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Gosh what nice stories. Well at least i do not feel alone now. My nightmare started when verizon bought out Ameritech. I signed a two year contract and received a qualcomm 860 cell phone. Well to make a long story short. These phone were junk. They did not hold a charge, dropped calls, bad reception etc etc. I contacted verizon to see about getting decent phones that worked and was told that they had never had this problem with this particular phone and that i must have just gotten a defective phone. During this time frame my daughter came onto my plan and we shared minutes and had 1 bill coming to my house. Her phone was the same brand and needless to say we had the same problems. I called Verizon many many times and all I requested was for them to give me 2 phones that actually worked and I would continue my contract. Well they were happy to tell me that they would give $100.00 credit on each phone and we would sign a new 2 year contract, but they failed to tell me that I would not get the discounted price that the phone centers have displayed when you go to choose a phone. I would have to pay full price for the phone. This $100 credit was nothing if you would have to pay full price. I know in my dealing with them I have called customer service and been talked to very rudely as many as 20 times. They finally sent me a bill for approx $700.00 for breaking my contract plus a bill owed. I called & complained. Nothing was done. I typed a letter and received a response. During this time I have switched to AT&T and have not had one problem with service or the phone. A few months ago I received a bill for $120.00 and disputed it because I did not feel I should pay them at all. I did not have service & I broke the contract because they would not give me a phone that worked. They turned over to allied interstate in minneapolis mn and they sent me a bill for $240.00 which i disputed but these people are very persistent. Not wanting to deal with this problem any longer we paid it. You probable think this is the end. Wrong. I never recvd another bill from Verizon but got another bill from allied interstate (collection agency) saying that i owed 142.92. Verizon sells these bills to collection companys to collect I later found out. I called them and just wanted to be rid of them. I let them know that I do not believe that I should have to pay this but due to credit reasons I was going to pay on april 12 by phone pay. They went on to say this will not stop collection proceedings we will continue to call you. I said ok I will just hang up. They called my Husband today and he told them she has set up payment for this and she is handling if you need some info. The call ended by John (allied ) saying "you know their are ignorant people in the world and you are one of them" to my husband. I called them back and got the same treatment from someone named shawn. Let me stress one thing. They will play hell getting any money from me now. Verizon needs to be shut down or we need to get a class action against them. From what I have seen on some different web sites they are not very well liked in many different areas. I am not through with Verizon or this collection agency. I will get my just rewards one way or another. PDial

- Tuesday, March 26, 2002 at 18:01:15 (EST)
Opps I mean to sink so low as to spam

- Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 08:23:27 (EST)
Verizon now spams. Can you believe it? Verizon wants to be a internet company yet they sink so so as to spam This is a copy of the spam: From: Verizon Wireless To: XXXXXX Subject: Get 3000 National Night and Weekend Home Airtime Minutes for Life Get 3000 National Night and Weekend Home Airtime Minutes for Life [College_FINAL_2.jpg] CLICK HERE to see what you can do with 3,000 minutes! Introducing America's Choice Sign up on one of our new America's Choice calling plans and get: 3000 national night and weekend home airtime minutes for life on the America's Choice network every month as long as you remain on the same calling plan. 1- or 2- year agreement required on calling plans with $35 monthly access and above. For a limited time only. For details about this exclusive offer, CLICK HERE. [bottomborder.jpg] Subject to Wireless Service Agreement & Calling Plan. Activation fee $30 - $35. Early termination fee up to $175. Requires credit approval. Cannot combine with other offers. Usage rounded to next full minute. Unused allowances lost. Subject to taxes & other charges. See calling plan.. If Nt & Wknd usage exceeds 3000 minute promotion, airtime charges apply. Geographic and other restrictions apply. Not available in all markets. Nt & Wknd hours vary by market. _____________________________________________________ You have received this email because you or someone using your email address agreed to receive special offers from Enterprise Marketing Solutions, Inc. and its marketing partners. If you wish to be excluded from future EMSi offers from this advertiser, please click here to send us an email message. Please do not reply to this message as it was sent from an unattended mailbox. If you would like more information on our privacy policy, please read our privacy statement.

- Sunday, March 24, 2002 at 08:21:22 (EST)
For all of you "caring" Verizon employees, I would actually believe that you are caring if one of you would write back to and help me with this issue. Otherwise, you can talk about how hard you work and how much you care about customers as much as you want...but you obviously don't mean it. UPDATE TO FEBRUARY 22, 2002: It took two weeks for Verizon to email me the "template" to cancel the web hosting services THEY NEVER PROVIDED. I both faxed and emailed the "template." No response except more threatening bills. I contacted the BBB, but they said they don't know how to handle the issue because there are too many Verizon offices. I contacted the VA State Attorney General's Office, but because I have a business they won't help me. Verizon says I need to pay the bill this week or they will screw my credit. Verizon also says that if I pay the bill that they consider the issue resolved and will not cancel the account or negate the bills. If Verizon and the Verizon employees had done anything they were supposed to, I could have kept my website on Verizon. Verizon and the Verizon employees DID NOT LIVE UP TO THEIR END OF THE CONTRACT, therefore the contract is broken...but no, now VERIZON AND VERIZON EMPLOYEES ARE BLACKMAILING ME WITH BAD CREDIT UNLESS I PAY FOR SERVICES VERIZON AND THE VERIZON EMPLOYEES NEVER PROVIDED. FOR ALL OF YOU VERIZON EMPLOYEES WHO KEEP SAYING YOU ARE JUST DOING YOUR JOB - that is what the Nazi's said.

- Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 22:46:16 (EST)
Does anyone living in the Memphis, TN are have problems originating with the Union Ave store since a manager was fired for fixing people's bills because she caught on to Verizon's slamming policies? I have a lawyer that is ready to sue if anyone is interested.

- Tuesday, March 12, 2002 at 14:25:48 (EST)
First I must say much love to all VZ customers out there! By reading these tales of PAIN I can certainly understand your problems, but think about the person on the other end of the telephone. As a customer you are not talking to the same person every time you call and that is unfortunate. With the length of time the problem persists, get a supervisor to talk to on a regular basis. Get their direct telephone number. We all have problems one time or another with customer service. VZ employees are the most sought after in the work place, why??? We are taught to eat s**t, from you the customer. As the customer you call in yelling, screaming and sometimes cursing at the individual at the other end of the phone and 99% of the time that person had NOTHING to do with your original problem. We (or at least I do this) politely empathize and sometime sympathize what you are going thru and get you to the correct department. My office is the dumping ground for most of the complaints in VZ. The advice I have for everyone is to follow the prompts when you call in and most of the time you get into the right department and if you don't please don't take it out on the person that answers the phone, it's not our fault. Please don't ask us not to put you on hold to transfer you to another department, this we have to do so we can make sure your getting to the right department. Plus that request sounds a little ridiculous, dosen't it? Follow these simple rules and your problems will get resolved quicker. GET NAMES! Not just the name of the person that so politely transferred you, but the person that is handling the end result of the call. We do note the account as you are talking so if you forget to write down EVERYONE's name. Be mindful that not every department has access to all the notes in other departments, this is unfortunate but be patient... most of the time the other person will let the other department know what you are calling about before you are brought on the line. NOTE EVERYTHING! If a person is rude, get their supervisors name. We do have a corporate directory and we can see the name of that persons supervisor in most cases. This would also be helpful when you give accommodations for the people that were not rude and did everything in their power to help get you into the correct department. GIVE PRAISE! When someone helps you, be courtouse and THANK them! Every job at Verizon has its stresses, we have bad days too, but a WELL trained VZ employee is to handle your problem with courtesy and promptness. However, in reading most of the responses here, I surely hope you don't talk to the other person on the end of the line like that and we are not acting the same way twords you. If they are rude then they should lose their job! Think about YOUR tone with the person your speaking with, is it rude? Would you expect your problem to be resolved with the way you are speaking? How would you like if someone came into YOUR work place or called YOU on the phone cursing YOU out for something YOU have no control over... wouldn't that be frustrating? Wouldn't YOU lose your cool? The person on the other end would be more willing to help someone that is a little more calm, cool and collected, I'm sure you would do the same. Kindness will get you a lot further then rudeness and cursing. Sounds good doesn't it? Simple quick solutions are what we all look for, right? Be kind! Be curtious! Be understanding! More than likely the other person on the phone will be also. I wish everyone well with all the problems they are having and I hope they are resolved quicker using the tips I have provided. I will be posting this same response in the forum. Please respond and if I can direct you in any way I will try. VZ_MD_CONSULTANT

- Saturday, March 09, 2002 at 09:23:55 (EST)
I have visited a few times, I have finally decided to give my "story" to the site. Call it what you will, but its what I experienced as a Billing Supervisor in the Martinsburg office. I started as just some rep who answered calls. When I first started working there, it wasnt so bad. The call volume wasn't overwhelming and so constant. All the ppl were nice to me, even tho I was just some contractor. Thats one thing about the Martinsburg office, almost ALL of them are contractors working their asses off and in my opinion...not getting paid what they deserve for what they go through. I started there around Feb 2000 and left March 2001, because I decided to move away. I gave the place a 2 wk notice, actually it was more like a month. I was well liked there, so I thought. I was a supervisor by that time. That means I answered questions from reps who didn't understand something, or didn't know what to do in certain situations. I took escalations on the fly as well. MANY a day...aiye aiye aiye. But I got satisfaction from escalations because I helped the customers and eventually fixed their problem or pointed them in the correct direction. Im jumping around here, pardon that. There is just so much I want to say. I think I have been called everything possible by escalated customers, but most of the calls ended nicely and in smiles on both ends. Well I move, to central US, about 14 hours away fom Martinsburg. Before I left I was told by the contracting company OPM ( lets call the contracting company On-Shite ) that I could come back to work there if I decided to come back. I moved on shakey terms, I wasn't sure if I should be going or not, but hell if I didn't try it I would never know. Well I get to my destination and about 3 months later I am completely unhappy due to relationship problems and all that mumbo-jumbo and call the OPM ( Let's call her Office Barbie ) and tell her im coming back and to set up something so I can come back to work at Verizon. She was like ok, I will call ya and let ya know. Well I get no call. So I email her, and finally she emails me back and says Im sorry we cant let you come back there and we have "Brett" looking for something else for you. And thats all I got, no explanation as to why or nothing, I was pissed. I email her back and ask for an explanation as to why. I never got it. So I arrived back in Martinsburg on July 5th. I go up to the Call Center and visit everyone for about 2 hours. It was nice to see all my buds again. I visited with the OPM, 'cuz she is stationed at the actual call center. I asked her wtf was going on, and she says let me see what I can do. I say ok, Im gonna go visit with the team some more. So like an hour later, she still hasnt come to me. So I decide to leave because Im tired of waiting and pissed. She is near the door at the reception desk. She tells me not to give up and she will talk to me at Antietam when we all go to the Fireworks show. Well that time comes, and she doesn't even talk about that, she barely even talks to me. BLAH!#@!# Well finally I go into the On-shite main office in Martinsburg and talk to "Brett" He tells me the reason I can't be rehired is because of some stupid No Rehire policy that I had no idea about. I asked him if I ever signed a paper acknowledging it, he said no. I was so HOT. I asked him then why did she tell me I could back to work there if I moved back. He said she probably didn't think I was coming back. I argued a few more words with him, and then left the office. I was completely red. He said since Verizon has a no rehire policy then they have to follow that policy. I was like shite, boy...if you are following their policies, then why aren't we getting paid like VOL employees? I had NEVER even heard of this. I end up writing a huge ass letter to the On-shite HQ in Maryland. I made sure to mark it ATTN HR. It was also sent certified. I get some call from this lady, Its a shame I dont even remember her name. She basically asks me what happened, and I tell her, just as I said in the letter. She eventually says that Im lying and the OPM denies ever telling me that I could come back to work there and that they would be happy to find me another job. I was like listen lady, if the company you just gave 1 1/2 years of hard, dedicated work to a company that just called you a liar would you want to work for them, I dont think so. I told her to have a hell of a day and hung up the phone. The bad thing is, I still want to work there. All of you are probably wondering why in the hell do I want to torture myself? In my mind, I'm not. That job was the first that I actually loved. I have tried my best to go back to work there. I even told them they wouldn't have to give me my Supervisor position back, and that I would go on the phones. How hard is it to fix someones record to say "leave of absence" instead of "gave month noticed and moved"?? Its not like i just plain out quit. They need ppl so bad, I would always see ads in the paper for the job. So, wtf is wrong with them? I have no idea, why don't ye ask? Ask Myles or Mr. Ivan Seidenberg...or hell Why not ask Onsite? Well I guess Im done. Say what you want. Contact me if you need. Im not crazy, just a person who actually liked their job and was told they could have it if they came back. Just wanna help ppl like most of the ones on this site. Down through the _oasis_, through the tough _shield_ ever wonder who the _boss_ is? Cheers.

- Monday, March 04, 2002 at 13:34:17 (EST)
Oh my god!!! I just received a bill from a debt collection agency in Columbus claiming that I owe Verizon $170.75!!! I never even had Verizon as my phone company as far as I can recall-- but most CERTAINLY never received any such bill for this amount...least of all which I failed to pay!! I always pay my bills on time, ALWAYS. Now I have a debt collection agency after me, determined to ruin my credit report? My GOD!!! I hope to God Verizon is willing to clear this up, but somehow I have little hope.

- Sunday, March 03, 2002 at 15:43:48 (EST)
My company's T3 was down for 24hrs because Verizon didn't have a technician that day to fix the problem, so they has to send on the next day. This is not a DSL. It's a T3

- Friday, February 22, 2002 at 17:50:15 (EST)
i just got fired for reacting "inappropriately" to news that i would be losing my job in 2 weeks bcuz they were closing ANOTHER paging call center! now, i have no job and i'm F*#ked.

- Friday, February 22, 2002 at 11:49:42 (EST)
Dec. 21: Had Verizon phone line installed specifically to get DSL access. Jan 10: Even on this day, the DSL activation date, can't activate DSL account for no reason any of the 12 Verizon representatives I called could explain. Jan 11: Called 20 different numbers, on 20th call told them to cancel all services. 20th representative magically got my account running within 15 minutes. I THOUGHT THIS MUST BE AN ISOLATED CASE, THAT I HAD SLIPPED THROUGH THE CRACKS. WRONG. Thinking lightening never strikes the same place twice in a row, I signed up for Verizon Web Hosting for my business. Jan 18: Still couldn't get Verizon's email administration to work, and my other features in my "web hosting plan" wouldn't work either. Spent the entire day trying to reach someone at the "Outsourced Email Center," but I never spoke with a person - after seven hours and three calls. Jan 21: Finally speak with a rep who sends me a manual to use Intermanager Email Administration - but no passwords or account info. Apparently, the problem is that my "" email address wouldn't work...and yet she managed to email me at that account while I was speaking with her on the telephone. Feb 5: After another three days of phone calls I finally speak with Tia and Isaac, who inform me that I never received my proper account info to use the services. Once again I am told the reason I'm not receiving things is because of the "" email address, but MAGICALLY they managed to email me at that account while I was speaking with them on the telephone. Apparently, the other "problem" was that I was calling the "West" office and not the "East." The PROBLEM was that I dialed the 800 number Verizon sent me in an email, some times it would go to "West" and sometimes to "East." Feb 7: Two days have gone by, and everythings says it is working - BUT IT ISN'T WORKING AT ALL. Emails wouldn't be received at my domain, and none of the other "hosting plan" features worked either. I called and cancelled my service. Some bozo said he was from the "West" office but he would make sure this was all taken care of. Feb 21: I received two identical bills for my web hosting account. I spoke with Cecily who told me it was impossible to cancel services over the phone and there was no record that I had ever called them before. I was told by Cecily that I would have to fill out a "template" to initiate a review to determine whether or not I deserved a refund. Obviously, this is unacceptable. I called my local Verizon Business Center and spoke with Greg who called Verizon Web Hosting and put me on with a "supervisor" named Nate, who apologized for the problems. Nate said all I had to do was email my account cancellation to and he would take care of the matter. BUT EVEN AFTER SIX HOURS IT'S NOT OVER. The emails were returned within minutes. I called the number at the bottom of the emails and spoke with someone who said I couldn't cancel my account with them and had to call the Billing Office. I called the Billing Office and spoke with, yet again, Cecily, who acted "surprised" that I hadn't gotten the email from them yet... Feb 22: I woke up at 3:00 AM because of nightmares about Verizon. I decided that since I couldn't sleep I might as well start investigating what elso I could do. I still haven't received an email "template" from them to cancel my account. I found out that the "West" and "East" offices are both in the same building in Texas, and I am suspecting that there is no such thing as the two different offices and they made it up. I now have my state attorney general's numbers as well as the FTC. If anyone wants to contact me about this, please do so at

- Friday, February 22, 2002 at 05:22:03 (EST)
I sent verizon a letter asking them to terminate my service after the contract expired. rather than do as I asked they shut off my service immediately and billed me an early termination fee. After several phone calls and letters they referred my account to a collection agent. Now my credit is screwed. I'm an attorney looking for others in this situation to bring a class action against them. If you are in a similar situation please e-mail me at

- Wednesday, February 20, 2002 at 15:01:10 (EST)
Oh what a great topic to let off my steam..thank you.Verizon is actually Afni..the same in one there are 3 locations for Afni one in Arizona and two In Illinois that I worked for.Let me tell you something...I hate them..they use to be Sprint..and GTE but now they're Verizon.My God You just don't understand how they are ripping you the consumer off unless you have worked there.And they treat you so badly at their work place I had chest apins to where i thought I was experiencing a heart attack.They hire people for 8.00 an hour instead of paying them the price a real operator would get and take away yet another job from our economy that has good pay. They don't train these people and they treat their employess like shit. They lied about peoples attendance,didn't pay them full checks, fired one woman for going to see her special needs child at the emergency room for christ's sake, told us not to fix bills but sell products...told us to sit there during a tornado..said the siren was a I am retarded...sirens don't go off unless its spotted on the ground for GOD sakes...then they fire you if you hit under 20,000 in sales a week...when they hire they say no selling involved.I lost a postal job interview due to them...and I was treated shitty once again 3 years later seeing one of their ex supervisors at my next employers who mysteriously fired me after she came to my new place of employee , she gets a rise out seeing me grovel for food...she's quite fortunate I realize she has a mental illness among the rest of the verizon higher ups.Oh i forgot to mention they went through my purse when they fired me...and openly smiled when I said why what for?VERIZON any company that hires afni to outsource their workers is shitty and lies to you and charges you crazy amounts to line that guy in bloomingtons pockets so he can buy another sports car. OH AND DID I MENTION I hate them?HAHAHAHAHAHAH hoping some of you big wigs see know who you are...and you cam KISS MY ASS! OH AND "WRITTEN WITHOUT PREDIJUDICE" besides you can't squeeze blood from a have already made half the ex employees homeless or destitude

- Wednesday, February 20, 2002 at 00:47:59 (EST)
I receive a verizon bill - $323 of accumulated DSL charges from three months ago. ($60 "Activation fee" $60 "ISP switch fee" etc.....). Funny too, how this bill so coincidentally arrives just at the time I switch ISP's. What would I have seen if I were to have swithced next summer, or next year? A six-month or a twelve month statement? Lets also not forget the time lost on hold while the Verizon rep transfers your call to the "correct" department,.. and the second and the third call transfers. If it were to make a difference I would charge this company for my time. To say that verizon sucks (they do) is a gross understatement. If they were not a monopoly (as they are here in CA) they would not survive in the real marketplace (like some poor and frail old antelope lost in the desert). Sheilded behind the protective wall of their monopoly status they know they can treat their (captive) "customers" (hostages) like crap. FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY, THIS POOR EXCUSE OF A COMPANY SHOULD BE QUICKLY EXTERMINATED AND ERADICATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH FOREVER! Thank you.

- Tuesday, February 12, 2002 at 22:53:21 (EST)
I used to work for an ISP for about 6 years and I cannot believe the level of support Verizon offers. Forget DSL. I mean lets get serious, DSL is a hack. It was designed with brand new copper in mind. In NY/NJ you are running Data over 100 year old copper and Verizon is not going to run new copper. There is not enough money in it. Go cable, the infrastructire is much newer. But lets talk about serious lines like 56k, T1s, T3s etc.. Conditioned copper: where they try to make sure the copper is good. Where you pay $700 for a circuit. Not with internet access, just the circuit. You figure that for that much money you would get better service. Or at least honest service. Yea right. You have to go out and buy your own test equipment to verify to Verizon that they have a problem because they will constantly blame your equipment. Oh it's your equipment. We had to get a $5000 TBerd to test T1s because we had to catch all the broken lines that Verizon told us functioned properly. Here is a typical problem The circuit goes down You call Verizon to test the circuit 4hrs later you call back and the circuit is still not tested. So you escalate 2 more hrs. The line is tested. They can loop your smarjack and they test good. I tell them. Thats nice.. I don't have a smartjack on my end and I cannot loop the smartjack on the other end. Now they do the test for real. Oh they need to dispatch.. Well It's near 5pm and we cannot dispatch now, we will dispatch tomorrow. So your circuit is down all day and now night. Thats a typical day. Lets not add when they claim they went to a site and couldn't get access, but you were waiting all day. Lets not add when they claim they are going to dispatch and then the next day they decide to test again wasting another 4hrs. I could keep going but my fingers hurt. And the funny part is there is NOTHING you can do about it. What are you going to do? Complain to the FCC? Go to another provider? Yea get a AT&T line or MCI line, guess what Verizon runs the last mile to your office. Why? THEY OWN ALL THE COPPER! They are a monopoly and they know it. Seriouly. If you are in NYC/NJ you are screwed, but if you could find another provider. Take it. Even if it costs you to get them to run fiber to your place it will be worth the money in the long run.

- Monday, February 11, 2002 at 22:47:50 (EST)
Actually after the initial delay in getting the service it has been great. I have been quite happy with it. I am posting this here because I hope a certain Verizon employee might see this or pass it along to the employee who can make a difference. On Nov. 30th 2001 at 7:35 PM my friend was struck and killed while crossing the street just outside of the Lincoln Tunnel in New York City. Whatever vehicle hit him did not stop. Perhaps the driver did not realize what had happened. The Port Authority Police think there may have been a Verizon company car in the area whose driver may have seen the accident. Right now they have no witnesses. Any Verizon employee that has information can call the Port Authority Police investigator Mike Teel at (201) 617-8115 or the New York City Police. My friend had a wife and two year old daughter that loved him very much and many friends that miss him. Please help his family.

- Monday, February 11, 2002 at 00:08:18 (EST)
oh btw, in reference to the overbilling for my three cell phones, the verizon rep's initial calculations indicate I was overcharged by at least $1,000 over the past 10 months.

- Wednesday, February 06, 2002 at 23:08:30 (EST)

I just finished speaking with a verizon wireless billing rep about my cellphone bills. I have three cell phones on my account -- I use one in the car, I lend one to an associate and the other I carry with me. Two of these accounts are four years old, the other one I've had for six years. On a regular basis my bills are over $300/month. However over the past few months my bills have exceeded $500/month. I'm extremely busy and simply attribute larger bills to higher usage on my part -- HOWEVER I learned that, in fact, I've been consistently overcharged SINCE AT LEAST MARCH OF 2001 according to verizon's own billing rep! This is incredible. And the only reason we go back only to March 2001 is because they can't research my bills prior to March 2001 (and as I was informed 'the fcc only requires us to keep information on three billing periods, so we're not even obligated to go back to march, but I'll do that for you anyway even though you should have been checking your bill every month' -- to which my reply was that I trusted verizon to produce an accurate bill - if I had known they'd make errors I would have stopped using their service many years ago. While on the phone with the verizon rep we estimated that I've been overbilled by well over -- just over the past 10 months! The problem is twofold: 1) they've been forgetting to apply my 1,000 and 3,000 nights/weekend minute, for example, with one of my 500 general minute/month plans, they've been applying over half of the 500 minutes to night/weekend calls PLUS charging me for all minutes over the 500 limit; and 2) they've accidentally shifted my per-minute overage charge from $.25/min. to $.40 even though I had never changed my plan -- this happened automatically and changed every month over the past 10 months! anyway CHECK YOUR BILL AND CHECK THE APPLICATION OF YOUR FEE MINUTES! I'm seriously considering cancelling my service after six years, and I'm considering cancelling my office's verizon T1 data and phone lines (I'm assuming i can keep my primary phone number -- just change local service provider.) I'm very disappointed and feel completely taken advantage of. I've never complained about poor service in the past, but I'm curious to hear if anyone else has had similar problems...if so email me at I'm, at a minimum, planning on sending a complaint to Verizon, the FTC and FCC. If the overbilling exceeds $1,000 I'll consider taking futher action.

- Wednesday, February 06, 2002 at 23:05:43 (EST)
Verizon is the most pathetic company and hires cheaters and liars as repair personnels. I have two lines in my home, one for voice and the other for dial-up modem connections. One day, the line went dead for my voice line. So, I called Verizon and asked them what I should do. The rep told me to disconnect all my phones and wait 10 minutes so the line will reset. I did everything as told, but the line was still dead. Obviously confused, the Verizon rep said that she scheduled for a repair personnel to come to my house since she thinks it is the problem of outside wiring. The Verizon repair personnel plugged a regular phone in the outside phone box and said it appears the outside wiring was fine - the phone had dial tone. He said he'll have to go inside and the charge would be $85.00 for each 1/2 hour of repair. Then, I asked him for a written estimate so I would know how much I'm prepared to shell out for this repair. The Verizon personnel REFUSED! I said if it took you 2 hours to find out the problem which is quite possible since it is a three story house, it would cost almost $400! Immediately, I told him that that under federal law, I'm allowed to find an independent inside wiring contractor that will do the whole job for a flat fee of $125.00 if Verizon refuses to issue a written estimate. Then, the cheating Verizon personnel changed his tone and said that I will be charged $85.00 since I refused his service. Again, I said that under federal law as long as he didn't step inside my house, I'm not responsible for any repair bill since Verizon is RESPONSIBLE for maintaining the outside wiring. At which time, the simpleton Verizon personnel placed one foot just inside my door and said, "There, I'm inside your house so pay up." I said you got to be joking! I made it explicit that I considered his action a trespass and will report to the police if he doesn't remove his foot from the door. Then, he had the fortitude to ask me to sign the work order. Why should I sign the work order when he didn't diagnose the problem nor attempt to solve any problems? I'm so upset over the incident that I'm using cable modem so I don't have to use the telephone line for dial-up service. Consequently, I only have 1 working telephone line left which forced me to cancel Verizon service for the 2nd telephone line. Verizon was charging me $50.00 for the 2nd line which was actually the same cost as getting a cable modem line. Then, a month later, I received a bill that charged me $85.00 for inside wire repair when the Verizon personnel never came inside the house. This is fraud! Verizon is so stupid as they were making over $600/year for my 2nd phone line, but they lost the income from that second line just because the simpleton Verizon personnel wanted to charge the stupid $85.00 inside wire repair bill for a job he didn't perform. I would even cancel the main Verizon phone line if I can receive reception from my Voicestream cellular phone from my home. Stupid Verizon company, rude attitude, simpleton Verizon repair personnel, and greedly blood suckers!

- Sunday, February 03, 2002 at 04:21:43 (EST)
I thought my friend was nuts. She called saying "Let's get these guys at Verizon." The story was long an unbelievable. (I love to sue people, but I could not believe her tale of unposted payments followed by a disconnection.) Then MY service got disconnected too, and I started investigating. It seems that they stopped posting my checks a few months ago, but kept cashing them nevertheless. Idiot me, I kept paying the entire balance! This sounds like a rip-off. Is it even possible for a large company to claim mere negligence? Or is it organized fraud? Does it constitute fraud if a large scale payment processing operation is setup to establish a policy of accouting for foreseeable clerical errors in its interest? With more data, perhaps I could prove the existence of a business practice that violates standard accounting methods. I relate this practice to Enron's pracrtice of creating foreign companies capitalized with Enron stock, to attract investors by overstating earnings and capitalization.

- Wednesday, January 30, 2002 at 11:46:10 (EST)
My pathetic tale of woe began a year ago, almost to the day. In late January 2001, I was in Las Vegas Nevada on vacation for 2 weeks. When I returned home, I recieved a bill from Verizon for 350 dollars! GASP! I called them disputing several long distance calls overseas, to Arizona and also a 900 call to some psychic hotline (interesting because I have 900 blocking on my line) totalline about 250 dollars. They said they'd put the charge into dispute and investigate it. Well, I thought this hell was resolved, and for a year it was. Until 2 weeks ago I got a lovely bill from Verizon for 320 dollars, the 250 came back onto my bill. I called them and asked the origin of the 250. They said be kept this charge in dispute for a year and it was never resolved. I gave them proof I was in Vegas during the time of these calls (I call Vegas maybe 4 times a month and thats the extent of my long distance usage) and asked them to put the account back into dispute. They said they would not and that I'd already paid the disputed portion and threw me some mumbo jumbo that when I pay my bill, my money goes to the oldest charge and then gets applied to current charges. I asked why was my money being applied to calls in dispute?!?! THey said they pay the charges and then issue a credit when the dispute is resolved. WHAT!!?!?! So I asked what can I do now to fix this situation. And then they wanted to start talking payment plan. I said look, I pay 150 every month for my phone (I have a lot of optional services, additional lines and such) and I refuse to pay this disputed amount! They said well then miss, your phone will be disconnected tomorrow since you have no intention of paying. I immediately asked to speak to a supervisor at that point who got me on a 3 way call to AT&T my long distance carrier at that time. AT&T said they had no record of any past due charges and that the amount in dispute was credited. The supervisor from Verizon told me then that I paid this amount and that I was still liable for the 250 disputed charge. So because AT*T cannot communicate properly with Verizon, I'm still somehow liable. I then asked AT&T that if I paid these charges, if I could get it credited to me or my Verizon bill. She said she'd issue me a check once I fax a copy of the disputed bill to them. Fax sent. Now waiting on the credit check from AT&T. In the meantime, I called Verizon again and told them that the disputed charge credit is being issued to me from AT&T, a very nice collection of employees put the charge back into dispute for 3 months. Great! I thought the nightmare was over. NOPE. Yesterday I recieved a letter from verizon stating I owed them 306 dollars and if I didnt pay in 2 days from the day I recieved the letter, I'd be cut off. Apparantly they dont see any of this disputed charge and somehow I'm still liable for some punk tapping into my phoneline. More misery to come I will assume.

- Sunday, January 27, 2002 at 04:11:17 (EST)

- Saturday, January 26, 2002 at 23:00:23 (EST)
This story is really too long for here...for more info write to me at Briefly, I was a manager with Verizon. Because I wanted to report a very violent employee to corporate security, my boss, located 70 miles away, said she would have me fired if I did. Well now I have been downsized and my 18 years service is shot down the tubes...all because of an unethical boss Susan) who, for some crazy reason, did not want to report a violent employee. It gets better! This company is as unethical as they for my book! There are many more details including how my boss threatened me to falsify records, lied under oath at a compensation hearing...etc. so write to me....Thomas S.

- Friday, January 25, 2002 at 22:17:20 (EST)
A few years ago I received a bill with an additional $750.00 on it. So I called the wonderful people at Verizon and was informed that it was for a bounced check that I had written ONE FULL YEAR EARLIER! So I went through my records, found nothing, called my bank. Turns out, it bounced once and was redeposited by Verizon's agent (a convenience store that is an authorized Verizon pay center). I sent them a copy of the canceled check and asked them to notate the account because I didn't owe it, but of course every month for the next 4 months my service was shut off for having that $750.00 balance. Then an account rep said I had to sue the convenience store, that it wasn't Verizon's fault. That's when I called my attorney (I have a Pre-paid Legal plan). Within 3 days the whole matter was solved. Bottom line: GET AN ATTORNEY INVOLVED FROM THE START, that's the only thing that these people respect.

- Friday, January 25, 2002 at 10:48:37 (EST)
I love it when i can't get help...Thanks Verizon....yours truly

- Thursday, January 24, 2002 at 01:25:30 (EST)
I have been a Verizon DSL customer since 1998. I was originally on the 7.1Mbps plan since 1998, during the summer of 2001, they suddenly decided that they will no longer offer 7.1Mbps plan to residential customers, and my service was "quitely" downgraded to the 640Kbps plan. After I detected the speed change, I requested to be move into the 1.5Mbps plan, which is the highest residential can get from that point on. After noticing no speed increase for a long time, I called again to upgrade. From May of 2001 to October of 2001, I must have called at least 30 times, every time I was told the speed grade was done but they will try to send the order in again. Finally in November of 2001, I was told that they cannot upgrade me because I was on the old CAP platform (which is a really nice static IP platform). The only choice for me to upgrade my speed was to the DMT platform, which is the STUPID "dial-up" dynamic IP platform. I finally agreed to be switched to the DMT platform, here the horror begins. On December 19th, old static IP modem suddenly lost sync, I plugged in the new dynamic modem that was sent to me, also had no sync. from December 19th to January 19th, I have made a total of 56 calls to Verizon DSL support, none of which solved my problem. On several occasions that sent techs into my apartment, they were able to find sync with their equipment on both my network interface device, and the jack in my apartment. However, I still cannot find sync with both new modems Verizon sent me. (I was sent another new modem because at once the tech support decided that my modem was defective). The biggest problem with Verizon tech support people is that they have limited authority. They cannot communicate with other departments well, therefore, simply action such as executing a network card change with the CO require 3 business days. Sliding a DSL interface card in the CO takes exactly 5 seconds, but it takes Verizon 3 days to do so. Also, another problem is Verizon tech sometimes lies in order to push the responsibility to the customer. They have this "multiple-step" test that they go through with the customer hoping they can blame the problem on the customer. Finally, Verizon tech enjoys treating people like idiots. I have advance degree on computer science and electrical engineering, and they still enjoy treating me like a fool. For example, lying to me about how the DSL technology works and trying to fool me into believing the problem is caused by some equipment that actually does not exist on DSL technology. More ridiculously.. at one time I was told that Verizon's responsibility ends when tech gets sync at the network interface device, and I was to have to pay $200 for a tech to come in to fix my inside wiring. This is absolutely ridicules when my losing DSL service is caused by Verizon switching my DSL platform. Even more ridiculously, at one point I was told that I always had the option to cancel my service. Verizon's tech support is poorly organized with poorly documented knowledge base, poorly trained tech support people, and tech with little power and little communication ability with other abilities. In the night of January 19th, my modem suddenly found sync and connected to the network. I called Verizon, none of the tech knows why this happen. Apparently, the problem "mysteriously" solved itself.

- Sunday, January 20, 2002 at 14:23:41 (EST)
My sister-in-law called Verizon Wireless last December to cancel wireless service after 1 years with Verizon. January this month she still received a bill from Verizon Wireless. She called verizon and told them she have cancel her service in December last year. They said no. She accepted an offer for 3000 free weekend min plan. If she want to cancel now, she have to pay a early cancellation fee. I think this a illegal practice on the big business of Verizon.

- Sunday, January 20, 2002 at 10:58:38 (EST)
I was a Verizon manager on Long Island. A year ago I had a violent employee, let's call him George. This employee was very unstable and committed various acts of violence. He also constructed a dummy to look like a black person and tied it from a noose onto the back of my company vehicle! When I told my boss, let's call her Susan, about these events - and told her I wanted to call security because George was dangerous....Susan told me she would FIRE me if I did! Things got worse. The union tried to set me up with false accusations because I wanted to report George, etc. Then I was involved in an on the job MVA. I was out for 6 months on disability. Prior to that, I filed EEOC charges against Susan because I could get no help from anyone in Verizon and she kept threatening me. At my compensation heraring, Susan lied under oath about my accident (she is located 70 miles away from me and had no idea what happened!). She lied because I filed EEOC charges and she wanted to retaliate. On Dec. 18, 2000, I was due back at work. I had a meeting with Susan's boss, let's call him Ken. He put me on Paid Adminsitrative leave while they allegedly investigated the incidents of violence, etc. I was out for 10 months. On October 25 Ken called to tell me I was being downsized. THIS WAS RETALIATION because I wanted to uphold the ethical practices the company preaches. After 18 years with this company, I am now unemployeed and the unethical people are still there. Want to know more? Email me at Thomas Sarcc

- Saturday, January 19, 2002 at 15:19:39 (EST)
Actually, the taxes are percent based, but they are set by the Federal gov't (Federal tax is 3% of regulated charges), the local tax is set by your city (if you live in VA) or by the county in all other states, they also set the 911 rate as well. The state also collects other charges. The bills have now been designed to show what are fees from us as compared to "taxes, surcharges, and other fees"...with the exception being of course the late charge. I agree with my co-worker below on her comments about the working environment. Also, if you consider Verizon has MILLIONS of customers all over the United States and you take the people on this site that have problems, this is a relatively small group of people. To use a comparison of an unnamed Verizon Pathetic administrator, if 999,999 customers have no problems and 1 does, then Verizon has .0001% of all cusotmers with problems. Now I will grant you that this percentage is most likely higher than that in reality, I am not nieve(sp??). I do believe in treating my customers with the dignity and respect that I would deserve from them as their customer in their line of work. I also realize that sometimes one bad apple can spoil the bunch, but please do not lable all Verizon employees as pathetic wastes of space (I think that was a comment from someone on one of the bulletins if I remember correctly). I do admit that sometimes the company has its priorities in the wrong place, but the customer still HAS to come first. Please utulize the methods of getting your complaints heard that are mention herewithin...a firm (but nice) voice will be heard, I assure you of that. Thanks for listening.

- Tuesday, January 15, 2002 at 22:52:36 (EST)
This is a comment back to the guy and any others who claim they do not get good customer service from Verizon (formerly Bell Atlantic). I am a CSR (for residential home service) and it is a job requirement to be polite, understanding & do everything inside & (even outside) of our power to help the customers. We are monitored constantly inside as well as outside the company for politeness, customer care, and we have certain things we are required to say by law! As far as complaining about the taxes...the majority of them are surcharges that we do not have any control over. It is NOT based on a percentage. The surcharges and taxes are regulated by the Federal and State Corporation Commissions (we were broken up by the FCC in 1984---remember?) We have to pay the taxes, too. Verizon is a great company to work for---excellent pay, training (I was in training for 5 months before I started taking calls).We do have a stressful job (as dealing with the public is difficult) but we all work as a team and help each other solve customer problems. I don't know anywhere else you could skip paying off your bill for several months and not have your service disconnected...Try doing that with the cable company, electric company and anyplace else. Verizon billing department will work with people who have thousands of dollars in unpaid bills mostly due to overuse of long distance charges to help them keep their service on. 90% of our customers who leave to go to a competitor eventually come back because they learn that "quality is more important than quantity" and that outstanding customer service cannot be found like it can at Verizon.

- Tuesday, January 15, 2002 at 19:14:17 (EST)
This is about the cellular side of Verizon. I am an employee of Verizon Wireless Messaging, (and I will not even get started on the hell the put me through daily) and I bought a phone through the employee phone program they offered us. It was a great deal at the time. Well, I have had my cell phone about 2 mos and realized that I have not received one bill. I called customer service and they told me they could not help me bcuz I was an employee. So I tried emailing the phone program to explain that I would like to pay my bill, but I need the copies of my bill mailed to me. I have sent that same email 4 times and never got a response. My husband, who also works for Verizon is doing the same thing bcuz he has not rcvd his bills either. Well, today we find that our phones are disconnected for non-payment. We tried to call the CEO's office to complain and they told me they could not help me bcuz I am an employee. I am still a paying customer, but I do not deserve help bcuz I am an employee. So now I have decided, I never received a bill, so I will not pay it, and I will go to a different service provider since Verizon is too incompetent to service people. How pathetic is that?!?

- Tuesday, January 08, 2002 at 17:04:36 (EST)
11/19/01 11am - Lost phone service 11/19/01 2pm - Reported loss of service and was given the run-around. Female told me to check our "phone box" and all jacks which I did. Told her there was not a problem on my end. She disputed it, was rude and I hung up. 11/19/01 5pm - Called again to report problem. Was told by Mrs. Costello that there had been a teen boy in a township 25 MILES from our home that set a connection box on fire & service would be restored by 11pm on 11/20/01 11/21/01 12am - Called and reported service was still not working. Spoke to supervisor (Jackie) who told me that service would be restored by 11/23/01. She continued to report blatant lie that service was disrupted by fire set by teen boy. Told her our local paper reported on 11/22/01 that Verizon employees during construction had knocked out service when installing phone poles broke an underground cable at Jacksonville Rd. & Potter St. She denied it. I told her I had the article in my hand & it quoted Verizon spokesman Lee Gierczynski (as quoted in Daily Intelligencer - News In Brief 11/22/01 paper). 11/23/01 3pm - Called to report still no service. Spoke with Alice (Pittsburgh office)who forwarded our calls to our other phone line. She had no eta of when service would be restored. 11/23/01 11pm - Spoke with Mike Reba (supervisor) & told him the call forwarding was not working & that calls were going to an unknown pager. Mike said he would fix that. Note: He didn't. Mike also said that the eta on the repairs to the lines were now 11/26/01 & suggested I call billing office to have adjustment made to bill for disruption because as he stated "No service after 24 hours is uncalled for". He also stated that the disruption was due to the fire set by youth. Told him I had newspaper article disputing the lie perpetuated by Verizon. He asked for article to be faxed to him, which I complied with. 11/26/01 - Still NO SERVICE - A full week later! 11/27/01 - Still NO SERVICE - 8 days after reporting problem!! Also, still getting run-around from anyone I spoke with at Verizon. 11/27/01 2pm - Called PUC and submitted complaint. They checked with Verizon, called me back and said that Verizon said I had service. Told PUC that was a direct lie and that service had not been restored. They said they would follow-up on problem. 11/28/01 - Receiving calls for someone that we never heard of. Explained phone problem & gentleman said he was worried about his mother as she lived alone and obviously her phone lines were crossed with ours and she could not make calls out in case of emergency. 11/28/01 5pm - Todd Christianson called and said that apparently some lines were still crossed while repairs were made to the cable. Foreman on job told him that by 5pm on 11/29/01 full service would be restored. 11/28/01 8:25pm - Todd called back & said foreman told him our service was restored. I told him it was not restored & that we were receiving calls on our phone line for another person. Apparently lines still crossed. Foreman denied problem to Todd. I then had Todd dial our line & he received a computer voice mail box. When he called me back on our other phone line, told him that I didn't have voice mail on my computer and the lines were obviously still crossed. 11/29/01 PUC called back & said Verizon had "Bumped Priority" & told Verizon to have service restored a.s.a.p. They were not falling for any more mistated facts from Verizon. Finally! Someone would make progress 10 days after we lost service!! 11/29/01 - 10am Verizon repairman appeared at our door to test the line - still not working & he appeared upset. Told me that what Verizon had told me numerous times about the repairs were not true. Verizon had told me that they had people working 24/7 to get the service restored. I disputed what the foreman had told the service center and said that whenever I drove by the site, no one was there before 8am nor after 4pm. Foreman disputed this and said perhaps it was because they were at other sites "following the line trail". Repairman told me that they did not work any day after 4pm nor on Thanksgiving day (as foreman had stated)nor over the weekend (as foreman had stated). I wasn't surprised by the lack of professionalism on Verizons foremans part. It was obvious Verizon didn't care if they made the mistake, they were not going to pay anyone to stay longer than a normal day. Heaven forbid they would actually open their pockets and pay educated/unionized employees to do the job instead of the morons they were obviously using. Repairman left to follow my phone line and promised he would get it working by the end of the day. Meantime a woman (Kathleen) from Verizon called and told me my line was repaired. I told her it wasn't and she said "then how did I reach you?" I told her my calls were forwarded to my other line. Geesh, don't they even look at their computer screen before they make themselves look stupid?!?! She became loud and rude and I told her that I expected my phone to be working before the year 2002. She told me she would credit me with $39.61 for the loss of service. I audibly laughed and told her that Melissa Iannone from the billing department had already called & told us that they would credit us for the full month (131.95). She was NOT happy with what I told her and told me to hold on. She came back on line and said "yes, I see the credit on your account." And I said "maybe next time before you become loud and rude, you should pull up the customers account and don't act like you are doing me a favor by crediting me with $35.00 for all the grief Verizon caused our home and many others in the area." We then ended the call. 11/29/01 5pm - Repairman called me to see if line was working. I told him no, but thanked him for being the only person from Verizon that seemed to care and tried to assist me with the problem. He told me that by the next day we would have service hopefully. 11/30/01 2pm - Still no service and at this point we gave up even trying to get anyone at Verizon to admit that they dropped the ball 11 days before. 12/01/01 11am - Finally, phone service! Although we were hesitant to believe that it would actually be working constant, but it did. 12 days it took Verizon to repair a problem caused by their own workers. Good thing that their spokesman spoke to a reporter from local newspaper and told what had happened, otherwise the customers affected would have fallen for the Verizon lie about the teen boy that set a phone connection box on fire 25 miles away from us. It may well have happened, but no way would it have affected the area we live in. In conclusion, we are in the process of switching all our phone lines (4 in our home) and our cell phones (5) from Verizon to another service. Verizon showed their true colors with the lies that the foreman and their repair service representatives perpetuated continually throughout the 12 days that the problem continued. We have also spoken with numerous family and friends who will also be switching from Verizon. We are sorry if this affects any of the decent employees of Verizon, but until they decide to pay union trained employee's, their service will continue to disin Verizon was disingenuous to their customers and dishonest. Most of their representatives that I spoke with were obviously prey to desensitization that obviously Verizon trains their employees with. Of at least 12 of their employees I spoke with only 2 were human in their responses. Shame on Verizon! Their customers are what put the jingle in managements pockets and hopefully soon that jingle will be doused by their customers. ADDITIONAL NOTE: 3 days after service was finally fixed we received a call from Verizon about a "special promotion/deal" on a home DSL line. I laughed outloud and said "No thanks! I have a cable modem and there would be not a chance in hell I would use anything Verizon was selling." Can you believe their nerve? Good riddance Verizon. I will watch your stocks plunge with glee. I would like to thank the very decent repairman who came to my home on 11/29/01 and tried his hardest to get me service and also gave me the URL for this site to report my dissatisfaction with Verizon's sub-par service, repair service call center and most employees I spoke with.

- Tuesday, January 08, 2002 at 10:11:49 (EST)
We called Keri from verizon for information about purchasing two phones. We explained to her that we would like to try two phones but if we felt we did not need two phones could we cancel one of the phones. she said "absolutely". Our first problem came about when everyone we called and everyone that called us was long distance. (They gave us new phone numbers. They said they gave us the wrong numbers for our area.) The second thing we received a letter in the mail saying we received a bad credit report and they could not give us service. They said they made a mistake. The third problem came about when we tried to cancel the second phone. They said we had a contract and they could not and would not do anything about it. I said if we could not do anything about canceling the phone then for the next 11 months I would spread the news about the poor service and discusting customer service I received. On the very first bill we received we were billed $143. when it should have been no more than $70.00. They adjusted the mistake and it is only $107.00. I am discusted and I feel so helpless. I hope people read this and the many complaints this company has received and they do not use them.

- Friday, December 21, 2001 at 12:08:50 (EST)
This is a copy of a letter I jest mailed to below recipients: December 17th, 2001 To: Charles R. Lee - Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Verizon Communications Ivan Seidenberg - President and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Verizon Communications Michael T. Masin - Vice Chairman and President, Verizon Communications Lawrence T. Babbio, Jr. - Vice Chairman and President, Verizon Communications Mary Beth Bardin - Executive Vice President-Public Affairs, Verizon Communications Katherine J. Harless - President-Information Services, Verizon Communications Paul Lacouture - President-Network Services Group, Verizon Communications Dennis F. Strigl - Executive Vice President, Verizon Communications; President and Chief Executive Officer, Verizon Wireless Thomas J. Tauke - Senior Vice President-Public Policy & External Affairs, Verizon Communications CC: Better Business Bureau, The American Council on Consumer Interests, U.S. Office of Consumer Affairs From: Joel A Chappell Subject: Verizon Online DSL service, Verizon Local Service, and Verizon Customer Practices. Dear Verizon, My Wife and I have been a Verizon Customer for 6 to 7 Years. In fact originally, I was a Nynex Mobile phone owner. Nynex was then purchased by Bell Atlantic and then most recently your merger to Bell Atlantic caused us to be Verizon customers. This complaint however, is not about my Mobile Phone nor, is it in regards to my Local calling plan. However, it may in fact be so indirectly. In March of 2000, I joined Bell Atlantic’s E-mail list in hopes of being informed of when Bell Atlantic DSL service would be coming to my area. In August the merger occurred and then I received a call from a very polite individual offering me the DSL service. I immediately jumped on board. The next day Verizon went on strike. My go live date came and went and after repeated calls and long hold times I was informed that due to the strike my go live date had been postponed because there was nobody available to put the cap on at the “CO” (more about this “CO” later). What could I do? You folks were “it” at the time. I had no recourse but to bide my time and wait. Eventually, somebody came back to work at the “CO” and I got synchronized. After a few very helpful tech-support calls I was up and running and a very Happy Verizon customer again. I had only one incident that was no fault of yours as there was a fire underneath our main cable trunk. This past November my Landlord offered my wife and I the much larger apartment (As we are expecting our first child.) not 1 and ½ feet away from our door. (I mention the distance to reinforce the absurdity of this story.) As the apartment was going through some extensive renovations we decided to hold off calling to switch until the week before December 1st. My wife called our local Verizon service provider for the local phone system to inform them of the move so we would have phone service. She told them that we needed both our phone and DSL service moved as well as our Call waiting and Caller-ID service. The representative said that all services will move automatically but that we should perhaps call Verizon DSL to make sure (Apparently they are different companies?) After my Wife waited 15 minutes on hold with Verizon DSL she was informed that we would have to disconnect or cancel our service and then renew when we got to our new number “But our number is not changing” my wife said. “No matter you still have to cancel and the process will take 10 days to cancel it and you cannot start a new account until your old one is cancelled.” What does all that mean you ask? Well, that’s what I wanted to know. At 2:30 in the afternoon I called Verizon DSL services. I was greeted unemotionally and quite rudely by an uncaring individual. I explained my quandary as I do some business from home and really could not afford to lose internet for more than let’s say 72 hours. “Nope this is the way DSL is.” Ok, I though. This is a simple fix. “What if” I said, “we get a Verizon technician with the fancy red phone on his hip to come out and just swap the lines in the basement since both apartments are in the same building? Technically that’s just a Jack relocation right?” with an impatient sigh I got this answer “You will have to call your local phone company and inquire with them for that answer sir.” “But my Local phone service is Verizon isn’t that the same?” I was informed no.. So at 3:00 I called Verizon Local and gave my story of woe. When I got to my quick fix idea I got a very resounding “No! You cannot do that!” When I asked why, I was informed that if I called 911, the police would go to the wrong door. Looking outside my windows I could see the baskets that had our address of A, B, and C, rubbed off and/or faded. “The door is a foot and a half away and if I called 911 I would be sure to put the light on for them or they would figure it out. Besides we could theoretically have the landlord move the baskets for the address since my letter would make more sense on this apartment anyway.” “Nope you cannot do that unless you get DSL to authorize us to do that.” (Verizon DSL has more power over local telephone?) I wanted to speak to a supervisor and after 20 minutes of hold I was introduced to a very polite woman who was a supervisor. She echoed the same story and I asked why the switch if all is performed at the “CO” could not be performed at the same time? She had no answer. Then I asked if Verizon sends the Tech to perform the wire change and/or “swap” why then is the paperwork not filed correctly for this supposed address issue fro “911”? Again she had no answer. So, at 4:30 I get back on the phone to Verizon DSL. After being on hold for 30 minutes I was hung up on. I did not even get a chance to talk to anyone I was just quite simply dropped. I hit redial and after yet another 20 minutes on hold I get a person who seemed rather polite but I’m sure was put off by this statement that I made. “Hi, my name is Joel Chappell 603-673-9795, I used to work in Phone Customer Service center for a software company so I know how much you are going to hate me when I quite simply tell you I need to talk to a supervisor.” After we both laughed about this she asked me to tell her why and I gave my story of woe again. I explained that I had been what I consider a loyal customer by getting local phone mobile phone and my internet from one company and that I wanted to know why moving one foot six inches is such a difficult task. As a current Network administrator this just seems ludicrous to me. She of course had no answer so she told me that she would get me to a supervisor. After being on hold for 15 minutes, I get the rudest most arrogant supervisor I had ever talked to. It was quite apparent that he could not get me off the phone quick enough. “Nope can’t do that you have to cancel your service and you could have no service for up to 30 days after the 10 day wait period to start a new account.” 40 Days?!?! This was the worst news yet! I must admit I got a little vulgar and emotional because I was just so frustrated how nobody wanted to see this from my side. I was hung up on. After drinking a bottle of Sam Adams to calm my nerves I decided that at 5:15 I would get on the phone again and call Verizon DSL Tech-support thinking that maybe I could get someone to explain to me why I would have to cancel my service, lose all my e-mail aliases and go through the headache of giving friends, family, and work contacts, a new e-mail alias. While I was waiting on hold listening to your music I was trying to use my knowledge as Network Administrator and think of logical reasons like: Is it a Mac address issue? If that’s the case, get someone to remap it I thought. I do that at work on UNIX all the time. It was at this time I figured something out that you really need to know. Verizon DSL Tech-Support people are great people. They are knowledgeable and very empathetic. They make your Customer Care center look like the biggest jerks in the world. This Woman felt it was ridiculous but said unfortunately there was nothing she could do. I thanked her for listening to me spout off and being very polite in listening. I asked to be transferred to cancellations I had had it. Again on hold for 15 minutes. Jamal answers. (I finally smartened up and wrote down a name.) I told Jamal I was very upset and apologized in advance as it was now 6:30 and I had been on the phone with various Verizon departments since 2:30 (4 hours) that afternoon. I again told him my story. Jamal’s job of course is to get me to rethink canceling my Verizon service. It was Obvious after looking up my account that he could not use my contract as a binding agreement since it had expired this past august and since I paid $199 dollars to you guys for the modem Jamal had to see if he could use his higher powers and see if he could get what I needed to be done. Unfortunately, since my phone was being switched the next day he did not want to make any promises. However, he felt he could get this all fixed and switched without the e-mail headache. What? I Did not ask this question but does it not seem odd that I needed to threaten to cancel my service completely to get this done? I had been on the phone for 4 and a half hours and I had to threaten cancellation of all my services in order for someone to make a customer happy again? Tell me in what other business is that done? Unfortunately my local office was closed so there was concern that we might not be able to catch the work order to make sure all was set. Jamal Called me the next day at work and conference called me in with Donna and I was informed that they did not know if the switch had occurred yet. (There’s organization and tracking for you.) I was instructed to go home and if the switch had already occurred I would have to wait. I left work early and the switch indeed had been carried out from the central office. I called and left a message with Jamal and told him the news. Then low and behold a Verizon tech is knocking on the door (Complete with fancy red phone on hip) He has no Idea why he is there and I told him the same after he told me that they do not deal with DSL only phone. I gave him my story and he made some calls when his pager goes of his foreman needed him to call him back. He calls his foreman and apparently after telling the foreman the story he told the rep to tell me to fight it with the business office. Jamal calls me and gives me bad news. They have to cancel my service but my e-mail should be the same, and then have a new work order done to switch the service and it could be a week. That was 2 weeks ago. I still have no DSL. Meanwhile I get Verizon literature in the mail about being a valued customer and registering to win a 52 inch TV by going to a web site… How? I have no internet… This whole experience has been infuriating to say the least. I feel like that as a valued customer I am being penalized for being a current customer. Why do I feel that way you ask? Unbeknownst to me, my Father called up a week before and ordered DSL from Verizon. He was sent his modem overnight and his service was hooked up and running in less than 3 days. Why can’t I get the same service as a current subscriber to move next-door 1 foot 6 inches in the same building? It is doubly infuriating because after making a few calls to your competitors they informed me that I could have service from them in less than week. How is that possible when they are going to use the same phone line? Further, when they are going to use your central office location? I received a message from Jamal on my answering machine that I should have service by Thursday the 20th but possibly earlier on Monday the 17th. I am however concerned because since my move, my phone has a lot of line noise and I’m sure that could not help my DSL connection. I really would like for Verizon to seriously look into this issue. I know you wont however because your company is so big and I’m sure it will not go past the first line of defense and will be put in the circular file or square depending on which Rubbermaid waste basket you have. I noticed on your website that you have a complaint department. You Know what complaint departments are for in the corporate world don’t you? Complaint departments are designed by middle management to shield upper management thus saving middle managements jobs. It’s an endless circle that could be thoroughly prevented if middle management had used the resources they created for the complaint department to research and prevent why they needed to create the complaint department in the first place. Again, another vicious circle is created. After this entire experience with your company I would like you to know this. Since my wife and I are expecting our first child and I have been a Verizon mobile phone customer for over 6 years and my last contract has expired. I was considering getting a second phone for my wife. Maybe I should cancel Verizon Mobile even though they have been flawless in my service and get 2 phones with one of your competitors. In addition, I have since learned that local service now has a competitor. And if Verizon DSL cannot get me up and running maybe another competitor will get my business. I had steered many a friend and business acquaintance to Verizon’s many services based on my previous experiences before this last experience. A month with no service and service that I had to threaten to cancel to get has left a very sour taste in this consumer’s mouth. The reality is this prior to this past experience I had no beef with Verizon service. I was very understanding during the Strike that happened while I was first getting “online” with DSL service. I do not want free internet service or compensation for whatever blunder that has happened on your part as a result of this ridiculous circumstance. I just want my DSL service that I have already been paying for and for someone to realize how futile it has seemed for this past 3 weeks to get a simple concept down pat within your company. Not just “customer service” but just plain and simple “service”… That’s all… Nothing else… Very respectfully yours, Joel A Chappell

- Tuesday, December 18, 2001 at 10:56:57 (EST)
From slashdot: Verizon's Solution to Terrorism: Eliminate Verizon Competitors Posted by michael on Saturday December 15, @12:26PM from the rim-shot dept. The New York Times has an article about Verizon lobbying for rate increases and to remove all requirements that Verizon provide telecom services to competitors, claiming that being a large, sluggish monopoly is somehow advantageous in responding to disasters, although Verizon hasn't managed to restore phone and data service in large areas of Manhattan yet. In a related story, an association of small ISPs has surveyed its members and come to the revelation that the Bells are stifling competition. Here is a survey on how Verizon is hurting ISPs and hurting you as the consumer. Here is a NYT article on how they want to stop competition.

- Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 01:40:34 (EST)
(Pathetic tale of woe continued) There were torrential rains all day, so we had to sit in the car in the driveway every time we wanted to call Verizon (or anyone else) on the cell phone. Our cell phone service only includes 50 minutes per month before we have to pay an expensive per minute charge, so the minutes on hold, talking to morons, going through the phone mazes, etc. are adding up. The next day (Saturday) we began calling again. It is about a week before Christmas & we have plans to make with relatives and others. Everyone thinks we have dropped off the face of the earth. When the call our old #, they get nothing but the sound of a ringing telephone. Back to the idiots (I mean staff) at Verizon. We spoke to about 4 of them One of them hung up on us, the rest were merely useless, running up our cell phone bill while trying to find a way to pin this problem on OUR NEGLIANCE. They kept insisting that we moved. I think we would know if we were moving, but they insisted that the information they had was that we moved. It was our word against theirs, so of course, they must be right!!! Finally one of them insisted that we moved to 7 Edward Street in Lumberton, NJ. I got out a map & DROVE to that address. The bewildered residents had just moved in, and could not seem to get their phone hooked up. OUR telephone number (which we had for 25 years) had been switched to the house they moved out of (Thus the long ringing sounds our friends were experiencing). They had no phone in their new residence yet. Back home in the driveway I called Verizon again, adding to my rapidly escalating bill. I happily told them that I had solved the mystery, but they were not impressed. They said that a work order had been issued, and that was what they had to follow. They totally ignored the fact that the 2 aggrieved parties could testify that the work order was wrong. It’s quite obvious that some moron at Verizon filled in the order wrong, but now we all have to suffer until the business office opens on Monday (of course there is no guarrantee that’s going to fix it) In the meantime, I’m sure the simpleton responsible for all of this is blissfully using HIS PHONE. I agree with a previous posting: Verizon Sucks.

- Saturday, December 15, 2001 at 20:48:37 (EST)
Our pathetic tale of woe began 4 days ago. We tried to use our home phone & discovered the line dead. We contacted verizon the next morning & we told that it would be fixed before 7:oo pm (ha-ha). Needless to say, nothing happened. We tried again, using our cell phone. We can't get cell phone reception in the house, so we have to stand outside on the front lawn for most of these (MANY) conversations.Then my husaband was told that the repairman would come the next day between 8:00 am & 7:00 pm (an 11 hr time span), so my hauband had to lose a workday for this. The repair guy finally came. He was totally clueless & of no help at all. Also, his raggedy old truck BROKE DOWN in front of our house & the phone repair guy had NO PHONE! He had to borrow our cell phone to call Verizon.

- Saturday, December 15, 2001 at 20:11:35 (EST)
Well, at second weekend, phone had problem to call in and out every 10 minutes.. since it was the friend meeting weekend time and We live in Los Angeles where every one have to drive and contact via mobile, if we can meet on time or where is the best to meet in bad traffic. I would have to listen to a guy voice, your call cannot go through...people who called me heard like that to. my friend who we had appointment with me and using Verizon, had no problem..When I went back to store to return phone, lucky me I bought from the store that give 30 days phone cost 80 $ return since I don't do any rebate yet. They said if you use regular plan ; not prepaid, you will have no problem, verizon has the best network...I said this is not fair, since they never advertise that prepaid may not work sometime, so how can I trust verizon, and I don' t want to deal with their customer service anymore. the worst experience I ever had where every single one, not nice at all. Then I am using Cingular now and sign contract with them, it seem really fine, if I key Sprint Suck, link come No.1 Verizon Suck No.2 , Cingular suck come very little bit. There is no show in AT&T suck, but I had bad experience they overcharge on home phone.. I will put that Only in America in G8 countries, that the infrastructure is all suck!

- Tuesday, December 11, 2001 at 23:07:07 (EST)

- Monday, December 10, 2001 at 14:56:20 (EST)
first week after using Verizon mobile. The service doesn't work on weekend, but I never known since it still show all level of signal, I found that I can't be call in and call out. I can call customer service, hhe said they having problem and probably had it before, it will solve SOON, few more hours , she said it will solve in couple hours, next hour he said We IMPROVING technical, Then I said You lie, and all your people lie to 'say couple hours' 7 hours since I KNEW it happen, the other he said, It happen all in California. Next morning, other he asked me what state you live in, before said it happen nationwide, Why the heck he asked me about state then? 2 mores hours, well on Sunday, which I suppose to use free minutes, other she admit , This is the second time since I work in a year to have nationwide problem, So how many time is big state like California problem. Every customer service had bad acting, make annoying voice, like I only can say apologize, it is technical problem, I can't do anything else ( you should stop barking to me) , since they probably got hundread calls of this complain, NEVER USE VERIZON , and they make you signed up a year, What's a scam! I am lucky I just use prepaid, so I will go soon.

- Monday, December 10, 2001 at 02:41:07 (EST)
This story really does have a happy ending! Dec 18, 1997, I call Verizon (then Bell Atlantic) to hook up service to my new home. Dec 21, move in, phone works. Dec 22, phone doesn't work. I called Customer Dis-Service and explained that I had just moved in and started service. Phone worked yesterday, why not today? Was told that there must be a problem at my house. Since this was a newly built house, I accepted their explanation and asked that a tech be dispactched. He came the next day and the service was reconnected. Dec 26, return from out-of-town Christmas trip to discover my phone was disconnected again. Another tech was dispatched. He said there was no problem on the line, but the disconnect order from the man who had my line previously (Hwang Kim Nguyen) was somehow still active. In other words, though Mr. Nguyen had requested a disconnect, and his service was disconnected at HIS old address, the disconnect order hadn't been closed out. That means some customer dis-service in-duh-vidual could still disconnect the order, never mind that it had been assigned to a new customer. Dec 31, came home from work and phone was disconnected again. Called Customer Dis-Service again and was asked, "are you Hwang Kim Nguyen?" Now, I don't mean to insult any Asian people reading this, but I'm a white female with a strong southern accent. I told the rep, "Do I sound like my name is Hwang Kim Nguyen?" She started laughing but stopped when I asked her "Why the hell are you laughing?" That's what I like, customer service laughing at a customer...anyway, I explained for the third time the problem, she said she would fix it. Happily, the third time was the charm and service has continued uninterrupted. Better yet, I wrote their customer service department and detailed all the problems and attached a copy of my cell phone bill, stating that the calls on it would never have been made if they hadn't kept messing with my service and I expected a refund of those charges...and they credited my next bill! So you see, folks, it really does work to complain!

- Wednesday, December 05, 2001 at 08:13:44 (EST)

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