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Part 2 (Princeton NJ Resident) 3 days after switching to AT&T for my local carrier, my line goes dead. I call AT&T maintenence and repairs. They send a technician out the next day... line fixed. The very next morning as I pick up the phone to make a call all I hear is a busy circuit signal, no dial tone. I call AT&T again. The appologize profusely and send another technician out. Line fixed... I come home to a dial tone. about 4 hours later I pick up the phone and I can't dail out again. This time I'm hearing a neighborhood business' voice mail box recording. "you have reached DEVCom, no one is here to take you call, if you know your party's 3 digit extention...blaa, ball" -- I punch the keys, no reactiuion, I'm stck listening to the recording. I unplug all the chordless phones, and plug in only one chorded phone, same thing...stuck in this company's voice mail recording. I call AT&T they hem and haw, and appologize and send another technician out. Line fixed, I come home to a dial tone. Line fixed... wrong...4 hours later I'm back in the "DevCom voice mailbox", with no way to dial out. AT&T explains that it Verizon's Technicians and Verizon's Equipment that are at issue. (No surprise there) It is now a month later. There have been 5 more technicians sent out, after a few hours the problem has come back each time. I even looked for this company DevCom's number I called them up, their listed number had changed , I called the new number. They didn't answer as DevCom they answered as something else. I asked "are you DevCom" , they repied , "we used to be, DevCom was bought by 'Blaa?? Company' a few months ago." I held my cell phone up to the phone to play them the recording that takes over my phone-line. The guy laughs, that was our old business VM box with Verizon, how wierd is that!" -- Tell me about it... It is now in the hands of The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities". VERIZON PLEASE FRY IN HELL!!!!!

- Tuesday, May 06, 2003 at 14:17:45 (EDT)
I'm am a Princeton New Jersey resident. I had Verizon for local service but opted for AT&T for regional toll and long distence. One day I get a call from a lady who identifies herself as Verizon Customer Service. She claimed to be calling to verify that I authorized an order to change my regional toll and long distance to a company called "CNet Worldnet". Surprised and purturbed, I said "no way I never opted for that!" She says, "well that's why we're calling sir, we suspected that you had been slammed". At that point I asked her for her name and the office location she was calling from, and I wrote them down. She then told me she would be recording the conversation while comfirming my real choices. She started recording and then asked "did you want to change your local toll and long distance service to Cnet Worldnet", I said no. She then asked would you like to keep Verizon as your local and long distance carrier. Caught off guard, I said Yes, while forgetting that I really had AT&T for both of those. She then sent me over to a "independent verification operator", to reconfirm my choices. Now, I was a bonehead for falling for this trick, but I did. After I hung up I realised what I had just done. I called the number she gave me and asked who my carriers were for local toll and long distance. The person replied. You have AT&T for both. I asked if there had been any indication of my having been "slammed" into taking service from a company called Cnet worldnet. The guy replied no, there is no such indication, and he added "I'm pretty sure there is no such company". Then he said, "oh wait -- I see an order here now to change your local toll and regional toll to Verizon." I lost my noggin at that point and began to raise hell. I told him what happened and gave him the name of the person who had tricked me. He knew the name but Verizon would never permit such a thing. I told him I wanted the changes undone. He told me that I would have to call AT&T to fix it. So I did and I changed my local carrier to AT&T as well. I filed a formal complaint after that with the BBB and the New Jersey Bureau of Public Utilities.

- Tuesday, May 06, 2003 at 13:57:41 (EDT)
Some say that "ignorance is bliss" and after going through my own personal Verizon nightmare, I have to agree. I have a medium sized business that has used Verizon since the days of NYNEX many eons ago. I always considered having business communications services through them was simply one of the costs of doing business. I also assumed (foolishly) that this company had it's act straight and would take care of the customer. I won't go into all the gory details, but someone convinced me to have a phone audit. What it turned up almost made me lose my lunch. My company was being overcharged more than $700 each month for the past 8 years and maybe more than $1,100 for the past 6 months. Little did I realize how much they were eating into profits in more ways than one. Although it looks like I will be receiving a portion of the funds back (the auditing company receives half for their services), the fact is that I should not have lost ANY and if anything I should also receive interest for the many years that they had spent with my purloined finances.

- Monday, May 05, 2003 at 02:02:36 (EDT)
Landline Subscribers in New York here is some info for you .Look for these bills in New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One bill, S.406 - the Public Utility Truth in Reporting and Workers Protection Act - establishes penalties for knowingly making false or fraudulent statments to the PSC. It also prohibits any retaliatory action against any employee who provides information to the PSC or a regulatory body (the state legislature) about management's falsification of data. Two other bills, A.1456 & S.2623, will put back regulatory practices that are used around the country. This was done because the PSC has relaxed the standards so much that workers are suffering and being laid off because the company is not held to the old standards that used to be enforced while Verizon's top exec's are cashing in at our expense. This will put back the time clock and impose fines and rebates. Your legislators must know how important these bills are because we will need every vote to overerride a projected Governor Pataki veto.

- Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 13:12:31 (EDT)
why was Archive 9 removed? its had all comments about the layoffs that continue to disrupt service...was it verizon that had it deleted some how? so the public dosent really know what going on?why they cant get installs done or why the phone is out for weeks? lay offs ..then force the remaing pepole to work overtime when they want to be home with there family?just letting you all know and keep you up to date why your land line and wireless lines (wireless phones cant work with out the T1 going to the cell towers)are being disrupted. remaining workers are being out right harassed!What a way to run a company..they can spend money on GPS for all the trucks for dipatch....well geuss agian, not!, being used for harrass workers and suspending them.your verizon dollars at work!never seen a company police there workforce so much.More then providing services.

- Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 13:02:55 (EDT)
You can Thank the layoffs in NY for your service in NY!2.4 billoin profit last much did it really save?

- Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 12:46:59 (EDT)
Verizon...VERY SOON...It should be dissolved and put up a new one. I really don't know what's going on with their services. It is sooooooooooo frustrating and imagine we are one of their business customers and we could not even utilize our domain name properly. The basic emailing thing. I don't know what had happened to their intermanager web utility software. I worked for a homehealth company here in Florida and we have a branch that is under Verizon. We even got victimized of getting domain service from them. We requested for a DSL serivce in Winter Haven Florida and upon following it up with them, they said they send the modem to an address and when I asked to which address it was sent to....Mulberry Florida... Lately, my boss email boxes are getting viruses. I reported it at once to their tech support dept. We checked our system but still the problems keep on popping up. We tried to havethe mailboxes renamed so that it will not reach our email system. It worked and now, our VPs email box is not functioning again. I tried so many 1800, 1877, 1866 hotlines from Verizon. I was turned over to Canada, Atlanta and all over the United States and until now, I could not reach the correct dept. I really don't know why these things are happening. I hope with these website, this carrier will do something to improve their services according to American standard. What a waste of money, time and effort. Imagine, if you will be calling them for tech support. It will take time before you could get a solution...and sometimes you have to patient at all. But patience is not enough considering the frustrations you will get once you start calling them. Thanks...

- Tuesday, April 15, 2003 at 19:06:53 (EDT)
The big East Coast snow storm in January 03 kept the mail from being delivered and twice a payment arrived late at their payment office. They then insisted on a security deposit which I refused to post. My service was suspended and I was billed me for early cancellation that I did not request. We have been a loyal customer with Verizon, formally Bell Atlantic, for more than 30 years and that should have counted for something. It is impossible to speak with a real customer service supervisor since you get handed down from one to another CS employee. They read textbook outlines to you without giving you answers to your questions. Even after stating that Iwould discontinue all services with Verizon, (Our business phone service and IDSL with an average monthly billing of %$550.00) their answer was "I'm sorry you feel this way". It's difficult to fight Verizon, but I certainly will do everything to publish their unethical behavior any way I can an I discourage anyone from supporting Verizon and affiliates.

- Sunday, April 13, 2003 at 10:25:12 (EDT)
I called Verizon Wireless today to request a credit for roaming charges that should not have been billed as roaming charges, as I have to do every month. The Verizon Wireless rep proceeded to inform me that if the phone says "roaming" and I choose to use it, I will be charged roaming fees. I asked him how I could be in the same exact location & charged roaming one month, but not the next. He said that there were a million reasons, but that if Verizon Wireless was having any problems with their tower & had to route its calls to a "back-up" tower belonging to another provider that I would be charged roaming. He proceeded to tell me that it was my option to use the phone when it said roaming. I asked him what was the point of selecting a plan & paying for a service if I could not use the phone & plan that I was paying for? Secondly, I asked him why would Verizon Wireless customers be at fault if they had technical problems with their towers. He told me that Verizon has put millions & millions of dollars into the technology allowing us to see if our phone is roaming & that if we chose to use the phone when it is flashing roaming that was our choice. Ultimately, the rep said that if they had problems with their towers, it was the customers responsibility to pay roaming charges on calls that would not be roaming had the tower not malfunctioned if he/she choses to make a call while it said roaming. He provided me with another example of when I would be "rightfully" charged roaming when I was actually not roaming & still charged roaming fees. If a local telephone provider used VW's tower & VW customers had to be routed to another carrier's tower. Again, another "roaming" expense of VW customers should they chose to use their phone that they pay monthly for. He concluded by telling me that he would update my account stating that at 1:14 today I had been notified about the roaming rules. Should I be charged roaming charges in the future, I am responsible to pay them.

- Thursday, April 03, 2003 at 14:13:51 (EST)
Hello all. I work for Verizon Wireless and I have read all of the stories here. I do have to say that I would be as unhappy as you if I received the same treatment. For the most part, Verizon Wireless customers are extremely happy, as indicated by being the winner of the J.D. Power and Associate Award. However, if you do have an escalted issue please forward it to the Executive Appeals team in whatever area you may be in. More times than not they are capable of helping with any sensitive issue you may have. The biggest problem that seems to have arisen between Verizon Wireless and yourselves is the lack of effective communication. As an employee I have great sadness in knowing that we could not resolve your issue the first time you called.... this is our fault. I will be sure to communicate the stories and thoughts conveyed here to other employees within the company, as I believe this to be an effective way of training our employees to be mindful that our customers are PEOPLE too.... not just revenue. I hope this message finds all of you well. Sincerely, A concerned Verizon Wireless Employee

- Tuesday, April 01, 2003 at 23:09:07 (EST)
Today, is the day I've been waiting for. Finally got through to talk with a lady at Verizon who was actually willing to help me and work out some billing issues I had. I was successful with getting only some of the credits, which is fine with me, the other I am going to have to send in a rebate coupon which is just fine with me. Still to this day, I continue to be unhappy with the signal I receive on my phone. You have to keep dialing in to this number in order to program your phone to update reception and other problems. I think there could be better ways that Verizon could find such as putting up more towers for better coverage. Also, a customer has to call in whenever they receive/experience a dropped phone call, which after a while as you all may know get's to be very irritating. I would rate my customer service at a 10, today, with the rep I had spoken with. It is however, still difficult at times to actually have a nice rep from Verizon take your call and really actually understand the customers needs and concerns. If your problem still is unresolved from talking with a rep, I suggest calling Verizon again (even though it's annoying) just keep trying until you finally get a rep on the phone who is willing to talk with you and work with you. This is not only for Verizon, there are other companies out there as well who I've experienced the same problems with. I am still in total agreement that Verizon needs to find a solution to all there problems with reception and for customers to get a better signal.

- Tuesday, April 01, 2003 at 15:42:37 (EST)
WOW, I am glad I found this site. I am a Verizon Wireless customer along with my father. We have had nothing but continuous problems with our reception. Everytime we get a dropped call, it get's to be very irritating to keep calling and fighting with Verizon only to hear from verizon over and over again that wherever there was poor reception the phone would be switched automatically to Cellular One's towers because Verizon claimes to have an agreement with Cellular One to use Cellular One's towers. A friend of mine, former Verizon customer, now a Cellular One customer, says that she had mentioned to a Cellular One employee that Verizon tells it's customers that it has an agreement to use Cellular One's towers when in an area of poor reception. Cellular One's comments are, "we do not have an agreement with Verizon Wireless, for them to use our towers in order to bring there customer better reception". I also know that this is also true. When I would be in Cellular One's tower area, I would get a message from Cellular One stating that I was unable to complete my call. I had mentioned that exactly to Verizon and asked why that would happem, Verizon was unable to answer that question. When I am at the shopping mall, driving around town, or shopping elsewear,I find it that I am constantly loosing my reception as my dad is as well. We both have different phones, he has a Nokia and I have a Audiovox 9500, I was just upgraded to the Audiovox 9500 from the Motorola V120, I see no improvment what so ever. There is a reason why we have cel phones, I count on my reception being there for when I receive important phone calls, but it's not. This is really sad when a company fails to work for your needs. Last summer my father received a phone call on his Verizon phone from his father stating that my cousin died, well, my father never got to finish his conversation as the call had dropped shortly after the call started. Needless to say my father was very pissed off and yelled at Verizon and asked what there excuse was for the dropped phone call...They gave him the run around for excuses. I feel that Verizon should discontinue there advertising "can you hear me now, good" as it is false advertising. I cannot stress how many times my father and I have gone into the local Verizon store and seeing a long line of unhappy customers, one of which who was behind us was just in 1/2 hour earlier for the same reason. He told us he had received a new phone, because of all the problems he was having with reception, Verizon had told him he would have better reception, if that is so, then why would he be back 1/2 hour later with the exact complaint with the new phone. I feel Verizon is a dishonest company, I am sick and tired of having to call in for all the dropped phone calls I deal with as I am sure other's feel the same about it as well. I strongly recommend anyone thinking of going with Verizon, to think twice about it, as you will indeed be a very unhappy customer. My father and I are wanting to contact the attorney general in our state about this matter, if anyone has any suggestions or other ideas for us to continue a composed letter about our thoughts of Verizon, please e-mail me I really would like more feedback from Verizon's unhappy customers.

- Saturday, March 29, 2003 at 19:03:45 (EST)
My husband used to work for Verizon back in NY. When we moved to CA, we signed up for Verizon Everything - local, long distance and internet. Well, shortly after I signed up, I noticed that my statement showed internet charges of $209.14. This was very confusing because I had signed up for a plan costing $19.95 per month. I called Verizon to have this matter taken care of—my husband and I only used the internet to balance our checkbook and check our e-mail and use approximately 10 hours a month. I called the main Verizon customer service line and reached a representative who was very friendly and couldn’t believe the charges that we had incurred. She told me the number that I needed to call (separate from Verizon) and told me to let them know that there must be something wrong with their billing. I did call and spoke to a representative who took all the information down and told me they showed we were calling on an 800 number. When I informed her that we were not calling on such a number, she told me they were going to do an “investigation” on this problem and would contact me. She also told me that my last month bill had a charge of $67.20 for my internet services. I, unfortunately, had not noticed that since it was not that exorbitant and paid the bill with my other Verizon charges. I waited and no contact was made. The following month I received my next Verizon bill. This time, my internet service charge was over $300. By this time, beside myself, I called customer service again and was given the same canned response – an investigation was being made. I told them that an investigation should already be pending and they had no response. I asked to speak to their supervisor and was connected to a very rude man. He told me that the account showed I had been calling on an 800 number. I told him that was untrue and I had been dialing up using the only number Verizon had given me – (XXX) XXX-XXXX. He said that it was in the record that I was and there was nothing he could do. He was basically accusing me of lying. He said the only thing I could do was e-mail Verizon at He said I could e-mail this address and they would supply me with a print out of all my charges and through what number they were made. I e-mailed the following day and received a canned reply e-mail saying Verizon had received my e-mail and would respond shortly. I received no response. The following month I got another Verizon bill. Again, the internet charges were over $300. This brought my total internet charges bill to over $900. This time I had my husband call the customer service line. He reached a very nice representative who was amazed at the amount of our charges. She said that she would be able to take care of the bill and it wouldn’t be a problem. She told us she would call us in a day or two, but also gave my husband her telephone number in case he wanted to check back. We received no call from her, so my husband called. She told us, again, that the records showed we had been calling on an 800 number. Since we knew this information to be false and we were getting nowhere with Verizon Online customer service, my husband placed a call to the Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”). The PUC then transferred us to a supervisor in the Verizon Online customer service department. She was very helpful and said that she would investigate the problem, take care of it and get back to us. We waited a week and called the number she had given us. Instead of a person, we left a message on a voicemail system. We waited another two weeks for a response and never got one. My husband again called the PUC and was transferred to Verizon. We were told that an investigation had been made and their records showed we had been calling using an 800 number. The next step we would have to take would be to write to "Verizon Complaints." Overall, this is the most annoying experience I have ever had with a company. I find this the most upsetting because we have been using Verizon services for years with no problems. The fact that I had to call customer service every month and was basically accused of lying is ludicrous. I told the representatives that my Verizon Online settings only showed one number for dial-up – (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I cancelled my account in June. Verizon customer service representatives have been so kind throughout this entire ordeal. My only problem is with the Verizon Online department. It has been 5 months since I wrote to Verizon Complaints (a step which was assured to me to be a "legal complaint") and have not heard a word since.

- Friday, March 28, 2003 at 15:05:00 (EST)
All phone services suck. I started with Centennial Wireless and from day one had nothing but problems. We were in a "dead" area but you don't know that until after you buy a cell phone and sign an contract, and if you don't know terms like "dead" areas and so forth, well then you are just a prime victim for "BIG BUSINESS" to exploit. They switched our phone out, the problem was still there; they put in for a field tech to check our area, we never heard anything about it; then they told us they were putting a tower up in our area and to wait for three to six weeks to see if our problem goes away, the problem never went away. All of this stretched out for six months and all the while we had to pay the monthly fees. At the end they avoided our phone calls and never responded to my letter ending our business relationship. Now they call us and write us regarding a delinquent bill we owe. So in short they want paid for "crappy" service and poor business practices. I wrote again (at my leisure time) being in just as much in a hurry as they were when we had problems and I first got a letter from a senior collector dropping my $800+ delinquent bill down to $64.81. I was willing to count my losses and forget the fact that we were screwed out of $400+ in monthly fees and an $80 cell phone that is only good for being a paper weight now. But just a few days after I got the one letter I received another letter from a lawyer demanding full payment of the $800+ owed to Centennial Wireless. So now my willingness to forget it and count my losses has shifted to suing Centennial for full refund. My point is this... "BIG BUSINESS" is only out for M-O-N-E-Y no matter how they can get it from you. Whether it is Verizon, Comcast Cable, Centennial Wireless or Habib's Trunk Whole Sale or whatever; the point is choose the lesser of the evils. For some Centennial is a great deal and works for them, where for others like me it isn't. The same goes for Verizon and all other businesses. You just have to stand up against the wrong they do against you and make it right.

- Friday, March 21, 2003 at 23:20:38 (EST)
I've had Verizon as a successor to New England Telephone in New England. About 18 months ago I signed up for Verizon wireless. I got into a Catch 22 with Verizon last August/September. I wanted to upgrade my wireless but the sales rep said I had to wait until the anniversary in December, BUT I could join the One Bill so I could save about $300 per year. I joined, but went through some hell because I had switched the bank holding the VISA card because the new bank gave some money to Amnesty International and the old bank just fed fees to the mutual fund. I paid the $500 deposit, then called the new bank, told them the story that I was a "credit risk" to Verizon because I'd not had a VISA card for a long enough time. The bank told VZ that it was wrong and VZ sent me the deposit about three or four months later (nice thought about the time value of money). This past January VZ rejected me because of a mismatch on name several months after I joined. You know the trick, Wm on one bill and William on another. I fixed that. But I couldn't join because I had to give them a Social Sec Number. But you don't have to give those numbers (invasion of privacy and so on). So somebody at VZ gave me a dummy number, but didn't tell me. I now know that number. You'd think that would clear it up. A VZ sales rep said it would. Not so fast, because VZ doesn't have my $500 deposit (due to a change in credit card vendors). I still can't join with my original phone number. Now it gets even better. Another sales rep said I'd have to change my wireless phone number, but that would mean a termination of my contract. I'm still waiting to hear from VZ but do you get the picture of corporate systems??? ;-)

- Thursday, March 20, 2003 at 14:18:51 (EST)
This is for the person (manager) who wrote about toughening up. You are a hippocrite, who are you to preach to me about my situation. I was not

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