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In every interview I have ever given, this is always asked. The answer is “no” to both.

Apparently AT+T is funding a number of opposition groups who hold similar views. I see nothing wrong in this, however, Verizon uses that fact to attack the legitimacy of those organizations. Unfortunately it has been fairly successful, as the press takes note of it in every article that I have ever seen in which someone is quoted.

Personally I would have gladly accepted fiscal support in the early stages simply because it would have been nice to have had some compensation for my time. In light of Verizon’s tactics though, I have opted against this form of financing for myself.

Verizon would like you to believe that the noise you hear is only coming from AT+T and the people who they pay. Verizonpathetic exists not because of any else’s agenda, but because Verizon and the other Bells are affecting us all in a series of negative ways, and something has to be done about it.