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datenamecity/statenew service provider
Jan/26/04 Lori Spence Sidney, OH Cingular
Jan/26/04 Phyllis Wilmington, IL Virgin Mobil
Jan/26/04 wanda adams Mt Morris, MI Nextel
Jan/26/04 Jenni DuBay Pinconning, MI Nextel And love it!!
Jan/26/04 Linda Boeche Chicago/Lombard, IL None yet, maybe Nextel. Verizon has given numerous credits, admits they have no cell tower to serve 400,00 people in my area, thus no calls get through!
Jan/25/04 Jessica Detrick scottsburg, in tba
Jan/24/04 rusty v altmann arnold, mo nextel / sprint
Jan/24/04 Edwin Cash Omaha, Ne. TBA
Jan/24/04 barry a ginder elizabethtown, pa. att wireless
Jan/23/04 Roger and Terry Lowe Columbus, Id. tba
Jan/21/04 Lana Taber Lynchburg, VA TBA
Jan/19/04 Sal Stow, MA Comcast
Jan/16/04 gretchen mclallen memphis, tn tba
Jan/2/04 Johny Linan Denver , co TBA
Dec/30/03 MK Cedarville, OH Sprint Wireless
Dec/18/03 SC Matawan, NJ Cingular
Dec/9/03 william skipper Nampa, Idaho tba
Dec/7/03 llb LA, CA T-Mobile
Dec/6/03 jct Lunenburg, MA Verizon DSL not available in this part of town, but Comcast Cable Internet is as of a couple month ago.
Nov/28/03 Chris Gibson Harriman/knox, TN Nextel is the way to go baby! Works everywhere I travel to. No Roaming
Nov/28/03 Jay Ramsey Nebo, NC Sprint
Nov/28/03 Katherine Adler New York, NY TBA TOMOROW
Nov/7/03 bill burlington, vt sovernet
Oct/28/03 Robert Luong St. Pete, FL T-Mobile-- $99 per month ($127 net) for 2500 minutes + free N&WK
Oct/22/03 David York Corinth, NY Tracfone " Verizon Wireless hidden second phone early termination fees of $175 on page 5 of the agreement not page one, Read First before you sign! "
Oct/21/03 Bob Nashville, TN don't go with Tmobile!!! They lie about their plans; I'm going w/Cricket.
Oct/20/03 Sean Pensacola, FL Nextel :-D
Oct/18/03 Ed Carney Arlington, Ma TBA
Oct/13/03 jose oscar Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico TBA
Oct/11/03 Mike Evansville, IN OneStar for Long Distance and Sprint PCS, VZ sucks ass!
Oct/10/03 Jarrod Sunland, CA Earthlink
Oct/9/03 Peter Hogan Quincy, MA comcast cable internet provider
Oct/9/03 Peter Hogan Quincy, MA AT&T WIRELESS
Sep/20/03 Justin Cross Wanatah, IN MediaCom- I've been very happy with their service. I've always heard about the problems that Verison causes, but didn't know it went this deep.
Sep/19/03 Albert Nguyen Huntington Beach, Ca T-Mobile
Sep/15/03 Ed Cleveland, oh T Mobile
Sep/15/03 Ed Saxe Cleveland, oh T Mobile
Sep/10/03 scott summers peoria, az alltell
Sep/6/03 Elder Larry Moody Atlanta, GA Excel 1 877 392-3548 gid#1161408003 a good samaritan company! Praise God !!
Sep/6/03 Elder Larry Moody Atlanta, GA EXCEL
Sep/3/03 brad nickels morristown, nj cingular
Sep/1/03 Roy T. Palumbo Manassas , VA TBA
Aug/26/03 Mike Owen Arlington, VA Cable
Aug/26/03 Candace R. Clearwater, FL ATT
Aug/26/03 Neil Axelrod Leominster, MA AT&T
Aug/20/03 Tom Buffalo, NY PowerLink
Aug/19/03 ed park city, ut t-mobile
Aug/13/03 wendy the avenger glendale, az alltell and loving it will pay any price any contract never verizion screwed way to many people and still screwing them in silence
Aug/11/03 Beaten but not out Somewheresville Cingular. I have cancelled my Verizon cell and local service.
Aug/4/03 Diane Audubon, NJ tba
Jul/31/03 R Fuentes Frederick, MD Sprint PCS
Jul/28/03 cheezfri st. louis, mo T-Mobile, but I have little reception at home!
Jul/26/03 HB Sun Prairie, WI US Cellular---I knew not to use VZ in the first place! Unfortunately still have to keep them for local phone service
Jul/20/03 glenn Poughkeepsie, ny nextel, looking to totally get away from that crooked mismanaged company Verizon
Jul/16/03 Ryan Frisco, TX AT&T I have finnally broken all connection with Verizon and will never make the mistake of using them again.
Jul/16/03 F. Riverdale, NJ Switched ISP to Optimum Online (Cable) - Switched Wireless to T-Mobile. (And I work for Verizon)
Jul/2/03 Ryan Russo Clearwater, FL Prob. ATT
Jun/30/03 Poly Khanom Philadelphia, PA America Online. It was suggested to me by a friend, and I love it. It's the best. Easier than MSN. Better than Verizon. The best ISP in my book!
Jun/30/03 William Patterson Bronx, NY AOL
Jun/30/03 Allan Gomes Bronx, NY America OnLine
Jun/30/03 Mumm-Ra Bronx, NY For DSL --Ha! I wish I could get it! But my current ISP is AOL
Jun/29/03 Katie Mccollum Frederick, Md TBA
Jun/26/03 George Chmilewsky Garfield, NJ Optimum on Line had Verizon DSL and it got worse and worse DSL Hell, six months later after the rest of my phone service deteriorated so that they had to fix the line.
Jun/26/03 George Chmilewsky Garfield, NJ Optimum on Line
Jun/18/03 DAnne Lansdale, Pa ANY COMPANY except Verizon por its affiliates!!
Jun/11/03 Timothy Dick Buckhannon, WV US Cellular
Jun/10/03 Tom Stanko Garfield, NJ Earthlink (for DSL)...REAL people, not automotons!!!
Jun/7/03 Cmax, Inc. Woodstown, NJ ATX
5/31/03 ron rutland , vt sovernet
5/29/03 Jason Egg Harbor Township, NJ TCI (phone), Comcast (broadband)
5/25/03 Anne Albany, NY MCI: The Neighborhood - Only $49.99 per month for local and unlimited long distance!!!! Vz can't beat it.
5/21/03 Scott Wade Pleasanton, CA TBA Verison is the worst!
5/20/03 Smith PA AT&T Wireless
5/20/03 Brian Nashville, TN Sprint PCS
5/20/03 Jennifer Ohio Sprint PCS!!!!!!!!!
5/19/03 Mike Diginero Brooklyn, NY Sprint PCS
5/19/03 A Fry Houston, TX Sprint
5/18/03 Ethan Fond du Lac, WI US Cellular
5/17/03 Brenda Powell New Tazewell, TN no one
5/13/03 Alex Bethesda, MD Sweet, found somebody to take my verizon wireless using transerso I don't pay cancellation, now I'm going to Sprint.
5/11/03 Charlie Stanley Portland, OR AT&T Broadband (Internet) - Now Comcast
5/11/03 Charlie Stanley Portland, OR AT&T Toll-Free (My Business Acct)
5/11/03 Charlie Stanley Portland, OR AT&T Wireless (Mobile Phone) I WORK THERE
5/11/03 Charlie Stanley Portland, OR Comcast (Local Phone Service)
5/10/03 G. Aubin Ontario, CA T-Mobil & ATT for cell, VZ for home line (low income)! ya right!
5/10/03 Alex Bethesda, MD Still have 22 LONG months of Verizon Wireless left, but will go to Sprint
5/10/03 Alex Bethesda, MD Comcast
5/7/03 Martin H. Auburn, NY Vonage
5/7/03 Robert Princeton, NJ AT+T for everything
5/6/03 Neal Sears Hendersonville, NC Cingular
Apr/25/03 Carl Kuhl Virginia Beach, VA TBA
Apr/24/03 Scott Mt. Vernon, NY QWEST
Apr/23/03 J Smithling Syracuse, NY ATT/Road Runner
Apr/22/03 Ward Cape May , NJ MCI
Apr/19/03 Mina Akron, OH Cingular
Apr/19/03 Mina OH Cingular
Apr/9/03 A. Barnes Det, MI TBA
Apr/6/03 Nancy NJ Optonline -Verizon DSL sucked big time. As soon as they offered cable modem in my area I signed up.
Apr/3/03 Melanie Andover, MA Sprint
Apr/3/03 Tim Bealiveau NYC, NY Cable!
Mar/20/03 Alan S. Beltsville, MD Comcast
Mar/18/03 John Knowles Devens, MA TBA, Neighbors living to the left and right of me are able to get DSL service from Verizon but for some reason my phone number will not work for DSL and Verizon will not even look at the wiring of my service to get me up and running. From reading the info posted on this site I see that even if I could get DSL from Verizon they would likely mess it up anyway.
Mar/18/03 Christopher Lytle Fort Worth , tx Sprint
Mar/12/03 James Adams Washington, DC I don't care. Anyone but Verizon. I don't care what the cost increase might be.
Mar/12/03 j hill nb, nj f**k off verizon
Mar/12/03 steve w bellmawr, nj tmobile-f vzn-and i work 4 them!
Mar/11/03 Tom Murphy Hillsboro, OR Comcast No other provider available, "BUT DON'T WORRY THE'RE NOT A MONOPOLY"
Mar/10/03 Jennifer Odom East Elmhurst, NY Att&t
Mar/10/03 Walter Roberts Brooklyn, NY Cingular Wireless
Mar/9/03 Rich M. Boston, MA AT+T
Mar/9/03 Jayne Winters Long Branch, NJ anyone but V
Mar/7/03 Jeff Richmond, VA Cable here I come!
Mar/5/03 Jack Etter Hampton, VA TBA -Cavtel
Mar/2/03 Anthony Morkovci Long Beach, MS TBA, Have to be sure its not another Verizon
Feb/25/03 Laura Pope Point Pleasant , NJ T-Mobile
Feb/23/03 andre watts orlando, fl t-mobile
Feb/22/03 Kobi Williamsport, PA AT&T - not by choice. Verizon accepted a disconnect from someone who stole my identity and refused to cooperate.
Feb/15/03 Brendan D.C. Comcast
Feb/13/03 Dale Paquette Kent , Wa Excel/Vartec
Feb/13/03 Mikke Hodson Austin, Tx Nextel
Feb/8/03 Margarete Cahill New Hyde Park, NY MCI
Feb/4/03 Jay Ramsey Asheville, NC USCC
Feb/1/03 Keith & Deborah Taylor Memphis, TN Cingular
Jan/25/03 Charles Plymouth, MI TBS
Jan/25/03 Mike Stow, MA AT&T - I remember when Bell Atlantic promised a tech would be at my site at 8am at 10am I called and they said they didn't know where the tech was. HELLO! YOU'RE BELL ATLANTIC. DON'T THEY HAVE PHONES????
Jan/24/03 Ryan Clark Camarillo, CA TBA, I am the head of new media marketing at a telcom in Camarillo with a huge global client base and will see to it we never use or install any Verizon Broadband solutions to support our product..
Jan/24/03 Dr. Dave Marlborough, MA AT &T Broadband. Prior to reading your website, I was entertaining the thought of switching to Verizon or OneStar (A phone company that buys in bulk from verizon then passes a 10% savings onto you) because of their ineptitude and high service charges. Verizon and AT7T Broadband are "the only games in town" for local phone service or if you're like me who want it all bundled together (Local & Long Distance) the way it used to be before the baby bells came along. So I guess I'm stuck with the lesser of 2 evils.......for now.
Jan/23/03 Ulanda Sanders Clayton, Ohio VoiceStream
Jan/12/03 joe zambrano wilmington, ca Nextel
Jan/12/03 Mike Trenton, NJ Comcast
Jan/11/03 Ed A Vienna, VA The Neighborhood for phone, for Internet
Jan/6/03 J. DiMaio Farmville, VA Alltell
Jan/6/03 Martha Columbia, MD AT+T
Dec/31/02 Stan Boston, MA AT+T
Dec/31/02 Roger M Albany, NY Sprint PCS
Dec/31/02 stayner parts of , NJ Satellite I P - why ? because I can!!!!
Dec/30/02 James T Sylmar, CA Is verizon wireless being sued? check out: Campbell Class action Lawsuit??
Dec/30/02 James T. Sylmar, CA Continue from my wirless public. I just got NEXTEL wireless to replace verizon wireless. check out:
Dec/30/02 James T. Sylmar, CA AT&T digital phone, and Cable internet now now. When I thought wireless was worse, I moved to Sylmar for Burbank and got stuck with Verizon land line service. Over billing and a manditory credit limit of $200 placed on all new residential accounts using Verizon Long Distance. Thank Got for new AT&T digital and Qwest long distance.
Dec/30/02 James T. Sylmar, CA Got Verizon Wireless for 1 1/2 years. For first year, got stuck with bad phones and they wouldn't help. Played games with billing telling me one thing and doing another. Especially with their family share plans.
Dec/30/02 James T. Sylmar, CA AT&T
Dec/28/02 Kevin Mckenna Dorchester, MA ATTBI
Dec/27/02 Jennifer Arlington, va Cable Internet
Dec/21/02 Ken Long Beach, CA Charter Pipeline
Dec/16/02 Ivan New York, NY Broadview
Dec/13/02 Matt Duluth, MN cell 1
Dec/13/02 matt glens falls, ny 37.95 turned to 115 only 8 is calls
Dec/9/02 ralph/trish kingston, tn tba--40 buck/mo. came to 80/mo
Dec/9/02 ralph/trish kingston, tn tba--$40/mo. promise came to nearly
Dec/9/02 Laura Miller NY, NY TBA
Dec/8/02 Charles Clarksville, TN Voicestream
Dec/6/02 Andrew Gordon Stone Mountain, Ga Sprint
Dec/6/02 Tony Bellflower, CA Cingular
Dec/1/02 Jill K Fullerton, CA My $249/mo wireless phone service now belongs to Cingular. Hurray!
Nov/30/02 Kristie Reagan Livingston, TN Electrotech and Eloqui Wireless, Because I've found that having an Agent working for you makes all the difference in the world. Electrotech is the oldest wireless agent in the Upper Cumberland, with Stores in Livingston, and Jamestown. They new as much about the compitition as they did about Eloqui and it is simply the best for our area!
Nov/25/02 Nick Delmedico Roanoke, Va TBA
Nov/25/02 Chris New Lexington, OH RoadRunner, They FUCKING ROCK MAN!!! FUCK V
Nov/23/02 Kelly Frankfort, Ky SunCom
Nov/18/02 Davis Boston, MA Charter
Nov/18/02 Rob Nextel
Nov/14/02 Mike H Buffalo, NY Adelphia
Nov/9/02 vlad M Leominster, ma TBA
Nov/7/02 Margo Mt. Clemens, MI Nextel
Nov/5/02 Burt Orlando, fl tba
Nov/5/02 Kimberlie Knoxville, TN U.S.Cellular
Nov/2/02 Gordon Mesa, AZ AT&T, Verizpon Overbilled me 6 months of my 12 month contract
Oct/29/02 KC NYC, NY AT&T
Oct/27/02 ray a board cleveland, oh verizon msn
Oct/20/02 Gwen Wealth Belt, NJ Voice Stream - Because of a billing situation where they accused me of fraud for no reason. I have documents proving otherwise. Also, my husband works as either a consultant to or as head of ops for large corporations, what do you think his decisions are when the underlings try to sway him to use Verizon? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Oct/20/02 greta Chantilly, VA MCI
Oct/17/02 Craig Manchester, NH US Cellular
Oct/15/02 John Acton, MA mindspring
Oct/14/02 PMG Newtown, CT Nextel
Oct/10/02 tara clarksville, tn Sprint PCS
Oct/9/02 mkcompy AT&T Cell phone, OptimumOnline cable internet
Oct/6/02 Jason Houston, Tx Anyone other then check misplacing verison
5/31/02 Dale Cookeville, TN TBA -- not eloqui or verizon
5/31/02 Ruppert&Duff Brandon,, DirectTV
5/26/02 Ermelindo aka Figgy New York City, NY Sprint, I also want to say that I am proud to be a part of Time Warner Cable, my actions as a sales rep have cost Verizon some customers :-)
5/19/02 Toni Lake Charles, LA TBA(but after browsing this site, it won't be theV!!)
5/15/02 Chris New York, NY Went with Road Runner as my internet provider
5/15/02 Chris New York, NY Went with Sprint as my cell provider
5/13/02 Shannon Tampa, Fl TBA
5/11/02 Peter Katula East Windsor, NJ TBA Verizon has screwed me for years
Apr/29/02 Mike Baltimore, MD ATT
Apr/25/02 David Syracuse, NY Cricket
Apr/24/02 salesman richmond, va 50K per month, I work for Cavalier Telephone
Apr/23/02 Gene Columbia, MO Cingular
Apr/22/02 adrian schmotolocha Thousand Oaks, ca tba
Apr/22/02 James Westampton, NJ Comcast
Apr/19/02 Phil R Wake Forest, NC AllTel
Apr/12/02 Helen Joslin Naples, FL Cingular
Apr/9/02 Garrett Randall Washington, D ATT
Apr/9/02 judy rockwood, tn ELOQUI WIRELESS verizon took my friend for over $1,000. because they neglected to tell of the roaming areas with statewide coverage in TN
Apr/8/02 Harry Kollatz Richmond, VA TBA
Apr/2/02 Jeff Phillips Kingston, MI NexTel - Verizon couldn't do basic call forwarding and was paying $90/month for a business line plus $35 for a cell phone. Now I'm paying $69 for an unlimited inbound cell phone and ditched the others.
Mar/28/02 M Grand Rapids, MI Nextel>> i love the 2 way
Mar/27/02 Real Hilo, HI TBA
Mar/25/02 Will Richmond, VA AT+T
Mar/21/02 Bill W. Annapolis, MD Cable Internet
Mar/12/02 John DeLucio Richmond, IN Centennial Wireless
Mar/11/02 Jessica Baltimore, MD TBA--- ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar/9/02 wayne Arlington, va Comcast
Mar/7/02 Babs West Chester, PA anybody else
Mar/5/02 Eric Baltimore, MD Cavalier
Feb/27/02 Sherry Harrogate, tn eloqui wireless
Feb/27/02 Carl Sprint PCS
Feb/26/02 Adam Malden , MA RCN
Feb/21/02 Mike Martin San Luis Obispo, CA ATT wireless....they know how to treat customers!
Feb/13/02 Jim K Milwaukee, WI Us Cellular
Jan/26/02 Jay Tampa, FL CBT Telecom
Jan/25/02 John Charleston, SC Verizon? NO WAY JOSE!!
Jan/24/02 Rich Kirkland, WA TBA
Jan/14/02 Jan Brawner - had 2 cell phones Silver Spring, MD none
Jan/12/02 David Sickles Southboro, MA ATT
Jan/11/02 T.L. Lawrence Jacksonville, FL TBA
Jan/7/02 Lisa Tipton Mt. Carmel, Tn tba (curently alltel )
Jan/4/02 We HATE Suncom Piedmont, SC Cingular RULES! Nobody should try Suncom
Dec/26/01 Steve Everett, WA TBA
Dec/24/01 Carl New York, NY Time-Warner
Dec/19/01 Bob Chesapeake, VA Cox
Dec/5/01 Erik Richmond, VA Cavalier (home phone) Suncom (wireless) @home (cable)
Nov/29/01 nancy h clarksville, tn tba
Nov/26/01 wont say queens, ny Sprint PCS
Nov/14/01 Jim Bass Syracuse, NY TBA
Nov/8/01 Tom Gainesville, VA Earthlink
Nov/7/01 Nick Tampa, FL Internet Octction Online Service.
Nov/5/01 javier manahawkin, nj SprintPCS
Nov/1/01 Mark M. Port Hueneme, CA Adelphia for cable, wish I could change phone service but they have monopoly here...
Oct/28/01 ellen richmond, va Cavalier Telephone
Oct/28/01 Lewis Merit Tampa, Fl Hellsouth (bellsouth) not much better.
Oct/22/01 Kimberly Holderer Long Branch, NJ TBA/ Verizon will not fix phone line, have been without any service for over a week.
Oct/18/01 Molly Olympia, WA TBA
Oct/17/01 Mike Polidor DEPTFORD, nj @HOME
Oct/15/01 Earl Zomnav Silver Spring, MD Road Runner
Oct/13/01 Courtney NYC, NY TBA
Oct/5/01 Dennis Long Island, Lightpath
Sep/30/01 Rajaraman Nagarajan Edison, NJ VoiceStream
Sep/24/01 Brad Columbia, MD @Home / I work for an ISP, and I always make sure to have my customers get their loops through MFS. At least $8500/mo away from VZ!!
Sep/22/01 Bull Horn Nashville, TN Sprint Cell
Sep/20/01 Candee Luv Phoenix, AZ MCI!! i work for them..seriously...they are the best rates around..i reserched it!
Sep/16/01 Nancy Bowers Syracuse , In. Centennial Wireless
Sep/16/01 Matt Bowers Syracuse, In. Centennial Wireless

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