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Welcome to! This website was created to educate the public about the facts and all-too-common negative experiences that many have had with the conglomerate known as Verizon. It also serves as a forum for dissatisfied customers to voice their frustrations.

As you may have already guessed, I and others have had more than our share of grief from this organization. After hearing about so many similar experiences, I decided it was time to do something about it. I am sure that some of you reading this must think this is a little overboard. Feel free to read a synopsis of my own experience in the form of a letter to Verizon , (at that time, Bell Atlantic). I assure you, this website is quite justified. In case you feel that the situation is isolated or unusual, here is an e-mail/letter I received from a couple regarding their issues. This couple was triumphant over the telecom giant and you may read about their success in a second letter.

Since the inception of this site in 2000, we even have "fan" letters from consumers about Verizon Wireless, helpful information about Verizon Yellow Pages, tales of FIOS issues, etc. The website was relaunched in April of 2008 and will continue to be a beacon of hope and change for those who choose to defend their rights as consumers.

You can see a summation of some of Verizon's fines early not long after their inception here. With over $300,000,000 in fines after only their first 6 years of existence, one can deduce that they have had serious ethical problems from the beginning.

If you need to vent about your nightmare, then visit "Post Your Pain." If you need help with a problem, then visit "Post Your Problem" and you will be assisted.

The Help is Here!  area is designed to answer the most common questions that we receive as well as give some thought provoking insight into many of the issues that surround verizon.

Although I am against the practices of the company on the whole and their executives who make those decisions, I fully support the hardworking and poorly treated employees that populate their buildings.

Lastly, if you think this website has not made a difference, then you should visit the "Payback" section which ran from 2000-2008. I made a vow that I would quantifiably cost them at least as much as they cost me and I kept my word.

Best wishes to you all, and let's continue to make a difference!


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