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Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions that are received. If you cannot find an immediate answer to your problem, then please visit the "Post a Problem" link on the left panel where a community member may have your answer.


* How can I avoid paying the early termination fee in my wireless contract?

* What alternative services can I use instead of Verizon?

* Verizon is threatening my credit. What should I do?

* Verizon has already damaged my credit. What should I do?

* What are my options to take action against Verizon?

* Do these solutions work for other Verizon services as well?

* How do I find out about any class action suits?

* Do you have any contact information for VZ executives or the HQ?

* How can I best stay informed?

* What can I do to make a difference?

* Do you ever wonder if what you are doing is really worth the effort?

* Are you financed by AT+T, cable or any other telcom group?

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