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Plenty. The question is, what are you willing to do to make a difference? What level of involvement do you wish to have? Below I have created an itemized list of ways in which participants can contribute to the war effort. The list is built from a level of the least amount of effort to a substantial commitment. Every little bit helps.

1. Post your experiences

Although this may seem minimal, it is actually very important to us here. Your contributed anecdotes support and legitimize what we do. As a result of so many submissions, verizonpathetic.com has been mentioned in the Washington Post, New York Times, Wired Magazine, and even contacted by ABC News. The data has even proven valuable to the attorneys involved in the class action suits.

2. Submit formal complaints

This type of action will have a more direct affect on the “powers that be”. Writing to the Attorney General’s office, Senator or Congressman will help, particularly when they do not fully understand a confusing issue such as this one.

3. Join Teletruth

By far the most active and educated organization at the forefront of this debate is the group known as Teletruth. This operation which is comprised of various individuals and businesses (including verizonpathetic.com) is causing all of the Bells more grief than any one ever believed possible.

By going to their site and signing up for their newsletter, you will stay updated on virtually every detail of what is transpiring.

4. Dissuade others

After telling people about this project, what it represents and how I got involved, I have prevented an untold number of individuals from using Bell services. Will it cost Verizon a noticeable amount of revenue? Not yet, however one has to remember that beating this giant will require strategies from many angles and over a substantial period of time. Every little bit helps!

5. Volunteer your talents

There are a great many things that are being organized, and if you have the time and would like to see how those talents would best serve the cause, contact us.