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datenamecity/statenew service provider
Sep/16/01 Kent Bowers Syracuse, In. Centennial Wireless
Sep/14/01 hot tech richmond, va cavalier
Sep/14/01 leslie richmond, va cavalier
Sep/10/01 todd buffalo, ny sprint pcs
Sep/6/01 Rich Boston, MA TBA
Aug/27/01 Gordon Lam Forest Hills, NY Sprint PCS
Aug/25/01 Barbara Ashburn, VA Sprint PCS
Aug/25/01 Kevin Ashburn, VA Sprint PCS
Aug/24/01 Mike Y. college point, ny TW Cable/ATT Cellphone
Aug/20/01 Kim Blair Woodbury, TN Suncom (1 cell phone)
Aug/20/01 Alex Brooklyn, NY TBA
Aug/17/01 Kellie Broomfield, CO TBA
Aug/17/01 Bill Bitmyass Dallas, Tx SBC Communications
Aug/16/01 Jerry R. Clinton, TN Sprint (two cell phones)
Aug/16/01 Brad Worcester, MA Choice One Communications (T1 AND 8 lines!)
Aug/15/01 Jennifer Baltimore, MD Comcast@home
Aug/14/01 Morgan H. Richmond, VA TBA
Aug/3/01 Nick Morgan Hill, CA Earthlink DSL
Jul/31/01 Tessa New Bedford, MA still waiting for At&t digital phone in my building.
Jul/30/01 Mike Los Angeles, CA TBA
Jul/27/01 Angela M. Davis Champaign, IL McLeod USA
Jul/27/01 Kim M. Guynn Mahomet, IL SWB
Jul/26/01 M Grant Boston, MA RCN
Jul/26/01 Robert Leland Arlington, VA Earth Link DSL
Jul/25/01 Daniel Riverdale, GA A recently convinced relative just sold over 4,000 shares of Verizon Communications at the current price of $ 55.83. In keeping with your conservative approach, that's $200,000 right there. Now you can take that V sign and shove it up your ...
Jul/24/01 Andrew Philadelphia, PA DCANet / Covad
Jul/21/01 Alonso Acosta Bronx,, NY Earthlink, Sprint
Jul/17/01 Jill Hagerstown, MD TBA
Jul/13/01 Karen Maxwell San Diego, CA Sprint PCS
Jul/12/01 J O Holyoke, MA TBA
Jul/12/01 Kris Irving, TX SWB
Jul/11/01 Rick Clearwater, FL Time Warner Roadrunner
Jul/8/01 Dave H Worcester, MA Earthlink
Jul/8/01 Pamela Schieber Hollywood, Fl TBA
Jul/6/01 David Brooklyn, NY Sprint PCS - Looking for cable modem service
Jul/5/01 Pablo - Santa Maria , CA Media One
Jul/5/01 Kristina Saint Petersburg, FL Sprint/TimeWarner
Jul/4/01 Brian Waltham, MA AT&T Broadband
Jul/2/01 Mark Denver, CO TBA
Jul/1/01 Genus Paterson, nj TBA
Jun/23/01 janet peffer smethport, PA TBA
Jun/22/01 Ben Houston, Tx TW Road Runner
Jun/21/01 BA worst telee com delt with OH, OH Any
Jun/21/01 Dana Stewart oh, OH Covad
Jun/19/01 David Rodriguez Brooklyn, NY TBA
Jun/19/01 Sandra Dundon Brooklyn, NY ATT
Jun/17/01 sam zindel pittsburgh, pa TBA
Jun/17/01 Charles South Orange, nj Earthlink (covad) for DSL
Jun/12/01 Nailer Little Ferry, NJ Stiffed them for over $800
Jun/11/01 Chris B Arlington, va Atlantech
Jun/6/01 Ciaran Ruane Boston, MA TBA
Jun/6/01 Dave M Cherry Hill, NJ Sprint / Comcast@Home
5/30/01 Dave Greenbelt, MD TBA, once Vz stops holding my line hostage!)
5/25/01 Jay Mauro Schenectady, NY Time Warner
5/24/01 mrs. st john buffalo, ny aol
5/24/01 Steve Wahington, DC Verizon DSL
5/24/01 Thergothon Saint Albans, WV Earthlink
5/23/01 Sharon Cleveland, oh Sprint
5/22/01 Brad Richmond, VA AT&T Roadrunner
5/22/01 Eddie New Bedford, MA AT&T Roadrunner Cable (Decent, upwards of 730k)
5/17/01 Joe Franklin, NH Earthlink
5/17/01 Damian Impett Spokane, WA Sprint (as of 3/1/2001)
5/15/01 Paul nyc, NY Earthlink
5/13/01 Tom Washington, DC earthlink
5/13/01 Davis Boston, MA TBA
5/10/01 The Chupacabra Philadelphia, PA @home
5/10/01 Andy Malato North Bergen, NJ Never used Verizon for anything -- they SUCK!
5/9/01 Shawn Hermosa Beach, CA Earthlink for DSL
5/6/01 James R Paramus, NJ Voice Stream <-- they suck too!
5/6/01 Brad Rockville, md AT&T Wireless
5/5/01 Sean Wichita, KS Cricket - Leap Wireless. Loss to Verizon, 102.95 mo. Worse Customer Service of ANY company.
5/4/01 Mike B Westfield, IN Cingular
5/2/01 Christopher Plainfield, NJ WillTell & Covad
5/2/01 Chris Denville, NJ ToadNet/Covad DSL
Apr/29/01 Rick Fremont, CA TBA
Apr/26/01 Mak Rockaway Beach, NY goign from earthlink DUN to earthlink DSL. Better customer service. Many fiends I know are switching away from verizon, too.
Apr/25/01 Ben Delaney New York, NY OPEX
Apr/25/01 Ben Delaney New York, NY Covad
Apr/25/01 Steve Wetterling Beaverton, OR AT&T @Home cable modem
Apr/21/01 Eatshiz Undie Tehran, Iran Spinxnet
Apr/21/01 Marcus U. S.F., Ca Vodaphone
Apr/20/01 Chris New York, NY Sprint PCS, Since I hate Verizon for regular why would I get their cell service. Thats $50 per month
Apr/20/01 Chris New York, NY Gave up Verizon for RCN for local and LD Phone. Thats at least $40 a month.
Apr/18/01 George Lee Hackettstown, NJ Earthlink. Just decided after seeing this website. "($40 = 1.5Mbps vs 640k with the devil)" Can't beat that!< /FONT >
Apr/17/01 Craig Charleston, WV (has an email server that works)
Apr/17/01 Rafael Bronx, NY AT&T (long dist+internet for a single $7 fee plus reg. charges)
Apr/15/01 Melonie Port Huron, MI TBA but I am leaning towards Nextel for cellular service. Verizon is the worst!
Apr/12/01 Paul Murray Lynn, ma AT&T Broadband, Digital Phone Service
Apr/7/01 Dan D Acton, MA MCI
Apr/6/01 Eric Clackamas, OR AT&T... Because I know a good thing when I see it... 3mnths $19.95 and $39.95 then on with great service. Just a few backbone blocks.
Apr/6/01 John Yingling Tampa, FL Time Warner / Road Runner
Apr/5/01 Mike New Port Richey, FL Starband-satellite broadband
Apr/4/01 Patrik Poughkeepsie, NY RoadRunner/TimeWarner
Apr/4/01 Kevin Barth Silver Spring, MD AT&T - also switched POTS to Cavalier
Apr/4/01 Brian H Ronkonkoma, NY Optimum Online
Apr/2/01 Jennifer Brown Loveland, CO McLeod - Add my $145 to the list!
Apr/1/01 Tim Mercurio Bronxville, NY AT&T Phone Card Service
Apr/1/01 Tim Mercurio Bronxville, NY AT&T Long Distance
Apr/1/01 Tim Mercurio Bronxville, NY Earthlink Dialup (Intertwined with EARTHLINK DSL)
Apr/1/01 Tim Mercurio Bronxville, NY AT&T Digital PCS
Mar/29/01 Cherie R. Ames Colorado Springs, CO TBA
Mar/28/01 Don Leominster, MA TBA
Mar/26/01 Kevin M. Holland Annapolis, MD TBA
Mar/26/01 Lori oops!I was too upset!, CA Will be
Mar/26/01 Doug Albany, NY TBA
Mar/22/01 Personally Yours Books FAir Lawn, NJ Cablevision
Mar/21/01 NanciK Bergen County, NJ Optimum On Line
Mar/21/01 Larry Lynn, Ma telocity
Mar/21/01 Patrick B. Dracut, MA at&t
Mar/21/01 Gail M. Olean, NY Adelphia PowerLink
Mar/21/01 Mike O'Shea Tacoma, WA WinStar
Mar/20/01 Scott Andover, MA Tin cans and string!!
Mar/17/01 Lauren Provincetown , MA Media One
Mar/16/01 Tim Mercurio Bronxville, NY Earthlink DSL (Set me up 2 WEEKS EARLY after I waited 6 mths. for Verizon), AT&T Digital PCS, and AT&T Long Distance
Mar/16/01 James G Bethesda, MD TBA
Mar/15/01 Ivan Siedanberg New York, NY RCN
Mar/15/01 Mike W Dallas, TX TBA
Mar/14/01 Jay Morgan edmonds, wa tba
Mar/13/01 Colby Newman Salem, NH Jode Communications
Mar/13/01 Alex Macnab Irving, TX Earthlink. Stayed away from Verizon b/c of what I had read on this site. Thanks.
Mar/12/01 Eric Gonzaga Forest Hills, NY earthlink ($40 = 1.5Mbps vs 640k with the devil)< /FONT >
Mar/7/01 Steve W Middletown, NJ TBA
Mar/3/01 Robert Schaufelberger Ithaca, NY AT&T
Mar/3/01 Ken and Mary Dallas, Tx AT&T
Mar/2/01 Eric Fair Lawn, NJ Optimum Online
Mar/2/01 Len T Newfane, NY Adelphia PowerLink
Mar/1/01 Johl J Kennedy Columbia , MO TBA I am soo sick of Verizon. I have had it. Now they have told me there is nothing they can do they just have too many people.
Feb/27/01 Patrick Tampa, FL Sticking with road runner.
Feb/23/01 Brooklyn, NY EarthLink/Covad - STILL waiting for Verizon to allow Covad access to CO. I will NEVER use Verizon DSL!
Feb/22/01 An ISP Parsippany, NJ Adelphia Bus. Solutions
Feb/21/01 Michal Weinstein New York, NY TBA
Feb/20/01 Ron Gilchrist Mill Creek, WA QWest
Feb/20/01 Tom R Salem, MA TBA
Feb/20/01 BQEDSL1 Long Island City, NY Telocity
Feb/19/01 Mark Alexandria, VA ComCast
Feb/19/01 E Auburn, CA ATT
Feb/17/01 Brad G Arlington, MA Earthlink/Covad (neither Burr-i-shun nor Telocity would deliver, but Earthlink did!)
Feb/16/01 Keith Richmond, Va Cavalier
Feb/16/01 Robert Boston, MA TBD
Feb/15/01 Dan Everett, WA none, it's a dialup, but I refuse to do further business with verizon
Feb/15/01 John Irving, TX AT&T Broadband
Feb/14/01 Brian Wayne, NJ CableVision
Feb/14/01 Scott Gould New York, NY RoadRunner
Feb/14/01 M D Boston, MA Mediaone
Feb/12/01 Jonathan Cary Lewiston, ME Adelphia Cable
Feb/11/01 Dave Shrewsbury, MA Shrewsbury Cablevision
Feb/11/01 greg clinton, mass media one
Feb/11/01 Tom Worcester, MA CharterPipeline
Feb/11/01 Jon Haglund Shrewsbury, MA Shrewsbury Cable
Feb/11/01 Larry Clinton, Ma TBA
Feb/11/01 Dave Worcester, Ma You don't give any good alteratives for dsl. They all suck, and are 10x as expensive. Check you links please.
Feb/11/01 Chris Palmer Worcester, ma Great article in sunday telegram 2/11/01 about this site. still shopping for dsl, but will stick with mindspring 56k, until I find DSL other than verizon.
Feb/11/01 Mary Ellen Webster, MA Choice One Communications (Because they don't charge me for calls to England that I did not make, and don't allow USBI, Intranet, etc. to slam your bill - - this service is only currently available to small businesses - EXCELLENT customer service ! )
Feb/9/01 Adam Chelmsford, MA Telocity
Feb/8/01 Mike Bowie, Md Nextel
Feb/7/01 mcw Peoria, IL AT&T(long distance)USCellular
Feb/6/01 David Rubin Brooklyn, NY Earthlink/Covad -SAME PRICE AND ABOUT TWICE AS FAST !!!AND IT WORKS!!!
Feb/6/01 Ben Delaney New York, NY Covad -- Great Quality of Service
Feb/6/01 Frank Kirkland, WA MSN
Feb/5/01 James Gosnell Terre Haute, IN TBA
Feb/5/01 Bill Kirwin South Dennis, MA AT&T Broadband (Media One)
Feb/5/01 Ryan Syracuse, NY TBA
Feb/5/01 Adam Buena Park, CA AT&T Wireless
Feb/4/01 Marcelo NYC, NY TBA
Feb/4/01 Peter A Shirley , NY AT&T Long Distance and Local and Internet Access 1 800 222 0300 or 0400
Feb/4/01 Eric Browns Mills, NJ TBA
Feb/3/01 Kathie Redondo Beach, CA @home cable access
Feb/2/01 eric fair lawn, nj TBA
Feb/1/01 Harry mechanicsburg, pa Earthlink, If Verizon will ever release my line. My Verizon was canceled on Jan 2nd, and Verizon wont release the line until Feb 22nd. Fifty days.
Feb/1/01 karen Island Park, NY optonline
Feb/1/01 Paul Buffalo, NY Adelphia
Feb/1/01 screw verison hehe gloucester, ma freedsl

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