (yellow pages). The bills are outta control. The customer service dept. is rude and extremely uninformed. The advertising sales rep is an abnoxious brat who swears he's "looking to see my company grow." Being in the service business I'm on the road all day. Every day, without fail, I come across Verizon trucks parked on the side of the road with the workers sound asleep at the wheel or feet propped up hiding behind a newspaper. They recently "spun-off" their yellow pages to a company called Idearc Media. I'm confident it was done soley to get their name off the street as their reputation has gone right down the crapper. We-never-stop-working-for-you my ass! I never stop working for them!

- Friday, January 19, 2007 at 20:17:47 (EST)
Got a Palm Treo 650 when they first came out. Phone lasted me over a year. Dropped it one too many times and the keyboard stopped working. Called Verizon and they replaced it right away. (This was before Assurian took over). Within 3 months, the replacement phone keyboard started being erratic - sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. Called in and Verizon replaced that one too. One month after that, my wife dropped the phone and the screen cracked. This time I was referred to Assurian, and after paying the $50 co-pay I got yet another Treo. Within 5 days of getting the replacement, the keyboard on it stopped working all together. Called Assurian and based on their "rules", if the phone shows no visible sign of damage, they won't replace it. They referred me to Verizon. Verizon replaced it. Now I dropped this phone ONCE, from less than 2 feet, and it has gone nutty and the right side of the keyboard is being intermittent. I called Verizon and they said I have to go through Assurian because factory warranty doesn't cover mis-use. But I know that Assurian is going to tell me since there are no visible signs of damage I have to go through Verizon. Catch-22 and I am very extremely pissed. I even offered to downgrade to a less expensive phone just to get out of the Treo and they refuse to help me. They told me basically I have to buy a new phone and I am not eligible for the discount until July of 2007. Not one of their replacements lasted me more than 3 months. The refurb process is obviously lacking. I don't mind getting a refurb, but the damn thing ought to last at least until they've received the broken one back from me in their return shipping pack. I've been a customer of Verizon since they were Air-Touch Cellular and I find it an extremely poor business decision to screw long-term customers out of the same deals that any joe can walk in off the street and get.

- Friday, January 19, 2007 at 13:55:14 (EST)
i hate this company -- i have been a good customer since 2001!! i made the mistake of going on a family plan with an ex-boyfriend which dropped my at that point CONTRACT FREE plan and I had to sign on a new two year contract with a crappy phone... although they have record of me being a loyal customer who payed on time for more than 4 years they have refused to do anything to assist me -- it goes on and on --- this company is rotten --- they understand nothing about loyalty and have no ethics plus their customer service reps are insincere and careless

- Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 11:28:36 (EST)
Wow am going though the Verizon DSL hell as we speak, I got my service in Nov 14th 2006, but when my ready date was up, yup you got it right, it took them over 2weeks to fix the problem, well last friday 1/12/07 my DSL go's out for no reason, so i call that uselss 1800 number and they told me there where going to send some one with in 24 hours, well guess what no one ever came no one even called me after calling the 1800 number and been put on hold for over 30mins I got a supervisor only to tell me he dont even know whats going on, wow you dont know whats going on with my DSL put you only work for Verizon, so now again am with out DSL and no one at verizon works on the weekends, you think they would have a 24hour phone line I mean they only make about a billion a year?? its 1/14/2007 and I have had I dunno how many of thos problem tickets to tell the dumd ass's at verizon how many problemS i had since 11/14/06 it's now 1/14/07 and they still havent fix anything am in the process of canceling my so called service with this bloodsucking verizon DSL people, save your self the time and pain and DONT EVER GET VERIZON DSL...........

- Sunday, January 14, 2007 at 14:10:03 (EST)
I wrote the comment below and if anyone can help me, please e-mail me at I can't take this company making me cry and stressing out anymore about something so stupid and their mistake. Please help me out ....

- Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 18:52:51 (EST)
I cancelled my Verizon account due to them having no service in the area I relocated to. I received a final bill and called and paid it over the phone. The services rep took down my information and payment details and said thanks for the payment. Great. NOT SO GREAT. I never received anything in the mail and then WHAM 4 months down the line I get a collection notice. So I am like WTF ... call up the collection place and they tell me I have an unpaid balance and must now pay them a service fee for this. I call Verizon, they tell me I did pay but the payment was reversed by them because the payment information i provided them with was incorrect. Total BS becuase the girl still read it back to me. So i pay the bill, they tell me it will no be on my credit report. 3 months go buy, I want to buy a new car, they deny me. I have excellent credit. VERIZON put a bad debt on my credit report and it drastically reduced my score. I am so upset and frustrated and don't know what to do. I call them up and they tell me they sent me bills for 4 months after the payment was returned, BS then how come i never received them. AAAAHHH i am so mad and now i found this board and I am so going to fight this, when I originally wasn't going to.

- Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 18:39:11 (EST)
In 2002, Verizon New England contributed $25,000.00 to the Coalition Against Taxpayer Funded Political Campaigns in Massachusetts. That says a lot about the company. I guess they felt that if political campaigns could only be funded with public money, their own money could have no influence.

- Saturday, January 13, 2007 at 05:07:50 (EST)
My complaint is in reference to Verizon billpay. Be advised public it is a scam. If you pay the automated system on your bill due date they will charge you a late fee because payment is posted 24 hours later. Now this is their billpay and you have to pay a 3.50 fee to use it and although the funds are taken immediately and Verizon is notified within a hour of your payment, because it is officially posted on the next day, you are considered late.

- Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 16:13:53 (EST)
I have been trying to speak to a capable verizon representative for almost a week now in regards to them over drafting by bank account for almost $300.00, and i have been lied to and ignored. The customer service reps have admitted to me that it was a mistake and that the money will be put back into my account, but ofcourse no one can tell me why it has not been done yet. I am completely discusted with the way verizon treats its customers. i have been a verizon customer for almost nine years and this is how they treat me. If i owed verizon money they would collect it immediately, but if they owe you money then you can forget seeing it. you would be better off using two dixie cups and a string then going with a cell phone provider like verizon.

- Thursday, January 11, 2007 at 12:30:33 (EST)
Try searching "change my phone number" in quotes on THEY TRY TO SELL YOU PHONES! AS A MATTER OF FACT EITHER THEY ARE ASKING YOU FOR A PASSWORD OR TRYING TO SELL YOU SOMETHING AT EVERY, SINGLE TURN. And calling them is an adventure in being left on hold. And try to complain? Don't bother. They don't care.

- Monday, January 08, 2007 at 20:04:49 (EST)
Verizon not only hates their customers, but they have the greatest disdain for their employees. Supposedly, we are held to higher standards being employees and therefore do not get payment arrangements, the discounted phones that the public gets, etc....But the most telling is in a Payroll memo recently circulated....."If your pay is sent to the wrong account, bank or is returned for any reason back to Verizon Wireless (I've seen VZW make these errors)..upon the return of the funds to VZW..usually 4 business days, the company will issue you a manual check. "Since a good faith payment was made to pay you timely, but Payroll was unable to do so..., limited options are available. Your returned direct deposit will be paid to you on the (next paycheck) at no cost to you. Or, Payroll can process the returned deposit as a paper check for a $50 manual processing fee.....If you choose to have the paper check generated, you can opt to have it sent via FedEX. There will be an additional $15 weekday FedEx or $25 for Saturday..charge" HA HA HA....we don't even charge those FedEx fees for our customers. Thanks Verizon Wireless for working so hard for us, your employees!

- Friday, January 05, 2007 at 07:10:40 (EST)
verizon wireless company that i will never deal with again, they are not a trust worthy company, because they out and out lie to their customers, charge for services that are included in your contrac, they are nothin but crooks. i donot see why the goverment and the fcc does not put these crooked people out of business

- Thursday, January 04, 2007 at 19:09:44 (EST)
Sprint has bad service. Sprint continued to over charge me thats why I ditched them! Their Customer Service is horrible too!

- Monday, January 01, 2007 at 18:18:54 (EST)
Verizon has made errors in my billing, held me financially responsible for their errors without informing me, and continued to hold me financially responsible after they verbally admitted their error to me and after I had informed Verizon’s CEO, Ivan Seidenberg of Verizon’s admitted error. Verizon also double bills their customers who elect to have their billing automatically debited from their credit card. I had been a Verizon home phone and DSL customer for several years. I used to receive a consolidated billing statement for both of these services and had elected to have these payments EFT deducted from my checking account. In 09/06, I traded my Verizon home phone service for Verizon cellular service. At that time, my EFT payment option ended without Verizon communicating this change to me, and before Verizon completed billing me for home phone service. So, unknown to me since September, I owed Verizon for one month of home phone service. On 11/15/06, I received a call from Shirley Harp from the NCO Financial collection agency who informed me I was delinquent in paying this bill to Verizon. On that same day I tried to correct this problem with Verizon DSL representatives Sheri Johnson and “Doreen” from Verizon’s collection department. According to Sheri Johnson on November 15th: “without Verizon informing me, my last bill for my home phone was processed ‘after’ my EFT was disabled”. This outstanding bill should never have been brought to a collection agency without Verizon first informing me that my EFT option has been cancelled and that I now had this pending payment. Doreen informed me she would contact NCO Financial that same day, 11/15/06, to reverse collection proceedings. Doreen also told me she would mail a letter to me indicating Verizon’s error and the correction to my account. Doreen neither contacted NCO Financial, nor mailed me any letter. Regardless of the many hours I wasted speaking and writing to various Verizon personnel, on 11/20/06 I received a collection letter from NCO Financial indicating I still owed Verizon payment, which I did not. Verizon and NCO Financial continued to harass and threaten me for billing that I do not owe, regardless of all the effort on my part to correct this inaccuracy. Additionally, Verizon double bills their customers who elect to have their billing automatically debited from their credit card, where they are both debited and manually billed. Even though Verizon debits my credit card for my cellular billing, they are additionally requiring me to mail them checks for the same amount for the same time period. After having six regulatory agencies contact Verizon, Verizon finally put me in touch with James Haskell, Verizon Manager, Receivables Management Call Center. I left a voice mail for Mr. Haskell on 12/19/2006 and I called and made contact with Mr. Haskell on 12/21/06 and 12/22/06. I told Mr. Haskell on 12/19 that earlier that day I spoke with Verizon representative Felicia (extension 1826), who told me that I have a “past due” balance of $60.54 and that I was a “cash only” customer, meaning I am required to mail Verizon paper checks for cellular bills. The fact is, I should have NO “past balance” and I am NOT a “cash only” customer as my credit card is correctly billed for cellular payments. However, Verizon still mails me paper bills requiring me to mail them a check. The message I left with Mr. Haskell on 12/19 requested that he email me so we may converse in writing so I have documentation concerning Verizon’s problems and hopeful solutions. I then called and made contact with Mr. Haskell on 12/21 and 12/22 where Mr. Haskell informed me he is not able to send me an email and requires permission for some other department in order to converse with me over email. I find the inability of a Verizon manager to simply email a customer preposterous. To this day I have neither received an email from Mr. Haskell, nor a phone call informing me of the status of his ability to email me. I believe Verizon has now forgotten about this problem and no further attempt will be made on their part to contact me in writing over email to resolve this problem. Certainly no indication has been given me to prove otherwise. Today, I received a notice from Verizon incorrectly telling me for the second time that I owe this fictitious $60.54 and that as a result, my “service will be interrupted” meaning my phone will be turned off regardless that I have paid my bills in full. Additionally, Verizon is telling me there will be a $15 reactivation charge. I am now mailing the FBI and assorted local and State police agencies charging Ivan Seidenberg, CEO, Verizon with attempted robbery and extortion. Mr. Seidenberg, acting as Verizon Corporation’s principle agent, is knowingly and willfully attempting to steal money from me by attempting to double bill me each month for cellular telephone service. Mr. Seidenberg has been aware of this attempt at double billing for two months, but has refused to stop it and continues to do so. Mr. Seidenberg has now threatened extortion by telling me he will turn off my cell phone if I do not submit to his attempt to take money from me that does not belong to him. I believe these circumstances are defined as robbery and extortion. I doubt these charges will stick, but perhaps Verizon will finally take notice and put me in contact with a capable representative who has the ability to actually email a customer. I know that’s a revolutionary thought, but I’m an optimist. (ironic aint it!)

- Saturday, December 30, 2006 at 16:32:21 (EST)
I was a Verizon Dsl customer not having any problems. A door to door salesman came by to get me to try Fios for one month Free.He promised me a updated phone box ,battery back-up and free modem.Since I live in a older house I said I wouldn't mind that cause my old box was crap it all sounded really good. I asked him if I wasn't happy I could cancel no questions asked and go back to Dsl. He said yep no problem.That's when the fun began ! Set up install between 1:00P.M. and 5:00P.M. he showed up at 9:00A.M. I was told install would take 3 to 4 hours he left at 5:30 P.M. It took all day 1 Guy with no help!He removed all copper wires attached to my house without permission you know the copper wires that I have to have to continue my Dsl service.Thats right they didn't tell me that.I even made a point to call the door to door guy and ask him again ( It's not going to be a problem to stay with Dsl if I cancel right?)No problem he said.Well I cancelled my trial month 15 days into it when I had reboot the computer every morning so I could get on the net.I was told That I can't go back to DSL because it runs on copper. I told them to get there buts out here and get copper back on my house as they took it off without permission ! After a week of complaining and them shutting off my phone because I guess that runs through the new fios box which I cancelled.They finally came out and ran cooper back to my house. Since then I have been calling Verizon usually on a daily basis. I have been transfered to INDIA several times for support. I have been givin a account specialist out of Ohio. I have been dealing with 2 people because the first one had to have training so her supervisor took over. I had to have the supervisor get a top notch emplyee to handle the problem of getting my Dsl back on. I have been without Internet service fo 20 days now.I have called the supervisor at least 20 times tring to get answers. I still don't have internet service that I never cancelled to begin with and their answer is they are waiting for the fios to be removed from the computer system so they can place a new order for Dsl ! That's right I have to set up a whole new account with them that takes about 1 Month !

- Tuesday, December 26, 2006 at 23:49:00 (EST)
I live in Pueblo, Colorado and have my story of woe. I was in Iraq and was never told that Verizon Wireless had discontinued Holiday No Charge Calls. I spoke to my family for two hours. When I hung up I got a text message telling me that I had 17 minutes of talk time left. When I called Verizon customer (no)service told me that the contract had changed and they did not care that I had been in Iraq when they changed the policy. When I find a cellular service that still offers Holiday/Weekend coverage, I will switch the minute I get off the phone.

- Tuesday, December 26, 2006 at 12:57:28 (EST)
Back in Apr. 06 got DSL ,returned 1 remote unit and told I'd get credit( $89.25) Oct, Nov. and twice so far in Dec. I got bills for the $89.25. Each time I called, and after what seemed like a life time talking to a robot I got through to a human who was suppose to get it right. Again today another bill for $89.25 threatening to send it to a collection agent. Never late paying a bill in my life and now I have to put up with these IDIOTS !!!

- Saturday, December 23, 2006 at 15:38:03 (EST)
You heard the "we never stop working for you"? Verizon takes that to heart..They work their employees to the bone. I worked for them for years because I couldnt find a job that paid me even close to what I made at Verizon but in return I worked like I sold my soul. My commissions were constantly cut, hours constantly increased (then they move you to salary so they can work you 60-80 hours a week and if you complain or ask questions you get an HR review or denied vacations and time off) and quota's (yup they are required sell every customer so much otherwise they can be fired-- did you catch that FIRED if they don't sell you) are outrageous they increase monthly to the point where the reps are so stressed out trying to keep their jobs they will sell anything. If you or your family get sick- well as my boss told me when my daughter went to the hospital " if she's there the nurses can take care of her" to add insult to injury when I quit I was told to leave immediately and I would be paid through the end of the week but I am still fighting to be paid what I worked. So Next time you want to scream at the employee across the counter please remember the employees are treated like dirt by their bosses, worked like dogs and don't forget the constant lack of respect from a company who preaches "integrity" and "core values" but only when they suit their needs. Why support a company that treats their employees so shamelessly

- Friday, December 15, 2006 at 16:35:40 (EST)
To the greeter below she was obviously lieing to you because no one in thier right mind would want to work as a Verizon Wireless Greeter. Usually the greeters at the store where I used to work only lasted 2 weeks at best. In fact I used to bet with my co-workers how long they would last. Its the suckiest job that ever sucked! She probably got mad because she had to now start looking for another person to fill in that unfillable position. She'll probably get someone who doesn't know all the crap that goes on when your a greeter. In order to save people in the future from taking this job I'm going to post the following key words so that when you google them this website will pop up. Hopefully I'll stop people from taking this job! Google Key Words: Verizon Wireless Greeter Verizon Wireless Greeter sucks Dont work as a verizon wireless greeter

- Friday, December 15, 2006 at 08:05:59 (EST)
I thank the person who made this website. You saved me from making a big mistake. On Friday I recieved a call from Kelly Services asking me if I would like a job at Verizon Wireless as a greeter. My first answer was NO because my cousin used to be a greeter at Verizon through Adecco. She asked me why I didn't want the job and I told her straight up up of all the horror stories my cousin endured while being a greeter. People cursed him out. They told hime he was worthless and pathetic and one crazy lady actually threw a phone at him! Although I believed that this happened to him I really thought that this was just random situations and the job couldn't be that bad. She then told me that people in her agency loved the job, yeah right. I told her I would call her back and immediatly called my cousin to ask him if I should take the job. He didn't pick up the phone so I made a irrational and impulsive decision. I called her back and said YES. Later that evening I finally got in contact with my cousin and he literally told me that I made a big mistake. He called me stupid for taking the job after all the bad things that happened to him. So after talking to him on the phone I googled VERIZON WIRELESS GREETER HORROR STORIES and I found this website.I found horror stories from a greeter in Maryland,page 13, that matched EXACTLY all the stuff that happened to my cousin! I didn't take the job and that lady from Kelly Services was so pissed that she "fired" me from the agency. If thats the price I have to pay to avoid that job so be it! Warning to any future greeters take this job at your own risk. Or at the very least have VERY thick skin because you WILL be a punching bag to all the disgruntled Verizon customers that walk through the door! God Bless!

- Friday, December 15, 2006 at 07:45:46 (EST)
I too work at a Verizon Wireless Hell Center, due to necessity at the moment,but probably not for long. Every one of these negative posts that come from customers and employees, I can verify as being true. Since I have been diagnosed with a disease that has not yet disabled me but have had to use my fmla time, which runs the same time as your disability time, during the initial diagnosis and treatment phase, I know that I am being targeted among other co-workers who have had to use fmla. VZW proclaims that they are the company for working mothers- well maybe until you have a child with an illness that requires fmla, then they look for any reason to build a case to let you go. I can't help but wonder who they pay off to win such awards from publications that tout them as the best "working mother environment." If the fmla review doesn't can me, then my stats certainly will. I have been told that I give excellent customer service, however, my call times are too great and I don't bounce people into other departments enough. "One call resolution" - what a joke. I often get the customers' who have been bounced around at least 3 to 4 times, which happens because the previous reps do not want to take responsibility of the call and their precious stats are the only thing that matters, and will either mean you get a paycheck or you get fired. In my department, we do not get time to even do courtesy call backs and if you are sincere in your job, you must do it at the risk of hurting your stats. I have heard sups lie to customers, I have heard sups and reps argue with customers over the smallest of issues that could have been solved in a few moments. You will always get at least 2 to 3 different quotes or explanations of "policies" that change almost daily - in which VZW has not communicated with their various segmented departments. With all of the "I hate VZW" sites out there, you would think that someone up the line would be listening, would be trying to salvage their image in a growing public outcry regarding their tactics and poor unethical treatment of employees and customers. But they really don't care...every man for himself...every department for themselves and it all comes down to the bottom line..we've got you in a contract..your only option is arbritration and it won't be in your favor. I don't even use their employee discounted service, because I would rather pay more for my service and be happy with the carrier I now have than have to fight for good customer service in a company that really believes they are doing people a favor by offering them service. They get new people in with the buy one get one free offers, then when you are ready for an prepared to pay alot more than new customers for the privelege of getting a discounted phone. Don't expect to easily navigate the online site for buying your phones, be prepared to be pushed to a store or to another department who won't honor internet prices when you are unable to use the internet many times due to the ongoing problems that VZW won't fix with thier website. Thanks for letting me vent..I'll still try to offer the best service possible-because our customer's deserve it..until my poor performance of not abusing customers catches up with me. Please take your business elsewhere to a reputable company who really does care.

- Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 20:24:24 (EST)
In the few short years that I have worked for Verizon, I have learned what a despicable and disfunctional company it really is. You cannot be a Verizon manager unless you know how to lie, and do a good job of it. Verizon's upper management lies to customers, the government, and even to its own employees. It used to be that management grew out of the rank and file, now no union-represented employee in their right mind would take a management job, unless they are into controlling others. Why else would one give up their pension and their job security? Verizon treats its employees like children. They nominate themselves for "employer diversity" awards but what goes on behind the scene is much different than the public face Verizon puts to this. Verizon particularly dislikes its unhealthy employees. A glance at a part of one of their attendance policies tells it all: "Repeater Disability Absence" "In order to supervise and control repeater disability absence cases, employees who have had two or more sickness disability absences within the last two years, or who have had three or more sickness disability absences within the last five years should be classified as potential repeater cases. In such cases a complete review should be made of the circumstances of the disabilities and the total attendance record. Where the review identifies a need for further action, the employee should be contacted as to the seriousness of the situation and a written summary of the contact documented . . . and placed in the employee’s record." "When a subsequent disability absence occurs while the employee is classified as a repeater disability case, management shall initiate procedures for convening an Attendance Conference . . . The results of these conferences shall dictate the course of action to be followed. "The outcome of the Attendance Conference will determine whether the employee should be immediately placed on Final Warning or whether other than the Final Warning step should be recommended." See how they value their "handicapped" employees?

- Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at 20:21:35 (EST)
Hi My name is David and I have been shafted by Verizon VoiceWing. When I ordered the 30 day trial of Voicewing, I thought that is exactly what it meant. DO NOT ORDER. I ordered it and tried to cancel, but was given the runaround on several occasions. The service has been down 5 out of the 30 days. I get no inbound numbers, and I tried to return to Verizon online, but I was met with plenty of (small print) resistance. If you go over 250 minutes, they charge you full price for first month, so no matter what they get you. The customer service reps were very rude, and the help I have gotten has been horrible. I am switching over to Charter soon, and it can not be soon enough. I am also getting charged a early termination fee (I don't care at this point)I am also going to take it up with the FCC. 1-888-TELL- FCC (1-888-835-5322) TTY. F&#@ Verizon.

- Monday, December 11, 2006 at 09:25:13 (EST)
When I bought a couple of new IBM/Lenova T60p with built-in Sierra Wireless EVDO cards for my business back in July 06, we signed up for the 30 day trial of VerizonWireless BroadbandAccess, and it worked very well. I could access the internet from anywhere, even on the train from San Diego to Los Angeles, and the speed was excellent. After the 30 day trial, I bought a couple of day passes for $15 per day, and that process worked very well. I should have stopped there, and continued to use the day passes when I needed them. Instead, on August 8th I called Verizon, and started to sign up for a monthly access plan for the two T60 laptops owned by my company. After over an hour, where the rep was working away on the account, it became clear to me that this was not a monthly plan as advertized, but was instead a two-year commitment. I decided to stay with the day passes, and asked the rep if he needed to do anything to put my account back that way it was. He assured me that nothing he had done had changed the account. Immediately after getting off the phone with Verizon, I paid the $15 times two for a day pass for both laptops. That did not work. After disconnecting and waiting for 10 minutes as required, when I reconnected, it just took me back to the website where I can pay another $15. This has been the status ever since then. I immediately called Verizon and spent at least an hour fruitlessly trying to get this resolved. Since then, I have tried again a couple of times. On Nov 20th, I spent over two hours on the phone with Verizon, being passed around between people who did not know what BroadbandAccess was, or did not know what was wrong, or could see a problem with the account, but could not help. A guy in tech support told me that he could see that the account was "hot-lined", but he did not know why, could not remove it, and could not explain what it meant. On Nov 21st, I spent another two hours on the phone, with people who generally could see that there was a problem, but could not fix it. A helpful rep in the data tech support dept put lots of notes in the account, and passed me on to a woman who then tried to connect me with tech support for provisioning. I was then told that I was in a queue to talk to a supervisor. Then after another ten minutes, I was cut off. As I said to one of the many friendly but useless Verizon reps: if the Verizon card was not hard-wired into my laptop, I would have pulled it out and broken it in half by now. I filed a complaint with the FCC, and the CA PUC, but so far, have not heard back from Verizon. In the case of Broadband Access, the technology is fine, but Verizon is not capable of selling and supporting it.

- Thursday, December 07, 2006 at 20:45:16 (EST)
Update to Nov.24 story about $90 adjustment. I received my letter back yesterday, from the CEO, (Ivan). The letter was returned to me as 'not deliverable as addressed'. I had mailed it Nov. 7, so this came back almost 1 month later. Interesting, the envelope had been opened by someone, then closed and sent back. Guess Ivan doesn't like these complaints being directed to him. I have still not heard from my Attorney General either, so I wonder who works for who.

- Tuesday, December 05, 2006 at 20:02:46 (EST)
This is a cell phone story,I've been with verizon since there existance and probally who ever they were before that. I beleive most of there problem is pour customer relations.These problems didnt start until you were forced to sign a 2 year contract.I work construction and I cannot get a phone to last 2 years.I've had several problems with dropped calls,when I call them to complain,they give me the brush off by telling me to dial*228 option 2 so my phone will upgrade to there newest towers,yeah right thanks for nothing.I called them to send me an extended life battery that I agreed to pay for,after a couple of days,they left me a voicemail saying "we are currently out of stock on that battery and will not be sending it out,we have also noticed that your current bill is due."So now I have been so frequently plugging my charger in it that it has worn out and yanked out the interior charger parts...I cant beleive this phone made it this far, the last nice camera phone i had got smashed with a sledge hammer due to too many dropped calls,when i brought it in to get a new one, they asked me if i had insurance on it,i honestly told them it wasnt offered to me.I have 3 months left to honor my contract,(talk about loyalty)I've spent thousands of dollars on this company the past several years and i'm done.Im currently trying to get out of my contract using suggestions from this site.I'd love to drag that nerd from the commercials around with me for a week or two to be my phone boy and see how long it takes before he whips it out the friggen window. Hey verizon,CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!! IM LEAVING YOU! I feel better already. G.Michiels western burbs of chicago.

- Monday, December 04, 2006 at 23:30:43 (EST)
I've had Verizon Wireless with my Treo 650 for a year. On my first bill I found they charged me for data although I clearly signed up for phone only. I have been trying to get an employee discount for personal phone use but Verizon keeps requiring me to fax and re-fax my application with no result. My paperwork is repeatedly lost. Last week they called and tried to bribe me with a new phone if I renewed my contract, which is up in January. I told the salesperson I didn't need a phone but now that I see an opportunity to rid myself of a company that I feel is getting $44 a month doing nothing for me, it's a chance to take it.

- Saturday, December 02, 2006 at 17:51:03 (EST)
Almost a year and a half ago I decided to advertise my business with Verizon Yellow Pages and online Superpages. I had a sales rep come to my house and talk to me about their services... he was friendly of course and convinced me that he wanted to help my business grow. I agreed to advertise in four different phone books and also get pay-per-click advertising. I was amazed at how inexpensive the book advertising was. After I signed the agreement my rep was my best friend, calling me periodically to ask how I was doing and even about my family, etc. When I started getting the bills I was horrified to see that what I thought was the yearly cost of each YP book was the MONTHLY cost. I called my kindly rep to complain and he sent me to a higher up to placate me. Abruptly my rep was "moved" and I was given a new rep to deal with. Meanwhile, my Superpages never once worked correctly. I did not get billing notifications for months, then when I did I didn't get progress reports for at least 6-8 months. I could never access my.superpages online account pages and could never get any help doing so from customer support. When I finally did get access to my.superpages it contained none of the abilities to customize or change my preferences, ads, or accounts that I was told would be there. All told I spent over $3000 in my first year advertising with Verizon and I got one $800 job from my ads. When at last my year was almost up I called Verizon to make sure that ALL my advertising would be canceled as soon as possible since I was moving out of state. My new sales rep agreed they would be. Shortly after that conversation I received a notice about extended time on the phone books so I called my rep back and she assured me it had nothing at all to do with me and my accounts were canceled. But after my contract was up I received another bill. When I looked at it closely I saw my contract had been extended on the most expensive local book for another 4 months at $99/mo. I called customer service to complain and was told by signing my contract I had agreed the company could extend my billing at any time without notifying me. I pointed out that I was moving out of state and was told it didn't matter, I signed the agreement (over and over and over). I called my sales rep and left a message. When she didn't get back to me I called again, every day for at least 10 days and she never called back. I went through a maze of customer service to get her supervisor's number whom I finally got on the phone. He once again told me I couldn't get out of my "extension." He investigated my complaint about my sales rep and relayed to me that she was "afraid" to return my calls because I sounded like an angry customer. Just to be sure I asked him if my Superpages pay-per-click had been canceled as I asked and he said they had no record of that cancellation but now (3 months later) he would cancel it. As soon as I straightened all that out, unbelievably I started getting cold calls from Verizon yellow pages sales reps asking me if I was interested in buying some advertising! The postscript to the story is I am still being charged for my Superpages advertising but I have been told this is normal and it should stop any day now. One other complaint: I also signed up with Verizon Wireless for cell phone service almost 5 years ago. When I asked to see a call log for my phone I was told I had to sign up for an online billing account. When I went to sign up for an online billing account I had to sign a TOC. And there in the TOC was the clause that I would not be able to dispute anything found in any call log for my phone service. How this company gets away with this stuff I will never know. I'm only sorry I missed out on the California lawsuit.

- Tuesday, November 28, 2006 at 17:31:17 (EST)
hello my name is kevin ---- in december 2003 i was rear ended in an auto accident - my car exploded and i was burnt very bad - when i recieved my s.s.d. from social security - the first thing i did was go to verizon to get cell service --- i bought a new phone along with an air card for lap top and had an existing phone turned on -- the rep told me my first bill would be (SLIGHTLY LARGER) - my monthly bill was estimated around $150.00 per month -- so slightly larger should have been $160 - $180 --- MY FIRST BILL FOR SERVICE WAS $429.09 after spending $409.33 on equipment ----- i called verizon to make arangments as i had $200 per month set aside for my phone service -- IT WAS AGREED THAT I WOULD PAY $200 PER MONTH UNTIL IT FILTERD THRU THEN IT WOULD BE ON AUTOMATIC BILL PAY THRU MY BANK -- well verizon eccepted the first payment with an electronic check for $200 then shut off my service on the next billing --(AFTER MY BANK SENT THE MONEY) ---- verizon told me that if i brought a statement from my bank proving it was sent they would waive my re-instatement fee of $15. per line for 3 lines -- and pro rate my service charge for the time i wasnt able to use my phone ---- ( this time i had the store manager sign a contract stating this would be done ) ------ well the next morning i went to my bank and got the info -- brought it to the store and was told that nothing would be done and to pay the bill --- at this point i had been decieved 3+ times --- i told verizon to stick ther contract and i wanted my money back ---- they told me that they would buy the hardware back from me but wanted to give me a check that would not be good for 10 days ( i payed cash i wanted cash back ) -- so i took my hardware to T-mobile wher a fellow named jon told me that he would sell my phones for me -- well jon no longer works at t-mobile and the store wont tell me how to get ahold of him so im figuring that jon was working both sides against the middle -- i reported this to the fcc -- and with no end they still want me to pay my bill and thats wher it sits ---i patronized verison wireless and they craped on me and screwd up my credit --- so now wher do i turn --- if anyone can help please contact me at ( (440)256-1465

- Tuesday, November 28, 2006 at 11:58:18 (EST)
I need a stiff drink after all that I have endured at the hands of Verizon Wireless! This all started a few weeks ago when my Mother's phone stopped working (it was an older phone and probably not worth trying to repair). I go to the store in Waynesville, North Carolina and tell Kerry ******* that I just need to replace a broken phone. I picked out a phone that was $85 and since it was out of stock I had to have it shipped to me. This is where the fun begins. When I got the phone I had to call customer (dis)service to activate it. Everything was going great until the girl said " All I need is your OK to renew your 2 year contract". I told her no, and she said I HAD to in order to activate the phone. We aruged back and forth for a while and I told her that when I was in the store buying the phone it was never mentioned that I would have to resign my contract. She said that it was "common knowledge" and that I "should have known that going in". I've had several business law classes and I know that is not the case. A contract doesn't assume anything...that's why it's a contract. And you cannot be entered into a contract without your consent. The girl really did not like the fact that I was not going to be pushed around, and really started getting beligerent at this point. (I wish I could remember her name!!!) I got so frustrated that I started yelling "where am I supposed to get a new phone to replace a broken one if I refuse to renew my contract?" She told me that I should look at Ebay "but make sure that I don't one that has been reported stolen". I WENT TO VERIZON WIRELESS TO BUY A BRAND NEW PIECE OF EQUIPMENT AND THEY TELL ME TO GO TO A VIRTUAL FLEA MARKET! WTF??! Afer a long drawn out battle I go back to the VW store in Waynesville and tell them the story. I wound up paying $180 for a simple cell phone (no features at all) because I still refused to renew my contract. I told the guy who was waiting on me that day that I thought it was very dishonest of Kerry to sell me the phone without telling the terms of sale. I will NEVER deal with these people again. My contract will expire 10/14/07 and you can rest assure that on 10\15\07 I will be taking my business somewhere else. At this point, I'd be better off with 2 dixie cups and a string. VERIZON WIRELESS SUCKS AND KERRY ******* IS A LIAR!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THE WAYNESVILLE, NC STORE!!!!

- Monday, November 27, 2006 at 17:57:43 (EST)
When will the government step in and do something about the illegal actions of Verizon. I have been trying to get my DSL working for 6 weeks (since I moved) and have spent numerous hours on the phone with technicians trying to get the DSL working. They had me go through many trouble shooting procedures. I even stayed home one day last week until 7PM waiting for a technician that never showed nor called. I found out today, the order was set up incorrectly 6 weeks ago and the service was never turned on at their end. Then they tell me they can't get it turned on for two more weeks because of the holiday this past weekend and they are backed up. All the while, I have been billed and paid for service I have not received. What they are doing is stealing from me and the government lets them get away with it. Charging for services not provided should have a penalty, instead they blow me off and say "two more weeks". Verizon Sucks. Meanwhile they hire cheap labor in India to answer our calls and frustrate us even further with their inability to communicate.

- Monday, November 27, 2006 at 15:29:44 (EST)
I am bowled over this morning. I have a cellphone with Verizon which I have not used in the past three months. My contract is up January 11th, and as I am planning to leave to visit my family for three months I tried to pay the amount in full until the end of the contract. If I was a dog chasing my own behind I most probably would have had much better satisfaction. I have done circles and circles. One would think it would be easy to to close an account. Logic tells me that if you know your contract is up on January 11th, 2007 that they can figure out you owe another month. Even better you do not use the phone, so there cannot be phone calls, so this should be easy. Let me tell you, chasing my own behind would have been easier. I cannot simply send a letter stating my contract is up with a cheque for an amount higher than the monthly fee. I does not compute or the employee's are not able to handle this. I am forced to telphone them from overseas to state that I want to cancel my account on January 11 or 12th. Give them my credit card, and then my account will be closed. Now this means with the speed they answer the phone I am looking at a phone bill of about US$40.00 They will not only take time from my vacation but cost me additional money. I am fed up with their ignorance and making this so difficult. Now the person on the other side did tell me I could send the cheque early but that would cost me $175.00. I would like to participate in the above choice, but then I do have an IQ of at least 10. How can I embaress them completely, so they know my wrath for their stupidity. Sincerely, Johannes C. Botha

- Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 13:29:19 (EST)
Thanks for this site. This is a story about a land line. I posted a short version of the $90 scam Verizon just pulled on me a couple of months ago, in a different section. I did not realize I could post a longer version. The tale begins I believe, back in January, when Verizon posted a $90.00 payment as $9.00. They started sending me overdue notices and I cleared up 'their' error to save my credit rating. All was well until a couple of months ago when a $90 'adjustment' charge showed up on my bill. I spoke with an 'agent' (Nick) in Phoenix who 'wowed' me, did he ever, 'wow' me. I see from reading some of the comments that 'wowing' is "company policy". One hour of being 'wowed' (Nick was soooo nice don't you know and really wanted to clear this up and ....). Nick finally told me, when I began to get short and accuse the company of scamming me, (45 minutes into the call) that I had to prove I did not owe them $90 but they (Nick or the Collection Dept. or his Supervisor, according to Nick, I never spoke to anyone else) didn't know what the $90 was for..."wow". I thought during much of the time I was on hold, that I was being made fun of and purposely being left on hold and now I know that to be true. "Wow". An aside: Nick kept reminding me how long I had been on hold, and he was so nice and wanted to help get this straightened out because it was so obviously an error but I sensed this was a game and I had to play and I played the little game for 45 minutes before I finally was fed up with Nick. The call lasted a total of one hour almost to the minute. I proceeded to file an online complaint form with the corporate office after the call, but never heard from them, again, must be another "company policy". I thought this over for some time, a couple of weeks, then finally got the documentation together (all the cancelled checks, etc.) and proceeded to send a letter to Verizon, Ivan (the CEO) and my state Attorney General. I fully expected to have the $90 credited back to me on the next bill. I received the bill today. I was not credited with the $90 overpayment. I decided to check the net for a site such as this and I am amazed. This site is fabulous and I will be recommending it to my friends. I also would like to share that I had an old cell phone, a $9.95 a month plus airtime, pretty old. I really never used it, maybe one or two calls a month. Worked for me. The battery finally died and I closed the account. I requested a letter verifying that the account was closed. I received the letter a couple of weeks later (about two months ago). This month I received a bill for the cell phone. No charges, just a statement showing that I didn't owe them money but indicating the account was still open. There are no carriers in my area except Verizon for land lines. I have been with this company (or some version of it, and actually worked there in my younger years for a year or so) since 1971. I guess I need to get out more, because I really thought my situation was unique. A thousand thanks for this site. WOW. I really want to call Verizon now, with all the information I have gleaned and play the game again. BTW, for those that need to get past the robot, just say 'agent', puts you thru to a real person.

- Friday, November 24, 2006 at 22:24:16 (EST)
I signed up for $39.99 service with Verizon. My Husband thought it would be a good idea to do paperless billing with Verizon. I had no idea he signed us up for that. Bad idea. I went to an ATM one day to find my account was over drawn. He also signed us up for automatic payment withdrawl (he forgot to tell me about that too). Anyhow we changed our email so our fault for not telling them. I called Verizon found out that we had automatic payment and on line billing only. I also found out that they had been over charging me for several months. Whatever you do never sign up for on line bill paying with ANYONE. You might forget to check it or if your like us forget to tell the company that your email changed. I did get refunded from Verizon but I've never trusted them and never will. I'm actually going to sign up for Digital phone with Time Warner. I know their customer service is better. Just beware Verizon they are really bad about over charging and oops signing you up for the wrong plan. Give me a break. JJL - Pennsylvania

- Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 15:05:11 (EST)
Okay. I work in a verizon wireless store. The biggest thorn in my side is verizon wireless's unskilled uncaring call center employees. Let me save you the time of calling and waiting 20 mins to talk to a person. "Thank you for calling verizon wireless" [you question here] "I see, let me find the store cloesest to you" "Go to such and such store and they will give you mana from Gods hand if that is what need be to right this tragedy for you. "Sure, I will notate your account" now when you get to the store and ask for you mana from God. we will look at you like you're crazy :) but it's ok because they notated your account, that will prove that you didn't just immagine that you talked to a customer service rep over the phone. alas, no notes... to bad for you. If you talk to someone over the phone and they offer you a soltion by sending you into a store. Ask them to tell you what the "WORRY" free garentee states about "one stop resolutions" and after that just dont hang up with them until you get what you want. ask for a manager if need be. but the trick is. keep reminding you they have to solve you problem on the first call. PS if you hear the term "Trouble Tickect" that means they give up on your problem and there is no solution for you. Good luck not getting the run around :)

- Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 04:25:31 (EST)
Update to the Story of 18/November/2006 tale of deregulation and Verizon screw up of my service. The following day Saturday 19/November/2006 my wife was preparing to leave the house and did and returned to the house and ran in to tell me that there was a Verizon repairman on the next block. I jumped into her vehicle circled the block jumped out of the car and began to explain my plight minus the soapbox dissertation regarding "Big Business and Reaganomics, Bush Family Buffoonery vitriol etc.", to the gentleman working above-head in a cherry picker. He shook his and related that calling Verizon's call center in Texas or where ever that "you might as well been talking to someone on the moon!" Well, I asked if he would mind taking a look-see @ my line. He said it would be no problem. Guess what? He did this in all of 5 minutes and problem solved! Those goof balls @ Verizon are still quoting me a repair date of 22/November/2006 and this gentleman corrected Verizon's f'up in 5 MINUTES INSTEAD OF 5 DAYS!!!!! I gotta say, I believe that the CWA was entirely correct on this one! When is someone in the PUC/PSC/FCC going to "wise-up" and force these companies to get rid of this "business schooled" dead weight operating these companies such as Verizon from the top down instead of the bottom up? I guess they haven't caught on with the likes of Enron, MCI-World Com yet? Man, we are in big TROUBLE!!!!! If I operated my business like these clowns run Verizon, I wouldn't have a business to run!!!!! Thank God for my wife seeing the Verizon Repairman and that nice gentleman for taking care of the problem and Marcus and Verizonpathetic for a forum such as this to expose this company and the "jerk-off" clown/clownettes running it and the horror stories that ensue!!! Your Pal... Al

- Monday, November 20, 2006 at 08:53:44 (EST)
I complained to Verizon for 5-6 yrs(2000-2006)about the numerous down calls, weak sisgnals, etc. here in Pasco County, FL. Verizon would lie and lie to me...always trying to blame me, my callers, others for disconnects, weak signals, etc. First, I switched my land phone to another carrier. Second,I threatened to cancel my cell contract, telling VW I would not pay the early terminiation fee because they had breached their promises to deliver contractual services. They waived their fee. I cancelled when 4 cell phones failed to work within a 120-day period, Nov 2005 to March 2006, AND when the public was told VW had spied on our international calls. I have refused to pay the final bill of $70.00, claiming what I paid for the lousey cell phone as a legal offset. VW has filed a negative report with the credit bureaus, which I have just contested this date, 11-17-06. The Campbell Class Action Settlement has confirmed all of my personal, adverse experiences with VW. VW is a corrupt, evil telecommunications predator. Do not do business with these evil-doers. I have been with Cingular for the past several months and I am happy with their service. Don Smith 11-18-06

-Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 12:03:31
I'm a descendant of the inventor of the telephone, hard to believe, its true, do you think it matters, no way, I got took by verizon as well, but what can we all do, can we protest verizon to have them shout down, I wish, can we make wore against verizon, I wish, who cares what there reason is. thy get away with it, but nothing last for ever, thank god.

-Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 01:05:33
This story goes back to 1983 and the Republican and Democratic jerk-offs/jerkette-offs who allowed the phone company and other businesses/utilities/mass rip-offs to deregulate. The Ronald Reagan legacy et al... "Get one for the Ripper Off-er!" Yeah, I know the concept, that deregulation spurs competition, which according to these Business Schools and their economic academia spew forth to their graduates who impart that bullsh*t to the very gullible American public who buy it "hook,line and sinker" until all the so-called "competition" fades or merges with other companies to render the same horrible service @ the same HIGHER rates. Case in point "Verizon" and the other Bells and MCI's Sprints etc. In 1983 I was married and had the THEN local Bell Company install 2 phones free, that I rented for a princely sum of $9.00 a month + any long distance charges accrued and any maintenance required was performed by Diamond State Bell and was included in the $9.00 a month fee. Isn't this terrible? LoL!!!!!!!! Less than one year later this new economic revelation hit, deregulation, the beginning of the end. The "Greed is Good" mantra from the Wall Street crooks which incidentally if you require any repair service within your domicile today and you do not have a "maintenance" contract is (the last time I checked), was $57.00 either by the quarter or half hour. I feel so fortunate that all of these big businessmen who know more than I or the Average Joe Schmoe is looking out for the little guys like me and our wallets. Fast forward to today, Friday 17/November/2006. A knock on my door and a Verizon Technician asked if he could access my back yard to climb the pole to perform some type of repair. I acknowledged in the affirmative and he went off to work. Exactly 20 minutes after he commenced work I went to use the phone. Guess what? It was dead. I must confess, I had forgotten that the repairman was outside and after noticing the absence of a dial tone, I utilized my cell when I realized that he was working on the line. When the repaiman completed his tasks, he left and I did not have to use my landline to make a call approximately 2 hours after he left. This is when the trouble began, there was nothing but static on the line. I called Verizon and a daytime "nightmare" began, 15-25 minutes to talk to someone with a circulatory system. I cannot believe that companies such as Verizon cannot afford to hire anyone not even a trained chimpanzee! Again, shades of the "Greed is Good" gang! And one thing in Verizon's favor for now, when I did talk to someone it wasn't some foreigner with an accent I couldn't understand telling me their name was either Buffy, Frank, Ralph or Skippy! Excuse my digression... Well the discussions with Verizon ended with one operator telling me that if I didn't have a maintenance plan that if a technician visited me I would be subject to a charge. She then attempted a type of line verification that it stated that there was no trouble on the line. I explained to her and several other of Verizon's finest that I had subsequent conversations with that the PHONE WORKED FINE until your repair went out and worked on THAT DAMN LINE!!! Well my reward for their ROYAL F'UP is that they cannot send someone out until Wednesday 22/November/2006. The explanation was that they do not have enough Service Technicians to come back tomorrow to rectify their screw-up!!! IMAGINE THAT, they screw up my service and I get to wait for service to my line for 5 DAYS. See, I knew the Ronnie Reagans and the George Bushes Sr & Jr would look out for me! What a disgrace! Do you think they can get rid of a few HIGH-Priced, DO-Nothing executives and hire a few more technicians? Anybody got a clue? If you do, don't call my landline... Just hire a skywriter or even cheaper, just send up a flare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's good ole Ma Bell when you need her? Alexander Graham Bell must now being doing 360's in the hereafter!

-Friday, November 17, 2006 at 21:55:07
sept of 05 lost phone at airport. bought new phone at verizon store. This constituted a new contract ????? so they extended my contract to sept 2006. Now I asked to be let down to the 39.99 plan, this constituted a new contract, now my plan ends in 2008. tonight I called and a girl said you cant put one year addition on another year extension and so she put it back supposedly to expire in sept 2007...oh I will believe it when i see the change. I figured if I pay 39.99 (really 48.00/monthly) for 10 months I would pay 480.00 plus any overage i might incur. so lets say 550.00, its cheaper for me to pay the 175.00 eft than pay the bills every month. goodbye verizon....and I wont be using a cell phone again.....people can wait till i get home and if its an emergency and someone died well what can i do for them ....if they arent dead yet they need to be calling emergency for an ambulance not me....

- Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 23:38:00 (EST)
I can not begin to tell you how much this company sucks ass. Fired from verizon in August for trying to help customers. My goal was to actually resolve issues that managment refused to address. Got up at 5am to drive my car to this place to work 8 wrist slitting hours, all the way hoping my tires would blow out or there would be a jack knifed truck blocking the exit and all 3 lanes of traffic. Came and worked from 6am - 12pm and was told not to sign back on my phone. THESE BITCHES LET ME WORK HALF MY SHIFT AND FIRED ME AFTER MY LUNCH. WHY YOU ASK?????? FOR CALL AVOIDANCE...WTF....Because I had 6000 accounts with issues that I was not supposed to be addressing. Their motto is if you can't fix it in 3 min then too bad for you and the customers. You're flagged if your call is too're flagged if you give too much credit that half the time they fight you over...they flag you if you spend to much time really trying to fix what the last dumb ass did to the account. Oh wa! it and don't ask for time off the phone cause that's like asking to have a sit down with Jesus, Mary and Joseph themselves. VERIZON ONLY AND I MEAN ONLY CARES ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY THEY CAN MAKE!! Customer service reps in call center get sh*tted on somethin stupid. They have supervisors, directors and quality listening and stalking them as they are taking calls which makes it damn near impossible to do what is in the customers best interest. F*CK THAT!!! NEXT TIME YOU CALL IN ONLY ASK FOR A SUPERVISOR CAUSE THEY DON'T DO SH*T BUT STAND AROUND CUBICLES BULL SH*TTING ALLLLLLL DAY TELLIN YOU WHAT YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE OFFERED OR THAT THE CREDIT APPLIED TO THE ACCOUNT IS DENIED, OR THAT YOU FAILED A CALL CAUSE U DIDN'T SAY THANK YOU FOR CALLING VERIZON WIRELESS!!!!!! YEAH BEST NETWORK...BUT f*ckED UP BUSINESS ETHICS.

- Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 09:47:08 (EST)
My wife's E815 phone expired, she took it to the local Verizon store and was told it'd be $220 to replace and oh by the's going to AUTOMATICLLY add an additional 2 years of contractual agreement over and above your remaining contractual agreement ! This honestly puts the term "corporate greed" in a whole new light ! Verizon has already "tweaked" the programing in the E815 in such a way as to squeeze every possible dime out of it's customers. Unbelievable ! I have e-mailed customer service as well as the company CEO but have yet to hear back from them. My next step will be posting my story on the web site, hopefully they will post a longer version of our experience with Verizon for all the internet to see, but in all fairness I'm going to give them ample time to reply to my correspondence. UNBELIEVEABLE !!!

- Thursday, November 09, 2006 at 15:29:23 (EST)
yea, story to tell, good customer, over 8 yrs. own motorola e 815 starts acting up take it in, they look at it customer service rep hands it back to me and tells me this 200 plus phone is "worthless" now to replace it, i paid 50 buc's now its 220 plus fee of insurance! bend me over again please. if it were not the fact that i have 7 months to go, i'd tell em to shove it good. fact is i need the phone, invested $ for all euipment to enjoy the phone. what ever happened to faithful customer service? they got ya by the big ones. when i'm due, i'm outta this one, and lets see how fast the competitor's rip me a new one. this blow's they've messed me up befor on billing for hundreds of $'s and not only that get a rep on the phone, DA! so totally disgusted they can go poop in there hat's!what do we have sucker's on our forhead? they know we need the things so lets jack up the price on everybit of equipment needed for the damn things, lets make sure everything can't be interchangable! , ya might as well be born with 2 hearts for these cutthroats one for them and one for yourself, just so u can function in this world of high technology that was thrusted upon us without even asking!

- Thursday, November 09, 2006 at 14:18:53 (EST)
just to add to what is probably already somewhere here . . . i had local (around 28/mo) and was using it mostly for dial-up, becaise i have a cell . . . i saw a 14.99/mo dsl offer and decided to switch to that. after the dsl was working i went to shut off the phone and the woman told me it will now be 22.99/month, which is 150% of the offer. i still cancelled the phone and have the dsl, i'm just a bit bitter. also, i almost forgot, the offer said it was free to start up, but then 1/2 way into signing up they charge you $20 for some one time set up thing. basically false advertising.

- Monday, November 06, 2006 at 13:25:01 (EST)
was wondering if anyone else is having problems with verizon wireless easypay program, ive had to call customer sevice twice becouse my night and weekend minutes were wiped down to zero before the 30 day period, one of these times was when i sign up for autopay with my debit card, instead of wiping them out on the 6th of every month like i sign up for they wiped them out on the 21st when i signed up for auto pay, this has happen before also, ive even had my 3000 night/weekend minutes double to 6000 once which is not supposed to happen
- Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 23:54:34 (EDT)
In response to the Oct 23 posting.................I am a customer rep in a VZ call center and it is true. We must ask "do I have your permission to review your account?" When you reply yes the rep is now "required" to offer you products and services. If you respond with "no", the rep will still be able to assist you in the reason for your call but he/she can not offer you any products or services unless you specifically ask

- Tuesday, October 24, 2006 at 16:30:37 (EDT)
The Verizon rep at a Cust Call Center, has to ask something like this " Do I have your permission to review your account" , and everyone replies "yes". That consent makes it mandatory for the rep to try and sell you something. You can say "no" to the rep and they have to help you. But - you have to be precise on what you need. In other words, you are calling to give them a command. Example - you want to remove call waiting from your service. Or you want to know the day your bill is due. Another, you want them to note that a payment will be sent. I will not elaborate on this venue, but trust me - this advice I have just posted is huge. An understanding of this broadcasted thru emails, posting, word of mouth ect. would throw them into complete shock.

- Monday, October 23, 2006 at 03:49:58 (EDT)
I have been with Verizon for about 5 years now and never had a real problem with them until my phone craped out. Because I still had 5 months to go on my contract the sales rep told me I would have to pay the full cost of a new phone AND all of the setup fees. To put this in perspective if I just came in off the street I would have walked out with a free phone but because I am a current subscriber pay $218.63. Talk about messed up. It seem that once they get there teeth in you look out. I even offerd to sign a new contract to get the discount on a new phone. Nope. Then I would have to pay $175 cancellation fee and then all the setup costs. Talk about customer satisfaction one more time will ya?

- Saturday, October 21, 2006 at 07:35:51 (EDT)
Verizon Voicewing Service - Signed up in early Sep 06 and was told there was a $45 equpment charge, shipping, etc. Billing on credit card only --even though I pay $100 per month for landline and VIOS internet. Ok, thats how it goes. Also told, Voicewing charges start whent he equipment is activated. One month later having not setup the equipment yet, bank statement shows $35.52 charge. This is where it gets good... Call on Oct 11 and tell them 1) can't get into the website to do setup and 2) the charge should not have started. Since their system "is down at the moment" they can only review my account if I give them a credit card number and the charge is too bad on me, the charge is recurring even if I never setup the equipment. Trying to work around the credit card issue, they won't send an email to the address of record or anything else that is pretty ordinary these days to all for a reset. They keep insisting for the card number. I think this is very fishy... Ask for a supervisor. He is rude beyond belief and says that he is in charge of all of Verizon. You can figure out this conversation tone. Now, they won't cancel the account because I won't give them the credit card number. Why are we focused on the credit card.... Called the next day and spoke with someone else. She says the credit card issue is unusal...hmmm. She sees on the account page that the account has never been activated, but to cancel the never used plan and eqpuipment and monthly charge, I have to pay another $49.00. We are now up to $45 for strating, $35 for one unused month, and $49 to cancel what was never used. Thats a whopping $129 for absolutley nothing. Oh, they are going to bill my debit card for the cancellation of the account. Being resurceful, I cancelled the debit card with the bank before they could raid the account. Cancelled my Verizon landline and got an extra line with Cingular for $10, the basic landline was $15 with every call being 35 cents. The only thing left is the VIOS account which according to Verizon is a separate from Voicewing in total. We will see if they can put two and two together. Oh, when Cingular went to move the landline line number, Verizon put up a stink 'cause they didn't spell out my entire legal name, Robert = Bob for example. Now, I support the CWA and all but if this trend continues, I foresee the Bell's going the way of the US auto industry very fast.

- Monday, October 16, 2006 at 19:07:32 (EDT)
Twice in one week I have lost dial tone service. For the past several years, I lose the dial tone several times a year. Repairmen tell me that the lines are old (but Verizon will not replace them because they are spending money only on the fiber optic network)and many of the technicians are inexperienced and damage one customer's lines when they fix another. You might think that losing service twice in one week would get you quicker repair service the second time; it does not. On top of that, incompetent dispatch supervisors who give you a date on which the service will be repaired, tell you that someone must be in house, and then fail to notify you that repair won't be make that day after you have spent the entire day at home. Plan to switch land-line service to a system that does not use Verizon cables. Plan to contact my congressional representative's office who have heard many complaints about Verizon.

- Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at 14:57:43 (EDT)
I have the 400minute plus plan with Verizon(not sure what it's called) recently they called the house and told me "good news" Mr. so and so, we can now offer you the 450minute plan at the same price as you have now with your 400minute plan! I said "what's the catch"? they said "nothing" then I said "well why would you need to call me and give me something for free when you can just add it to my plan"? Like who in the hell would pass up free mintues? I told the sales rep lady no thank you, if you can't tell me why your giving it to me for free(granted it's only 50 minutes) without the need for this call then I don't want it. She acted as if I had ten heads on my shoulders for turning it down! LOL But I know something is shady with them when they want to give you something back. Probably would have never told me I was being signed up for another year very sneaky like. Does anybody know whats the catch??

- Tuesday, October 10, 2006 at 10:20:11 (EDT)
I am a Verizon NJ customer, pay my bills on time, and telephone the 518 area code frequently as I have a vacation home in the area and frequently require directory assistance, which Verizon charges. After speaking with representatives, I called 888-266-5765, I was told that there was no Hunter Edition directory (which was incorrect because I had a 2003 edition from which I was reading) but instead I was told there was a Greene county edition that would cost $50. I declined due to the high price. Having had previous problems with securing accurate information from Verizon, I then called 1-800-888-8488 to order a replacement and was told Verizon no longer provides superpages for the Hunter Edition of Green County and was told I needed to purchase it through Transwestern; this rep had a record that I had called the other number earlier, and confirmed that a Hunter/Greene county directory did not exist. At first, I was dissatisfied that I need to purchase a directory ! for NY for $50. However, after checking the Verizon website, I found both representatives did not give me correct information, while directing me towards the purchase of a $50 directory as the only alternative. The directory that I originally requested (Hunter area for Greene county) does, in fact, exist, not for $50 as both reps quoted, but for $26 - why didn't the reps check the website or suggest it to me? I believe when a long standing customer frequently uses Verizon to call certain area codes, that the directories should be complimentary. Buy what is more dismaying is when a customer calls, they should not be given misleading information by 2 separate reps to unnecessarily purchase a more costly directory (twice the price), when clearly a cheaper alternative exists. In today's economy, this is important. This is certainly not customer service! And, this has not been my only experience with Verizon's poor customer service as I have had years of poor telephone! reception for my home #, Hunter #, cell phone# as well as consequent billing issues wherein I was also provided inaccurate and misleading information and charged for calls due to what I was told couldn't possibly be "crossed lines" which turned out to be the case only after I pursued the problems I was experiencing, as well as frustrating experiences with Verizon while assisting a senior with their Verizon billing issues. I really question why I/we should remain a customer after yet another deceptive information scheme. I have learned when dealing with Verizon that the consumer must followup - not once or twice, but three times in this instant!!

- Monday, October 09, 2006 at 16:00:27 (EDT)
My mother-in-law passed away last year. We had here set up on an extra line for $9.99 per month. We called and told the evil bastards at Verizon that we wanted to cancel. No problem $175 - we explained that she was dead and probably didn't need the phone anymore. They agreed to waive the fee if we would provide the death certificate - no problem - sent it where they told us. She dropped off the accout. All was good. Then my mother-in-law was resurrected from the grave two months later - according to the bill anyway. The began to rebill us for her phone that hadn't been used for over 6 months. We called and they said it would cost $175 to cancel. We explained that we had already cancelled. She said that she could see that, but she would have to charge us $175. We asked to speak to a supervisor - the supervisor would have to call us back. It's a couple months later and we are cancelling our contract at $175 per line. It will be worth every hard earned penny

- Sunday, October 08, 2006 at 21:07:49 (EDT)
I called Verizon and asked them about reducing my plan and they made me extend my contract again. Everytime they change it they extend it another one to two years from that date. That is crazy!! My plan was supposed to expire in nov of this year and they have goten it backed up to next fall to expire!! That is BS!!! Dude they are also the most expensive of any other company out there on the market as well and the service has gotten very crappy as well from when i first got it!!

- Saturday, October 07, 2006 at 10:03:06 (EDT)
One reader posted - " If you're so happy with verizon, why are you reading sites for customer and people who are dissatisfied with verizon. My guess is that you are an employee who cheats & lies to win trips and prizes because the toys are more important to you than being honest with people and providing customer service. If Verizon provided the customer service and treated customers fairly and honestly then there wouldn't be any need for this site. But then you wouldn't have any reason to complain. " Abso*inlutely !! You hit the nail on the head! Most of the people who post here have legitimate, honest complaints. A few may be dipsh*ts who dont want to be held responsible for their own phone bills, but they are in the minotity. There are many valid complaints on this site, and anyone who cant see that is a stupid motherf*cker. AND, if you defend people who are pieces of sh*t, then you are most likely a piece of sh*t yourself. SO, to those who think that the folks who pos! t here are just whiners, GO F*CK YOUR SELVES. You are the kind of scummy sleazy salesmen who make this world the sh*thole that it is. Verizon is creating enemies, and sooner or later, those enemies will be able to make a difference.

- Saturday, October 07, 2006 at 00:23:12 (EDT)
Verizon Business is making 45% mark up on all services in IRAQ and you the Tax Payer are paying for it! Verizon Business is Raping the Federal Government for its Cell Phone Network known as (USG) United States Government. Contractorts call all over the world and the (DoS) Department of State keeps paying the Bills. Average cost per month is 700,000.00 on Phone charges since June 2003 of taxpayer money. They have used military Transport to send equipment and materials for there Commercial operation in country. At Least 1/3 of there staff in IRAQ are Alcoholics and Drink a bottle of liquor every night. They are over staffed but tell a different story to the DoS to get a higher head count. The Operations Group are a bunch of Rejects that were slated for Termination but found a new life trying to operate a cell system that they don't know crap about. They hide screw ups at the remote sites by not permitting anyone but there Iraqi help to go to these sites. The customer under the DoS rules cannot travel to inspect the sites. They rely on Digital Pic's that they reuse from ! the sites that are within there venue in the Green Zone that can be inspected. It is a geat network, but that is because its not part of the VZ Wireless in the States. It was contracted to Ericcson Engineers that had some idea how to build and implement a network. Net time you pay Federal Taxes keep in mind you are on average paying for Federal Employees and contractors who make from 400-1K a day to call there family members while the Troops have to buy Calling cards and spend there own money to call home. 2-4 days wages for a civilian is more than most soldies make a month being in Iraq fighting a War. Tax Payers Dollars making VZ Rich. Dont forget the Ads where they are giving Free Phone calls to Soldiers on Holidays, that makes for good Press.

- Saturday, October 07, 2006 at 00:15:51 (EDT)
This letter from a Verizon employee was recently posted on another Verizon haters site. Read what this asshole has to say:: -- I have worked for verizon buisness technical support (dsl)for 2 years. I know that verizon has 3 centers 2 American one Canadian. we dont hire in India. We spend our whole day fixing order problems made by sales people who, are rushed by customers, or rush. and enter incorrect info. causing orders to fallout. Honestly half the time people spend a half hour to an hour on the phone, 15 to 30 mins of this they spend screaming and yelling, causing newer agents to make even more mistakes. When you have problems being ignorant and isulting peoples intelligence only will cause them to want to screw u over, or accidentally make a mistake. (obviously) I will tell u how to get what u want from Verizon Buisness Technical Support (dsl). I dont know about the rest of the company. when u call verify the acct info. dont start blabbing, let the agent have a few mins to read the past notes for clues on the issue then explain. (we dont need to know that u wear womens panties etc). then do the trouble shooting. if you refuse we cant send a tech. we need to figure wether physical issues are caused by dsl or telephone service. so u get the right technician. for order problems let the tech think or youll be calling back. and if a tech is sayim um ahh a lot, ask them to double check with someone. my sight is much better than any sight in the past we will in time takover verizon tech. be patient we cant take over in one day. we are also reporting issues to higher levels about other support centers. hope this helps some people out. thank u VBTS ::-- LOL What an asshole. Cant spell, cant form complete sentences, brags about how smart he is, yet cant write a logical letter. What an asshole. And, typical of the useless, babbling bullsh*t so common among Verizon employees. So, when you call Verizon, keep in mind that this is the kind of immature whiney bullsh*t asshole that you are going to have to deal with. And prepare yourself.

- Friday, October 06, 2006 at 10:28:16 (EDT)
Cont. from Oct 4 More on my dry-loop dsl story...After following their instructions and cancelling my phone service and DSL I called back today to "order" my new dry-loop dsl. Was told that the DSL is still "active" and I have to wait till the order goes thru the system and is inactive. So I asked "if my phone service is definately off and the DSL is still working w\o it why cant I just leave it as is? Sounds kinda fishy". Susan then abrubtly told me that there is nothing fishy about me getting free service (for the time being). I countered with, "its your "process" not mine and believe me I've paid for it by having the landline all this time w\o needing it and will pay for it when the dry-loop starts since you charge $5 more for it. Click, she hung up! Could it be that they just want their cake and eat it too, I suspect there is no difference between dry-loop and regular dsl that warrants an extra charge, its simply because if they cant get you straddled to a voice line then they will ! get you another way. So, Ill wait till the DSL is inactive then order dry-loop so they can then just re-activate it but in a different category with a different pricetag. By the way, I called back and asked the same questions to James, his answer? "Thats just the way it is." At least he didnt hang up on me. As for why it costs more he said it was due to the training they needed for dry-loop! Now thats funny! They could just use monkeys I suppose but then they'd pass the cleaning up after costs on to us also.

- Thursday, October 05, 2006 at 20:53:30 (EDT)
My story has to do with Verizon Superpages billing. I advertise my business in the Verizon Superpages print advertising in four books. Have been doing so for the past four years. I pay my bill for each book in 12 monthly installments. This year, Verizon creatively decided to hold off the printing for 2 of my books for an additional 4 months, yet continue to bill me monthly for my ad in the old book. This is otherwise known as a stealth price increase. I continue to pay for an ad I paid for. When I called their billing department, I was told to read my contract, which states they may extend billing for up to an additonal 6 months. UNREAL

- Wednesday, October 04, 2006 at 18:39:28 (EDT)
Adding to comments made by someone else on 9/7. They told me when I switched to voicewing that I HAD to keep my local phone service to continue DSL and use voicewing. So I had them just give me the basics (measured rate plan), still costs $20 a month. Just recently found out about this dry-loop dsl. Cust serv rep told me they don't "proactively promote dry-loop", "you have to ask for it". No sh*t! They want you blindly sending them $ every month. Doesn't matter that I was the Verizon posterboy with their local service, their dsl, their wireless(whole other story about vzw and bluetooth), their voicewing and also directv. Well i've now cancelled my local phone service, switching to dry-loop dsl (will leave that as soon as someone else comes to town), switched to cingular and will soon switch to vonage (which vz will probably buy someday anyway). As for directv, i can't let that one go. As I see it, they stole from me $20\mo for last couple years.

- Wednesday, October 04, 2006 at 02:05:21 (EDT)
What a joke Verizon Communications being listed as 1 of the top 100 companies for working mothers. Not my office. The only help we get is if our child has a chronic illness and we get FMLA which is not from Verizon. With Verizon they are always first. Not your family....they will tell you differently however we all know that actions speak louder than words. Verizon is a cut throat company that SCREAMS coporate american. It is all about the money and how much they can make. Screw the customer......Screw the employee. As long as Ivan (CEO) is gettin his than life is good in the Verizon world.

- Tuesday, October 03, 2006 at 18:14:25 (EDT)
British here newly arrived in Feb. 2006. I have used Verizon for Cellular Service only. Thank goodness from these horror stories. Mine is of a racial contect, I am White Anglo Saxon and proud of who I am. I have been aware and educated in world cultures. However, when I merely called the Verizon Customer Service number on *611 to ask if I could possibly change my cell. number as I was getting calls regarding a doggy cutting/parlour service (and that is not my business or career) - I was told rudely that the person would not complete my request because I was a White person and she was Black. Well, I have in all of my professional business career been told that I could not have a normal everyday service extended to me on the bias of my race. I have taken great offense to the highly irregular if you can call them management skills of Verizon. I did write to one of the Email addresses given on this Email site to Ivan.... whom at this point is Ivan The Terrible. (An old Folklore not nice person from Russia). I will be changing the cellular service ASAP. What kind of organisation is this. This guy had better get control as I am a respected person of the business community and I did not appreciate the name calling. White person and proud to be. But I have friends of all nationalities. And have never been treated like this before. Regards, M. E. Redman

- Tuesday, October 03, 2006 at 13:07:14 (EDT)
Verizon is one of the most nastiest companies on this planet! They don't care one bit about you! After my family having service with this company for almost ten years in a area with very poor and no coverage my daughter got off my plan and went on her own plan. The first two months she never got a bill because they sent it to a physical address and not the post office like requested. Then she lost her job and her bills backed up. After she got another job she worked her butt off to get the money needed to pay the Verizon bill and she did. She was told because she wanted the phone re-instated that $175 dollars of the bill which was a termination fee that they imposed not because she asked to be terminated would be waived. Then the Verizon finance office called and told her that they would not turn the phone back on unless she came up with a $400 security deposit. If she had $400 dollars the service would not have been in arrears in the first place. Forget about the $11,000.00! + they already collected from us over the years for poor service, She couldn't help that the company she worked for closed on her but do think Verizon cares about that. I know when you sign contracts you are expected to follow through but it seems like if you go through a hardship situation they would be a little compasionate about it and try to work with you. NOT VERIZON, KICK YOU IN THE TEETH WHEN YOU ARE DOWN! This is why this country is in the shape it is in because everyone forgets about their neighbors. When I was growing up part of life was to help people when they where down now its like just tear them apart and feed them to the wolves. Stop and think about it, $3.00 a gallon gas-Rip Off, $100-200 a month Cell Phone Bill-Rip off, it goes on and on and we let it and at times promote it. Today the only thing the majority of people care about is the almighty dollar, and that comes before God, me and you. It won't belong before it comes to two types of people already qu! oted by our President when he addressed people as the "Haves" and the "Have Nots". Stop and think about it, what will you be! Say No to Verizon

- Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 19:51:58 (EDT)
I resigned my fulltime job because I felt that I needed to leave a highly unethical company. If I stayed there, felt that I will burn in hell. The landline division which used to be about helping customers with billing problems, new home service etc, is now only about sales. No one cares if orders are entered incorrectly or about if service is working. The biggest job of the person who answers your call is to SELL DSL and Directv. That's it. Do NOT use Verizon for a landline if you can avoid it.

- Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 11:57:27 (EDT)
To keep it short. Bought new line and phone upgrade. They added a fourth line charged me for a brand new phone after i had shipped back a defective one. This resulted in many calls to customer service, they had a different story each time and it was always my fault for not doing something. Then someone credited to my bank account the original fees for the first purchased phone. I argued with customer service that obviously they had received the returned phone but they continued to say they had not received it and the full price for a new phone remained on my bill. Then i got through to someone who said they understood and would remove the charges etc. GREAT. So the same customer rep calls the following monday saying they had changed their minds and could not help me. I called and got another rep who told me this was standard procedure to send refunds before actually receiving phone. At this point my head exploded and I went online and paid the full amount. I surrendered. The! n the day after I paid it off the first customer rep called and said they would now remove the charges and keep my money as a credit toward future bills. The whole thing was quite insane. I learned two things though. IF YOU ARE RETURNING ANYTHING TO VERIZON GET IT CERTIFIED AND INSURED. ALWAYS TURN OFF BILLABLE GAMING "GET IT NOW", RINGTONES ETC AS SOON AS SERVICE BEGINS. MY MENTALLY HANDICAPPED DAUGHTER HAD NO IDEA THAT EVERY PAGE OF THE GAMING WAS AND ONLINE CALL, THIS COST HER HALF OF HER SUMMER JOB EARNINGS.

- Monday, September 25, 2006 at 10:30:11 (EDT)
I noticed alot of people defending Verizon on here. I also thought they were the best service out there. When my friends and family had trouble getting a signal or other problems with there wireless companies I kept telling them to switch to Verizon. I could've been there mascot or cheerleader. Boy do I regret that. Luckily only a couple people actually took my advice. Those of you who think we are just full of sh*t, wait awhile, they'll f*ck you over eventually.

- Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 16:17:07 (EDT)
To Bill in Nevada. I had a similar experience, along with many other hassle's that I have posted here, see Thursday, August 03, 2006 at 19:08:37 (EDT) and Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 11:25:05 (EDT). I would love to join any suit you or anyone else may persue. Email me

- Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 16:11:37 (EDT)
My story with Verizon was posted awhile ago. Here's an update. I see where another unhappy customers post on 9/23 suggests writing to the BBB. I did this and it was a complete waste of time. After the BBB sent Verizon a copy of my complaint, a rep. called me and left a message. The next day she sent me an email saying she could not get ahold of me to discuss my problem. I immediatley replyed stating that I am unable to make phone calls while at work, but if she could call me after 5:00pm or possibly settle this through emails, let me know. Well as it turned out, I was off work the next day so I called her and left a message first thing in the morning and emailed her to let her know I would be available all day and to call me. Never heard a thing. A few days later I got a letter from the BBB with a copy of a letter from Verizon stating that since they could not contact me they could not do anything to resolve this. The letter was dated the same day that Verizon first called ! me. In other words, they were not sincere in their attempt to settle this, and I assume the letter to the BBB was probablly written before Verizon ever tried to contact me. Well, because of Verizon's lies, the BBB suggested that I take my complaint to a mediator. and ruled in favor of Verizon. So, now I would have to take off work to go to a mediator and listen to more lies from Verizon. I'll wait till Verizon tries to sue me to get the $400 I owe them and let a judge decide. If I'm lucky the judge will be a Verizon customer. I've learned that the BBB and agencies like them are more interested protecting the business's then the consumer.

- Sunday, September 24, 2006 at 11:25:05 (EDT)
Signed up for wireless w/Verizon and bought "insurance" that will replace my phone no matter what. Phone went dead 8 months later, not to worry....I have insurance. Went to Verizon store and was handed a piece of paper to contact Asurion for a replacement. The said I would have a $50.00 deductible in order to replace my $30.00 phone. Contacted Verizon and rec'd a "stock" answer "We don't set those fees" Bullsh*t!!!! They are sub-contracted by you to provide replacements. I will be cancelling the phones and will have to pay $350.00 early cancellation fees for two phones BUT I will write the FCC, the BBB and post this deception on my 250,00 member union website, and take Verizon to small claims court. OK that was wireless now let's do land lines. Was paying $55.00 a month for thier "Freedom Plan" could call US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Then 2 years later I see an ad that offers thier "Freedom Plan" for $39.95. I ask why I can't get that plan and they said I could but couldn't call Puerto Rico. They fleeced me for two years and now I am going to cancel all phones, DSL, and get rid of thier stock. They are a very deceptive and dishonest company.

- Saturday, September 23, 2006 at 15:05:53 (EDT)
When trying to transfer our service from verizon to comcast, Verizon refused to authorize a FOC to them. (Firm order of Commitment)Verizon turned off our phone at midnight when myhusband is on nightshift. He usually calls me to check up on me and wake me to take my meds. (I have a degenerative brain disorder.) I missed the call, as the service had been turned off without warning!!! We were NEVER late for a payment, When he called verizon (using a borrowed cell phone), the lady Ms. Johnson, was so rude an arrogant that it infuratied both my huband and I so badly, I thought he was going to have a heart attack. She said she would not even speak with us since we were no longer customers. She refused to let us speak with any higher ups, and arrogantly told my husband to have a wonderful day!!! Yea F*CK YOU verizon, and you people ARE evil!!! Rude - ass bastards! Now some of your asses have a f*ckin curse on you ....ya stupid idiots!!! Better watch your step. Bitchezz!!!!!! Yes it is a horror story for our family as we have our daughter across the country in college, our son in Iraq, a father in law in the hospital, who just had major surgery on friday morning,( and we were waiting for a call on his condition) but he is all the way in Pittsburg. We live in Hershey , Pa. VERIZON ~ FALLL!!!!!!! You shall get yours in the end.

- Saturday, September 23, 2006 at 07:23:59 (EDT)
Wrong Cell Phone in package + Promised blue tooth never be received I signed up Verizon 2 years plan which should include free Treo 650 and Mororala V3 +2 blue tooth Aug 4th , 2006 in San Jose ,CA 95129 ( Skybell Wireless) We did not get the blue tooth right after we signed contract, the boss told us it is on the shipping status. Aug 14th , when I installed software for Treo 650, I found out that I got Treo 600 in the Treo 650 box. I called the owner of the Skybell Wireless, first he did not believe it. Aug 15th, I went to the store and show him the difference of Treo 650 and Treo600, he told me that he would order 1 Treo 650 for me. But Treo 650 is discontinued, he would try. I also asked him when we would get the blue tooth. He gived us the date. Sep 6th, I went to store again, he said that Treo 650 was no longer available and he suggested me to buy an insurance with $10 / month for the family plan and $40 for co-pay, I would get Treo 700 from the insurance after he claimed the phone for us. Sep11th, he asked me to leave Treo 600 in his store and claim the phone for me, and told me that I could keep the original Treo 600. Sep 13th, I got the package from the insurance company in his store, when I checked, it was still Treo 600, he told me that it was the insurance company 's mistake, they would send another one to me the next day. I called him everyday to check if the phone comes. Until Sep 15th, he asked me to leave the phone to his store, and he said that he could use it to check the Treo 700 status, he was claiming another Treo phone for one client, I did not have time to stay for picking up my daughter from school. After I picked up my daughter , the store was closed. Sep 16th, I went to the store , he said that the Treo 700 was on the way, and we would get blue tooth in Sep 20th. Sep 20th, I went to the store 2 times, he said blue tooth was not arrived. When he smoked out door, his wife told me the truth that I would never get the phone. He told every body this way, if he got the phone he would sold it . Sep 21th, I went to the store again check the Treo 700 status, he told me that he had some clients who waited for more than 3 months, Treo 700 is in back order. Also I mentioned about blue tooth, he said that he did not have it now. I told him I changed my mind , I would like to have V3 simply. I saw there were few V3 in the stocks, but he said that they were reserved for some clients. And asked me to come back Thursday. When I came back to home, I found out the day was Thursday. He is a lier, and always trick us. Before we bought this plan, we bought HP IPQ for 14days, and the Skybell owner suggested us to return to the store, he said that Treo 650 can do everything , IPQ could do . My husband returned IPQto the store with 15% restoring , fee. Same day we got the plan. What I wanted was simply what I should get Treo 650 , before I paid the insurance for Treo 700. Sep22th, my husband checked the insurance company , and canceled the insurance plan, insurance company told us that they only would give us Treo 600, because it was typied in Verizon System. Most of the time I went to this store, I heard him saying that he accidently broke or loss the phone. He had a book with whole page of clients who bought the insurance and waited for Treo 700. What can I do ? I called both Verizon Custmer Service and also I told the insurance company the it is a fraud, but they all said they did not care about that. What I could do is neogociate with the dealer? He is a lier, I would not believe him again.

- Friday, September 22, 2006 at 23:47:01 (EDT)
I have been a Verizon customer since 08/10/06, and it has taken every bit of strength I have not to smash in their store windows. I have made it a mission of mine to exploit their horrific business practices and cause them as much grief as they caused me...without ending up in jail. To my shock and dismay, I am far from the only one! My second bill from Verizon was for $412. I signed up for a $39/mth plan. That's over a 1000% increase than I expected, and that I am able to pay. When I went to set up my plan I asked Brad, a Verizon salesman at a store in Minneapolis, if he had a plan that could help me call Canada at the cheapest rate. He told me "our national plans don't include Canada, sorry." Instead of shopping around like I really should have done, pressed for time, I signed the hellish two year contract for the plan he suggested ($39/mth) and went on my way. Yes, cell phones have an inelastic demand curve, as I have evidenced, but as I will also evidence, the need to be! treated with dignity, respect, honesty, and understanding also have inelastic demand curves. So, when I confronted Brad on why he didn't inform me of the plan that could meet my needs; needs that I clearly stated to him, he told me that I didn't ask for "The North American Savings Plan." That plan would have cost me $80/mth, and covered all my phone charges that I incurred with my first month of service with them that they are trying to bill me over $400 for. I feel like I am being punished, taunted, by Verizon for not saying "the magic words"; words that apparantly would have saved me more than $350. That is big money to me: I am a recent College graduate who has been working an entry-level job now for two weeks. I simply can not pay that bill, a bill that I feel is incredibly unreasonable. The customer service I received was more than incompetent, it was abusive; maniuplative, and deceitful. I kindly asked Brad if he could reverse the charges and put me under the plan he! failed to tell me about, the "North American Savings Plan," so that I could afford to keep my service with them. After all, any reasonable business would extend a first-time customer a bit of flexibility in their first month of service while they adjust to the plan that works for them. Not Verizon...obviously too cocky to care about losing one measly little customer. I am so angry, so angry, so angry!!! I have chosen to cancel my plan and pay the f**king hellish termination fee, along with my extraordinary bill, to at least have the satisfaction of sending them no more money for the next 23 months. Although it pains me to be out $600 over such bullsh*t, the opportunity cost of not doing so would be far greater: I would be forfeiting my freedom, my sanity, my security (I do not trust them at all), and around $2000 of service for the next two years. F**K VERIZON!!!!

- Friday, September 22, 2006 at 22:42:52 (EDT)
I ordered a phone from Verizon a little over 2 years ago. About 15 months into my 2 year contract my phone got dropped in some water. I had signed up for insurance. Somehow about 2 months before this accident my insurance plan had mysteriously been cancelled by customer request. Never called them for anything just payed my bill on time and thought all was well. So now I need a new phone. Couldn't get the phone replaced. About 2 weeks later the thing decides to start working again. So then I am up for the new every 2. Bought a new phone and the 2 year plan with insurance. I made it a point to get this after my last problem. However when the bill gets here and I review it guess what? Yep no insurance. So I call up and they tell me since its past the 15 day period theres nothing they can do. There are definate grounds for a class action lawsuit here. We need people to get together and get this settled. Bill Nevada

- Thursday, September 21, 2006 at 21:12:51 (EDT)
I have Verizon DSL, and generally like to pay my bills online. Unfortunately, The "Pay my bill" function on Verizon's website has been down for the last three months (or at least every time I've tried to pay online for the last three months). So this time I see a "take our online survey" and I decide to tell Verizon how poor their online customer service is. I want to mention that billpay is not working in the comment box, but the guy who created the page did a horrible job, so my browser won't let me type anything in the box. I click send, and I get an error "unable to process your request." No wonder they're doing a horrible job, they don't allow customers to complain to them, even in their surveys.

- Monday, September 11, 2006 at 00:13:44 (EDT)
This is an email I sent out to Verizon media and investor relations along with all the FCC, Better Business Bereau and all the DC papers and media outlets: To whomever this may concern (because it sure concerns me): I'd like to tell you about my most recent experience with Verizon DSL service (I won't bore you with the story of them cutting off my DSL service last year at the same time). My service has been down / disconnected since August 23rd. This date will burn in my mind since it was the day of my fantasy football draft, which resulted in me staying at work until 11:00 PM so I would have internet access. I placed a call to Verizon DSL Tech Support (VDTS) and after plowing through a time consuming voice automated and support technician walked me through the following steps which I will refer to afterwards as the Standard Verizon Tech Support Routine (SVTSR): . Turn off/Turn back on modem. . Disconnect / Re-connect modem and router. . Try new phone cable. . Repeat two pre! vious steps for all the phone jacks in my house. I'll get to why I listed the process a bit later. After none of those steps worked, the support tech told me that everything tested fine with the line to the house, so it must have been an error with my old modem. She suggested I buy a new one. So I bought a $100 Verizon modem from Best Buy the next day. That phone call took about 30 minutes I get home and install the modem. No luck. DSL is still down. Another call to VDTS. I give the support tech my name and DSL phone number. For some reason I have to repeat this information, along with what my problem is, to EVERYONE I talk to, even if it is on the same call or I get transferred. I explain my issue to the support tech. They try to get me to repeat SVTSR. I tell them it does not work. They say all of the Verizon stuff is fine, so it must be a problem with my phone jack. I explained to them I am a dry-loop customer and I don't have a land-line phone number. I use Verizon's Vo! iceWing voice-over-IP service as my home phone. I told them usually I hear a message stating "This is a dedicated data line. No calls can be made on this line." message when I plug my phone directly into the wall. I no longer hear this message, only a busy signal. The support tech tells me I am not listed as a dry loop customer in their system. I tell them maybe that is the problem. The support tech tells me they will probably have to send out a technician to fix the problem, so I give them my cell phone number and they said the technician would call me with an appointment. Another 30 minutes on my cell. The technician never called me, so I call VDTS again. Terrible voice system again. Repeat information to support tech. Support tech tries to go through SVTSR. I say no dice. They tell me my last ticket was closed because the technician could not contact me on my phone number. I have him repeat the number to me. The last support tech had entered my number wrong. I never thought after the conversation with the first guy that he wouldn't be able ! to understand MY English. I give this support tech the cell numbers for my wife and I and they said a technician would call the next day. Another 30 cell minutes. Nobody calls. Another call to VDTS. Terrible voice system again, repeat information to support tech. Tech gives suggestion of SVTSR. I tell them not to bother. I ask why no one called for the second time. They give me the same story of the technician not being able to contact me. I ask again what number they had listed, and they tell me they have NO number listed. You've got to be kidding me! I ask to speak to a supervisor. After waiting on hold for a long time, supervisor gets on the line and tells me he is sorry for my inconvenience, but he will open up the ticket again and have a technician come out. I make sure he has three phone numbers documented now. This time its 45 minutes on my cell. Again, nobody calls. This time my wife takes the reigns and she calls VDTS. She goes through SVTSR. She then gets forwarde! d to the VoiceWing accounting people, then back to tech support with n o resolution. She get's angry by the incompetence. I get angry by the incompetence and the fact that she is now angry. We're both pretty angry by this point. She has a whopping 1.5 hours popped on her cell. I call VDTS again and explain my exasperation and tell them I want my service repaired as quickly as possible. I stated this to a supervisor who said he would schedule a technician to come out September 5th in between 8-12 AM. I take a day off of work to meet the technician. Eleven in the morning rolls around and I see two Verizon trucks with two technicians outside my condo. For a split-second I am glad they are there and I go down to tell them if they need anything to come to my unit. They tell me they aren't there to work on my ticket. I call VDTS and they said the technician was running late and they would get there by 5 PM. I wait at home all day, and the tech never shows. I call VDTS and they said the technicians were all booked up and they would have someone out to! our place between 8-12 AM on September 6th. Total of 1 hour on my cell. My wife takes a day off work on September 6th to wait on the tech. Again, two Verizon techs with trucks are working outside our place in the late morning (and coincidentally are again smoking a cigar / cigarette and browsing what appears to be a web page). She calls VDTS and asks if they guys are there to work on our ticket. The support tech says no, and said they had the time frame of the ticket listed as noon-7 PM, even though we were explicitly told our timeframe was 8 AM- noon. The support tech tells us to wait until 7PM to call back if the technician is a now show. Of course the tech never shows up, and we are both fuming by this point. Thirty minutes on the cell phone. I call VDTS one more time today and immediately ask to speak to a supervisor. I go through the entire series of events with the supervisor (Jeffrey). He tells me that according to his records, there was never any dispatch for a tec! hnician to come out to our house. WHAT!! I called twice on the 5th and my wife called once on the 6th and all of the support techs told us the technicians were coming out to our house. I asked what was being done to resolve my problem, and he said it was forwarded to the central office for repair, and he cannot give me any further information on it. He tells me my DSL should just start working in a day or two. I am very skeptical. I also ask Jeffrey why people have closed out my tickets and never called me to see if the service worked. He said in all cases the techs have not been able to get in touch with me. I ask him what contact numbers he has, and I am completely floored. He has three contact numbers for me: Primary Contact #: 202-232-0381 - This is my dry loop number (the line having problems) and calls cannot be made on that line. I asked him why a dedicated data line that was having issues was being used as the primary contact number and he told me that number was automatically populated by the system and could not be changed. It doesn'! t take Yoda to figure out that is not the best number to call. Service #: 202-299-1223 - This is my VoiceWing phone number. Since VoiceWing works over my DSL line, it isn't working currently. The DSL and VoiceWing are both Verizon products, so you would think that would be visible on my contact record don't you? Alternate Contact #: My cell phone number, which no one from Verizon has ever called. I am ballistic by this point. I ask him to go back through every ticket I have had and verify the tech called all three numbers. Jeffrey said he couldn't confirm that. Even though he is a supervisor, Jeffrey is completely ineffective. I ask to speak to his supervisor and he tells me that they won't be able to do anything because they are "paper pushers" who don't take support calls and don't do much besides "sign the paychecks". Everything quoted is verbatim from him. I am furious and I ask to be transferred to the billing department so I can get some kind of credit for this fiasco! . The billing department gives me a one month credit to my DSL and a $ 25 credit on my account. I ask them for a credit on my VoiceWing account also, and she said she had no access to that system. The billing rep I spoke to was Ms. Williams. Jeffery was still on the line so I ask for his last name for reference purposes and he tells me his is not allowed to give out that information. I ask him why the billing people can give the last names but the support techs can't, and his answer was that they run two different call centers with different policies. One infuriating hour on my cell phone. I have had it with you Verizon. You have been jerking me around for two weeks now while my internet and home phone has been down. I'm tired of the stupid voice prompts when I call VDTS. I'm tired of repeating the information from the voice prompts to the support techs that answer the call. I'm tired of them always pushing SVTSR down my throat as a first option, even though I have 8 other tickets stating the issues I'm having. I'm tired of them not being able ! to enter in contact information or anyone giving me a call for an update. You are a COMMUNICATIONS company for god sakes! I'm tired of being lied to and taking days off of work, and I am thoroughly tired of not being put in contact with anyone who can get anything done. Trying to get in touch with any of your people who can actually get some work done is like trying to get a copy of USA Today into China. Here is a grand total of the expenditures you have cost me so far: . $315 - Value of one of my vacation days . $135 - Value of one of my wife's vacation days . $100 - New modem that was suggested, but didn't solve the problem . $15 - Value of half a month of DSL service that has been down . $10 - Value of half a month of VoiceWing that I haven't been able to use . $30 - Value of over 360 minutes our cell phones That's a grand total of $605. The value of what you have credited me is $50. You have royally ripped me off. Ten support tickets. Two weeks of down time. I can't thi! nk of a worse experience I've had with any other company. Your support is completely incompetent, and this is the second time in a year that my DSL service has just stopped. It shouldn't take you two weeks to fix a problem like mine. If it takes you this long to take care of your users, you should get into a different business. If this message was enough for you I WOULD LIKE TO STATE MY EXTREME DISPLEASURE WITH YOUR SERVICE. I can't believe any company is still allowed to operate like this, much less one of the biggest companies in the nation. I am forwarding this to any party, publication or organization that I can. I think people need to hear about how bad your service is so we can swell up like the great masses and demand some satisfaction. If any organization or company publishes this memo, please remove my personal information. Reluctant Regards, Jason Dodds P.S. There are others:

- Thursday, September 07, 2006 at 22:53:58 (EDT)
Anyone have this happen to them? I got my bill for August and it had over 660 minutes incomming from an "unavailable number", 530 of which were using up my peak minutes. It is possible that I did recieve one or two one minuite calls from unavailable number but this is rediculious. Some of these calls were 60, 70 or 80 minutes long. There is no way that I talked to someone that I don't know for that long. All of my calls to the regular people I talk to are accounted for. I have no idea what these calls are. Is it possible for somene to pirate your number and look like the calls are incomming not outgoing? Anyway, due to laws surrounding these private numbers, verizon is unable to tell me who these calls came from. They claim that I definately answered them and they are legitimate. They also insist that I pay the additional $158.40 that the calls caused my phone to go over. Also, they claim to not know what the state regulating agency number is. Why is the name of this site so tame? VERIZON SUCKS!

- Thursday, September 07, 2006 at 21:53:21 (EDT)
New Verizon Wireless customer. Matter of fact just came back from being deployed to Afghanistan. First time having a cell in States and I overwent my minutes. Honest mistake. Verizon is not very clear on what IN Calling,Peak time,Non Peak, and a bunch of other sh*t they put out there. As a result I am over and now owe 175 bucks extra. Look the network is in place already, you figure they could be kind and understanding and give me a break. I honestly did not know I was over. I am a technical person, and i find Verizon very difficult to understand. They should be having a warning that says your minutes are up and all calls after this will be 45 cents a minute. What is so hard for that? My poor mom would be lost in this technical jargon they throw out at you. Anyway, Verizon does not support our troops. Matter of fact the REP I talked to would not even give me his last name. Coward......URRR Sorry sir but these are legitimate charges? Not true. I Legitimately did not understand your plan. Shame on them. Yes I am responsible, and accept full responsibility for the costs. But they should also understand and appreciate new subscribers, and give a one time break.....

- Monday, September 04, 2006 at 16:12:23 (EDT)
When I got my cell phone from verizon they made me pay $400.00 up front and told me that if my bill whent higher than that that my phone would be shut off. well for alittle over a year my ohone bill was $200 to $300 then started to climb keep in mind I had the best plan they offered $150.00 a month plus the maitanience fee of $10.00 which was to cover my phone should anything happen i would get a new one. well out of the blue my bills were $500 then $600 then $800. yes $800 for a month, holly Sh#t I payed the bills every month without checking them yes I know stupid. then verizon changed the model phone I was using which I then needed to get the new one as mine was not functioning right, when I went to verizon for a new phone covered under the plan the reason I was paying $10.00 a month extra they said they had NO record of me paying that monthy fee!!!! Long story short verizon is the worst company to deal with, and I know that I was paying thousands of dollars over what i s! hould have and now those ass Holes have me in collection because I ask for proof of charges and they could not come up with any so I refused to pay. they kept my $400.00 plus are trying to charge me and additional $600.00 oh by the way, two months before I got shut off I actually got another phone so I would not use the verizon one just to see what would happen and guess what? They are saying that the phone was used?? when I confrunted them about this fact the fact that the phone was not used in two months they said nothing?? scammers and thieves. they should be thrown in jail and ASS Fu#Ked. I got my own way of getting them back. we will see hoy it goes.

- Saturday, September 02, 2006 at 17:48:42 (EDT)
Just got my Verizon V3m razr last week and already I have a peeve with them. It comes preloaded with pictures you can use as wallpaper or whatever. Thats 26 pixs that are ugly and I would never use and are taking up memory on my phone. I called the customer service number and the rep on the phone told me they are locked on the phone for a reason. I said "what reason"? She said it is a feature we give you. I said "it is a feature I don't want"! I have no use for those pix. She said there is nothing she can do to unlock them so I can delete them. So I just hung up on her! (a little satisfaction for me-haha) Also text messages: my old phone could erase text messages all at once.(old audiovox) This new phone does not allow you to do so. You must erase them one by one. What the hell is that? If you don't realise it after 10 mins worth of text message you'll have 10 sent and 10 recieved. Now that's 20 you must manually delete. CRAZY!

- Tuesday, August 29, 2006 at 15:08:47 (EDT)
I am on my third V325 Motorola phone from Verizon. Wow, this is an awful, horrible phone. It often freezes and I can't receive or send phone calls. I complained to Verizon with my first V325 and they just sent me another one. I complained with my second V325 and Verizon sent me a third one. I complained about my third Motorola V325 and they are finally going to send me a different type of phone. But I have missed so many phone calls with the V325 and missing these phone calls or not being able to make phone calls for the past few months has been really frustrating! I have contacted a lawyer referrel service to see if this problem can be made into a class-action lawsuit. I suggest that others do the same if they have had the same problem.

- Sunday, August 27, 2006 at 13:43:29 (EDT)
I'm the one who posted the saga of the phones that wouldn't work in Canada... the saga continues. Just got the first bill after renewing our contract, the bill is almost double what it should be. Hubby calls, told by VZ they now charge a month in advance as security deposit. Security deposit? For long term (10+ years) customers who have never been late with a payment? When do we get it back hubby asks? When we leave Verizon they say. There is a security deposit required every contract renewal. So, every 2 years we make another interest free loan to VZ? In addition, the Verizon store added "insurance" for each phone, after hubby told them he didn't want it. $6 a month for each phone. Do the math. $72 a year to insure an $80 phone. They also set up some crap that when someone calls you instead of hearing the ringing phone they hear muzak - we both hate it, especially since we found out it costs another $1 a month for each phone. There is no end to the BS this company will pull! to squeeze every damn nickel out of a customer.

- Thursday, August 24, 2006 at 12:37:20
I'm a long time customer of both Verizon and Verizonwireless, but will soon be switching all of my service. I have experienced many of the same issues mentioned in other posts. Everytime I change a service, I get billed incorrectly for months on end. The last two times that I moved, interestingly, I completely lost service on the line. (When you have an invalid living in your home, that can be quite an anxious experience.) Both times, the agents insisted that they needed to send a tech to come into my home to repair the problem, and since I did not have in-home repair agreement, that was going to cost "big" money. They urged me to sign up for that service, and they would not test my outside line. Fortunately for me, I have a brother who knows how to test the outside lines, and who knows communication laws, so he was able to call them and insist the service be restored immediately (since their was no signal coming into the house), or within the time stated by law, which! I think he said was 8 hrs. My service was IMMEDIATELY restored, both times, with no additional problems. Conincidence? I don't think so. I had all of my services transferred to one bill with the assurance that I would continue to enjoy my internet access with my wireless company. Wrong. Once on the one-bill system, I lost all wireless internet access for upgrades or changing existing wireless features. I can't take advantage of any of my wirless online upgrade discounts, etc. One year ago, I upgraded to Verizon's FIOS service with the assurance that I could revert back to DSL if I wanted to at the end of the one year contract. Well, I'm at the end of the one year contract, and I want to switch back to DSL since my data transfer and internet needs have changed from one year ago. I'm sure you can guess, I can't switch back to DSL. According to Dave, a Verizon supervisor, my only options are to go with Dial-up or to incur an additional $10 monthly fee to stay with FIOS. Wrong Dave. I have many stories to share about bad service from Verison. Many. Even if switching all of my service to another company results in a higher bottom line, which Dave expressed his confidence would happen, I will feel better about that decision versus staying with a company who has consistently given me bad information, who has tried to arm twist me into upgrading services for which I do not need, who has kept me on hold for numerous hours over the years to correct ! my billings, restore my service, or to fix problems related to their installs. Did I mention the FIOS installation took 8 hrs and left me with 2 hrs of clean up time after they left, not to mention being without internet for 4 days because of the installation? I've stuck with them long enough. Dave, please tell your superiors the public has other options. Customer service is important. Quality is important. Verizon is not the only player on the block.

- Thursday, August 24, 2006 at 11:38:23 (EDT)
This is an email I sent to Verizon, for which I never got a response. -- I am a long time customer, having gotten my first cell phone in 89 or 90, and have been a Verizon customer ever since they came to my area. I have had the same cell phone number for 16 years, and have never changed carriers on my own, only when my current carrier was taken over. I started with Contel Cellular, then it changed to Bell Atlantic mobil, then ATT mobil, and now I am with Verizon. I do not have any problems with my service, and I have no billing issues. I am writing to you today because I feel compelled to do something about the service I have received at the south Nashua NH store on the Daniel Webster Highway. The people at this store have gotten me so aggrevated, and at times so enraged that I need to start a dialog with someone who can provide me with some answers. They have been consistant with their inability to provide any accurate information, or to answer any questions about my new ph! one. They have contradicted themselves repeatedly, and I have never left the store with the information that I required. They do make it a point to point out how smart they are, and how they all know about all the ins and outs of the new phones. Yet, they can never answer any of my questions, or their answers turn out to be wrong. They obviously have very little knowledge about my new phone. In addition, if you are in the store for information, and not to make a purchase, you are treated as though you are in the way, and given only the least amount of time. I feel so strongly about my dissatisfaction with the staff at the south Nashua store, that I am ready to persue this in any way that is available to me. I am starting with this email to you, to give you the opportunity to respond to my complaint. I would appreciate a response email that consists of something more than a generic marketing ploy. Thank you for your time. -----I never received a response. I am going down to ! the store in person, but will probably not get satisfaction from these scumbags.

- Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 01:23:14 (EDT)
I was also in the South Nashua store, but I didnt purchase my phone there. I went in to check out a phone to replace my old one, and they were so pushy and obnoxious I had to leave. Thet were rushing me and giving me the "fast talk", where they talk over you and try and direct you towards the phones and the service that they want you to get, instead of helping you decide what is actually the best option for you. I left, and I wont go back. The famale manger (with the mark on her forehead ) is pushy and rude, and obviously couldnt care less about anything but making her "numbers". I went to the outlet in the Nashua BJs warehouse, and they were very polite, and helped me figure out what I needed

- Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 01:21:43 (EDT)
I have to agree with the posting about Verizon employees. You cant be a representative of any compant without being partially responsible for that companies overall performance. If someone works for a company that is not only monetarilly successfull but also a success with its customers, then that employee will take credit for the overall success and goodwill that everyone, employees and customers, share. Therefore, by the same process, people who work for Verizon are also responsible.

- Saturday, August 19, 2006 at 01:20:15 (EDT)
Verizon customer service sucks, it is a living nightmare! We signed up on a 14 day promtion to try two phones and service from Verizon. If we decided to not keep it, we would be credited 100% except for the per day phone usage charges. We tried it, but we got poor quality service. First attempt to turn them in the salesman performed an "upgrade" and said try them for a couple more days. We did but the service did not improve. On day 9 we took them back, have a receipt and have recevied credit for the phones themselves $106.99 on our credit card. However, we are still being billed for phone service plus setup charges. Third month of billing and we now owe $650.00 We have received threatening letters and calls that we will be turned over for collection. Everyone we have talked to has been unresponsive and we have acheived nothing. Finally last Monday eveing I spoke with a fellow that I thought was sincere and was going to be able to help. He called the Verizon dealer that we dealt with who confirmed that we had indeed turned them in and then I faxed to him a copy of our receipt where whe had returned the phones. Verizon was not able to directly send him any paperwork. He promised to call me on 8-16-6 to let me know that the bills were taken care of and we would receive a final bill for 9 days usage. Did he call? No. Is it resolved? No. All though I had the full name of the customer service fellow that seemed to care, no one knows what state he is in, so I couldn't talk to him tonight. However, they could send him an email. The gal I spoke to tonight would not even attempt to help me. She was sorry I had a bad experience. She stated that it does take three months to clear up problems. It has been three months, it will soon be four! When will my Nightmare with Verizon end? What are my options? I am frustrated. I hate Verizon. Wild horses couldn't drag me away from Cingular.

- Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 20:20:28 (EDT)
I currently work as a technician in a Verizon retail location, and I would prefer not to disclose my location. Now, for those of you who may not know, technicians, or, as the signs above our heads read, "tech support", don't work for Verizon. They're employed by an outsourcing client named Solectron. (You can clearly read the company's logo on the sleeve of their tan shirts; check it next time, if there is one.) I have been in this nightmare of a job for about half a year now, and I wonder at how I've been able to make it thus far. I have had the worst experience with all sides involved. I have been verbally abused by a Verizon manager, I have been conspired against by Verizon management, and I have repeatedly had my dignity stripped. Verizon one of the main villians in my life, and I hope to god that they collapse one day. Technicians are basically the bitches of the stores...they get nothing for what they do. They make $11-$12 an hour. And for a customer service job, that'! s actually not bad. However, they politics of the whole thing has evolved into something more insidious that it was conceived to be. For the past several months, techs have been expected to meet sales quotas for data and accessories. Their job descriptions were rewritten to include this. They have to sell at least $900 in accessories a month, or their state of employment will be questionable. They receive no compensation for their efforts such as the Verizon employees do. It's all a sham for after market sales. Verizon and Solectron are partners in the crime of robbery from customers and their own employees. It's not fun to be exploited, and it's also not that much more fun to be screamed at by customers (victims) and treated like a second class citizen by Verizon employees while it happens. Scheduling was also an issue...sometimes, we are made to work seven days in a row, and they can get away with that, apparently, because they have the excuse of it being a "retail enviro! nment" to fall back on. There were other times (months, actually) wher e there were only two people in my department (and customer service as well) working per day. That means one employee gets to open (7:30 AM - 4:00 PM) and the other one gets to close (1:00 PM - 9:30 PM). We had to take our lunch within the first three hours of work, and the rest of the shift we could not take any sort of break because of no coverage, not to mention the non-stop lines. That is highly illegal. I have also witnessed a manager directly ordering someone not to go on break when it was her right to, even when she had coverage. 98% of Verizon managers are all fake...all they care about is climbing some meaningless ladder by cutting off the heads of their co-workers and destroying their personalities in the process. It is an extremely vicious and cannibalizing environment that I wouldn't wish on anyone...except perhaps the people that I met there, because no fate is bad enough for them.

- Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 04:17:27 (EDT)
DON'T TAKE THE FREE PHONE UPGRADES!! Long time customer of Verizon Ordered 2 "FREE" phones under trade-up agreement Received 1 phone, 2nd never shipped from their warehouse Now being charged for THREE "free" phones = $285 After repeated phone calls & many rude, unhelpful reps Informed they could not adjust my bill And it would cost $350 to close my account So either way, because of THEIR error, I have a choice of paying approx $300 or ruining my credit by sending the equipment back and telling them to stick it. For now, I'm going to start by registering for one of the CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS listed on this site:

- Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 02:34:25 (EDT)
Verizon sucks ! I have my cell phone with Verizon almost a year now. I have my one year contract ending on Sept06. I called them yesterday and asked about the upgrade for my phone, and they said it showed on their computer that I have a 2 years contract with them. They said the contract that they sent to me was a mistake! Can you believe that? I filled my order online with a one year contract, and some idiot at the company entered the wrong information, and I have to suffer for that mistake? I was on the phone with the customer service for 30' and she kept saying it was the mistake, and I have to go with the 2 years contract eventhough I have my 1 year contract in my hand. I am going to sue the company for this. What is my first step to do?

- Wednesday, August 16, 2006 at 12:15:12 (EDT)
Had Verizon. Loved their phone. Loved their service. Had errors on my bill. Called and got them fixed. Had errors following month. Called and got them fixed. Had errors following month. Called and got them fixed. Had errors following month. Called and got them fixed. Each time, i received a completely different explanation of why there were errors. I finally got tired and switched to Cingular. Verizon charged me a $175 termination fee. After disputing it, I finally paid it but was reported to a collection agency and now it appears on my credit report. When I called Verizon and the collection agency, each referred me to the other and were of no help. I am going to have to hire a lawyer or credit repair service to get this off my credit report. Advice...If I had not paid this bill, I could have required them to remove this from my report before paying it. But since I paid it, I have no leverage. Do not pay until you have a written document stating that you will not be reported to a credit bureau or if you already have, that the report will be withdrawn.

- Wednesday, August 16, 2006 at 01:45:10 (EDT)
Try being an employee! After being out of work for a year due to cancer I went back to work, several months later I needed my port-a-cath used to give me chemo removed. That absence put my on a "step" that my job was in jeopardy, nothing like kicking someone when they are down.

- Monday, August 14, 2006 at 10:07:05 (EDT)
I have the Easy Pay Plan on BOTH of my cell phones. I went today to replenish my account with the $50 amount (down from $70 last month). I went to make a call today (SATURDAY is still the weekend, RIGHT?!) and I realized that it didnt give me the unlimited nights and weekends. I called customer service and they said that because I changed my plan, I dont get the unlimited anymore, but now I get 3000 Nights and Weekends minutes. That is total BS because the rep that I paid for my minutes even told me that I still have the UNLIMITED N&W.... I called the Customer non-service and they said "Unlimited N & W is no longer offered - we only do the 3000 N & W minutes now". WARNING - IF YOU CHANGE YOUR PREPAID PLAN YOU WILL LOSE THE UNLIMITED NIGHTS AND WEEKENDS. I didnt get any notification of this change at all until it was too l ate. I asked that if I go back to the $70 plan can I get the unlmited back and they said NOPE - Im not longer eligible for it anymore because I changed my ! account. Also on the Verizon website in the FAQ it says :"Starting 6/19/06 EasyPay Plans will offer 3000 NIght & Weekend minutes. Customers who activated service on an EasyPay Plan prior to 6/19/06 have Unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes." I have had my phone for about 6 months now so uh---- hasnt it been ACTIVATED since BEFORE 6/19/06? Ive already written in to about five websites to try to start a class action suit or something because this is a crock of crap... I wasnt aware of this change and yet they can do it and get away with it? I dont THINK SO! If anyone wants to email me, please feel FREE to do so at . ~Jennifer Pensacola, FL

- Saturday, August 12, 2006 at 16:24:58 (EDT)
I have been a customer of Verizon for 3yrs. Added my Fiance' to the plan with no information that if we want out the we have to pay 300.00 to. The "upgrade" feature was misled for years and now we are stuck. We pay 145.00 a month for a 69.99 plan. I have never felt so hopeless in anything. We can't go to another company because we have to pay out our butts to get out plus get new phones and new service agreemant. What can we do?

- Wednesday, August 09, 2006 at 23:29:33 (EDT)
I've been a verizonwireless customer for five years, and have brought at least 3 family members over to there network. In that time I realized that they didn't have the best coverage around, but I stayed with them because they were supposed to have the best customer service (even though I had never tried to use it...until now.) The billing that brings me to my issue was due to data calls...supposedly from a game I downloaded. I was fully aware that the game "required airtime for use", but had no idea that over 600 data calls would be made in one month. Due to the lack of action from customer "NO Service" I continued my plan without paying the additional $200 plus dollars and noticed that my next bill still had these data charges (even though at that time I had deleted the game from my phone.) I have talked to four customer service representatives, and two of them seemed to want to help me take these charges off, but apparently Verizon's policy is to automatically refuse! them! It's like pulling teeth! Even if these charges were from a game, what kind of company would allow me to play it from time to time for one month and incur more charges from it than what a new PSP costs?

- Tuesday, August 08, 2006 at 21:54:35 (EDT)
Well this is about another branch of Verizon, probably even worse and very expensive. THE VERIZON SUPERPAGES, ( YELLOW PAGE ADS BOOKS0. I currently found yellow page books in which I spend a lot of money in advertising, in the dumpstar. Found the books in a recycling paper center in which the distrubutor dumped them, instead of distributing them. Of course they havent responded to the pictures that I took and they are about to be public in San Diego Ca. Anyway if you have a forum in this matter please inform me of it. Thanks Email:

- Tuesday, August 08, 2006 at 03:38:48 (EDT)
We've had Verizon Wireless for years because we need coverage for remote areas, including Atlantic Canada. Our contract was up, we figured since it was time to renew we would buy new phones. I really wanted a camera phone. Hubby went to the Verizon store to buy 2 new phones. Neither one of us knew much about cell phones. He explained to the sales person that we needed coverage for Quebec and the Atlantic provinces in Canada. We upgraded our plan (more money) so we could make calls within Canada without roaming charges. He purchased a Motorola Razr V3m for himself, and a Motorola E815 for me. He was assured by the salesperson that the phones would work fine for us up there. He brought them home, and I set about researching how to transfer my pictures from the phone to my PC. The first thing I found out was that Verizon crippled the Bluetooth on both phones, making this impossible without hacking the phone and voiding the warranty. The ability to transfer data via the memory card, or through a proprietary usb cable and software that you would have to purchase elsewhere, had also been disabled by Verizon. The only way to transfer data to and from the phone, including your own pictures- was to: 1) Pay Verizon extra for internet service for the phone; and 2) Upload your pictures via email through their network for .25 a picture. If you wanted custom ringtones or your own wallpaper, you couldn't create them on your PC and transfer them to the phone. Your only choices would be to purchase new ones from Verizon via their "Get It Now" service. I then found out the phones were digital only, and wouldn't work in analog areas like Newfoundland or Nova Scotia. So they lied about coverage in Canada, and we wouldn't have known this until we got up there and tried to make a call. Hubby called Verizon, and was told we needed "tri-mode" phones. Back to Verizon they went. Hubby wound up with an LG VX5200, which isn't bad. I wound up with a Motorola V325, which is the worst phone I have ever used. I've had this phone for a week. The phone has a known issue with freezing or locking up, in which case one needs to remove the battery for a period of time to "reboot" the phone. I haven't experienced the freezing problem yet. However, it occurred to me that should I be stranded or in trouble and need to call 911 or AAA, then I'll really be up the proverbial creek if the phone freezes up. I live in PA in a fringe area. My ancient LG phone worked fine, had good signal strength and voice quality. The signal strength and reception are awful. I am lucky to get one bar whereas my old LG gave me 5 in the same location. In addition, the voice quality is so poor that the people I am speaking to sound like they're underwater. I can't understand what people are saying. The voice quality is like listening to a stereo with a blown speaker- muddy, muffled, and indistinct. Add to that the fact that the phone drifts, causing the earpiece volume to fade in and out. This is a terrible phone. I am going to try returning it to Verizon. However, we already returned the digital phones and they have a 1 time only return policy. Even though the first time we were sold phones they knew wouldn't have work in the areas we needed them to, I doubt I will be able to return this phone. At this point I will settle for reactivating my old LG. I have posted many negative reviews about this phone and Verizon on the net. I consider myself pretty technically savvy, but before this little escapade I knew nothing about cell phones, nor the fact that carriers are allowed to cripple features on hardware you bought and paid for. At the very least, Verizon should have to make the customer aware of this up front. Let's see how many of those fancy new feature laden phones they'll be selling then. If I wasn't aware of this, I bet the average consumer isn't either. And BTW *every single month* my husband has to spend an hour or more on the phone with Verizon because of overcharges on the bill. Every month, and we've had Verizon Wireless for over 6 years. This company is a disgrace.
- Sunday, August 06, 2006 at 12:13:39 (EDT)
We've had Verizon Wireless for years because we need coverage for remote areas, including Atlantic Canada. Our contract was up, we figured since it was time to renew we would buy new phones. I really wanted a camera phone. Hubby went to the Verizon store to buy 2 new phones. Neither one of us knew much about cell phones. He explained to the sales person that we needed coverage for Quebec and the Atlantic provinces in Canada. We upgraded our plan (more money) so we could make calls within Canada without roaming charges. He purchased a Motorola Razr V3m for himself, and a Motorola E815 for me. He was assured by the salesperson that the phones would work fine for us up there. He brought them home, and I set about researching how to transfer my pictures from the phone to my PC. The first thing I found out was that Verizon crippled the Bluetooth on both phones, making this impossible without hacking the phone and voiding the warranty. The ability to transfer data via the memory card, or through a proprietary usb cable and software that you would have to purchase elsewhere, had also been disabled by Verizon. The only way to transfer data to and from the phone, including your own pictures- was to: 1) Pay Verizon extra for internet service for the phone; and 2) Upload your pictures via email through their network for .25 a picture. If you wanted custom ringtones or your own wallpaper, you couldn't create them on your PC and transfer them to the phone. Your only choices would be to purchase new ones from Verizon via their "Get It Now" service. I then found out the phones were digital only, and wouldn't work in analog areas like Newfoundland or Nova Scotia. So they lied about coverage in Canada, and we wouldn't have known this until we got up there and tried to make a call. Hubby called Verizon, and was told we needed "tri-mode" phones. Back to Verizon they went. Hubby wound up with an LG VX5200, which isn't bad. I wound up with a Motorola V325, which is the worst phone I have ever used. I've had this phone for a week. The phone has a known issue with freezing or locking up, in which case one needs to remove the battery for a period of time to "reboot" the phone. I haven't experienced the freezing problem yet. However, it occurred to me that should I be stranded or in trouble and need to call 911 or AAA, then I'll really be up the proverbial creek if the phone freezes up. I live in PA in a fringe area. My ancient LG phone worked fine, had good signal strength and voice quality. The signal strength and reception are awful. I am lucky to get one bar whereas my old LG gave me 5 in the same location. In addition, the voice quality is so poor that the people I am speaking to sound like they're underwater. I can't understand what people are saying. The voice quality is like listening to a stereo with a blown speaker- muddy, muffled, and indistinct. Add to that the fact that the phone drifts, causing the earpiece volume to fade in and out. This is a terrible phone. I am going to try returning it to Verizon. However, we already returned the digital phones and they have a 1 time only return policy. Even though the first time we were sold phones they knew wouldn't have work in the areas we needed them to, I doubt I will be able to return this phone. At this point I will settle for reactivating my old LG. I have posted many negative reviews about this phone and Verizon on the net. I consider myself pretty technically savvy, but before this little escapade I knew nothing about cell phones, nor the fact that carriers are allowed to cripple features on hardware you bought and paid for. At the very least, Verizon should have to make the customer aware of this up front. Let's see how many of those fancy new feature laden phones they'll be selling then. If I wasn't aware of this, I bet the average consumer isn't either. And BTW *every single month* my husband has to spend an hour or more on the phone with Verizon because of overcharges on the bill. Every month, and we've had Verizon Wireless for over 6 years. This company is a disgrace.
- Sunday, August 06, 2006 at 12:13:39 (EDT)
Ok i worked at VZW store in tech department. I loved my job i loved trying to help people. if something is wrong with ur phone they have phones in the cabinets behind them and they can replace ur phone for u even if it not in stock or if they dont have it anymore. if they dont have it anymore tell them to give u a FRU that is the closest. if they complain get the store manager cause in most causes they will just give it to u to make u shut up. Be as nice as possible about it cause the more u yell and scream the less they will help u. I once replaced a phone that was 4 years old and out of warranty for a brand new phone for free cause the women gave some sob story to the manager about her ex husband just got out of jail and is trying to kill her. when all that needed to be done was her number changed. Also remember the techs dont work for VZW they r contracted so they r just going by the rules they r told. also and fees that the techs say they have to charge such as for phone! book transfers or changing equipment. if ur nice they wont charge or just ask the store manager. i would say i didnt charge about 75% of people who should have cause they were nice. Only the assholes did i charge. So my answer to all this is be nice....the service is good and i know its expensive but its worth it. I hate the company that i worked for cause they were a bunch of assholes who let there employees f*ck each other and promoted people who didnt know anything. So dont work for Solectron who does the tech support cause there a bunch of bitches who cant keep an employee for more then 6months.
- Sunday, August 06, 2006 at 03:27:42 (EDT)
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