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The word INTERNET is a household word.

The company VERIZON is becoming one, too& BE CAREFUL

Certain Emails Are Important To Hear About . Like This One.

If you receive this message, it is because someone cares about you, your family, and friends.


This email is being passed along to hopefully save another person from being a VERIZON VICTIM.



Truth. VERIZON is practicing poor professional ethics and is getting away with it because VERIZON is so big. We do not want others getting into an unnecessary internet provider debacle with this company (Like we did) if there is another company out there you can use for internet purposes. (P.S. We use Time Warner Roadrunner Internet Service, never had even one problem! We love . em)



VERIZON truly says TO PAY EVEN WHEN THEY ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE THE CONTRACTED SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER. Bottom line, you have to pay whether it works or not when they have a signed contract. VERIZON is serious, as ridiculous as this sounds.



Please simply pass this vital email along to others.

People are signing up everyday with VERIZON for their internet service provider. Had we known of potential problems with this company . we would have made a different decision. Freedom of speech is based on everyday people being able to tell their story, good or bad. Let the people you send this to decide for themselves.

Maybe you want to tell the CEO of VERIZON, Ivan Seidenberg, your problems or that you do not like what VERIZON is doing with us? If so, you can Send a short email stating, “I do not like what you and VERIZON are doing to Rick Whelan and Cyndi Schwan”

His email address is ivanadsl@bellatlantic.net



We ARE just regular people violated by VERIZON and happen to think that MEAN PEOPLE SUCK
We ARE NOT just whiny people who think we were treated unfairly by VERIZON. Our legitimate case is currently being handled by the Florida Attorney General. s Office, Florida Public Service Commission, and several state Better Business Bureau Offices.

In addition, we have posted our story on over 50 internet complaint sites, the Federal Trade Commission, National Consumer Complaint Center, National Fraud Complaint Center, Internet Fraud Complaint Center, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, News Stations, 20/20, TV Stations, NY Times/Boston Globe and other Newspapers, Foundation for Taxpayers & Consumer Rights, and many more!



Florida Verizon DSL Victim

July 2001: We are still being billed by VERIZON for an account that was closed in November 2000; in addition, VERIZON has now sent the account to AFNI, INC. collection agency.


We called and had Verizon DSL set up in our apartment at & early 2000. In August 2000, decided to move less than 3 miles away. We called Verizon DSL to check to see if it would work at the new address because we were under a year contract. Verizon said yes – so we went ahead and transferred service to the new house, Verizon then transferred our account into the home owner. s name, Jane & , and added it to the phone bill (Order #& ). Once moved in, that is when ALL the problems started to escalate beyond belief.


We had escalating DSL problems from the transfer of service to a home address. Two different technicians came to the home and checked phone lines. Second tech recommended installing a separate modem line. We did that $200.00 of our money trying to help – same problem – DSL just wouldn’t work. Called VERIZON DSL tech support, tested again, couldn’t find problem. Verizon said we need Static IP Address. He said transfer my personal home account to a business static IP account ( I have no business – They intentionally set us up because they could not get it working on their end – just to get us in further! FRAUD! ) Sean Williams, 877-483-1794 ext 5845 business dept, emailed contract. Waited over 2 wks+, then couldn. t even connect to internet! Very next day, called Verizon Tech Support, they still couldn. t fix it. Called 877-483-6006, told Paul problems, what all we tried, and to cancel service entirely because VERIZON could not get their service running. The cancellation order #& was submitted by Paul on Nov 3, 2000. I specifically asked if I needed to contact anybody else in business dept. Paul said NO that everything is completed with this cancellation order. He made our account retroactive to start-up move in date of August 16, 2000.

NOTE: VERIZON gave us our money back for (retroactive) charges we paid on monthly phone bills (Billing for Account Number# & ). They admitted there was a problem with our service, let us out of year contract, and refunded our money! Therefore there WAS a problem – Verizon continues today to say “We have no record of your account having any problems…”

A month later, received bill from “VERIZON INTERNET SOLUTIONS”. Thought cancellation didn. t go through yet, so didn. t think much of it. Next month received another bill. Called (800)927-3000, said there was NO cancellation record. I explained situation, gave cancellation number, and spoke of Paul. s conversation. I explained when I cancelled, Paul told me EVERYTHING would be taken care of by him. So, I cancelled AGAIN, this cancellation was done IN WRITING by Justin lljana @ 972-399-5856 Justin.Iljana@ins.gte.net and called “Termination Template for Bus DSL Services.pdf”. Thought everything was over until received another bill. Called back, they said because of contract we HAD to pay monthly rate for Business DSL Service. I explained the service NEVER started to work, Verizon/I were simply trying to get account activated, Verizon already closed my account/refunded me money, Verizon took back all their equipment, and I shouldn. t be obligated to a non-operational account when it was NOT our fault Verizon. s DSL service did not work for us.

Now In Addition . this is important – When Verizon closed/refunded the account, We had to send Verizon THEIR modem equipment back in November 2000; therefore, there is NO WAY our account could EVEN be used. Verizon and I tried everything; both parties agreed there was nothing that could get it operational . that is why they let me out of the contract.

UPDATE July 2001: VERIZON has now sent us to the AFNI, INC. collection agency. We called Verizon Internet Solutions on July 10, 2001, (800)927-3000, Iris transferred me to “Advanced Billing”. Asked for manager . they said NO! Steve (REP ID# 3393, would not give me his last name) said operators are managers and he. s been there 2 yrs, felt sorry for me, sees this all the time, and no recorded of me ever having ANY problems. Bottom line, Verizon wants $449.40 for the entire year that THEIR service never worked. Verizon says PAY WHETHER I GOT ANY SERVICE OR NOT because of the contract. Contract SAYS 30 days to cancel& I did. Look where it got me.

Ilene at Verizon e-Biz in Tampa was the last employee who tried to help us. She has the ENTIRE file from start to now. She has the PROOF of our account situations, and truly wanted to help us because WE are right! She turned the file over to Mr. Hathaway at Verizon.

All we want is for Verizon to close the ENTIRE account as promised, take us off collection status, and leave us alone. VERIZON obviously has an internal paper debacle that if ONE person there would take time to investigate – this entire matter could be put to rest. VERIZON refuses to let us speak to managers, the reps won’t give out last names so you can’t find them again, and Verizon’s CEO will not return any of our messages.

VERIZON SAYS TO PAY EVEN IF THEY ARE UNABLE TO PROVIDE THE SERVICE TO THE CUSTOMER. This type of business practice is humanly, professionally, and ethically wrong. Verizon is so big that they just ignore the little guy’s problem. When someone at VERIZON is unable to help, they are quick to transfer you – You think you are getting transferred down the hall to another office when in fact, they transfer you to another state and another “division”. Then when you have a problem, VERIZON conveniently says that their divisions are not related – each division makes their own rules. Then VERIZON tells us that THEY apologize for how “that particular division” is treating us, but since they are their own division of VERIZON, VERIZON itself cannot help us any further. Being transferred to different “divisions of Verizon” is never explained to you when you first have problems, you are just simply transferred to another person within the company = Web of Deceit.


This is a list of Verizon employees who know about our situation and did nothing to correct it:

Ivan Seidenberg (CEO) – ivanadsl@bellatlantic.net

Joe Paz (General Manager) . joe.paz@verizon.net

Verizon Internet Solutions (Atlanta) – billing@gte.net

Liz Simpkins (National DSL Group) (Texas) 1-972-465-2297

Ilene F. (Verizon eBiz) (Florida) 1-866-233-3249

Sean Williams – 1-877-483-1794 ext. 5845 Sean.Williams@ins.gte.com

Justin Iljana – 1-972-399-5856 Justin.Iljana@ins.gte.com
Julia Green – 1-877-483-5070 ext 5483

Bill Hollman – 1-877-483-6006

Paul – 1-877-483-6006

Janet REP ID #5336 (DSL Tampa)

Steven REP ID #3393 Advanced Billing (Atlanta) 1-800-927-3000

Brock 1-972-399-5856


We just want to let people know to be careful when choosing an internet service provider. Search the web for information and ask around before signing. There are web sites about VERIZON VICTIMS from all over the U.S. . it is not just us& DON. T LET IT BE YOU, TOO!

Check out these, too:





Wish Us Luck in our Continuing Battle Against Verizon DSL!

Sincerely We Thank You for Your Time,

Rick Whelan and Cyndi Schwan . Clearwater, Florida

Feel Free to Email us at rgw2k@tampabay.rr.com