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Rick and Cyndi want to thank all of you for your continued support.

After a year of fighting for our rights, we just received notification today (8/10/01) that we have WON our belligerent battle against Verizon.

Please continue to let people know about

Verizon’s Heinous Code Of Ethics

for dealing with its customers.

Do not be fooled, we did not win this on our own as persistent ex-customers/US citizens – we had to get an assemblage of government departments involved as higher powers to finally get heard and get the INSOLENT VERIZON moving. No one should EVER have to go through what we did, but sadly millions will sign up with Verizon DSL Service as you read this email.

Our greatest satisfaction and hope is that we have helped YOU avoid Verizon, and that YOU have helped YOUR friends and family avoid Verizon, too.



Rick Whelan and Cyndi Schwan – Clearwater, FL

Feel free to contact Cyndi for any further information requests: cyndicat@tampabay.rr.com