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I ordered DSL through Verizon Online 1/4/01 and was promised a 1/31 connection date which was confirmed by email. On 1/31 I was told by Verizon DSL support that my install date was changed to 2/16 (only after I called them). On 2/16 I called again (average wait time on hold - 45 minutes) and was told new install date to be 2/26. On 2/26 I called again and was told I had been rescheduled to 3/26. Since I am a former Verizon employee I called the local C.O. and was told the real reason for the delay was that the local C.O. was at 99% of its power capacity and that no new equipment (DSL Dslams) could be brought online until additional rectifiers were installed which were scheduled for sometime in March. I subsequently confirmed that my C.O. was not the only one in this area affected by this. So the real reason for at least some of the miscommits is that the Company had failed to estimate accurately its power requirements over the years and is now trying to catch up. Since the original 1/31 commit I have never been notified by Verizon of the subsequent reschedulings - I only found out by calling them. What I really resent is that this problem existed at the time of my original order and I was never advised - seems like they were willing to take the order to prevent me from signing on with another provider. So much for "customer service"...

- Monday, March 05, 2001 at 19:26:07 (EST)
I called six different people at Verizon - All of which attempted to connect me to the DSL sales department. After I realized that there was NO ONE AT VERIZON who KNEW the phone number of the sales department, I went online and got it myself. I called the DSL sales person for NY state and was told by her "that's not my area". I replied, "Your website says you service the NY area." She replied, "Hold on, let me check, oh yeah I do." I decided (AFTER WASTING AN HOUR) to not even TRY their service...

- Friday, March 02, 2001 at 21:24:32 (EST)
I work for one of the numerous home-based internet companies. When Red connect (our previous dsl provider) went out of business we decided to sign up with Verizon! It resulted in 4 months of plain hell!!! I was the one in charge of dealing with Verizon. I almost had a burnout because of them! Now, we are just trying to get used to the slower than dial-up connection!!! I just recently moved to a new home. Decided to go with earthlink...One would think it was a smart thing to do! It was supposed to be on today (7 weeks after we ordered the service) but we had not received our modem yet. We called them to find out that VERIZON (yes, Verizon!) had cancelled our account with Earthlink yesterday!!! Apparently earthlink does not have a "deal" with that specific verizon central office our line is connected to!!! As a result, if we want DSL we HAVE to sign up with Verizon!!! HELP!!!

- Friday, March 02, 2001 at 15:00:18 (EST)
I've had similar problems subscribing to their DSL service and I can't begin to explain the nightmares I endured. Originally I had cable modem service thru RCN and it was reliable but slow, simply because I shared the same pipe with an entire building. During peak hours it was 56k and nonpeak - t1 speed. So for those of you considering cable modem service, find out how the pipes are set up first. With that said, I was schedueled to have active DSL serive on Monday. I called them on Monday night to fix the problem so they sent in a trouble ticket which will eventually get assessed and hopefully resolved. THey said to wait til Thursday because the volume is too much that there was at least a 3 day waiting period. So it is now Thursday and I call to find out the status of my trouble ticket. I find out that in order to have a trouble ticket, you need an subscription order and a profile in their system to be able to submit a trouble ticket. Basically there was no trouble ticket ever submitted. The cust serv. rep I dealt with told me that the person who tried to submit the ticket, didn't knw that (or was incompetent). So here I am waiting, maybe another week. Rather than sending me this free webcam, they should've just sent me a Verizon punching bag.

- Thursday, March 01, 2001 at 15:42:49 (EST)
How therapeutic to read other people's gripes rather than thinking about my own. I was actually amazingly lucky -- few problems with installation and several months of OK service. Glitches now & then, but no extended outages. For the last 10 days, I have had service only for a little over 24 hours. As I have a home-based business and take classes over the Internet, this is more than just inconvenience. I was delighted that the 4th Verizon representative I spoke with actually used the English language. From him, I learned that Verizon's agreement with local service companies gives them 5 business days to correct outages. When I asked what would happen if it took more than 5 days, they did not know. Has anyone switched to cable yet? Any more reliable??

- Tuesday, February 27, 2001 at 11:55:50 (EST)
Our Verizon DSL story is like most of the others on this page, so I won't go into the gory details of my hours with customer service reps. I just wanted to add my voice to the masses. Besides the custom service problems, the DSL service is just plain unreliable. I thought it might just be a fluke in our area until someone (a Verizon employee I know) told me about this website. We were perfectly happy with Verizon DSL for 3 months. It went out February 1 and has not come on again since; nearly a full month! We're switching to Comcast @home.

- Saturday, February 24, 2001 at 23:10:27 (EST)
Verizon/Bell Atlantic has the absolute worst customer service in the business. I had DSL installed December, 1999. It took me 4 weeks (I know this is not as long as some) before my service was up and running and the only reason I was able to get it up was by sending a letter to the President of Bell Atlantic complaining about the poor customer service and lousy tech support. I was finally put through to an office in Virginia who got me up and running. At one point in the process I was put on hold for 65 minutes while they checked the line. Nobody told me I would be on hold that long and nobody even checked back to see if I was on the line! That was the last straw for me and I went to their website and got the presidents name and sent an email to him explaining the poor service. My service has been up and down ever since then. Email was out for almost a month and users weren't eve offered any compensation for the downtime. Verizon's response was: Dear Verizon Online Member: > > As you may know, Verizon Online has experienced e-mail delays over > the past several weeks, and we wanted to give you an update on what > happened and what we have done to correct the situation. > > The Verizon Online e-mail service was recently disrupted in the > Mid-Atlantic States and parts of New York and New England. This > disruption was the result of repeated unsolicited commercial e-mail, > "spam", attacks over the past few weeks. > > We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have > experienced. At this point, all backlogged e-mail has been delivered > and the mail service has been restored to normal operation. > > We want you to know that we have worked around the clock to stabilize > the system, and we have added hardware and software to increase our > mail capacity and enhance systems security. > > You are a valued customer and we thank you for your patience. > > Sincerely, > > Veronica Pellizzi > Group President > Verizon Internet Services My email was down most of the week this week due to the fact that Bell Atlantic never renewed their domain name. How pathetic and incompetant. These people really suck! Unfortunately DSL is the only game in town right now. I'm waiting for cable to become available and I will switch as soon as it is.

- Saturday, February 24, 2001 at 21:24:01 (EST)
Where to begin. We didn't seem to have a problem getting hooked up. We installed it ourselves, so that made it easier. Once we got hooked up, a TOTALLY differant story. We were online for about 3-5 days, then the problems started. I wouldn't be able to get on at all, or when I did, it would disconnect me. I was not very happy. I called, my husband called, for two weeks I spent every single day on the phone. On hold for an hour or more. When they did answer, I would go through it all over again, then, they would transfer me, where I would get to hold for another hour or more. There were days I was on the phone for 3-6 hours at a time. There was one day, I actually had to drive my daughter to school, LATE, because she missed the bus, due to me being on the God damn phone with Verizon. It was completely nuts. Finally they said they would send someone out. NOTHING! Called, they said he'd be here the following week...NOTHING!!! Finally someone showed. He told us we needed to reboot our ENTIRE systm. It was MY fault DSL didn't work., I don't think so. He then came back a few minutes later and hooked up his laptop to the dsl. It didn't work on that either. Guess what?!? It wasn't my computer! Gee, I was shocked! I was then told I would have yet another "ticket" on my line. O.K. That didn't work the first five times, but it will now???? Finally I had it. I called to get an extention on our 30 day free trial, seeing that we never actually USED the service for more than a few days, I got a huge hassle. "well," she says, " you have been online a total of 124 hours this month." Yess, It's supposed to be ALWAYS ON. HELLO????? Anyone home. Always on means you don't have to shut it off, so, we didn't. That made my life hell, yet again. Finally, that was enough, I cancelled. When asked why I was completely honest, I told them it was because if I had to stay on hold for five more minutes so they can try to go through my entire system, again, I was going to completely loose my mind and I was going to come down there with big protest signs and a phone so THEY could sit on hold forever. Of course the end of my story is all to familiar. They charged me for three months after the fact. I called and told the chic I didn't care what she did with the charges, but she should know that hell has yet to freeze over and I will only pay for a service that bad when it does!!!! Thank you for this wonderful place to voice my total disgust!!!!! Have a great day with someone OTHER than Verizon!!!!

- Friday, February 23, 2001 at 10:59:02 (EST)
If Verizon tries to raise our rates like other providers we should all boycott..,4586,2687148,00.html Article on DSL providers raising rates after they run the little guy out of town..

- Tuesday, February 20, 2001 at 22:58:57 (EST)
If Verizon tries to raise our rates like other providers we should all boycott..,4586,2687148,00.html Article on DSL providers raising rates after they run the little guy out of town..

- Tuesday, February 20, 2001 at 22:58:57 (EST)
I signed up for Verizon DSL in January of last year. They sent the DSL card without any hassle but then the 'fun' began. I installed the card and my PC recognized it. I then waited for them to do their line test and for the connection light to come on. After two weeks, 3 dozen phone calls and literally (no exageration - 65 hours on the phone with tech support, someone finally suggested I try downloading new drivers from the DSL modem company. That corrected my connection problem. Some of the tech support personnel were OK and some were idiots who parroted responses from a checklist. The rudest person I talked to was a supervisor. Anyway, after the service was up, it would periodically fail and we would have to reboot our computer to try to get it back. Each time we dealt with tech support, they wanted to go through a checklist which was totally useless for the problem since I now was configured correctly. In May I lost my connection and it remained down for two weeks even though I called it in several times. That was the final straw. I told them to disconnect the service. My problems were not over yet though. I continued to be billed for the next three months and only through repeated hounding/threats did I get credit applied to my phone account. The situation was cleared up in October - 5 months after I canceled the service. I told them that they supplied the worst customer service that I had ever had and that I would have as little to do with them as possible. They are the most incompetant company I have dealt with in my entire life. Avoid Verizon DSL at all costs!!!!

- Monday, February 19, 2001 at 12:53:29 (EST)
Learn how to speak Ebonics in 10 easy lessons. Just call Tech Support!

- Saturday, February 17, 2001 at 09:15:24 (EST)
I I I live in Los Angeles. I was one of the early users of DSL and was relatively happy...that is until I tried to move my service. Everything was O.K. until I moved to another condo apartment on the same floor...maybe 100 yds down the hall. Several weeks before the move I called in the order for my new service. I was however told that the installation "kit" could not be sent out until I had activated the line at the new place so there was no way I could have un-interupted service..there was at least a 2 week lag time. I told them this was a very back "glitch" in their system as many people rely on DSL for their business and their investing. Well two weeks as it turned out would have been the "good case" scenario. As it turned out it took Verizon 8 weeks to get my DSL service going ... remember this is 100 yds from my previous DSL with no change in telephone numbers. And to accomplish this 8 week miracle I had to make probably 100 calls to Verizon. I talked to departments both in California and Florida, left unanswered massages for innumerable managers but no one took any responsibility. They eventually told me it had to be working. Well of course it wasn't. Finally someone discovered some simple problem and again I had DSL. Of course this wasn't the end of it. In order to get the DSL up they cancelled my order several times and re-ordered it. guessed it...I'm being billed hundreds of dollars for early cancellation and I'm receiving disconnect notices.

- Friday, February 16, 2001 at 18:07:03 (EST)
I can't even get DSL from Verison. My lines work on light guide and DSL only works with copper. I tried for several years to find out from Verizon why I couldn't get DSL, but no one could explain it to me. I finally found the answer on the internet from another DSL service. My cable TV company is supposed to have internet service by the end of June.

- Friday, February 16, 2001 at 00:36:09 (EST)
You guys think it's just DSL.. I used to work at an ISP that dealt with verizon and man it was awfull. A T1 would go down and they take 8 hours to test, then they wait till after 5pm to tell you that they need to come out to your to fix the problem, but they can't get anyone after 5pm. So you have to wait till the next day to get a technician to look at it. So even on expensive T1s you are looking at problems.

- Thursday, February 15, 2001 at 17:09:35 (EST)
I have been attempting to have Frame-Relay service installed for 7 offices in the state of Vermont. Verizon is the only possible carrier for this service. In October 2000 we ordered lines for six offices. The orders were "lost" for five weeks during the conversion to VADI or VAD. It took a call to our state public service board to goad them into finding the orders. One order was so garbled that they used my last name as the city Yesterday we attempted to install our router on to one of the nodes that we had been told was functional, and it didn't work. I tried to call in a trouble ticket today. Was put on hold for 50 minutes waiting to get to a service rep. The recording has three separate voices saying "Your call is important to us" within about 30 seconds...and then it loops back and starts over. At 6:30 PM a rep calls back who says that they can't troubleshoot the line, or determine whether or not it is functional because according to his computer records, the line had not been declared "in effect" or ready for service. Since he was "maintenance", he couldn't work on the line because as far as he was concerned, it didn't exist yet. I think many of these problems are from the fact that people in Boston and Albany NY have no idea of the geography of Vermont; and frankly, it is just plain difficult to give effective service from so far away. I can appreciate that problem. What is difficult to swallow are things like service people in Boston screaming (literally) at my company's administrative assistant, because the AA doesn't undestand what is going on and is merely attempting to figure out why they were called by someone from Boston from a company they have never heard of (VADI) and they are trying to be helpful but need some information. Also the almost 100 hundred hours that I have personally had to invest in phone calls between Verizon, VADi and its predecessors, the local sales rep, etc. Its not as if this is is six locations at 56KB and one at 384KB, using fractional-T-1.

- Wednesday, February 14, 2001 at 19:23:14 (EST)
I have been out of service for 3 weeks and counting.. Creating havoc in my household since the kids and I must dial-up and tie-up our main phoneline so no calls can get through... I dropped the extra phoneline when I installed the DSL...

- Wednesday, February 14, 2001 at 11:55:34 (EST)
Thank you so much for providing a place to vent my anger! Fortunately, I haven't experienced any money woes (yet)! July 2000 I received a phone call from Verizon asking if I would like to have dsl service. I love the internet but was unable to log on for any period of time as my business requires alot of phone use and could not tie up my phoneline. So I said yes. It was installed in sept. or oct. I have had nothing but problems since. I must have called a dozen times only to get a message saying that the lines were busy and to call back. When I finally got through I was on hold for hours (which was tieing up my phoneline!) Come to find out, my dsl wouldn't work properly because my secruity system was on the same line. They said that it was a miracle that it worked at all! Well, because I have another phoneline that is a business line to my husbands garage, I asked them to transfer the dsl to that line. They said that would be considered a new hook-up and it would take 2 to 4 weeks. Well that's o.k. if that's what it takes. In December after numerous tries, I finally got ahold of them again. "We don't have record of you as a new hook-up" What!!! O.K. lets do this all over again. So now my hook-up date is Jan. 19,2001. When I got back from vacation on the 20th it still wasn't done. Again, I call. Again I can't get through for 3 days. Again when I do get through I get crap!!! They tell me that I have been hooked up for 2 wks.!!! O.K. so if I'm hooked up to the other phoneline then why am I still logging on from the first phoneline (when I can log-on)!!! They can't answer that. I was so mad that I wanted to jump through the phone and strangle someone!!!! I had to take some time off from fighting so now it's time to pick up the phone again. Maybe I will get more satifaction if I call ADT and have my security system switched to the other line instead!!!

- Wednesday, February 14, 2001 at 09:07:46 (EST)
*sigh* A month or more ago I signed up for Verizon DSL. The Friday before it was to be turned on, I called to make sure everything was set to be turned on, and the customer service rep informed me that the order was cancelled. "Cancelled?", I asked. "When was someone going to tell me?". She only replied that she agrees someone should have told me, but the "provisioning office" (who did it) usually doesn't, and they're closed to the public which means I can't call them to complain. Someone else called the same day and they were assured that we were set to be turned on on schedule. I spent hours on hold yesterday with tech support, only to get some genius whose troubleshooting skills extend as far as "is it plugged in?" and "try turning it off and back on again". I'm only a computer science major in college and a software engineer by trade, its not like I hadn't tried these things 1000 TIMES already! There was never another mention of the service being cancelled. So either the first person i talked to was an idiot, or all those following are idiots. So its another day later and still no service. I was told that a trouble ticket would be filed and someone would come and check our phone line. yeah right. Main problem is, there's no service where I am, outside of modems. No cable, and no DSL outside of Verizon which may or may not be too far away. I've worked for customer service myself, and yes I know that cs reps have to deal with a healthy dose of stupid people. But that's no excuse for giving people the runaround, telling them half-truths and lies, and, frankly, stealing their money. Who's going to pay me (or rather, my employer) for all the hours wasted on hold only to be given useless advice and given no assistance? I couldn't deal with who I was working for so I quit. And I'm much happier now. Except for having to deal with stupid cs reps.

- Tuesday, February 13, 2001 at 17:35:02 (EST)
I was told that it would take 2 months to install DSL, and it actually only took 2 frustating weeks, with lots of time wasted on hold, Nuking (deinstalling) and re-installing several versions of WinPoet and Netscape 4.73 (which has a Java security exposure). The level of ignorance in Verizon customer service is atrocious. Their computer system is all screwed up, I have 3 orders for DSL, 2 that are canceled and 3 different connection dates. I am extremely happy to be canceling my "free" DSL trial, and that there's no , that is, at least not yet...

- Tuesday, February 13, 2001 at 16:43:37 (EST)
Simply put, Verizon is an absolute dismal performer in providing DSL service. But even more disconcerting than their horrible performance record is their seeming lack of interest for resolution or improvement! Where Verizon appears attractive with its price for DSL service, they're an absolute failure when it comes to performance. That is, I got zero; nothing; nada! For all the installation, configuration and conversation (with Verizon) that I endured, I didn't get online for one damn minute!! After 14 "down" days had gone by from my "..service initialization date..," without so much as a single callback from anyone at Verizon, I cancelled my service. I really didn't see any viable alternative, considering I had NEVER been able to use the DSL service that I was being billed for AND not a single person at Verizon showed me so much as an ounce of professional courtesy by calling me back to assure me that they'd have the problem resolved within the next decade! In fact, each time I called "Technical Support" I was left with the overall impression that Verizon actually expects its customers to endure this level of utterly dysfunctional service vs. expecting more of themselves professionally. Whatever??? Me? I'm now looking for a good DSL provider AND vehemently boycotting Verizon at every possible opportunity.

- Tuesday, February 13, 2001 at 15:10:53 (EST)
Verizon Simply sucks, I can't tell the number of times that I have tried to access the web via their DSL but have been unable to do so, sometimes for days and yet they are charging me for the services each and everyday. Before I ordered Verizon DSL, I had Juno as my ISP, they were free and their service was much faster than the DSL that is supposedly said to be much faster than 56K. I am thinking of switching back to Juno.

- Tuesday, February 13, 2001 at 09:32:12 (EST)
I can't even describe how much I hate Verizon. The worst of it is that I have *no* choice in telecommunications companies, as I live in a geographically isolated area, with the exception that I have another company for long distance service (thank goodness). The first of two major offenses: I moved to a new apartment 3 blocks away, and kept the same phone number. The switchover appeared to go smoothly, until I got my phone bill next month and saw I owed them over $700! After being led in circles by Verizon's idiotic customer service (one person tried to tell me I had racked up long distance phone charges over the internet??), I finally determined that Verizon had, without my authorization, taken over my long distance service. Unfortunately I had happened to make some lengthy international calls that month that would've been pricey anyway, but Verizon was charging me at least 3 times what I would've paid through my regular long distance provider. Fortunately, I was able to have my bill reduced to the rates I would've paid if they'd set up my phone line properly. Sadly, that money went to Verizon (which is evil) instead of my regular long distance phone company (which is good). Second offense: the infamous DSL-- I ordered DSL in January, hoping to be able to start setting up and running my own web server. I phoned in, made the order, and again was made to believe that everything was going smoothly. I was told that someone would call me in a few days about sending in my DSL modem and the startup kit that came with it. Two weeks went by. I called in again to see what was going on. I was told that my order didn't exist. When I tried to place a new order, I was now informed that there were no more DSL ports available in my area, and I'd have to be put on a waiting list. ETA for the new parts: March, plus a waiting period of 2-3 weeks before my order could be processed. Curse you, Verizon!! Every time I see an ad for Verizon DSL now, I want to spit, and I keep getting bleeping junk mail from them about switching to Verizon for long distance phone service. Curse you, I say!!

- Monday, February 12, 2001 at 21:04:32 (EST)
I ordered DSL through Earthlink in July 2000, was given an install date for mid September 2000. Received my self-installation kit at the beginning of August 2000. The local phone company Verizon was on strike at this time. Installed the hardware but there was no DSL connection. Called Earthlink and they said that Verizon claimed that the DSL service was configured on 8/3/2000. Kept calling back many times to Earthlink for status. Never got much good info. Always was told it was a phone company issue. The phone company always said that they were either working on it or that it was fixed. Finally in November 2000, I connected my DSL modem to my other phone lines coming into the house and was surprised to find that it synced up on one of the lines. I was able to establish a DSL connection. Called Earthlink to let them know that I had DSL service but that it was installed on the incorrect phone line. They said that they would check with the phone company to see why. Called for status and was told phone company insisted DSL was installed on the correct phone line. Insisted to Earthlink that phone company was wrong and that DSL was on incorrect phone line. I know what phone line it was on because I have caller ID on my home line and called my home line from the line my DSL line and confirmed the number. Earthlink rep said that I could put in new order to fix this but that I would lose my service. Told them that this was not acceptable since it took so long for the service to be installed, I wanted to keep it on the incorrect line. They said that they would put in orders to update the records. At the beginning of December 2000, my ready light was flashing on the DSL modem. Called into Earthlink support. The rep gave me problems because of the way my hardware was installed and did not want to open a trouble ticket. He wanted me to first check my computer hardware and software settings. I insisted that it had nothing to do with my computer and that if the light was flashing, it had to be a service problem, especially if the modem manual tells me that I should not install my software until the light is solid. At the end of December 2000, still no service restoration. Got message that the service had been cancelled per customer request. Called Earthlink and told them that I never requested it be cancelled. Went through my saga of the botched initial installation. Got a call at the end of January 2001 stating that the service had been cancelled and that there was nothing that could be done. Was told that none of my phone lines qualified for DSL. Asked the rep how that could be and she could not answer. Told her that it was unacceptable and that Earthlink had an obligation to get the service fixed. Was told again that she could do nothing. Asked to escalate.. She said that I could talk to her supervisor who she said who give me the same answer. Asked her to put me in touch with someone who could help me then. She said that I could talk with her supervisor and nooone else. Told her that was not acceptable for her not to escalate beyond her supervisor since they could not/would not help me. This whole incident is horrendous. Earthlink refuses to manager their vendors and expects their customers to roll over and take this garbage. I had a service that was active which through Earthlink's incompetent staff got cancelled and now they have the nerve to tell me that I can not get my service restored. I have written letters to Earthlink and Verizon and the state PSC. Am waiting to see if I get a response.

- Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 15:36:48 (EST)
I have cancelled Verizon ASDL after one year and now absolutely love Shrewsbury (my town) cable high speed. Wonderful, attentive ,knowlegeable people! Verizon decided to send a collection agency after for $64 from April of 2000. All other bills have always been paid. But when I called and said I had never been billed, the repsonse was that I had to pay anyway! I replied that no service was shown to be delivered, that I don't even know what $64 was for. They refused to send me an invoice! THey all agreed that I had never seen an invoice for the $64 and that agreed that I could not know what the service was for!!!! Since their service was as bad as everyone else is complaining about, most of the technical help involved telling me to tear my computer apart (I fell for this twice) and since logging on and speed were intermittent----I left and am so happy I will gladly pay the attorney's bill when Verizon sues for their $64 for services not received. Cable has been absolutely flawless, but it is not ASDL that we should attack because it is better than 56k when operating. The enemy is in fact Verizon and their telephone company attitudes so clearly expressed in every contact. SO they will never have me for an elective supplier again...... Jon

- Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 14:13:10 (EST)
Just read a great article in the Sunday Worcester Telegram and Gazette, 2/10/01 about Marcus Lewis and his mission. My personal thanks to you for setting up this website and having the courage to face 'Goliath". I, too, have been frustrated with outages, disconnections, poor customer service, and ditto with many of the previous testimonies. What angers me most is when you call customer service, they ask for your DSL phone number, which should bring up a screen that has all your account info, but they stall you by asking many verification questions before allowing you to proceed with your complaints. Then, to add insult to injury, they pretend to know what they're doing. Last idiotic suggestion was, "try disconnecting all your computer and modem cables" when it was obvious the problem was with the bellatlantic server. The most recent was Friday, 2/9/01, when the server was down for over eight hours. I decided to call them every hour and asked that they type the message, CUSTOMER NOT SATISFIED. Needless to say, it didn't get me any sympathy, just the pat answer, we're working on the problem. -Diane at

- Sunday, February 11, 2001 at 11:56:35 (EST)
Hey! It only took 12 hours to get online today! That is a new Verizon record for all us passengers on the SS Verison DSL ship of fools. This thing is going down faster than Monica.

- Saturday, February 10, 2001 at 21:12:03 (EST)
Well, I'm certainly glad I ignored Verizon's please to sign me up for DSL. (Even though it is not available in my area yet, they still try to sell it to you.) I have @home cable modem, and all is fine with the internet world. But as a side note to Verizon's extremely poor customer service and billing practices....we had decided to discontinue our cell phone service with Verizon due to the constant cell merger-mania. Our cell provider had changed names 4 times in 6 months, and our billing was suffering. The checks that I always mailed on time, (or dropped at the customer service center 6 blocks from my house) never, ever got posted in the same billing period. sometimes not for 2 billing periods, resulting in nastygrams and nastycalls from Verizon inquiring when I was planning on paying my bill before they cut me off. After discussing these problems with a VERY NICE billing support person, this person supposedly entered the cutoff information to be effective midnight the following night. At my request, they also "noted in my account" that I would not send payment that month, because there were still 3 outstanding payments between the 2 accounts, and I did not know for sure what to pay. This was supposedly fine. I receive the final bill, and send the payment. That was approximately 2 months ago. Yesterday I received a letter stating that if I did not immediately pay $217.91 due on my accounts, they would shut off my service. I called them today, only to find that although I have not received a bill for the last 2 months, and ALL of the checks I have sent Verizon have cleared my bank, they not only did not credit the final payments to ANY of my accounts, they have also been billing me for accounts that I have closed. (at 1000 minutes a month per phone) Needless to say, I the consumer am now saddled with the task of retrieving copies of my cancelled checks from the bank, retaining copies of them (because I know how this is going to go) and mailing copies to prove I paid them. They are supposed to credit the 2 months billed since I cancelled the accounts. We'll see. And for the techs who defend themselves here..I know it's not your fault, and I am not rude to you. You personally did not screw up my billing, or my DSL line, or the installation of my equipment. I hold the companies at fault for what they are doing. But you too, can help us, the consumers. QUIT, and go to work for a company that at least tries.

- Wednesday, February 07, 2001 at 15:36:20 (EST)
My cell phone stopped working so I brought it to the Verizon repair center in Woodbridge, NJ. They said they would have to send it to Texas and it would take 4 - 6 weeks. In the meantime, they gave me a loaner phone which could dial out but not receive calls. After 6 weeks, I began calling for status. The first guy, Sean, that I spoke with asked me if I had the repair ticket with me for the phone. When I said I had it home and that I was at the office, he said "Oh! Most of the women that I talk to don't work." Sigh! I figured I would try my luck with a manager..... After getting a manager, Ray, to tell me he would call me back with status, I hung up. Needless to say, Ray didn't call back. I called day after day to get some info - always with the promise that I would be called back. After 8 weeks, Ray said that Texas had just started working on my phone but he didn't know why it took so long and that he would give me another loaner that worked better. I refused and finally insisted on a new phone. When I went to pick up the phone at the Woodbridge, they brought up my account on their computer system. When the Verizon employee went to get my ticket, I leaned over the counter to read my history on the screen and it said, "PHONE NOT SENT OUT FOR REPAIR FOR ONE MONTH - DO NOT DISCLOSE THIS TO CUSTOMER". When I asked Ray (the manager)about this, he just stared at me. I then asked if he could tell me who put that in the system. He said no, it could have been anyone. So I said, "Oh, so it could have been you?" He said, "yes" SIGH! They are really amazing!

- Wednesday, February 07, 2001 at 10:46:22 (EST)
Tuesday, February 6, 2001 at 8:45 p.m. We have Verizon for our home phone service, 2 different businesses, 2 cellphones and a pager. They took over for GTE here in so. Calif. around August of 2000. Our nightmare began in Nov. with charges of $235.14 for an access number for our AOL service. Funny thing, the times for the charges were at all hours of the day and night mostly when we weren't home! Then we double checked our access numbers and the one that appears on our phone bill isn't even an option on our computer. We called and told them all the above. Besides getting the general run around and having their first rate employees (wind-ups) give us fake employee I.D. numbers, they also will turn off our telephone if the bill is not paid ($235.14) by 2/9/01! They have just completed their "investigation" and they say the problem is with AOL. AOL says visa versa!! We have "miraculously" not had any erroneous charges until today's billing for January. The same number and the same problem again! This time "only" $211.00! We are accessing a local number and then getting toll charges from Verizon on our phone bill to another number that isn't even in our area and one that is not an option on our AOL setup! That is only one of many problems. Our cells are another story. The service is horrible and we can stand in the same room and "try" to call each other and be told that "the party is out of the area"! with that kind of great service I can whisper in my husband's ear and get the message across better! What is with these people? I guess they hope that we will all lay down and play "suckers" or be afraid to fight with the "big corporate giant"! Well, tomorrow the cells are GONE....and the pager is right behind! We will have to figure out how to get around the home and business phones as they are the only choice for phone service in our area! If we treated our customers the way that Verizon has treated us, we would be out of business immediately! That's what they deserve as well, so we must fight them as best we can! If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit brewing in this regard (not for DSL "hell") please post it in the forum! Thanks! Good luck to us all!!!

- Wednesday, February 07, 2001 at 00:08:27 (EST)
You all have issues with DSL service, which I understand is horrible, but the assholes at Verizon couldn't even hook me up wiuth a regular phone line for four months. I moved to Westchester County NY in August, and on the day after the strike ended, ordered a SIMPLE PHONE LINE, which they were supposed to hook up August 28. I take a day off from work; nobody shows up. I call, onb hold, finally discover I have no order. What about the checks and business stationary I printed up with my new number? Sorry, it's not your number, it's been given out to somebody else. Let's start again, this time September 20 is the date, nobody shows. Call (at work, since I have no phone at home), on hold, 10 days, call us back. Three times the 10-day routine. October 20, supposed to be the big day, nobody shows. Back to work, on hold, cut off after an hour, get a supervisor, tell her she can lick my asshole, ase asks if I am through cursing, I tell her I haven't even started you dumb fucking bitch.....Blah blah blah. Service established November 10. If I had any choice, I wouldn't give them a dime.

- Tuesday, February 06, 2001 at 23:02:12 (EST)
As a Verizon Wireless employee I hear horror stories all the time. I am a customer of Verizon Communications for my land lines. A large part of the problem is over-hyping these services whether they be DSL, wireless web, or whatever. As a result of constant advertising the company is being overwhelmed with requests for this or that. Unfortunately the ads you see on television or hear on the radio don't say we have been swamped with orders for this or that new service. Add to that the tight labor market and you take what you can get out of the labor pool which sometimes leaves much to be desired. Another problem is Verizon hates, absolutely hates to spend money on their network. So you have a situation to where the network is designed to maybe handle 10 million and instead it is handling 25 million. That's another thing you are not told. Of course I am speaking from the wireless side but I imagine it's the same for the landline side. Countless requests are made for this or that enhancement that may alleviate some bottlenecks but are turned down. So it's not like the employees don't want to help the many customers we have our hands tied sometimes. Also, we are a publicly held corporation so our shareholders will come first even though the customers may get screwed. And just remember whenever you get a customer service representative on the line they are just a messenger. So is their supervisor for that matter. The staffing levels aren't where they need to be so you will be on hold just like any other company these days, unfortunately. There is nothing the representative you get, or supervisor, can do to alleviate that. Many of our customer service reps, and I deal with them all the time, really do want to help and some will tell you when they think customers are getting screwed but it doesn't pay to Most of them will do what they can for you if you curse at them or insult them even if you are mad. just treat them with respect. Oh, and the supervisor thing is laughable. If you think you are going to intimidate one of these reps by asking to speak to a supervisor stop believing that. The supervisory roles in the company are nothing and they constantly refuse to speak with any customers. telling the customer representative or the supervisor you are going to sue will meet with equal results. Secretly, many would be pleased if you did.

- Tuesday, February 06, 2001 at 03:33:19 (EST)
This continues on today, Call me I doubt I have service yet. Verizon so far... Called 10/29 to place order for dsl was told phone service must be on in new residence to establish dls hookup Called 11/01 to order service as phone was to be on as of 11/01/00 was told to wait 10 days and call back called on 11/10 and placed order for dsl was told to expect service on 12/18 ? modem and equipment was in yard from ups on 23rd called on 12/18th to ask about service phone was answered by a man with a heavy accent who assured me that everything was good and wait until after 6pm called at 6:15 pm and was on hold in system until 7.20pm was told there may be a problem and call another number which closed at 8 pm called other number and placed on hold in system until 7:50 pm asked to speak with supervisor and was told all had gone home for the night and I could call back was told to call back in the am called on 12/19 was told a number must be placed in some spread sheet and to wait 72 hours for a response 12/19 did not like that as I thought about it and spoke to another rep who insisted she could take care of me and that she would do an inquire and that they had to respond to her in 24 hours and she would call me or email SHE DID NEITHER called on 12/21 was told they were still waiting for an order # call back called 12/22 same same, asked for supervisor and was transferred to one's voice mail and was told they would respond in 24 hours, They did not Called 12/26 same same asked to speak to supervisor was given voice mail and no response called 12/27 same but asked for supervisor same voice and no response called 12/29 on the 877 number from the phone book and I would not give and info I asked for a LIVE supervisor. I was told that none of them would speak with me if she could not get my account info. I asked for their supervisor's supervisor and was told that the first supervisor had to forward me to the next level. I told her that that was unacceptable and she told me, frankly no one would take a call without knowing the nature. I gave her the info and told her she could put me on hold while she read the notes. She did and returned to offer me voice mail to a supervisor, I declined and asked for a live supervisor and she could not give me one, She did say that she was not aware of a supervisors name for her supervisor but she thought that the operations manager was a Brenda Hopkins. She forwarded me to a Paul who was nice enough to tell me that the new activation date was to be the 30th of JANUARY 2001. I told him I wanted to speak to a supervisor and he could not help me. He did say that the new orders that were being taken today the 29th of December were scheduled to be turned on the 26th of January and her did not know the reasons that mine was later. I gave up and called the main number for Verizon and the lady was trying to help and the line went dead. a Tonya Santiago of dsl called to say the line was busy and to call her back 877 463 6300 ex 1 as of 02/01/01 my new activation date there was still no service and the tech said that my service was canceled by ISP. On 2/02/01 I called again after they did not follow up on the return call they were to provide today. I was told that no people that they could contact show that the service was canceled. The would enter me into the spreadsheet and someone would be in contact in a few days to set up the new activation date. ( See the begining to see where this leads. Jon Beattie

- Friday, February 02, 2001 at 20:35:59 (EST) Im the Idiot..The Mesage under this one is in reference to a message 2 messages up from the bottom..i didnt realize new messages were put on top sorry...

- Friday, February 02, 2001 at 16:01:41 (EST)
ok..this is for the moron 2 messages up..HELLO?? CABLE can be hacked but not DSL??? first off...ANY INTERNET CONNECTION can be HACKED!! ITs alot tougher with a DIAL-UP because your ip changes EVERY TIME YOU DIAL IN BUT..with CABLE and DSL or ANY FULL TIME CONNECTION its alot easier because your IP only changes Every 6 hours(atleast with CABLE) ANY Hacker can keep trying IP's to see whats on the other end...DSL and CABLE allow you to "keep" your IP for long periods of time. During that Time the "hacker" can keep coming back for more... NO INTERNET CONNECTION is TOTALY SAFE!..Thats why there are "Firewalls" whether thier Physical or SOFTWARE I recommend that ANY DSL OR CABLE USER runs a FireWall..ther are some GREAT FREE ONES like ZoneLabs ZONE ALERT. you can get it at

- Friday, February 02, 2001 at 16:00:11 (EST)
All I can say is Dayum...I have read alot of these stories and Im happy to say, I made the right choice When My Fiance and I moved into our new house on labor day weekend 2000 I told her that I wanted to get Broadband access to the internet, as I am work for the City of Winston-Salem I.S. Dept. in North Carolina. She was Fine with the idea as long as I shopped around. I started making phonecalls,and lo and behold, Bell South offered DSL In my area!!..I was very happy and procceded to ask when I could install it. I was told about 4-6 weeks.HAHA. I wasnt about to wait that long. I continued to look elsewhere and no one had any availability. so back to bellsouth i went. They said a tech would have to come out and configure the phone line.. then another tech would come out and install it..I told them..Hey..I'm an engineer..I cant do it..just send me the stuff. They told me arent allowed to do it..I said "What are you talking about ?? your Ad on TV just a few minutes ago said "if you install it..the first 2 months are free!" She told me she never heard about that. Ok well she'd check into it. When I asked her when HER tech could come out she informed me that the Tech was from an Entirely different company,and the PC tech from another company again.. 3 companys? well what if I have problems with it?..She said it all depends on who's company's fault it was. I hung up on her.. I figured gee..I have a problem..I'll call Company A,they'll tell me I need to call company B, and they will tell me to call company C,while company C will tell me to call company A. I ended up calling Time Warner CAble to ask about the ROAD-RUNNER service..They said you can install it your self for free,and the first 2 months are 1/2 off, and we can have a tech there tommorrow to give you the equiptment,and activate the modem. I said Good,I want it,and I'll see your tech tommorow morning. He showed up at 8am like promised,activated my cable modem,made sure there was a good signal in the cable line,handed me the software, and the modem, and asked me if I had any questions about the install Procedure?..I told him I could handle it, and he said"Have a great day and enjoy your road runner service. I already had a NIC in my PC so all i had to do was plug in the modem,attach the patch cable and install the software. I was done in less then 15 mins,and The service has been working great ever since! Im one happy customer..So maybe you'r looking at DSL..Let me STRONGLY advise you to check with your Local Cable company to see if you have High Speed Cable service in your are..if you do..its TONS easier then DSL ...oh yea...and only ONE company to call if you have ANY problem

- Friday, February 02, 2001 at 15:49:36 (EST)
This deals with Verizon (Bell Atlantic) Residential Service but none the less, the company still stinks! I ordered phone service and was told it would take a few weeks to install because there were no free lines available. I asked why they could not use the VACANT line from the tenant who lived in the apartment before me. They said the line was not VACANT. Long story short, it took almost three weeks for me to have phone service and then had the BALLS to bill me from day one. When I called to ask why they charged me for phone service when I had NONE, they said they did not know I did not have phone service. Appartently, not all departments work WITH each other they work AGAINST each other and it seems like the consumer pays the price. What a horrible company to have to deal with and quite frankly it is said for some who do not have a choice of switching to another company.

- Thursday, February 01, 2001 at 14:38:11 (EST)
Hello, my story is pretty short and simple but nonetheless another company that pisses me off. Ok, so I'm applying for a car loan at my credit union and they say on my credit report that I still owe Bell Atlantic (Verizon) $374 dollars from a cell phone I had a billion years ago. Ok, so I make arrangements to pay Verizon the funds right away (so I can get the car loan) and they fax me over a letter saying I paid them off in full, etc. I get the car loan, Yay! Well, its now a year later, and I check my credit report and still says I owe Verizon $374 and the account is open and past due. So I call Verizon to see what they say about this, and to try to have them contact credit agency to remove this false information because its been paid off. This is usually the protocol to fix your credit report. Now the guy gets back on the line and tells me I owe them $374 and trying to make me sound like a liar, and theres nothing they can do until I pay them the $374. Holy shit, say that again? What the !@#$%@#! I've had so many bad experiences lately with them as well as MCI and AT&T, messing up my bills overbilling me, etc etc.. I spend more time dealing with peoples mistakes then I can get work done. Sometimes I wish I were a bum then to have to deal with these pathetic morons. Well today I am going to fax them (Verizon) that little document that they sent me a year ago that says I owe them nothing, yes zero dollars, and show them they are liars. Touche.

- Thursday, February 01, 2001 at 11:32:20 (EST)
Just got off the phone with Verizon operator Tanya Kuiak (#70411) who refused to let me speak with a g-damn supervisor. Here in L.A. Verizon is seeking to discontinue a bitchin' local and long distance bundled flat rate service. They sent a letter saying "get new providers by March 19 or else!" However, the CA Public Utilities Commission has not even approved their petition. Gee, but two operators told me today that CPUC HAD approved their decision which is one big fat lie. Tried to get dupervisor on the phone to ask them to stop lying to customers and they refused. Typical. Goin' back to PacBell, the lesser of two evils. Thanks for letting me vent!!!!

- Wednesday, January 31, 2001 at 18:03:50 (EST)
Well then. Like a lot of folks here, I started out none too fond of NYNEX/Bell Atlantic/SBC/Verizon having had *such* fun as far back as their early ISDN offerings but I succumbed. First month free! $40/month! Free modem! Why not? Mid November I call up the number listed in their NY Times DSL ads. The rep asked for my number (already asked for by their automated system) and said that he had confirmed that DSL was available for my number. He promises to send off the install kit; I always insist on spelling everything out and having them read it back to me so after that I got off the phone and waited. And waited. A week with nothing, I blame it on the Post Offal until I get a post card from UPS. Evidently no apartment was listed on the package so they need a confirming call and delivery time from me. Oddly enough, my apartment number was written ON THE POSTCARD in the same handwriting as the rest. My apartmentmate calls up UPS, asks for a delivery time and is told that since the holiday rush has started (Note: still in November) the next date is a week+ away. Package arrives and after another week my apartmentmate goes thru the instructions, does the work on our end, calls Verizon and is told that it has now been twenty-one days since I ordered and hence the order is nulled and we have to start over (oh, and no free month or any other part of the original deal will apply). I call my *dear* friends and after much rerouting, three brief conversations, and about an hour of hold time get a customer service rep on the phone who says that no, there is no order in the primary system but the record of the order is still there in another system and sure enough, no apartment number is listed. She also says that they have six addresses listed for me (I've lived in one other apartment in New York EVER and have been in my current apartment for eleven years) but promised to clear this up. So . . . the order is put back into the system, I'm promised again the terms of the original deal, and that I will get a call back in a few days with my signup code. A week later I get tired of waiting, call them back, go thru more hold time, dead ends, etc. and finally get another appropriate rep on the phone who says that (surprise!) they have no record of my order. With me mostly on hold he goes off and does something or other for about twenty minutes, eventually says that he'll clear it up and that he'll call me back with the confirmation. That evening he calls back and leaves a message: since Verizon is not my local carrier (I'm with Essential and used to be with RCN) they "cannot" provide DSL. He then leaves a long sales spiel on my machine for going back to Verizon for local service and brightly promises that it can all be taken care of in a week. It is now December 28th. A few days later I call Verizon again and confirm that no, DSL is not offered for customers of other local carriers. Now is it me or is this monopolistic behavior? Sounds clear to me. To get this you must buy that. Just like the railroads or even a certain corporation in Redmond. Final small insult: last week I come home to a message on my machine from a Verizon rep evidently just then (mid-January) responding to my initial call after the modem didn't work explaining in annoyed and condescending tones that of course I can't get DSL from them as they are not my carrier and launches into a different but equally long sales pitch to switch back to their local service. I figure that if they call and reach me I'll say that I have no record of their modem and that I'll get back to them, say, in about a month and a half.

- Wednesday, January 31, 2001 at 13:58:41 (EST)
I have two short stories. One involves Bell the other it's reincarnation Verizon. I will submit them separately Bell-Hell-DSL I foolishly decided to take Bell up on their mail offer of DSL service. This included free installation. What a deal! Ah but nothing is free. You always have to pay some way. The people who helped me from the first person I dealy with till the last made endless mistakes and gave me misinformation. The guy who came to my house to install the DSL was here for eight, that's right 8 hours. He never was able to install the DSL. He asked me if I could do it and kept telling me he was a PC person not a Mac person! He managed to screw up my wiring and my computer. He removed files from my computer! It was just unbelievable. He finally gave up and told me to call the office. After that I could not make Bell understand the the DSL had not been installed. And hten when I told them I didn't want their DSL I couldn't make them ubderstand that I wanted them to let me go. A few months later when I tried to get DSL thru Earthlink and Sprint I couldn't because Bell hadn't released my line !

- Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 18:15:36 (EST)
This is a suggestion to help fix some problems that you may encounter with your ADSL service, it doesn't always work but it is worth a try. If you are having mailbox problems, slow throughput or any other problem when you still have a "sync" light on your modem, try this. Turn down your computer (if you have more than one computer working off a hub-turn them all down). After that turn the modem off (assuming an external modem). After about five minutes, turn the modem back on and let it "sync" up until the sync light stays on. Than turn your computers back up. It many cases this will correct your problem. If it works-great! If not, than you can call tech support. Verizon-Delaware employee.

- Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 14:48:42 (EST)
Well, I feel your pain, people... luckily, I di a little research into what kind of high-speed service I wanted for my computer, and it boiled down to the old "DSL wait", or just go ahead and get a cable modem. So many people told me that "DSL was so much better, and faster than cable could ever be." So I ask them, "Well, could I get a demo of just how fast you're talking about?" And the response: "Umm, no, the equipment hasn't arrived yet, but I'm sure it will be fast when I get it installed". When I get it installed?? How long is that gonna be, 4-5 months?? So i took the matters into my own hands and decided to go with the older cable modems from Cox Communications. And I haven't regretted a singe second of it since. The customer service there was faultless to the point of incredible. Case in point, during a serious storm that stretched all over Lousiana (I'm was in Ruston then), the cable modem died. I called the guy and he apologetically said that the problem was all over North Louisiana, and he didn't knwo how long it was goignnto take. So i fumed for a bit, but lo and behold, after 15 minutes, the service came back on. Now that's service! I know that the cable service isn't available everywhere (it isn't set up yet here in Lafayette, cos Cox is still hooking into the DS3 line here), but after all the stories I've heard and read about DSL woes, I advise: Look around, research, there are more alternatives to that kind of Hell. And even if you have to wait a little while for it to become available, it sure is better than waiting on the phone for a tech rep to fix your line... :)

- Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 14:21:39 (EST)
I have not used Verizon for DSL, and I have no plan to do so. My argument is with their cellular service. Why don't these people have descent equipment? They are always pushing the Audiovox phone like it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and THAT PHONE SUCKS! I had a thin phone which I hated, and they wouldn't let me switch to a StarTac without changing my rate plan! No one could tell me why I had to change a rate plan that was working well for me (they even said so). And, why in God's name do I want wireless web? Have you tried to use it? That service sucks! I would gladly trade wireless web for free text messaging. I would switch to another service provider in a heartbeat if someone else had better (or comprable) coverage. I mean, right now Nextel is offering plans that beat the pants off Verizon....

- Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 13:28:53 (EST)
It was July of 2000 I had already obtained BellAtlantic's DSL service that Spring (which is a whole other horror story). I was moving now and I wanted to transfer my DSL account to the new location. They told me I had to set up a new line and had to wait a week after the phone line in my apt. was up to make the appointment. I moved my stuff, got the phone line and made the appointment to set up my DSL. Some weeks later BellAtlantic was in the process of becoming Verizon and my DSL was going to be turned on. When my DSL went live everything went smoothly since I already had the hardware and software installed. All I had to do was connect using the same shortcut I previously used and enter the same information...incidentally this is where the problem ended up being. A week later I got a call asking if my DSL service was working correctly, I wasn't in at the time so it got left on my answering service. My DSL was working fine so I didn't return the call. Flash forward to the middle of October, nearly 3 months after getting my DSL line. Everything was fine I hadn't had any problems with the line then all of a sudden it went dead one wednesday night. I called techsupport and got the message that my area was having difficulties. I figured this was the situation so I let it be and used my old 56k modem for the time being. By Saturday morning the line still wasn't working and the message of problems in my area had disappeared. I had no idea how my DSL wouldn't be working so I called tech support. There are plenty of other stories about the woes of techsupport so I'll skip to the point. After 2 days on the phone with techsupport I finally got them to realize the problem wasn't on my end so they investigated it and I called back the next day. It turned out that there was no longer a DSL signal going to my house. By that time I had figured out what happened though. The person I had spoken to about transfering my line made it sound like I only had to start a new line and then I could continue using my old email and not reconfigure the software, etc. In actuallity I had to start a whole new account. Because I never went through the set up process (assuming I could use my old info after all) They never had any record of me using that DSL line (thus the mysterious phone call). After a period of time they decided since they didn't know that the line was being used and they needed more lines they yanked service away from me. The interesting part is that I was never paying for that line so essentially it was free! The downside of that however is that they never cancelled my old DSL line so I was paying for that instead. After I figured this out and explained it to the confused techsupporter, I inquired about getting the line started again. Somehow between the Wednesday that my service went out and that Monday they had filled all available DSL space in my region. There was no room for me to get a new DSL and I would have to wait until Feb 2001. Now Feb 2001 is coming and luckily I don't haven enough money to use DSL right now. When the time comes I'll have to make the decision between the woes of Verizon DSL or the woes of Cable modems. The future is an awful place. An up side to the whole story is that my email is still active and I'm not paying a dime for it.

- Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 13:25:18 (EST)
I ordered a DSL on 2nd of november in 2000, and the activation date was Dec 20th, but till december 22nd i didnt even receive any modems or emails from them, and then i called them back, they said i did not order any DSL line and ask me to call another department which go on and on for 3 hours, and the Warehouse told me they cant ship my modem becoz the order was cancelled. So i call the order department they said they have no idea what's going on , (I even have my order number) and they re-order it for me, activation date promised was Jan 22nd. Now Verizon send me another letter telling me they will delay the activation untill 22nd of Feb 2001, and i tried to contact them , but all i hear is juz music on the phone for more than 45 munites.

- Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 10:37:57 (EST)
i do tech support and digital pbx,s for a number of schools verizon is consistently late or just plain wrong!! 8weeks on an isdn line and i still dont have numbers ported yet!! fortunately i still have analog or i wouldnt have 911!!! its your tax dollar lets write somebody! on the plus side they didnt think billing them 500$ for tech support {mine!} was out of line. course they haven't paid yet either!

- Tuesday, January 30, 2001 at 00:36:56 (EST)
As reading through your stories about trying to recieve such a simple order for your communications and Internet service, I see that you have trouble either A) government regulations B) corruption in the company itself. As a customer interested in recieving DSL, I have also found the same thing for basic telephone service. Verizon currently services the Pittsburgh area and our business needed another phone line for Internet use and fax purposes. We called Verizon to see if our order was processed from an online order. I was transferred from one person to another who could not pull up the status of our secondary line. It took almost 5 weeks with two technician visits with one not even showing up. We ended up pay over a $100 dollars in technician fees along with the basic service. I am now interested in getting DSL and have found that only IDSL is availible, but faster speeds should come soon and yes, is serviced by Verizon. However, AT&T said they would service our area with high-speed cable business Internet access. Yea, right, these guys are probally worse to. Our company has waited almost 2 years for service being promised by them, and will probally never get it either. I hope some new Internet technologies are developed soon since the Internet should be run by expierienced Internet Service Providers not telephone companies.

- Monday, January 29, 2001 at 19:12:51 (EST)

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