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I am a computer network engineer. I will try to keep this post in plain english so the average Joe can understand what went wrong here. I was hired to install a wide area network in a very rural area. The only technology available in this area was T1 or frame relay. The only provider of this service in the area was Verizon. (quick explaination): A T1 is a direct line from 1 location to another and frame relay is a circuit through the phone companies switch called a PVC or Permanent Virtual Circuit. Frame Relay kind of acts like a T1 but you have to enter in certain perameters to tell the data traffic where to go. This is what got all messed up. The order went out with the following. There is a main office and 3 remote offices. The 3 remote offices had to connect to the main office the get data from the central database. They decided to use Frame Relay. I set up the Cisco routers at the main office and assigned a number (DLCI or Data Link Controll Identifier) to the device at the main office. Verizon has to make sure that they have the same numbers assigned to their PVC's to make everything work correctly. It seems like this would be easy since they are the ones who tell me what DLCI to assign to my equipment. They had office B connecting back to office B ( I don't know why anyone would pay $700 a month to have a link from your office go right back to the same office) and Office C and D were connected to Office A like they were supposed to. I asked them to change the connection at Office B to connect to office A. They did that but then for some reason they decided to change the set up so that office C connected to office D and then neither C or D could connect to office A where the servers are. It took 3 days, 2 managers and 5 technicians at Verizon to get the order correct and fix this whole thing. The client was live for 1 month. They had a least one outage per week in at least one location where it took me going to the office to find the problem and then tell Verizon how to fix it. One day everyone came in to work and none of the offices could connect to the main office. I called Verizon,and spent an hour on the phone. They told me everything looked fine. I logged on to the router which will let me see the status of a PVC by typing in the command "show frame-rely pvc". The status column for all of the DLCI's = deleted. I told them what I saw and they didn't beleive me. They check for themselves and then got back on the phone. They told me that a technician had removed all of the circuits because the original order was incorrect. They never bothered to call the customer to see if they were up and working or if they had any problems, they just deleted the whole set up that took us 3 days to get up and running because it did not match the original order which was incorrect in the first place. The connection did come back up but they still had outages do to human error on Verizons side for about 3 months from the time the whole thing started. The funny thing is, I have travelled all over the US and installed Wide Area Networks for many companies. Everytime I have to work with Verizon I run in to the same thing. I have started telling my customers to get a lawyer before they go through with the install because they are going to need one if they want to keep Verizon in line. My customer had to threaten to take Verizon to court before they were able to get the service they were paying for. Verizon eventually gave them 3 months of free service to make up for the down time but that only covered the cost of the frame relay connections. It did not cover the cost of paying 48 employees who sit around doing nothing and lost revenue from customers. This company lost about $80,000 because of verizon and all they got was about $10,000 in service fees covered. If it was possible I would never let any of my customers use these bunch of idiots for their high speed data connections.

- Monday, January 29, 2001 at 15:45:06 (EST)
Here the problem: You are the customer, we are the phone company. We do not care about you residential scum because 2/3 of you will only spend $25.00 or less on your phone bill. As we answer to Wall Street, we will focus our energy and resources on more lucrative ventures, such as DSL, Wireless, Business, and World Domination. You will have to wait until we feel like helping you- you filthy time-consuming, bandwidth-wasting trolls. We understand that we have something you need and you will do as you are told, or we will lose your order. When we do decide to help you, you will get services you did not order, taxes out the wazoo, people that are hired without a brain-stem, and a bill that would confuse a planetary time-traveler. When we do take your money, we will not put it back into the community, we will try to break your Unions, hire at the minumum wage and no benefits, and we will take our profits and invest them in foreign countries where we can enjoy significant tax breaks and a considerably tastier wage-table. If you do not agree to these terms, we will blame you, cry to the government, kill your service, file for bankruptcy protection, and start all over in another state under another name. We will not blame ourselves for scalping the shit out of you under the guise of competition, admit that we just like the money and don't know what the hell we're doing and that no one had these problems when Ma Bell was still here providing excellent service and a person to talk to. We will not tell you that the politicians that you idiots voted for are bought off and paid extremely well by the charges on your bill written in a language that was used while we still had fur. Therefore, you will not see a lowering of your bill, but an increase, since some shit-head Senator spilled Dom-Perionne on the carpet of our Corporate Jet. If you have any questions dial: 1-800-YEA-RITE, where you will be placed on hold for 3 days until someone with an accent you can't understand will take your call and piss you off more. CAUSE' THAT'S THE WAY, A-HUH A-HUH, WE LIKE IT!

- Monday, January 29, 2001 at 14:02:07 (EST)
basically waited the alotted month for service and when the fateful day came...nada. so i call, and i call, every day for at least an hour on hold and after 4 weeks of this and that, transfers here, there, promises from people that would call me back or "see my case through personally" i cancelled my be told that there was never a ticket issued in the first place! so i tryed with earthlink, my preferd isp. they have to reley on,, guess who!? Verizon for there service to be installed. so, guess what!? no bloody DSL for me FOUR MONTHS LATER. what a shambles. i am a freelance tech guy making a shed load of cash an hour and when you add up all the time WASTED on get the picture. i have to say that i reluctantly went with Verizon for my office as no one else offered service here, and it went through in a couple of weeks with no problems. but home service??!! forget it.

- Monday, January 29, 2001 at 12:05:56 (EST)
OK, typical one month of SNAFU, no service, no support, but here's the HILARIOUS part: I called to get a status update on the removal of a bridgetap that was holding up my service. The rep said "I'm sorry, the engineer working on your ticket is out of the Tampa office, and I'm in Dallas." "Well," I said, "can you transfer me?" A pause. "No sir, there's no way to transfer you. You'll just have to call back...the calls sometimes route to Tampa and sometimes to Dallas. If you get Dallas again, just hang up and keep trying until you get lucky..." I was stunned: "Let me get this straight, YOU'RE THE PHONE COMPANY AND YOU CAN'T EVEN TRANSFER A CALL TO YOUR OWN OFFICE? AND YOU'RE GOING TO HANDLE MY HIGH SPEED DATA TRAFFIC?" On the bright side, I have had no problems since activation...

- Monday, January 29, 2001 at 10:59:05 (EST)
Here's my journey: - 9/5/00 order placed through XO (formerly Concentric) to use North Point's DSL service - 10/31/00 XO informed that VZ would come on 11/8 to work on the local loop - 11/8/00 no one showed up. Call XO the next day and they said that VZ just simply missed the appointment, and no explanation was given by VZ. - end of 11/00 XO said that there was a "swictch problem" in the CO of VZ - 12/11/00 XO informed that VZ would come on 12/18 - 12/18/00 a tech from VZ came and worked on the line. At the end he said the he was not able to test the line 'cause a "switch" back in the CO was not ready ?!?!?! - 12/26/00 XO said that still no word about the result of the test. - 12/29/00 XO said that the "switch problem" could not be resolved, and they might have to switch my DSL to Covad. - 1/4/01 XO said that the "switch problem" might have been resolved and VZ would come again on 1/8. Had XO pass a request to VZ to service after 10am - 1/8/01 no one showed up after 10am and no notice posted at the door. Called XO and they said that VZ came at 8:55am ?!?!?! - 1/12/01 nothing re-scheduled yet, XO said the issue had been escalated to management - 1/19/01 nothing re-scheduled yet, XO said the issue had been escalated once again - 1/26/01 (today) no calls, no emails, no message, and still no DSL

- Friday, January 26, 2001 at 14:33:03 (EST)
Former VERIZON (Bell Atlantic). Employee Speaks OUT! The real reason for all of your troubles is a simple but nasty fact about Verizon. The phone company or "telco" employees are UNION, and the Internet and Wireless Divisons are not. THey both have to share the same CO's or Central Offices, as well as the billing systems. (There are several.) THe Union Employess sabotage the Non-Union employess all the time, and the reverse also applies. Real nasty fighting between these 2 groups, the Union guys treat the non-union people like scabs, and the Non-union people feel hatred for Bell Atlantic, do to the fact they earn about 40% less on average with overtime. Management has its hands tied, by laws, both State and Federal as well as company rules that are designed to smother any complaints and are then swept under the rug, before they become public. So When your DSL works for a day or 2 then all of a sudden does not work anymore is because of one of these reasons. 1) Somebody pulled or loosened your card from the DSLAM. 2) Somebody pulled or loosened the wires, somewhere along the route. 3) Your "trouble ticket" is buried in a molasses of people pointing fingers saying its not my job to fix it, as well as a computer system that lets you fall through the cracks. Ivan Sidenberg and the rest of the board of Directors will do everything in their power to stop the NON_UNION people to become Union. (Its all about the Benjamins if you catch my drift!) This has been a mushrooming problem every since BACCI was created, and only will get worse. From a personal perspective, I happen to have a DSL line I purchased 1 1/2 years ago, using FLASHCOM (now in bankrupcy), on the COVAD backbone. NO PPOPE either, static IP address all the way! So I never had to deal with Verizon for my Internet Access, I was smart, I worked for Verizon and did not fall into their DSL trap. However their CEllular/Digital service is excellent and priced well too. MY Advise, is to get a cable modem or order directly from COVAD or Northpoint. Good Luck.

- Friday, January 26, 2001 at 12:25:02 (EST)

- Friday, January 26, 2001 at 09:46:31 (EST)

- Friday, January 26, 2001 at 09:46:16 (EST)

- Friday, January 26, 2001 at 02:12:44 (EST)
We contracted with WorldCom last August to get two T-1s installed: one in Dallas, the other in Boston. In Dallas, it took about six weeks for them to get the line installed through Southwestern Bell. In Boston, unfortunately, they are having to work through Verizon. As of today, we are still waiting for a link we were promised would be installed September 15. One of the reasons is that, until about two weeks ago, Verizon had the wrong address. When we told them of the error, they said that it would be April before they could get the correct building hooked up. On top of that, we asked for two ISDN lines between two of our buildings. When we had an electrician look at what they had done, he told us that they had installed one line, not two, and that it wasn't even an ISDN line. If only this was a Third World country, I might have a chance that bribery could speed up the process. Verizon is the best argument for a national right-to-work law I've yet to come across.

- Thursday, January 25, 2001 at 23:11:07 (EST)
I ordered DSL for my small business on December 7, 2000. I was told by them that it was in fact available for my specific location and that as a business I was on an 10 day turnaround. They then explained that my installation would be January 8, 2001. I asked what happend to 10 days and they responded that ten days does not include weekends,holidays and three days of delay before the sales paperwork hits the main office. I grudgingly agreed and January 8 arrived. By January 10th there was still no service, but after three days of phone calls they agreed to submit a work ticket for the job which would take three more days to process. On the 17th I was told to be at the location for a service person. I was then told that no service person was scheduled. The service person then arrived & discovered that there was no signal. Three hours later the cause was determined. The main office shyut off the service two hours after activating it. The service tech assured me that he would call his office and get the service back on. Several hours later a frustrated service tech explained in a confused and frustrated tone. that the service was turned off by the main office in error, but because I did not authorize the termination of service, I was for BILLING purposes still in the loop. I was then told that I would have to cancel service officially which would take three weeks to do, return the equipment, order new service, wait 8 weeks because I was a "trouble" call due to the fact that I was canceling service before the termination of contract. I was even told I might be rejected having a immediate cancelation on my ticket. I then asked the stupid question "Why don't you just turn on the service you turned off?". I tell you it was like telling the king he has no clothes. I was told horrible stories about how all billing would get confused. I then threatened legal action for unauthorized termination of services on their part explaining that I am a computer store and that denial of service is costing me money. Only yesterday, did the service go on. This is not the end. I then installed the software on the system. I noticed I had no choice but to allow the program to install Netscape, like it or not. I then tried to setup the account aand found that their server was down. I then tried later and made contact with their server. I was then notified by their system that it accepted the previous attempt to setup an account, rejected the attempt in error, then accepted both the new and pervious account setups and that I will need to notify their accounting dept as I will be billed for both accounts. I must admit that after all this my prior military experience never will seem anal retentive again.

- Thursday, January 25, 2001 at 21:32:12 (EST)
I just got off of the phone with Verizon and refused to pay again because I can only get reliable service between 9:00p and 9:00a. This has been going on since day 1. I have spent over 12 hours on the phone with level 1 techs. and have obtained level 2 techs. direct lines, but it has taken HOURS and HOURS to do so, and it allways comes down to the same issue, Verizon itself. I know personally others who have been told for months their service will be installed only to be rescheduled for another month over and over. Refuse to pay!! and call the 1-800 numbers over and over again until someone pays attention to these issues. Where I live it is MASSIVE route, and capacity issues, so I say again call and complain. Verizon's # is 1-800-567-6789

- Thursday, January 25, 2001 at 15:53:35 (EST)
I am in full agreement with all who say that Verizon has "no clue" what customer service is. Being that they are THE communications company of the North East, you would think that they would have their act a little more together. I happen to be a service tech with a cable ISP, and, although we are not perfect,even with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, we definately would have had this issue sewed up within a week. My dilemma with Verizon dates back to August 200, when I first ordered DSL through AOL, my service never got started through them because, Verizon provides the DSL end of it. After playing pass the buck with both companys, and finally realizing what, "the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing" means. I cancelled aol and re-ordered DSL through Verizon, at least then I would know who's fault it was when it didn't work. Well, I ordered Verizon in Oct., with an active date of Nov. 6th. I has worked for a total of 31 days so far. The last time they "fixed" it, it worked for 1 day. I've had more "on hold' time with them sometimes spending up to 4 hours bouncing between, so called "techs" that open tickets that never seem to resolve the problem. The tickets often being "closed" and no one following up to see that the service is working. I questioned one of the customer service reps about their policy regarding this and was told "most people can tell when their service is working, so there's no reason to call".Well, I would think that would just be a courtesy thing, but what do I know? Unfortunately, my cable provider is not prepared to offer broadband service for who knows how long, they won't even give a rough idea when you call. Even Verizon employees have given accounts of how the service "rarely, if ever" works. Something is very, very wrong. I think 6 months is asking for too much understanding of their customers.Mr.D

- Thursday, January 25, 2001 at 11:00:13 (EST)
Here's a fun one... I work for an ISP, and we attempt to work in good faith with Verizon, or as we refer to them "Verbelzebub." Anyways, we have one customer who just wants ultra fast 7.1 DSL. He has had it, oh, 10 times. However, without fail, every single time our customer finally got the DSL set to the right speed, within days, Verizon reset the speed back down to the 1.whatever speed. This has been going on for more than 6 months, and we have been put on hold and "forgotten", ignored, blatantly lied to, given wrong information, and have had a generally bad experience with Verizon the entire time. I spoke to one tech once who got the service fixed in one hour. An hour after it was fixed, another tech set the speed back down to where it was. Fun stuff. So Verizon sucks, yadda yadda. And to all you people defending Verizon: Go work for an ISP that has to deal with Verizon, stay there for a week, and you'll change your opinion of Verizon being a "good" company very quickly.

- Wednesday, January 24, 2001 at 13:55:49 (EST)

- Wednesday, January 24, 2001 at 13:31:30 (EST)
wow. I have never had the "joy" of having Verizon DSL. I work as a "stupid level one tech" for an independent ISP that offers DSL service. I can confidently say that although we too have to deal with a large national carrier we have never had these kind of problems. In the year or so I have been working there has been ONE outage. It lasted 20 mins and it was planned. How can these guys, with all of their resources, money, and political clout be so horrible? Hmmm.. the national provider of dsl is losing a ton of customers to us in our area. Customer support and courtesy are what it is all about. I am not sure about the hiring practices at Verizon, but the company I work hires only qualified people as techs. I too take offence to some remarks questioning the intelligence and ability of the support technicians. Despite our good service we too get a significant volume of calls from angry, rude, obnoxious people who would rather scream and cry than get help. 90% of time, after listening to a 10 minute tirade it boils down to something like this "Oh, you mean the modem has to be plugged in?" No joke. Hey that's ok. Not everyone can be a "computer whiz" I have spent hours working with such customers and I am more than willing to help. In fact, I want to help people and get satisfaction from doing so. Also, due to the size of the company I work for, I am quite likely to hear from the same people again and again. Perhaps at Verizon, if they can get you off of the phone quickly, that is the last that particular tech will ever have to deal with you. Anyway, despite being a "stupid tech" I know my stuff. Well. I am sick of getting calls from some guy who got his MCSE through mail-order calling me a moron because they are too lazy to read a manual or take the time to figure out if DSL is right for them. If you want good service, show some respect for the person on the other end. You will get alot farther. Anyway, it sounds as though it has been pretty rough for some of you and I would recommend that you all find a local provider. 9 times out of 10 the service is better as is the support you will receive. You will also feel better for supporting a company that is a part of your community as opposed to some Megacorporation that could really give a fuck whether you are satisfied or not. Ok, the speech is over. Thanks for your time.

- Wednesday, January 24, 2001 at 13:20:24 (EST)
well, o.k., so there are problems with dsl. talk to the people that have it, waited for 6 months and love it. this is a new technology. bellatlanticguy from hell, post the complaints from the other dsl subscribers from the other companies that promise dsl. i know there are problems. i do not want to get dsl from the other companies that cannot provide it for me either. they offer dsl at 56k, duh, great progress, and i can get dsl from a company that will promise me, with cooperation with the local phone company, and it will only cost $110. i'm not defending verizon. just let it be known that the 'other' companys aren't keeping any promises either. verizon thinks i have dsl, because i call on a weekly basis to find out if i can get it. i check the web for avalibility on a weekly basis as well. no one, after 18 months of search can get me dsl. so slam verizon, open your minds and figure that with every new technology there are problems. verizon is not the only phone company. you can go elsewhere. you can choose alternatives. and ask them the lead time for dsl. if you can get it. let's put this hate into something productive. i am going to share this with the verizon individuals. i know when they tell me if i can ever get it that it will be 90 days, not 30. i know that i will get every promotion that they have ever offered. i know that when i go to the web site, that every record of my interest is recorded as demand from my area. i know that i cannot get in touch with an intellegent person that can give me any definates. i know that i cannot get it from anywhere else either. i get lured into web sites that promise me dsl, have their own lines and cannot give me dsl either. and the thought of $110 dollars per month without commitment of an order is a ludicracy! remember, this is a new technology. the people that you get to talk to were hired in october 2000. how could they know that this was the phone line of the future and that there are those of us that require speed!?! go out there, see what you can get. there are other companies that can get you the service. will the installation be free? the modem? will you have speeds of 'up to' 640k for $40? like i said, i've been waiting for a year. the jerks that haven't been trained are just stupid. what other companies have you talked to that don't perform, don't answer, don't credit, don't do what it is that you are calling to do what you ask. i like ustomer service. i've found that when i sweeten the conversation with sugar [and i am the radical from hell, not allowing myself as the consumer to be screwed! but i changed my way, sugar!] i get free service. i get credit, i get promises of free service for as long as i haven't received service. i do not get charged fees to set it up and i, during the wait, get all the promos that were in effect during my lack of service. i have gotten 4 month old computers replaces with upgrades and credits because mine is defunct, i get free material because the company failed and i get great satisfaction in screwing the company that screwed me due to their poor customer service. i have contacted 53 companies that have told me they can get me dsl. the only one that has shown any interest in my need is verizon, by recording my number. they will let me know when it is there. open up people. this is the new wave! high-speed at consumer prices. the phone-line of the future. get over the hatred. work in positive ways, it might pay off!

- Tuesday, January 23, 2001 at 22:58:58 (EST)
In response to the 'intelligent individual' who seems to be getting a kick out of calling us morons. I don't have DSL and I have no desire to get DSL. I work for a company that provides DSL to customers, but...guess what...we have to order everything through I put up with their B.S. on a daily basis. So you are the 'smart guy' who gave up on waiting for your service. I agree with you that there is more to life than DSL. Which is why I won't waste my time getting it myself. It still does not change the point at hand. Verizon is outright lying to people to get their business. If the truth was told and people knew before they signed the dotted line that they would have to wait 4 to 6 months for the service, it would not be an issue. But they blatantly deceive customers with promises they know they cannot keep. They already have a serious backlog of orders yet they are still signing on thousands of new orders a day....promising these new 'suckers' the same turnaround time that those already 3 months into the game were originally given.

- Tuesday, January 23, 2001 at 15:59:17 (EST)
I signed up with Verizon in September of 2000. I told them to put the DSL service on my second (bare bones) phone line, so that nothing would interfere with the DSL service. Well, after about two and a half months of my installation date being pushed back, I had had enough. I called them and got pushy, so they did install the DSL. However, they installed it on my main phone line. All three lights on my modem were working after only a couple of phone calls. I was soooo excited. Well, that was when I hit the classic Verizon brick wall. I had to get them to transfer the ISP service from my second phone line to my main phone line. I thought I had signed up to have Verizon as my ISP. Instead, Verizon took it upon themselves to assign my account to some company called Genuity. I then went through another 2 months of being passed around. I could never get Genuity on the phone without going through the Verizon help desk, so everytime I called it was like starting from scratch. FINALLY, after opening about 10 tickets, I managed to get a guy on the phone who knew what he was doing and he got my service up and running that night. I wrote a good letter of commendation to his manager. Anyway, by the time I had service, I had a piece of scratch paper with the following numbers listed on it: (you may recognize them) 1(877)483-3350 1(877)483-5070 1(877)483-6006 1(877)414-8107 1(888)391-1234 1(888)483-2770 1(888)467-2375 1(800)825-4842 1(800)927-3000 1(877)483-9490 To avoid the famous Verizon confusion, and to avoid getting billed for two DSL lines, I just waited 2 weeks and shut down my second phone line altogether. But, I was still living in fear that they would screw it up and shut down the DSL on my main number. Who knows, they still might. Then I'll have to get transferred back and forth between the above numbers again. I am going to join the class-action lawsuit if I can.

- Tuesday, January 23, 2001 at 15:12:30 (EST)
A response for the MORON who doesen't like to be called a cry baby! Don't continue to fight a loosers battle! If your life depends on dsl this much, that you and many others like you spend countless hours on, mabey you should seek some therapy. Get a life! DSL isn't everything, I've learned to live without it! And I can tell you that if I was in the process of getting dsl and I notice that 4 weeks down the road I was still getting the run-a-round, It's simple.....NO THANKS! YOUR SERVICE IS NOT FOR ME. END OF STORY! Thats the difference between a you (THE MORON) and me......

- Tuesday, January 23, 2001 at 11:54:45 (EST)
Ordered DSL from Verizon this fall. Went through my worst customer experience in at least five years: Eight weeks of hold times, transfers, ignorance, and lies. Found out that Earthlink could supply DSL, so ordered from them. Encountered courtesy and helpfulness from the phone reps; received weekly email updates on the status of my order; was hooked up and running less than four weeks after placing my order. The irony: My Earthlink service runs over Verizon's equipment. The lesson: It's all about customer service.

- Monday, January 22, 2001 at 19:43:19 (EST)
When I switched my Verizon service off in August 2000, I was told I would have to wait two months before I would receive a credit that was owed to me of $87.39. Well, it's close to the end of January and half a dozen calls later and over $20 spent on international calls (I now live abroad)--still no check from Verizon! According to the complaints I've been reading, it's no surprise. The fact that Verizon is keeping its customers' money (called "stealing") is a sign that the company is not long for this world. We know telecom companies are suffering financially, but, jeez, you'd figure Verizon would screw their bank first, not their customers! Spread the word, Verizon sucks!!!

- Monday, January 22, 2001 at 17:23:16 (EST)
I can't agree with you more on the poor/non-existent service with Verizon. I actually went through the exact same scenario (...and then some) except it took me 9 months and about 6-7 missed work days before getting my DSL because Verizon has this policy about requiring the End User to be present during a so-called Loop coil test that is actually done from the telephone pole. It only gets worst, on the 5/6th attempt, a serviceman came to my door saying they can't approve the test because (these were his words) "... the ****ing lazy asses at the C/O don't want to flip a switch...". My understanding is there are serious labour union issues with the company. Anyway, My DSL ISP ( was so apologetic about the poor service I got from Verizon (something that was really out of their control) they threw in a promotional Rio MP3 player. I recieved it in a week and a half. Apparantly I set the record of waiting for about 9 months before recieving my DSL because Ma'Bell from Hell could get their act together. my 2 cents worth

- Monday, January 22, 2001 at 16:45:39 (EST)
This note is for the 'moron' who wrote the note calling everyone here 'a bunch of cry babies.' If everyone was told up front exactly what to expect upon submitting their order for DSL, I'm sure there would be less complaints. The issue isn't about not being able to get the service or even the fact that it is new and problematic. The issue is being promised one thing by the company and not getting it. Lets set up an example here. You order a new stereo component and are told it will arrive in 3 weeks. 3 weeks comes and goes and you don't have it. You call up only to get a voicemail that throws you into a seemingly endless loop of different options. After being on hold for about 45 minutes, you finally get someone who really has no idea why your new equipment has not arrived, but 'will look into it'. A week later you don't hear back from him. You call again. Go through the same voice mail process. After this phone call, they have 'figured out' the problem and you will receive the equipment in two weeks. Two weeks comes and goes, no equipment. This goes on for about 3 or 4 months. Finally you get your equipment. But it's not what you ordered. You send it back. And the process starts over....with all the phone calls, waiting on hold, talking to untrained people, who I'm sure are very capable of learning whatever, but are not given the materials to learn, and finally after 6 long, grueling months of waiting and fighting on the receive the component you were waiting for. You open the box...and it's the right one. You lay out the instructions and start the process of putting it together. Finally it's all in place. You can hardly contain your excitement. You push the power button....and nothing. Doesn't work. You go through all the connections and everything is correct....but it just doesn't work. You call the dreaded support number again...and wait on hold forever and a day....and just as you thought...they can't help you. What would you do? Would you laugh it off and say....'oh that is to be expected, it's a new product, it was bound to happen.' Screw that! Verizon knows this is still a new service being offered. They know the chances of this getting delivered and working correctly within the time frame they are PROMISING is slim to none. Yet they are not doing anything to change their policy. They still are making promises they know they can't keep. And I hope it bites them in the ass.

- Monday, January 22, 2001 at 16:07:04 (EST)
You people are a bunch of cry babies.. havent you read the news paper,TV news, Internet News, are you people a bunch of MORONS!!! DSL is not for everybody specially for people that start a business.. or have a business.. DUH!!! do you people remember back when cable TV statared... what a nightmare it was to get.. and all the problems they had... well same with DSL.. is just the begining of it.. and is not perfect... just think about it..alof of the phone lines are really old.. alot of the neighborhoods are really old.. and you think the phone companies have the money to chage all the cables.. around.. no.. samething with cable modems.. they are trying to upgrade the those cables.. so they can have better service.. but is done little by little.. other issue.. "why does it take so long to get DSL.. blah blah!!! freaggin "A" people.. get a life.. whos to say that anytime you order something you are going to get it right away.. things take time and they have to be routed to the proper chanells.. and when you get on the phone to complain to techs and other people.. like is their fault... Im a consumer and also work on the other side of the phone.. when people call and just bitch.. just because their systems wont work... big deal.. you and I know that no matter where you go.. the system is all mess up.. look at our government.. enough said... stop been a bunch of pathetic cry babys and deal with it... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

- Monday, January 22, 2001 at 12:47:59 (EST)
Verizon DSL is terrible, friends of ours have it and Verizon lost all their Emails 2 different times during Verizon outages!! Verizon mails us 3 different times a postcard stating we qualify for DSL, we call up and wait on hold 3 different times and some reps say we can get DSL through Verizon some reps say we can't, It turns out after speaking to managers and complaining numerous times that Verizon can't get us DSL, thanks for wasting our time numerous times, However maybe seeing we can't DSL through Verizon we are much better off, seeing they lose people's emails etc..................being sued by DSL Customers etc............Verizon has the nerver, these criminal, unprofessional fools to cancel a merger agreement with Northpoint DSL of whom would have fixed alot of these complaints people have against Verizon, they are getting sued by Northpoint as well, great chance Verizon will lose this lawsuit also!! What losers!!!!!!!!!

- Sunday, January 21, 2001 at 13:58:27 (EST)
Unfortunately reading these experiences mirror my own experiences with Verizon. In over 6 months as a DSL customer I had actual service for about 6 days. I guess I am one of the lucky ones ! I , too, called Telocity first then saw all these wonderful promises from then BellAtlantic Infospeed - how quickly I would be up and running, etc. Well It is a fraud. I wasted countless hours on the phone , on hold, and on long distance charges to Buffalo or Norflok trying to link up with the level 2 tech I thought was trying to help. Well the long and the short of it is they not only lost me as a DSL customer (now the bastards are billing me for the service and I waste more time with them getting credits since I am no longer a Verizon customer)but also as a Dial Up customer...I was with them since 1996. They are the pits. I can't wait to drop them as my local phone company too. Monday am I am calling to be part of the class action suit. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

- Saturday, January 20, 2001 at 11:19:03 (EST)
Can anyone email me the name of the Product Manager for DSL at Verizon? Also looking for the top person in the Tech Support organization. The level of person I'm looking for is at the Vice President or Senior Vice President level. After 3 months of having DSL from Verizon, I have never gotten more than 115 kilobits per second on the download side. 99% of the time my DSL line is slower than my 56K dial up. I've been through all levels of tech support through level 3. Even had Verizon dispatch a laptop tech to my house, and he experienced the same problem, but had no answer as to why I have such slow throughput. I'm still optimistic enough to believe that if I find a high enough level person and explain my story, they will cut through Verizon's obviously byzantine organization to follow through on all the steps necessary to truly diagnose my problem. Email me at Thanks.

- Saturday, January 20, 2001 at 07:39:08 (EST)
Hi all, i, too, share your pain...DSL service seems to be just as bad as trying to get ISDN for my home (DSL is not offered where i live currently-very rural). when i placed the order for ISDN on 9/00, the Verizon rep told me that one of their engineers had to look at the line to make sure it was conditioned?? needless to say it's 1/01 and with my repeated follow-up phone calls, no one has bothered to return my calls nor inquire about my order. Instead, i've decided to move my T-1 from my downtown office to my home, however i and my ISP are waiting for an intall date from verizon. (i could be all wrinkled by the time this happens :-) additionally, i was a user of verizon's centrex phone system...everytime i called to order a new line, the average wait time on hold was 45 minutes...this is not acceptable. i feel for all of us...and thank marcus for creating this forum for all of us to vent...i feel a little better. i hope that verizon gets what they deserve with their impending class action law suit. imagine taking on morecustomers when they can't service the ones they have...tip: i'm extremely fed up with their automated phone system (AT&T's as well), instead of hitting the extension for existing customers, i punch in the extension fornew orders...this way i get a rep quicker...sad but it works :-)

- Saturday, January 20, 2001 at 00:06:42 (EST)
Techie back. I would like to respond to the person in Southern CA who had the comment about getting a dial tone when he asked for a supervisor... When you think you're getting help by speaking to a supervisor, you're getting LESS help. Chances are, that supervisor has less knowlege of how to tech the problem and can't speak to anyone greater than the actual technician you were speaking to. In general, when you ask to speak to a supervisor/superior, you are just wasting your time. The supervisor will only be able to recant what the technician has told you and possibly try to calm you down. THEY CAN NOT TECH YOUR CALL! It violates policy, and they've probably had less technical training anyway. One thing I will say, though. Technical support may not have the power to do much, but it IS the most competent. Nine out of ten times, the problem is caused by something done in billing, order entry, NCSC, or provisioning, which (btw) are all in different states. Tech support gets a bad rap because we're the ones that you end up talking to, and we're the ones who have to clean up after them.

- Friday, January 19, 2001 at 22:37:43 (EST)
Because my job depends on it, I won't give my name or location, but I do the technical support, so I've seen first-hand what the service is like. Perhaps I'm biased. The only people I've talked to are those who are having problems, but I know what they have to go through to get the DSL back up. (The product has been HEAVILY oversold, so that's actually what's creating the problem.) Once you have gotten a GOOD tech, they can only do about two or three things with you over the phone. After that, we go through a ticket escalation so that some engineers in NCSC can do whatever they do on THEIR end. The ticket doesn't go straight to them, either. IF it has the right information in it, it goes to a group that is there solely to assign the ticket to another group. Once it FINALLY ends up in the NCSC queue, you have a 24-72 hour wait before they have to start working on it. If you're lucky, you get a call back. If you aren't home when they call you back, they leave a voice mail and tell you to call (guess who?) tech support and tell (you guessed it!) tech support if you're getting connected. If not, and you call tech support, they cannot call NCSC. The actual tech you speak with will have no way of contacting them WHATSOEVER. (This wasn't always true. When NCSC lost all their balls to talk to the customers they were screwing over, they decided to tell tech support to no longer transfer calls over so that WE had to deal with irate customers that we have no power to help.) The ONLY way to contact NCSC when you call tech support to convey information to them is this: 1. The technician creates ANOTHER ticket. 2. The lead tech emails the escalation group, who emails NCSC the information to update the ORIGINAL ticket, and the cycle begins again. So please, if you speak to a technical support rep, remember that we're just as powerless as you. We have no control over your bill. We have no control over your service or the server. We are simply there to make sure that your settings are correct. We're just the middlemen, and the people you should REALLY be talking to will NEVER speak to you.

- Friday, January 19, 2001 at 22:16:26 (EST)

- Friday, January 19, 2001 at 15:35:07 (EST)
DSL - 08/01/2000 to 01/06/2001 *NEVER SET UP. I signed up Telocity for DSL service originally, then heard that Verizon was offering DSL cheaper (along with being my phone provider already), so I cancelled Telocity 08/01/2000 and went immediately to Verizon. Verizon told me 2 or 3 weeks and it would be set up. Two or three weeks passed, I received my modem (had to pay for it), and no hook up. The connection was active, but no DSL service. To make a long story short, TWO months after initially signing with them they told me that Telocity still held my phone line. I went to Telocity, they claimed that they didn't. Total, Telocity sent FIVE cancelations to Verizon. SO a total of THREE MORE months went by and Verizon could not figure out why MY ACCOUNT was not work, but, and I quote, "Your accout is still held by Telocity." So, we cancelled the order and ordered it again, supposedly Verizon claimed this would CANCEL any ties Telocity had to my line. HOW this would happen I do not understand...because then wouldn't it have done it the first time I ordered with Verizon. So roughly 3 weeks go by and still NOTHING. I talked with Verizon, they went back to the old story that Telocity held the line some where in a remote part of their HUGE Organization. Is this a way to run a company?! No one knows what the other is doing? So after a total of FIVE AND A HALF to SIX months (canceled 01/06/2001), I wised up, cancelled Verizon (still waiting to get to ship my DSL Modem back for a refund) and went with CABLE. Now I get 3,000kbps (yeah verses 640kbps DSL) down and 1,024kpbs (verses 128kbps DSL). To me...the choice was clear (just took me a long time to realize it)!

- Friday, January 19, 2001 at 08:32:17 (EST)
Verizon has broken several of the rules of the
Telecom Customer's Bill of rights, primarily Amendment I, which says that "Telecommunications companies shall make no policies wherein a company's marketing of a specific product or service shall outpace that company's ability to distribute, implement, or otherwise support it."

- Friday, January 19, 2001 at 08:04:54 (EST)
Jeez, I wish I had DSL, cable modem..hell, I'd even take 56k. Covad and Verizon say DSL is not available to me, and my local cable company says cable modem is not avaible to me, and the phone company says the wires are so old in my town that that is why I can't more than 33,000on my 56K modem. Hard to believe I live in Annapolis, Maryland, the capital of the state.

- Friday, January 19, 2001 at 05:08:50 (EST)
Every six weeks or so, my phone line that is connected to my computer ONLY goes dead. Everytime I call Verizon and tell them about it, they send out a person and it never ceases to amaze that when Mr. Studly Phone-Tech guy shows up, the problem is clear. Well, this happened again just two weeks ago, I go through the usual song and dance and say that my computer line has no dial tone again, and they ask the usual barrage of questions, including asking if I have more than one phone line in my home which I think is kinda stupid, considering they allegedly have my records in front of them. I recant my tale of the missing dial tone, I tell them this happens alot and they respond with the usual " we'll send someone out next week"... I tell them I need my computer to be able to access the internet and they say uh huh, sure ya do, see ya next week. I have told these people over and over and over that this is my computer line...nothing else is on phone, just my computer. The repair person comes out yet again and says there is nothing wrong (again ) then sends me a note in the mail a few days later saying my lines are fine, and that maybe I should check the telephone I am using. DUH!!!

- Friday, January 19, 2001 at 05:03:38 (EST)
I've had four major flurries of tech support/installation interaction with Verizon (1. DC installation, 2. Boston installation, 3. Helped a friend with a Boston installation , and 4. Major system outage/slowdown in Boston in November 2000). Each was a saga. I now know things about Bell Atlantic, Blue and White Westell modems, human nature, organizational chaos, and, myself, then I ever knew was possible. Though not as diligent as others here about recordkeeping, I feel a member of the elite few who have spent dozens of hours on hold, know about the many tiers of technical support, have been hung up on, have had trouble tickets disappear, have been billed for a service for six months after I moved, and have lived to tell the tale. Through these trials, I have found inner peace. Thank you Verizon.

- Friday, January 19, 2001 at 03:38:54 (EST)
I ordered Verizon DSL more than a quarter of a year ago and have not yet been connected. I call the "press one to continue holding" (aka buzz off) hotline whenever I manage to regain enough happiness and faith in mankind only to be knocked back to ground zero again. The only data stream on my phone lines is the dtmf tones needed every 30 seconds just to keep me on hold. I ordered on Nov 7th I was PROMISED by Dec 1st I got the modem Dec 15th...fine... but only the power light is green. I called dozens of times gettting lots of pointless tickets and "circuit numbers". Each time I beared through the mentally challenged questions and supposed "DSL line checks". All to no avail. Generally no-one would even come out. The few times guys did come out, they would say "I see the problem, I'll get a ticket started for someone else to fix it." And then nothing - no tracce of anything being done. Let's try some more... Jan 9th a "Bob Yeager" said "it will be fixed in 48 hours"... ha ha 3 days later, some oriental guy said "That's wierd - here's a service refund, call this (eternally busy ) number to redeem it."... he he I am becomming really upset now. A couple more rude hangups, fake transfers into oblivion, and days later I get a "Celina" who is actually stupid enough to try to shake me by telling me I have to call another number but gives me the same # I got her with. At this point I'm berserk with rage. I ask for the manager. She says "No." I demand and bring up the fact that the conversation is recorded.... ho ho I get a amanger, "Tyler", who seems a similar dumb ape as the rest but maybe with a stripe on his back or something else that allows him to ask even more insulting, pointless questions about plugs or filters. He says there is no "Bob Yeager" (big suprise). He says Celina must have been confused due to something like the air pressure constantly pushing down on her head. He basically tells me that there is no trace of my ongoing battle in his system. I read him many sets of pointless numbers to prove him wrong (only for my ego) and tell him about my Aunt who is a news anchor. He then makes a political statment like "Now that the governement is trying to split us up, it is hard for us to get anything done." He says he will help and assures me that there will be someone out on the 18th. I have that "It came from the manager" sort of hope. ...It is now the 19th and I am nowhere. Back in November they discovered the problem is excessive bridge tap (a rig job) on my line that they need to remove. Will it take a year or will it ever even happen at all? It is now obvious to me that to Verizon, DSL stands for (D)umb people will pay another $40 a month for the (S)ame crappy telephone (L)ine. Please direct any suggestions/help/comments you feel might be useful to me at

- Friday, January 19, 2001 at 00:54:45 (EST)

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 21:51:00 (EST)
Why are we paying so much for this DSL? Qwest Phone Company has DSL (the same one as Verizon) for only $19.95 a month as opposed to Verizon's steep $40.00 a month. That's 20 dollars more! Please review proof at: Richard Avery, Boston, MA

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 21:49:50 (EST)
Several months ago, shortly after the merger that created Verizon, my telephone rang oddly during the early hours of the morning. To my surprise, I find that my home line is dead. Fortunately, I have another line in the house and I call my line from that phone....IT RINGS!.....better yet, someone answers it. I am shocked! I am compelled to ask who I am speaking with and HOW he got my phone number. He tells me it is a new number and was just given to him the other day. ODD!! I call Verizon Customer Service, speak with tech support who promises to investigate it. I am promised a call back at work. None arrives. I call again, testing my home line periodically in between. Still nothing. Then the explanation. Since I had a previous RINGMATE number separated from my primary line and made my primary number (ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS CHANGE MY NUMBER USING A RINGMATE NUMBER INSTEAD OF BEING GIVEN A NEW NUMBER) somewhere along the way the order was incorrectly programmed causing my ringmate number to appear available for issuance in their computers. Needless to say it caused some aggrivation, but eventually I was able to get it resolved.

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 21:37:39 (EST)
I've had dsl for about a month and after some initial startup problems, I have, overall, been happy. I would like to comment on the call-in support. I called several times and gave up on hold. Once inside, I was bumped up 3 or 4 "Levels of Support" after giving each my number and explanation of problem. Each level had differing (or conflicting) information. The last was very helpful but it would have been nice to have started there.

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 21:30:23 (EST)
Wow I think i started something here but the the gent down below is right some people do not have anything but modem right now and the people with dsl and cable are a bunch of cry babys i have dsl i live in crestline Ca and with 5 feet of snow it's still fast so if you want to cry about it then go back to modems

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 21:04:49 (EST)
Wow.. I truly thought that I was alone in this.. The internet is TRULY incredible for bringing people together.. My story is extremely familiar but I will add that after 4 months of trying to get DSL from Bell Atlantic who told me that it was available, signed me up, then told me no it wasn't available in my area ( Astoria, NY) I called Covad and they installed the service in 2 weeks... not 3 days later that I had Covad installed ( Through Internet Channel ) BA calls up and tells me .. " Guess What? WE'VE just made DSL available in your area! want to sign up?" Just too funny.. Covad DSL through The Internet Channel in NYC is running great for 8 months now...

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 20:58:21 (EST)
To make a long story brief, I started trying to obtain DSL service in July 2000 through my ISP and Covad. Bell came out to my home in September (after telling me my "parachute would not open" which was why it was taking so long to have someone come out. The installation person for Bell worked on the hook up for two hours and then told me it could not be done. Reason, I surmise, is that Covad had run out of connections which could be leased to Covad. So, I called Verizon to see if I could get service and they said, "Of course" and gave me a date a month away, in November. Well, November came and went and so did most of December. I finally found a good tech with Verizon who knew what he was doing and was responsive. (The number of poorly trained persons I dealt with before I reached his level is mind boggeling, assuming you could get anyone at all with the up to two hour hold times. Anyway, it turned out, in late December, that someone had miswired the connection at the Central Office. Service worked for about a week; then comes January and again the modem is "not active". Techs tell me it should be working fine. Fortunately I got on line with the tech who resolved the issue the first time. Seems that someone rewired my connection back to the initially wrong connection; something about the mapping at the Central Office having been done improperly and someone put the line back where it was mapped which was, of course, wrong. Great stuff.

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 20:08:18 (EST)
I got my dsl a month ago and I've downloaded thousands of songs and records from Napster. I love this dsl! I must be lucky!

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 19:43:37 (EST)
My DSL signal stopped on Dec 14th. As of Jan 18th I still have no signal. I have been lied to, ignored, mislead, and overbilled during this time period. There is no alternative in my area for high speed access. Here is a brief synopsis: 14 Dec -- signal stops. no big deal stops all the time, usually back on in a few hours 15 Dec -- still no signal. Call Tech support, on hold 60 minutes, disconnected. Call back, on hold 45 mins, talk to tech who says they will "open a ticket". 17 Dec -- call for status. On hold 50 min. Am told there is no ticket open. They open a ticket. 19 Dec -- call for status. on hold 30 minutes. Am told "we're working on it" call back in 2-3 days. 23 Dec -- call for status. Am told signal loss is very complex and it can take up to 3-5 days to trace the problem. They are shorthanded becasue of Christmas. Go out of town till 29 Dec 29 Dec -- Call for status. Am told "nothing has been done on this ticket". I kind of lose it, demand to talk to supervisor. Talk to Bob ( not his real name ). Nice guy. After going through "are you a moron? questions like is the modem on? plugged in? he says he will "make it right" and talk with the CO, then get back to me. 2 Jan -- nothing from Bob. Call in. Nobody ever heard of any of the previous conversations. Go through litany of problem twice. 3 Jan -- e-mail from Bob. Is Modem on? Plugged into phone line? He calls my house and verifies the moedem on and plugged in. 6 Jan -- Verison Tech support calls home again asking if modem is plugged in. Leave number for me to call. On hold 45 min, no one knows anything about my modem or problem, endure "are you a moron? questioning again. 9Jan -- Verison calls "Is the modem on?" leave number again. I call, on hold 30 minutes, again no record of any previous calls. I totally lose it. Talk with another Tier 2 Supervisor who thinks it might be that my service was accidentally cancelled. If so, it will take 20-30 days to restore. Business Office is closed so can't verify. 10 Jan -- I call Verizon business office. After being on hold for 20 min I am switched to the billing department because, as the snippy clerk informs me, "you had a billing question". She doesn't know where to send me. Transfers me to "operations", they transfer me to somewhere else. Service shows active. e-mail Bob to let him know. 11 Jan -- get call from an different Verizon Rep, says they will "honcho" my case and contact me daily to let me know progress. 13 Jan -- no contact. I call the number the Rep gave me. Get voice mail. 16 Jan -- recieve e-mail from Verison they are "testing the line" and will know something tonight. 18 Jan -- no further contact. I give up hope. Verison also billed me for DSL from July through Jan. Seemed no to believe me when I point out I only had the service since Nov. The Techs seem nice but appear to be unable to help. Everything is blamed on teh "people at the CO".

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 19:34:23 (EST)
ALRIGHT CHECK THIS OUT... I will tell you all about my experience. I signed up for DSL they told me 3 weeks after I signed up that It would be a 2 week wait on the modem. Then I got an email saying there will be a delay. I called them about oh 10 times within a months time going from one deparment to another trying to get to the people who can tell me what the hold up is. Of course then the told me (note after the fact they said "Oh yes your area will support our Platinum service etc etc.) they didn't have my CO Equipment installed for my area. I was like SHEESH! They did this and never even had it actually ready. They went way overboard of course (as they have been) on the customer service. Ya know it is rather nice to hear them say "How can i provide you with excellent service today." But then after 10 calls and trying to find out what the hell is going on. Its like, alright man this is getting to be a bitch! Anyway it is working now and get this. They (by mistake I guess) SENT ME A SECOND! DSL MODEM. Yeah. So I have 2 of them! HEH! I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! They said there was a shortage and they didn't know why they sent me another one - yeah there pretty wacked. I am in the Long Beach, SO CAL AREA. I would have Earthlink but earthlink isn't availabls in my area.

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 19:11:58 (EST)

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 18:46:00 (EST)
I have ADSL and it is the fastest I've ever seen my PC go!! Those who can't get it working should read up on the technology. Right now I understand that it is very hard to get. The reason for that is probably that the whole world wants it due to the fact that it is so damn good!!!! Signed, California DSL Dreaming!!

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 18:38:30 (EST)

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 18:33:30 (EST)
hahah you have no idea what your talking about my friends just now got internet in germany and they pay 1.5cents a min in germany so you don't know what your talking about

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 18:28:35 (EST)
"My god you live in a country that has all this and more i have friends in germany and other places that can't even get the internet so grow up" Well I think you don't know what you're talking about. If any of the above happened in Germany (Where by the way DSL not only exists but also Cable and 128K EuroISDN (which at times is faster than crappy 640/90) the tech would be immediately FIRED and you would get a full FREE year of service. Now if your friends in Germany are GIs ... of course they don't have DSL...

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 18:03:51 (EST)
I work for a local ISP in the Inland Empire, Southern California. I would like to share the inferior service provided by "Verizon" to one of our customers. The customer came to our booth on October 21, 2000 for information on DSL as we offered the 1st month free. The customer signed his contract on November 2nd and the order was placed. After receiving 2 DOR dates, the latest FOC [Firm Order Commitment --yeah, right] date is this Friday, January 19, 2001. The customer is apprehensive, to say the least. Very unhappy, has missed work on 2 separate occassions to wait for the Verizon people to show up (On top of everything else, Verizon is charging him $80 for a "Truck Roll" because they cannot get him up and running without sending someone to the install site). They did NOT contact to inform that the date had been changed, customer had to call us and we in turn had to call Verizon to find out why no one showed up! November 2, 2000 to January 19, 2001. Fast service? You decide. Oh, and when you call in a trouble ticket, technical support, etc. and feel you are not getting help so you ask for a Supervisor... Do not be surprised if you find a dial tone on the other end of the line...

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 17:34:05 (EST)
When I ordered the BA DSL in February 2000, they told me that within a week they would "flip the switch" and send out my equipment (modem, microfilters, software). I ordered the 640/90 service for $49.95/mo. It seemed fairly pleasant and painless. About two weeks later, I received my modem without the microfilters or software. When I called up to mention the microfiters, they told me I didn't need them. Well, what about the software? Another week and several phone calls later I finally received the filters and software. The first time I tried to set up my account, they had an outage, so I lost yet another day. About two weeks later, I experienced my first outage. I waited on hold with tech support for over an hour. They ran me through the standard questions, then finally sent me to the Holy Level 2 Tech Support, where I waited on hold for another hour. After 18 days and twice as many calls, one techie finally figured out what could be causing the problem. Less than 24 hours later I was back up. Apparently my connection at the CO was loose and it took them nearly 3 weeks to diagnose that and reseat the card. Fast forward two months. During that time I experienced several short (1 day or less) outages and more inept tech support. One day, I experienced another outage. This one was short- only 10 days. This time, nobody had an answer. They told me they would come out to my building to check the NID. They never made it. They told me that they would check my connection at the CO. I don't know if they did. The last straw came about 5 months in when I shut off my modem, unplugged it, then replugged it into a new power strip. When I turned it back on, I lost sync. I HAD THE MODEM OFF FOR 10 SECONDS!!!!! Another call to tech support and I was told that there was an outage in my area. Fuming, I hung up, shut off the modem for a few days, called BA and told them to cancel my service, and signed up for Mindspring. I finally got sync back a week later. I was back online and patiently waiting for BA to officially pull the plug. If I went down again I really didn't care. So, in less than 5 months of service, I was up less than 75% of the time. At least they were kind enough to credit me back 6 weeks worth of down time.

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 17:24:59 (EST)
This site must have been set up by a Verizon competitor because I have had absolutely no problems with Verizon service or its customer support. It seems a lot of the commentators below agree with me.

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 16:59:46 (EST)
I live in the mountians of southern Ca it took along time to get dsl up here and we have no cable modems yet but i've had my dsl for over a year and a half and can only count 2 times my dsl has been out even durning the peek times in the summer with all the kids out of school i have had very fast speeds. Now i hear you people crying about dsl i hear people crying about cable but i hear you cry more when your on modem so it sounds to me like your a bunch of cry babys. if you don't like what your getting then change are go back to modems. My god you live in a country that has all this and more i have friends in germany and other places that can't even get the internet so grow up

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 16:43:46 (EST)
Yes, I know its spelled "ethernet".

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 16:34:20 (EST)
Sorry to disagree with all of you, but I find Verizon's service excellent. They shipped freed modem, free ehternet card and free filters with easy to use instructions and software. Had I gone to another provider, I'de be paying for the modem, ehternet card, and way too much monthly for the service. I get all this and the peace of mind knowing my provider won't go belly up a month after spending $100 for a modem.

- Thursday, January 18, 2001 at 16:33:00 (EST)
I've had Verizon dsl for more than a year, since it was bell atlantic. I think I was on the phone ordering it the day they made it available where I live in Washington DC. True, installation was difficult. They didn't inform me that they were shipping the modem to my apartment in advance of the installer, so I missed the delivery, and the installation guy showed up with nothing to install. My second day off work, however, all was in place, and after a couple of hours, it was working extremely well. And so it remained for a month. Then I decided that I hated, and although I feared it would cause problems with my near flawless service, I arranged a switch to Bell Atlantic dsl via one of its partner ISPs, I think there were a few minor hitches, but after the new ISP was up and running, I was back to flawless service. I also found that it was good to get service through a place outside Bell Atlantic, because when minor problems have come up, they'll get after Bell Atlantic to fix things. So I consider myself lucky. I can think of only a couple of times when service went down fact, only rarely is it even slow.

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 21:22:04 (EST)
I've been a Verizon DSL customer since November 1999 (since it was known as GTE down here in Texas). The service has been great (only a few frustrating network outages in that time). Tech support usually answers within 10-15 minutes, and all but one time they've been able to resolve the problem promptly with the one phone call. My Bronze+ service consistantly gives me 768K down and 128K up, and sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, I get over 1000K. Their Security and Abuse department has always been responsive to hack attempts and DoS attacks on my system. The pathetic service I keep hearing about must be an East Coast (old Bell Atlantic) problem. Just solve your problems by moving to Texas.

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 19:21:48 (EST)
My story is the same as the "Marcus" story... Ordered Verizon service, had to get a line installed as it was new service to the address. Tech finishes, says "there is no dial tone, they will have it on by 5 p.m. today". Long story short, after three weeks, I FINALLY got someone at the help desk who must have actually given a damn, because she told me "your service has never been turned on, I can do that now" and she did. Funny thing was, they had ignored me for the three prior weeks, and REFUSED TO REFUND me the pro rated amount for the time I had NO PHONE SERVICE!!! I no longer have a phone line. I sent two letters to Verizon locally (I live in Cambridge MA.)asking them to shut off my service, because they suck, please call me about this! But they never did call or shut off my service, after I finally sent a letter to their New York Headquarters, a rep called, and said, yes, we can shut off your service. And she did. %^%$ Verizon, I use a cell phone only now.

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 19:04:54 (EST)
A little off-topic here, but anyone who blames the support technician for what's going on should try working in technical support for awhile. Seems kind of like the people who treat waiters badly because they don't know what the job is really like. And waiting tables pays a lot more...

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 18:46:13 (EST) I am SO going to cancel my order. Thanks, everyone.

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 17:55:43 (EST)
This one is a bit different... I am not sure how it will all pan out yet. I ordered a DSL line from a company called Winfire, who was advertising a free DSL service. I went with their rpemium service for $20/month. Thinking it was a great dael, I sat back and waited for activation. I wated about 4 or 5 months. Finally, I said, screw these guys - I am going to sign up with Verizon. I did and got an activation date 6 weeks out. The date way Jan 9, 01. My modem came, filter etc. Finally Jan 9 comes around and I fire it up... I follow the instruction and go to the accoutn set up utility. I get an error message saying That the server contains no data, or something like that. SO I try to see if I can get to the web with the sign in password, and I get a screen that says "Thanks for using Winfire, please download our toolbar and sign on to access the web" SO I cal Verizon, she tells me the line is not active yet. SO I say, Why does my modem say it's linked? And what does this screen mean? She has no clue. Then she tells me that she has been told their server is doen. Bull Shit. SO I download the tool-bar, sign on to Winfire and I'm on the net, super fast. Waht I'm not sure about is, who will I be paying for this service? I am using Verizon modem, Verizon software and Winfire is in their somehow on my line.. . And I have to give up some space on the desktop for this toolbar (not a big dela realy, unless they try to charge me!) I will have to let you know next month how this saga turns out...

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 17:52:16 (EST)
We can pronounce the "Amen" to all we have read here. Verizon has the monopoly on local service here. We had had AT&T as our LD provider, but we wanted to have all our services on just one bill. When we started to sicken of AOL, we considered what to do, and the "one bill" concept of dealing with Verizon appealed to us. Boy, were we bamboozled! We contacted Verizon in November for DSL service. It was supposed to be installed on December 26. No dice! We have called 5 times since then. The most recent (Jan 12) excuse is that there was a computer problem in merging large numbers of DSL orders. Now today (Jan 17) I see in the AP Breaking stories link on the Drudge Report a story about a class action suit against Verizon. Who knows what will happen next? Leo & MIchelle Wells San Angelo, TX

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 17:47:15 (EST)
Just to let you know...Called Verizon 3weeks later had dsl up and running..Hmmm Long Beach Ca Sorry to hear about all the bad things happening to people.Sometimes DSL does work and get installed on time...

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 17:05:44 (EST)
I connected my Verizon DSL in August 2000. Like everyone else I waited 6 weeks to be connected. But it was live on the connection day and worked (usually) for about 3 months (to November). But suddenly nothing. I called Tech Support repeatedly and got a different excuse each time. First, it was a wiring thing, then the fact that there were 2 accounts on my #, then yada yada. I finally called Customer Service who basically said it is not our problem, call Tech Support (nice acceptance of responsibility!). I managed to reach a somewhat competent person who determined that somehow I was disconnected (he suggested I must have done it) and that I needed to reorder (of course this took 2 weeks to determine). I did not reorder. Oh yeah, and they were double billing me the whole time. Incompetence is a nice thing to say about this organization

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 17:02:23 (EST)
I no longer have verizon's dsl service but once i found out about this board i had to tell my tale. So, one morning I discovered that Bellatlantic was double billing me for DSL service for the last 6 months. They were charging my credit card and billing my home telephone account as well. After about two months of hour + long phone conversations and numerous promises of refunds and apologies they stopped double billing me. Unfortunately, to accomplish this grand task they "accidentally" disconected my DSL service. This happened about two weeks before the Bellatlantic strike. Three months later they still could not get my service back on. They suggested it would be easier if I just signed up for new service rather than fixing the existing account. How long will that take? About three months. The clock tower was nearing but I gave their techncal support one last chance. During the middle of troubleshooting my dsl modem the tech asks me what my bellatlantic email address so he can email me a troubleshooting guide. I lost it. The next day I called mediaone and had cable modem nine days later. I think I liked when there was just one phone company. There is no accountability in the communication industry. All the merging, buyouts and what not just screw the customer.

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 16:51:57 (EST)
Like most of you, I had the experience from hell in dealing with Verizon. I called and order my service in October, was told that it would be installed on Nov 3. On Nov 3, I got a voice mail message saying that it would be installed on Nov 20. On Nov 26, I still didn't have service. I called Tech Support and they assured me the line was active. It seems that my line was ready but the modem they sent me was defective. So they sent another modem. It too, did not seem to work. Finally after MANY repeated calls (not to mention sitting on hold listening to that AWFUL music for up to 30 minutes at a time) I finally got a tech who solved my problem. There is a design flaw in the ethernet cards they use and the connector does not fit tight enough. After rigging it with a sliver off of a toothpick, it works. Other than that, my service has been great. I will never go back to dialup.

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 16:28:12 (EST)
I lost DSL service in the beginning of Dec. '00 and have yet to resolve the problem. I called customer support/tech support and they told me I had to buy a new Westel modem (3 yrs. ago, Bell Atlantic issued Alcatel modems). I bought it and guess what? Still no service. I called the billing dept to get a refund/credit for the 'downtime' i've been having (2 mos) but the voice response system hung up on me when it tried connecting me to a busy line. After spending approximately 10 hrs. on the phone with customer support and tech support, the woman told me that our account was deactivated back in Aug '00 (but i was being billed and getting service until Dec '00) b/c I owed $10. Verizon never sent a collection notice for the $10. The customer support woman told me that I had to install the new 'setup disk' in order to get DSL service b/c my account was deactivated and that was the only way they could reset my password. In closing, it's been 2 mos. and still no DSL service. I do not completely blame Verizon's employees but rather the damn company itself! Verizon truely deserves to go bankrupt.

- Wednesday, January 17, 2001 at 16:20:17 (EST)
well. my verizon pppoe connection has been solid for almost 6 hours. i guess i can expect my daily disconnect any minute now. what great service verizon provides... oops- better scramble and get my downloads in before the connection drops again! yea verizon! ...bilge... -NYC

- Monday, January 15, 2001 at 17:30:30 (EST)
Hi there, I work for verizon DSL technical support, and all these stories of you guys blaming the technical support is all blah. This isn't the technical supports fault, we are just covering up for the fact that they oversold the service and leave us to clean up their dirty work. We only do what we are told, and we are just trying to make a living just like all of you. So, don't badger the technical support, but instead look at who is actually making the mistakes.

- Saturday, January 13, 2001 at 22:08:33 (EST)
This probably won't get posted, but I just wanted to add a (sort of) rebuttal. Yes, I'm a Verizon employee in Level 1 tech support. Yes, Verizon has problems. But not everyone knows the extent of these problems. 1. Unions: Can't fire employees (they file grievance and get reinstated with back pay). Can't make them do more than bare minimum of work because when its quittin time, its quittin time and they won't stay any longer. And do you really think they're going to do alot of work on the weekend? 2. Old Phone Network: The New England area has some of the oldest cities in the U.S. Obviously, this includes the oldest phone lines. Some of those lines can be 50+ years old. And those big buildings? God knows what may have been done to the interior wiring over the years. That mix of old and new phone equipment can't always handle the load. 3. Verizon is too decentralized: When a local phone tech goes to do some work on a normal line, normally he ends up knocking out the DSL. These guys should know before hand about the DSL and work around. Of course, per #1, union contracts probably say that you can't make an employee go the extra distance to learn how to work DSL as well. 4. Yes, Verizon oversold DSL by about 300%. With all those old lines, equipment, and sometimes unknown distances, not everyone can get connected. 5. Uneducated customers. Yes, there are some customers that know so little about their computers and DSL that they often cause the problem themselves sometimes. 6. The Techs: Yes, when you call, you just might get the tech that just got out of training. But realize, we level 1 techs can't do everything. All we can do is make sure your system is properly configured for the DSL. If it is a line problem, we send it on to the Broadband Dept (the union workers). Otherwise, it may go on to Level 2 (and there are fewer level 2 techs than level 1 techs). 7. Hold Times: Yes, there can be a wait. But what do you expect if you call during the peak times? Call during the middle of the day or early morning. Don't call after you get home from work becaus everyone else is calling then, too. 8. Yes, there are constant problems. When one central office goes down (and this could be due to maintenance, power outage, vandalism, breakage of equipment, etc.), that one CO could affect multiple CO's. That's why whole area codes can go out. In closing, yes, Verizon has problems, lots of problems, but not all of them are necessarily our fault. 80%-90% of our customers have absolutely no problems at all. Its the remaining 10% that have the problems, and some are just plain "cursed." As I said at the start, this probably won't ever get posted, but I just wanted to say what is always on my mind when someone starts complaining to me over the phone about their problematic service.

- Saturday, January 13, 2001 at 05:48:24 (EST)
TO EVERYONE: for a reliable DSL go with EARTHLINK DSL!!!!!!!!!! Verizon sucks so bad that it is not even funny

- Tuesday, January 09, 2001 at 15:56:44 (EST)
i live in nyc and was solicited by verizon about their dsl service often. i decided to order the service in my home last july.i was told it would be six business weeks for my turn on date was early september and when i called the day before the date promised i was told "all was on schedule" . sure enough, the next day my dsl was up and i was thrilled.............until i woke up the following morning to find it no longer worked. when i called, they informed me that i had called two days before to "cancel my dsl". i told the,,"no, why would i want to cancel my dsl the day before installation when i waited six weeks for it to be installed. i told them i had called in order to make sure my line would work the following day not to cancel it! I told them they were mistaken and to turn it back on. The verizon employee aplogetically told me that it would not be possible to "turn it back on" and that they only way to go from there was to order a new dsl and i would have to wait an additional six weeks for a new one to be installed. After screaming, having appoplexy, speaking to supervisor after supervisor, I finally gave up and got a NEW turn on date of six weeks later. Of course, six weeks later, i called to see where my dsl was and they told me they had no record of me ever ordering a dsl. Well you can imagine how insane i went. I explained my saga and went from supervisor to supervisor. Meanwhile, I was receiving BILLS at work (my line is in my home but billed to my business) for this dsl that had never been turned on. I called the Verizon accounting dept. to tell them not to bill me as I still didnt have a dsl line. The following day the phone system at my place of business ceased working. After calling Verizon in a big panic to find out what was wrong, three Verizon employees showed up at my front door to tell me that i had phoned them two days earlier (when i called to inquire about them billing me) and that I had told them to change my whole business phone system from direct out dial to dialing nine for an outside line. I WENT CRAZY> I had called Verizon to inquire about a bill and they instead change my business phone system. MEANWHILE, MY DSL AT HOME WAS STILL NOT UP. AND THEY TOLD ME THAT THEY HAD NO RECORD OF ME ORDERING IT. SO I HAD TO ORDER ANOTHER ONE. IT IS NOW THE FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY AND I STILL HAVE BEEN UNABLE TO GET A RESIDENTIAL DSL LINE. MEANWHILE, EVERY MONTH, I HAVE BEEN PAYING A BILL FOR THIS LINE I DONT HAVE BECAUSE I FEAR THAT IF I DONT PAY OR PHONE THEM ABOUT IT THEY WILL DO SOMETHING ELSE TO MY BUSINESS PHONE. I also have paid my MIS person so far $500 to expedite this dsl installation. And i still cannot get on the internet at home. I am a journalist and wrote a column last month titled DSL or LSD . I also decided as a journalist to call the public affairs director pr dept. at Verizon DSL and speak to him about another article I am writing. It is titled, "IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET A RESIDENTIAL DSL LINE INSTALLED BY VERIZON" I called him and told him that I wanted to do a human interest article about getting a DSL. BLOW BY BLOW. (the magazine that I edit is called PAPER Magazine, a 100,000 circulation arts and entertainment and style monthly. published out of NYC) He seemed enthusiastic until I began telling him my past experience. I told him that I want to work with him to see if it is indeed EVER possible to get a Verizon DSL installed in my home. And why do I receive solicitation from Verizon every month selling me on how fabulous their DSL service is. THE director of public affairs has not called me back all week. But when I called him today he said he would have an answer for me on monday. I am writing this article (check out PAPERs feb. issue for my article LSD/DSL) and also want to get my money back for my employees time spent on this as well as all the bills Ive paid out of fear. Also I feel this must be illegal to solicit in the mail about offering a service that is impossible to get Is there a class action suit that i can join somewhere? email me at if you have any suggestions.

- Friday, January 05, 2001 at 19:11:10 (EST)
I don't think for one minute my very short story will make it to your sitel, but I'll give it a try I ordered Bell Atlantic DSL in early July 1999. Service was promised in two weeks. As expected the service was not installed on time. Strangely enough, three weeks after I placed my order I received a call from a BA tech asking me if my modem was installed and connected. It wasn't, so he gave me a phone number of another tech who walked me through the process and got my service up and running three weeks after I placed my order. The most incredible part of this story is that my service was installed DURING THE STRIKE! I have had absolutely no problems with my service whatsoever and will NEVER go back to dial up. By the way... I worked for BA for 10 years in the NY engineering dept and rcently left for a better opportunity. I have no loe for the company, but on the other hand, I don;t hate them either. They have totally fulfilled my DSL service needs and contine to do so.

- Thursday, January 04, 2001 at 09:52:58 (EST)
Verizon DSL is terrible, can't believe they WRONGFULLY cancelled their promised merger with Northpoint DSL. This would have been the best thing they could have done to buy Northpoint or Covad DSL. Verion DSL is just not cutting it, I have received many cards in the mail saying they have it in our area. We called up five different occasions after being promised by the card Verizon LIED and sent us. Each time after waiting much time on the telephone we find out that Verizon can't provide DSL. An acquaintance received Verizon DSL after much time and promises of set up, finally received it. Guess what you got it, DSL is great with everyone else providing it, Verizon screwed this up and gave my friend a bad tast in his mouth about DSL of which I have at work and others have and are very pleased that is SEEING they and my work isn't using Verizon, but in turn are using Covad and Northpoint DSL. Therefore, after many power outages and email outages with Verizon my acquaintance cancelled Verizon DSL! Terrible everyone else I know with other DSL providers love it and would never cancel or go back to a modem and cable internet optimum online is INSECURE ACCESS and hackers can get all your information, therefore, DSL is the way to go but NOT WITH VERIZON. Also switch your local and long distance calls to AT&T and save $15+ dollars per month and no statement fees like Verizons SMOOOS charge. Call AT&T 1800 222 0400 or 0300 and you can switch your local phone service and internet service and keep your same Telephone Number. Don't become miserable with Verizon they charge more than others and provide much more terrible poor service for the money! for more information!

- Wednesday, January 03, 2001 at 19:15:38 (EST)
When we first got our dsl, it was horrible. the speed was slower than advertisement, and the morons in tech support didnt know why this was the case. they kept escalating my problem. "We'll have to send it to the second tier of support." of course they kept issuing a ticket for our problem. it was never resolved, but i managed to fix it a bit when i ran some tweaks. they said it had to do with our network, but i know damn well, the network wouldn't effect the speed. i have dsl @ home, and it's fine. however i was a little worried since this dsl was running on a novell network @ work.

- Tuesday, January 02, 2001 at 12:05:44 (EST)

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