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I have had my share of both wireless and landline nightmares. I am VERY disapointed in my current Verizon DSL service and intend to switch to cable as soon as my 'contract' is up. But try this hypothetical... Lets say I mow lawns for a living. I will mow my customers lawn for a fee of $25/incident and we will assume that will be twenty times per year. That would run $500/year. I then ask the client to sign or verbally agree to a 'contract' to service their lawn for that year, stipulating that should they cancel that 'contract' at any time during the contract period, they will be billed a $150 'early termination fee'. WARNING!!! If I am doing my job and mowing their lawn to their satisfaction...WHY would I be concerned that they would terminate the contract? But to follow this hypothetical....I fail to perform the job I contracted to a satisfactory degree. Sure the lawn is mowed but so are the daffodills, and I never specified that I would mow 'as necessary' so occasionally the grass gets pretty high before being cut resulting in damage to the lawn (which I am not responsible for!) This results in the client firing me after a few miserable months on the job. Whereupon I will hit the client with a bill for 'work' performed PLUS the $150 early termination fee. I will then send bill after bill and occasionally call for collection, (after all this is easier than pushing a lawnmower!) and eventually turn the matter over to a collection agency so that I can see at least a small percentage of what I never worked for. NOW, some cell companies justify the 'termination fee' as payment for the 'free' phone they 'gave' you. But lets face it, cell phones are a dime a dozen, real cheap to say the least! I ask you....If I were your lawn guy, how long do you think I'd be in business, let alone out of jail? Of course if dimes were dollars maybe I could afford a harem of corrupt lawyers to construct the perfect trap! These days I have a pre-pay cell contracts! Slightly more per minute but less than the "Cell Sharks" charge after their BS fees. And if I am dissatisfied I simply don't buy anymore minutes.

- Wednesday, October 30, 2002 at 02:58:32 (EST)
I have Verizon Wireless service in Dallas for the past 5 months in the second month I changed my calling plan in August somehow their (Verizon) system messed with my account and my bill was not 39.99 but some 343 Dollars!!! I call up the customer service they say a sorry to me credit my account but I need to pay the tax which would be refunded in the next billing cycle. Me being an optimist paid the tax got the refund in September billing everything fine right WRONG!!! I am in my October billing cycle someone from Verizon Wireless Financial services call to my land line and say that my account is showing a balance of some 150 bucks and odd, I again explain the whole story to the guy who called me he again apologizes for the inconvinience and takes the hold off my account. 15 days pass by smoothly again in 3 days i cant use my cellphone cause when i dial a number i get a message "Your call is intercepted by Verizon Wireless please contact our Financial Services Department" for the same hold mentioned above. I talk to the finance guys they remove the hold 3 times in 3 days but some how still the hold is not being removed and as of today when I am submitting this story October 24 I still cant use my cell phone... Is there any way this could be solved legally ??

- Friday, October 25, 2002 at 05:40:21 (EDT)
Verizon 15 day guarantee is BOGUS! I bought a verizon wireless phone and it didn't work in my house (Boulder CO). I had already set up my credit card for autopay (not sure if this is a blessing or not since I can dispute the charges). They said I could return it to the store (I bought on the net). Store said "no -- you have to ship it". So I shipped the phone back 10 days later, Verizon received it 2 days after that. The next month I was billed $106.17, the following month, $166 for "early termination minus a half month service credit". I called once to get the account cancelled -- no problem, no charges. Wait 1 month and you'll be refunded. So then they added $166 to my bill! Called a second time, and was told no problem, we'll fix it. 1 week later, called a third time, was told that they couldn't authorize the refund -- call local Denver rep. Denver rep said no problem, I'll submit it, but I'm going on vacation. 1 week later, no refund! The fifth rep said he would take care of it - $241 in credit had been approved but not issued to the credit card because they forgot to issue it there. 2 months later I'm still out $272... More interesting was that the phone was received by Verizon on August 28th. They didn't process it until after the 15 day period on September 3rd. And then on September 9th there were phone calls made from their call center on the phone! That they wanted to charge me for!!! And then Verizon wanted $30 for 6 days of phone calls. Absurd!

- Tuesday, October 22, 2002 at 15:14:35 (EDT)
I had gotten Verison wireless service and everything seemed to be going along OK, then I added my girlfriend on the plan, and all hell broke loose. I started getting rediculous charges on my phone bill which was approx. 6 pages long and neither my girlfriend or I could figure it out. Every month we had to call for an explaination of the bill, and every month there were charges that were supposed to be taken off....then next month, we were charged a penalty for not paying those charges they were supposed to be taken off. Then there was the internet service that we didn't know we had that we all of a sudden had to pay for. After calling, they said they had given it to us for 3 month free, and since we didn't cancel it, now we had to pay for it. Our phone bills should have been about $80 per month for the service which includes any appropriate state and local taxes. Every month they were over $150 and we never had any roming charges or had gone over our hourly limit. We then called to cancel our service because we couldn't get anything resolved and they were just ripping us off, but then they said we had to pay $175 penalty for each phone because of the contract. We told them we wouldn't have cancelled the service contract if they would be honest in what they charge. After numerous agencies trying to collect the month, now Verison has ruined our credit can a company with such a bad history as far as overchareging its customers get away with ruining someone's credit...????? Does anyone have any suggestions how we can ruin their credit!!!!!

- Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 20:17:06 (EDT)
Although based in Upstate NY, I work for a Canadian company and travel throughout the US and Canada, so I got the international calling plan that includes calling to and use from Canada. In order to get this interantional plan I had to buy a newer phone for $200 and sign a one year contract. The service in Canada is even worse than in NY, with calls being dropped and incoming calls going directly to voice mail. After many calls to customer service I was told that I 1) needed to update the roaming software by dialing *228 when in Canada, 2) Should always use the follow-me roaming *18 when in Canada, and 3) was given an 800 number so I could call on a land line when the cell phone was NOT working so the tech could trouble shoot the connection. Well, guess what? Neither *228 nor *18 work in Montreal, and the 800 number cannot be called from outside of the US. When I got back to NY I was told that I needed to call from Canada when the phone is not working fo them to do any trouble shooting, but they didn't know how I could reach them if the 800 numbers don't work and the cell phone service is out. I finally got a non-800 number that I could call, tried it and gave up after being on hold for over 10 minutes. Last week I again called a customer service rep with similar problems this time when in NY, and to report I was getting an error message when using the *18 follow me roaming code. The rep put me on hold to 'place a test call' and I never heard from her again. I called back in and the new rep read the reoprt on the computer that said 'put customer on hold, made test call, he didn't answer, everything working properly'. Rep #2 couldn't see anything wrong with that report, told me *18 is not being used anymore, adn dropped calls are because I am physically moving into non-service areas (not true; they drop while showing a five bar signal and standing in place). He was going to have a technician check the network connection. After 10 minutes on hold the line went dead. Customer service rep #3 knew what she was doing and actually seemed to care about getting the problem resolved. She told me there was a switch problem in my home zone and when it was expected to be fixed. The previous reps either didn't know, didn't ask, or were trying to hide the network problem. I understand temporary hardware problems and appreciated getting a straight answer that made sense. She also had a technician reset the network connections for my cell phone, and called me on my landline to make sure everything was working, as well as offering an apology discount for run around by reps 1 and 2. Oh, and she explained *18 is still being used and recommended for faster conections when roaming. She was 'Terry' out of Rochester, NY. Professional and competent, she would be a credit to any customer service group. It is unfortunate that she can't do anything to improve the network performance of the system. My contract is up this week; does anyone have suggestions on alternate carriers that have Canadian calling plans and service in Upstate (non-metro areas) NY? Best regards,

- Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 14:00:14 (EDT)
I'm sorry but I don't think much of the employees either, I cannot tell you how many times I had a tech onsite only to leave because his shift was over and we needed to get another tech in. Didn't matter that the circuit was not working. His shift was over and if he didn't leave he was "going to contact the Union". Now this is not some $199/month DSL kiddo. Or I have lots of fun that I have a circuit go between 2 states and the repair centers of the 2 different states just wont talk to each other. They see fine in their network, it must be the other guy. Sorry, You must not be a Union guy but the union guys have that place so messed up the non-union guys can't get anything done. Verizon is too big with to many union guys and should be broken up

- Monday, October 14, 2002 at 16:25:03 (EDT)
I had been a Verizon customer for about 4 years when I had a billing issue, which was resolved the same day that I was informed about it, unfortunately for me they had already disconnected my extra services for a couple hours. When I took care of the issue, they hooked me back up. Much to my chagrin about a half year later I recieved a nearly 1000 dollar phone bill. Of course I was outraged to find out that a year earlier, when they reconnected my service they never informed me that I would have to reapply for any special long distance plans myself. I don't normally make long distance calls that often, so seeing a bill of 20 bucks long distance I didn't think anything of it. But there was a family emergency which of course meant alot of time on the phone. When I called Verizon to complain, they simply said it's the customers responsibility to ensure they're on the long distance calling plan of their choice. The real kicker about this is that they never actually told me any of my services were disconnected at all, and since I had resolved my problem the same day I had no way of knowing. So I disconnected long distance plan. The next day, I got a call from a reseller asking me to come back. I told him about the problem I just had, and the resellers reply was along the lines of "holy crap I can't believe they'd do that to you. have you called the BBB of sued them yet?" Anyway, I'm still trying to fix the financial mess I was left in after taking care of that phone bill. Collin @ WA State

- Monday, October 14, 2002 at 10:46:42 (EDT)
I got residential (landline) service with Verizon in March of 2000. At the time I was told that they were offering a "package," which was unlimited local calling plus 3 optional services for one flat rate, permanently. This was not a special introductory offer, I would never be charged for any of these services. Last month, I just received a letter from Verizon telling me that, "they made a mistake," and "since it was their error they would not charge me for all the months they under billed me." That's patent crap if ever I heard it. Unfortunately, since there was no contract for the services and rates they offered when I had the service turned on I have no way of proving it. The letter I received was a copy of a form letter, not a signed original. I can't believe Verizon made that many "mistakes" and can still afford to stay in business! What I think is that they need to cut the fat and some hotshot executive realized that all the customers who took advantage of this offer are, obviously, paying less than customers who didn't get this offer and pay for the services individually. Since there is no written contract the customers have NO WAY of PROVING what Verizon's original offer was. I just got off the phone with a Verizon customer service rep. and he told me, oh, this is a mistake, you've been WAY underpaying for phone service, trust me, I've got these rates memorized, and Verizon, being the kind compassionate company that it is, isn't going to charge you for ALL THOSE MONTHS you were WAY UNDERCHARGED! HA, Bologna! I know a salesman/sales pitch when I hear it. He went into a prewritten song and dance if ever I heard one. When he realized I wasn't going to admit that Poppa Verizon was being kind to me for not charging me for services they had told me they would never charge for, he turned cold and business-like. Verizon, the company that needs to learn how to kiss you while they screw you.

- Monday, October 07, 2002 at 10:13:50 (EDT)
Our current Verizon Wireless bill contains over $166 in erroneous charges. Our plan calls for 250 free mobile-to-mobile minutes plus 550 prime minutes shared between 2 phones. Our current bill shows 166 minutes of mobile-to-mobile, but all of them were charged against our 550 minute limit rather than the 250 minutes allowed for this. In addition, only 451 minutes of calls were credited under our plan rather than the 550 minutes paid for. We complained to Verizon and they re-rated the bill. But in doing so they made additional errors. For example - they are only giving credit for 127 mobile-to-mobile minutes rather than the 166 minutes listed on their own account records! To make a long story short - they are willing to credit only $98 for the errors made rather than the $166 due. So I get to pay $68 for their billing errors. As a result of this, I rescinded permission, via their web site, to auto-bill my credit card. But 2 days later they went ahead and did this anyway FOR THE FULL AMOUNT with no credit of any kind. I complained again and am awaiting resolution. I contacted the bank and contested the charge. I will dump Verizon after this is over.

- Friday, October 04, 2002 at 14:06:49 (EDT)
I gave verizon wireless a $200 security deposit in June 2001. I called them in May 2002 to find out how they refund it - they say there is not a security deposit on account - been trying for 5 months to resolve this - have shown proof of my payment. This is more than ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! Because I changed my phone number in November 2001, I had to sign up for another full year - next month the year is up and according to them I have no security deposit. I have called them many times and hung out on "HOLD" listening to how "your problem is our problem" and all that CRAP - for at least 30 minutes. I have spoken with so many different people and I have faxed copies 5 times to people. When I ask for a supervisor, there is NEVER one available - maybe that is why the customer service reps are so bad - nobody is supervising them. Regardless of whether or not I can resolve this problem, I will be able to cancel my service with them next month. I am sending a formal complaint to the Attorney General's Office here in Maryland who can handle this for me I hope. In the meantime, in order to keep my service on, I continue to pay my monthly bill - while they still have my $200 - which they have to pay back with interest. If I have any phone, it will either be a prepaid phone or a very low prices plan that I only use for extreme emergencies. I hardly use it anymore anyway so this option will work for me. This is not the first problem I had with them - the reason I had to give them the $200 security deposit in the first place is because they shut off my service due to a huge bill of over $800 for long distance charges. This was due to their employees explaining to me that the long distance was absolutely and totally free on weekends for the first 3 months of the plan. I actually questioned it in detail - I asked if they meant that if I made weekend long distance calls there would not be any additional charge "whatsoever" and they said that was correct. Being skeptical I even called 3 more times to ask how my plan worked and they clearly said "no charge at all". I was making monthly payments while the account was being hotly debated with their office - not customer service - and finally I had to agree to 1/2 credit for the charges. Then, I asked them for another 30 days to pay the balance and they said no, it had to be paid in full within 15 days or the phone would be shut off. I told them I could pay it all in 30 days for sure, but not 15 days. So, they shut the phone off. Then, I would either have to pay $175 early termination fee or $200 security deposit - I chose the security deposit because at least I was going to be getting something for my money and after all, it would be refunded in a year. I moved and had to change my phone number - which increased my contract by 4 months from when it was turned back on. So here I am and after 5 months of calls, letters, faxes - they still insist I did not pay a security deposit - isn't that what a canceled check proves? So, I ask them to tell me this - "What DID you do with this $200 that I have clearly proven I paid you?" Nobody knows. They expect me to wait until they can figure it out. I want my money and they can worry about how they misapplied it later. I have proven they cashed my check. I do accounting for a living, so I know how this works. Nothing short of STUPIDITY by Verizon Wireless.

- Thursday, October 03, 2002 at 16:25:05 (EDT)
We had originally signed up for GTE Wireless, then I get a notice that Verizon is now my wireless phone service. Aug 2000 was the official switch. In November I was billed $160.33!! ( 73.89 mo) Upset I called Verizon and they told me I was being billed for 2 months, well what could I say. When my husband changed jobs, we did not need the phone as much as we did so we went to a representative at the mall to change plans. The only person working there was busy studying for a Physics test. I thought she was supposed to be getting paid to be a representative for Verizon not studying for a test. We asked a couple of questions about different plans and all she did was sigh and tell us it couldn't be done. We were upset and left the store and signed up for Cingular phone service. So I called July 14, 2001 to discontinue service with Verizon. I received a partial bill for Aug and called again and was under the assumption that it was taken care of. Sept. bill was received total bill $73.78 which was our old plan. What happened I called to discontinue service before. My husband called this time and finally by Oct bill was $23.72 (lowest plan I could get without breaking 2 yr contract). I had tried to discontinue service and found out that my husband would have to call because it was in his name. So if that was the problem why did they take so long to tell me.

- Tuesday, October 01, 2002 at 20:27:51 (EDT)
The Radio Shack store, here in Bedford,Indiana had a promotion, for Verizon Wireless and a free Nokia phone. I signed up, on 02/05/02 and had my service discontinued, on 04/05/02. I told the store manager, Mr. Versey, that I take Klonopin, for seizures, Wellbutrin, for depression, and that he would have to explain to me "everything" that I needed to know about my phone, service contract, and billing. I found out, he doesn't care much for persons, with disabilities. He didn't tell me, there are timers I could bring up on screen, to keep track of the minutes use, during the billing period ending at the 17th, of each month. My father gave me that info, after I got my March bill, for $115.00. That's when I called, Verizon Wireless, to stop service, and told them why. I turned, the phone, in at Radio Shack, when Mr. Versey was there, to get a receipt, to prove he got the phone back. Since then, my account has been turned over, to Alliance One Inc., to try to collect, a balance of $866.00 . OUTRAGEOUS! Edward Stotts, Bedford,IN 47421

- Monday, September 30, 2002 at 18:47:55 (EDT)
I Called Verizon on Saturday September 28, 2002 because I had no dial tone. Verizon customer service tested the line over the phone and determined there was a problem. WOW, glad they figured that out!!! So anyway, she tells me "we'll have someone out there on wednesday, October 2nd"! Why should I have to go 5 days with no telephone because of their faulty equipment? It doesn't seem fair, but I have no choice, they're the only service provider in my area.

- Sunday, September 29, 2002 at 22:29:33 (EDT)
i'll make mine short and sweet. i have had to deal with a woman at verizon named amy lloyd. she is a mess and has made my experience with verizon a catastrophe. has anybody ever dealt with her. she is in the detroit, michigan office. ron

- Friday, September 27, 2002 at 17:17:36 (EDT)
I know that most of the posts are about this Verizon bell atlantic thingy. However, I've had problems with Verizon Wireless...and think others should know my troubles with they don't join up. Hope you don't mind! This didn't happen to me, but to my fiancee, and it really shows you that Verizon Wireless sucks! First of all...that "can you hear me now?" commercial is the stupidest ever. No, I can't freakin hear you, because Verizon service sucks. On the 16th day, after the 15 day trial period, the tower Verizon used for my fiancee's service area was taken down. So, of course, he had fairly decent service the whole trial period, but then was stuck with a piece of junk, that does NOT get ANY service in the specific area he needed. And of course the Verizon employee stressed the fact that there was a tower right outside the little podunk town he lives in, and did not let on to the fact that it was coming down. Yes, I understand, maybe he wasn't told...but if he was...poop on him! You don't offer a service you can't provide, and then stick your customers with a contract for a year or more. Then, he was charged 70-some odd dollars for a normal $35 bill this past month. He doesn't get itemized statements (no...those are $1.99 each---but yet at cingular, they're free), and pays his bill at the store. The employees said they could send one itemized statement to his house. They were able to let him know that he went 85 min. over his time limit...which is impossible...he NEVER goes over. However, they said they would be able to print him out a statement he could look at in the store, only they weren't hooked up with that service yet. (Well why string a person on and give them hope you morons!) They also let us in on the fact that we could go to and he could view his monthly bill there. However, his bill was due the day we were at the store, and we did not have time to go get online, and make it back to the store in time. So, he said he'd go ahead and pay the bill. After he did so, the employee told him to make sure and check it out at the website, and then he could lodge a dispute with customer service if he did not find out a valid reason for being over in time. Well, we got home, and guess what?...verizonwireless won't let you see a bill once you've paid it. That service "is not yet available". So what the f#*%? Anyways, he finally received his itemized bill...and guess why he's over on his time limit? They counted his minutes for a month and a half, instead of for a month. (July 7th to August 20th) Verizon Wireless has now moved to a system where you are paying for your bills a month in advance. Well...ok, I can see that....but you still don't charge customers for a month and half of service, when they sign a contract to pay by the month, and get so many minutes per MONTH. Not month and a half. The employee said he should have gotten a notice. However, we went thru all his old bills, and the most recent ones, along with all the little junky inserts and return envelopes, because my fiancee keeps everything. Guess what, no notice...not even on the bill that charged him for a month and a half this past time. Yet, Verizon still refuses to give him a refund. VERIZON EATS POOP! Thank God I use US Cellular. I'll never use Verizon, as never will my fiancee after the contract is up, I intend on letting everyone I know that Verizon sucks, and is not worthy of service from them. Misty

- Monday, September 23, 2002 at 23:51:32 (EDT)
Wow...I have to say that on hand it's comforting to see that I'm not the only one who has gone through hell with these guys. On the other, it's a bit disturbing! Anyway, I ordered Verizon's DSL service and was told that I could expect it to be operational within a matter of two weeks. After a month, I call back to ask them what's going on and they tell me that they have no record of my order! So I try it again, and when I get the software, it starts crashing my system!! When I talk to the tech about it, he tells me that there have been "problems" with the software, and that for some people this happens. Why the hell do you release it if it still has bugs in it?!? Needless to say I am no longer attempting to go through them...especially after seeing this site. Sheesh!

- Sunday, September 22, 2002 at 00:38:13 (EDT)
My letter to the VP of Verizon Wireless after being called an "asshole" by one of their finest Customer Service Reps. Feel free to email the VP at Mr. McAdam- Never in my life have I been so upset and frustrated as to file a complaint with anybody...but I'm at that point now. I've been trying to close my account, as I've experienced an incredibly high number of unauthorized calls made from and to my number during the past six months. Due to this, my bill have jumped from an average of $70 a month to over $350 a month recently. I've called several times to resolve this, but generally, I simply get shuffled around and spend 85 percent of the time on hold. Although I've been a loyal Verizon Wireless customer for 1.5 years, I made the decision to cancel my service due to this problem. I've met my 1 year service contract. I called last week to cancel my service. I spoke with Jennifer who informed me that I could not do that without incurring a $175 termination fee. She told me that when I moved from California to Virginia, I began a new service contract. I told her that I had called a few months to change my billing address and the CS operator asked me if I'd like to switch to a local VA phone number, which I later did. At no time did I agree to anything else, nor was this disclosed to me. She finally told me that she might backdate my plan and charge me $1700 to cancel my service. Throughout the course of a one hour conversation, Jennifer called me dumb, stupid, asshole, and was generally very sarcastic and rude...and eventually hung up on me. Now I'm stuck with several hundred dollars in charges and very bad taste in my mouth regarding Verizon Wireless. I generally keep these situations in perspective, but after the most rude and mean customer service experience of my life with Jennifer, I'm prepared to take further legal action...I realize people threaten that all the time, but I'm frankly at my breaking point here. After several emails to the "Executive Offices" I've consistently been blown off and am seeking some direction. What's going on over there? Please advise and thank you for your attention to this matter.

- Friday, September 06, 2002 at 10:50:37 (EDT)
If anyone out there is a victim of Identity Theft due to a cellphone company stealing there information please contact or if youre an attorney who wants to stick it to these criminals please contact me

- Thursday, September 05, 2002 at 22:52:36 (EDT)
In January of 2002 Verizon Superpages sales person, Mr. Joseph Tillman (now in the Staten Island office) contacted regarding advertising. I was not interested and declined. What he was attempting to sell me were 'links' on the web site. I told him I do not need nor want this service as my company has an Internet presence and having a link on the Verizon web site would not be of benefit to me. He persisted and I again declined. He then offered me a 6-month trial, after which he would contact me again and give me the option of purchasing this advertising. He had a third party come onto the line and verify my name, business name, address and role in the company, and that was the last I had heard of him. In June I called Mr. Tillman and left several messages on his voicemail stating I was not interested in the Superpages service. He returned none of those calls. I wanted to make sure he did not start billing me for any advertising, which is exactly what happened. In August of 2002, my phone bill had an additional charge of $542.00. I called customer service (877 972-4554) and spoke with Marlena Garcia on August 19th, 2002. She said Mr. Tillman sold me advertising and had third party verification and there was nothing she could do. I then asked to speak with Mr. Tillman. At first he didn't remember my name or our conversation so I explained to him what we had discussed in January. He now not only seemed to remember what he had said to me word for word, but also claims to have had a completely different story. He says he told me that I signed up for advertising but there was a 6-month grace period before the billing started. I again told him this was not our original conversation. He told me there was nothing he could do and then went so far as to suggest that I didn't understand what I was buying. I told him that what he had told me six months ago and what he was telling me now, were two different stories. I told him I would contact the Better Business Bureau as I had done in the past when I had more than 5 months of interrupted Verizon phone service and I would give the Better Business Bureau his name as well as the names of other Verizon employees I spoke with. At this point he started yelling at me and said, "It's not a good idea to threaten me". I explained I wasn't threatening him but I do question the way he conducts business. I don't believe he heard any of this as he yelled at me for the next minute or so. I called back the 877 972-4554 number and then asked to speak with a manager. I was then connected with a customer service representative, Ms. Roberta McFarland in the MA office. She told me that my record showed that I agreed to buy advertising and that Verizon had a third party verification. I explained to her that Mr. Tillman misrepresented himself to me. I also asked her that why, if I had supposedly purchased advertising, I didn't get a contract to sign, any welcome packages in the mail, nor any other additional information one receives when they purchase a substantial amount of advertising. She could not answer my questions and just reiterated the third party verification. I have left several messages with Mr. Tillman's supervisors, including a Ms. Terry O'Brian, and have still not had this resolved. I spoke with Roberta McFarland again and explained that the third party only verified contact information, not any type of sales whatsoever. I also asked her the name of this third party company and tried to get its contact information so I could contact them as well. She told me that the company name was AFNI but could not provide me with their phone number or even tell me what state they operated out of. I told her that I found it very odd that Verizon puts so much faith into a company whose phone number and address they could not even verify. Since day one I have had poor service with Verizon. When I had this account opened it took 5 and a half months for my phone to work properly. I will most likely be canceling this telephone account because of this second incident. The quality of customer service I have received is by far the worst I have ever experienced with any company that I have ever done business with. As a small business, my company has lost clients because of the trouble I have had with Verizon's phone service and I would not recommend Verizon to anyone at all at this point. I have since filed a second complaint with the Better Business Bureau (Complaint #: 788051) regarding this matter as none of the "managers" or "supervisors" I have spoken with seem to have any authority whatsoever. Mr. L. Iannillo

- Tuesday, September 03, 2002 at 07:45:12 (EDT)
I visited a Verizon Store located on Route 1 in Laurel MD on 8/30/02 about 6:30pm. I went there to purchase another phone and change my plan. The girl who greeted me took my name and told me there would be a 20 - 25 minute wait for a salesperson. Well, after the wait approached the hour mark, I inquired once again about how long of a wait there would be. She told me I was next. At that time, the salesperson was helping people that got there before me. When the salesperson finished up with them, he proceeded to help someone else who arrived way after I did. I got pissed! I went back to the girl and said hey, you told me I was next! She told me that oh those people are only making payments on their account. I told her thats a bunch of crap! I've been waiting for friggin hour! I want some help right now! She told me that and I quote "Well you will just have to wait until they are done" I said screw that and left!! I cant believe how anyone can stay in business treating customers like that! Not a single employee there showed any concern of what happenned. As a matter of fact, they got a good laugh out of it!

- Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 00:35:08 (EDT)
years ago, when Verizon was still GTE, I switched from regular phone service to ISDN. For reasons that escape me, GTE insisted on closing the old account, and opening up a new one with new numbers. Now, over 4 years later, I receive a nasty letter from a collection service, insinuating that I didn't pay my phone bill 4 years ago! Heres what happened: GTE closes account and sends me the closing bill. I pay the closing bill. GTE receives some additional AT&T long distance charges and never bills me for them. I never receive any requests for payment, despite the fact that I have not moved, just changed my service from POTS to ISAN. GTE adds on interest and penalties. 4 years later, they apparently suddenly realize I owe them money. Now, during this entire time, I've continuosly been a GTE/Verizon customer, and continously resided at the same address -- AND THEY COULDN'T FIND ME?!? I'm still waiting for them to ruin ny credit rating over this; it hasn't showed up yet. I would LOVE for them to take me to court over this so I can point out just out incompetent their billing office is!

- Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 19:44:23 (EDT)
Bell Atlantic/Verizon is hands down the worst company I have ever dealt with. #2 I'd have to say is Dell Computer. I have hated Verizon for as far back as I can remember to my first time dealing with them. First off, it took them 3 months to activate phone service to us when we moved into a prior residence. We called repeatedly. All they do all the time is give you the "runaround" and transfer you from one person to the next, etc, etc. No one person can help you. It's like there's no centralized corporate database containing any information that can be accessed at all. On top of that, 9/10 people you talk to on the phone can hardly speak properly with their degenerate ethnic lingo. They're so incredibly incapable, they immediately put you on hold and transfer your call to another line which plays that rediculous on-hold music for an hour and then drops your call! So you start all over again! Every time I've moved and discontinued service, they've continued billing me for months afterwards. In a few instances they've only showed my old phone number and account on their records and not the new one they issued me!! They were telling me "there's no record of that, etc..." and I'm telling them "I'm calling you idiots from that line." Also, any time I needed to have services activated or deleted or switched, I have had to stay home from work for the whole day. They give you like an 8 hour window. What the hell is that shit? Antiquated and aggrivating. It's only on your time, ALL THE TIME! These above listed problems have recurred numerous make that EVERY TIME I changed residences or added/subtracted products and services. In response to those Verizon employees who wrote in, I really think the remedy to these problems lie in proper corporate policy, management, and human resources. Updating your appearance out of the 1960's would probably help too. Your powerless job's processes have to be completely aimless. It must be like working at the DMV or some federally run institution; doing one thing at one line, then going to another line for something else, etc. Mindless. I mean, just look at the local Bell Atlantic/Verizon buildings they have in the local towns. It's a concrete box that has little or no windows and looks like a federal institution or prison from the 1960's. I think of Verizon almost as a federal entity; extremely antiquated. And if someone complains, who really cares to listen anyways? They're the only game in town and they know it. The name "Verizon" was explained by the company on their website when it was newly formed. It's a combination of Veritas meaning "truth" and Horizon, "signaling endless possibilities ahead". How annoying is that? The coolest thing is that when I moved a few minutes out of the area last year when I bought a house, Verizon wasn't the local telephone company anymore! It changed to Frontier Communications. They rock and they're literate, quick to fix a problem (if there EVER is one!), and I'm seldom on hold! Hopefully it will continue this way. Their site is listed below:

- Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 17:32:02 (EDT)
Here is my verizon story. Not as gruesome as some, but sadly typical. More fuel for the fire. It begins with overbilling: a $15.95 charge added to my cell phone bill every month and labelled "unlimited nights and unlimited weekends." The orinigal promotion I signed up with had promised me FREE nights and weekends, not $15 nights and weekends. I called three times to have it removed, and each customer service rep appeared equally surprised to see it ("I don't know what that it," they would remark). They promised to remove it. It never went away. Finally one rep told me to "just ignore it." Hardly an ideal solution. I decided to dump Verizon and change companies, then am suddenly sent a bill for over $240!! (None of my previous bills were ever over $50, even with the random $15 charge.) The new bill is full of even more mysterious charges that no one will explain. I know I'm in for a long, hard battle that my credit rating may not survive since there's no way I'm paying those thieving swine a cent. Good luck to all of you out there. Keep fighting the good fight.

- Friday, August 23, 2002 at 22:34:25 (EDT)
Okay I have been sitting here and reading this for a bit and I can say I am quite disgusted with the way you pepole think of Verizon Employees. I was in fact part of the DSL tech support so many complain about. I have been gone from there for over a year and still have some problems with you folks. First off I see so many times where people say tech support was lying to them. Well this is how verizon tech support works or worked follow the steps and I will explin. 1. Tech Support (Basically a person who really knows how to do very little and will have you try the basics. Rebooting, etc) 2. Level II - More advanced trouble shooting. a. Broadband - These are the guys can actually fix on the routers, they have access into them but tech support has limited or no access to the because the wait time is to long so it is done by e-mail, but these guys can get into routers, routing tables, talk to people at the CO's. Everything you could need. b. SAMC (Service and Maintainence Center) - These guyss actually monitor the networ at Verizon, and have limited ability to change things and reboot servers, things like that. BUt very valueable in setting up action when there was a big outage. 3. Level III - This is it, these guys will do everything they can to get you fixed (this is what I was) But again I had very limited access to what I needed. I would get yelled at for calling Broadband, SAMC and if I ever tried to call a CO to get something done, watch out I would be fired. So all I can say is it is not the tech support or there managements fault that things do not work. We did our job to the best of our ability and I think for every person that had a longterm problem there were 20 that were fixed in minutes and happy. So blame Verizon Heads and the upper management there. Just like you guys we were taken for a ride as they decided to have the good call centers that were paid well, train the guys that are making 7 bucks and hour and then pulled our jobs. All I can say is I am sorry the the upper crust of Verizon doesnt care but we did.

- Monday, August 19, 2002 at 15:59:53 (EDT)
We had Verizon install a second phone line at our house. It took four visits for them to accomplish this. The first time, the technician said we would have to move all the furniture before he could do anything. So we moved all the furniture. A second man came out another day, and said we hadn't needed to move the furniture. For some reason, he wasn't able to complete the work, so a third man came out another day and finally completed the work. But the line didn't work! A fourth man came out another day and discovered that the third man hadn't switched something on in a box a few streets away! We continued to have problems with the phone line. Here comes the most amusing part of the story. We arranged to have another technician come out another day to sort out our problems - between 8am and 3pm. Nobody ever showed up. I called to find out why and was told that they did not send anybody because they had determined that there was no problem with our two lines. I asked why they hadn't called me to tell me nobody was coming, because I had wasted a whole day waiting for them. I was told they couldn't call me, because THEY DIDN'T HAVE A PHONE NUMBER FOR ME!!!!! I said, you have TWO phone numbers for me. And I was told, well, we couldn't call you because the phone line didn't work! And I said, you just told me that both worked - that's why you didn't send anybody! I think Verizon must employ Village Idiots.

- Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 11:05:49 (EDT)
I called to establish residential service and was told there would be a $20 processing fee. I received my first bill over two months later and was charged a total of $40 in fees, $20 for a line connection and $20 for order processing. Of course I called, and was told this was the standard fees and all that could be done was for the supervisor to talk to the person who set up my service. I asked what the fees were for and was told the line connection charge was to connect the line and the order processing charge was to request the line be connected. I told the woman Verizon was basically charging me twice for the same thing. All she would tell me was that that was their policy. What a scam Verizon has. Beth Virginia Beach, VA

- Monday, August 12, 2002 at 12:56:46 (EDT)
We called Verizon to have phone service started in our new condo. The sales clerk did not tell us that a person needed to be home for the phone service to be turned on. When the phones were not turned on that day, I called. The Verizon clerk told me that it was my fault since I should have been home to let the tech in to turn on the phones. So I had to take a half day off of work to wait for the phone tech. I had to wait 2 weeks until I was able to do this, so we went without phone service for all that time. The day before the appointment, I called Verizon to make sure someone was coming. The clerk told me that no one needed to go into the condo to turn anything on--they could turn it on centrally! You can imagine my frustration. So I told them to do that. I carefully explained that the people who owned the condo before us had 2 phone lines going into the place: one just for the office, and the other to every jack in the 3 room apartment (the main line). I asked her to have the main line turned on, not the auxillary line. She agreed readily to this. The next day, only one jack in apartment had a dialtone--one auxillary line the the office. I called Verizon explaining that they need to turn on the other line instead. The clerk acted like I was an idiot and that they are unable to do this. He claimed that all the jacks in the condo were working and if there is a problem, it is with "my equipment". I explained that 2 months ago, when the old owners were living in the apartment, all the jacks worked perfectly, and that it is unlikely that they all suddenly broke at the same time! He was arrogant and rude, telling me that if I wanted to take more time off of work to wait for a tech to come out one day, then I would have to pay for it. Now I am trying to find a new company to give me local phone service.

- Friday, August 09, 2002 at 15:29:26 (EDT)
FACTS ON PROBLEMS WITH BELL ATLANTIC/VERIZON BELL ATLANTIC About two or more years ago I ordered an ISDN line because DSL wasn't available yet. Then I decided the cost was going to be too much so I cancelled the order to wait for DSL. When DSL was available I ordered it online and got an installation date. Well, I hadn't gotten my DSL modem or anything by my install date, so I called the phone company and I'm told that my order was cancelled. Some idiot had looked back on the notes on my account for many months prior and had noticed I cancelled my ISDN line and thought I wanted to cancel my DSL. So, I wind up having to re-order and wait a month. Then the month comes, I've got my equipment but they keep pushing back my install date (I keep having to call the phone company to get updates, they don't contact me, so that's how I find out they keep pushing back my install date). Finally I get my DSL service. Eventually the phone company is bought out and becomes Verizon. I move to a new address and even though it's just down the street I'm told I have to wait a month before I can restore my DSL service. VERIZON Once again I go through hell trying to get things straight with these guys, eventually resorting to writing the state attorney general. He steps in and makes them get my service up and running right away, AND I get many months of free DSL service. I've had DSL service for a good 2+ years, and my modem is an older one that they no longer offer. I'm using Windows ME and recently the modem crapped the bed or stopped working. The company wouldn't provide support for this modem under Windows ME, but they offered to send me a new more compatible modem free of charge. I agree to keep my service if they do that. I wait and wait, and eventually I ethernet card! Gee, that's not a DSL modem. I told them I already had an ethernet card. I call them up and they apologize for the mistake, assure me they understand and appreciate my concerns and promise to get it right. Then I move to a new address (initial address was at 2 years, last address was at a year and a half, now at new place recently). They switch my phone on a Friday, but I wind up having line noise that prevents my phone use a few hours later. They dispatch a tech to fix it on Saturday. It's fixed on Saturday, then a few hours later I have the same problem. A tech is dispatched Sunday, but to the wrong address (I live on Way Street, my old address is Wasa Street, they send him to Washington Street). He left a message on my voicemail, when I got home my line was working again so I ignored his message and figured he must've found my place. A few hours later, it's line noise again. I call and I'm told that they have in their computer that someone will be there to fix it before 6 pm that night (of course it's related to the guy who already came earlier that day, I knew no one was going to show up). I go to a friends house and later that day return to find that I still have line noise. I call late that night, ask to speak with a supervisor. I explain the problem I've had, I tell her to make sure they are sent to my NEW address. She assures me they care about my business and that someone will be there Monday morning to correct the problem. Monday morning I'm down at the old address to clean up the apartment for the move-out inspection. Who shows up? That's right, it's the phone company tech, they've sent him to my old address. *sigh* I explain the situation to him, he goes to my new address and fixes the problem and it's stayed fixed. But wait, there's more! I called and cancelled my complete internet access with the phone company, didn't want my DSL, didn't want my dial-up either. They tried to offer me special rates (which I had already been getting since I was granfathered in) and I told them I wasn't interested. So I'm assured that my old order will be removed and I won't be charged. Well, I can still access the internet from work, and I get an email from the phone company recently confirming my DSL order and installation date. So I had to call them and explain everything, and somehow conveniently they have no record that I cancelled the order. So then they have to connect me to one of their "specialists" who can handle this all for me (specialists are just people who try to convince you to keep your service and also add value-packed additions to it). 45 minutes spent on the phone wasting my time for something that should have been taken care of. I'm fully expecting that they'll wind up continuing to bill me for the next 6 months because they just seem to have no clue on effective communications there. I also fully expect that I'll be contacting the attorney general once again on this matter. *sigh*

- Friday, August 09, 2002 at 11:29:30 (EDT)
Verizon Is my local telephone provider. I ordered Dsl From them last week. The sales rep said that it would be shiped on friday or monday tops, from 4-6 days. It has been about 9 days and stillno freaken modem. After reading other stories on this page i think i should of gotten charter cable modem.

- Thursday, August 08, 2002 at 20:07:46 (EDT)
i am a verizon customer and every month we are over-billed ( with a technical explanation) of course. we never receive a monthly bill that we asked for, Verizon are big time thieves and they need to be held accountable for "stealing"!!! please tell me how to get a class action suit started. 513-351-4683 lincoln lail

- Sunday, August 04, 2002 at 20:34:25 (EDT)
Well, I work for Nextel in Syracuse NY. We have T-1's through Verizon, and i have to say they take their time to fix it. Half of the people don't give a damn for Nextel, or even their own company. Here is a ticket that we opened. We have plenty more, I mean we have over 800 sites in the NY/PA/VT area. We always have atleast one going down each day!!! When they do fix it, they do a terrible job and have to go back out there. As far as the ticket below, here it is almost none on the forth of August and not fixed. 08/03/02 19:19 - Technician Notes] preassigned to tech dispatch out from 9:00am Monday , Need us to get out to test head to head with Verizon then they will dispatch out during weekend , as NIU loop ok . RF [08/03/02 16:19 - Technician Notes] finally get though with Bevelly , she told me meet 9:00 am as that's what customer request , I told her this are 24 hour service ,9:00 [08/03/02 16:03 - Technician Notes] check status , 08/03/02 10:01 Dispatch Out Preassigned , try to escalate , phone onhold for 30 min ,RF [08/03/02 12:22 - Technician Notes] contacted the status line, Evon said this ticket has been loaded to a field tech who is currently working on it. [08/03/02 09:50 - Technician Notes] Spoke with Tim from verizon. He said that I had to open up a AT Assist ticket, and that they would only be able to go out at 9am Monday morning. Called the 800 number to open up a ticket, the tech said that he should have not have done that. That he should have dispatched. I had to open up a new trouble ticket in which she says won't be worked on till Monday now. I asked her, well then why did you tell me they should have dispatched. I am not getting straight answers and I am losing my patience when it comes to their lack of communications and effort to resolve this issue. TDG new ticket is IA 046645 [08/03/02 08:30 - Technician Notes] Tested NIU, and could loop that up. Can not loop CSU. New ticket open with Verizon. Having them go to the site and check the NIU. IA046641. TDG [08/02/02 20:32 - Technician Notes] Ralph from Verizon called back he said he is not finding a problem with NIU. I looped up NIU as well but could loop CSU. Called and left message with Glenn asking for help in verifying Bruces entry. Ralph told me that if we want one of there tec's to test with one of ours we need to close current ticket and open an AT ticket. [08/02/02 16:03 - Technician Notes] Sites went down at 12:00 we can loop the smart jack , Glen went to site to verify CSU and NIU. NIU is not passing signal . Ticket opened with Verizon electronic. BRD 87/HCGS/773026//NE 229-4 IA046597

- Sunday, August 04, 2002 at 09:55:32 (EDT)
Verizon lost $2.12 billion in the last quarter. Yeah! Hope it tanks like Worldcom:

- Friday, August 02, 2002 at 22:17:06 (EDT)

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