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date name city/state new service provider
5/3/05Chris ColónNorman, OKT-Mobile
5/1/05nareshvirginia beach, vatba
Apr/30/05Mike HarkinsCharleston, SCSunCom
Apr/29/05ChristopherBeckley, WVFiberNet
Apr/29/05mary crumbachersnellville, gacingular
Apr/26/05tom jamescorona, casbc
Apr/26/05Pam MatthewsSan Diego, CAT-Mobile
Apr/25/05P WilsonTBA
Apr/22/05Willie TenorioKyle, TXTime Warner Digital Phone
Apr/22/05LouisOlney, MDCavTel
Apr/22/05IvettaFalls Church, VAPrimus Telecommunications, Inc. / Lingo (Regular and long-distance phone service)
Apr/22/05IvettaFalls Church, VACox Communications (Internet)
Apr/21/05DG McManusPortland, ORCingular
Apr/21/05Wally World IDirty South, GAVONAGE
Apr/20/05SayronHuntington, NYVonage (VOIP)
Apr/16/05Furious DGlen Mills, PAVerizon Wireless 4 EVER
Apr/15/05Suspicious AlawishisTeaneck, NJTBA... maybe nextel
Apr/14/05Tech w/Nat'l InfluenceClayton, NCNextel and satisfied! Incompetence + No customer orientation (Greed) = VERIZON. Glad I have influence because there's plenty of business they WON'T BE GETTING. When I'm done with them, I'll have all my money back + more w/clean credit.
Apr/13/05james johnstonfort wayne, inold service provider
Apr/13/05ChrisReston, VANextel - finally people with a clue!
Apr/11/05PhiguruLawrence, MAVonage & Comcast (Broadband)
Apr/11/05brian and julie sutherlandbaltimore, mdtmobile
Apr/7/05walter blachamuskegon, michigantba
Apr/7/05jorge mielessan lorenzo, casingular
Apr/6/05George Nbristow, vaCIngular. verizon has got to get their billing s**t together..pormises to credit my account for 4 months but no deliveries...
Apr/4/05Lee BWest Newton, PATBA. Verizon is terrible.
Mar/30/05rickgilbert, azT-mobile
Mar/28/05John FerrMinneapolis, MNLingo(VOIP)
Mar/28/05Alejandro RodriguezKnoxville, TNSprint PCS- Verizon charged me 1500 dollars for calls placed while roaming when i was on unltd N+W... its total b/s... f@#$ off Verizon! I h8 u guys
Mar/27/05Roger SilvaRancho Cucamonga, CAVOIP (Vonage)
Mar/27/05Roger SilvaRancho Cucamonga, CAT-Mobile & VOIP
Mar/26/05Ron Machesney Park, IllinoisT-Mobile
Mar/24/05Ryan JuliusLawrence, KSSprint (3rd Line)
Mar/24/05Ryan JuliusLawrence, KSSprint (2nd Line)
Mar/24/05Ryan JuliusLawrence, KSSprint
Mar/18/05Brian TinsleyRedmond, waSprint
Mar/18/05Verizon HaterNashua, NHHave had to replace my phone five ties so far within the deafening two year contract. Charged me fifty bucks for the phone that goes for that same number new now. A refurbished phone for fifty bucks, christ your lucky to get twenty if you want to cell any used phone. And how bout that ten dollar phonebook transfer fee- " Verizon we never stop finding ways to pork you in the ass" lube sold seperately
Mar/18/05BigENashua, NHStuck w/ Verizon
Mar/18/05Vernon PumperQuincy, MASprintPCS. I was tired of trien to get Verizon to check my phone ( a Kyrociera) because I couldn't hear folks on the other end. and they told me I might want to consider going to an ear doctor to get an exam since they said I was a yelling at them. They is pathetic!
Mar/18/05DanielLos Angeles, CAT-mobile
Mar/18/05Vernon PumperQuincy, MASprintPCS
Mar/18/05Gregory C.Washington, DCT-Mobile, after 3 months of trying to and failing to install a landline in my apt I opted to go cellular and made sure it wasn't verizon wireless
Mar/18/05AndreaCincinnati, ohVERIZON WIRELESS
Mar/18/05Finally SwitchedLebanon, ORVerizon! I switched to Verizon Wireless from QWEST because the Verizon coverage was far superior to anything else available here. I was paying more with QWEST than I do with Verizon. I got worse service with QWEST. And AT&T/Cingular/MCI/Whatever their name will be next year, offered the least amount of services/coverage. So Verizon I went, and so far I am very happy!
Mar/18/05A. LageschulteAvondale, AZVerizon refused to replace a replacement phone that was broken when it was given to us! Then told us that if we didn't like it we could pay the $175.00 termination fee to end the contract! Since we have 3 phones with them, the termination cost would be $525.00!!!
Mar/18/05D. LageschulteAvondale, AZTBA
Mar/18/05Will F.Austin, TXT-Mobile
Mar/18/05Mark RamickConyers, GACingular
Mar/17/05WadeLos Angeles, CASprint
Mar/17/05Rodney Fort Worth, TxSprint
Mar/17/05Victor ManuelChicago, ILT Mobil the best customer service I have ever had
Mar/17/05Juansanta ana, canextel
Mar/17/05AnonymousPharr, Tx.Virgin Mobile, 2 lines, From 80$ a month in half
Mar/17/05Michelle PerezGrand Prairie, TXCingular
Mar/17/05Ashley Kalamazoo, MICentennial Wireless
Mar/17/05James HansenMcGregor, TXTrakphone
Mar/17/05Christiane MeidamHouston , TXSprint. Verizon charged my account for over 100 dollars for a phone that was broken..literally smashed after it was stepped on. After a month of being in the trash the phone somehoe racked up $117.86 in fees.
Mar/17/05Benjamin LabarreKaty, TXTBA
Mar/17/05Michelle StoneToledo, OHSprint!!!!! Verizon screwed me over BIG time. I will never use there service again.
Mar/17/05Ellen BacklinRoselle, IllVerizon Sucks! Verizon thinks that they are the only cell phone company out there. They love to rip off and screw the people out of their hard earned money. For all we care verizon can go to hell and burn.
Mar/17/05Nick CinfioRoselle, IllCingular Wireless
Mar/17/05FUKalli, KaliVerizon yot their eyes on your prize son want you to compromise none steal it from right under Your EYes one.
Mar/16/05bhraymond, nhat&t
Mar/16/05HowardPrinceton, NJVonage
Mar/14/05AndyRedwood City, caAT&T/Cingular
Mar/14/05Peternew york, NYCingular
Mar/14/05JWEdison, NJAT& T and I've paid $30 LESS per month since I switched!
Mar/12/05prasadblacksburg, VATBA
Mar/12/05Mitchell LeeMaryville, TNTBA
Mar/11/05dean businesschappaqua, nywhen my dsl provider needed your cooperation- just a tiny little bit of info- so i could stay connected in '00 when you wouldn't return my calls begging you be my dsl provider- you stonewalled so that NO ONE could be my provider: you couldn't, so you made sure that it was impossible-figured they'd all go bankrupt waiting for your passive assistance- then you -the survivor- would rule the market alone, & at your prices. You greedy pigs screwed America, arrested our wired development as the world passed us by. I swore I'd dump you pigs when you were out of the driver's seat. I hate you greedy pigs- nourished for years on schadenfreude.
Mar/11/05deanchappaqua, nyoptonline
Mar/10/05Ben ReddallBishop, CAMobile caller (long distance)
Mar/10/05lenapa, paverison is horrible they are ripping ppl off no one should ever go through them i mean they charged me for calls i didnt even call it was horibble i had a over a 100.00 BILL just horrible
Mar/10/05Eric SylvesterLogansport, INTBA
Mar/10/05Porfirio ReyesTeaneck, NJVonage, saving myself almost $40 a month over those Verizon thieves...
Mar/10/05Chris SannerEverson, PAMCI
Mar/10/05Mike NicewarnerSouth Sioux City, NEStill looking.
Mar/9/05Chris BlandTampa, FLVonage(House phone), AT&T(Cellular), and RoadRunner(Internet) . Verizon will NEVER recieve my $ again.
Mar/9/05Joe TesonMenands, NYVonage
Mar/9/05blakeseattle, watmobile
Mar/9/05Ronald ColeRidgecrest, CACingular Wireless
Mar/9/05jakefranklin, maVonage (better service, product and $35 less!)
Mar/9/05MikeSeattle, WAVonage
Mar/9/05Ben GLexington, KYInsight Cable
Mar/9/05Jeff HNew Albany, OHSPRINT - Verizon Sold us Cell Phones that they KNEW didn't work AT OUR HOME (though it's covered on their coverage maps?). Fucked'em good when I filed Chap. 7. They're out >$800
Mar/9/05TimGreenwood, iINVERIZON
Mar/5/05DickyWestminster, MDVonage
Mar/3/05chris cyreast bridgewater, maTBA
Mar/3/05John McCarterMyrtle Beach, SCHorry Telephone Cooperative (HTC) home phone.. charter for internet and cingular for wireless
Mar/3/05Cheri MetcalfKnoxville, TNBellsouth for Home Telephone; Cingular Wireless for Cellular Service; and Comcast for Internet.
Feb/27/05Kevin WilliamsCordova, SCvirgin Mobile
Feb/23/05Ruth WilderChicago, ILlsnf linr
Feb/23/05Tim ChristmanDibrell, TNCingular
Feb/21/05Wes PetersKnoxville, TNI am an authorized agent with U.S. Cellular! If you need reliable service and are located in Tennessee, give me a call. Our local and regional plans will beat any provider. What do you have to lose...give me a call (865) 556--4311
Feb/21/05veedogaustin, txTBA- that echo you guys heard with verizon was the fuccen feds listening to your conversation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb/21/05veedogaustin, txTBA- those verizon booty scratchaz charged me roaming when it was supposed to b free...verizon is owned by the govt, fuccen fleecing of the woking man, just like taxes.....donald trump for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb/10/05McQuadeLafayette, LABTW: Mr. C North of Charlston, NC-the only reason so many people still have Verizon is not because they are happy with the service, so much as they are stuck in their plans not having the money to close the account and having it renewed for unknown reasons. open your head and scratch your brain a bit.
Feb/10/05Mandy & Michael McQuade (2 seperate accounts-bastards)Lafayette, LACingular
Feb/5/05Robert WoodsDallas, TxT-mobile
Feb/3/05CarlaHaverford, PATBA
Jan/31/05RCDallas, TxTBA
Jan/31/05Chris "D"New York City, NYRoadRunner + Vonage
Jan/30/05Kenneth DunnBristol, TNnew alltell, Verizon ripped me off, repairservice 250 to fix phone , broke again. no service . then reported my credit report, they suck
Jan/30/05Kenneth Dunnb, TNalltell
Jan/29/05Esraa BaniHerndon, VACingular
Jan/28/05AnonymousLos Angelos, CASprint
Jan/28/05APWashington, DCSprint PCS...two phones. Customer service, while not perfect, is FAR superior to Verizon!
Jan/27/05The Hotdog manLevittown, PASprintPCS cell, eat it VERIZON
Jan/25/05Rebecca Greensburg, PATBA
Jan/24/05Parris DavisSunnyvale, CACingular
Jan/22/05Philip YoonSterling, VAAT&T for Cell and landline, got IP phone through some other company. Verizon is losing at least $150 every month from me.
Jan/18/05Darryl PhillipsONEIDA, TNUs Cellular for Wireless, Bellsouth for Home Phone and DSL
Jan/17/05levi bedell,sraugusta, gavirizon
Jan/17/05AJMGardner, MAComcast (broadband internet service)
Jan/10/05Kathy GibbasPiqua, OhTracphone
Jan/8/05Jo MoralesWayne, NJCingular
Jan/7/05c stumpfChelmsford, maATT (now Cingular) 4 wireless lines
Jan/6/05Andrew WitkowskiPeoria, ILT-Mobile. Promised rebate, convenientely lost rebates that arrived with UPC's. No bill for months, overcharged on two phones that had a discount, then with the disconnect fee, a $200 collection fee. This company deserves to burn in hell.
Dec/30/04KarenSaginaw, MINextel, I HATE VERIZON! Screw their "cancellation" fee, when i ported my # 2 days early!!!
Dec/19/04Willy TaylorAthens, PALingo -Voip,Virgin Phone
Dec/16/04Steve GAtlanta, gatba
Dec/14/04Alistair DeaconNew York, NYCingular; Verizon spits in the faces of consumers and chooses not to compete in the wireless market. Well that's great, they can choose not to compete and I can choose not to do business with them.
Dec/11/04lidia smithcolorado, tba
Dec/11/04Jim schalbenhinkley, mntba
Dec/8/04Beth LewisBronx, NYTBA(more than likely) MCI
Nov/29/04Raquel MelaraTampa , Verizon is the worst company,they still your minutes and your money.We need to *uck them back by taking legal action. I hope they fall sooooooon!!!!!!
Nov/29/04raquel melaradade city, fltba
Nov/22/04Mike LeeBoston, MAGet rid of VZW they'll f*** you over any way they can. Verizon is going to go down, they can't stay in business, they are shadier than AT&T, and everything they do is illegal. Like banning PIC's, blocking numbers and telling you that you have "unlimited" long distance. F**k them. Cancel them now and pick a better company, even a ghetto 711 callign card is better.
Nov/21/04MarkFramingham, MARCN - that's over $80 saved, screw Comcast & Verizon
Nov/12/04jennyBronx, nyopex
Nov/11/04Dean WongPhoenix, CATBA...Wireless cut off my promotion without reasons!
Nov/11/04CodyHershey, PAT-Mobile
Nov/7/04D Ksyracuse, nyNote: wrote a spreadsheet to check bills for duplicate calls. See
Nov/1/04Jayson TaylorSarasota, FLExcel
Oct/29/04little creekWatkinsville, GAt-mobile
Oct/27/04C. NorthCharleston, SCVerizon Wireless You people are retarded half of you don’t make sense and the other half of you can’t spell. Have you even checked they are the only ones I see on more than 1 list in the top 20. So until I see that change looks like everyone else disagrees too.
Oct/24/04Ian DOgden, UTAT&T 2 Lines
Oct/23/04Michael ZahnerDel Valle, TXCingular
Oct/22/04AnonyAnytown, Nextel, to all Verizon cell custs please please watch your bill. Write down when you make a call and date it. Do this for a month and you will see that you are charged for every call that is busy, or no answer, or it the phone dials the number twice you get charged twice
Oct/22/04AnonAnytown, catba
Oct/20/04Jennifer BorgiaHopatcong, NJNextel
Oct/9/04v. sturgislittle rock, arthank you my friend for hte heads up, I was about to leave alltell and go to ver/highson/lieson and that would have been worst than the dog tick I now use.
Oct/4/04GeorgeWest Chester, PAT-MOBILE
Oct/3/04Laura RossHighland , utquest,............ My advice is to watch your automatic payment.. Verison takes out your billing and then a little more for themselves
Oct/2/04J & KWestford, MAVirginMobileUSA - Being "minimal use" cell-phone users, instead of paying monthly fees for minutes never used, and roaming charges, all totaling over $80/mo. for 2 phones, we now have wonderful service and awesome "extras" and spend about $10 per month/per phone. Unable to afford phenomenal VW charges, they cancelled our #'s due to late payment. I cancelled our service - IT WAS WELL WORTH IT!!! VIRGIN MOBILE IS THE BEST FOR LOW-USE CELL USERS! No Roaming charges, Nationwide service, and their customer service is beyond compare.
Oct/2/04Levi Fox
Sep/30/04Andrew WagnerSheboygan, WIEXCEL
Sep/27/04Anthony (O)Arkon, OhAlltel
Sep/25/04TomTexas City, TXT-Mobile
Sep/24/04David PiereIrvington, NJwireless Phone
Sep/24/04john Jazminlinden, njwireless phone
Sep/21/04Joe GarberPhiladelphia, PAComcast
Sep/21/04Christina WilkinsonMaspeth, NYRCN
Sep/16/04John VorheesBakersfield, CACingular, maybe, but definately not Verizon!
Sep/11/04J. BrownPortage, MI.Nextel
Sep/8/04Melisa WeingartBakersfield, CANEXTEL
Aug/26/04Elizabeth JonesOneida, Tnnew service
Aug/25/04Andy ClarkApache Junction, AZAT&T Wireless
Aug/23/04Juliann McGuinnissWallkill, NYNEXTEL (anything is better than Verizon
Aug/20/04B. SweeneyStafford, VASprint
Aug/19/04David PenningtonColumbus, OhioSprint
Aug/18/04Jeff ContrerasDurham, NCTWC VOIP
Aug/15/04CardinalXNewportBeach, CATBA
Aug/14/04Nate BedfordBaltimore, MDVerizon Wireless, it sucks so bad, i had a family plan and they dont tell u that u share the minutes! Then u get like a $600 bill and u wonder how all those minutes were used up, and they never tell u that the 400 minutes are shared between the users in the family, dont ever get verizon wireless!! i am warning you now, dont get it!!
Aug/6/04Steve HWest Chester, PAVonage - Come on folks, get VOIP!
Aug/4/04Dillion McCoughyFishburn, WYCingular
Aug/2/04MohitFoxboro, MAComcast/Cingular
Jul/28/04Tony ShawMinneapolis, Mn T - Mobil
Jul/28/04Marina PenaherreraKirkland, WAComcast
Jul/23/04MicheleGermantown, MDTBA
Jul/23/04RobGermantown, MDTBA
Jul/22/04BillPoirier, CaVerizon
Jul/22/04ecbalto, mdtba/renenty heard on news cell phone co.'s must allow "early termination"w/o a fee
Jul/22/04razadodover, dlcomcast /verizon dsl service sucks
Jul/22/04evbalto, mdcomcast
Jul/18/04Joan MetzgerRichmond, MENextel for me, Verizon blows
Jul/16/04Tiffany ReodBrooklyn, N.Yi want to get a cell phone. i want you to send me the cell phone with no charge or credit card and add it all to my household bill
Jul/6/04PaulNY, NYVerizon best signal by far!!!! i dont care about anything else
Jul/3/04Andy G.ALBUQUERQUE, NMT-Mobile
Jul/2/04Tessa (B) AltmannLower Arnold, MOOn Her Back
Jul/2/04Rusty V AltmannArnold , MOVoicestream
Jun/29/04Teresa FitzgeraldChicopee, MaTmobile
Jun/27/04Jennifer YoungLodi, CaCingular
Jun/18/04Jessica C.Winder, GaAlltel for DSL, Cingular for CELL.
Jun/17/04Mike DBellingham, WaSprint
Jun/17/04John T.Nashua, NHCingular
Jun/14/04WesMesa, AZSprint and I love it!!
Jun/13/04Jordan PlieskattArlington, VATBA, but hey, my verizon DSL doesn't work anyways!
Jun/13/04Erin BriskaArlington, VANextel, VERIZON WIRELESS HORRIBLE customer service! Worth the $175 to cancel my service!
Jun/11/04Aron S.Rancho Cucamonga, CANONE, I'm done with cell phones for the time...until they clean up their act. This is like when dial up came out, hourly charges, insane fees, remember that?
Jun/5/04Dominic MarulloBrockton, MAComcast
Jun/5/04Matt RichardAlbany, NYCingular
5/26/04Burnley WilkinsAttleboro, MAAT&T Wireless - Excellent service, accurate billing, NOT VERIZON! In my area, Verizon is the most expensive company for any of the services they provide.
5/23/04Jay BoykinNebo, NCNone... and I don't miss it at all!
5/20/04Boyd TaylorAshtabula, OHATT
5/17/04Betty SafyrtluPhoenix, AZAT+T
5/14/04A.M.Marina del Rey, CAOne year with Sprint and going strong. Now about, Verizon watch for the $400 depsoit. Do not pay it. Because they too my $400 and say they have no record of it. So, now I must sue them.
5/9/04tim dhartford, ctsprint
Apr/20/04Tamara Turner- OttkeBurke, Vaswitched 3 line, DSL andd wireless Talk America,Cox, and T-mobile respectively
Apr/20/04Mike SimmondsChelmsford, MACable
Mar/26/04GeorgeRedford, mi.Sprint PCS
Mar/25/04JohnFenton, Mi.Nextel, Verizon's push to talk is a failure
Mar/25/04JohnToronto, ONScrew Verizon
Mar/25/04le brownsilver spring, mdmsn dial-up
Mar/19/04Natalie SealsLynn, MAComcast (not much better, but it's the only choice I have)
Mar/18/04DaveAntioch, CACingular
Mar/14/04John WReno, NVTracfone
Mar/9/04Rick M.Portland, METBA
Mar/8/04Joshua + Gaby V.Denair, CAATT Verizon ripped my wife off and lied to her and kept NO record of the promises they made her or her even calling customer service! What poor service!
Mar/8/04Joshua + Gaby V.Denair, CAATT
Mar/6/04BobToorance, ILverizon sucks!!!! tmobile rules!!!
Mar/6/04Snoop DoggChicago, ILTMOBILE ROCKS!!!!!
Mar/5/04Paulette CasentaDowningtown, paCingular Wirelaess
Mar/4/04Michelle C.St. Louis, MOT MOBILE IS THE BEST
Mar/3/04ShannonWenatchee, WaTBA
Mar/2/04Joseph DruryMadison, WITBA
Mar/2/04Pat LevesqueOttawa (CAN), paNONe I'll get a pager with bell Telus is the worst company I've dealt with in my whole life
Mar/2/04Pat LevesqueOttawa (CAN), onNONe I'll get a pager with bell Telus is the worst company I've dealt with in my whole life
Mar/2/04Pat LevesqueOttawa (CAN), onNONe I'll get a pager with bell Telus is the worst company I've dealt with in my whole life
Mar/1/04VONCILLE ToussiantChatom, AlMotorala
Mar/1/04CheriCarrollton, Ganone yet, when I signed, what I thought was a 1 year, but turns out it's a 2 year. They didn't tell me this at the time of signing, go figure. They will get whast is coming to them. Guess who's laughing now.
Feb/26/04lesa moodynebo, cellular its much better that verizon anyday.
Feb/22/04David Paraskosorrville, ohAltel;
Feb/20/04Michael ArmstrongDallas, TX
Feb/18/04Robert WhiteHarford Co., Md. TBA
Feb/17/04Lori WilliamsAustin, TXSprint Cell
Feb/16/04SheenaOneida, TNwas going to get Verizon but decided to stay with Eloqui wireless
Feb/15/04Hugh JanusLeper Colony, MIT-Mobile
Feb/14/04Mitchell MillerSt helen, MiSprint
Feb/13/04AaronManassas Park, VAComcast
Feb/13/04EdWolcott, CTTBA
Feb/13/04Glenn SimonsonOnalaska, TXCingular
Feb/13/04Pat SimonsonOnalaska, TXCingular
Feb/13/04James and Teresa RamseyWarsaw , MOMy husband drop his' contact with verzion, I didn't at this time, cause we could do both, so I'm going do my when my contact is up because we can not good service from them and lot rumoring fees that don't think is right went it suppose be in area.
Feb/12/04Benjamin N JohnsonLittleton, CoI was customer with Airtouch Cellular and verizon wireless.During this time. I do not remenber my cell phone number I had two number.
Feb/12/04Theresa LaneWakefield, MATMOBILE & Orange
Feb/12/04Theresa LaneWakefield, MANetzero high speed
Feb/11/04G. HallDallas, Tx.TBA
Feb/10/04TrinySan Jose, CaT-MOBILE
Feb/10/04Jennifer NorthCordova, MDCellular One
Feb/9/04MIKE THOMASHINSDALE, IL.T- MOBILE, since 2002 and I'm 1000% happier now !!!!!!!!!!!! I had been with verizon since 95'
Feb/9/04tracy wallscosta mesa , cagoing back to nextel;noprobs and it works!!! verizon is a joke and a rip!!!
Feb/9/04Kimberly SuggsMinneapolis, MnSprint
Feb/8/04Joann RushingBourbonnais, ILCingular
Feb/8/04Edna Faye ReidColumbia , S.C.Cingular
Feb/8/04Shavon PenningtonBakersfield , CAAT&T
Feb/5/04Jamie ElsmorePhoenix, AZNEXTEL, they are great , bought it for my husband and can now send him a msg anytime of day or night, it always gets there and it's free.
Feb/5/04john bnashua, nhtba
Feb/4/04Ericakron, ohsprint VERIZON ripped me off and stuck me with a contract i never saw or even signed.
Feb/4/04David L Moran JrLincoln, RINextel
Feb/4/04Johhn KerbeinElmira, NYTBA
Feb/4/04Marlene HolmesManassas, VATBA
Feb/3/04Ronald RallAberdeen, SDTBA
Feb/3/04Paul WChinook , MtCELLULARONE With Verizon it was a new problem every month.
Feb/3/04EvanDallas, TXNextel
Feb/3/04v. cluffanaheim, catba
Feb/2/04Denise GingerichElkhart, INAT&T but not THAT happy
Feb/2/04Xia ChaPortland, ORTBA/ Verizon has put me through hell talking to the customer services, one tells me a thing and another tells me a different story, I have had enough with them I'm waiting for my contract to end and changing because that after I called to add my name to my husband cell phone they changed the contract and charges me alot and when they sent me the bill it was always over $100 dollars every month even if I haven't used up all my minutes. I just don't want ot deal with them every month do you??????
Feb/2/04Gena SefcikMason, MIT-Mobile
Feb/2/04Jose RodriguezGarfield, NJTBA
Feb/2/04Gary Littlebrownsmills, n.jidt
Feb/2/04licia schubert silver spring, i dont heve one
Feb/2/04 Terri Park Forest, Il Cingular
Feb/1/04 Anna Landrum Warsaw, In Cennetinial
Feb/1/04 Eric Frazier Warsaw, In Cennetinial
Feb/1/04 Katerina McMullin Charlestown, IN Nextel
Feb/1/04 James Chaconas Millsboro, DE None yet, but as soon as my contract runs out you can bet your butt I am changing. Have had nothing but headaches with Verizon Wireless. I can't even make a phone call inside my own house. There are not enough towers in the area. I have to stand outside to send and/or receive calls. Billing is another nightmare. I have attempted for almost one year to get my account transferred from one name to another (long story) and it is still not correct! I am definitely looking for a new provider!
Feb/1/04 donna avelsgard hibbing, mn. tba
Jan/31/04 Steven C. Trosiek Uniontown, PA None. I almost got killed when someone hit me while talking on a cell phone
Jan/31/04 Jonathan B. Pearce Uniontown, PA No phone except for the one on my computer
Jan/30/04 Sandra Howard Lebanon, Oh cingular
Jan/30/04 Stanle Scher St. Carles, MO TBA
Jan/30/04 Mandy Burley Jennison, MI Cellular One
Jan/30/04 Rogene F. Torrey Liberty, Mo Sprint
Jan/29/04 rob saugerties, ny earthlink
Jan/29/04 Jason Collins Deputy, IN Cingular
Jan/28/04 Linda Huffer Gosport, IN TBA
Jan/28/04 helen m hawes st. louis, mi tba
Jan/28/04 helen m hawes st. louis, mi NPI
Jan/28/04 scott ringhand apppleton, wi sprint
Jan/27/04 Darlene Brunswick, oh Nextel and happy!!
Jan/27/04 William C. Bigger Bowdoinham, Me. TBA
Jan/27/04 Debra Thomas Hinsdale, Il T-Mobile
Jan/27/04 Linda Tomazi Florissant, MO Tracphone
Jan/27/04 the duker cleve, oh tba
Jan/26/04 Duane Kado Spring Valley, , wisc. I had verison cell phone for 1 year at $59.95 a month and over the course of a year I was only able to get service for about 30 minutes the whole year we had it. We were only able to get one or maybe 2 bars with in a 30 mile radius of our house . Basicaly we waysted about $500.+ dollars for nothing. Can you hear me now? I may have taken that money and lit a smoke and had maybe a little pleasure , if that is possible!

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