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Facts Do Not Lie

Verizon and the other Bells represent the absolute worst that a company can bring to a community and to the business culture. Lack of ethics, minimal concern for consumers, and no regard for the law. Strong statement? I can prove it. Can they prove it otherwise?

This is a company that engages in overcharging practices.

This is a company that issues false statements.

This is a company that has made firm promises with no intention of keeping them.

This is a company that has actually solicited customers from businesses who depended on them.

This is a company who bills incorrectly nearly 50% of the time.

This is a company that has been proven to evade audit findings and not pay what is required of them.

This is a company that will cut their own staff and sacrifice service during profitable times in the name of greed.

This is a company that laughs off million dollar fines and spits in the face of every American who earns their pay from an honest living.

In six years there were over $300,000,000 in fines charged to Verizon alone. One should not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that there is something wrong with a company that has been penalized that much for wrongdoing. Worse yet, these fines were mere parking tickets to them.

And what of our protectors? The FCC, senators, representatives, etc.? For those individuals who have known about these unacceptable practices all along, they are not worth the seats they sit in. Men like Billy Tauzin and John Dingell whose campaigns have accepted hefty contributions from the Bells, would you align yourself any other way? Would you honestly go up against the Bells if you thought what they were doing was wrong? Pretty difficult to do when there are $10,000 checks sitting in your accounts, wouldn’t you say?

The only excuse for not acting on this is ignorance. For those politicians who simply have not known the truth because of the distorted facts, we hope that you will simply do what you honestly feel is right. Not what the lobby group or Bell money says is right.