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date name city/state new service provider
Feb/1/01 Jake Kravitz Lake City, Fl TunnelVision
Jan/31/01 Izzy New Brunswick, NJ Sprint
Jan/31/01 Marshall Washington, DC, Starpower/RCN, Sprint cell
Jan/31/01 jason detroit, mi sprint cell
Jan/31/01 Chris Peterson New York, NY earthlink
Jan/31/01 Michael Morales New York, NY Roadrunner
Jan/31/01 John Lewis Philadelphia, PA Comcast@home ROCKS!
Jan/31/01 Benjamin Hamilton Waterboro, ME Sacoriver.net
Jan/31/01 Alex Redford, MI wold wide net
Jan/31/01 Lyle Dover, DE @home
Jan/30/01 James san francisco, ca Mindspring dsl, pacific bell cell
Jan/30/01 Cesar Centeno, Jr. Tampa, FL Road Runner-- THE BEST
Jan/30/01 Eric Raleigh, NC Earthlink
Jan/30/01 Paul Mont. Co., PA @home
Jan/30/01 Samantha Tampa, FL Road Runner
Jan/30/01 Ian Ruston, LA Cox Communications.. they rule!!
Jan/30/01 Andy Gustafson Cincinnati, OH Road Runner --VERY recommended.
Jan/30/01 Dan B Liverpool, NY Roadrunner
Jan/30/01 Reuben Cleetus Arligton, VA StarPower
Jan/30/01 Chandramohan Reddy Buffalo, NY Earthlink
Jan/30/01 Jim Billerica, Ma MediaOne
Jan/29/01 Donna Berry Edison, NJ OptOnline
Jan/29/01 Virginia Ashlock Ontario, CA Earthlink - the best
Jan/29/01 Andreas Bock Tampa, FL Road - runner
Jan/29/01 Verizon Antarctica, NA I had to move to Antarctica just to get the bandwidth i needed!
Jan/29/01 Courtney Wohlgemuth Totowa, NJ Sprint... THANK GOD!
Jan/29/01 James Kushner NY, NY RoadRunner
Jan/29/01 Eru Closter, NJ Optimum Online
Jan/29/01 Neal Westchester Co., NY Optimum On Line
Jan/29/01 Al J. Bojorquez Lake Elsinore, California Incomnet (phone service,Avg.$400 month, Earthlink, Sprint for Cell phones and Local independent paging service. DSL is coming, but not with VZ!
Jan/29/01 Al J. Bojorquez Lake Elsinore, California Incomnet (phone service) Earthlink for ISP connection
Jan/29/01 O. Saj Bloomfield, NJ Sprint PCS
Jan/29/01 Chris Hobart, IN Earthlink ( If it's got to be right it's got to be Earthlink)
Jan/29/01 Jonathan Fitchburg, MA Now it is accurate, due to my Power Package (7.1mbps dl, 640k ul, OVERPRICES at $190/month, plus my other options such as web hosting, and business class options (WHICH ARENT HERE YET!)
Jan/29/01 Jonathan Fitchburg, MA one more
Jan/29/01 Jonathan Fitchburg, MA 2
Jan/29/01 Jonathan Fitchburg, MA 3 more
Jan/29/01 Jonathan Fitchburg, MA Well, let me post this 4 more times to get an accurate count
Jan/29/01 Jonathan Fitchburg, MA Vitts (Or equivalent now that Vitts is doa) and I spend $200+ per month on my online services, so add another $160 to that total
Jan/29/01 Roy (based on this list, will not even try Shit-izon) North Bergen, NJ (waitng for another provider, any other, ANYONE, except Shit-izon!)
Jan/29/01 dave stony brook, ny trashed verizon on my own months ago...
Jan/29/01 Vindus Seattle, WA AT&T@Home
Jan/29/01 sol E las vegas, nv earthlink dsl
Jan/29/01 Sol W. New York, NY RoadRunner
Jan/29/01 Lothar K. Bronx, NY Speakeasy
Jan/29/01 Patrick O. Santa Barbara, CA Cox@Home // (Verizon's web utility couldn't even verifiy (or deny) availabiliy in the middle of town
Jan/29/01 David L Portland, OR @home
Jan/29/01 Dave Santa Monica, CA @Home (Static IP? 2 hour service window?! <10 min hold time for support?!)
Jan/29/01 Joe Juneau Dallas, TX Time Warner
Jan/29/01 Brian G. Fort Wayne, IN Comcast@Home
Jan/29/01 A Miller Richmond, VA ATT Road Runner (Great Service)
Jan/29/01 David Jacksonville, FL Cingular
Jan/29/01 Dale Brooklyn, NY Earthlink/Covad
Jan/29/01 Erik Staley Lake Forest, CA Cox @ Home (What? Only a 15 minute install?)
Jan/29/01 Alan P. Brooklyn, NY Speakeasy & Covad (needed Cheap Residential Static IP's)
Jan/29/01 Pars Philadelphia, PA Earthlink DSL
Jan/29/01 Ilmar K. Hoboken, NJ CableVision
Jan/29/01 Carolyn & John Hoboken, NJ CableVision
Jan/29/01 Ken Peters Hoboken, NJ CableVision
Jan/29/01 Perry Hoboken, NJ CableVision
Jan/29/01 Anthony Hoboken, NJ CableVision
Jan/29/01 Chuck M. Bedford, MA TBA
Jan/29/01 Don B Newport News, VA TBA
Jan/29/01 Chanan Braunstein Lancaster, PA Starband
Jan/29/01 james yu chicago, il Telocity
Jan/29/01 John And David Syracuse, NY Verison Online
Jan/29/01 Chris Eide Syracuse, NY Time Warner RR (cable)
Jan/29/01 Felix Cambridge, MA AT&T / Mediaone
Jan/29/01 Jeremy Kotel Brooklyn, NY Earthlink DSL, AT&T Wireless
Jan/29/01 Irwin Kotel Brooklyn, NY MCI Worldcom, Sprint PCS
Jan/29/01 Brett New York, NY Optimum Online
Jan/29/01 Chip Molter Baltimore, MD Comcast@Home
Jan/29/01 Cindy & Todd Fort Worth, TX TBA
Jan/29/01 Redjack Ryan Pittsburgh, Pa Earthlink Residential DSL
Jan/29/01 Raj and Ed Boston, MA Earthlink Residential DSL
Jan/29/01 Daniel Jaffa Long Beach, NY Talk.com
Jan/29/01 Dave Victors Boston, MA TBA
Jan/27/01 Jim Falls Church, VA Sprint
Jan/27/01 john waltham, MA RCN
Jan/26/01 Mel Mesick Seattle, WA Sprint
Jan/26/01 Mark Weston Bedford, MA Earthlink Residential DSL
Jan/26/01 Joe Kamb Seattle, Wa TBA
Jan/26/01 Damon C New York City, NY TBA
Jan/26/01 Bob M. NY, NY Cablevision
Jan/26/01 Steve S Boston, MA MediaOne
Jan/26/01 tumbleweed wheeling, WV AT&T Broadband
Jan/26/01 Pete New York, NY MCI Worldcom for local phone service
Jan/26/01 Bill Fall Church, VA AOL
Jan/26/01 Tony New York, NY Earthlink
Jan/26/01 Ryan Hoffman Roslyn, NY OptimumOnline
Jan/26/01 John Buffalo, NY AT&T and Earthlink DSL
Jan/25/01 Jim East Brunswick, NJ Comcast@home
Jan/25/01 SC Fung brooklyn, NY TBA
Jan/25/01 Bryan Hooksett, NH AT&T (phones + Roadrunner)
Jan/25/01 Brian E Clough Walpole, MA AT&T Broadband
Jan/25/01 April Charlottesville, VA SkyTel
Jan/24/01 Jeff Thompson Ft. Worth, Tx charter @home
Jan/24/01 Dale Boston, MA Media One
Jan/24/01 Amanda Foust Akron, OH AT & T Wireless
Jan/24/01 Daniel E Waltham, MA RCN
Jan/23/01 Mark Dallas, TX Time Warner cable internet
Jan/23/01 Fred Lexington, KY DCR.NET
Jan/23/01 Chris R Lynn, MA Mindspring(DSL), Sprint(PCS) Screw BA
Jan/23/01 Quan Bethesda, MD @home
Jan/23/01 Jim Englishtown, NJ Optimum Online
Jan/22/01 Andrew Cambridge, MA Cingular Wireless (phone alternative)
Jan/22/01 Dave Springfield, VA Road Runner
Jan/22/01 Karisa ToadNet
Jan/21/01 Dean Antalik Gatzville, NY BuffNet
Jan/21/01 Mike Alexandria, VA Telocity
Jan/21/01 David skillman, nj Cingular Wireless(phone alternative)
Jan/21/01 Ted Boryczka Northampton, MA TBA
Jan/21/01 Dave R Queens, NY TBA
Jan/20/01 Greg Buffalo, NY Adelphia Powerlink
Jan/20/01 Chris Arslanyan Oradell, NJ Cablevision
Jan/20/01 Doug Di Franco Nyack, NY Cablevision
Jan/20/01 Leo van Dooren Washington, DC TBA
Jan/20/01 David R Plano, TX ATT Broad Band Rules!
Jan/20/01 Dicky Smithville, Wa RCI
Jan/20/01 John F Oyster Bay, ny Optimum On Line
Jan/20/01 mpt Lorton, VA Earthlink
Jan/19/01 Charlie D. Malden, MA AT&T Broadband
Jan/19/01 Kurtg Redmond, WA TBA
Jan/19/01 lazybrain CABLE MODEM RCN
Jan/19/01 Howard Los Angeles, CA DSL Extreme
Jan/19/01 Dorian Hernandez South Burlington, VT Adelphia Cable
Jan/19/01 Steve Mineola, NY Earthlink
Jan/19/01 Brad Castleman Columbia, MD Comcast @Home
Jan/19/01 russ topsfield, ma AT&T Broadband
Jan/19/01 Russ Essex Junction, VT Adelphia Powerlink
Jan/19/01 International Roofing Corp Richmond, VA TBA
Jan/19/01 james nyc, ny att wireless
Jan/19/01 james nyc, ny att
Jan/19/01 Jay Pinterinosanoyu Exeter, NH MediaOne/RoadRunner
Jan/19/01 Reg Milwaukee, WI RoadRunner
Jan/19/01 Ben Freehold, NJ Optimum Online
Jan/18/01 Chris Irving, Tx AT&T
Jan/18/01 Roger Pimmit, VA Earthlink, AND ATT cellular
Jan/18/01 Joe Needham, MA Staplescom.
Jan/18/01 David Holliston, MA Road Runner / AT&T
Jan/18/01 Ben Dover Newtown Square, Pa Starband
Jan/18/01 George Havertown, PA Covad/Earthlink (great svc!!!)
Jan/18/01 Michelle Kansas City, KS Sprint PCS
Jan/18/01 Lindsey Los Angeles, CA SPRINT PCS
Jan/18/01 Robert Westport, MA Sprint PCS
Jan/18/01 Greg P Indiana, PA Adelphia Cable
Jan/18/01 Patrick New York, NY AceDSL
Jan/17/01 Seth Pittsburgh, PA Stargate
Jan/17/01 John Norfolk, VA Cavalier Telephone
Jan/17/01 mike austin, tx road runner
Jan/17/01 Chris Glen Burnie, MD Earthlink; SprintPCS
Jan/17/01 Chuck Dallas, TX Sprint PCS
Jan/17/01 Brian C. Fairfax Station, VA Road Runner
Jan/17/01 dave marchand worcester, ma charter pipeline
Jan/17/01 Jesse New York, NY RoadRunner
Jan/17/01 Eric Boston, MA Earthlink
Jan/17/01 dave Haines city, fl going for roadrunner
Jan/17/01 Brian Alexandria, VA Epoch
Jan/17/01 Scott Las Vegas, NV ATT Broadband
Jan/17/01 Paul E Taylor Jr Toms River , NJ Telocity
Jan/17/01 Sean Redmond, WA Earthlink
Jan/17/01 Sean Arlington, VA Covad
Jan/17/01 Shane M. Arlington, VA Comcast (@Home)
Jan/17/01 Daryl W virginia beach, va Cox@home
Jan/17/01 L. Anderson Lewisville, TX FreeDSL
Jan/17/01 Harold Reed Houston, Tx Sprint Wireless Broadband
Jan/17/01 Kevin Perez Hauppauge, NY Optimum Online
Jan/17/01 Dan Methuen, MA AT&T Broadband
Jan/17/01 Mike Arlington, MA ATT Broadband
Jan/17/01 R.J. Parsippany, NJ Optimum Online
Jan/17/01 Melissa West Haven, CT Still looking, probably Sprint PCS
Jan/17/01 Bill & Erin Cambridge, MA AT&T Broadband
Jan/17/01 Tom Boston, MA AT&T
Jan/17/01 Brad Richmond, Va Cavalier Telephone
Jan/17/01 Charles Hoboken, NJ Internet Channel (DSL)
Jan/17/01 Charles Hoboken, NJ SprintPCS
Jan/14/01 Jeremy buffalo, ny Adelphia PowerLink
Jan/14/01 Migur New York, NY RoadRunner/MCI Local service
Jan/11/01 Ined Akhar Islin, NY Rhoderuner 1
Jan/11/01 Xed Irving, tx august.net
Jan/10/01 Sam Baltimore, MD Starpower (almost 1year)
Jan/10/01 Ron Auburn, Me Adelphia Powerlink
Jan/8/01 Leah Virginia Beach, VA Cavileer
Jan/8/01 Paul M Lynn, Ma AT&T BroadBand, RoadRunner service, soon phone to!
Jan/6/01 Mia Cheriton, Va C&P
Jan/5/01 J. Miller S. Charleston, WV Charter Comm.
Jan/3/01 Lou D PJS, NY ATT Lond Distance and Local and Internet Access 1 800 222 0300 or 0400
Jan/3/01 Kevin S Bayport, NY At&t Cell, Local and Long Distance 1800 222 0400
Jan/3/01 Jenn A S Farmingdale , NY ATandT Local Calls, Cell Phone etc.
Jan/3/01 Joe S Mt Sinai , NY AT&T Local/Long Northpoint DSL Internet Access
Jan/2/01 jonathan alexandria, va cox cable
Jan/2/01 Greg buffalo, ny telocity
Jan/2/01 brian staten island, ny si cable / roadrunner rulz!
Dec/31/00 Mitchell R Richmond, VA Cavalier Telephone (New Local Provider/DSL+dialtone)
Dec/29/00 Hieu Huynh Burlington, ON Cogeco@Home
Dec/29/00 Michael Staten Island, NY Road Runner
Dec/28/00 Walter Bensalem, pa MCI (local phone service) & Sprint PCS
Dec/27/00 Larry Cheyenne, Wy Quest
Dec/27/00 Rick Houston, TX Sprint PCS
Dec/26/00 Louie V Syracuse, NY Telergy - light.speed
Dec/26/00 Keith Miash Fairbanks , Alaska Yukon Express
Dec/26/00 John Salem, NH AT&T Broadband (MediaOne)
Dec/25/00 Jim Rechel Metuchen, NJ Optimum Online
Dec/24/00 Abdul Gamal Teaneck, NJ Spirit PCS
Dec/24/00 (Verizon Employee) Raleigh, NC Sprint PCS
Dec/22/00 Mac M Brisgewater, MA AT&T Broadband
Dec/21/00 Pat Portsmouth, NH roadrunner
Dec/20/00 Eric Dover, DE DirecPC
Dec/20/00 Mike K Buffalo , NY Adephia Powerlink
Dec/19/00 Dickyboy New York, NY RoadRunner
Dec/19/00 Ralph New York, NY Network Plus
Dec/19/00 Howard Hoboken, NJ AT&T Wireless
Dec/18/00 Eva Brighton, MA Earthlink
Dec/18/00 busted01 Staten Island, NY Road Runner Cable
Dec/18/00 Jim Ronkonkoma, NY Cablevision
Dec/18/00 Jason Brooklyn, NY Cablevision 1st week of January - But I stopped paying my Vz Bills 2 months ago
Dec/15/00 Bill Roslindale, MA Cablevision @Home
Dec/15/00 Vic Boston, MA Cablevision @Home
Dec/15/00 Derek Arlington, VA Speakeasy.Net
Dec/13/00 Andy Houston, TX RoadRunner
Dec/13/00 Jimmy Docs Lindenhurst, NY Optimum Online / Voicestream
Dec/13/00 Tan New York, NY Speakeasy/Covad
Dec/13/00 Jen Pittsburgh, PA Covad
Dec/13/00 Eric Pittsburgh, PA Speakeasy
Dec/13/00 Peter Staten Island, NY Staten Island Cable (RoadRunner)
Dec/12/00 Sangkath Vienna, Va Road Runner
Dec/11/00 jonathan staten island, ny roadrunner
Dec/11/00 Jason Staten Island, NY speakeasy
Dec/11/00 nick Mahopac, NY rcn.com
Dec/11/00 Chris Buffalo, NY Adelphia POWERLINK
Dec/9/00 jonathan Washington, DC SpeakEasy.net
Dec/9/00 Larry Betterton Portsmouth, Va None as of yet ( Still looking)
Dec/9/00 Brian Lockport, NY Adelphia Cable Modem
Dec/9/00 Albert Trub Brooklyn, NY Cablevision/OptimumOnline
Dec/9/00 Frank Potomac, MD Earthlink/Covad - Remove VZ Dialup line
Dec/8/00 Scott Morrison Budd Lake, NJ Cablevision
Dec/7/00 Rob Wilmington, DE Mindspring DSL
Dec/7/00 Erik Morgantown, WV Adelphia Powerlink, US Cellular, Adelphia Communications
Dec/7/00 Rebecca E Baltimore, MD Starpower (RCN)
Dec/6/00 Luis M Union-City, NJ Covad
Dec/6/00 dmc Chelmsford, MA AT&T Broadband (Media One)
Dec/6/00 Kyle C Arlington, VA comcast@home
Dec/6/00 Ron Auburn, Me AOL / No other DSL available
Dec/6/00 Aubrey Buten Philadelphia, PA Comcast@home
Dec/5/00 Philip Boston, MA Speakeasy.net DSL
Dec/5/00 Nick Princeton Junction, NJ Comcast@Home
Dec/5/00 Brian Quincy, MA AT&T BroadBand
Dec/5/00 Kenneth Natick, MA Earthlink
Dec/5/00 Louis Philadelphia, PA Comcast@Home
Dec/5/00 Bryan Natick, MA Cyberonic
Dec/5/00 Vinny Staten Island, NY RoadRunner
Dec/5/00 John middletown, nj Telocity DSL
Dec/5/00 Dan Paramus, NJ Flashcom DSL / AT&T Cellular
Dec/5/00 Don Pittsburgh, Pa AT&T
Dec/5/00 George Astoria, NY Earthlink
Dec/5/00 Arthur Everett, WA XO.com (349.00 month business SDSL)
Dec/4/00 Jorg Burlington, MA Media One
Dec/4/00 Will Worcester, MA Earthlink
Dec/4/00 Matthew Lexington, KY Insight@Home
Dec/4/00 Scott Loehwing Pompton Lakes, NJ! OptimumOnline(as of feb.1st)
Dec/4/00 Mike West Chester, PA Conectiv
Dec/4/00 Eric F Bayonne, NJ Optimum Online
Dec/4/00 Pazuzu King of Prussia, PA Comcast@Home
Dec/4/00 Jim Queens, NY RCN
Dec/4/00 Matt Auburn, MA Charter
Dec/4/00 Tony Ronkonkoma, ny Cablevision
Dec/4/00 John Buffalo, NY Earthlink
Oct/2/00 John Northampton, MA Media One
May/9/00 David Boston, MA Media One
Apr/18/00 Marcus Leominster, MA Cell One

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